Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 24, 1931 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 24, 1931
Page 6
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Greetings p OGIVE IOGRAM FOR .EDYARDS.S, Merry Christmas —and— Happy New Year To our many friends and patrons. Modern Dry Cleaners Let us serve you the coming year. CHRISTMAS * We join you in anticipating— A Cheery Christmas and a most Generous New Year May we continue to serve you well Kohlhaas Hardware •The Elk Cleaners Corner Dodge and Call Street Ledyard, Dec. 22 — This week Wednesday night the Methodist Sunday school will give the fdlloW- ing program: Prelude, Holy Night, Mrs. V. A. Barrett. Invocation, the Rev. F. O. Johnson. Exercise, Welcome, Dolores' Mayne and Lewis Franklin. Sorig, Motion Song, A group of girls. Recitation, December, Paddy Olson. Recitation, The Broken Doll, Pearle Wentworth. Recitation, Merry Christmas, Harvey Worden. Song, Christmas Time, First three classes. Exercise, Four children, Johnny Matzener, Betty Link, John Wentworth, and Beatrice Slefert. Recitation, Thoughts of Christ mas, Paul Dunn. Exercise, Margery Barnes, Harold Nelson, Gertrude Swift, and Viola Womack. Recitation, How to Make Your Clfristmas Merry, Phyllis Strand. Points of a Star, seven girls, Maxine Slefert, Cleo Looft, Marvel Halvorson, Marjorie Mayer, Pearl Wentworth, Phyllis Strand, and Dorothy Swift. Recitation, Christmas Wishes, Muriel Reece. Dialogue, The Christmas ' Angel, Miss Wylam's Class. Quartet, Deck the Hall with Holly, Rev. Johnson, Mr. Olson, Mr. Barrett, and Mr. Granner. Recitation, The Stranger Child, Beulah Looft. Recitation, The Old, Old Story, Margery Barnes. Exercise, Merry Christmas, fourteen children'. .Recitation, A Rule that Works Both Ways, Howard Dunn. Recitation, No Room, Maynard Nelson. Song, Miss Wylam's class. Recitation, In Bethlehem, Jack Reece. Recitation, Two Boys at Christmas Bobby Womack. Recitation, Multiplying Christmas, Marjorie Mayer. Exercise, Christmas Wishes, five children. Song, Young Peoples' Class. Dialogue, What DoTbu Want for Christmas?, Mrs. P.arrett's Class. Song, Lillian Wentworth. Recitation, The Christmas Story, Doris Welfare. Reading, Is There a Manger There?, Miss Stranahan. Anthem, Sweetest Music Softly Stealing, Methodist choir. Santa Claus will arrive and the 'children will be happy. Ledyard Wins 2 B. 1J. Games— The, boys and girls' basketball learns went to Lone Rock Friday night, and both teams won. The girls score was 35-22. The Lone Rock girls were ahead at the half, but Ledyard overcame the lead. The boys' score was 24-0.7, and this was a fast and close game too. Following are the box scores for both games: LEDYARD Boys FT FG F Zeilske, F l 3 3 Cllnksiek,., G 0 1 0 Gabel, C 3 5 2 Barnes, F 0 1 0 tiller, G 0 0 0 IAI Write Sunday to visit <3eorge"« father, who^li fti p66f toMtth. Ray Mat-qUlts, w«nt *6 I>eS MblneS last Thursday to take art examination, for the s6ldlers' bonus. The Sewing Circle met last week Tuesday at Mrs, Oelhaus's, with Miss Nolart as hostess. Mra. Carpenter, Mrs. Mayer, and Opal Dorsey .were at Algrona lust week Tuesday 1 , Mrs.'Mary Poppy, son Bill, and Mfs. Ella GelhaUs were at Blue Earth, Friday. • Miss Jones went to ATgOna Saturday to attend the funeral of Mrs. Genrloh. . Conrad Gable went to Des Molnes Saturday to spend the winter. " The J. C. Petersons, of Sanborn, visited their son Cecil, Sunday. RAVINGS 7pli) AI.fc* phone AUXILIARY AT WESLEY WORKS ON CLOTHING •22 — The Legion Monday evening, Wesley, Dec. Auxiliary meets since Thursday, the usual meeting day, will be Christmas eve. Members will repair clothing, and sew on new garments and carpet rags. Thirty-five pounds of carpet rags were recently sent to the Veterans' hospital at Knoxville, where inmates will weave them Into rugs to be sold. Mrs. John Hutchison will be hostess at, this meeting. Business and work meetings are held alternately, one of each in a month. This Auxiliary has exceeded Its membership quota, 24, having 27 paid-up members. Stuily Club Observes Christmas—, The