Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 31, 1931 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 31, 1931
Page 7
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• S ' . t'V KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALOONA. JARMS WILBUR J, PAYNE, Edito, Mr. Klamp's Travels. Mr. Klamp in continuing- his vis- Itlhg expedition about the county Spent much o£ his time in Burt last week. The J. H. arover place called out old memories, and he said: "How well I remember- the first picnic I attended, which wns held on the ,1. H. arover tarm In Portland township. They called It the Gopher picnic, for a great gopher ing was first enjoyed, and Christmas carols were sung by pupils of tho school. Annual reports wen ly County Agent E. K. Mor .ml Muriel Body, IT. D. A The following officers were elected president, M. L. Johnson; vice prcs idont and woman's township chair man, Mrs. Glen Burt; secretary treasurer, Oscar Berggren. A com mlttso was 'appointed to plan pro , f Her|M of towngn , hunt had been carried an, and there eeU meeU Ne)g Swnnson ch alrman was much counting of gopher tails M] . s Bu A(lo)|no Scvers . Har . to see Which side had killed the losing most of the pests and the side had to sot up the picnic eats." Mr. Klamp must have been at that age when the eats were an impor tant feature In his enjlyment. He continued, "Everyone seem old Ogren, William Moore, and Mr. Johnson. Just Propaganda. While at Ida Grove we heard a loan company representative talk CHILDREN AT SENEGA GIVE TWO PROGRAMS Sonera, Dec. 2'.t — A fine pro- i-iim W.-IH niv'^ri Christmas eve at tli<! Lutheran church by th ( . Sunday school children. The audience was not as IfirRc ;IK some other years, but the r.hlldren wen; c;onf?ratulnte<] upon their K<K>I\ work In the pro- Krnm. A Kcnerous treat was provided for all. Luther I,«'!IKH« Nnnics Officers— The Luther IAIIKW held Its a n- nu si.1 meetlnR Sunday evening at the church. Officers elected are president, Linus Jensen; vice president, Amy (Jherland; treasurer, Julian Cherland; secretary, Mildred \Vilberg; engineer, Vernon Jensen; assistant engineer, Kenneth Thompson. PACE 8BVBN Why Autogiro Didn't Come .COUGH , PRESCRIPTION Twichers Home for Holidays— Seneoa teachers spending holidays at their respective homes are: Miss Buorklns, principal, Pella; Miss Hallet, assistant, Union; Miss Mad den, 7th and 8th, Haifa; Miss Belir ends, "jth and Cth, Miss Lynch, 3rc and 4th, and Miss Bryden, 1st and 2nd, all at Bancroft. fhoxtoe ncw a few minutes. — re- and goes i the at, too.- p vents nlfht coughing. same speedy relief, for 100 . Safe for the whole ranteed no dope. Money K~t satisfied. 35c.-Lu«by fcomUa«^» otherg0< 1 litotes- , . . ;-' '-., FOB SALE ed to bring a lot to eat, and they Ing very dlscouraglngly. He said had long tables, and put all the eats he had several hundred bushels of on the tables, then you helped your- POP corn which he had been unable self. Boy! Those were the days of to sell. Later we discovered that real aport." The Grover farm is there were two active pop corn buy•now owned by the Dr. R. M. Wai- ers In town, and that the price was laces, who live in Algona. Mrs. not even as low as It has been in Wallace is a. Grover girl, and her some years. The same man brother "W*» E* G'roVGr now opcrtxtcs i * •* * * i?/»fm*ri iintrm iri*m« cif-imci! th farm" mentioned the little town of Gaza, I Itcturn llolne ' """ »<» 0( »— Mr. Klamp also said "Called ^ ' nou ^ rl ™ ac ° f ^ t ^ lyw ^ r £ nt f * I Marjorie Bailey. Fenton, came horn office of Dr. Peters, who h ^ «f v ' P°"',7 *° nre dictcd that we would •"« Thursday for ten days vacatio ed the people of Burt since before Pound and Predicted hat we^ wouW I their h a£lc my time. Ho was gone in the c oun- a see the bottom diop.out o I ^ wiu ^^ ^ ^ try, so we missed him. The doctor) pHce^ th's_ winter.