Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 10, 1931 · Page 14
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 10, 1931
Page 14
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RAVINGS IT* A nttte of tta* «f anything PAPERS Printed Last Week circulation by for In Koisath. Volume 31 ALGONA, IOWA; DECEMBER 10, 1931 ND NOW we dig In pocket Airplane Hoax Recalled musty nook in search for sundry picayune we've hoarded since (.ho first of June. ' For we must needs buy Christmas RJft and pierce the gloom with fltinny rift, rrfust happy mako some, longing soul by giving of our shrinking dole. With shattered nerve, and «leeplcri.-> night we gamely follow up (he Eight, we plan and figure through tho day, Intent on sticking with the fray. 'The wise men three on star lit trail could never,'-vision Christmas mall; and when they sang "Good will to men" there was no Christmas buying- then. They little guessed the world would see a Christmas willed to you »,nd me, sans humble, lowly manger lore and in its place the shop and store. Where you and I may barter then, tho while tho both of us pretend that we arc filled with Christmas joy and spend our dough for gift and toy. Tho spirit oC the present age Is far removed from bible's page •when holy men bent aging %nee to Him who died that wo be free. And though we celebrate His fcirth with song and joy throughout the earth, how easily we pass it by in trading gifts both you and I. We Rive a nickel to the poor and sing a hymn at shut-in's door, we. feed and fill our inner self then put the bible on the shelf. "I'll buy for you, you buy for me," wo vie with others, yes with glee, our "credit stretched on Christmas day and later ' wonder how we'll pay. Wo give to cousin, uncle, aunt, we. aro no whit of hesitant, we stretch our credit and our purse, advancing years but make it worse. And r;o we «uffer sleepless nights, wo bravely try to win the fight. "What will I get, what shall r give? And though I buy I needs must live. A dollar here, a dollar there, a gift, oh heck, none do me spare." "You give to me, T'll give to you" and thus it is tho Vuletide through. ' was tne . plan. o—o happened. A FA.UMRR in Story county Harvested 80 "acres of pop corn this year. Tie disposed of the greater portion to eastern and southern firms, one carload going to St. Petersburg, Fla. The freight on that corn war; nearly $800, by the way. This farmer had sold pop corn to a Waterloo firm for years up to this year. When he questioned the Waterloo firm as to the reason for turn- Ing him down he was informed that they hnd contracted with a St. Petersburg firm this year and that they •were, -buying there, believing they •were getting a bolter corn. UPO'N INVESTIGATION It was discovered that tlie Waterloo people bought <!ie Story •county fanner's pop corn as usual, flirt U Iiail l>e<'ii shipped to St, 1'atcrslMiri? and hack again, which Rave the St. Petersburg' firm a profit, the. railroads u profit »nil jet solil It for the same nionoy which they had sold Uio same corn a year ago. Hero soems to I>P a problem In high finance. IHd the Waterloo pcopla sell at a less margin of profit- Freight two ways was mldcv! to each pound of corn over and Above what the farmer sold It for. You figure out how It'a done. I can't, o—o CfTV of certainties is being found out and is being cleaned out. Seems that our capital city is» Wicked like- other big cities and now the enforcing executives have fouiu it out mid gamblers and bootlegger.-, WHITTEMORE IS DUPED BY RAINOF KEYS An airplane hoax worked on Whittemore citizens of many years ago was reprinted In Seth B. Calry's Whittemore Champion last wock. The story, as it was developed through different newspapers, and as given by Mr. Cairy, follows: An incident of Whittemore life of thirty or more years ago will doubtlessly be recalled by some of our older citizens. Some weeks ago the Des Moines Register carried a story telling of the airplane hoax that was worked on the unsuspecting people of the city of Waterloo by a newspaper writer some thirty-five years ago. 