Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 17, 1931 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 17, 1931
Page 6
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p*"***' HUSBANDS ARE BANQUETED BY BURT WOMEN ••Burt, Dec. IB—A.n event to which Portland looks forward is the annual F. B. banquet by the women of the township for their husbands, which was held last week Wednesday. The dining room of the Presbyter- Jan church at Burt was decorated Vilth Christmas red and green. The three long tables each held small tjSjjjies, -and -streamers of red and Btecn extended down the center. .jjk. short .program was given at the tlible. After the Rev. Mr. Aten said grace, one of the Portland^onga was sung; Mrs. Dlttmer gave a word of • welcome from the F. B. women; Ray MeWhorter replied for the men, and attar more singing, Lois Graham, president of the 4-H club, spoke for * th» girls. Mrs. Godfredsen was song leader. .,,,,,.... ..The" following program was. given In the church auditorium: Chrli>*» mas carols, 'by a group; music, trio, Lillian Gfltffredsen, Merl« Wolta. and Harold Miller; play, Mrs. Weir and Mrs. Peters; music, trio; reading, Mrs. Del Fitch; play, present Woman's Project. Mrs. Olsen's Chair, by Mrs.,H. Smith, Erna 'Peterson; talk, Senator Ceo. Patterson; Christmas carols. The Portland F. B. was grateful to Mrs. Weir and Mrs. W. T. Peters for the play, which was most enjoyable. Although Senator Patterson spoke about the depression, he believes the worst Is now past. Alumni Banquet Is Planned.—Committees are at work making plans for the 1931 alumni banquet to be held at the Methodist church dining room December 28. Marion Chlpman is president and Edna Staley, secretary, of the association. Mrs. Helen Peters heads the entertainment committee." Mrs. ''Edith Chipman the menu -committee, Gladys Brace the decoration, and Lura Sewick the 'booster committee. The price will be lower this year so all may attend. Christmas Cantata to Be Given at Lakota Ledyard, Dec. 15 — The Methodist choir, assisted by four Lakota. young people, presented the cantata, Hall Messiah, at Lakoba Sunday evening. Following Is the program: Good Tidings, Choir; A King Shall Reign, bass solo, the Rev. F. O. Johnson; There Were Shepherds, so'o lead, Mrs. Roy Link, with choir accompaniment; (Tory In the Highest, Women's voices and choir; Even Unto Bethlehem, tenor solo, Ralph Olson; Crown Him, choir with men's chorus; He Shall Have Dominion, quartet, Miss Granner, Mrs. Mayno, V. A. Barrett, and Harold Granner; How Can I Crown Thee?, contralto solo, Mrs. Johnson, with men's chorus; The Glory ot Israel, bass solo, the Rev. F. O. Johnson, with quartet, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Mttyne, Ralph O'son; Thy Sceptre Is Right eousness, choir; Song to the Qhrfst Child, quartet, Mrs. .Thompson, Mlas Granner, Mr. Granner, .IV. A. Barrett; Hall Messiah, final chorus. Mrs. V. A. Barrett was piano accomp'an- 1st, and Mrs. Johnson directress. This cantata will b e given here next Sunday night. Fred Liegeman Hip in Cant— Mrs. Fred Logeman and a son went to Mankato to see Mr. Logo- man, who is in the hospital there with a broken hip. Tie Is in a heavy cast now, which has to bb left on ten days. Then a lighter cast is to be put on. He will have to stay in the hospital five- or six months. to see Howard's father, j. A. Mayhe, who Is In poor health. A. E, Laurltzen refeeod the first game of basketball pte.yed at the new Algona gymnasium Friday evening. .Algrona and THonka played. The George Thompsons spent Sunday with Mrs. Thompson's sister, Mrs. J. A. Zwolfol, at Corwlth. The Rov. Mr. Dipping w»s 111 last week and under the Care of Doctor Devlne. , The Gewge Thompsons attended a mall carriers Christmas party at Tl- tonka last week Tuesday evening. Gladys Nolan, commercial teacher, was 111 Friday and unable to attend nchool. The Nick Behrends family, of Lakota, «pent Sunday at L. W. Welmer's. Mr. and Mra. August Peterson, of Swea City, spent Suday at R. J. Womack's. Mr. and Mrs. V. A. Barrett were Sunday dinner guests at B. H. Locke's at Grant, Ruth Jones spent the week-end with her sister, Mrs. B. Genrich, of Algona. Adelaide Randall spent Saturday and Sunday at her home in Mason City. Naomi Hewitt, of Renwick, visited friends here Friday evening. Harold Granner spent the week end at Hardy. tendanc« will be given by tne Ulufer. signed. , ' Dated this iftth day of December, 1981. 1 L. EH. HOVfilft Sheriff of KoMUth County, tow* . By Everett L. Han-la, Deputy. Gaylord; D. Shumway, Plaintiff's Attorney. 