Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 10, 1931 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 10, 1931
Page 6
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PAPERS Printed Last Week kr far ft When day Is waning, .work is done And (tusk betokens setting sun; When, after doing eight hours' grind porno relaxation I would find, To ea.no the nerve and mental strain To strengthen for next day again, I tune in on the radio. When I' would add to mental lore Or »n my noodle I would store Of world events and other things That rest to jaded mind would bring, Or peace I'd have in savage breast The -while my fighting instincts rest, I tune in on the radio. When I would hear some bird orate On politics and things of state, Or when I'd learn the way to vote By list'nlng 1 to some' man "of 'note, That I might thus my country save And rise to heights above the slave, I tuno in on the radio. When I would ot the weather learn, When t Tor warmer climate yearn, Or when I'd know of sundry crop Or how to feed my pigs their slop, And when and how to thresh my oats ' Or build my poultry hou.se oC slats, I tune in on the radio. ; When. I -.would know just what to eat Or when to wash my dirty feet, • Or -maybe how to trim my corns ; Or remedy that's good,. for worms, . Or just what kind of oil 'to use That hair I' grow and pimples. lose, I tune in on the radio... . • If I. would learn to dress aright, The type of gown to wear at night', What kind of undies I must Vmy' ; Both warm and pleasing to. the eye; Or should supporters hold my socks Or, how to wear a dinner' frock, I tune in on the radio. : If with my fellow men I'd live . And kindness, tol'rance I would give While striving in this vale of tears Though it may be but ninety years, And how to reach St. Peter's gate Before I'd find I was too late, I tune, in on the radio. And when I'd soothe my sav'ge breast And harmony my soul would rest, I turn the. knobs and dials twirl In hopes that I might thus unfurl Sweet strains of soothing strings 01 brass And all I get is hellish jazz, I THKN SHUT OFF THK'KAIHO v lutne 3^' ~; ALGONA JO WA. DECEMBER 10, 1931 ^ ^u^ ASSAIIJSfMMSlSOOT^^TlNCE PRESIDENT HOOVER spent, a quiet Thanksgiving day, going to church in the morning.—Associated Press. npui >-•-,'' o— o A ND HERE I HAD worried for weeks about how Herbert would use his time on turkey day. T was afraid he would want to play leap frog on the White House lawn, or .would demand that he .shoot a bunch of fire crackers, or even that he •might want to pull a hig party and :have hula dancers do their stuff on the front steps. I had worried as to whether he'd want to go coon hunt-Ing or attend a prize fight. But all . my worries came to naught. Herbert ran true, to form and spent a "quiet 1 flay including the time he attendee church. My faith In and respect for Herhort therefore have not been shattered. I don't know how «(|nlet" be was. Perhaps ho gave all ordwn In whispers. 1'erhapn lie ordered silencers on everything which might toncl Jo Irritate tlio auditory nerves. May. hap even the radio was shut off. Perhaps the doors of the While House- were closed to the world no that the day might be absolute In quiet. Ite that as It may Our president spent a quiet day. YOUTH GIVEN YEAR IN PEN FOR SHOOTING Hvert Weber, youth near Forest City, was sentenced to a year in the penitentiary at Forest City last week Wednesday on a charge-of an attempt to murder Marshal O. l>. Montgomery, 'former Algonian, who attempted to arrest him and two companion. 1 *. Sentence was pronounced by Judge J. .T. Clark, of Mason City, father of the Rev. Fred J. Clark, of the Algona Congregational churoh. Judge Clark, In pronouncing the sentence, said that he would recommend Weber's release to tho board ;of parole after h o liiul served six "months, provided that his record was clear. Mr. Montgomery is a brother-in- law of \V. A. Dutton. and formerly farmed the David King farm west of town. They alsn lived near Hurt at one time, and are well-known throughout the county; He was shut, but not seriously wounded •when lie attempted to 'arrest three youths, of which Weber \vns one, in a <-ar in 'Forest City. • The Forest City Summit gives