Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 24, 1931 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 24, 1931
Page 7
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Algona THE "DEPENDON" STORE The joyous holiday season is with us again. \U are glad and thankful for the good old custom of exchanging cheery greetings and best wishes with all, We cherish our many patrons and other and strive to do the things tl>at will merit their confidence for years to come. So here's a merry merry Christmas and a New Year full of health, happiness and prosperity Yours truly, THOS. AKRE and among other calls visited a few minutes with Mr. and Mrs. F. \v. Mlttag, who live retired at the north cdgo of Lotts Creek. This good couple reported they are well nnd enjoying life, which we are glad to hear. At the Rev. 13. Ficne home thp house seemed rather quiet to Dad and Mother Flene, for the children were away at school, but they are nil expected home for the Christmas holidays. There are three fine daughters attending high school in Algona and keeping housp for themselves under the watchful eye of Mrs. D. L. Driver, in whose home they have rooms. The last we heard, a son wn.s in theological .seminary, and all the other children of the sights, the large family were either com- iltting high school or college, headed toward It, O r through it. The and Mrs. Fienc are believers . in giving their children nil the cdu- j cntionnl tut vantages they can afford, ] and have raised their family to he a credit to them. One of the children, Gerald, Is photographer with A. L. Peterson here In Algona. A.t the store at Lotts Creek Mrs. Gengler called Nick In from his work in the loading yard, anil Nick made a big joke about being disappointed, for he said he had thought there was somebody in the store to sec tvlm instead of just Mr. Klamp. The Genglers have a fine store, one of the best in the county, even though Lotts Creek is not one of the largest towns. He and the good wife are kept busy at this season of tho year. There is a fine creamery at Lotts Creek, and a blacksmith shop sis well a.s a big church and parochial school. The Genglers have been in charge O f the store for many years, and have done hard work to build up the business. The Clarence Ackersons, who have farmed several years a couple of miles south of Bancroft, will move March 1 to the Edgar Tuttle 280- acre farm north and east of Lone Rock. Mr. Tuttle now lives in Cedar Falls. Glad to see Clarence farming more land again. He cut his acreage this season, It we remember rightly, and the Tuttle farm will mean increased acreage again. The Christmas program of the Donn church Sunday school was to be given at the church north of Sexton last Tuesday night. Mrs. Harvey Johnson Is superintendent of the Sunday school, and with Mrs. Andrew Hansen, Mrs. Tom Young, and Mrs. Van Hansen was in charge ^ == of the program, in which 27 youngsters were to take part. The Rev. Carl Hammer, of Titonka, is in charge of Doan church. Mareta Hoeck and Hans Bieder- ous, both of Bancroft neighborhood, are to be married today, December 24. There was a shower at the home of the bride a week "ago. The Advance wishes the couple best of success and happiness. Alex Radig, who farms north of Lotts Creek, has been doing a nice business in buying and shipping livestock this fall. He also has kept US calves on feed at his farm. Mr. and Mrs. Radig farm 240 acres and have a big family of boys and girls o help them operate the land. The oys are 7, 9, 1.8, and 10, and the iris are 5, 12, 15, and 11,7 years old. Ir. Radig buys and ships both cat- le and hogs. A. W. Schiltz, west of Bancroft, ins' 180 head of nice hogs In 'his ots, and is considered one of the arge and substantial farmers of the Bancroft vicinity. He and Mrs. SchihV have a family of four girls and two boys. The boys soon will be big enough to do a man s work on the farm. They are 10 and 12, and the girls are 2, G, 8, and 14 years old. Mr. and Mrs. Schiltz can be proud of their fine family. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Longnecker, of Burt, and their' daughter, Mrs. Carl Whitney and husband, were called to Maxwell December 9, where they attended the funeral of Mrs Charles Hill, sister Of Mrs. Long ne we r 'are afraid Mr. Klamp has kind of "Gone Hollywood", or we meant to say "Gone Bancroft", s nee he has been working up around the. metropolis. Anyway he is a booste for his friends up that way, and everyone'seems to be his friend. Mr Klamp. an' old automobile man. Mm Uy Mnrj Gisch. It was !, lovt-.y .. sunshiny Sunday morning nnd I hud Jimt. stopped from the car hack from morning services, when, "Oh, Han, gue.su who called! go to , , Oh, it Is just wonderful! You ChiriiKo." Yfiu nan lm:iKlnc how T foil. It spomod as if snmoorK' P!KP must lip sin-ply It wnsn't I. one wild my trip would he Kvery- of famous artists are hung, Including the best in statues, etchings and works of art. One landscape painting, Suffolk England, was truly a picture of an English countryside n.s we know of It. It wns very delightful to wander from room to room and see paint- vcr .v won-|i nf . s an d even rooms entirely fur- iloi-nil, lj-.it they couldn't picture it • • - • is wonderful MK it. wns. I loft Siiturday night nt S;15 from Algona. The MiUvnuUop furnished my sUicpcr down nml buck, nnd others from -lowsi were on the sami 1 tniln. Arriving Sunday morning nt 8:05 we were rciidy. for any adventure. Business meeting, registering, nnd tho like took all morning, and after dinner we were taken to visit Field MnsiMiin ytsilort. The Field Museum wns one place In which I could have spent days. I saw models of long-extinct nni- niiils. and wondered how man ever lived In snl'oly. A very striking liieture greets you as you enter— two fighting elephants seem very renl, no matter how close you stand. There were so many specimens 1 Tin certain I could spend days in this department alone. Another place of interest was the exhibit of old Oriental costumes. Beautiful colors, heavy jeweled garments, heavy headdresses gaily bedecked with many nnd varied ugly fiiouH, must have been the best taste of the times. Miniature cities of nished In renl historic furniture. You could imagine that it was Holland aprons the way, or perhaps an English home of the 18th century. These rooms were marvels, and are another place I would have stayed longei had not the groups left for luncheon to he guests of a Chicago mall ordei company, the company that sent the National Style Show Girl to Europe Inst year. A very splendid orchestra playec one state song after another ns wi entered, and several times while wi nte, also other appropriate number? It wns here we heard a famous quar let, nnd a lovely contralto singer also Jim and Boh, Hawaiian players all of radio fame. A style revue, with pencils fo the Orient, nnd beautiful draperies made one think he had stepped into another world. In one glass enclosed case was a scene in ancient times when jungles were almost everywhere. The scene showed an incident In the life of the cave men. The father had brought home the deer, while the mother and children kept the fire and scraped skins, One would think It real it was so lifelike. The aquarium was just as wonderful and interesting. There were very fUit fish; tiny pencil fish with heads like horses; the large eea cow that certainly had the face of a cow. At tlic Exposition. At the Live Stock Exposition grounds were found examples of the best cattlt, horses, stock of all kinds, grr.ins, vegetables, legumes, canning, sewing, and so on, very exhibits, prize winners souvenirs, was also on the prograt that afternoon. Manufacturers Give Tour. Manufacturer's day was a tour through the tractor factory, twine factory, and guests of International Harvester Co. for luncheon. I'm certain we would appreciate tractors more could we see the hard labor nnd many persons working In the factories. The twine-making wns very new and different from the NEW PROJECT WORK HOLDING INTEREST OF WOMEN IN F, B, Lesson No. it for this year on hair cajnlng, was studied by the jlncoln nnd Ledynrd Farm Bureau roject leaders Monday, December , at Mrs. A. Q. Smith's at Lakota. Waning was started O n three chairs. Small frames were used for the itiuly of the different steps. The following leaders attended rom Lincoln: Mrs. L. Sachs, Mrs. fohn winter,'Mrs. A. E. Buckels, Mrs. J. H. Wai-burton, nnd Mrs. Gus Koppen. Mrs. A. Q. Smith is ilso a Lincoln leader. From Led- yartl came Mrs. Telkamp, Mrs. Richard Klelske, Mrs. George Winter Bmma Gutknecht, Mrs. John Heet- Innd, Mrs. Lou NHz, Mrs. Frank Lewis, and Mrs. Gus Torine. The next meeting will be on household fabrics at Mrs. John Heetland's, Tuesday, January 12. The Lu Verne township women studied chair cunlng at a seconc school at Mrs. George Ehler's Thurs tiny, December 10. Leaders attend ing were Mrs. Earl Neal, township chairman, Nellie Huff, publicity filed, opened and read, the 19th day of January, 1932, Is fixed for hearing proof of same at the Court House in Algona, Iowa, before the District Court of said County, or the Clerk of said Court; and at 9 o'clock a. m. of the day above mentioned all persons interested are hereby notified and required to appear, and show cause if any they have, why said instrument should not be pro- baled and allowed as and for the last Will and Testament of said de- eased. Dated at Algona, Iowa, December 7, 1931, CLARK ORTON, Clerk of District Court. By CLARA REYNOLDS, Deputy. T. P. Harrington, Attorney. 15-17 hundred op. Id wltli WANTED::,;,.. ..... Kczoina to try Dr. Erlckson's won- ilerfnl new remedy on n guarantee Thousands linve recovered recently —K. J). James. Duroc Boars Good healthy ones, best of breeding, immune. $10.00 to $15.00 Also the best seed corn I ever raised. A. C. CARLISLE | 3/4 mile east of Whittemofe y, machine factories. A splendid edition of the book Century of The Reaper, was given to each 4-H club delegate present Winners of International scholarships were announced at luncheon Iowa had two girls, Merle Oleson chairman, Mrs. Henry Kubly, Mrs, Sherm Phillips, and Mrs. George Ehler. An Interesting old walnut chair, the property of Mrs. Ehler, which had been refinlshed at a previous meeting, was worked on in caning. Seven project leaders attended a Hebron township school Friday, December 11 at Mrs. Donald Lyon's. Refinishlng of furniture was studied, and an oak chair brought by Mrs. E. Boettcher was prepared for a new finish. A quaint cradle was also refinlshed. A few leaders worked on the caning lesson. Attending besides Mrs. Boettcher were Mrs. George Vrooman, Mrs. Earl Haas, Mrs. Oscar Frandle, Mrs. George Wicks, and Mrs. H. Goeke. Lesson GLASS Replacement Service . . . Your broken door and windshield glass replaced while you wait. Non-shatter windshield glass for Model A Ford, installed J : $5.00 JOE GREEN BERG PHONE 118 and Orrlne Conrad, and four boys M O . 3 on household fabrics will be wonderful all. Luncheon was served to the 4-H club members by Sears, Roebuck & Co. The luncheon was a barbecue and music was also furnished. Admiral Wynl Is Heard. Special cars and trains took all delegates to Thomas E. Wil- who were winners. It was thrilling indeed to get all ready to broadcast, then find we were to put on most of the program. We sang several songs and enjoyed it. We insisted we were from Iowa, and not Nebraska or elsewhere, as the announcer thought we had no sheep In Iowa to make wool jackets, berets and skirts. We finally convinced the announcer before we left, and he said au revolr to Iowa, inviting us in any time we came down again. Lake Michigan is beautiful with its overhanging hazy mists, beaches of piled sand, and the queer stones and shells. Many fine paths for riding horses surround the lake. Splendid avenues are also near by Hello Chicago! Au Uevolr. We sang Hello Chicago when we studied at the next meeting January 8 at JVIrs. C. L. Elchorn's. Titonka The Dr. R. C. Balls, accompanied by the Jay Budlongs and Mrs. Eliza beth Amesbury, drove to Fort Dodge last week Wednesday. The William Ricklifs were bua» ness callers at Mason City last week Wednesday. son's Auditorium, where we were registered dinner guests, and where we were entertained