Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 17, 1931 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 17, 1931
Page 7
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RMS Wllbut J. Payne, Editor . the third-quar was held scoretew an tatowd a free throw. In ? u a ter Bancrolt made two . and Fenton, made five Rmton's inability to make Frenton employed a E attack for many short setup f ^enton team used height dvantage, and the defense f « to three point*. Feno 20-9 It the half. half Bancroft rallied . Mr. Klamp Travels. Charles Klamp, who is pinch hit ting for the writer here In Kossuth for a couple of weeks, brings In the following account of some of his visits. At the C. B. Slgsbee home In Portland township Mr. Slgsbeo had raised 170 fine hogs. Mr. Slgs bee la a hard worker, and his stocl shows the care he gives them. Nex time Mi*. Slgsbee might tell us ho\ he feeds his pigs, how many sow he has to keep tp Bet that many nnd some other details that would be helpful. "-,.,1 rv,l<«<' (., jo rnove March from hla present location eouth B . i.. Mr. Klamp forgot to where Mr. Baker will mov e to. news writing requires that we an swer the questions, who, wher when, why. and what, everv time news item If written, In that be pos slble. We arc not kicking a bit, to Mr. Klamp Is picking this work u a lot faster than the writer did the first days, some seven years ag when we started with the Far news In the Advance. Byron Crouch, southeast of Bur o as Th KOSSUftt COUNTY ADVANCE. ALQONA, IOWA Club Girls Furnish Program SPECIAL WORK IS at Greenwood-Ramsay Meet OFFERED TO BOYS ~ AT SHORT COURSE k''\ Last Tuesday evening the regular monthly Greenwood-Ramsey township P. B. meeting wns held In the Bancroft school, with 175 'hearing the program,which was centered about the 4-H club activities of the county. Greenwood-Ramsey orchestra opened the evening with lively music, Muriel Body, H. D. A., gave a brief review of the year's 4-H activities for the county and Introduced five girls of the Union 4-H club who gave the Piano music, Kathryn Delm. Talk, 4-H Girls at the International, Mary Glsch. Music, Fern Olsch. Mary Glsch won a trip to the Chicago International by having her five-year club record judged the best In the state In a recent state contest. Mary Glsch folio wing gram: pro- Readlng, China Blue Eyes, Alice Payne. . Mrs Ray Miller briefly presented the women's project by showing the "before" and "after" with two ol< walnut chairs. One chair had been reflnlshed and the caning partly fin shod. The other chair was In neec of such treatment to bring out It beauty and to restore it to useful ness. Two reels of pictures were show and sandwiches, cake, and coffe was served by a committee of men Ed Droe&sler is president of the Ranisey group, and Ray Miller, of Greenwood. Mrs. Ray Miller Is leader of the orchestra. \Vm. Stacy, of the extension service at Ames, was a guest. The annual state boys' short :ourse and state convention of the 4-H clubs will be held at Iowa state college at Am.es December 28-31, tha 17th year that special work for the juniors has been offered. Demonstrations on special agrl cultural subjects, Illustrated lee tures, boys' conferences, radio pro grams, reports of outstanding achievements by 4-H club boys boys' state chorus, livestock anc crops judging contests, recreation and gymnasium work will be fea tured. The sixth annual boys' 4-H clu convention will be held at whlc the annual election of officers wi take place. Ench county Is entitle to select one voting delegate anfl a himself f6r a rating. That la, all boys with a total score of 90 or more In livestock will be rated blue Ibbon livestock Judges. T.hose with cores of 80 to 89 will be rated as ed ribbon and .those with scores below 80 white ribbon. The same principle will be used in the grain udglng. Counties With the largest percentage of blue ribbon judges will also je given rating. A county must hav at least five boys to compete In this rating. Tills classification makes it important that every boy from a county take part in the judg ing and Instruction work the same as If he were a judging team mem ber. was Fenton 26, Ban- ' W /U and second teanw of St. "'"demy of Bancroft, lost to "Fenton teams at Fenton Jnteht. Fenton'B second team EL superior, and scored 21 to 2 tor Bancroft. The first 11 on even terms In the wrter, but Fenton made 19 , the second quarter at the half, but •Ban- Fene g too great, and Fen- 129-n. Community—' was saddencr mu ,,u, h by .the'death of im Laktn fo!!owin B a * ir <*™- Sdnand his wifehave been their hem.