Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 17, 1931 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 17, 1931
Page 4
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THF GREAT ATLANTIC n PACIFIC .TtACO. • Middle Weitcm Division Food Sale) Corn . 3s&,i25c GELATIN DESSERT Sparkle *«u PKO 5 C MAXWELL HOUSE ' , , Coffee . "30° Crisco . c^2O c 3-LB. CAN . S9c Grandmother's White Bread "OAF 5^ FLAKES OR ' LARGE 4 Or GRANULES ... . PKG. I y^ Ivory Soap 3 PKG. 2Qc 2a R K°El23 c Gold Medal Cake Flour PKG. 24 This is the time of year when we begin to plqn for holiday baking. This sale of Gold Medal Cake Flour comes just in time to ' make the cokes 'and cookies baked for Christmas the lightest and .richest possible. Fancy RIP •-J »».•?•• i; • Coffee Try Red Circle coffee for a rich, jll-bodied flavor that will give fou o delicious, satisfying cup. 22ib ftth three coffees, each having a distinctive flavor, kve cannot fail to suit your taste. All are equal in [quality—different in flavor—blended by A & P from [the finest coffee beans the world produces. Remem- »r, the coffee you like best is the best for you no [matter what it costs. •IGHT O CLOCK conu, MILD AND MELLOW Ib. O K A R COFKI, VIGOROUS AND WIHEY IE GREAT ATLANTIC & PACIFIC TEA COMPANY • Middle Wwtern Divlilon 29 1 Apples Potatoes pi<. 20c PEANUTS, fresh, 3 Ibs. 25c Oranges, New Naval 2 doz. 37c Head Lettuce, 2 for 15c Food is trie Ideal Cfiristmas Gift THE AJT1 The Advance especially calls the attention of its fenders to the Interview and statement relative to the campaign, by senator Geo. \V. Pattersdn which Is published elsewhere In this No one can speak with more Intelligence oh the Importance of the of -lieutenant governor ..than Senator Patterson. As one of the two early advocates of a state In come tax and a revision of Iowa's archaic tax laws, first as state re< 'presentatlve from Kossuth county ahd then as state senator, he has battled for ten years to make the tax Issue the paramount Issue before the people of the state. 'Though others, and we Include speaker of the House Francis Johnson as the second "early advocate" of the In come tax, have worked throughout these mnny years, Senator Patterson contributed more than any other single man to set the stage for Governor Dan W. Turner's entrance Into, the 1930 campaign and his Inevitable success with the Income tax, economy, and tax revision Issues. It Is no wonder that Senator Pat terson,''and his constituents In .north west Iowa, should be greatly con cerned to see 1932 roll around and realize that so little has been done In building the fences to prevent Governor Turner's regime ending without an Income tax on the sta tute books. Instead, we here in northern Iowa know too well that the fence'build ers are our opponents and the gov ernor's opponents, who are flooding the state with propaganda for a gen eral sales tax. We see that and what is more alarming, the only can dldate for lieutenant governor who can possibly carry even the slightest color of -being an admlstratlon candidate, Representative' Leonard Simmer, advocating a general sales tax. Candidate Simmer is in the field, unsolicited and uninvited by the Income tax forces of the state, the only practical result of which will be-.that, our forces, and the governor's forces, must'face the 1932 primary embarrassed, divided and whipped. That- .the incumbent lieutenant governor, using his appointive and parliamentary powers in the 44th general assembly, defeated the Income tax program can not be denied by anyone and has been so charged by the goveror in a radio broadcast shortly after the session closed. The knowledge of these facts makes Senator Patterson and all of us, who are close to the realities and know the history of the fight, jrealtze the necessity of having a lieutenant governor in 1933 who is definitely on our side and a change of enough faces in the senate to make tax revision .even probable. The issue of Iowa's tax laws loom large to