Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 10, 1931 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 10, 1931
Page 7
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Ittjfltt.10t.l981. WILBUR J. PAYNE, Edito, lit John Grey's. * - visited .thfc «om- (to - John Grey of B»irt,.for the ea . nee the family occupied " ars the 200 John says which he Hutchison- two to Mr. Hutchison lgn ° rlc T'pald, $»iat5 an acre. p» pr ',a n s to tftk« advantage fiW.Pl^i^v.prided offering of Before buying the. farm Hutchison he had rented the i, more years than either of I/if nWiw ' _ _. . 4.~~.^ «.«« 'remember. The two men gotten on famously as perfect landlord and {team. W« would not be sur,' orey continued to rent ' lan( 1. Mr. Orey has had .. His 80 acres of corn ' bushels an acre. bull Is to remain In Kossuth two years then be returned to the Walters herd. George Grey and B. B. Dlttmer are the company share owners with Mr. Ryerson, each hav- ing'a third of a halt Interest. The Walters Herd was high herd In lown last year. The bull's two nearest dams -averaged J057 pounds butter His daughters have proven better than the dams. We are very much In favor of this method of getting high grade bull service ns Inexpen slvely as possible. The Grey, Ryer son, and Dlttmer farms are among the most efficiently operated In Kos suth. The R.' & T. has added IK, more counties to the writer's field territory, and we now must supervise 29 counties Instead of 13. This means a greatly Increased amount of work, and acordlngly Charlie jj e i Klamp has been employed as full KOSSUTH COtNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA. IOWA PAGE181IVVN 'head of 228-lb. 'hogs, from Utters, making that weight 1 crowding them, In seven ; n d also has 18 more pigs three of the same sows A herd of Holstelns time assistant. He will work mostly In Kossuth. Mr. Klamp who operated an auto business In Algona many years, is a, hard worker, well known over most of the county and has Vfadlson county; however, Mr. Lenz has handled an R. & T. general agency n t Webster City for the past -7 months, which Is ample testimony that he must be a hard worker. The couple would like to find Ivlng quarters at Lakota, and we relieve that, town would find them desirable residents If a vacant house can be provided. When we made our annual visit to the M. .1. Jones home here In Algona a few days ago we remembered that Inst winter when we called he and Mrs. Jones were looking forward to a vacation trip they contemplated in August, so w e asked Mr. Jones If the trip had been made He says he ami Mrs. Jones and theli daughter Lucille, who Is now teach Ing nt Akron, Iowa, spent two week? traveling through the Black Hills and, Yellowstone Purk and enjoyec every minute of the trip. Thej stopped In cabins and spent onlj $70 for the two weeks outing. Thl amount covered gas, oil, lodging food, and all expenses of the 2,55 mile trip, even to the pictures the scenery which they bought t. bring htome. The Theo. Goeders and a nephew also traveled in the same party In their car and spent about the same amount as the Jones family. We were privileged to look at some of the pictures of mountains, valleys, rocks and tumly ling water, power dams, and geysers, fine roads and wild animals which ve in Santa Ana. Mrs. Knoll was| illen Galbralth. The F. R. Hop- Ins family, of Glendale, was also here Thanksgiving. Cold weather] s threatened and orange growers lave to use smudge pots to protect] he oranges from frost. Lcdyard Man Low. Ledyard, Dec. 8 — John Knimer- smler met with a serious accident 1 ast week Tuesday while he was dragging roads. H e was thrown | from the drag and broke a leg. HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII^ Public Auction Farmers 9 Directory made a fine showing his first n mtlk"ng U cown"no'w and week. We hope friends throughout f,i freshen later, Mr. and Mrs. 1 son, Robert, In the K«d<> at'BOrt, and want ^continue through high school 1?,, A daughter, Maybelle, is Etiman at Mornlngslde college', the were brought back as mementoes of the trip. HAMPSHIRE BOARS IS Best of breeding. Cholera immune. Priced very reasonable. Hamilton Leghorn Farm Bancroft, Iowa. t'car, on [firm Editor's Goat! |%rk evening 'recently came out to his car In the the W. T. St. 