the following particulars of the trial: Jury Out Several Hours. ' The jury which tried Weber the charge of attempt to commit murder reached its verdict ot guilty of assault with intent to do great bodily injury after a few hours deliberation. The state asked that the jurj find the defendant guilty of the major offense charged, that of as sa.ult with intent to commit murder. The next offense of which Webor could bo found guilty was assault with intent to commit manslaughter. The offense of which he was found guilty by the jury was the third offense of which he could be convicted and was a minor charge because of the requirements of the law. The penalty for the crime of which he was convicted gave the judge the option of a $500 fine, or a year in the county jail or a year in the penitentiary. Attorney Tie- gan, \vho made Weber's defense, appeared before the court Wednesday and asked that the boy be paroled from the bench rather than be sent to the reformatory. Upon being questioned by the court the county attorney recommended that Weber be sent to the reformatory rather than the county jail because of the conditions at the county jail. Weber received his sentence with the stoic- m that marked his demeanor iroughout most of the trial. While stening to Judge Clark's lecture fol- m'ing the sentence, a few tears fill- d his eyes. Once before during the rial at the time the defense attor ey was making his plea, Webei lied tears. When questioned by udge Clark before the sentence vas imposed Weber stated "We go Bancroft Man Kitted by Shower of Corn Bancroft, Dec. 8—Isudore Mousel was crushed and Instantly killed Friday afternoon at 3:30, when a brace broke In a 'barn and released a -torrent j>f corn from the second floor. Isndore, who wae a son of Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Mousel, on ,.the first farm south of .Bancroft across from the Greenwood cemetery, was helping lis brother Laurence at the latter's arm six miles east and two miles south of Bancroft. The corn was stored on the second floor of the mrn, eight feet above the first floor, and Isadore and Laurence were jropplng the barn when the brace jrdke overhead and the corn -fell. Laurence was partly buried, but was able to help himself out. Help was called and it took more than 30 minutes to remove the corn In which Isadore was buried. Isadore was born on the farm where his folks are now living 24 years ago, and was married last August to Eunice Studer, of Wesley. She is a daughter of the Ben Stu- ders. They have been living with his folks and expected to farm the Gudken farm, southeast of Bancroft. The Rt. Rev. J. D. Fisch conducted the services at St. John's Catholic church Monday morning at 9 o'clock, and burial was made in St. John's cemetery. The pallbearers were Frank Matern and Roy Sherman, of Wesley, Rudolph Fangmann, Joe S OMK SEVERAL ARDENT admi ers gave the president six tu keys. It is not of record whether 1 feasted upon the birds singly or co leolively. There is a lot of .nice meat on six turkeys and I doubt whether Mr. Hoovr could Ret far with all of that food in one. sitting. But he •might have given five of the turkeys to .soino needy and jobless guy. he guns at Alvin'e before we drovi luwn here" and "We had no reason o come to Forest City". A grea leal of interest was shown in th trial last week and at times th court room w;is so crowded tha there was hardly standing room. Montgomery Testifies. The -stale's witnesses were O. I- Swenson, county sheriff, and his so II. S. ywcnsun, deputy sheriff, Clar ence'Montgomery, city marshal, an Roy Arnold, vigilante chief. Thes men told how they met at tlio Frie< man corner and went to search tl car and the three occupants. The shei-iff und his son approachfcd the car from the west side and Montgomery and Arnold from the east eide. The sheriff testified that he searched Skogerboe who got out of the car from the front seat on the Wilhelmi, Arthur Schlltz, and Glenn McCleish. A very large crowd attended the funeral, and from out-of:own were Sr. M. Eunice, of the St Francis Convent, Dubuque, and Mr ind Mrs. Laurence A. McKillip and two eons, Cambridge, Neb. Sr. Mary Eunice and Mrs. McKillip were sisters of Isadore. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Studer and five children, of Wesley, and their daughter Myra, who is attending a nurses' training school at Rochester, also attended, with Jule and Ben Matern, Eugene Loeblg, the Ed Neuroths, and Chuck Kern family, Wesley, and Lou Matern, of Algona. Isadore is survived by his wife, s parents Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Mou- three sisters, Mrs. Pat McNer.t- ev of Bancroft, Sr. Eunice, of Du- uquc, Mrs. L. A. McKillip, Cam- ridge, Neb., and two brothers, .aurence and Joseph, of Bancroft. lantern Stars Elect Officers— The Eastern Stars held their an- ual meeting at the Masonic hall last 'uesday evening, and after the busl- icss meeting officers for the coming •ear were elected as follows: Georgia 2armean, W. M.: O. S. Lund. W. Mrs. R. L. Rossman, A. M.; P^. Rossman, A. P.; Mrs. Henry Thels, conductress; Mrs. George Carmean, assistant conductor; Mrs. Mabel Doss, secretary; and the Rev. E. Bryden, treasurer. Bancroft Odd Fellow Honored— Those from Bancroft who attended the homecoming of the I. O. O. F. at Burt Tuesday evening were Sam Lichliter, Henry Nagel, Clarence Priebe, William Farrow, Otto Barenthin, Jerry Jensen, and John Cowing. At the election of officers for the coming six months, which took place last Tuesday Otto Barenthin was elected Noble Grand. Garry's and Clarence Sandt'a also have baby boy*. Leo Sannderg Issuing Licensee— Leo M. Saunders was appointed by Sheriff Hovey to write driver's license applications. Mr. Sauriders Is city clerk. Other Bancroft News. Mrs. Luella Shaeffer and daughter Rosemary, Webster City, visited at the Blanche Beckner home' last week. Mrs. H. E. Holmqutet, Fort Jodge, also visited at her home, and Friday evening Mrs. Beckner and laughter Grace took them to Fort Dodge. Mrs. Beckner is manager of the local telephone office here. The J. A. Roberts bridge crew, of Algona, Is straightening and wlden- ng the bridge two miles west of the Greenwood cemetery. They have just completed repairing the bridge just west of the John Schumacher home. Grace Beckner and Ernia Gilbertson visited friends In Des Molnes last week Wednesday, and Thursday. Grace and Erma are telephone operators here. The C. O. F. lodge held their regular monthly meeting last Tuesday at the Forester hall. P. A. Lonergan is chief ranger of this lodge, and L. F. Kennedy Is treasurer. ' Mrs. Arnold Delterlng and daughter Betty, of Burlington, are bere, visiting relatives. Mrs. Deiterlnp was Helen Wilkinson before her marriage. PASTOR SENDS OUT QUESTIONNAIRE ON REPEAUDVOCATES The Rev. C. V. Hulse, pastor of the Algona Methodist church, recently sent a questionnaire to pastors In towns where members of the board of directors of the Iowa division of the Association Against the 18th Amendment are located. A tabulation of the answers to the ques- ,tlons will he made when the questionnaires have been returned, and the Rev. Mr. Hutee plans to make It youth of the community- "*--^ 3. Is he active in. any church other than in a financial way—— 4. IB he a member of any churoh „_„? What, churoh — -..1 5., Does he regularly attend any church.————7 6. Has he ever .been in any way connected with the liquor traffic public. The Rev. Mr. Hulse's questlon- Mr. and Mrs. Edgar TuthHI, Cedar Falls, visited at the Frank Merron- and Mrs. William CaroIIn homes last week. Mrs. Mary Rapp had a sick spell Monday morning, and Is at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Matt Kramer .Mr. and Mrs. Jay Qulrm, of Arcadia, are visiting his mother, Mrs Bridget Qulnn. Clifford Ringsdorf is employed a( Welp's produce now. F, B, PROGRAM TO BE BROADCAST 2 DAYS EACH WEEK Definite plans have been announ ed from state headquarters of th Iowa F. B. for a regular Iowa F B. program to b e broadcast throug station WMT, Waterloo. The programs will be broadcast Tuesday and Thursday of each week 7. Is he a man who would take a drink of IntofclcAtlng 8. In he generally known In the community as a total abstainer 9. Is he a well Informed man„.? High school trained ? College -.- i 1 University, or professional-vwchool.^......—? 