14-15 TO THE 1)KPOSITOK8, CREDt- AND ALL PERSONS IN- BUSINESS Dim Christinas Prizes Aro Planned— Local business men recently held a meeting and decided to have a Christmas tree and play Santa Claus .to all comers on Thursday, December 24. A ten dollar prize, three five dollar prizes, five two dollar prizes, and 15 one dollar prized will be given away. The Ledyard school band will furnish musie-j Whittemore TERESTED IK THE MATTER OF THE RECEIVERSHIP OF THE KOSStJTH COtJNTV STATE RANK, ALOONA, IOWA. You and each of you are hereby notified that there Is now on file In the office of tlje Clerk of the District Court of Kossuth county, at-Algona, Iowa, a detailed report on the Classification, Correction!, , Allowance and Rejection of Claims, Preferences and Offsets, and that on the 10th day of December, 1931,, an Order was made by the Honorable F. C. Davidson, Judge of the District Court, fixing the 29th day of December, 1931, at 10 o'clock a, m., at the Court House at Algona, Iowa, as the time and place of hearing on the application of the Receiver to approve said Report as filed and allow the claims, preferences and offsets as 'therein reported; and you are further notified that, unless you appear and show cause, if -there be any, why eakV Report should , not be approved and the classification of claims established as therein reported, an Order of the Court will be made approving said Report, classifying said claims and allowing said claims, preferences and offsets ae reported and granting the other and further relief prayed for. Dated at Algona, Iowa, this 10th day of December, 1931. . . L. A. ANDREW, /\.fc JI*T ' iWivincM •"»"*»»• •" Koch Brothers, supplies Bancroft !W>Bl«er, supplies ... Kllpto Loose Leaf. Co,< aup- „ Pub. Co., supplies «. L. Turner, labor Typewriter Exchange, repairs and labor ... ......>.• ••• "• Frye Mfg. CO;, supplies ..... Wesley News World, ,flupplle* B. O. Richardson, supplies ... Perkins Bros. Co., .supplies ... Matt Parrott & Sons Co., sup- M^tropoiltan' Supply': Co., sup- A." A. 8 Murphy,"services Kohlhaas HdW., supplles_ 100.00 2.50 flaw., BU^l/MCO .« •• _. g* & iBackua, supplies., &.w Iowa State Penitentiary, sup piles INSANE] FUND Elinor T. Sutton, transp, Clark Orton, clerks fees 40.00 6.7B , A. D. Stockwell, exp. A. Hutchison, commissioner C.H.CreUmeyer,. L. A. Wlnkel, J. !P. fees T,. B. Hovey, sheriff W. C. Uanson, J. P. fees Olark Orton. clerk'* fees .. .. Chas. Seymour, constable fees 3.00 3.00 15,60 245,60 8.QO 40.50 5.64 Unas, cmymuui, ^U««D«»«.« _.. Ross W. Moses, constable fees i.w C. C, Wright, constable fees Delia Welter, stenographer . J, H. Sheridan, J. P. fees .. Carl 'Dahlhauaer, constable . O. Marquis, J; IP. fees Jacob Keller,, constable .. • C iF. Specht. mayor IF. W. Green, marshal Van Ness * Stlllman, copy G. D. Shumway, copy ' .89 1.00 3.00 R.95 4.90 8.76 3.00 4.35 1.00 1.50 Andrew j.^Helrten, drwfBlng Jacob Hofbauer.-oragfcmg • Edward Hagfte, dtastgljiK ... John Rodmftkar, ^"gg.'Jf "• Frank Rlebhoff, drawing .. Maynard Bohn, dragging .. Leo G. Studer, drft&innir •• Albert Wlttkopf, dragging . Ole Gerdes, labor i_ritj \x*st\***K't • •—— — - ,4" ^. Wm. -F. Grontoach, labor ... ... Benjamin iButterfleld, labor 1 .. Clarence Elbert, labor .Ralph atoll, labor Wm. McMahon, labor "7.12 13.88 11.26 17,28 6.25 18,16 16.40 30.96 75.55 80.80 9.60 4.09 35.70 amplln Rfcflnlng Co., ""* "VRAINAttB '.*—'Ellert D, Boyken, labor .. Cornier A Severien* labor Dr. ft IMI * -* ' Coop«t * BeveHeM, labor Dr. U. 1J. MCV«r, Bi«n»«"B >•• ••••• G.;A. Sharp, gravel hauling.. Bernard Brink Jr., gravel hftiillnt? * < • *•• *•••*•• •** «*••• «*rt'sA John Droessler, labor ... "Z-jw Calvin Householder, labor .... w.TO VA 17-n.Vo Inhnf ... ... .,.'..., BS.W Ed Edgar Rowlet, labor T2.BO T>«,,t»,n .Tnhnnnn. • labor "".Ow Reuben Johnson, • labor Delbort Sharp, .labor ... ...... Norton-Machine, Works, duplicate warrant .. ......... Norton Machine, Works, sup- . . , ... ..... Kossuth Co. Advance, pub^fee 7.80 Woman's Club Studies The Woman's club met Monday evening at Mrs. A. H. Meinzer's, with Anna Overgaard as assistant hostess. The program was on education and religion in Russia, and consisted of roll call, Christmas thoughts; Religion of Communism, by Esther Hodgson; Growth of Popular Education in Russia, by Mrs. J. T. Heany; Christmas Customs in Russia, by Charlotte Warrior. Streets Are Dccoratod — Burt's main streat now presents a very festive appearance- in the evening, sinoo strings of -colored lights have bmn strunpr across the street. The entiro lenRth of main street from the oil stations to the depot has been included in the- decorations. Small Christmas trees have been placed in front of a.ll the business School Faculty Holds Meotlnff— The faculty met at the home of Supt. A. E. Lauritzen last Thursday evening. Mr. Laurltzen and Miss Granner led a discussion on the Stanford tests given earlier In the year. Miss Wylam and Miss Granner will lead the next meeting. The Iowa Blues will play Friday at Higglns hall. -Mr.