'John home, a big black animal Inside It was \belllgerently the back aeat ready to against all comers. . The beat a retreat back to the In search of. a light., to. be f| n Investigation..; !;,«- X : mptly the big black animal i In pursuit, and we slammed' lyard gate against him. A boy a light disclosed a black goat, had entered the car, tromped • newspapers, and hopped' out »se us to the gate. Goats are ilng numerous throughout the ry. They climb on the fenders ! car when we stop In a farm They get Inside the car if , a ve the door..open.' They get i the hood over the engine, and . promptly driven off threaten mb on top of the car and punch i | n the roof with their sharp |e are coming to the point where require more v attention to I them off our car than do cats | chickens, which heretofore have most troublesome. Not long | wo saw County Agent B. R ;on stop on the main stree [take a cat out of his car which I stowed away at some point h that day. He even tried t | us the cat. RM NEWS AND COMMENT. |e notice a new corncrib on th i occupied by E. Mitchell, wes llgona. The crib is a large one Mr- Mitchell farms a large acre H. Bunkofskle, east o , was building a 16x32 addition big barn when we called |week Tuesday. The extra room , to provide apace ;. for more €8. '••'.•".'.',• •, - ' ','.•"'' K notice the big barn on the Geo, tewart farm south of Algona [been painted. Must take a lot ilnt to cover such buildings. {farm Is owned by George's par, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stewart. time to time the Advance urn has mentioned "Ward Human Interest column In lEagle Grove Eagle. A regular of this column is T- A. War- [Irvlngton township farmer, who i subscriber of the Eagle Grove ton Smith, who has farmed tfe- |«n Lu Verne and Galbralth. for years, Is to have a closing e December 16, and will quit ping. He offers 13 cattle, five 43 feeder shoats averaging fit 150 pounds and all his farm iMnery. Colwell -Bros, are auc i and Scott Hanna will clerk. win Graham, 'Who lives with {parents on the A. A. Graham ) in Portland township, .hfui a . Idea in the way of weather-* ' clothes. He took - hte work laid them, up against the 1 of the bam and gave them a ' of paint, thereby, aa he says, warmth, rain protection, and ^-wearing quality, paint left over ntlng was used. 'eggs ar e 'the rule 'rather the exception in Algona now Tom steven, at Ms station t state street, still buys either or straight run, but most pggs are now sold °?» a graded ev *n at the grocery scores, Steven market has been one he busy buying stations of We. [Tom has been on the Jump front % to night caring for his ers. ur G. SchuUz, west of Algona, was at home when we caU- ew weeks ago on 'a rainy flay« had a chance to visit with He operates 240 acres, and a • lana, makes a bproe for him. »r IB a brother of JJenry and • Schuitz who Harm near Whit•*! and though not quite as ?• scale a dairymajj aa H.enry, be W 20 cattle o£ whlcb 10 are Wws. His ?5 sows this year 12 <> Pigs, tt«0 acres of corn 30 bushels' a w e«r«. f but one day of ' "nlshed Noy. 19. Arthur have rented the s^ns farm' i years. They have a comfort- the county will remember to send farm news Items In with him, and we will continue to write them up. The writer also will be able to spend 'nearly halt time at work on the mall routes of Kossuth and will tr" to see all our old friends as often as possible. Meantime send in s"ome news Items by Charlie Klamp. "Li. G. Lenz formerly a general agent ^foq; .Register & Tribune at Webster City, has now moved to Algona and resides in the M. J. Jones house on N. Thorlngton street. He has taken a territory in for the Raleigh company, Kossuth "und er vlll Raleigh gesundhelt products verkaufen zu der guten volk up by Lakota, TItonka, und Elmore." The young ( man is married and has a larming wife who also can Deutsch sprechen". The couple lave a big healthy 21-months-old aughter, Jean Marie. Their par nts have farms of their own in MRS, ROSS STEBBINS IS NOW WITH FATHER IN MINNESOTA The Advance has received the .annual subscription check from Mrs. Lee Hall, Santa Ana, Calif., for her mother Mrs. Rosa Stebbins's subscription for next year. In her letter she writes that Mrs. Stebblns has moved to Woodstock, Minn., and Is keeping house for her brother, Jos. Hendren, Civil war veteran. The Halls spent Thanksgiving with the B. F. Knolls family, who also POLAND CHINA BOARS 1 Up-to-date breeding. 