Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 10, 1931 · Page 13
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 10, 1931
Page 13
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fefeft 10, 1931. **•*?/!' i|ll present ». The Junior A" on Ac- December KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALOONA. IOWA Maakestad Still Likes to Hear of Kossuth ** ?T2S: Marvin Jun- the wife, GeValdlne Bev- Brma eldest manicurist, Miss Bushnell, hair *<*«; Hartlelgh, -laW, Alvln By W, T, Mnakcstad* Oakaloosa, Nov. 22 - I Wl s Interested in the feature story In today's Register that told the history about you and the Advance, rt reminded me, too, that i had not written you n s I promised myself I would when I learned you were 111. I trust that by this 'time you are yourself again. , Mayne; money lender, Vernon hwm» ko» e Two O nme t~ 1 ;Wk Tuesday Ledyard sen- Tunlor high basketball teams r/uErmoie. The JvlorS L Llvermore's second team In dose game. The score was ., on e minute to play. Then Irilvermore's players sank ' t an ,i so Llvermore won, The senior high game was lAvermore won, 24-J. ,,-„. v. A. Barrett and Jones, Granner, Randall tit* ffylam , attended, and Mrs. Bar- 'Sfter, Mrs. Charles Raney ves at Livermore, served lunch basketball teams, drivers, and rs Friday night Swea City s fl d second teams came here, t W0 n both games, the first 0; the second team 22-10. ,,™ J Contests Are Held— .week Tuesday night Ledyard je junior high declamatory -.."to Grant and three to IClty Ellwood Green topk 3rd; Iteslie 3rd; and Evelyn,Mayne Grant.Lakota winning the ier e Edith Logan-took first, jable first, and Marvel Drew t swea City, so Ledyard won i there. • . (Bureau Plans Party-Farm Bureau men and worn- have a Christmas .party Frl- mber 111 1 , at John 'Smith's. ...j Is to take a 10c gift- The will furnish cake and sand- Choir Plans Cantata— " Methodist choir has been ring a cantata, Hall, Messiah, pst few weeks and th'ls com- lunday' evening they • will give kota, and the following Sun- IVlll be given here. It must be a great sense oC satisfaction to you to have a boy whom you can depend on to run the paper whether, or not you arc there. -In fact with the exception of tho editorial page, I doubt if the average reader could tell much difference. I well remember the times I saw you at your desk when you were so filled up with a cold you should hav c been In bed. You used to say that you simply had to be there, j doubt if you had a vacation at all during .that period. Are the farmers up there as blue as they are down here? It sure is terrible. This feeling places them In a. mood that is anything but pleasant. Many whom you ordinarily think are pretty good citizens just simply won't listen to reason or to anything of a constructive nature. Even In this county a large number of farmers think that the T-B test Is all hooey, i have not heard of anyone who says he will defy the law about It, but a number have told m c that they think it Is.all graft and humbug. It Is too bad that educational work could not have been carried on years ago. ,It was gratifying to get a report from Morrison showing that only .1% of the cattle in Kossuth were think the first r.ounty-wlde test was a lout -1%. The infection here is "l>out 1%. About three-fourths of the county has been tested. The veterinarian In charge has been working in the "war none". The reason Mabaska and many other southern Iowa counties did not push the T-B eradication work ';t the thne Kossuth did was because the counties havc always had an element that would be gl at i O f a chance to have something to fight. He was an uncle of Ed many Abbas, of Lakota, and livid years In this vicinity. Womnn of 91 Is Honored— The Lutheran ladles held a covered dish luncheon at the church last week Wednesday and had as a guest of honor Grandma "VVoise, who was 01 years old thai, day/ Mrs. noese made her n. lovely birthday cake. Mrs. Wels is still active and walked to the church for the party. If. 1). MiiRRnmns fit) Tears Wed This week Tuesday will be the 50th •mnlversary of the