^ A^couple n ^| work at the Capltal city comme Is the same busy man he has been ask . The jne ctal at DCS Moines. The Des Moines Register and Tribune DKH MO INKS, IOWA December 11, 1931. Secretary 'Algona Community Algonii, Iowa, Dear .Sir: Club, Due to Inclement weather, in the last ten days we have had to rnisH approximately 75 per cent of the towns we had scheduled to visit with the Autogiro Good News III. As winter weather is wholly unreliable, wo have come to the conclusion that It wou:d be best to call off the remainder of the schedule until such time as we know the weather will be dependal le. We are sorry to have to call these visits off, but everyone who has been conferred on the subject, Including officials of Chambers of Commerce and representatives of The Register and Tribune, agree that it is best to do so at this time. We hope to visit your county at a later date at which time we will fulfill our original plans. Very truly yours, CHARLES GATSCHET, Charles Gatschet, Pilot Good News III. BURGLARS GET $150 IN HAUL AT BANCROFT Bancroft, Dec. 12—The F. .1. Welp II station was robbed early Sun- ay morning and about $150 worth f goods and cash was taken. Sandy" Welp closed the station at :05, and at 1:45 when Night Vatchman .1. C. Wolf was making he rounds he discovered the robbery. This is the third time this station has been entered. It is the Standard Oil station located on ilghway No. 169 just west of the main street, Alta, spent the week-end at the J, Dyer and Frank Fangman homeg. Mrs. Fangman will be retnehibered as Elna Dyer. Alice Grethan went to Mallard last Thursday and returned Sunday, after visiting her parents* the Jake Orfltbans. She is office girl at the Dr. J. A. Devine office. Mrs. .toe Fox is home from Peoria and Ihvight, 111., where she visited relatives for two weeks, Mr. Fox operates .the local dray,line. PROGRAM GIVEN AT SEXTON CHURCH DRAWS RIG CROWD Montana Visitors Go Home— Mr. and Mrs. U. W. Chambers returned to their home at Three Forks, Mont., Monday, after a week with her mother, Mrs. Anne Mc- Qulrk, and her sister, Mrs. H. J. Guide. Mrs. Chambers will be remembered as Edna Fuller, and Mr. Chambers is employed as engineer with a railway in Montana. Sexton, Dec. 29 — A Christmas program at the church was well attended Christmas eve. There were several dialogues, songs, and read- ngs, after which gifts were taken rom a lighted tree and distributed. Candy, nuts, apples, and oranges for 30 odd years to our knowledge, ed about the four cent and perhaps before that. , . Visit- buyer said he had not heard of any 1JO „„ Christmas Dayed O. P McDonald. He is the same «uch thing, and quoted figures two Mr and Mr( . Henry Loo£t a dependable lumberman he has been to three times higher, it is a good rejolclnK over the arrival of a 10-. - ... IM.I— *- - ~o- ,,,h 0 ,has anything d b at the Kossuth nospl tal.i information be-| born CnrlHtmas morning . H e was| named John Henry. Theis Family in Reunion— Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Thels and son Dr. F. N., were at Panora, Christmas, and had a family reunion at the W. B. Textor home. Mrs. Textor is a daughter of the Thelses. Sev enteen were present. Mr. Theis has een employed in the creamery here or the last 12 years. Nick Scholtcs Appendix Removed- Nick Scholtes was operated on at his home Sunday evening for appendicitis by Dr. J. A. Devine, as- it is well to re brothe»"have one of the lumber that some people have in- oroin«i» n u „.