Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 10, 1931 · Page 15
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 10, 1931
Page 15
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(PER 10, 1931. RE- .Pflewlow <;&Ai> ILUV DE INE WINS iAM GUPS TWO MEETS K05SUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA. IOWA Sgg-Pressed* in r»Ar^wi '~ w^ltf vfcnM JM» Rheu* r, er(y and Joint. .. At all druggists. LU Verne, Deo. 8—Lu Verne was | the winner of the two cups awarded In the Junior high declamatory contest at Lu Verne and Tltonka last week Tuesday night. At both places the local contestants were awarded three firsts and a second, The winners at Lu Verne were onv torlcal, Billy Chapman; dramatic. Marie Scrlbner; and humorous, Earlc Hanselman, firsts, and Betty Mas torson, second. At Tltonka the winners were oratorical, Edward Llnde- bak; dramatic, ,Teanett c Henderson; humorous, Evon Llchty, firsts; and Bobby Smith, second. Much credit is due their coach, Mrs. Opal Mor rlson, and their teacher, Irene Swenson, Tltonka and Wesley were the other schools represented. | Cluv Studies Ne w York City- New York City was the topic foi I study at the meeting of the Pro |2HEB PWP^MUMSHNFSR S reBslv % Woman's' club at the home M.K CHltf—SMJGGIBHNKHB of ^trs. j. M. Christenson Friday 1 Mrs. Irvin Chapman told of the j geography of New York City, and | Mrs. Harold Phillips gave a 'talk on I the ways of transportation. Various I places-of Interest In the city were mentioned and described by the dif- 'ferent members of the club, after which a general discussion on llv- ] Ing in a city as opposed to living NEW OFFICERS ARE NAMED FOR EASTERNER LODGE Election of Eastern Star officers was held last week Tuesday even- Ing. Now officers are: Worthy matron, Mrs. Hazel Uisby, worthy patron, Frank Thorpe; associate matron, Mrs. Minnie Long; associate patron, ,1. A. Brownell; conductress, Mrs. I,eora St. .lohh; associate conductress, Mrs. Violet Benschotcr; secretary, Mrs. Alice Hutchlna; treasurer, Mrs. Elizabeth Bowen; member of temple committee, Mrs. Maude Free. Mrs. Hutchlns and Mrs. Bowen were reelected. ONE WOMAN LOST C 20 POUNDS OF FAT un>eI "" »— Physical Vigor- Salmon Driven From River One of the most valuable or freshwater fish Is the salmon, which breeds in rivers and makes most of Its immensely rapid growth In the sea. Less than a century ngo the Thames produced tons upon tons of salmon annually, but pollution from London has made It Impossible for fish to ascend for breeding purposes. Not one has been caught in the river for more than fifty years. LEAK IN MAIN EMPTIES UVERMORmVATER TANK W. F.^ Miller's Interesting Livermore Gazette reports the failure of the Llvermore water supply last week as follows: Our town water tank ran empty o vo r Sunday, and when the trustful housewife attempted to turn on the water Monday and prepared to wash dad's I shirt and the kids' undies, the pipes gave forth a sickly gurgle as If laughing at her efforts. Also some conjured up Imaginary terrors of possible happenings in case of a fire alarm. Th e trouble was soon remedied, however, and the water gushed into the pipes in an astonishing Council Minutes Algona, Iowa, November 27, 1931 —City council met in regular session on this day at the city hall, and among other things allowed the following bills: J. W. Kelly, salary $ 165.00 Leo Bellock, salary 150.00 Walter Gorman, salary 135.00 Tom Halpln, salary 135.00 C. C. Wright, salary 85.00 nay Barton, salary 130.00 H. E. Stephenson, salary.. 