'That the story of that time had some effect on Whittemore, was not recalled until the following appeared in the Eye Observing column, written by W. Karl Hall, in the Mason City Globe-Gazette: I wonder if anybody in Mason City has on his key ring a key with more interesting history than one acquired by Will Wilcox about 35 years ago. It was in Whittemore that he came in possession of it when he was stationed there in charge of a cream station, or something of the Sivea City Defeated In Big Charity Game won won Swea City, Dec. 8 — The Swea City Cardinals lost at St. Peter. Minn., to Oustavus Adolphus col- lego 32-2G. About thirty fans went to St. Peter with thp team. Tne game was to be hroadciist from the Iowa Tlwater, but because of sonic flaw in the hook-up wus not a success. The hearers being barely able to keep track of the score. The high school teams playyd Ixjdyard there Friday. Swca's first team lfl-10, and the second tenm 22-10. The Cardlnals^will play Onelda Mohloan Indians this week Tues. day ovening- at Ledyai-d. The high school will play Armstrong here next week Friday. Hating Is Taught— Tho 'Swfa City superintendent and teachers are condur.tlnK a health crusade in the public schools. 3?u- pils from the country are in the habit of eating lunt-h in a few minutes, perhaps eating only the cake or pie. Now the pupils, after washing their hands, must eat under the supervision »f a teacher, taking 20 minutes. The fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth grades e«t theh lunchos in the dining room. The first three grades stay in their sort. > r ew Stories Give Ideas. The newspapers had been filled with fantastic stories about a mysterious airship. This was about four j-ear.s before the Wright succeeded in lifting their airplane from the ground at Kittyhawk. This story about a transcontinental flight caught everybody's imagination— oven the town shoemaker at Whittemore. This shoemaker had received a large consignment of keys to be handed to customers as a stunt to get them into his establishment. The one with the right key was to get the contents of a treasure box. That But here's what . This shoemaker conceived the idea of spreading these keys about town, in trees, on roofs, and on sidewalks. His story was to be—and was—that the keys had been dropped from a great height on to Whittemore by this mysterious airship. That was the story and for a surprisingly long time Whittemore believed that's where the rain of keys came from. rooms under the supervision of theh teacher and the high school pupils in the assembly room. A. new rule bars town .children froui the building before S:30 a. nt. or 12:45 p. m. unless by special permission. Red Cross Drive Sncwssful— Fifty-one Ked Cross members wero secured in Swea City in a canvass hero last week. A total of $13 waa collected in smaller sums, and $H7.03 will remain here. The remainder tjoe.s to tho national Red CroH». R. A. TIaglund represented the Legion, Mrs. t'. W. Larson the Thursday club, and Mrs, L. A. ITaglund the Auxiliary in the canvass. Berniee Smith, Dorothy Cliristianson, Ttiel- ma. Fries t. Hazel McGregor, Lucille Berg, Loin* James-, Dorene Linde- aral Luella jenson made a house-to- house canvass. county tournament at Lakota; Mar. 4. Sectional tournament. Second Session Draws 90— The second session of the evenirig school wus held last Thursday evening, having been postponed from Monday. Ninety people, 34 women and. 56 men, -were present. MR. Sweany gave an interesting lesson on soil,, lullowe.d by a discussion by the men. The women had their second" lesson on color. Following the lessons" coffee and sandwiches were served. ' • Aid Ilaxaur Clears $200— The Methodist Aid held its annual Christmas bazaar Saturday. Three fancy work booths, a candy and bake booth, and a Christmas tree booth wre beautifully decorated in Christmas colors. Both dinner and supper were served, and almost $200 cleared. Choir Sings at Fairmont— The Immanuel Lutheran church choir sank at the dedicatory services of the new Grace Lutheran church in Fairmont Sunday afternoon. The choir Is composed of 30 voices, and is directed by A. B. Tweeten. OTHER SWEA CITY. • The Swea City merchants asso : elation meets this