-Hlgglns has come down with the rates. ' Mr. and Mrs. Carl Walker, of Alexandria, spent Sunday at the parental .1. E. Walker's. ' This Friday Whlttemore public school basketball teams play at Ruthven. The Oscar Weber baby was sick last week. George Carmody played at a dance at Mallard Saturday. Receiver of the Kossuth County State Bank, Algona, Iowa. 14 Pastor Johnson's Birthday Observed Last week Tuesday evening the Methodist choir wont to Lakota, and a few from there joined them and went to the Rev. F. O. Johnson home for practice and to help him celebrate a birthday. I Board Proceedings INSTITUTE FU'ND J. IF. Overmyer, expenses ... Wm. Shirley, expenses ... •••• T. .'B. ERADICATION FUND 15.50 9.50 H. R. Gibson, vet. serv. F. A Bonnstetter, vet. serv. L. N. Jargo, vet. scrp. 308.08 401.16 84.25 U. I--,. Ulllfeir, '^». «~'I-« ••; qo(t O1 R, E. Weber, vet. serv. ....... 335.21 H. R. Gibson, vet. serv. .. L . W. 'Frank L. Miller, light serv. Long's Grocery, prov Moe & Sjogren, prov. ... Tiede •& Schneider, prov. E. L. -Hansen, prov Benedict's Store, prov Lakota part of which are also houses, lighted. JEnsteni Stars Name Officws— Kossuth chapter No. 201, O. E. S., elected the following officers at the regular meeting last week Tuesday •evening: Mrs. W. H. K'amp. W. M.; W. H. Klamp, W. P.; Mrs. C. W. Patterson. A. M.; Dr. R. H. Thompson, A. P.;. Mrs. E. E. Paine, con- •ductress; Mrs. G. P. Hawcott, associate conductress; Mrs. J. E. Clifton, secretory; Mrs. C. H. Schrader, treasurer. Aid Plans Christinas Parly— The Methodist Aid is having a Christmas party Thursday in the church basement. Everyone is to take a lOc gift «nd Aid members a covered dish and sandwiches. llronks Arm Cranking Cur— Raymond, son of Koss Browning, broke both bones in one arm Sunday while he was cranking a car. He was taken to Bancroft, where the bones were set by Doctor Dcvine. Methodist Aid Clears $100— The Methodist Aid cleared slightly over $100 at its annual bazaar. Over 200 suppers were served, and $7.30 was realized from candy and ?35 from fancywork. The E. R. Worleys, the Frank Kralls, and the L. J. Needh-ams attended the I-«dyard church bazaar and supper last week Wednesday night. A daughter was born December 10 to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schroeder. Mr. Sohroedcr is mail carrier on Route 1. The W. E. Leys, I. E. Wortmans, H. H. Murrays, and the J. E. Ukensis were Algona shoppers, Saturday. LEGAL NOTICES NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE STATE OF IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY. SS. Notice Is hereby given that by vlr- Auditor's office, December 1, 1931. Board of Supervisors of Kossuth county met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. Audit and allow bills. , . Motion by McDonald and .seconded by Funnemark that taxes on following described property be apportioned as follows: That taxes on t/ot 8, Block 7, O. P. Algona, be abated in sum of $107.09, and taxes on E 56 ft. of Lot 7, 'Block 7, be abated in sum of $13.05 on account of being city property. That W 10 ft. of Lot 7, Block 7, O. P., Algona, Iowa, be taxed at 10/66 of said tax or $2.33 as per agreement of owners. Ayes: All. On motion Board adjourned to one o'clock p. m. One o'clock p. m.—Board of Super- rlHors met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. Motion by Funnemark and seconded by Morris that following resolution be adopted: RESOLUTION "WHDREA'S, the Iowa State Highway Commission has published a. notice of public lettiriB on December Sth, 1931, of bridges and culverts on Primary Road No. 169, south of Algona, ! Iowa, involving the expenditure oC considerable public money for labor and material, and "WHEREAS, a considerable portion, of the work of erecting these bridges and culverts will .be done by unskilled labor, which ca,n ; be secured locally, NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by the Board of Supervisors, of Kossutb county, Iowa,, tnat Thos. Akre, prov. Rite Way Grocery, prov. .. . H. B!. Sorensen & Co., prov.. Howard L. Platt, prov R. A. Clark, prov Merrll 'Bros., prov Mrs. W. H. .Ellis, prov Lichty '& Ross, prov. • . Herman Wise, prov. Daniel Llchllter, prov. ... ... Otto Neuman, prov Leader Cash. Store, prov. .. A. W. Jurgens, prov Leader Cash Store, prov. .. Thaves Sisters, prov. H. J. Rice, supplies P. C. Dahl, repairs ..