for the evening. This program was varied and contained famous radio entertainers, many special numbers and best of all, Admiral Byrd talked to us. An airplane brought the Admiral on time, or he would have been late, for his train was not on time. He told of dangers on ice when fishing—illness, cold weather, so cold that your breath would freeze on your face if you had no protection. Penguins are said to be the only living thing on land that can and do stay in the Arctic all winter. Thomas E. Wilson night came, Au Revoir, when we left, for we would like again to visit its lovely shops, business houses, planetarium, aquarium, museums, and hundreds of other places. We liked the La Salle and Sherman hotels, where we had lovely banquets and parties. The courtesy we received will never be forgotten. True friends, real friends, more than 200 I met personally and feel acquainted with, were from 31 states and Canada. These friendships I know are worthwhile and I was glad many of my personal friends national for only NOTICE OF PROBATE OF AVILL No. 3580. : State of Iowa, Kossuth county, s In District Court, November term 1931. To All Whom It May Concern: You are hereby notified, that a instrument of writing purporting t be the last Will and Testament o Hulda Genrich, deceased, datec March 7, 1930, having been this da Farmers Directory HAMPSHIRE BOAKS I Shetland pony, 2 milch cows, -• - • a nd' I With telephones throughout the house, call* can be mtde and received conveniently el the moment the need'trite*. was a lovely night. Afterward we H'ers paraded, and some of the •inners were introduced by George U Farrell, of the U. S. department f agriculture. At Hie Art Institute. In the Art Institute masterpieces : ime when the railroad was being milt through. He and three othei young fellows, Otto and AVill Ivoep «. and a brother Alfred Klamp had 3 een at Iowa Lake on a hunting expedition in a covered wagon ami were on their way back. The mem- of the work train following along on the rails as fast as men could lay ties, spike down the rails, and then the train to move UP with more material to lay more track, has stuck in mind all these years, Hie coming of the railroad was begin- days for Lone Rock, and only me 33 years ago. Mr. Klamp says folks around Lone Hock^ are, the for only a lew ua.u win, n»«» 0 .. , , ,- « are all winners; and then too some tork Clock. did not compete in any contests for We appreciate your Support the past year and wish all a Merry Christmas -,-and— . Happy New Year Make the whole family happy with' a new DODGE EIGHT Elbert Garage pf Courthouse. o the Deiterlng and Menk and says they certain! „„ places. Joe Menk e has, large modern garage and sell U1U IIUl. v*w***j. - a \ there were no further contests foi US Memories of 4-H days will linger always, and a silver page of happy days inscribed also with golden friendships will be my most prec- j ious treasure. s a son of this pioneer couple, and aid he had wondered why the name of Doctor Bourne sounded so natural In the early days Mr. Klamp ;new Mr. Bourne's father, who practiced at Burt, and the name Doctor Bourne, of Burt, was as common as | the name Doctor Bourne, of Algona, will no doubt come to be. The Dr. Bourne here is a specialist in surgery, and has done a great amount Q * •> > • . , ,._ !„ ..._ n .-,i. I-, r»!3_ Hamilton Leghorn Farm Bancroft, Iowa. i HAT feeling of relief following a. doctor's midnight directions over the telephone easily may prove worth more than the cost of your telephone for a. lifetime. -..