the average voter and it is right and proper that this should be the case. The importance of the office of lieutenant governor is now known as it never was before in our history. The time for action is now and it is up to "the leaders in the income tax movement to settle on a 'candidate for lieutenant governor and to go through to victory with him in the primaries and election of 1932. W 3 , At the Call A Review of the Recent Talkies by T. H, C. ARE . APPROACHING THE first..anniversary of the found- ng of this column of caustic cinema comment—52 weeks Without ft tnlss vhloh ought to establish our reputation for persistency, If nothing etee. flegardless of how our clear readers feel about it, we have found this weekly, discussion of the new talkies vastly stimulating for our mental machinery. The editor of the Advance still speaks to us-when we meet him on the etreet and the manager of the Call has never had us forcibly ejected from the theater. Considering everything, -then except the readers, who have seldom • expressed an opinion, favorable or oth- jrwlse, we will continue the somewhat momentous task of appraising the weekly offerings of the, fourth largest Industry In our great country. name of Lawrence Olivier' who falls to register with us. A THE WRITER would appreciate _.n expression from , his • readers which might result In a greater Interest' in the colUmn—unfavorable comment would be especially welcome, since this Is probably what we WHV receive. Difference of -opinion Is always stimulating, and In this case it would be quite essential to a successful continuance of a crltlca review of movledom's latest offerings. Address your remarks either to the editor of the Advance or to the writer of the column. If you are sensitive do not bother to sign your letters as they will not be printed unless they have your signature and probably hot then. MEANWHItE we reserve the un- dteputed right to hammer, pan, tear apart and otherwise -mutilate anything that Manager Rice exhibits at the Call; also, to inject into the discussion any personal views and reac? tions that may come as a result of the viewing of the picture. In a word, this column Is a free-lance, catering to no particular class nor Individual, and seeking only that most elusive and Indefinable quality —truth. That we will never find it is, of course, a foregone conclusion but peasure comes ever in the search of the-.unattainable, the pot of gold at the rainbow's end. IS WOMAN is a gooey, goofy, glomeration of nautical, piffle, j starring the lean, lanky, raw-boned Gary Cooper and the luring, voluptuous Claudette Colbert. The man who conceived it must have suffered from a brainstorm; every jar of movie hokum in Hollywood must have been uncorked to supply the vicissitudes which take place in THE ONLY GOOD thing that may be said concerning Local Boy Mttkes^Oood Is that It Is the best thing Joe E. Brown has ever done; admirers of this goofy faced, big mouthed comedian. must have spent tt big night at the Call Thursday and Friday. We didn't stay x the show out, but we have an excellent Imagination and the pros; pectS'for Improvement in this wildly Improbable yarn, were not getting brighter very fast. v Taken from a stage success, The Poor Nut, which w« belleVe starred Taylor Holmes, the. talkie version follows the old pattern quite closely. The photography Is excellent while the sound Is poor. LIKE MOST COLLEGE pictures, the atmosphere of the campus Is entirely minus, while the so called coeds look more,like Florenz Zlegfleld chorus girls than students at'a university^ 'The blond'Dorothy Lee Is 'especially disappointing and speaks ;her lines In a halting and declam- erous ^stylei Ruth Hall : is, '.only slightly better, while being a little more natural In her actions. Manager Rice confides In us that his ON CHfllSTM AS E VE -. Ttfe-progrAw for the Sunday school, to be given CW««» mm* eve at 7:80 at the thureh, fol* tows: Instrumental mualc. Girls' choruB, Silent Night. ' Scripture reading, S. 8. claim. Prayer, Rev. J. U Coleina,rt.i . 