130.00 Adah Carlson, salary 145.00 Westlnghouse Electric Supply Co., mdse. 402.59 Iowa Machinery & Supply Co., mdse. _ a r e fat— first remove the I i'one 1 halC teaspoonful SALTS In a glass every ' morning—In on the scales and of I of 3 note oounds of fat have van- In a small town followed. Charlene • Christenson p'.ayed a violin solo, acid. Also that you have gained companled by Mrs. Wm. Baddeley. ' v—your skin Is clearer— Refreshments were served. Instead .el younger In body— of the customary Christmas party, HEN will give any fat per- the club plans an evening of enter- us surprise. tainment before Christmas with two m°85c bottle of KRUSCHEN one-act plays, music, etc., the pro from B. W. Lusby or any ceeds to be used for local welfare ! druggist anywhere In Amer- work. 4 weeks). If this first 1 English Lawyeri' Guild Lincoln Inn, in London, is one of the four great guilds or societies of lawyers In ICnglnnd known as "inns of court," which enjoy the exclusive power of calling persons to the bar. It derives its name from the fact that the groups of buildings in London occupied by It belonged to the earl of Lincoln in the reign of Edward II. It became nn inn of court soon after his death, in 1310. doesn't convince you this Is o t— your How Much Would You Pay to Be Bid 1 Rheumatic Pains in 48 Hours? jro'uld You Pay Ten Dollars! uld You Pay 85 Cents fell: Here's a chance for you to y once more—to do your work [rtully without one . twinge of [ere's a positive guarantee that [rheumatism sufferer can afford up—you can be free from sing rheumatism—and keep | from it. . [it one 85 cent bottle of Allenru ] E. W. Lusby or any progres- [ druggist with the positive and ict understanding that your i and torture will all be gone in urs or money back. I when pains are gone — keep oh taking Allenru 'till every 'harmful" uric 'acia' is out "of r body—Happiness comes with (wonderful prescription,— thou- know it—you ought to know SEND IT TO THE LU1NDRY Lutheran Aid Names Officers— The Lutheran Aid held Its regular icetlng in the church base- last Thursday with Mrs. John Behnkendorf hostess. There was a business meeting, and the following officers were elected: President, Mrs. George Hanselman; vice president, Mrs. Charles Wolf; secretary, Mrs. Gottlieb Hanselman; treasurer, Mrs. Wittenberg. Plans for the year were discussed, and a social afternoon was spent. Refreshments were served. Blame Put on Rati A number of German explorers who have just returned to Capetown from the Ngami lake district In Africa report that Lake N 7 giiml was formerly a deep lake 20 miles long and 10 miles wide. Today It is very shallow and almost dry, because, according to the natives, rats had stopped a number of rivers from (lowing Irito it. manner, with startling air explo-1 Southern States Equipment «lons in advance of the water rush. The fault was found in the south- •ast part of town, where an ancient ivater hydrant had gone bump, al- owing a flow of 'water to escape underground, emptying the tank. HALF OF BUTCHERED HOG | STOLEN BY LEDYARD DOG Leclyard, Dec, 8 — Sunday morning the Ralph Olsons were surprised to find that nearly half a hog of butchered meat that they bad put in a. barrel beside' the house and which was covered with a tub. hud been carried away. Mr. Olson tracked the culprit, and found it to be. a. dog. He found one largt ham partly covered with cornstalks. Evidently the, thief became tired and intended to come back after it later. Co., mdse. Grapho-Metal Packing Co., mdse. , Star Brass Mfg. Co., rndse.- Electric Supply Co., mdse. _ Pep Mfg. Co., mdse. Terry-Durln Co., mdse. General Electric Supply Corp., mdse. Fulton Iron Works Co., • mdse. '. Standard Oil Co., mdse. W. H. Horan Electrical Co., 2.19 17.03 Chan Dailey, labor 19.80 Earl Bowman et al, labor.. 