Christmas meeting of the Study club was held with Mrs. A. M. Lease last week. Mrs. Swanson rend a Christmas story, and Mrs. Bleich gave a reading from "Ben Hur". The group sang Christmas carols. Members exchanged gifts, and this added to the enjoyment of the afternoon. Each member had drawn a number, which represented ascertain name. Games were played, and the hostess served lunch. Christmas decorations included a small lighted Christmas tree, and favors were tiny trees. SEASON'S I have no gold nor chariots fine, Nor have I horses, mules or goods; I couldWt scratch a single dime, Nor pass to hungry sundry foods. I couldn't ward off winter's ills, Nor, assunge your aches or pains; I have no power to stall the chills That dally course throughout your frame. And though I fain would buy for you Of Yuletide presents, grand and fine To'demonstrate the spirit true That fills my heart at Christmas time, I'm honor bound to make it plain That I have neither myrrh nor gold The which to give to truer friend, Befitting customs as of old. So having no material things That I may give to dearer friend, I give imagination wings And lend my thoughts to Christina; trend. I wish for you and yours once more The season's richest, very best; And that the year may hold In store Of health and wealth and all the rest. And humble as may be my plea I wish from depth of heart eincere That naught but happiness may b Your lot throughout the comlnf year. —C. H. Reese. HAMPSHIRE BOAR FOR Henry Weber, Irvington. HAMPSHinE BOABS *'OK 15 each. — Curl Hutching, 8F24 OR RENT _ 8 ROOM. MODERN house.— Mrs. Cora Raney, phone IQpl'o FOR Shows Visit in Texas— Mr. and Mrs. Silas Skow and Harold started Friday for Alamo, Tex., to spend the holidays with Mrs. Skew's parents, the Nels M. Johnsons, and her brother Herbert. They will ge gone about two weeks. On the way down, they stopped for Mrs. Skew's sister, Anna Johnson, a teacher at Boone. High Mass Christmas Morn— St. Joseph's church will observe Christmas with high mass at 5 o'clock accompanied by the Com munlon service, which will occupy about two hours. Following this service, there will bo low mass with the school children singing Chrlst- mas hymns. High mass will be held again at 9:30 a. m. o—o I SEE BY THE PAPERS that bunch of exports and statistician and figurers met In Washington re cently and deliberated upon as t how the farmer should conduct hi farming next year. They'have doped out that the farmer shoul grow less of this and less of tha and more of the other, and pay le: attention to dairying and feeding i order to get better prices for farm products next fall. And the gan fixed up a mess of figures and the look fine and reasonable on paper, but they look like the devil to me and tor fire farmer who wants to think for himself. The government spends millions of dollars for just such research and statistics and $i,000 NOTEJ FOR &f&M drawing i 7 per cent Interest, good security, due first of March. — If Interested call Advance.' IflplB 22-.T ARTLY MODERN rent. Inquire Mrs. hone 36-W. HOUSE John Lalng, llplo IIGH BRED HOLSTEIN HEIFER calves for sale. —Victor Johnson, hone 543-W. 11 P 14-1S OF FOR SALE — 2 POLAND CHINA spring boars.. Priced < for quick aale.—W. J. Bourne, Algona and Lone Rock ph«nes. 17pl4-lB \V. B. Qunrton Phonca: 427 ' FOR SALE—SOME CHOICE Duroo : Jersey spring boars.—J..'H, .Tensen, 1% miles eouth of Seneca,Consolidated school. 17pl3-16 rOR SALE — PIANO, BEST condition, Cash or terms.—Phono 48-W evenings. l-jpiu PUREBRED HOLSTEIN BULL, tor sale or Coestler, trade, year Hurt, la. old. _ \vm, lZplB-16 WANTE1* $1.500 ON FIRST mortgage on real estate at six per cen t.— Call Advance. DUHOC BOARS FOR SALE—Im- munzled for cholera, flue; 8 milking Shorthorn heifers; prices suit times.— 3i P. Mousel, Bancroft. , ; : '•:-.. i8pii-iB FOR SALE—PUREBRED POLAND China -boars; Immune. April far- row. Now 250 .pounders or better. Priced right. Come quick. — O. E. Hly. '-'•••. 