4 The Giving Highway, Jlmmle EV- . _ Maddon, Jean .Murtegh. Duet, Annette and Brtnadlne Httn- ana eon. ' Recitation, Ardls Kresenpky • Song, Primary, room Christmas, Bockes, Kenneth and Joyce Song, congregation,- Joy to the Christmas Everywhere, Lee Turner, Christmas Songs, exercise by S. 8. class. ':••:• The Teddy Bears' Advice, four boye. Song, Dolly's Rock a Bye, primary pupils. < ' i • Boys' chorus, It, Came Upon the Midnight Clear. ". ? Reading, The Other Wise Man Atha Hardgrove. ' An' Offering' for'Near East' Missions will be received, after which a treat will be given to each member ager nice connaes in us mtu. 111= a,, nr inv school audiences were loud In their praise «* the Sunday school, H and "laughter over Local Boy Makes Good, which puts us "on the spot" again. There Is only one thing to do when you find yourself on the "spot", and we are doing this with all the grace at our command. ACADEMY TEAM DEFEATED. BY LIVERMORE CA6E STARS St. Cecelia's academy basketball team lost to Llvermore last Thurs-. day evening 42-22. The local second team won 8-1. The game was hard fought the first half, and the locals were in the lead 22-ilfi, but were ; unable to make a basket'in the second 'half. The team is the same as last year with the exception of Evan'Flnnell, who is ineligible. His place is taken by Kanouff. .. The 'team will play at Bancroft tomorrow evening, and' at Fort Dodge next Tuesday. Beg Your Pardon TITONKA WINS CLOSE CAGE GAME FROM LOCALS 16-14 The high school basketball team was defeated in the first game of the season by Titonka Friday evening, 14-12.. The game was close and at the half the score was tied 8-S. The locals have had but two weeks of practice since the close of the football season Thanksgiving day, and showed up well. Bob Williams was the outstanding player for the locals. The center and the running guards made good plays for Titonka. Available seats in the balcony were filled and it may be ne- cpssary in the future to place bleachers on the sidelines on the floor in order to handle the crowds. 'The next home game of the season is scheduled with Clarion tomorrow evening, and a good game is anticipated. Next week Wednesday the team will go to Cltar Lake. ALGONIAN'S FATHER DIES; BURIAL MADE IN ILLINOIS William Gay, father of Mrs. C. H. Williams, died at the Williams home Saturday evening. Short funeral services were rield Sunday afternoon at 3:30 at the home with an Episcopal minister from Emmetsburg in charge. After the services the body was taken to Streater, 111., for burial Tuesday. Mr. Gay was bom in England, May 29, 1853, and was 78 years old. He Is survived by Mrs. Williams, and a so'n at Streater, tjie old home. Mrs. Gay died six years ago, and Mr. Gay has made his home with Mrs. Williams and his son since. Mr. and Mrs. Williams went to Streater with the .body and were expected home yesterday. PASSING CAR CROWDS FOUR TON VAN OFF INTO DITCH A four-ton van, owned by the Meadows transfer company, was crowded off the road by a passing car seven miles south of Algona on primary road 169 early Friday morning. The truck was en route to Forest City with ten tons of goods. The driver escaped injury and little damage was done. The van was righted by tractors furnished by this weird travelogue of a homeless captain, a wayward girl, and the villainous first mate. Holy mackerel, what a picture! Viewed, from the standpoint of entertainment only His Woman might pass the grade, but to admirers of Gary Cooper and the lovely Claudette Colbert this vehicle is a sad disappointment. IMAGINE, if your imagination is especially keen today, a captain returning to his shin after a night in the beer gardens of some South American seaport to find a tiny baby crying In his launch; then try to picture his search for a mother to take care of this infant to whom he has suddenly (no one knows why) taken a powerful fancy; the lady of easy virtue, just as suddenly