197.05 S. J. Backus, P. M., envelope adv. 33.16 Cresco-Unlon Elec, Co., West sign 7.D7 Fred Baumgartner et al, refund deposit 10.00 Ry. Exp. Agency, express. 16.91 H. W. Post, frt. and dray... 11.81 Geo. M. Bechtel & Co., coupons 78 94 A. H. Borchardt, mdee. 3.90 Matt Parrott & Sons Co., mdse. 8.29 Western Union Tel. Co., service .60 N. W. Bell Tel. Co., service 15.20 F. S. Norton & Son. mdse. 122.80 WATER FUND .1. W. Kelly, salary 4.53 26.50 64.39 3.44 43.55 75.00 Frank Ostrum, salary 130.00 O. E. \tcheson, salary 125.00 Laura Mitchell, salary ..... 110.00 Crane Co., mdete. ; 15.00 A. D. Cook, mdse. 256.90 team -.^—.*. 21.70 Frank Skllllng, street labor 33.25 LoUls Hagg, street labor 33.25 George Gunder, street labor 40.60 Kohlhaas Hdw., mdse. -. Skelly Oil Co., gas and oil— H. W. Post, frt. and dray- Fred Baumgartner, gravel- Thos. Akre, rent Jesse Umbenhovfer,, care of dump Kohlhaas mdse. Kent Motor Co., labor mdse. —: Tire Service Co., mdse. — Standard Oil Co., gas and oil Standard Oil Co., mdse. — F. S. Norton & Son, mdse.- N. W. .Bell Tel. Co., mdse.. Bros. Garage, and 9.68 1.16 .11.63 10.80 15.00 6.00 11.26 7.19 12.35 8.56 36.11 67.57 6.85 18.47 SEWER FUND J. W. Kelly, salary ...—* (6.61 Fred Hagge, labor 12.11 Botsford Lumber Co., mdse. 8.5ft A. E, Michel, engineering 73.61 F. S. Norton & So", mdse.- 32.00 SWIMMING POO1, FOND Kohlhaas Hdw., mdse. F. S. Norton & Son, • mdse.- FIRE FUND C. C. Wright, salary Skelly Oil Co., gas and oil. H. W. Post, frt. and dray— AlgOna Fire Co., 3 flres___ IMPROVEMENT FUND H. N, Kruee, Co. Treas., tax on Geo. Call park .Oskaloosa Natl. Bk, bond and coupons ,-j 1078.75 C. F. SPECHT, Mayor. Attest: ADAH CARLSON, City Clerk. 19.44 69.10 73.48 11.06 240.00 3.59 155.73 57.50 mdse. Botsford Lumber Co., mdse. Kennedy & "Parsons Co., mdse. Security Petroleum Co., dte- tillate C. M. & St. P. & P. n'y, frt. on dlst. , W. H. Horan Elec. Co., mdse. j Skelly Oil Co., gas and oil.. Wigman Co., rndse. Leighton Supply Co., mdse. Dayton-Dowd Co., mdso. — Kohlhaas Hdw., rndse. j LainK & Muckey, mdse.--.- 3.95 i H. W. Post, frt. and dray- Karl Bowman et al, labor. 273.24 F. S. Norton & Son, mdse- 4.65 i GENERAL FUND "Frank Green, salary _. 125.00 i 32.16 Frank Green, collecting poll 34.10 tax Frank Green, killing dogs. 6.12 H. A. Van Alstyne, salary. .Ies.se Lashbrook, salary — 253.75 Jesse Lashbrook, advance— Elliott Kkllllng. man and 587.77 team Elliott Skilling, man and 24.00 team 16.82 i Willard Gregson, man and 34.85 3.50 125.00 j (19.20 | 35.00 I 65.10 11.20 Advance Pub. Co., printing. Dropi of Water Heard Afar By means of a new sound-on-fllm system, Invented by a famous Hungarian scientist, drops of water from a spoon are audible for a considerable distance. It Is claimed that the tonal quality produced by the system is practically perfect and that all ground and other ex< traneous noises are eliminated. floiible-Hcailers Arc Divided— The Lu Verne basketball squads opened the season at Lu Verne Friday night and divided a double header with Wesley and Corwith. The girls lost to Wesley, 27-18, but the boys won 43-19. The seventh and eighth grade boys lost a hard fought game to Corwith, 5-0. The high school teams go to Bode this Friday for a double-header. Gilmore City comes here December 15. Personal Morality A great many people waste time talking about codes, standards am scruples, when In reality they mean inhibitions, instincts and de sires. The finest excuse for per sonal morality is that in the en< It justifies itself through Increased satisfaction with living.