week Monday evening to plan for the usual .Christ: mas treat for the children and the community tree and street decorations. Ted Severwon, who was operated on for appendicitis at the home of his parents, the Simon Seversons, is making gradual improveme-nt. The Harry Edwards, Algona, were Sunday visitors at the CTiarles Edwards home here. Ill VERNE GIRLS SURPRISE PARTY FOR 4-H LEADER A surprise party for Mr«. Robert Maaterson, leader of the Lu Verne Loyal Laborers club, was given by 62 club friends at the Lu Verne iial November 21. The program follows; Song, Greeting; reading, The Four 'Leaf Clover, Frances , Hansen ; dialog, The Mothers' club. Doris Gen- rlch, Vlrgie Hardcopf, ' , Sanford and'RUth ' Genevleve spng, Club WELL MAKE YOU A IYER/ SUCCESSFUL 1 SANTA! i.. iff. I,, . U. K. Ridge drove to Omaha, last week on business. Carries Key !!» Years. The key which Will Wilcox has carried on his key ring these 3f> years was one of the keys from that amusing hoax in Kossuth county. The Champion wrote Mr. Hall, asking for more information relative to the rain, of keys in Whittemore and he kindly turned our letter over to W. S. Wilcox, who writes as follows: Your letter to Earl Hall relative to the Whittemore key episode bus >een referred to me. I had practically forgotton it until I read the article In the IJes Moines Sunday Register of Novem her 15th of the hoax that was per- pretuted upon the public at that Lime by the author of tbis piece. I then remembered the key which I was carrying on my key ring am remembered that the incident and my key ring had some connection The story of the key is this: It was one morning in 1SU7 that I dropped off at Whittemore. where we were operating a. branch produce house. The residents of the town were quite excited because of their finding keys scattered over . .... Wins Declam Cap— Swea City was represented In tho declam:*ory eighth grade contests at Grant by Frances Torine in oratorical, who received second, Doris .lames, dramatic, who* placed fourth, Dorothy Krickson, humorous-, who placed "third. In the'contest here Swea was represented in oratorical by Robert JLeland, wTio placed sec ond, Lucille Kvans, dramatic, sec LITTLE NINE B, B. OFFICIALS HOLD MEETAUUVERNE Lvr Verne, Dec. 8— A three-course dinner was served Monday evening to the stroermtend'ents, coaches, and captains, of the boys' basketball teams of the Little Nine association in tlie agriculture classroom of the Work, by 'ttie club; dfclog, enjoylni the telephone, Barnadell Ristau and Eileen Neal; reading Be a Booster Marvel Davidson; dialog, Getting Ready for a Visit, Frances Hansen Bernadell Ristau and Etele Hunt reading, Sister's Best Feller, Viva Rfstau; reading, A Bit of Real Estate, Betty Masterson; talk, Cordelia Rfstau. Following the program Cordelia Ristau, speaking for the club and friends of the club, presented Mrs. Masterson a leather purse In recognition of her helpfulness to 4-H club' work. Group games were enjoyed By everyone and later on a twcMOTnrse luncheon was served. Guests were the club girls, their parents; 4'-H cftrb boys, the H. D. A., and Mrs: Master-son. Cordelia Ristau, th«- cratr reporter, gives the following successes- of the club: Our cMr made enough money to send Mrs: Mastereon and a delegate to the etate 1 eonventton. The county president, Cora Masterson, is- from- our clttb>. At 4-H ralTy our clnb- was 100 per cent present. At Achievement day Cordelia Ristau was high- scoring- Individual in the judging- contest.. At the state- fair Cordelia Ristau took first on- Her dress. At the county fair Cora Masterson placed second' in tire- style show. Our demonstration., team Roberta Masterson and' Elsie Hirn£ placed third at the county fa-ir. .i; Elsie Hunt's drear placed third at the county fair: Cordelia Ristau's- record book won first at the county fair: The county queen, r .CprdeHa Ristau, is from our- clufr.. Cordelia Ristau wrote trp a one- year record for the state. "I know the club' wouTa* never have won these- honors- if they -•/• -f*j\ fr '''/ '/ * Another big truck shipment of Ihring room suites arrivhifr ifaeet from the factory today. New low prices