„„„„ terests that would prosper If we get HALF PRICE . healthy ones, best or ^breeding, immune.' Choice, »10.00 the best seed corn I live progressive department stores terests that would prosper live progruBHivv i pannlcky about prices, and are will* the we get | ;vi rs . sounders Recovering— - Mrs ' Robert Saunders, who suf- 'smith",' of I m g to se)1 at J ust anv figure. In j f ere (] a paralytic stroke recently, building Hamilton county one of our men j s reported recovering. was^e^U-to^ar* days, H^^ > rn-nwho J* sold ^ Church Program Draws Big Crowd at Irvington and H was members of the same family who accompanied us on that I ugure Other Seneca News. Irvington, Dec. 29 — A crowded church tnjoyed the Christmas pro- seven cents below elevator Sylvia. Jensen, of Des Moines, grflm pres ented by the Sunday omp . hnntlnir trio to Iowa price. He sold to a feeder, accept- spen t Christmas day with her par- scnoo l pupils Christmas eve. A free n $10 cash down to bind the bar- ents , Mr . and Mrs. Peter Jensen, L. lu ofrerin g was received, and last mile east of Whittemore 16-17 m j., u , 0 ~..v* had to deliver fhe corn. I Fenton. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Jen-j treats were given at the close of week. At^BU™we_a Another man shipped his hogs to a sen a nd son Teddy were dinner the evening. The program wa: .^lr^"?"f '^iTv Iv who terminal point, and received *45 less L U e s ts at the Hans Jensen home. folloW8 . Song, Joy to the W; was as World ._.. _ , . who terminal point, ana receweu IHO ™™ guests at me nans jtnsen uunrc. follows; song, joy 10 uic ,,w.. u genial farmer of an early day wno th£m the prlce quoted at hls local Pe ter took Sylvia to Cylinder Sun- congregation; invocation, the Rev loaned us that good mm oog. buy lng sta tlon. W e could multiply day afternoon, from where she re- A . English; Welcome, A Smile Girl ."It. seems natural to see;'-"•" thes storles indefinitely. The hard- turned with Verna Jensvold, em- Bernadine Riley, recitation, Another Schryver at his b acksmith"tana. , , the more certaln there ployed ln the same office in Des Christmas Day. Arvilla Hudson T. 0 u P v fi If Charles had a penny for] . . _ _ __ unwatc h- Moines, who was driving back to L cri pt U re lesson, by the Intermedi I resume duties there after her ates . exercise, Christinas in Beth lehem, Phyllis Maxwell, Shirley oans J or less obtained quickly on Automobile and Wve 1 additional Information call, •write or phone' ININGHAM & LACY Algona Representing al Finance Co., Des'Mohios Believe if Charles had a penny each time he has hit that old anvil | are he would be able to quit working now. "Clark Coffin, who used to operate the big livery stable at Burt, is now farming at the edge of town I resume duties there Christmas vacation. he Otto Ramus home. Gregsons, southeast of The Leo Irvington entertained as Christmas dinne guests the Russell Frys, O. L. Mil lers, Elliott Skillings, Fred Skillings Charles Harveys, and Willard Gi-eg sons, Algona. The same ones wer entertained at supper at the Fry home. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Cox spent eisted by Dr. C. H. Cretzmeyer, of Algona, and Nuree Mathson, of Lone Rock. D ._ vey gteven had charge of, the White Each class In Sunday school gave a contribution In, a white gift envelope. The sum.of $12.06 was received. Another Skating party Planned— ' There will be another skating party at the 'hall here on New Year's eve. • There will be a dance this week Tuesday evening. Other Sexton News. Pearl Steven, teaching at Rudd, is spending the Christmas. vacation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Steven. Ruth Miller, teaching at Quasqueton, spent Christmas