2flpl3-15 • T - I" DONAH Attornoy. at . Uw SUI.LIVAN. J. W. Sulllvnn Phonos: T. ln " 13p»S FOR SALE — PURE BRED Spotted Poland China Boars. Cholera Im- M L. Barton. Lu Verne. ttOpilfl mune. FOR SALE *- NEW McCORMICK roughage mill'. ' Might take some trade.—E. Mitchell, Algona Rfd 2. 13pl6 FOR SALE — PURE-BRED Poland China boars, cholera immune, $15 each. — Roy Wiseman, Wesley. 130115-16 FOR SALE—RECREATION PAU- lor, 8 tables and tobaccos and soft drinks; town J.700. southern Mlnne- eota. F. . W. Dillon, Mankato, Minn. 20pl5-17 STOMACH ULCERS, GASTRITIS sufferers, get rid of pain! Quick relief. Booklet and letters free. Udga, .Inc., D-42, Dakota Bldg., St. Paul. Minn.! - 20pl5 Lawyers Q. D. Shumway i S1HJMWAY&KEUT' 1 i A. W1NKEI FOR SALE — PURE-BRED Jersey Giant roosters at $1 each.—M. L. Roney, Irvfngton, Phone 14F12. I4ul5 TWO MEN "WANTED; MARRIED preferred, to run grist mill in nenrby territory. Investment of $1250 required. Fully secured.— Wrltp 175. care Advance. 22pl5 PUREBRED DUROC BOARS, Immune and healthy, $10 to $115. —A. C. Carlisle, WTtittemore, % mile oust. 15pI8-16 SLEEPING ROOMS FOR RENT; also room for one car.—Mrs. W. Spurbeck, 241-W. 801 East State st, phone ITpl2-15 50 DUROC BOARS, SPRING, AND fall farrow, the best In Iowa, at sacrifice prices; immune. Se« these boars before buying.—H. S. Fain, 3 miles north of Emmetsburg. 27pl2-15 Office In Qulnby Building! I'hone ISO * DOCTORS PHONE YOUR ORDERS . EARLY for rolls, cakes, and pies for Christmas. Baking on hand at all Umcs.—Thorpe's Home Grocery & Bake Shop, phone 426-W or 627-W. 27U13-15 wMen all Is said and done the farmer gets the wrong- end o£ the hot poker and is left to bind up his own burns. AY this Christmas' Cheer and New Year Happiness be yours. We will always be ready to serve you in the best manner. ELK CLEANERS Phone 330 for Quick Service. Total 4 -.ONE ROCK Boys FT R. Gross, F 0 Newbrough, F 0 Householder, C 0 Schmidt, G 0 Gross, G 5 Total 5 LEDYARD Girls FT Moulton, F 3 O'Keefe, F. . Logeman, C. Barslow, G 0 Schadendorf, G. 0 Brack, G 0 Total 4 LONE ROCK Girls FT Marlow G Householder 4 Marlow 0 Macumber 0 Roderick 0 Breile 0 Total 10 10 FG 3 1 fli 0 1 C FG 12 4 0 0 0 0 16 FG 3 3 0 0 0 0 D F 2 1 1 1 1 6 F 1 a 4 4 3 3 16 F 0 0 1 0 1 1 Methodist Christmas Program — The Rev. Mr. McNulty delivered a Christmas sermon at the Methodist church Sunday morning-. The Christmas program, with tree and treat, will be given Christmas eve. The Bible study class will meet at the parsonage this week Tuesday evening. 110 Acres Corn Husl«ed— Last week Clarence Ritschmeier, Iowa Falls, came to help the Bains, tenants on his mother's farm, finish husking corn. The job was completed- Friday, just before the rain. The Bains had 110 acres of corn in all. Caroline 'Carman Appendix Out- Caroline, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Carman, had her appendix removed at the Kossuth hospital Sunday. Katy Eden had her tonsils out at Mason City Saturday. She returned home Sunday. '"pHE GREATEST trouble with 1 the agricultural situation today is not with the farmer or oven with supply and demand. It lies with the bird who stands between the farmer and' his markets and gambles with his products and creates market prices out" of which he gets his drag and for which 'the farme and the consumer both dig up. Le us suppose that a farmer got a dol lar for his corn. It isn't quite being done, but let us -suppose that. Th consumer pays 15 cents for a pack age of breakfast food which is mad from corn. Now, let's lower the LEGAL NOTICES) Wesley Couple to Banns were called for the first INQS M MAY the glad year you have given us through your patronage be returned to you in the form of a glorious Christmas. Botsford Lumber Co. JIM POOL, Manager. Juniors Give Class play— A junior class play, All on Account of Polly, was well attended. The first and second grade rhythm band played, Miss Wylam's Harmonica band played, and James Logan and Kenneth Thompson played several popular numbers. Much credit is due Miss Stranahan, who was coach of the play. Schoolmasters Club Meets Here— Ledyard was host to the Schoolmasters club last week Monday evening. Twenty-eight were served a