marriage of the IT. D. Mussmnns, whjch will be celebrated at the Methodist church with a luncheon at 1 I was interested i n noting that Ccorge Godfrey had been elected 1'. a president. This is somethine mission, was here last week, arranging for the easement of land bordering highway No. 9 between Lakota '•ml the Wlnnebago county line In -ntlplpation of pavirjg which will be laid next sprng. A. 0-lb. girl wns born to Mr. and Mrs. Will Kienltz Monday morning. Mrs. Klenltz was formerly ' Elsie Harms and this makes Ike and Mrs. Harms grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph McKlnney nnd daughter Mary Cecelia, of Minneapolis, and Mrs. Mnry Noble, of WUR Earth, were visitors at J. H. Wnrburton'a Sunday afternoon. The 4th division of the Methodist , , , . , Aid server! the commercial dinner j clock for relatives | last TnurKl , y evRnlng anrt 15 mem . :i*nv.ji, irom rf to o in the i ^p rR were for all friends who wish ' to congratulate them. PLEASE EVERYOKE reacting during the third test. How well I remember the first herds that were tested up there. I believe they averaged about 1% tubercular. I that I have hoped for during the past '112 years. George has It in him to do u. wonderful service to tho peoplu of Kossuth county. I hope he rises to the occasion. I must not forget to thank you for the Rotary Rags you sent. Algona Rotary has had a wonderful record. I believ e that it has been a real service oganlzation. I fear that in many communities the Rotarlans have not risen above the "meet, eat, and sing" class. Rotary here has had a very large turnover, large, ly, I think, because It has not had a constructive program. I can Imagine that the town seemed pretty empty when John Sullivan passed. Certainly he possessed the true Rotary spirit. I was also shocked to learn oC the death of Stanley Worster, another man who never failed to "give" whenever he had an opportunity. A great many changes can occur in a few years. I imagine 1 could walk the length of State street and not see a single person who would recognize me. If you see any of my old friends tell them I have not forgotten them and do not ev.er expect to do so. I'nrly Honors Jnlln Lolsveld— Mrs. O. H. Frerking and Mrs. John Smith were hostesses to the teachers nnd officers of the Presbyterian church last week Wednesday even- Ing at the manse in honor of Julio Lelsveld. Miss Lelsveld wns presented with $5 from the guests. Dnle Hnnirfiilst. Itlrllidiiy Observed— The R. E. 'Hamriutet's had as dinner guests Sunday the F. G. Tor- ines, R. E. Worleys, J. H. Warbu."- tons, and Mrs. N. E. Noble. The event was In honor of the 12th birthday of Hale Hamqulst. Wnrtinnn Issuing' driver's Lionises— T. E. AVortman received his supplies last week, and Is kept busv writing applications for drivers' licenses and car numbers for 1032. H< Is using Jerry Ukenn's desk In tlv Lakota produce station. i nnd the Indies cleared $8.58. Mrs. Lucille Madcska and baby, of Kivim-o. spent p-irt of last week 'siting her parents, the James Brtiers. The Rev. nnd Mrs. F. O. Johnson eturned Saturday evening from a vpek's visit with Mrs. Johnson's parents at Knoxville. Mesdames F. G. Torino, N. E. No•". nnd J. H. Warburton attended be Methodist bazaar at Swea City •nturdny afternoon. Mr. and 'Mrs. Aldrieks sr>p-it. I' 1 ••nek-end with a daughter at Gar- i from Ilupturcd'Ear—- fold Granner went •-to .Lakota lay to see Doctor Williams. asketball game he was hit on ir, and he has a ruptured ear School Program -: Planned- are being made for a Sun- |chool program to be given by lethodlst Sunday school under ictlon of Mrs. V. A. Barrett s. Mayer. ••'.... 