with her parents, Mr. and Mrs". W. Z. Miller, returning to Quasqueton Mrs. jerry Saunders Unwell- William Saunders returned to his home In Mendota, 111., today after two weeks with his mother, Mrs. Christmas day with the Earl Millers and the V. J. Schichtls with the M. L. Roneys. Frank Weber, Mr. and Mrs. Allie Brown, and the Bert Browns were entertained at the Jerry Saunders. Mrs. Saunders hae not been enjoying the best of health the last year. Other Bancroft News. Dr. and Mrs. L. W. Welp, and Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Brink and daughter Helen, of Waterloo, spent Christmas at the Mrs. J. H. Welp home The Brinks also visited at the Barney Brink and A. W. Kennedy homes. The W. J. Welp family, of Fort Dodge, visited at the Mrs. J H. Welp and M. A. Saunders homes Leone Berens visited from lae Thursday to Sunday with her par ents, the Peter Berens. She is em Sunday morning, there being no vacation there . this week. She will not be home again till school baa closed for the summer in May. Mr. and Mrs^ Bob Young enter- ained at dinner Christmas day their sons, Loyal and Victor, ot Rockwell City, and Clifford, of Chicago, with their wives and children. Mrs. G. B. Wise, her family, iMr. and Mrs. Mack Wise, their little sons, and Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Steven were Christmas dinner but hTis'Ttilfthe pleasant gentle-1 was cheerful as man to meet "We met Wm. Leek who in their earlier days were among the fastest cor the country. Mr. and were to drive to Minn., to spend their son, formerly Burt Monitor. "The W. A. Peters move back to their ship farm before long, where the knee deep. FARM -NEWS AND COMMENT. Dinner guests at the Jennie Jen- Roney , and Adella Lemkee; recita Pratt Burt pioneer, is not sen home Christmas day were the t j 0 n, Barbara Harvey; exercise so strong this winter, but Rev. and Mrs. Sande and. daughter Llttle soldiers, Wayne Riley, Fre al, and said if Pearl and niece Ruth Osmundson, Hudson, Paul Lemkee, Austin] he could not get some fun out of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Wilberg and Summ ers; exercise, The Message, •Pmtlllife he would not want to be here, daughters, Mr. and Mrs. Albert | five intermediate •Lj'lll I _ --• .„ LL !,.«._ _ Clnn T .O/l Walter Ban- home. The George j ployed in an insurance office in Stewarts spent Christmas with the|omaha. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Beren Mr. and Mrs. Pratt have a son Lee, One of the men we,met over at Rock Rapids was Theodore Olsen, farmer who" inquired after Mike Goetz, 'of Kossuth county. He said t n ™lnn to the two men spent 12 to 14 months £ am "I? 1 ?! 1 * 0 , together in Co. M, 347th infantry. editoi of the i town- That is and Mrs. Ullestad and son, the Jens Halvorson family, Mr. and Mrs. George girls; prayer, Shirley Roney; recitation, The -" ver Arrow, Helen Lemkee; song, home Deiore long. -'- ~ and a flne family, milk and honey flow , , t ANCE 1.0. 0.F. HALL ••'.'.'. BAY, JANUAKY 1, 1932 Music by Johnson and His Band iEverybody .welcome. Waif Waltman, southeast of Burt has been In a hospital at tre atment for Je deep. former "Henry Manus is busy repairing ™ r ' c , taklng pumps and windmills where needed. Mason Ctty He also is a long time resident of i H " u Burt, and we were glad to have a Mrs. Waltman was to go hospltal a£ter h lm. We Charlson and son, and C. M. Thomp- Bat) y jesus, Primary class; recita- son and children. Mrs. Jensen also tlon> Christmas Chimes, John MH- entertained the same guests and ler . exercise, Glory to God in the Mrs. Anna Osborn and son Earl that Highest , Marjorie Riley and Bettj evening. -Miller; song, choir; recitation, Setts