—Lee Car penter. For Service JHEN you give your laundry work to us you know at it is coming back to you i the prescribed day immaculately clean. It's Insurance alnst the disappointing wash oman and other possible dis- Ivrbances with routine. Phone 867 IRSGH LAUNDRY : Christmas Vlnys Planned— Instead-of holding the customary Christmas party the Progressive Woman's club will give an entertainment December 21 at the school gymnasium, the proceeds of which will go to the local welfare'Commit- tee. Two plays. Meet the Countess, and The Christmas Party, with other special numbers will make up the' program. Admission will be 20 and 25 cents. Aid Bazaar Clears $125— The Presbyterian Aid held a very successful bazaar at the city hall Saturday, clearing $125. Fancy work and baked goods sold well, and the fish pond and white elephant booths furnished entertainment and profit. The supper was well attended and there was plenty to eat. The women are grateful for aid in the project. Grades to Give Program- Pupils of the first and second grades are giving a program of drills, songs, dances, and a couple of plays at the school gymnasium next week Thursday. Bach child in the two grades is taking some part in the program. An admission fee of lOc will be charged. Just-for-Fun Club Meets- Mr, and Mrs. Lloyd Zentner enter, ta'ned the Just-for-Fun club at their home last week Monday « venl "f; Otto Ramus and Mrs. Arthur Leg. ler won high score Paying Rook. Other games were also played and lunch was served. Other Lu V^rne News. Mrs Samuel Steussy and Mr. ana Mrs. George Hanselman and son Earl epent Saturday and Sunday at Ed Steussy's at MAnkato. On their way home they went to, BuMato Center and visited the Jack Gill ses. The A. J. Easons last week enter- Mary Slakeweer, of or- Ingenioui Robbefri Robbers who stole a marbl statue of the' Virgin, made In th Fourteenth century, from a churc at Ursel, near 'Soissons, France left in Its place a copy in plaste and the theft was not dlscovere for several days. Britain Chief Rice Producer More than half the total -world production of rice is grown in the British empire, which also supplies 87 per cent of the world's rubber, 53 per cent of Its cattle and 51 per cent of Its sheep.—London Answers. Emulation Many brave young minds have oftentimes, through hearing the praises and famous eulogies of worthy men, been stirred up to affect the like commendations, and so strike to the like deserts.— Spenser. Weighted Silk Material Silks are weighted -by the addition of solutions 'of tin or iron salts. They make the silk seem heavier, with more body. However, they decrease the wearing quality of the silk. OPP. Courthouse, ange City; Ernest Eason, of-Alton; OLIDAY [Fares Slashed id the Chrfctma*- Year ieaion with folktjbaelc home Extra kow Round Trip tained Mrs. ange City; P. Andrlnga and son Garret, of Hol- J- Easons moved tot meet week will next moved into th Easons. The Good Will cjub SMS °Mrs R =s Stripling is a tn t Mtr n \nd Mrs George Thompson, of L*dyard visited g the Ed Mason home at Iowa City ^Perer 6 Thompson has been quite ill at his home with flu vA P neu ' ^Mrs! Lloyd Zentner and Donna May vlsltd at Otho last week. "rthodo* Greek ChursV Greek Orthodox churches do Ancient Family Tree In the family of tlie Lovells of Minster Lovell, Oxfordshire, England, 27 generations can be traced from Robert d'lvrl, who died nbout 1080, to their present representative. Aacient Child Labor Children were often employed In the mines of Rome and other ancient nations, because they could squeeze through tunnels to drag out the heavy sacks of ore. \ Record Price The highest price ever paid at a public sale for a painting DV . , a ? American artist was $29,000, wnicn Samuel Waldo's portrait of Andrew Jackson brought. Merely Stopping PUce A port of call is an intermediate port at which ft Teasel puts in for discharging or taking on ca passengers, en route for her destination. Araericaniim Visiting the zoo and amusing ourselves by watching the mon- ,. visiting celebrities for much same purpose.