1931 prices. R. W. BUTTERFIELI) _ I 1-2 miles north Burt, Iowa. IS DUROC BOARS _ 30 Big Type spring, fall, and 155 yearling boars. The best lot 1 = we ever raised. Priced low.) VIPOND & SONS Algona REPLACE YOUR broken window glass now. Prices lowest. SEE BERT DEAL This advertisement is Intended for farmers who intend to hold a public sale this winter, and its ob- B __ ject is to provide a form calling for everything the printer will need to make a good bill and a good ad. ,. as Interested farmers should clip this advertisement and save it till they need it. When you are ready, just ; fill out this form and take it to your printer. Form for Sale Bill and Advertisement 1—it is customary to start out with some reason for holding the sale, such as "As I am about to quit farming, and move to town." Give your reason here: • •-- 2_Give the distance from such towns as you want to mention to your farm. (Do not say "Five miles northwest of Algona"—say, "Four miles west and one mile north of Algona") ..: ______— IP '§ tw FOR SALE Duroc Boars Good healthy ones, best of breeding, immune. Some as low as $12, Also the best seed corn I ever raised. A. C. CARLISLE 3/4 mile east of Whittemore 3—Give day and date of sale 4—Give hour when sale is to begin. = 5—What about lunch, if any? i :-'-•— ---•!--- -— • . .*•-•'-'' = 6—How many horses? Describe each animal, with weight and age, and if you have any out- i standing horses or teams give particulars . • PRONOUNCED GREN-A-DEER' Like the Grenadiers of the great and conquering armies — who in fighting ability and stature stood head and shoulders above all others. 7 How many cattle? Describe them, and be sure to give particulars about bulls, dairy cows, purebred or good grade beef cattle, etc. Play up the merits of your stuff. The fellow ten miles away will know only what you tell him in your bill and ad. ER FOR HEALTH'S SAKE! • Pennies and health! Pennies mean a lot where good, clean, steady heat is concerned. Be comfortable this winter, burn Grenadier coal. Heat all the rooms. Then the family won't need to sit around in extra coats and sweaters. • Grenadier costs a few extra pennies a day, but you'll find them the hardest working pennies you ever spent. Order «Grenadier coal today from the nearest Authorized Dealer listed below. 6RENADIER COAL Sold and Guaranteed by In Algona: Fred Anderson 8—How many hogs? Do as you did with the cattle. Tell everything you would want tb.know yourself if you were looking for hogs and saw a bill or ad of a man ten miles away who was going to. close out. Let the printer sweat if yours is a long bill—the price will be the same anyhow^--. 9—Sheep, mules, or other stock?. 10—Chickens, ducks, geese, etc.?— 11—Which do you want to come first—horses, cattle, or hogs? ————— —•- 12-Farm machinery. Give make and condition. Make a complete list. In these automobile days a grindstone may fetch a buyer ten miles away ~ - " big Holstein *>W in yard i n wblph &e haa on e a half interest. The out 0 , ^ a> - p _ WJa,t«rlpo, *«2Shini» •nua; r iIttiLl' jl j it •*5B28S' i.^sHasflSBS'li P*™ 1 wm 13 — Miscellaneous ,_- ----- ~ — »?• — -> — —' ---- ,-,,,-,,-.-— -—• =• 14 _See your banker, get the terms, and set them out here. How many months? 15— How many bills do you want? (The usual number is 100)— ~16-How large an ad do you want?' (The usual size is one-fourth page) 1 r« i *»vi •*v 17__Your name- 18—Auctioneer 3.9—Clerk -r—• *» weU advertteed ta •H^U^.w*!

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