Christmas eve Mr. and Mrs. Clar- Lemkee and pantomime by "SMse ence Saxton entertained at their | Men . recitation, Not jTar to Betnie- •home Mr. and Mrs. William Nutzman and children and Mr. Charles Saxton, of Spirit Lake, Mr. and Mrs. Jens Peterson and son, Haifa, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Saxton and son, and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Saxton and boys, Fenton. Frank Ditsworths. ' The Dan Schulz family and Mr. Berens. their oil station oil company o ^ the «»iWn ^ume Miller; song, Away in a Mange'r, "primary department; recitation, This Christmas Spirit, Anna Mae Harr; exercise, For the Gift of His Love, George, Alice, Duane, and Lois Sparks; solo, A Song in the Air, Mabeline Miller; recitation, Paul Wickwire; recitation, Un ^ er recita ion The Christmas day guests at the Wm Osborn home were Mr. and Mrs. Christmas Skies; Charles Osborn and daughter, Mr. stor Ev er New, Mabeline and Mrs Roy Osborn and children, son£? cho ir; recitation, Like " Mr . and Mrs. Earl Elliott, Rock- an<l Mrs. Percy Philp, near Corwith, j ford /m., epent last week with her' Mr. and Mrs. Harold Curran, near pal . e nts, the G. W. Carmeans. She Lu Verne, and Mr. and Mrs. Ver- was j ea n Carmean before her iHar-- non Robison were Christmas guests rlage . jir. and Mrs. Elliott and at the Rome Robison home. The daug hter, of Ames, spent Christmas P. W. Grobes and Henry Lot ings, day a t t j, e Carmean home. *' Mason City, were entertained at the Edward Garry, of Norfolk, Neb., A. McLean home, and Mrs. Stella visltea h i s brother Tom several days Sabin, Algona, at the Harry Sabin ^ t week> an d left Thursday for home. Omaha, where the furniture corn- Mrs. William Boldridge and the pany w ith which he is employed is children, William and AIbertha ' holding a meeting of salesmen, plan to leave this week Tuesday for Mr and Mrs . Fred Becker and Ed Centerville, where they will vislt Becker, of Mason City, spent for a week or ten days with -Mrs. j Cnr i stmas . at the Mrs. Josephine Boldridge's sister. Charles Llndhorst and guests at Ed Hammond's, north ol Wesley. . Mr. and Mrs. Will Comp, of Winterset, are spending this week with relatives here and at Algona. Mrs. Comp is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Wermersen, Algona. Mrs. Melvin Olsen and. Ardeen went to Britt Monday afternoon to spend the week with the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs, M. K. Hoover. Mrs. Amy Smith entertained at Christmas dinner the John Millers, Sexton, and the Chester - Smiths, Oscar Hammonds, and Orren Johnsons, all of Wesley. Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Thorpe, Algona, the F. F. Barkers, and Gladys and Marian Rising 'spent Sunday at Albert Grosenbach's. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Grubb are parents of a. boy, bom last week Monday.' DANCE !'Sew Year's Eve Jamboree ICOLISEUM, TITONKA IBS.. SIGHT, DECEMBER would future. Mr" a 7a"M«7wflhur" Richmond and r^herdB, James Lee; song choir; i for our annual I daugbter, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Bong . Silent Xlght Pnmory de- Tnh r> Magnusson Saxton and son, Neil Osborn and par tment girls; musical exeici^, J Vic Johns'corner | ^nd? a"d Lester Osbo^ FentonJ star clas s; benedic^n. . ...ixi. -vr,.= rsnflden when he inan "° . "... ^....