toe- comes virtuous, repulsing the advances of the leering first mate; the fight, man overboard, arrest in New York, the truth, that awful truth that slaps us in the face just at the moment when happiness nestles In the offing—the baby's opportune illness, reconciliation—ah, there's a picture which runs the gamut of en- tertalnrijent from A to Izzard. SOMEHOW we can't get over the notion that Gary Cooper is cut out for only two distinct roles—a carefree cowboy, riding the plains, or a soldier of fortune, making love to dark-eyed foreign beauties. As a sea- captain; he is just "not there." There isn't an Inch of good acting in the entire seven reels of His Woman's and Gary's crisp admonishments of "get goin'" and "oh, yeah," would sound better from the saddle of a bucking bronco than from the bridge of an ocean freighter. At that, everybody at the Call on Sunday afternoon seemed happy and contented with the ehow, and we are not the one to take the joy out of life. No, not much. In the Kent Motor Co., advertise^ ment last week periods were inserted in the prices by error. The prices were in dollars, instead of dollars and cents, as the 1 error made the advertisement read. Mr. Kent said he could 'have sold any number of cars at the prices listed. pved! Gift Problem ;. Simply «it oat And fill in 1 the IV. 4 PHOTO GIFT CERTIFICATE This certificate entitles the bearer— TO A 11.00- FORTH AH AT THE""" PETERSON STUDIO F ?£ whl ? h the un dersigned < Will settle on delivery-~ (Your Name) FOUR APPLICATIONS MADE FOR MARRIA6E LICENSES Four marriage applications were taken by Clack Orton, district court clerk, last week; They were made by George Swalve and Gesina Janssen, both of Kossuth, Dec. 8; A. J. Bukke and Helen Schuler, both of Blue Earth, Minn., Dec. 9; George M. Miller and Mrs. Mildred Hagg, both of Kossuth, Dec. HO; and Tar- bers James Stlltz, and Myrtle Mae Fitch, both of Kossuth, Dec. 12. Licenses w er e Issued to Earl R. Ogren, Lakota, arid Elizabeth Relt er, Bancroft, Dec. lO;>George'Swalve Tltonka, and Gestna Janssen, ; Lakota, Dec. 14; and A. J. Bukke and Helen Schuler, both of Blue Earth, Minn., Dec, 14. , . •*• Tax Body Meets. The Kossuth tax commission held another meeting last evening at the courthouse considering ways and means of reducing the tax burden In Kossuth.. J. L. Bonar is chairman, and E. J. Van Ness is secretary of the commission.. Other members are Ed Thaves, Lakota, G. W. Brown, George Godfrey, John Haggard, and D. E. Dewel, Algona, Peter Holt, Ottosen, John Cullen, Bancroft, Senator George Patterson, Burt, Representative A. H. Bonstetter, West Bend, and Jos. Jenks, Bancroft. SALE CLOSES Saturday, December 19* If you are going to buy those gifts it will n av well to come In and,pick them out on or before 19th, as all-special prices will be withdrawn at that! time. We have a wonderful assortment of beautiful as useful gifts, and at a saving of from 25 to ; cent, and for every member of the family. Come and look them over. For our Saturday Special ^e ; are going to offer 'a limited number of No. 8 Griswold Good Health Ished Cast Iron Skillets—a regular 95c value at45t Nelson Hardware PHONE 274 ALGONA, IOWA Call Theatre Algona, Iowa Trade and School Matinees 2:30 and 4:15 at 10-30c on Tuesday and Thursday. Saturday at 1:30-3:30. Christmas "and New Year's same as Sunday. Year's Special—Extra midnight show at 11:30. New Solve that Christmas Gift problem by giving the Advance for one year Chester R. Jewell M. Patterson and Schoby. Mrs, Geiirich Dies. Mrs. Hulda Genrich died last night at 9 o'clock at her home after only a day's Illness with heart trouble. She was 77 years old and Is survived by the following children; Mrs. Lour Ise Houck and Mrs. Mary Houck, both of Llvermore; John, of Milwaukee; Fred, Lone Rock; Edwavd and Mrs. Harry Nolle, Algona. Funeral services' will be held afc 1:30 from the l\ouee and 2 o'clock from the German Lutheran church. Acadeniy Closes Tomorrow. Academy high school classes will