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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, December 24, 1931
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p^K lilted.' ALGONA, IOWA, DECEMBER 24, 1931 8 Pages Number 15 ELF ARE WORK S TO BE GIVEN TONIGHT A Record for Some of these So-Called Fast Boys to Shoot At j.City Committee Gather Shoes and Clothes. [are work for this winter and was organized unfcer one I at a meeting of delegates from ; i n Algona at the Masonic Monday night. The meet ma arranged by W. E. McDon- gervUorin this district and sign for old and used cloth- I be conducted the first'week under the leadership, of wu ..nittee. :; , llcDonald called the meeting Jiler and Mayor C. F. Specht framed chairman of the welfare atlori, with D. E. pewel, sec- Ward chairmen elected by 'otips according to wards are: If ward, Roy Richardson; Sec[ward, W. A. Button; Third ,'M. J- Weydert;, Fourth ward, '.Freeman. -v'- :•;.".'<• Mls» Bonnstetter Speaks. i autles of the members of the Ittee in each ward ..were de- by Antoinette Bonnstetter, 1 nurse, who assisted in organ- Ethe meeting, as find the;needy, [srlng old clothing, and 'Placing t central station where it can lined as and when needed dry cleaners have offeree ian all old clothing free of and Algona's shoemakers I'oKered to mend and place in ir.aJl shoes turned In, • - . .big trouble this year, Miss rtetter said, is that many of idy cases have to be discover[There is no worry about the relief seekers, who are in | every winter, and who are not [tul about making their, needs It is the family that needs | for the first time,' and which is nt about asking;for aid,,,that ag.fouo^rg. ; be ferreted out., Acceptance I this winter by families yjrith iband unemployed-95^barely along is no'disgracei and | Bonnstetter assures them that lubllcity of any kind will ever TAX PROBERS IN REPORT TO STATHFFICE Answer 18 Questions on Opinions in Kossuth. Harvey Ingham In Speakeasy Place in New York City Visit The Kossuth committee on tax reduction completed its first repor to the .state committee last week Wednesday evening, and answers to a questionnaire were returned to DBK Moint* by the committee, which met at Secretary E. J. Van Ness office. The committee was unanimous In answering all questions. On No. the committee voted against repea of the mandatory three-mill levy fo schools, believing it Imnmterla and that the repeal of the would work a disadvantage to part of each county. The committee resisted any enlarged governmental building pro- It was noted last week that Harcy Ingham was temporarily wrlt- ng his column on the editorial page of the Des Molnes Register from New York City, and probably many readers were amused, and eome sadly shocked, Friday, when Mr. Ingham revealed (at least by iroad inference) that he had visited a speakeasy. This was an uptown place, and because It was necessary to travel several blocks to get to it, Mr. Ingham arrived at the conclusion that speakeasies are not so numerous, and drinking less general, In metropolitan centers as the hinterland has been led to believe by wet city dailies. Arrived at their destination, Mr. Ingham and his party .were not admitted .till after they had undergone crutiny via a peephole, and even after they were let in, the barkeeper at first refused to serve them, saying he didn't know any- (Eltristmas W E HAVE COME to the close of a year that in a financial way has been difficult for everyone, yet the arrival of the Christmas season brings the usual good cheer and renewal of the age-old plea for peace on earth and good will towards men. In this spirit the. Advance wishes every reader, and all the world besides, a Merry Christmas arid a Happy New Year. THE ADVANCE wae addl- Ingham's gram as making a heavier tax bur- Qne , n the party . Thls den. Purchasing committees for tional evidence, In Mr. school districts were favored rather oplnlon| that drinking cannot be 'so than centralized county buying; wides p re ad an3 open in the cities as agreed, however, , that centralized has been repregentea . buying by the county of other