16. Is he Interested in any business from which he might profit by any leKallaatlon of the llfiuor traffic Neither y llur ,,, - "' mentioned the eenen.1 n,s»lt of thi, Polished, GIVE SOMETHING nalre follows: Page five of the Des Molnesi Register for Sunday November 29 Is given to photographs of (3?) thirty- eight men citizens of Iowa and members of the board of directors of he Iowa Division of the Association \galnst the 18th'Amendment. As" I am Interested to know more bout these men and whether they re active In their respective communities in behalf of the moral, eth- cal and religious welfare of the icople, I am asking you to secure ependable Information for me and make reply to the following quesions: 1. Does. , whose picture lipped from yesterday's Register is herewith enclosed, voluntarily give if his own personal time and service o a Sunday school class 2. Does he give such time or service to leadership in any young people's work, such as Epworth league, Christian Endeavor, B. Y. ?. U., Boy Scouts, or other organization intended to morally and religiously uplift the children and BEGINNING DECEMBER 18 and ENDING DECEMBER 19 Wi'tb each crank case drain we will give one quart FREE of Sub-Zero r Oil. The oil that resists heat as well as cold.' A Large Collection to Choose From There's nothing in the way of electrical poods that you can't find here, and k this Christmas, you can think of no more nensIMc a gift. Something for even one ... something to suit every gift budget. Step in and see the many interest^ suggestions ive have, in nationally known merchandise. * • . • . ._-•••' Beamer Electric Co. »' at 8:00 p. m. Thirty-seven counties in northeastern Iowa have been: ask- gram. ^B^'of £. "staZi I We also have Barnsdall Non-1 PHONE 170 ,„„ Auxiliary Has Party— The Legion Auxiliary met at the '" The general plan calls for a 15. minute broadcast with the counties | Bene. cooperating, alternating in present ing programs. These programs' will inflammable Naphtha. Clean- and spot remover. Use Is B-Square Gasoline and Kero- S CLOSING OUT be interspersed with programs fur- For Deliveries Phone 28. MONA-MOTOR SERVICE FRED V. JACOB, Manager did, -but he might turkeys gobbling .Don't suppose h< have. And six about tho White House would have iBpoiled a "quiet" dav anyway. But I'm sure tickled that our president Bpent n "quiet" day. Wouldn't it have been a heek of a note if -he'd followed the example of some of feur voters by tanking up on corn ,Juice and straddled his hobby down Pennsylvania avenue with a six- flhooler in each hand and a yowl and howl issuing from him Thank goodness Herbert spent a "quiet" day. west side, and then hearing a scuffle on the other side of the car drew liis gun and went around the back of thf car about the time Evert Weber got out of the back seat of the car on he east side with a gun in his hand. The sheriff said Evert Weber pointed the gun at him and said, "Put up your gun and be careful". In the meantime Alvin Weber got out of the 'car from the front home of Mrs. Charles Baker Tuesday evening and the assistant hostesses were Mrs. .'I. A. Devine and Mrs. A. W. Kennedy. After the business meeting "cootie" was played, and Mrs. Mike Droessler won a prize. Justice Belirmnn Has Operation- Chris Behrman returned from Des Moines Thursday evening, where he underwent an operation at the Lutheran hospital on his right eye. Mr Behrman is a real estate dealer here St. John's Loses at Whlttcmorc— St. John's basketball team lost to the Presentation academy at Whlt- temore Friday evening by a score of nished by the state office staff and the staff of extension service of Iowa state college at Ames. The programs scheduled for De Ce Tuesda f y! 1 December 8: By-Products I WALTER MEYER, Bulk MgrjS of the Farm Bureau, Black, HawkJ I SI county. i Thursday, December 10; Botfly \ indication, Fayette county. Tuesday, December 15: Pttbl 1C S A NOTHKK "fjulet" day was spent InHt week bj one Albert Fall, arftlvrhile neeretar/ of the Interior of .these United States. Mr. Fall's day ,tina easily one of qnlet, for he let »ow a member of Uncle Sam's col- In the Sante Ke, N". M., pcnl- _„ ,. He'd b> necessity of en- vlronment have to confine his noise itt> »uch as he might feebly make UB rocal chords. Ever since he became aJlG«?e41jr