three course dinner by the Meth,- odist Aid. The next meeting will be at the Grant Consolidated school. Cardinals Lose to House of David— The Swea City Cardinals played the Colored House of David at the local gym last week Monday evening. The Cardinals lost, 27-25. time at St. Joseph's church Sunday, for Joe Drummer, and Marie Welg, daughter of the John Weigs, School Gives Christmas Program- There will be a Christmas pro> gram in the Carl Hansen district schoolhouse this week Wednesday evening. Marie Harris is the teacher Baby for Injured Mother— A daughter was born. .Thursday to Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Cink. Mrs Cink recently had an elbow broken in a fall. C. 1). A. Card Party Planned— The Catholic Daughters will give card party Wednesday evening, December 30. price of corn to 25 cents per bushel. The consumer and the farmer still pays the little old 15 cents for hifl breakfast food. o—o T HEN SOME operator in Wall Street sends a message to some operator in Kansas City and says hat the wheat crop looks like it was going to the bow wows. And a mees of birds buy up a lot of wheat hat hasn't even headed out and is quite a way from threshing and here is- a scramble for a mess of dough and there is hell to pay generally. When the crop is finally larvested and found normal these gents make the consumers and the suckers believe that there is a surplus after all and the price goes lown until the producer has put out crops to pay his debts, and then bingo, up goes the price again and the price of breakfast food has never varied a penny. Don't it just beat the dickens how organized market controllers can do their stuff? o—o QAME WAY with live etock. OF J'KOltATE Oi No. 3578. State of Iowa, Koseuth county, ss. In District Court, November term, 1931. To All Whom It May Concern: You are hereby notified, that an instrument of writing purporting to be the last Will and Testament of Henry Elmers, deceased, datec July 6, 1931, having been this- day filed, opened and read, the 12th day of January, 1932, is fixed for hearing proof of same at the Cour House in Algona, Iowa, before thi District Court of said County or thi Clerk of said Court;and at 10 o'clbcl a. • m. of. the day above mentioned all persons interested are hereby no tified and required to appear ani show cause, if any they have, wh; said instrument should not be pro bated and allowed as and for th last Will and Testament of said de ceased. Dated at Algona, Iowa, Decembe 14, 1931. CLARK ORTON, Cler'.c of District Cour By CLARA REYNOLDS, Deputy Sullivan, McMahon & Linnan, Attorneys. 14'-1 Idder, for each In hand, on the th day of 'January, 1932, at the ast door of the 'Court House n Algona, Jn Kossuth County, Iowa, ,t the hour of 10 o'clock a. m., of aid day, when and where due at- endance will be given by the under, itijned. Dated this 10th day of December, 931. L. E. HOVEY, Sheriff of Koseuth County, Iowa. By Everett L. Harris, Deputy. Gaylorcf D. Shumway, ^ Plaintiffw Attorney. ' 14-15 ,, rliystaliins nnil Siirecnnil Office over nexull Dru Tstfl Office phono 300 M. J. Kenofick, M. D. J. N. Keneflck. M P.. C. 11. CUKTZMKYiT Physician sincl Surgeon Office In John Galbraith Bid. Phonos: Office, 310; res. 41 Algona P. Y.'JAXSE, M. D. Plij-Hlcliin and Silicon Office on South Dodge Stre Phones: Office, GOG; residence! Algona, Iowa WALTKK Physician and Surgeon Office In Qulnby Bldg., Room | Phone No. 12 MKLVIX CJ. I'liyslclun n nil Surgeon Office, in Postofflce Block | Phones: Office, 197; residem 1)11. W. 1). AXDKEWS I Ostcnpathlc 1'li.vslchni and Son Eye, Ear, Nose, and ThroaH X-ray Office over Hub Recreation 1 Phones: Office, 1ST; residem NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE STATE OF IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY. SS. Notice is hereby given that by virtue of a Special Execution, directed to me from the Clerk of the District Court of Kossut.h county, Iowa, on a judgment rendered in eaid Court on the 2nd day of December, 1931, in favor of Kosauth; county, State of Iowa, as plaintiff, and against