sup- The ^keeper's objections were lilies'was proper: favored four-year fmally overcome, and beer was terms for .state officers if congres- served at 25c a glass . whiskey, Mr slonal elections could be cared for Ingham learned, was;$3 a pint,' At TEMPLES ENJOYING LIFE INJALIFORNIA Dr. R. D. Temple, former Burt dentist, writes from Anaheim, Calif., "Enclosed find my personal check for f2.50 to shove" our~"suDs'criptlori ahead a year. We must have the Advance each week. "We have now been In California tw"tf year's 'and feel almost like na- wear, shoes, and food are ; problems of supply that the nurse faces. Money, such s funls obtained from the bene- lovle some, weeks ago,-can be I to supply food when absolute' providing that clothing i are adequate. ' ; rlitmat Buketi Planned, • L. W. Keith, in charge of |elty committee for! distribution latmas baskets,--said that ar- ents had been completed, irly so, for all requirements up t time, hut that it Was feared [some would be missed. She , that a call to the,church atlon or herself be made of In need of baskets, , Mrs. committee is composed of [ches and lodges banded to- 'to prevent duplications, arid §!» certain that the town is cov. Bfprei«Bt Lotvei. committees,: named > to the ^welfare committee, and ' which represented Monday night 1 Neighbors; Mrs. Hugh Post, ^Gordon Kuhn, Mrs,. Arthur "T, Mrs. Frank Ostrum, hts of Columbus: M. T,' Me. Robert Rain, W. H, GHbride, Weydert. ' Harvey Coleman, Ben H, E. • Bruns, Jos, M. Daughters'of ,- r ~-in, Kelly, Mrs, 1 Wilbur Barry, Holtzbauer, Mrs..'P. J- Roy Richardson, W. A. Charles .Taylor, J.' A, *n Star: Mrs. E, " A. Foster, Mrs, H. > Mr s- D. o, Monlux, 'hs: Mrs. c. C. " C, Barton, Mrs. H./ 8. ' Mrs. will Palmer, tive sons. Our lieutenant-governor, Frank Merrlam, a former lowan, says you can call yourself a native son after six months residence here. Be that ae it may we do .enjoy our life out here, and this our third Christmas, seems more like Christmas than the others, for we have had some frost arid last Monday we had a nasty east wind with rain intermittently all day and the mercury stood around 40 degrees, while an occasional snowflake made one think of a cold November rain back In Iowa. We needed the rain badly, though we have to date about five times as much rain as we had last season up to this time. "I'm enjoying a small dental practice at my residence and between patients I work in my yard or orchard, or with our 400 White Leghorn hens. We had a couple of turkeys stolen just before . Thanksgiving; however, the thieves were id one Is now doing time. xufoi-a'a' wish in c you and all;. 71 Children Get Haircuts for Holidays Algona barber shops were the busiest in months Monday night, but the cash registers did not ring, for the 15 Algona barbers donated their time and skill in trimming the hair of 71 children for the Christmas holidays. The halrcutting bee was-arranged by Hagg post of the Legion, with a committee composed of Dr. A. L. Adams, A. L. Cunningham, and Jos. Bloom in charge. The children were secured by Miss Antoinette Bonnstetter, school nurse, who found that many children in Algona in need of trims, -but unable for financial reasons to have them. The Legion recently co-operated In aiding relief work among the children when the post donated $25 of the receipts from the Thanksgiving feather party . to Miss Bonnstetter for uee in her work. MRS, IRVING URCH DIES OF PNEUMONIA Algonians were shocked last Thursday morning by the death of Mrs. Irving Urch, who died after a short illness with pneumonia. Funeral .services were held at the Baptist church Sunday afternoon, with the Rev. Arthur Hueser in charge, arid burial- was 1 .made -at Riverview cemetery. Mrs. Urch was Marcella, daughter of Mr.s. Harriett Howey, of Jessup I who came to Algona recently, and I helped take c/ire of her daughter during the lattor's illness. She was born In March, 1907, at Jeesup, and when ten years old Joined the Baptist church there. She transferred this membership to Algona following her marriage to Mr. Urch, of the Lone Bros, grocery, March 2, 192S. Mra. Urch was graduated