be dismissed tomorrow evening for the Christmas holidays. Public school students will not be dismissed till next week Wednesday evening. Both schools will resume classes Monday, January 4. , Public, eohooj student AI are hejd JE YELLOW TICKET is really the first talkie In which music has been successfully used to heighten dramatic action; without the stirring musical accompaniment, this would be merely a rather improbable story of Russian Intrigue under the Czar; with it, it becomes a fascinating, highly dramatic tit-bit for thoee who attend the movies for| entertainment. It has always been a contention of ours that music should be Introduced Into the scenes unconsciously, quietly, naturally. Well, we are wrong. In The Yellow Ticket it Introduces climaxes with a blare of the trumpet, almost unseating you. And4t Is most successful. If you are a music lover you probably enjoyed this talkie as much as anything that has come to the Call for some time. , IN CONTRAST to The Mad Genius (and It is quite natifral to compare these two pictures because they star the two Barryroores, Lionel and John) Lionel eeems content with only, his share of the film (he does not appear at all for at least two full reels) while John almost "hogs" his part in last week's picture. Again, Lionel acts much. more naturally and clothes his part with a realism entirely lacklngjn The Mad Genius; In fact, In theTTellow Ticket, the star's speeches seem almost extemporaneous. Of the plot, the less said the better; It la Improbable, much top Improbable, but the photography is so gorgeous that again we may overlook the shortcomings In this direction. BUT THE YELLOW TICKET la important for quite another reason, it seems to us, and that Is the Initial appearance of, a new screen actress, a, lovely, quietly ' emotional creature by the name of Ellssa Landl, who reminds us just a little of Ann Harding and seems almost certain to please movie audiences in the near future. Her acting is of the constrained quality—with always a bit of reserve; she ia beautiful and makes a pleasing Impression to first screen test. I&ay because of I of ben !» the Thursday and Friday, Dec. 17 ahd 18 Matinees Thursday at "2:30-4:15 at 10 and'30c. One of the special productions! HOWARD JONES, So. California coach JESSE HIBBS, JIM THORPE, RICHARD ARLEN, • PEGGY SHANNON, JACK OAKIE —in— "Touchdown" • The ail-American thrill classic, Saturday, December 19 1:30-3:30 matinees-^10-30c. Extra attraction at Saturday matinees, TOM TYLER SERIAL—"Battling With Buffalo Bill" EDMUND LOWE, LOIS MORAN, EL BRENDEL —in— "The Spider" How much thrill can you stand? There's magic in it. -: Sunday and Monday, Dec. 20 and 21 1:00-3:00 matinees, 10-35c; 5:00-7:00-9:00 o'clock shows, regular admission. Great Attractions . ' TALLULAH BANKUEAD IRVING FICHEL (Brilliant district attorney of An American Tragedy) Tuesday and Wednesday, Dec. 22-23 Tuesday matinees 2:30 and 4:15 at 10 and 30 cents,] CHESTER MORRIS in "CORSAIR" New York's fast and social sets for background.,! Big time adventure. Liberty Magazine story of a col4 lege bred American who played pirate in flannels, Hijacking outside the 5-mile limit with his gi ship "Corsair." Thursday, December 24, Christmas 2:30-4:15 matinees, 10-30c. EDDIE QUII.LAN ROBERT GINGER ROGERS "THE TIP OFF" He breaks hearts whjle he fixes radios-Young Mr; Fix-It, m^m^m Friday, December 25, Christmas 1:00 and 3:00 o'clock matinees at 10 and 35 ceut«jj| 5-7-941 at regular prices. We are building the big entertainment of 1931 a|| our Christmas attraction, MUSIC! COMEDY! THRILLS! ACTION! A BIG 4-WAY SHOW 1. RUDY SEIDOFT AJfD HIS BASD in -DARN TQQTIN'" ?. RUDY VALLEE in ft musical act "KITTY FROM KANSAS CIT Y > i i 8, BING CROSBY in * . ' * "I SURRENDER PEAR' 4. IT'S A BIG ONE A» "The Cheat" ag Stella pajlas. She was brandeft Smashing entert#Jnwe»i. Ypi can 50 wiles to see this one. dfJT|| p J Remember, w« will five yP u ter n COJtt

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