West Half of Southeast Quarter (W% of SE%) of Section Thirty-Six (36), Township Ntnety- I had a thin piece of bacon for break- 186 Cars of Beets Shipped— The loading of beets was finished Friday. There were 186 cars in all. The derrick was shipped to Des Molnes Saturday. Former Ledyard Woman I>ies— Louise Springer, one-time resident here, died at her home at Swea City last week Monday of cancer of the stomach. Are you one of the Advance'* 3,000 Sati.fied Subscriber*? Other Ledyard News. Mrs. J. C. Underkofler, of Br.itt, was here Sunday on business. Her son Murray, who is attending school at Notre Dame, was with her, also •her daughter Audrey, who is at home from Newton, where she is a teacher. The Rev. Mr. Depping went to Mankato last week Wednesday to see Fred Logenmnn, who is in the liospital there with a broken hip. Gus Neuenfeldt and a grandson, from Alden, cafe Sunday to visit the former's ' daughter, Mrs. Howard Muyne. Shoppers at Algona Saturday were the Albert Barnes family, the Leon Wordens, and the Ed Campbells. Hubert Ostermann cam« Friday from Fayette, where he ia college, for tbe Other Wesley News. The Jos. Meurers visited his Parents at Whlttemore Sunday. The Clarence Wards and John Ormsbys drove to Mason City Friday. The Wards went on to Mitchell, where Erma teaches, and brought her •home for the holidays. Mr. Klooy, left for Ws home at Sumner Friday. The other teachers are also spending the holidays at home or with friends at a distancei Supt. and Mrs. Swanson are visiting her parents in Des Motnes. Mrs. Wilbur Fisher visited her parents at Britt Saturday. The AVm. Hendersons drove to Humboldt and Fort Dodge Monday. Mr. Henderson's parents, the Charles Pavlks, live at Humboldt. Homer Lawson left for Dubuque Friday to spend Christmas with his youngest son, Robert. Richard, who attends school at Ames, will meet his father and brother at Du- buciue. Anna Hildman spent a few days at Britt last week. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kirschbaum, Ayrshire, visited her mother, Mrs. Katharine Hijd man and other relatives. Margaret Looft, Winthrop, and Grace Looft, Waterloo, will come this week Thursday to' spend Christ mas with their mother. Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Braley attend td the wedding of their nephew Merle Braley, Britt, at Ayrshire Saturday. Mr. Wester and Alan drove to Ames Friday after Anna, who will spend her vacation at home. Linus Eisenbacher, Trinity . col- O fast for which I paid 30 cents pound. It was good bacon. The hog belly from which it came was raised right here in Marshall county per haps. The farmer got *bout 4% cents per pound for that hog on the hoof. It was shipped to Chicago and murdered and cut into strips and cured and sugared and wrapped up in nice paper and packed in a pretty box and sent back here and sold for 25 to 30 cents per pound. And out in California part of the same hog Six (96), Range Thirty (30) West of the Fifth P. ML, Kossuth county, Iowa, as defendants, for the sum of Five Thousand Four Hundred Ninety-Seven and- 2«/K>0 ($5497.26) Dollars and costs, taxed at One Hundred Eleven and 17/100 ($11.17) Dollars and accruing costs, I have lev- led upon tfr& following described rea' property as the property of the saW W. C. Pyte, as Receiver of the First National Bank, Burt, Iowa, Frank Murtha, L. A. Andrew, Receiver 61 the County Savings Bank, Algona Iowa, Wm. McMahon and C. H. RlB gert to satisfy said execution, -towit: West Half of Southeast Quarter <W% of SE%) of Section Thirty Six (36) Township Ninety-Six (96) Range Thirty (30) West of the Fifth P. M., Kossuth County, Iowa; an< I will proceed to sell sold prop NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE STATE OF IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY. SS. Notice is hereby given that by virtue of a General Execution directed to me from the Clerk of the District Court of Kossuth county, Iowa, on a judgment rendered in said Court on the 13th day of July, 1931, In favor of L. A. Andrew, Receiver of the Lu Verne State 'bank, as