^ „<• v,i« wife. Pauline, and Mr. and Mis. wiumi" chnstmah piubi<"" . .. | visit at the near tl I recently, as well and I Becker and Frank Lappe homes. George pred anfl Ed are 'employed in • the ' ' Gross, students at Ames, are "at Deoker p i an t in Mason City home, enjoying several days with Blanch Beckner and daugh- their parents. ter Q race visited relatives in Fort The T. E. Wickwires and Mr. and Sunday. Mrs. Beckner is Mrs. Wm. Rutledge were Christmas er of the local telephone ol- guests at the Austin home. The Rev. A- English preached on The Gospel of Hope. The text was taken from Hebrew G: 18-19. The Aid will meet next \yeek Thursday ' afternoon at the church annex. Summers flce an(J Gra( ; e , s an operator; The Alphonse Fangman family, of Farmers Directory HAMPSHIRE BOABS Shetland pony, 2 milch cows, .gasoline lantern an tork clock. • Hamilton'Leghorn F Bancroft, Iowa. kitchen, called 31] Mr. who Sunday entertained of the mothers and Goetsch | Thur sdav afternoon. After the pio- appearcd ana which • the * ^ Marjorie thought the what had going S "e as IEEPY COWABT ANB HIS GEORGIANS . |l W. SHEPAJU), Manager. 'YORRHEA for FREE BOOK, Loose I by insurance. »>~ --•--••. the Bums eaten away, ill health, dens will bave better lucK ror x Nnd suffering, caueed by Pyorr- coming- year. Sickness and me a- Specialist's Treatment ridding Christmas time are not of this dread, disease, good family deserves, Mrs. P. W. of Mrs. with her I The Seneca Is a was filled to and night at the Christmas Tuesdas' program the] . vacation , an d will hope fent Free, tells how to. con- "Peter who some . than r> A i SOITIB by rheumatism ^''pioneer women, and also hurt her shoulder a couple of months i which still bothers her a little, Mrs. Sarchett's general health good. The Reece .family is_among ^rland? who has been stay- U^'a letter from M, and^ hla brother Meivin NorlandiUeoa^^Oo^ A^^^ , . this infection AT • HOME, years ago laid out .and ^ ln fl > today, you'll not regret It, Dr. the country telephone lines , ai • "tine's D U A L " H O M B1 Burt, 1S still the «£* fe Dept. 13.1 manager, and his watcnwora « ATMENT. '«, Neb. Box 68, fdoing choi; at the Elmer Frink — located O n Linden h doing cn ° Bmmetsburgt whl ie the| coln apa rtments, Long 1 is r Emmetsburg, wnue n.«. co i n a parimei>tD, -«.•= -- ;. le visiting relatives in N,| T ^ ^ ^ «^^ s °£ muillii»b 0 «• , , t . D ftU- nlTO goo. fhe largest land holders in the North Mr. sons, 'and Mrs. William Brown and L unsh lny and warm. S? Armstrong, and Mr. and Sunday they enjoyed an ail. •>-» ot Aiiua" D, awea ...._ 'Pho finwers are bloommb in week ago all day End. Swea The flowers are Mrs. Goeders reports the I vice." ID ECZEMA "sands of pitiful cage* ot >nlc eczema completely recWf (with Erlckson'a' wonderful 'emedy and we sell It on a ntee,-K. D. Jaroea, (2) Notes by 1 the H. D. A. leaders Monday. Mrs. Wm. Fitzgerald, s. 14, at I^eadera er, YOU» window glass now, Prices lowest,/ SEE WE CALL SOU Wilbur 2eigler, Mrs. _-Mrs. Agnes Seely, and «"'*^i The lesson on househow *» J will be studied at Mrs. WH- ——SS?.*«*s£ bauer, and Mrs. WWJ »-» Co mun4ty Barton to. also a. l?ader on meetings and 5-Ji c*uu n checked over^ana Tlverdale township women stu« ie4 chair caning and re ""' s " m ? • the ne**day at Mis. > » group of If ne and f *«or9 ulldlng. It certainly Is a fine we 11- ilanned structure. In addition to a well appointed office, there Is a reception room, a chemical room, an operating room, and a double garage on the first floor. In the basement "a hot water heating plant, and a separate water heating {>*»*£" summer use when the main furnace in use. Here also is a seium „„._ I room, and general storage roomr as well as wash room. The ^enical room Is fitted 1 Ke a ^ has storage s* bins , y .« uncle, at the parental home Madison, near Lone Rock. The George Jentz family spent S aurday with Wends, the Fred cobs Algona* Mrs. Weber, 111., ^.-.