-, Hovey * Pehrson, supplies.... ,- 23.0Q 59.93 181.00 12,flO 48.35 , . , Frank -Flagl, supplies .!. •••••• *)•*> J. L. Raskopf A Co., supplies. 22,1» 148.48 278.11 11.13 51.09 74.46 20.01 15,15 14.99 28.77 11.93 '41.59 6.00 24.27 30,19 4.00 77.90 s'.io 25.77 13.98 3.73• 5.00 15.00 241.11 5.60 1.41 5.00 23.15 6.50 9.00 83.40 3.50 500 if v/C •*• a,\Jl*\J* t - i*»wv« ••«. ' ' ' ' - • - - "' Wm. Hardcopf, labor 83-00 Kohlhaas Hdw.. supplies .... , 26.15 . . J. : M, 'Blanchard, supplies Interstate- Power Co., light •service ... ......... • ......... Bertha E. Johnson, exp. ...... Mrs. Mary Moats, building .... Geo. Onken, labor .. . ..... ..: Globe Machinery & Supply Co., supplies ...... .. ........ W. A. Murray, assign. .. ..... Kennedy 'Bros. Co., assign. ... Joe Loebach, labor ... .'.'. .... Joe Tapper, labor J. IltlVeo OlOfcd o, ^» v , , nn Ot Thompson Yards Inc., supplies 39.84 J. L. -Raskopf & Co., suppl es. 11.05 Maguire & Courtney, supplies. 14.00 Farmers Co-op. Elevator Co., supplies C. E. Rohlin, rent Amos Krommtnga Sr., rent Mrs. Elsie Cady, rent Mrs. E. K. iBurtla, rent .. . E. Ross, rent Cleve Barton, rent B. 'F. Burton, rent John Moulds, rent C. 'B. Murtagh, rent C. H. Schrader, rent Victor Johnson, rent Mrs. Ben Rnshton, rent ... J. W, Hewitt, rent C. iG. Dourte, rent 50.10 30.00 12.00 54.7o 15.00 12.00 10.00 10.00 15.00 W. H. Stott, supplies Mayer & Guide, supplies .. ... George Holtzbauer, supplies.,.. Clnpp's Master .Service, supplies ••" : Wesley Auto Co., supplies 24.75 12.20 6.40 1.50 •68.59 J. 9. Shultz, supplies ...... .;. ' 7.3( J. August Peterson, labor 7.50 J. b.vRaiMDf * Co., supplies J. IL. Raskopf * Co., supplies J. L. Raskopf ft do., riuppllcft r\f I'M— 'J. U Raskopf A Co., supplies H-K Jt. B. Quartern '•'hones: . Matt L«ux, repairs H-K Jt. No. 2— J, M. Lelst, labor .. M. L. Zlnnell, labor *n«arvTJt>mn>, That - <t. D. Shumway Owatonna Tool Co., .supplies .. 67.8 Matt Murtho, supplies ;.: ..... 22.9 H. J. -Braley, supplies ... ...., 4»-w Tire Service Co., supplies .. .. Iowa Culvert '•& Pipe Co., sup- 33.34 piles . ...... .. ...... ______ . ... 1081.50 Sleg-Ft. Dodgre Co., supplies . . 194.60 Iowa Machinery & Supply Co., •• supplies ............ ... ...'., 20.67 J. D. Adams Co., supplies .... 38.92 Barton-Warner Co., supplies . 327.70. Glbbs-Cook Tractor & Equip. Co., supplies ............... 210.57 Central Battery & Elec. Co., supplies Truth Tool Co., supplies 'Sargent Machine Co., In., supplies ' Concrete Materials Corp., supplies 'Lone Rock Tel Co., rent 3.46 14.40 2.50 47.70 2.00 36.r<0 20.80 Cooper A Seyerlens, tabor .<> 14.40 Geo. A. iKienk, labor 2.50 <A H, Lathrop, rodman .. ,. 22.75 M. V. Stephenson, msst. engineer .» ... «»•• ••• »• •• A. BJ. Michel, engineer 100.00 Dr. to- , . H. J. Palmer, labor .•.-. ' 8.M Dr, 84-^ - - - A. E. Michel, engineer 14.00 12.08 .85 1.70 4.17 5.17 226 6.78 RB8OLVIBD:' That the County Auditor Is hereby ordered and directed to Issue warrants for all bill* allowed at this meeting a« ahown-by the "Schedule of Claims" hereinbefore written a« per vote, oh each Individual bill. Ayes: All. ''' ' •'• On motion Board adjourned to nlnu o'clock a, m. December 17, 1981. ... (BERTHA B. JOHNSON', ;•• County Auditor. WORRYING ABOUT BLOOD PRESSURE? At the-first sign of danger, 1 take a laxative." :Cut down on alcohol, coffee and tobacco. Eat lightly for several 'days. Take a tableopoonful of mentha pepsin 'before ' meals to make digestion W easy. a« possible. Keep'quiet until your stomach IH settled and the itttay'' spells have passed. . Have your phy'siclan check your /n ff o n 'a" blood pressure at'frequent intervale. Continue to protect';yourself • by- taking mentha pepsin before every meal. (You can get Dare'» Mentha Pepsin f rom .E. W. Lusby or any other reliable druggist.) Avoid heavy food and' too heavy meals—especially at night. Do this faithfully and the chances are that you will prevent'—• or at _ Office, 28; T.p Phone 58 ^,,,--w Office in Quinby Block Office In Quinby BuMlnJ _ Phone 180 ^1 DOCTOIHf i. T „ Offlco Phone JOO ... M- f £ en ' lfil *. M. D., res.' AM J. N. Keneflck. M. D., .res. •• r,,« Office In Juhn Oalhralth Phones: Office, 310; resJj SnrgMt Office on South Dodge Slw_ Phones: Office, CGC; reaideiwl Algona, Iowa ! least postpone—the . i. , ... Iowa Children's Home Society, board 40.00 16.00 36.00 10.00 10.00 31.51 GO.OO tue of a Special Execution directed j the State Highway Commission is to me from the Clerk of the District hereby requested to use their Influ- Court of Kossuth county Iowa, on -ce with the .nc«. nder or bid-. 