'WinsTid's Quilt— J'German Reformed Aid recent;. I tickets for a 25c lunch, and de Randall, second „ grade k won a quilt which was giv- NEWLYWEDS AT AKOTA TAKE MISSOURI TRIP Lakota, Dec. 8—Julia M. Leisveld and Wade M. Ball were married at her home Monday, December 7, at 12 o'clock and left for a short honeymoon trip to Missouri, where they will visit his mother for a couple of weeks. On their return Mrs, Ball will continue her work as assistant cashier In the Citizens Savngs bank until March, when they will move to a farm west of town, now occupied by the James Smiths. Julia Is a daughter of John Lelsveld, one of the early pioneers of this community and has held the position of assistant cashier for more than 15 years. The couple were attended by Peter Bruer and Leona Meyer, with the Rev. O. H Frerking as officiating minister. The bride's father, her nephew Luverne Lelsveld, and Mrs. Frerking wer the others present at the ceremony Shower Honors Julia J/elsveld— •Emma and Lena Gutknecht, Em ma and Louise Thaves, and Audrey Hastings entertained 70 women a the Presbyterian church Friday evening In honor of Julia Leisveld, a bride of this week. Hand towels, dish towels, and holders were made and embroidered. A mock wedding was put on by a group of "local ne- .Irs. Gus Thaves, Mrs. Ed Thaves, ml Mrs. Louise Schmltt, Burt. Declalmers AVln Cup— The Junior high school contests or the north division of the county vere held last week Tuesday even- ng, one at Swea City and one at 3rant school. There were 12 con- estants at each place. Those from iakota who went to Grant were Betty Ley, who won first in bu- morous, Dale Hamqulst, first in oratorical, and Irene Weringa, second n dramatics. This group brought lome the silver cup. Those who went to Swea City were John Estle, who won fourth, Lois Harberts, third, and Marcella Thaves, third. Woodman nnd Nclpliliors Pnrty- The members and families of the Woodman and Royal Neighbors hole a party at the hall last week Mon day evening. Cards and dancing formed the entertainment. Other Lnkota "News. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Pierce lef Sunday for n two weeks vacation t be spent at Mason City, Iowa Fal's Des Moines, and Ellsworth, wher Mrs. Plerce's parents live. Pear ner. ifDYCRDMAH BREAKS HIP tCH c . IN Ml IVE1 STICK are Ready for the Trade Ledyard, Dec. S — Fred Logs- mann Sr. met with a serious accident one day last week. He was watching his sons saw wood, and whc-n 'he started to step backwards he stumb'.e'd over a stick, fell, and broke a bone just bslow. tho hip Doctor fcommers was called and took '•ti'ii to Elmorc, where an x-ray was token. The doctor could not set the bons alone, so Mr. Logemann was '.•Oicn to a hospilal at Mankato, vhere he is now. Mrs. Logemann is there with him. Farm Sale Planned. John Smith, two miles west arid i 2^ miles north of ( Lu Verne, plans to quit farming and will sell five ------ i ... w. * w.~.. Lf j ij mi. mi iiu i IK arm win MCII iivtr Estle is in charge of the office, with 1 horses, 13 cattle, 43 shoats, and Mrs. Irvin Altizer as assistant. I farm .machinery at public auction Odessa Buckels is staying at the of- | next Wednesday afternoon, starting. fice with Pearl during the Pierces', at one o'clock. Colwell Bros, will j absence. • j br> niictioneers and W. Scott Hanna, i Mr. Durham, of the highway.com- ; clerk. ' Our stock comprises the best selected line of goods we have 'ever carried!, ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES ? A complete line of everything used in the home.' ' ....•••• FANCY BAKING DISHES Something that any woman would appreaiate for her Christmas present! CHRISTMAS LIGHTS AND HOLDERS Sleds, Skates, Flash Lights, Tools, Etc., Eac. . SEE OUR BEAUTIFUL ALLADIN LAMPS GUNS, RIFLES AND SPORTING GOODS KNIVES AND CUTLERY OF ALL KINDS ELECTRIC WASHING MACHINES FRIGIDAIRES Kohlhaas Hardware Everything for Christmas arched or IB. B. Team Defeated— • Ttown basketball team played jjmes last week, one at Swea londay, losing -60-9 to ,the Car|,another Thursday at Rake, ". winning, 23-18, ; : , *U'rs Club to Meet— ' week Monday evening Led-, 111 be host to • the county stera club. Supper will be [ by the Methodist Aid. Game Next Monday Night- Monday night the Swea trflinals will play the Cuban (ot David at the local gym. her Ledyard News. jWelmer, son Bill, and Mrs. ley were Algona visitors Sa£Mrs. Albert West and her Violet were at Mason Thursday. Mrs. %AugUst and her son Bill were In the same day, .The Leon "and Ed Campbells spent [ at Algona. «e