mixed up with a In the »11 business he's i|«ite piM>rlj, physically. So the tell ui that. Fall spent a „ day also. Which' Indicates perhaps all of our famous or •re Inclined to tUjrt occasionally. . _ ..N" on the cattle test front -iverything is quiet, -busi- i» cjuirft. th.? markets are quiet. >t-jv;l prevails throughout. With if t«e -avordy barrage /f*r.u» Cole and aim£*<x/<chart. I would *upr*m<? in Iowa. on the pump- ic the shock the poll- taud 4»> |ria t*.ts, tfe -f»ft tfc* seat on the east side and was grabbed by Marshal Montgomery. Upon Arnold's crying a warning that Alvin was drawing a gun Montgomery threw Alvin to the ground and Alvin cried out for help. Evert then stopped pointing his gun at the sheriff and went over to where Alvin -and Montgomery were struggling on the ground. At this point the testimony of the state and the defense differed. The sheriff and deputy stated that Evert struck Montgomery twice on the head with the butt of the gun. Evert testified that lie grabbed Montgomery by the coat collar and jerked back twice, and then ran for the car. Marshal Shot in I The sheriff and his deputy testified that Alvin then got loose from Montgomery and turned and shot at the marshal the 'bullet striking him'in the right leg. The accusec bosh-ran to 'their car and' backet it out of the alley and drove away As the car started to back out of the .blind alley, the .sheriff, Mont goiri*r%k ^yjd tAraold all emptied theii revolvers at the car. Arnold's testi mony of the events was similar ex cept that he fired at Alvin as he was running' to the car and he did no see Kvert strike Montgomery Montgomery's testimony was similar to the others except he did not see who struck him, or who shot him Weber's defense W;LS constructed around his denial of striking Mont gomery and the contention that h' was only a 9 years of age at the time of the affray and was a country boi led into trouble by his distan cousin, Alvin Weber. Attorney Regan's plea, to the jury was mainlj for mercy. During his ple% Attor ney Regan paid several menta to Marshal Montgomery Wi IS to 11. Three >'ew Boy Babies— Mr. and Mrs. Leo Elsbecker hav a baby boy born last week. Tom Records Sight the Way, Farm _ Franklin county. Thursday, December 17: Holiday Dinners, Hardin county. Tuesday, December 22: Wanning Successful Farmers Institutes, Floyd county. Thursday, December 24: Christmas Greetings, Chas. E. Hearst, state president. Tuesday, December 2!l: Home Accounts or No Accounts, Grundy county. Thursday, December 31: Value o£ the Annual Inventory, Butler county. Music and other entertainment features will be included us a part of all programs. > "Dependon" Store i ji Regardless of many dull days during this fall and early winter business has picked up to a wonderful degree—thanks to -the many wide-awake buyers who really appreciate the Complete Assortment and the Real Quality of our Groceries many which are displayed and fit in mostly for holiday trade. We have many nice Christmas Tree* 4 to 10 ft. tall telling for 25 to 85 cents each WE SAY—Happy days are here again! Sure they are, and let all of us make them last for a long,, long time, Come and see the Reindeers, Eskimo* and Giro plane Saturday AivRE S Phones 290-291 c * 11 ** * 13 S, Podge _ Having decided to quit farming I will sell the following = sonaL property at public sale at the old Parker place 2 1 west and 2£ miles north of Lu Verne, and H miles east = 2 2 miles south of Galbraith, on SSS - • * Wednesday, Dec. | Sale to Start at 1 O'clock Lunch Wagon on ; - j 5 v '- Head of Hqraes - 5 1 Bay team 9 and 12 yrs. old, wt, 1400; gray gelding 6 1 old, wt. 1400; brown mare 10 yrs. old, Wt. 1300; bay flri = 11 yrs. old, wt. 1300. 13 - Head of Cattle - 13 Seven good milch cowt now giving milk; 4 calves; yr.-old heifer; one black bull 12 roontht old. FORTY-THREE HEAD OF C00D-FEBD1NG AVERAGING ABOUT ONE HUNDREY FARM MACHINERY, ETC dr EHdgttte seeder; 2 gang plows; S stegfte wWvstoW ow V" n !!v 8l 8<ft ' plauter; 3«.ft. graiu elevator; 8,ft, John Deere Unfter, •«"}) "JJ'/ iron Cplumbus farm truck with triple box) wltu " truck with hay rack; some other farm or John CALWEU BROS

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