-afsr-js.? Mrs. office that should please any veteir: KlamP introduced him- Floyd Duncan home and Mr. and son sister, Mrs. pj-8ved. Party at the Sabin School— ' as party was held at Sabin school ot which SETH CAIRY MOURNS FAILUREJOIITOGIRO All Kossuth editors received invitations to take rides in the Des Moines Register-Tribune autogiro at Algona on a recent Saturday. Editor S. B. Cairy, of the Whittemore Champion, had the following to say ast week: Our ambitions to become a high' flyer via the Des Moines Register autogiro route last Saturday were badly wrecked for the time being, and may never be realized. The windmill plane was to be at Algona Saturday afternoon 'for exhibition flights and we received an invitation about three weeks ago to take a ride. We put everything in order, paid our life and accident insurance premiums and were as tickled as a kid with a naw sled. Saturday came right after Friday, as it usually does, and the Saturday Register] contained the information that the plane had been put in dry dock, or wherever it is they put planes, for a winter overhauling. Needless, to say we were somewhat disappointed but this is not the first time in ou'r life and. will probably .not be the last time, We have been up in he air lots of times, figuratively peaking, but never literally, and we id want to see the wheels go round. th Harry an in a study of noon a covered «W» serve4. was "pictures were | leaders. Attending Mrs. James Bed- it could be called. Later * wyu made . spent the with day Lone with gifts were fu by the teacher. j^itiiciou* 1 - K»*-»---and sack social at the Sf •-S BBtM S Bi SSn Vant in and Mrs. Mr. and Norland, near Cyl- "jteflne Rossroan Is Christmas,vacattor, w» u Picture is Featured. The AVashington Star carried aj large picture of Mrs. L. J. Dickin-' on in center position on the front >age of its society section two weeks ago. She was featured as the ^yife | of the new junior :owa. Fitch the man sack. mother and Other frying^ 011 senator from We Wish You A Happy New Year We appreciate your confidence and support, and on this New Year resolve to continue spying you better prices, Detter merchandise, and better service. DECEMBER 31 AND JANUARY 2 , BEAN HOLE BEANS, Van Camp's, per can _10c SUGAR, cane, 100 Ibs. ___*4.90; 10 Ibs 4»c PEACHES, No. 10 tins — —-r ??" CHEESE, Long Horn, 2 Ibs. _ w» SALTED PEANUTS, per Ib. — {»» , BANNER OATS, large package *»» GANDY MINTS, per roll __————-- -*» Mammy's Pride Pancake Flour, large pkg. ~15c GUARANTEED FLQUR-4* Mfc BAGS GOLD MEDAL "Kitchen Tested" _--.- |}V8J- PETER PAN, "a good flour" - i - T --^--""* ffi UNISTA, made by "Gold Medal Millers —,-»»« . OCCIDENT, costs wore, worth it _-—.. -.»l»»» LOANS15I W» ™ W " y , Personal jLo^s^j Car Loarts-' '«*• 'J Sexton Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Greenfield and Edith were Christmas dinner | guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. llchwds, AJgona. Mrs. RlchardsJ Is a sister of Mrs, Greenfield. Anna Krter, Dubuque,.and Chas, Barrtoger, A^ona, were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs./ D " HI QUICK CASH LOANS MADE-NO RED TAPE-LOANS TO PAT TAXES, BILLS,. ETC. TOU BORROW T~ AND REPAY IN SMALL MONTHLY PATMW Milch Co w Loan* low rate loan plan for about our " Melvin Olsens. Ted Hoovers, and Clifford Hoovers spent Christmas day wtth, Mr. and Mrs. M, B. Hoover, aou$b.'of Britfe Mr*. Fred Nehrlng and ber son ursd' night ments. gall at bur office or write us lor-full First Dopr North, of Iowa, " IWW °? m ^MPWW*™— - th - Tjiver- ftMvv w •"" • januwy 20. Wfcw>j£? *^ ^ ^ean aS a .dera wW W^ 1 witte *T has a, k».tcb9» < IJIi ™ Z- ^f, y *T\ %• 2c? • 5LJ t^ti^fiif & and WW^g." 1 JTSTS -it, W- GflWWW; »

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