an* «ar«eptfo«wl quality have made these; rafte* one of the most popular gift* tw be pUem this year. We have already set aside a number of sultew for Cfcrat- mas delivery. See them today. Choose yours while the assortment is good. OTHER GIFT SUGGESTIONS Floor Lamps Occasional Tables Card Tables Desks Table Scarfs Silk Pillows Coxwell G&alTS Smoking Sets Bissels Sweepers Electric Vacuums Brunswick Radios Ferneries' Magazine Racks Mirrors Wool Rugs Child's Rockers High Chairs Cedar Chests local schools. This is an annual ..,...,..,. ™ event held at the school of which >nd, Robert Haglund, humorous, I the president of the association is :hlrd. Four schools, Grant, Lakota, superintendent. As Miss Skinner has •iwra. City, and Ledyard were represented in this contest. Ledyard won the cup. Thursday C'l»)> Stntlle* Thu Thursday club met at the Paul Lai-son home last Thursday. The program was an Russia. Mesdames Eckholm and Pearson gave interesting papers. Ksther Smith, in. lieu of her mother, gave an interesting talk on Russian music, also some souvenirs received from a girl friend in college who had lately returned from Russia. Miss Smith sung: a group of songs, Miss McAnish gave a piano solo, Mrs. Larson served Russian drinks, food prepared 'Russian style. hadn't been under the- supervision of Mrs. Masterson. SlYe: always- tried her utmost to help- us- out fn every possible manner in spite- of her health, work, etc: 1!. U. Hfliedule Is Oiven — Tho Swea City basketball team the tops of the buildings and stick- are beirifi pinched right and left. Bu I'M w.wr that you don't have t etop with Dos Moines to find wick edness in llii.s .state. IT SV3RMS thai those who would pl-iy cards and those who would have a drink arr> always able lo gel what they want. And the-y are the birds -who always liavo a couple of bits for just that sort of entertainment, though th?y may be broke when liousrt rent eoinwi due and when tht> grocer would have a settU- ment. Funny ain't il? n —o COUNTRY U being saved a- now. Congress Is dolns Hie Having. And punt records ami accomplishments prove that our servants in Washington are good at unviiis. T.ook .liow they pulled the farmer nut of the holis and turn to Uio HitvhiR 1 llie> l«ave vented on the drought litrli-lii'ii states. So everybody Iiea»*s a biff sigh oi roliel". JUKI around Uic corner comes a belp- IDK hand to sliove us over tlie lit^t barrier of ileitri'sslmi. UAltUlKc: ACClUUNTrf cont,'i-e.ss will eel "'tu the harness and ready to do something a week or Cwo before adjournment is in onlei again. 'Tw.-is alwayo thus. Takt- Just HO niui.-b political wool pulling and wi-ai<i'' Il « a111 ' oratory to get OreaJi' 7 - 14 ' 1 to tl0 ••inylhing. This, ot COUi-so, costs us ari pt-r u^ual. Tho.se birds Uon'l work at organizing I'or nothing. Tlu-ir chi-ck.s ure promptlj endorsed and carivertot into coin 01 jbe realm. ing in the board sidewalks and other places about town. • • Residents AY ore Concerned. People were quite concerned about thi.s because of the story that was going about relative to the airship passing over the United States and it was at once concluded that this plane must have passed over the town during the night and scattered the keys. 1 picked up one of the keys and put it on my key ring and have carried it ever since using it as a letter opener. At that time Herman Rantzow, i German shoemaker who also con lucted a small shoe store had re . .vt'd a sale promotion proposition vlii,-h included a large number o >-ri out of which would fit a tin vill go to Buffalo Center tomorrow evening for a game there. The whtduie Cor this season follows: >cc. :1'8, Armstrong here; Jan. 5, Spi'ncer there; Jan. 8, Algona there; Ian. 12, Bode here; Jan. 22, Ledyard lere; Jan. 29, Armstrong- there; Feb. r ,. Bode, there; Feb. 9, Algona here; Feb. 12, Ringsted there; Feb. -26, A BOUT THK/HMf! a speaker J» selected so Homebody can make » »u«tlon * recess Is called Ghristmart cards und make holi- fitisUe borne and Bend out Cfcristkaa cards and make holiday upeechea ant put on a clean ebfrt nnii then back again to d» isw* <>»Uyh»«»# <or tu*ir fewnefit It mu»t be been