—Exchange. no ons on noafl. trails 6» t Will tQ todepenqent churches. ha* existe4 Th« On. Sur« Wrecks happen so quickly that voaS be sure of anything «S that the man's accident policy lapsed a week ago. Those Who Are Vwful ,. No one is useless in the worW who lightens the burdens of tt tor anypne else.^Cbarles Dickens. jrwfvsssMi U Sajie; "tiw 8P«»*>* *"* The largest in the Wrld Is not In gouth America— Buenos Alre* A "shibboleth" Is » test wor. Tbl worfl is Bebrew, meanlnj; *u» * ar O f corn or » stream. goe» back to war between Athens an* the Ftfth MCentury Giv.*>row Tht \ *iV.-*N&'7*'M'; of* ANSWER RADIO...The Most Appreciated of Gifts For unequalled performance—the superheterodyne circuit stands alone. For beauty of cabinet design— outstanding features—and low price, Coronado radios ' lead the field. This set includes .Pentode and Mu Tubes —full vision dial and To Your Christmas spotlight richly matched Walnut Cabinet WAFFLE IRON Automatic heat indicator- large size—cast aluminum grids—drip catcher. Complete with cord. $5.95 Waffle cator.i Iron without indi- $4.9$ A Lasting Gift lor the Whole Family Can you think of anything that will be remembered longer—used longer or appreciated more than a fine radio. This beautiful Console radio will make the finest of gifts. Rich, carefully matched woods are combined in delicate harmony and good taste. The super-heterodyne chassis includes the Pentode and Mu tubes. A rare' combination of cabinet craftsmanship and unequalled radio performance at an excep- ,. tionally pleasing price.. AUTOMATIC IRON Guaranteed for a lifetime. Automatic, heat resulator switch—lip back rest—colored handles — chromium plated. Full 6 Ib. size Our shipment of Christmas Merchandise reached our store room roof... and when we opened the cases... it took our breath away. Gifts from all over the world ... toys from Japan...China...Germany... France. Unusual and useful gifts . . . for men, women and children ... an array that will make your eyes open in genuine wonder. Shop at your Gamble Store for the whole family. Guaranteed 6 electric iron $1.00 Electric percolator, 4 cup Me TOASTER Turn-O-Toaster. Two flic*. Drop handle and toast turns., Nichrome Mica element. Colored handle! tt side. With cord $2.69 Nickel pitted toaster. Electric Corn Popper, -tec .ftc GIFTS FOR MEN Golf Clubs $1.tSto$t.OO If c to If c WOOL ROMS B**y*M pltid Mttem IIMVV wool robt $4.98 AUTO M»d« by N«w Clock Co. H»v» Golf Balls GolfBi9« $1.7f to $|.fl Hunting Coats $l.f I to «.!.»! Fishing Rods $1,|J to $4.fi Fishing Reels South Bend .it.* $4.f I Shakespeare.... Ii4t *""' $4.71 ..SMI Car Hewers $1.|fto$10,W ?? Rifles Single Shot' • • • • "4.11 Repeater.. •. •.. f»ff Shot Guns Single Barrel..,.ST,»I Doubleearre!-..H.M Stevens Browning RepeaUr $|f ,f S T«y« or Shejj Bow 9 Tf« to $131 30 dour meycmep)* »bov* wlnoiWf Id $1.6$ Arms, legs and head movable. Has blue closing eye*. Cries like a baby—organdy dress and bonnet. 16 high. 98c P«tsyTypeDoll,14in.Mc Laundry Set... ftc Sweeping Set ..ftc Rocking Chair 8fc /\ STEERING SLID Strong and durable. Crucible steel runners. Selected white ash top, 32 inches long. 98c 40mchSI«d,......$1.*t Child's Snow Shovel..lie Racing Car, 13 inch. • ,4tc SKATKS « weight one piece bular hockie* on line quality rc-infcrccd grain '^ther shoes. Soft toe, SUe .to 11. Light tubu ,75 Tubulet Hockies with H«rd To* Shoe, Sixes 4 to -1 ' ,>'X 4 Si GAMBLE STORES

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