'V. & I. Circle Has Party— The IT. and I. circle met with Mrs. ,<3. F. Mann last Wednesday after- Toon with Mrs. Wayno Mann as •assistant hostess. Each member hroug-ht a small Christmas gift for 'some other member. A shower was 'also given for Mrs. Emma Hawcott, a, former member, who is an invalid. .Crowd Attends P. T. A. Meet— - ' A large crowd attended the P. T. .A. meeting last Thursday evening. Miss Eva Whitney gave an excellent talk on the Spiritual Training of the Child. A health play was given 'by prade pupils. Anna Overgaard sang Schools to Close Dec. 24— School closes here Thursday, December 24, and opens -again January 4. The grades are all planning programs for the closing day. Cardinals Whip Indian B. B. Team— The Swea City Cardinals played an Indian basketball team, on the local floor last week Tuesday. The Cardinals won, 49-34. , a judgment rendered In said Court ploy locat , abo . , n , the constl . uettoni on the 2nd- day of December, 1931, j and completion 'of these contracts. in favor of Chicago Joint Stock Land | Adopted this 1st day of December, Bank, as plaintiff, and against George Do Groote, as defendants, jjj. es . AIL Motion by Morris and seconded by K iSS!5«^by^::-. 5KS Dr J G. Clapsaddle,. med. aid., cimd, $112.50;. allowed ... ..... Dr F L. Adams,, med. aid, cimd' $19.00; allowed •• DE C: W Lundauist, med. irl ." .«••" ••" Kossuth Hospital, hosp Boone Blank Book Co., 70.00 4.98 9.05 3.31 5.07 5.40 6.30 5.40 for the sum of Twenty-Seven Thous- Wei-ken that following appointments- of •iiirl Siv Hnmlrpil Thirtv- Seven and Deputy Sheriffs and bonds each irc and hix Humliea inlrtj beven ana . the sum of rMM are hereb ap p rov _ 48/100 ($27,637.48) Dollars and costs, ! ed . Hi E Rachut, Titonka; Phil C. Thirty- j Lichty, Lu Verne; W. P. , . . RlngVer,. T) n ii nr q ! Whlttemore; -Lester L. Lease, Wesley; DolIaiS ' G. F. Siiun- .'ft solo, and several grade children 'furnished music. Santa Claus Is Coming — Santa Claus is scheduled to ap- .pear on the streets of Hurt Saturday afternoon with candy for till the children. Other Burt News. ' Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Longneoker •and Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Whitney returned Wednesday from Maxwell, Whore they were called by tht> death Of a sister of Mr. Longnecker. Mr. and Mrs. Jens Thompson and family, Mr. (and Mrs. Alfred TJiomp- ,r.on, and Mr. and Mrs. Lester Thompson, Spencer, were- Sunday ts at A. N. Jensen's. ., B. H. Staley is suffering with a aoro eye. A week or two ago a corn busk struck his eye. Infection set in and is giving him considerable trouble. ' The Julius Kunz family, Wcviley, Visited Sunday at the W. A. MacArthur and Dr. W. T. Peter.s homes. Rlr. Kunz is receiver for the Federal Surety company in Davenport. Mrs. N. M. O.odfredson is at the liomo of her brother, Paul Isenberg-' '<«r, at Latimer, helping care for a now niece, Bonna Lou, born Decem- •Jwr V. ",; Mr. and Mrs. Paul Moore and Mr. •OHO. Mrs. Leonard Schmidt, Oorwitli. Vvlflited Mr. Moore's brother ut Rod- .c^iffe Sunday. , Jvlorion Clark, who has be*n work- ( .hig around Burt for the, pa*t afveral " home at Indopoiidents Win and The Independent basketball team won from Sherburn here last week Monday, 23-18. and lost to Blue Earth, 26-20, Friday. Juniors Stage- Pluy Tonight— The 'Juniors present their play, All on Account of 'Polly, this week Thursday evening. Alumni Banquet December 28— Invitations are out for the fourth annual alumni banquet Monday, December 28. Ayes: All. Motion by iPunnemark and seconded by Helkerr that the following resolution be adopted: RimSaL/VEID: Whereas; it is the opinion of the Board of Supervisors of Kossuth county that relief to needy familles should whenever possible .be suited to Individual needs and administered In such a way as to encourage self respect and self support. Where- Other Ledyard News. V. A. Barrett went to Mason City Saturday to attend a music supervisors' meeting-. Thirty towns and 17 counties were represented. Problems were discussed and suggestions offered. The Ralph Olsons, the Ray Went- worths, the George Thompsons, -the Edward Loofts, the Otis Strands, Wm. Flynn, and Mrs. Hilferty were Algona visitors Saturday. Saturday evening the Methodist choir and the families of members met at the church basement for a pot-luck supper, which was followed by practice. The Howard Maynes went to Roy Hartshorn's at Swea City Sunday taxed at Three Hundred Five and 02/100 ($335.02) rat R Roderlc Lone Rook & and accruing coste, I have levied! c Cnrlst , Ledyard; iF. H. iBohn, Fen- upon the following described real ton; I. E. Wortman, Lakota; property as the property of the said Berggren, Swea City; Leo M. George De Groote and Mrs. George ,^ j^"^. Walter 6o De Groote, James F. Simmons and Rena Simmons, to satisfy said execution, to-wit: The Southeast Quarter (SR%), the Northeast Quarter of the Southwest Quarter (NE% of SAV%) and Government Lots Number Four (4) and Five (5) In Section Two (2); also the North Half of the Northeast Quarter (NV- ofjaa, it Is the opinion of the Board of ,...._,,,. - „ _. T „. TVT,,.