plaintiff, and against H. J. McCrady, as defendant, for the eum of One Hundred Eighty-One and 50/100 ($181.50) Dollars and costs, taxed at Six and 20/100 ($6.20) Dollars and accruing costs, I have levied upon the following described personal property its the property of the said H. J. McCrady to satisfy said execution, to-wit: 1 bay gelding, 1 dapple gray mare, 1 white mare, 2 strawberry roan mares, 4 spotted Holstein milch cows, 2 black brood sows, and 2 Spotted Poland China brood sows, 24 red fall pigs. Machinery us follows: 1 Deering 8-ft. rain binder, 1 McCormick 5-ft. mower, I 20-wheel disc, 1 Black Hawk corn planter, 1 Mollne 2-row orn plow, 2 single-row corn plows, La Crosse and John Deere, 2 vide tire low-wheel wagons and riple boxes, I hay rack and low teei wheel trucks, 1 3-seCtion steel ield drag-, about 2 tons of hay in It. A. KVA>'S, M.I). Obslrctics anil Klectrotherajl viz: Diathermy and Ultraviolet Over Horrhurdt Drug Phonos: Residence 312, office) Algona, Iowa. CHIROPRACTORS nit. it. ,i. THISSEX Palmer Graduate Chlroprai Thirteen year's successful Office over State's Cafej VETERINARY L. W. FOX Veterinarian West State Street, Algous] Phones: Office, 475-W,; reaj lege, Sioux City, is at home for the holidays. The Ihno Gerdea family was sold for the> same price I paid for it. How it is done? And how many get in on that difference between 4% cents and 30 cents — 25 coppers. YOU CAN SAY what you wish or think what you wish, but the farmer and the agricultural interests generally are the poorest organized of any industry <^r profession in the country. And this lack of coordination is costing the farmer plenty, and making a lot of others rich. And thus it is that politicians and mountebanks make a playground out of the great middle west and a football out of the farmer and his efforts to wrest a decent living from the soil. I ask you, how come all of these government experts .at big salaries? And why don't they furnish figures as to how to combat organizations which live off the fat profits which rightfully, in part, belong to the farmer? o—o T HE FARMER^who- is wealthj today did not become so througl the sale of his products. He operated a farm for 30 years, slaved loni, hours and his family slaved will him. By stinting and saving h laid by a competence in these 3 years. And in some nice office i some nice city, some nice be-mous tached, white-collared and lily-fin gered gent made a fortune in thre years dealipg on paper in the ver .erty, or so much thereof as may be necessary to satisfy said execu tion, with costs and accruing costs at public auction, to the hlghes BUILDING COXTBAC COWAN & SOJf General Contractors Estimates Fun Phones: Business, 639-J; MACHINISTS NOIITON MACIIUfTwj Machinists and Welders;! Service Stock on Piston Rings, Pins, West of Courthouse PRODUCE barn, about 1250 -bushel* of corn In crfb, and about 4 acres of corn standing In field, all above property now located on the Northeast Quarter (NE%) of Section Thirty-two (32) in Prairie Twp.. Kossuth county, Iowa; and I,will proceed to sell said property, or so much thereof as may be necessary to satiety said execution, with costs and accruing costs at public auction, to the high- eat bidder, for cash, in hand, on the 4th'day of January, 1932, at' 1 the east door of the Court House in Algona, In Kossuth county, Iowa, p,t e hour of 10 o'clock a. «., of said day, when and where due attendance will be given by the undersigned. Dated this llth day of .December, 1931. , L. E.'HOVET, Sheriff of Kossuth County, Iowa. By Everett I* Harris, Deputy. H. W. Miller, . Plaintiff's Attorney. 16-16 Cash Buyers Poultry, Matt Lamuth, Phone 264^ INSURANCE Over in force, secure. J, 0. Paxson, City Property Loam Insurance, wen CUNNINGHAM 107 W. State S n**&H$!» New and u?^± r i» sa-ss/S?* \\gout, Io*» leaves this wteek Tuesday tor a wgek with his brother John at Engen, sxeasmy f few Jxlii tooflsj? &J* ''gfewntw^ things which this same sweat to produce. Ain't truth? pray an I/)ng Distance farme it th

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