the Jesup high school, and economically. The committee favored ^^ ^^ _ of the number of supervisors to|^jj£ rd lntoxicat i n g liquors, and Mr three to a county, providing town- Ingnam reasoned that there could ship road control be returned to theretore be no suc h drinking unde township trustees; favored reten- pron ibi t ion, even in the repute tion of the deputy school superin- wettest clty in the country, as ther tendent in Kossuth county because It is a large county; favored a uni- such high prices it can hardly be reduction that the common run of people can bgen when there were saloons lecause of large advantage to rural schools. The committee favored increasing the head poll tax to $1 and requiring payment, before auto licenses could be issued; favored limiting allowance for mileage to.6 cents; passed the county fair millage proposition, because, no levy, is made HUNDREDS OF CHILDREN TO PARTICIPATE Sunday Schools Wilt Have Major Parts in Programs. Hundreds of Kossuth county children will participate in Christmas* programs this evening at churches- all over the county. Programs ot Algona Sunday schools, not heretofore printed, follow, and programs of other towns are given in the correspondence on other pages. First Lutherans Last Night. The following Christmas program- was given at the First Lutheran church last night: Song, O Little Town of Bethte- hem. Scripture reading and . prayer,. Student Pastor, S. E. Engstrom. Christmas Cantata, The Light o* the World:— Chorus, school. Solo, In the Garden, Tom Edwards* Duet, Under the Stars, and One- Holy Night, Marylin and Dorothy- Norman. , Duet, Away in a Manger, Lynett* Mahan and;Geraldine Gronwall. Duet Christmas Carol (Norwegian) Aria and Vivian Bakken/ Characters: Lynette Mahan, Geraldine .;. Gronwall, Tom EdwardSi. MRS, DENBIGH, 76, LU VERNE SETTLER, PASSES SUDDENLY Mrs. Hulda Theresa Genrlch died last week Wednesday evening after an illness of only a week-with influenza and heart disease. She had Raymond Johnson, Gerald Gronwall.. been out of bed some of the" time, Dorothy Norman, Dorothy Brown. arid her condltoin would not have Maxine Bundage, Donald Clapsaddlfr,, been considered serious had it not Loren Bakken, Marylin:' Norman, been for-her age, 76. She died her 76th birthday anniversary. Mrs. Genrich had been on I Vivian Baken, Violet Hanson, Orville Bakken, Ronald iDavidson, Ken- large coro- caught, "Here's'wishing you . our friends back there the best Christmas possible," EARL MOMYER MARRIED TO SWEA CITY 6IRL IN S, D, Friends of Earl Momyer will be pleased to learn of his marriage to Florence Pearson, daughter of Mr.. Nels Pearson, of Swea City. The wuple 'were nTarried at Sioux Falls, S. D.. last ThW"* 1 ^.,,* 1 ^ met ills brl4e last summer while at Swea City in the interest of the paving ' n; Mr*. Grace It, ElancYiard; t L. Dale, Mrs, U W. Fox • H, Holmes. 1 K'liovvs; M, J, Jones, .W. H. W. A. WUham, Pvi8lon made O, to ded the_state While at the university jffillated with the Sigma ChTwciai fraternity. Earl has SSo^wMolne. his home the past several, years. CHICAGO STUDENT AT Hi PETERSON STUDIO v Gerald E. Flene, son of the Rev. and Mrs. E. Fiene, of Letts : Creek, has been engaged .at. the A, L. Peterson studio, where he will as- sist'Mr, Peterson in arranging and completing photographic studies and portraits. * Mr Fiene has specialized in photography since he left Aigona some eight or nine years ago. He attended the Algona high school, and from here went to Chicago, where he studied at the Chicago Art Insti- tV After his study at the ihstltuw Mr Flene went Into fashion and advertising photography, one of the ^ost exacting lines of the business, purlng the time he did, this,Kind'of ,vork'many'of'his portraits and advertising photos were printed in national magazines and large section- from completed the two-year teaching course at the state teachers college at Cedar Falls. She then taught in the Algona and Lchigh schools. Mrs. Urch is survived by her husband and mother, and a sister, Mrs. Stanley Petarek, of Fargo, Fla., and other relatives, and many friends. Mr. How,ey died in 