-, 'Supervisors of Kossuth county that NE%) and Government Lot Num- j th ,' s can bfi done monj aa . eqxuUyeVy un . ber Six (6) In Section Eleven (11>, <] er a trained and experienced worker all in Township Ninety-Four (94)! therefore, be it resolved that IBoard "Vorth Ranee Twenty-Nine- (2^)1°' Supervisors of ICossuth county con- i-soiLii, mil b — , , , •,, »» tinue to employ a social worker as West of the Fifth Principal MerW- ove rseer of the poor; and further be ian, containing Three Hundred It resolved that Mrs. ElTnor Sutton be Ninety Six and 60/100 acres more continued in the position as overseer ^....^v.;~. •- / *iPfViQi\r>r\i»tif t1'*W Jtf> rm*» fvini^f V» or less, and I will proceed to sell said property, or so much thereof as may be necessary to satisfy said execution, with costs and accruing costs at public auction, to the high- eat bidder, for cash, in hand, on the 2nd day of January, 1932, at the east door of the Court House in Algona, in Kossuth county, Iowa, at the hour of 10 o'clock a. m., of said day, when and where due attendance will be given toy the undersigned. Dated this 3rd day of December, 1931. L. E. HOVEY, Sheriff of Kossuth County, Iowa. By Everett L, Harris, Deputy. Ben J. Gibson, Elinor T.' s'utto'n supplies .... Kohlhaas 'Bros. -Garage, supplies .. ..... •••• ...... ......... Albert Davis, labor ... • ....... City Clark,, assign. ....'..- ....... Council Oak. Store, assign ..... Prmncll -Oak Store,, assign. .... Council Oak. Store, assign. ... o. ... ... •• ln -' u . ilary Konz,. assign. elson Hardware, supplies ...., Igona Masonic Tfemple Assn., supplies ........ •••• ••• — • "•' " O Peterson,, supplies ...... G. Pool, supplies ... _• ..... -G Rlohaa-dson, supplies ... ohn, Honning, labor ......... hos. Alcre, prov. •••••• ••• •• Igona Flour & 'Feed Co., supplies ....... ..... • ....... eo. Holtzbaupr, repairs ..... Malt. Mutitha,. supplla* .« • — vohlhaas Hdw., supplies .. .. Vm. McMahon,. labor .... ..••• A. Droessler. prov. . ...... • I. A. Clark, prov. ... "... •••-•• ,. E. Doyle, labor; clmd. $1.75; allowed ....... ........ Henry R. Behnke, labor ....... ,ouis Balgeman, labor Milton MaPaddenv rodman; Don T. Nugent, osst. era&r. lent Motor Co., repairs ... V. Elbert.. grading Burt Plaintiff's Attorney. 13-14 of the poor lit $135.00 per month. Adopted December 1, 1931. Ayes: Funnemarfc, Heiken, Bulge man. Nays: McDonald. Morris. Motion by Morris and seconded by Heiken that Secondary Road Petition No. 183 and iNo. 184 be placed on file Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and secondei by Funnemark that following refund be allowed: That Grover Reed, Whlttemore Iowa, is hereby refunded $4.00 roa poll tax, Cresco township, for 19i9 o account of having paid same in Lott Creek township. That Wm. Eden be refunded tax o .3 acres on E 1-2 NE 1-4 35-'J7-27 on account of school acreage not bein properly credited. Refund 1928, 'J3e consl. .02 road, 1929—37c consl; 1930— 35e consl. and County Auditor in structed to correct acreage according ly for 1931. Ayes: All. Motion by Morris and seconded b . fwonths, returned to" XDaypool, Ind., Friday. •« The W. H. M. S. will meet Satur- 'day afternoon at Mrs. O. J. F. Vo- ,ii6lB. witii Mre. Georgei Carroll as -.siBSistant hostess. '•' 'i'ue R, B. Trainers, Fort Dodge, wensk-end visitors at the Mrs. Ackerrnan W. T. Train- Henry Thd/npson visited la--st w«*k *Ue hohie of his sistera, MM. C. B.lossotn, Jenuie Thompaon, and Mayine Hofius. The junior class play, Poor Hfttther, will l>e given at the- Belton* 'rtfce8.t#r Uiis Friday «v«nine'• Bather O-lgoji and Kath-erine. Man- iioe-nt the week-«n4 at the home .c* JSather's aister. Mra. R. «. Jolin. \ Mr. and tfra. Jeaa Pusan witer- 2* *t their torn* laat Thura- evening. Bridge waa played. 