- with., their son- Espe since the deatn Espe, five had a heart attack December 7, t night before Mr. Klamp came along to his Portland township home, but was feeling much better. Mr. Crouch said he was sufficiently recovered to smoke a good cigar. However he had to provide his own smoke, as he was unable to get any off Charles. We hope that Mr. Crouch will fully recover his health and be his usual self. 'We consider him one .of the good farmers up that way. Merwln Hauensteln still had a few days corn picking to be done when Mr. Klamp visited him December 7. He had raised a good crop and was satisfied with the yield. Mrs. Harvey Johnson, west o . o?; Mr. fiakln was 72 years -In 189 at Ellsworth, where •resided until comlner to Fenton. survived by his wife and. sonv ^.kln', at Esthervllte,. four R » and three sisters, and four ^children. A short funeral ser- Iwlli be held at the home TUBS- lafternoon and burial will be t Ellsworth. .. Doan church, was busy training the 'Sunday school class of that goot country church for the Chrlstma. ,program to be held soon. Leo C. Bernhard, hardworking an< practical young dairy farmer west of Bancroft, was doctoring a co\ for bloat, (Sounds like sweet clove or alfalfa might have caused th bloat.) Leo was tying a stick in th cow's mouth to hold the mouth open This Is a common treatment now days. The stick In the mouth allow gas to escape and prevents the co from being in a stubborn panic tha keeps her mouth clamped shut. Mr. Klamp called at two homes where he said the men were very years old. The oldest boys help dad ck corn. John Karrel's son Andrew has >een picking corn at night with a wo-row corn picker on the Collins arm northeast of Bancroft. Anrew picked as much ns 16 loads of orn in a night. The Karrcls farm n the same neighborhood. John Boyer, west of Bancroft armer, had been sick with dropsy vhen Mr. Klamp called, but was Improving. The Boyer farm Is now nostly operated by John's sons, who are goqd farmers like their dad. John Boyer is one of the upright and substantial farmers, who has a right to a little rest from hard work if anyone has. Cliff Hoover, on Photographer Peterson's farm northeast of Algona, has had good success In rale- ing hogs again this year, but Mr. with one of the best sets of farm buildings In the county. The Dltt- alternate. I-itvostock and grain judging wl n '.M Towa, Nebraska, South Dakota and Minnesota. '•'•• i • • - . Extra Specials Friday and Saturday Only, December 18th and 19th Gerled Man Dies. Bancroft, Dec. 15 — Charles H. Finn, postmaster at Gerled for the past 29 years, died at the university hospital at Iowa City. Mr. Finn had been ill for two years with tancor of the stomach. He was a member or the Masonic lodge here. mers also give freely of their time to neighborhood and county affairs Mrs. Dlttrner, who has long been Interested In the county committee of girls 4-H club work, was recently elected chairman of the county com mlttce. We overlooked mention of a visit a month or so ago to the O. S. Buf- flngton home In Wesley township, where we met Lois Elljean, age thro years, and Lee Gerald, two months old, who are the fine healthy children of the Butflngtons. Lois was Kossuth county fair first prize baby girl. Mrs, Bufflngton Is a daughter of John Sleper, Tltonka. again feature at the short courst. Iowa boys attending each year look forward to the competition provided In the grain and livestock session arranged by the farm crops and livestock divisions. Trophies, medals, and other achievement awards add interest and zest to this part of the short course pogram. A proposed new feature, which if approved, will b e added tbls year. Instead of each county naming Its judging team before the contest, the three boys from a county with the Farmers Directory Fresh Salted Spanish, POUND BAG Genuine Santa Clara, 5 POUND BAG _. Genuine Alaska Pink, 3 TALL, POUND CANS highest total score will be consider-1 ed the county team. Also, every boy competing will compete against HAMPSHIRE BOARS Best of breeding. Cholera immune. Priced very reasonable. Hamilton Leghorn Farm Bancroft, Iowa. Sale Dates. Christmas Party— e annual WomanX club Chrlat- ,_rty was held IMrt week Tttes- fclternoon at the home of Mrs. i Welsbrod, with Mrs. John _t as assistant • hostess. Mem- Iresponded