--. For only a few cents a day your telephone provides constant . protection in case of sudden illness or other emergencies-where you need help in a hurry. It enables you to reach almost instantly, anyone else in town who has a telephone. And you can talk to those out of town, too, at small cost. . . only. 35 cents for three minutes (between 8:30 p.m. and 4:30 a m.) over 100 airline miles when you will talk with'anyone' available at the telephone called. The charges are less-pet mile as the distance increases. NORTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY a large mu"«='« •=> •»- : , _ Fords. Everything neat and clean about his Place of bus ness. The had just received a ship- CLOSING OUT PUBLIC SALE Having decided to quit farming I will sell the following personal property at public slle at the B. H. Marlow farm, 1-2 mile south and 2 1-4 miles east of gery, ana ii«- a ««**«? «. a ^^ u^ nuuiHJ oa-Jtc a-u i***^ •*-*• **• *•****• *•«• •• -— 1 ~ of surgical work in the largest hos- s . _* R fe 2 3.4 miles west an d 1 mile north Of Burt, OU ,iuni in Detroit. I— ' • . pital in Detroit. At the George Hanna home MI. Klamp found everything neat and clean and well kept up.. The Hannas cean a .. have worked hard and with good Mr. Kennedy was «mmnu rolKS firuuiiu j-'w- — . most cheerful in the county maybe Account Mr. Cotton has maintained a sound bank for them through al fhe trying times. Mr. Cotton is a true Scotsman, whether his blood i all Scott or not. and the folks tak •their hat off to him. Mrs. Dorothy Sharp was operating, the skating 81 ,hlle her husband, Glen, was touring with a basketbal She was having a good busl- "^ the^DeTMarlow Place, near Wednesday, Dec. 30th L . •" ^-rr-u-^-rr -nrlfmtt ATff TTIIT?. filtlVnVD later, the two men learnd tnat mm away team. Ask about Ma Ordered with gazines used a big ttO-guage shot gun, and loaded with ^T om^a coTey of prairie chuck- So£o« goes the old gun smoke SSSEST* ^hfwm $£Sb farm, north ditions. on ssrJf.^^J/: boys ™ K T.XirvSi><>-»: —r swstfriss sstfas|w«-5r '"«Swvs -"rsffiSfeffijE mm ing and land owning business The writer visited Rock Rapids in Lyon county in'the extreme northwest corner of Iowa last week, and there met editor Fred K. Smith and borrowed a copy of the Advance of him to read the farm news and other important items. Mr. Smith, who is an excellent editorial writer, has sometimes been quoted in the Advance. He has a fine newspaper •and'his town is one of the cleanest, most newly built up, and progressive appearing we visited last w«ek. The towns has been without a bank for a short time, but a new bank Is about to be formed. There was little if any unemployment there At the same town we visited Daniel C. Roche, who till recently operated a drug store there IS years. He came from~near Whittemore, where he farmed till 25 years ago. At Ohero- keeTwe met J. H. Wescoat, wh 9 25 years ago was superintendent of -schools at Wesley. He said give regards from himself and wife t( Fred Anderson, and wish nun a. Merry Christmas. Mr. Anderson was newspaper correspondent at Wesley in the early days, and was an all around big man Qver there, but is the same who runs the *.yea Anderson and Son coal and grain yard at Algona now. At Ida Grove Wo ni&t th&-R6Vt *5, , LUNCH WAGON ON THE GROUND 106 Head of 8—HE AD OF HORSES—8 S yr^old, wt. 1200;'team of well matched blacks 8—HEAD OF CATTLE^-8 One good Shorthorn cow, fresh; 2 good Holstein cows; jjqod 2-year-old heifer; 2 good yearling heifers; one suckling calf. 90—HEAD OF HOGS— 90 Forty-five lead of feeding.stoatsi apragins about 100 tc,121MJ. ; five sows Fory-ve e with 4 Tad of sucking pigs, six head of sheep. 5 ewes, anone buck. ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY BROWN LEGHORN HEN3 in sS-Sw.svs: jaiSJSu.wMCJS •• - wvWffiJJ *" ** *? , T , who 25 years ago was a Free Methodist minister in Algona. The first of the Hubbwda was born here. She is a j fine'young lady, now married and has a home of her own. The Hubbards have till recently lived In *% kota. and have a large family or grownup and growing children They inquired after the P«ugnet family and little Matson. We met others throughout northwest Iowa who claimed Algona as 'their old borne, | but the names have slipped va for the present. i May we taks this opportunity to all our frlend,s a Merry- Cbrlst- Farm Machinery, Etc. -^ merpus to mention. . • ._•• . "''"i Three Seb Concord H»rnei» toy* *W *!M* Teii Buiheli of Good S^Ciim ___^^^^^^^^^^••^••^••B TERMS—Cash, or make arrangements with w was ana a Prosper9us a»4 Happy New :„ *•» 1 ^w -

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