8in*ll baby of Air. ajid luw b«*m luite- The two small children of the Win. Buschs, who have been sick, ure somewhat better. Mr. Melvin Bourne, Algona, was entertained Saturday at the Dr. AV. T. Peters home. Din-wood Moore, lit. V«rnon, was u wwsk-end guest at the Paul Moore home. The Tuesday Afternoon bridge olub meets this week at Mrs. Marion Chipman's. Mrs. Erwin Schwietert spent the week-end with her parents at Lakota. Lura Bewick. Harris teacher, spent the weelf-end w ith her parents, the H. G. A. Sewicks. Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Graham attended the funeral of Hattie Simpson at Whittemore Sunday. Mrs. Louis Trainer, Kanawha, visited over Saturday night and Sunday at Mrs. Lillian Sheldon's. Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Heany visited Mr. Heany's parents at Klester, Minn., Sunday. The I. W. Hanaens were Sunday evening gueets at the Harry Puta home. W. P. Giddings, Wesley, came Friday for a visit at the home of bis daughter, Mro. Fred Ringadorf. Mrs. J. H. Graham went to Dea Moines Saturday to visit relatives. Tbe Wm. Larson family, visited Sunday at C, , H. NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE STATE OF IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY. S3. Notice Is hereby given that by virtue of a Special Execution directed to me from the Clerk of the District Court of Kossut.h county, Iowa, on a judgment rendered In eald Court on the 2nd day of December, ROAD: CONBTSR.UCTION BWXD ' ROAD MAINTENANCE FCTCD C & N. W. R'y Co., freight.. l.is C. & N. W. R'y Co,, freight .. M.'& ^i'tv of Alicoiia,. lisli't and KKASER, 1, U Pliysidan- anil SurgeonH Office In Qnlnfiy mag, Ito«1 Phone No. 12 MELVIN ft. BOtRKT I'liysfcfaif nn* SnrjMi Office In Poatoffice Blotk | Phones: Office, 197; resld 1)11. W. ». Osteopalhlc Pliysloluii and Eye, Ear, Nose, and Thrw X-ray Office over Hub Recreation 1 Phonos: Office, 1S7; residence,! H. A. EVAXS, M. D. ^ ObstrotlcK nnif Klpctrnlhn viz: Diathermy and Ultra Vtolet| Ovor Uorcliardt Drug St« Phones: Itcsidence 312, office j ' ATgona, Iowa. CHIIIOPRACTOR8 1)11. K. ,1. THISSES Palmer Graduate Chin Thirteen year's .successful Office over Stale's Caftij VETERINARY 13.50 30.00 3. GO 20.25 50.00 100.25 T,. W. FOX Veterinarian West State Street, AlgoniJ Phones: Office, 475-W,; j BUILDING COSTBAC COWAN * SOX~ General Contractors Estimates Fun Phones: Business, C39-J: MACHINISTS Iil.50 175.00 3.75 3UU.15. City of power serv 9.4 3.15 Henry Broeckholt, damages .. •lenry Broeckholt, damage und. additional' land' , .dward G. Hof, druKKlng ., ." Folia .Hanaelmau, patrol 127.00 Wm. Oi Lmtwig,. patrol , SC-00 Ed Fuchsen, patrol W.OO Lester Fuehsea, labor S2.IM Francis N. Rlbert, patrol .. .. '.K.OO Oscair Eltrlne, Jiutrol J25.CH Joe M. Baser, patrol 77.0C -Weir, patrol fllOO Joe Hiil'lerscheidt, patrol .. .. 73.50 S. D. McDonald, patrol 100.00 Clem- Goodman, patrol Sli.SO P, J. Fuchsen, labor 15.40 Jos. Bcstenlehuer, labor 71.75 Clyde Sunders, lubor (Ki.15 Gus Rtohter, labor 7U.30 J. H. Montgomery, imtrol .. .. !H.<10 Will Leeper, patrol ... Wilbur A. Fisher, patrol 100,00 Peter Movlck, patrol 79.20 John S. Nelson, patrol 94.45 Hans W. Nielsen, patrol .. .. S4.SO John Phillips, patrol XO.OO F. D. Prulsman, labor 73.50 Alton Pettlt, patrol 94.SO J. F. Qulnn, patrol 96.00 Motion by Morris ana seconuea.b a A . f,amoreux, patrol 125.00 McDonald that Heiken is hereby ap- Pea rly C, Iluynes, pntrol 87.&0 r\r»ftit»n a a t» nr\mr«iTTa*i fi-i TTitilrn fu_ . * . . * . r , «. ..- pointed as a committee to muke repairs on Dr. All. as per request. Ayes: Motion by Heiken and seconded by Morris that Funnemark be appointed as a committee to make repulrw on H-K Jt. No. 3-46 as per request. Ayes: All. On motion "Board proceeded to audit and allow bills as per "Schedule of Claims" hereinafter written: COUNTY FUN'D Chester Almu, patrol 77.3» Elmer Ewlng, patrol 105.75 •Emll Kraft, patrol 42.25 H. N. Kru.se, assign. 7.40 1931, in favor of Kossuth county, Donald Crahana, bounty $ 1.70 State of Iowa, as plaintiff, and against West Half of Southeast Quarter (WVs of SB%) of Section Thirty-Six (36), Township Ninety- Six (96), Range Thirty (30) West of the Fifth P. M., Koasuth county, Iowa, as defendants, for the sum of Five Thousand Four Hundred Ninety-Seven and 26/100 ($5497.26) Dollars and costs, taxed at One Hundred Eleven and 17/100 ($11.17) Dollars and accruing costs, I have levied upon the following described real property as the property of the said W. C. Pyle, as Receiver of the First National Bank, Burt, Iowa, Frank Murtha, 1>. A. Andrew. Receiver of the County Savings Bank, Algona, Iowa, Wm. McMahon and C. H. Rlg- gert to satisfy said execution, -towit: West Half of Southeast Quarter (W% of SE%) of Section Thirty- Six (36) Township Ninety-Six (96), Range Thirty (30) West of the Fifth P. M., Kossuth County. Iowa: and I will proceed to sell said property, or so much thereof as may be necessary to satisfy said execution, with costs and accruing cost* at public auction, to the highest Sid -Backus, supplies 44.32 Hugh Post, frt. and dray 2.50 City of Algona, light anil water service 115.20 Kenneth iFlsher, labor 32.25 Geo. Welg, labor M. li. Worby, labor S. 