1916. , CLOUDY SKIES AND MIST FEATURE WEEK'S WEATHER A white Christmas appeared remote yesterday morning, and children Who will get sleds for Christmas will probably be disappointed. No rain has fallen but heavy fogs have dripped moisture on the swe- walks and paving making footing disagreeable and sloppy. The mercury climbed'above the freezing point every day. but fell below .again every night except Saturday. Tern- peratures recorded by Weather Ob- here; found no reason nor expense in retention of the ner's office so suggested keeping function; found that school treasurers generally - were not paid, hence no reason to abolish office. One of the suggestions most heartily favored was one requiring the board of supervisors to shift em- ployes from one county office to another and do away with the expense of extra help in rush periods; felt that abolishment of tax free securities was a federal matter, hence not In the work of the committee; favored making optional the mandatory secondary road maintenance and construction levy; and favored repeal of the minimum wage law for teachers. FARMER SENTENCED TO FIVE YEARS FOR THEFTOF HARNESS Sidney Krosch, farmer" ; living jusVsouth of the "Minnesota line east of Eimore, was sentenced to five years at the penitentiary .last Thursday by Judge F. C. Davidson on a plea of guilty to a charge of making nebh Bakken, Marvin Calhoun, Bettjr her home with her son Edward Hanson, LaVonne Wolcott, Eunlc* since the death of her husband in Johnson, Elgina Calhoun, Betty 1928. She was born in 1855 in West Bowen, Rena Bakken, Hazel Joha- Prussia, Germany, and when 16 son, Andrew Monlux. years old came to the United States, Reading, Ada Bakken. settling with her parents at Gen- . Recitations; What I Can Say. eseoriir' In'1883 the family moved Robert Hagg; Christmas Stars, Dea»to Lu Verne, where they lived on a and Donald Sjogren; He Gave - farm till 1900, when they retired U«IM, Maxine Johnson; to Lu Verne, where they lived nine Hovey; Cause for Grief. years. In 1909 they came to. •' !«»"«»"•* fl Al- l-Hanson;,. A Greeting. Eldbte Junior Junior an* years, in ±ovv LWOJ- vo.»»f >•«, -•;•-!""•-• -^L fc ..* -,_, ir~ nn ., ;gona,. where, Mrs/ Genrich.Jhas made Jackie. Brownell; Im Happy, stealing a harness- last June/ Krosch was first arrested June her home ever since. Mrs. Genrlch was/married to Carl Genrlch March 26, 1876,' at Geneseo. Besides the son Edward she- is survived by two others sons, John G., Milwaukee, and Fred of Lone Rock, and two daughters, Mrs. Louis Hauck; of Humboldt. grandchildren, and ago. BANDITS IN HOLD-UPS AT BODEJfEST BEND The Farmers' elevator at , West Bend was held up Tuesday evening at 6 o'clock, and $100 in cash and 13,500.in.checks, taken. . The same night the Klnseth auto company, of Ottosen, was held up and |20 was taken. Descriptions of two men in both cases lead officers to believe that the same party did both jobs. Friday a hardware store at Fenton was robbed, and Monday night a store at Thor was robbed. Two stores at Eimore, the Farmers' elevator, and a depot there were robbed Saturday night. 15 charged'with stealing a separator. Information was filed by W. R. Jensvold, of the same neighbor- grandchildren, hood. Later Mr. Jensvold missed a grandchildren, •harness and a charge for taking the harness was filed. Krosch was released on $1,000 bond on the separator charge, and on a $1,500 bond on the harness charge. He pleaded guilty to stealing the harness, valued at $35, thus making a grand larceny count. Theft of articles or money in excess of $20 constitutes grand larceny. Judge Davidson granted two divorces last Thursday. Herman Q Altllzer ,was granted, a divorce from Helen G. Altlzer on charges of desertion. Agnes Shipler was grante< a divorce from Ralph Shipler. The latter case has been ,on the docke since March, 1930. - . . , '• Judge 'Davidson was scheduled to come- to Algona yesterday, afternoon to'close up' a' few 'pending matter before the holiday •recess.. ,'.;,' PHEASANT HUNTERS 6IVEN SIX DAYS EACH IN JAIL Hauck, Livermore, and Mrs. Marie nest' Hagg. Dialogue, Ring for Verona Hagg and Doris