to roll call; by telling me Christmas customs. After slness meeting Mrs. J. T. Sny- id Mrs. Elmer Weisbrod had s of the entertainment. Clever _i were played In which prizes [won by Mrs. E. A. Welsbrod Mrs. J. A. Schwartz. Christmas i were sung, and gifts brought e members were cent to an or- iage. A two-course luncheon was Birthday Party—, number of young people were ained at the Myron 4 Alderson > last week Tuesday night at a irlsa party in • honor of Arnold ' ion's 21st birthday. Five |jred Was played at five tables. i score prizes were won by Arbogast...... and jElvlra lann, low by - Mrs. Clarence Bflelcl and LeRoy Huskamp. eshments were served after angry about something. \Ve told him that the same ones had been very angry about something each time in the past seven years .that we have called, ana after we had compared notes, we made .up our minds that th>>y are usually that way. We had not been sure about one of them be fore, and had thought he was just angry at us. The other we knew was scrappy with his neighbors. Oh It is a great world, and requires al kinds of poople In it. It might interest these folks to know there are less than a dozen homes iv the whole county, wher we have marked our call report with a discourtesy sign. We don' care about how we are treated usually, but we find that the neighbors stay away from discourteous people. The neighborhood activities, Klamp forgot to jot down the details. The two men just visited a few minutes and talked about hogs Mr. Hoover raised something like 100 head this year. He farms on a stock share lease with Mr. Peterson, If we remember right. Charles says Cliff Is a good farmer, which agrees with our own opinion. August Schlpul. southeast of Burt, vas feeling pretty good when Mr. Klamp called. He had good health and appetite at least. The two men talked Deutsch, and visited. The George Fangman family east of Bancroft came from Delaware county, where the Klamp family lived some 35 years ago, and Mr Klamp and Mr. Fangman swapped Dec. 30—A. C. Bierstedt, Lone Rock, closing out sale. RADIO—A GIFT OF YEAR ROUND family pleasure — save entertainment costs. Coronado or Phllco 5.00 down.—Gamble Stores. 18-14 FOR SALE Duroc Boars Good healthy ones, best of breeding, Immune. $10.00 to $15.00 Also the best seed corn ever raised. A. C. CARLISLE 3/4 mile east of Whittemore POLAND CHINA BOARS Up-to-date breeding. 1931 prices. R. W. BUTTERFIELD 1 1-2 miles north Burt, Iowa DUROC BOARS 30 Big Type spring, fall, am yearling boars. The best lo we ever raised. Priced low VIPOND & SONS Algona 9t Prunes Salmon Navy Beai mini in ^me Table Granulated (Limit uUbAK l ba S to customer), 10 LBS.-:. 1 CRACKERS "Cafe" Soda Wafers, 2 POUND CADDY — 19c BLACKBERRIES In Natural Juice, NO. 10 CAN ____ CHERRIES . Michigan Red Pitted; the best for pies. NO. 10 CAN' SWEETPOTATOES Porto Rican, 10 POUNDS . COUNCIL OAK COFFEE,IB, 29C To meet the demand for a better whole berry bulk coffee. Save your empty Council Oak Coffee bags and exchange 10 of them,/without extra charge, for an All Steel, High Dome Dutch Oven "Pryette." • tea Meier Is Married— llena. Meier, only daughter) ' of land Mrs. Wm. Meier; of Fen- Iwas married to Russel Chesln Jweek Wednesday, at,Fairmont,. i. The newly weds, left at .once Btover, Mo., where they'will vis- |latives. . ''., I Faculty Entertained-— such as threshing, at their homes are not as pleasant affairs even for them as would be the case if they spent a little time in the ordinary exchange of neighborllness. George Miller, west of Bancroft, has one of the finest homes in Northwest Iowa, according to Mr. Klamp, who was shown through it by Mr. Miller. The construction is of brick, and the builder was Bob Padgett. Mr. Miller said he thought the new home was the best job Mr. Padgett has done. Mr, and Mrs. Miller we know have a fine large family, who will make good use of the new home. Ben Knox, north of Algona, was finishing hie corn picking December 8 and had rented some of his cornstalk field to fioward Seeley for cattle pasture. The Seeley brothers are carrying a heavy amount XVIcLIlll' tviiv» *.»» • — 1-,-reminiscences of their early days Mr. Klamp's father, H. C. Klamp now one of the large land-owners In the Plum Creek neighborhood, has retired and lives in town near the farm department editor's home. Hie son Walter operates his 400 acres We got Charles to admit that his days In Delaware county were spent before he had grown