'F. Phillips, labor Derward Neitzel, labor Goodman HundsneHs, labor . Elmer Elllngson, labor , Ilildreth, labor G. W. 'Leeper, labor Ben Leeck, labor H. M, Hansen, labor Cunningham '& Lacy, bond .. 6.00 Northwestern 'Bell Tel. Co., ttl. service 55.85 Sid J. Backus, postage l.SSO F. J. Balgeman, com. and session .. ,.-..„ £04.41 W. B. McDonald, com. and session .. - , ... 1GS.SC Olaf OTunnemark, com. and session 17L63 Chas. Morris, com. and .seas. .. 191.23 P. J. Heiken, com. and sens... W7.ll 'Haggard i& (Backus, pub, proc. etcT :..... 375.35 Advance DPub. Co., pub. proe., etc 398.61 'Bancroft (Register, pub. proc., etc 391.69 J. A. McDonald, del. tax collector ... 48.46 Mary K. Sanda, labor ..» Sl.OO L. E. -Hovey, expense ......... Wm. Shirley, expense ... ... .. C. A. Samson, labor? »... 'Bertha E. Johnson, aclv. bty. & exp Brwln Henrlksen. bounty Bradford I. Bufflnstoiij bty... Edward Brandt, bty. ... •Laura Paine, expense 19.95 43.80 63.00 48.45 H5.SO 10.80 52.20 70.50 C5.40 38.68 Carl W. Uusch, labor 44.40 Walter Banwart, labor 10.80 Ed Baker, labor ... 48.00 W. F, McFarland, dragging .. 10,25 J. R. Craig, dragging 9.00 Simon iDlome, dragging 10.50 6S.T2 S1.40 10.<X ',W COSTS 85 CENTS TO PUT RHEUMATIC CRIPPLE BACKTOWORK AGAIN NOW JOYOUSLY HAPPY While all his family looked on In astonishment and all hia friends •were amazed,, one man took all the pain, swelling and agony from his tortured Joints in 48 hours and did it with that famous rheumatic prescription known to pharmacists as Allenru — you.«an do the same. bidder, for each in band, 9th aay of January, east door of the 1932, on at the the Court Houae Carl Johnson, sloner Ray B. Hall, sloner weed weed commis- coBJinis- Wm. Meyer, trustee njeeting.. W. F. Reiroers, trustee nittj... O. <?. Baas, trustee mtg ...... H. V. SchulU, trustee mtg. .. 15.4« 4.00 4,00 4.00 powerful yet safe remedy is positively guaranteed to do this— Its action |s almost magical. Just get one 85 cent bottle of Al- lenru fronj E, W. Lusby or any live druggist— take it as directed and if Ray B. tnwtee *9. 48 bowra your pains haven't all I "Well Dressed" with places to go AN the gaV '90s a chicken didn't go very far, no matter how good it was! The "marketing" of poultry was pretty much a local activity and a daily "cash market" was unheard of. One locality might have an acute shortage while another not far away might be watching it§ chickens grow old and stringy. There was no highway between supply and demand. / Swift & Company, thirty years ago, bent iti energies toward making a national market far poultry, butterfat and eggs. That national market exists now. Northeastern States consume each year 350 million pounds of poultry their own people do not produce. Eleven states in the Middle West sell 200 million surplus pounds annually outside their own borders. Two hundred thousand farm patron* tell poultry, butterfat and eggs for cash to Swift fc Company at more than 100 produce plants. In place of the one town market of spring wagon days, they have thousands of market!. Every one of approximately 400 branch houses, every one of 10,000 towns on refrigerator car routes is a potential outlet for every chicken dressed in a Swift plant. All dressed up and 10,400 places to go! Leased wires everywhere keep our executive* informedwhere produce markets are best. Supplies are humed to these points. Demand W enhance4 by advertising brands of high quality, Premium Milk-fed Chickens andGoldenWest Milk-fedFQWl among them. Service is cpmplete and charges for it are low. No other system returns a larger share of the consumer's dollar to the producer. Swift * Company profits for years have averaged less than one-half cent per pound pf projjuct sold. Swift & Company P/frW soimm Machinists and Service Stock on Piston Rings, Pins, and West of Courthouse PRODUCE SWIFT Cash Buyers Poultry, Eggs, and Matt LamutM Phone secure. Phone Insurance. City 107 W. State St. Algon»i H. W. Pray «u> d Distance Every l° ad ,, * hauling »" d get your ip), 4s syittiy with Neu- Swilt's Premium Fowl prsparwj by Ate^ ^Pi^P J^ff^^f MIME06W

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