took Mr. and Mrs. Au- Unkselk and two children to dt . S. D., last week Wed- Mrs. Kllnkselk, who Is In *M», was to consult Doctor [ Charles Baschara ' and her Fred Munyer, returned last ' from Rugby, N. p., where 1 oee n called by the- death, of I Carpenter's sister, Mrs. Joe "» Holton, Mich., left for home » Wednesday, after a two |vislt here with relatives, wa Mrs. Ben Gtfsch were visitors at the parental J, fare's. {fo Dunn took Ira Gingrich to ^ee Saturday; a cast was "•om his leg, id Mrs. D. A . carpenter, R' n > and Reuben Qreen were nt Sunday. | M ? lnk "as bee, |«"nn., a month, 1 Wid sisters. Jtota-udyard 4-H club with Irene Zielske. The a Christmas parfy. [sfammersmier Jr., O f Polo- "wntiy came for a. visit at nt ai home. and Mrs, P, O, wSf 01 ^* ' groes," and furnished much merriment. . Miss Lelsveld was presented with an Aladdin floor lamp, a gas Iron, and a linen table cloth and angel food cake, and coffee were napkins. Home made ice cream, served. Out-of-town guests were: Mrs. Moore and Mrs. Fred Parks, of Algona; Mrs. Guy Hart, Bancroft; Mrs. Norman Pingle. Ledyard; Mrs. Chalotte Sorensen, Buffalo Center; Five Attend Federation Meeting-— Mesdames Richard Hamquist, Della Smith, George Heetland, Hilmer Hansen, and Harvey Johnson attended a county federation meeting at Algona last week Tuesday at the Methodist church, with the Algona Woman's club at hoste'ss. After business meeting luncheon was served in the dining room, and a program was> given In the afternoon. The March meeting will be held at either Lakota or Swea City. A club Institute will be held at this meeting. This Is for the benefit of all club members. Methodist Aid Tics Comforters— The Methodist Aid society held an all day meeting at the church last week Wednesday and a covered dish luncheon was served at noon to the members and their families. The day was spent tying comforts and eewing for the needy in the community. Plans were completed for the Mussman golden wedding to be held at the church Tuesday, December 8. CAMELS are No. sir! FRESHI Tenns Abbas Commits Suicide— Word was received here Saturday afternoon that Tenas Abbas, whose home was Buffalo Center, had hanged himself at Forest City that afternoon.* He has not been In the best of health since the death of his wife AUCTION At Neville's old stand Friday & Saturday Dec. 11 and 12 There is about $4,000 worth of merchandise left in the old store. I do. not want to move it into the new ' MHE bedrock of Camel popularity is the inherently fine quality of the tobaccos that go into our cigarette. These tobaccos are notably mild, full- mellow, delicately flavored by nature— the finest Turkish and mild,-sun-ripened Domestic tobaccos that money can buy. To safeguard the essential goodness of these fine tobaccos we exercise every care to conserve their natural moisture and natural flavors. They are never parched or toasted— the Reynolds method of scientifically applying heat guarantees against that. That's why we say Camels are made fresh to start with — and why the Camel Humidor Pack can bring them fresh to you, in prime smoking condition. If you want to know what a blessing that means in unalloyed smoke-enjoyment, switch to Camels for just one day then leave them—if you can. • R. J. REYNOLDS TOBACCO COMPANY VTinston-Satcm, JV. C. "Are you Lutenin' ? " B. J. BEYNOLDS TOBACCO out ataucton'at just what it will bring. stock consists of shoes, men's ov- COAST-TO. COAST RADIO PROCBAMS CAMEL QUAITEB HOUE, Morton Downey, Tony Wons, and Camel Orchestra, direction Jacques Renard, every night except Sunday, Columbia Broadcasting System PBINCE ALBERT QUABTEK HOUB, Alice Joy, "Old Hunch," and Prince Albert Orchestra, direction Paul Van Loan, every night except Sunday, N. B. C. Red Network See radio page of local newspaper for time womei's and children's overshoes. Dri ce C TS?U P ran b o15au way of doing things will be open for private sale all the r every day Ihis week, Come to the auction each day at 2 o'clock. fi-O- Q--FASBMBS v-.s v *4* S W 1« ^-W *'• 55

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