a beard. The George Fangmans now have seven fine children In their family. Russell Shlpler, southeast of Burt had his corn all picked before December 8, and was repairing the chicken house to make it warm and tlB The Mr. Jones, who lives just west of Gerled, had been laid up with rheumatism when Mr. Klamp callec a week ago. We are sorry to hea of the numerous cases of rheuma of fvi.A-UUIIII.J' Aiiivriaiiicu— - . are carrying «• *'^«" |Pt. M. E. Otterness entertained livestock this season. jother members of the school ty at the W. C, Stamer .home iy night. Bridge was playedat I tables and refreshments fol- -~o Defeats Fenton— , town basketball team/and the strong team defeated the locals 1. The Fenton girls & team play- JIB Emmetsburg girts onS.the lo j |floor the same afternoon, Fen* Winning 12-7. _ 1 Neighbors Rcelect— |i Royal Neighbors 'mQt'.at' Mrs' Walte's last week Monday at"in, and elected Mrs. Waite s and Mrs, Herman Huskamp tor. Light refreshments tol- i the business session.' I Other Fenton Jfowst P. Charles Newel,.Mrs. >B. J. •*, and Mrs. G. B. Johnson en-'led a number of. women at the 1 home last week Wednesday 'ion. Bridge was played, at > tables. High score was won C. Welsbrod, of Rlngsted, ' by Mrs. W c. Ooet.8ch. Af.-nee lunch was served, Sank Curry and Wra. Squlbblne, javedere. m.. came the «r0t of I week for a visit With the for- f mother, Mrs, Emma , Curry, IWier relatives here. They left Phuraday fop the SJlac* Hills, •« they will visit relative* Q« Mr, ,'Wns. p ftnd Mr«. H. B, Relmer* an4 pier, M rs . Dorothea Gerharda l«hUdren, and Mr, .aitf Mrs, B. T^roa were entertained *t »lx dinner at Gee, Boettcher's »V evening Iwnortaf the Wrtb- • Welsbrod. ' ' : »a Mrs. B. P. 'lyejlabjppd, en- Mr, and M.rs. yfm, Belm LUVJV H»*o nv"M-~ — "• C J Ellsbecker, southeast of Bancroft, was busy, repairing fence, and had hie corn all picked last week. Ben Lampe, southeast of Bancroft, keeps his farm looking fine so Mr. Klamp says, and mentioned that (JL H*v* *•«••• — tism This affliction seems to much more common in recent years A C Bierstedt, 2% miles east o Lone Rock, will hold a closing ou sale Wednesday, December 30. H will dispose of 100 head of livestock nnd a lot of good farm machine^ He is going to quit farming. E B Dittmer, Portland township sold 80 head of. 220-pound I 10 gs_ a an average price of $4 a cwt. a fe w " e Ks ago. The lot were part " the 103 spring pigs saved froni Utters Mr. Dlttmer will have about the same number of sows to fai- row next spring. Mrs. Dittmer re- have to continue about Mr. luamp any, «•••- .. Mr. and Mrs. Lampe have a family marked, "We nave 10 ^"-"— ~ ---, the same program each year if the business is to thrive, even it there is no profit some years.'' The DUt mer farm has 18 cows, 500 f lck6 "!' and 24 stands of bees. The farm follows the most approved program of sou improvement, and is improved \OV CAN YOLK HOME kowi ^m M^ ~^^r ^r —- — It it human to put it off-tomorrow, next month. And * » equally human to wish, after disaster has ttruck.its blow, that protection had been secured. Today, you can ewfly afford Cituent MutuaU Tomorrow, could to rebuild your home? TT IS NOT the cost of the gift, but the 1 thought that lies behind the giving that Darius the eocklei of the heart on Christmas morning. Then, instead of some short-lived trinket, bow pw* nicer to give something that will bring solace and delight for many days after the Christmas tree is gone* until the New Year i» on Hi way. For the cigarette smoker, man or woman. of nun* give Camel* A Wend of choice Turkish «id mild, sn»,rinened Pomeftw are Ipt fiMi «* wiOi premum. surer protection come both in attractive Christmas cartons containing ten packages of twenty an<J in cartons containing four boxes of fifty each. For the man who smokes a pipe, we suggest either a pound tin or one of those crystal glass humidors of good old PRINCE ALBERT. Here is a present tfiat goe» straight JW » Chrfefcww carol to A man's heart; P.A., the best loved pipe tobacco in the world, all dressed for the occasion In bright Christmas costume, What gift ww you think of Oiil will more welcome pr giro Pout you bo|» WMueon* will think of ich a friendly gift fo» jw$ We wi»h you Jforry CtoutmMl -^ "Are you UMt**i*'f» m.J. BEVWOI-D8 TOBACCO COMP4NY«S COA»TTTO.COA»T «*PIP r»QCih " IAKTER BOOB, Morton Downey.,1 PRINCE ff^Pffl^fl^^Ji l T PW H ^^i^ff-^y __

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