president the past year, Lu Verne was the place for the banquet. After the dinner, which was served by the teachers, Supt. 1 Swanson, of Humboldt, led a discussion on the comparative value of athletics. Then the financial Bide of basketball was discussed. • The superintendents held a business meeting and the following officers were elected: President, Supt. Bliss, of West Bend; vice president, Supt. M. K. Sperry, of Remvicfc: and Supt. Say re, of Goldfield, secretary and treasurer. The tournament is to tie held at Goldfield February 19-20. After the business coaches played a game with the captains, and the coaches won. Schools in the association are Humboldt, Bode, Renwick, Livermore, Clarion, Goldfield, West Bend, and Lu Verne. Titonka OLD RESIDENT IS DEAD ATtEDYARD Ledyard, Dec. 8 — This commun ity was saddened" Tlrursdiuy by the death of John Hbran-, an- oJd! and respected citizen. Mr; Koran has been in poor health for some time, anc his death followed! ai sickness of two months. Mr. Horan was- Dorra March 20 1864, in Jackson- county. He came to Livermore in- 1'S-ST and to Led yard in 1909. ,H-e -was married tc Kate Lynch- October IT, 1910. Thej lived on a farm for two years, anc ithen moved into Ledyard, wher< they have slhae? resfileiJ. Pie is survived 1 by his wife an three brothers, Timothy, Dubuque Thomas, of Bernard", and William of Fort Dodga. Funeral" services were held Sat urday morning at the jSaered Hear church, and litrrial was made in th Sacred, Hfeart cemetery. Out-of-tow box containing $5. This was to be exhibited in his store window. llelng a practical joker, and connecting up the airplane matter, he conceived the idea of having a little fun with the-public rather than to Lake advantage of the $5 advertising scheme so he sallies forth at night and scattered the keys -over the town as above mentioned and in the morning started the story afloat. Frank Stewart, a resident of Maion City, lived at Whittemore at that time and well remembers the incident. He tells m e that he thinks Rantxow is living in California at the present time. Mrs. George Howe entertained her bridge club last week Tuesday afternoon. The Herman Rachuts drove to Osage Sunday to visit relatives and friends. The Amos Kromingas, of Burt, visited Friday with Mrs. Emma Heifner. The Ed Zweifels epent Sunday at the Vincent Heifner home in Burt.. These are just a few of the many artisTes in onr store suitable for gifts. You ml invited to look over our fine new stoclf end, lisiem—If yon are looking for the gift! supreme, one the whole family will enjoy, don't forget the I NCMRGE ELECTRIC REFRIGERATOR At Richardson's Furniture Company WHERE 'FURNITURE SELLS FOB LESS Ste relatives- who- attended were William Horan, of Fort IDodge, Mrs. Ft Horarr, of Eagle Grove, Mr. an Mrs, HT. Nolestme,' also of Eagle Grove, ami Joe H&r^n, of Clarion. SEE SANTA CLAUS OEC. 12. toto tme/'ra cr*«y to te M« YCWJ THINK congress 1s to a<t auiyttoins that'll h«M> •Ltber. yo« e«t another tWnJt that Used Car Bargains 1931 Ford Coupe $4.50 1930 Ford Tudor $8.45 1929 Ford Coupe $2.45 1929 Ford Fordor $2,75 1929 Chevrolet Truck --$3.75 A few Model T's Alcohol, 45c and 60c. Heaters, $3.75 to $22.50 TERMS KENT. MOTOR CO. Phone 484 ' AUTHOBIZEP Algoni, low» —Silei Long's Food Shop "Everything to Eat" AIRPLANE FREE with our cash coupons. Headquarters for all size Christmas trees Holly wreath. NUTS Very reasonable this year. Extra low prices to schools and churches. NEW LOW PBICES IN OUB NEW MEAT DEPARTMENT 10 Ibs. of best lard __,,.—^ »8c Porks chops, Ib. __„,„-,_ l&c and I8c Pork roast, Ib. _—— Pork hearts and tongue, Ib. __ Long's Home Made Sausage, Ib, ——10c ALGONA'S NEWEST MEAT MARKET Makings of all kinds for FBUIT CAKES AND HIN€E MEAT WHITE RAISINS/LAYER RAISINS CANNED PINEAPPI^S AND CHERRIES SATUHDA¥ IS THE BIG DA¥ Cpiue in and enjoy yourself WARM UP AT MANY ALL SILK LINED AnRACTIVE DESIGNS Up to $2 Scarfs,-—from 25c to » Glover Pajamas 11.M *°' Dress Shirts from »8c to Hose from -----— 85c All 15,00 Huts at —- * S P »ts froni - Garters from ----- A»» Madson & Hanson ™^spw ^IN^iPp,

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