Davidson. Recitations: What Can I Give t» Jesus, Anitii Thompson; Christmas* J.oy, Richard Norman; Christina* Gifts, Hazel Johnson; In the Good. SB There are 21 nine Old-Fashioned Way, John Spone-berg; Don't You? Lucille Calhoun; , at i The Shepherds Who Watched, Rich- greal ~lard Sjogren; This Happy Eveninr. Robert Gronwall. I Bapttet Program Tonlfht. The Baptist Sunday school 'pro- Mrs. Genrlch is also survived by he following brothers and sisters, Mrs. Ida Gill, Los >Angeles, Calif.,1 ____ Gust Bunkofske, Burt, ' Otto and g ra m, to be given tonight Christ- Ferdinand Bunkofske, of Lu Verne. mas cv e) at 7:30 at the church, foV- Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Adam ] OWS . Bunkofske, died a number of years gong, Joy to the World, congre- ;o. gatlori. Funeral services were held Sat- Scripture reading. ,W. T. PresneK. urday afternoon at 2 o'clock at Trinity Lutheran church, with Rev. P. J. Braner in charge, the prayer .,..,. Rev. Arthur HueMR the Welcome ....... Phyllis Sandbenr- and) Recitation ..... Richard Wheelock. burial was made in the family lot] Recitation _ Opal . Co ??I* at Lu Verne. Mrs. Genrlch was confirmed in the Ev. Lutheran church in Ger- Song , ...... primary Recitation ......... Richard Coofc. Reading ......... Kathteen Evan*. many, and has remained a lifelong member and worker, especially in the Aid. The church was crowded for the services. • • Pall-rbearers were August Gron- Weg-1 server U M. Merritt are: ' 'High ward: Roy Rlcliardson, Mrs. Mrs. a ISSUED HERE THIS WEEK Only . - , . **«•• Jones, and |<jrs. IJolts- ward: Mr. Dutton, chair, Kuhn, _ Mrs. Kelly, Mr, one marriage application ind Marietta Hoeck, both: P?...fsWj.. _v Ai,rnr, n TiecembeJ' 15; P'-.V- Mr. * ward; Mr . ^ 1 patens fVwhioh Mr. Fiene did the photo work was the Edgeworth tobacco campaign * a year or -n ago. This campaign appeared In the Sat urday Evening Post, Colliers, and other large magazines. THIEVES FAILIN ATTEMPT TO ENTElUIER STORE 'December 15 December 16 December 17 December 18 December- 20 December 21 41 38 44 '50 49 43 Low 16 19 33 30 • 36 30 31 Clifford Benson, Gall McFarland, both of Bancroft, and Francis Suer, Fort Dodge, were each fined $20 and costs by Justice W. C. Danson Monday, and up,on failing to pay the tines, were sentenced to the county. jail for ,six .and a <third days- each. They .were arrested Sunday by Game Warden Roes W. Moses -and Deputy H. A. Efplmgren, of Emmetsburg, who. saw ; one of the field of Algona, December ,,. . .,»_ Bode, Dec. 17. HUM ciTYM IS CNAMED * wiiJWuw mm Edward W»terburyT of Swea City. an early hour, Sunday were unable to gain ; entrance. Behhnefbelieves the thieves 'Mr. were u \ AL60NA INDEPENDENTS WIN 32-11^FROMJTTOSENTEAM The Algona Independent basketball team defeated the Ottosen independents Monday evening <JMA> in the local gymnasium. The game was fast and at the half Algona was ahead 13-9. Members of the. local team who played Monday are Au bwy Bonnam, Eugene Pearson, Louis Moore. Adrian, Burmeister. Casey Loss, Carl Keith, Kenneth S*mp, and -Bradfleld. Thepdore attritsoh is manager of the team. SK! board 'of supervisors ;When It"? last Thursday. The cuts were mostly made because of the low marketable prices, while the claims were based on good prices farmers had priced their COUNTY PAYS $1,713 FO* LOSSES FROMJOLVES," Claims against the county 381.05 for livestock lost by d< _ _ wolves during the last year- weie^ you ths drop something In cut to a total of'$1,713.66 ..by.'-t%,^hile they-were-hunting. The game ' " " wardens Investigated and found two pheasants. On- their- 'denial-, of shooting the pheasants the charge was changed to hunting without their licenses on their persons. Per r slstent denials of shooting the pheasants as against the evidence of the game wardens, and apparent disregard of the game laws resulted In the sentence. hold, Louis Hlntz, ' Gottlieb bach, 'Robert Liesner, Henry ener, ana Chas. Ramus. STUDENT PASTOR IN CHAR6E OF CHURCHJOR HOLIDAYS S. P. Engstrom, student at the Rock Island seminary, came to Algona a week ago, and has charge of the Lutheran cjiuroh \durlng -the holiday vacation. Mr. Engstrom will be confirmed this coining spring, and it is a custom for seniors at the seminary to supply, churches ".without a,pastor during the holidays. Mr. Engstrom's home'Is in Chicago, and ; he is staying at-the/E, R. Sell- Christmas in Grandmother's Day, Humphrey. ••> ^ Solo . ..... , ..... Thelma Witham. Star Exerclse..Mrs. Williams' Huen- 1 Exercise, ...... Ru,th Black's PlanqCselection ..... Garnet Pl Dialogue ..,,.. Paul and.'Richara Sampson, >, ' ' ' , • " Recitation ........... I«me Jon**. How to Say Merry Christmas*, Elizabeth Coffin. Solo , . ....... irma Dee Schimm«U Reading ....... ' Annetta Schimrartr Being Polite , ...... Evelyn BJaefc. Recitation ......... Eugene Fuwfc. The Bargain Counter .,.., Edna, Mae Sill. Reading Eleanor jenklM- Violin solo Everett Bowmim. which stock. the bak part of the building, where door leads to the basenxent had secured the door following hte Pr loss, and attempts to pry it loose failed. ..._ Several claims were listed for losses by foxes, but had to be thrown out because the law specifies dogs and wolves. Three claims were filed for losses of more than $100 and the highest was for $180 placed by R. B. Chambers. Only one claim of more than $100 was allowed. MRS, BERTHA STRAYER, 24, ISHVICEWIONESOAY strom home. here. The , Lutheran church has been without'a 'pastor since the Rev. C. E. -Olsson went to his old charge in the "east a. few weeks ago, but the church has been supplied by the Rev. C. E. Johnson, of Swea City, who will take charge again when Mr. Engstrom returns to his studies. gymnasium. Honesty jos. Mtobacb beljleyes that honesty to Sffl jwwlwt 'in this old wort* it JSffTwiK 5W*!^Ss m S&^SWIB AS despite condltlpns wbteh make Bnesty. I?e was pleasantly aur- Funeral services for Mrs. Bertha Mae Strayer-were held at the Presbyterian cburcio yesterday afternoon* at 2:15 with the Rev. J. L. Coleman officiating. Mrs. Strayer, died Sunday of cancer. She wfta born at Burt on November 9, 19<>7, and Wa8 24 years old. Mrs. Strayer is the daughter «t Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Markley, farmers of near Burt. The Strayers recently moved to Algona from the county farm, where n e was employed as a caretaker. They, six years old. PLAY CONTEST AT ACADEMY IS WON BY THE SENIORS A crowd estimated at 300 witnessed the three-iacademy high school plays given in the auditorium Sunday evening. The plays were given by members of the senior, Junior, and sophomore classes, and judges scored the points: Senipre, 96 per cent; juniors, 88; and sophomores, 70. The' judges were Mary Qisch, KOSSUTH BOXERS TO MIX IN 22 ROUNDS AT TITOHKA A boxing bout will be held at the Coliseum at Titonka next we s ek Tuesday evening, all bouts featuring Kossuth scrappers. The main go is six rounds between. Runt Schrader, Burt, and Johnny Cos- Alice Rain, and Eric ^elson. Scoring was based on presentation, action, pronunciation, articulation, and expression. The plays were pf , grove, Titonka. The other events, Manger, Two act play, Christmas at Fin* negan's Flats, by members ot ' ''• the Young People's class. Evangelic*! Trinity Lutheran. The Trln'ty Lutheran parish an*. Sunday school Christmas progra»»»- to be given this evening "»at s-"', s Wfc- entitled Joy<to'the Worjd,.' " •'Altar faervlce. ' Song by children, From'*Above to Earth I Come. Greetings by Lena and Zimmerman. ' ;,' Catechtzatlon about the story s <* the birth of Christ. s ^ Song by all children, God. Lov«» Me Dearly. v * «, : Recitations by Chas, Paetz, L*r«jr and Esther Schepman, Eugene Paul Krug, Jimmie Stebbins, Beard and Esther SeefeWU Song by parish, school There's No Boom ffll v Mayy, Recitations by the cradle clam,' -"-^ Song by four girls, Away M^ 1 ^ £IUV<7* *«**•**«*•*• ~ ""* --—-r- - . including 16 rounds of preliminaries, 1 are given in an .advertisement elsewhere in this week's Advance,W. J, Becker, Algona. is announcer, and Paul Hamil, Algona, will ref- Spng by all, Christmas, Q Veet and. Holy. Address by pastor, by eree. one act each, and were: »$jagy»

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