Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 10, 1931 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 10, 1931
Page 5
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KOSStJTtt COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGdNA. tOWA „„„. »nd Friday, December 10 and 11 2;30 Thiifsday matinee, 10-30c. IT'S A BIO LAUGH SHOW! , H BROWN DOROTHY LEE RUTH HALL 1 In *Local Boy Makes Good" He's the blushing pride of the campus. He's two i rolled into one. Fast? Nothing can catch him. Saturday, December 12 I:30r3:30 Matinee. EVERYONE SHOULD CELEBRATE! .t a flaws & Reindeer, Auto Giro Will be in Algona WALTER HUSTON and LORETTA YOUNG " DORIS KENYON In "The Ruling Voice" 'you remember Huston vas the warden in "Crim- LlCode." Watch him as head of big business stop- r the delivery of milk to city independent dealers. IT'S A GREAT SHOW TOM TYLER SERIAL at Matinees only. ; : — ' ' , :— r- Sunday and Monday, December 13 and 14 V 1-3 O'clock matinees, 10-30c. ' 5-7-9'o'clock shows, regular prices. , i IT'S A CLASS SHOW ;> Beautiful girls, marvelous gowns! ; "Girls About Town" ' KAY FRANCIS LILY AN TASHMAN \ JOEL McREA EUGENE PALLETTE '; I IT'S MODERN AND GAY! Swanky gowns! ( Tuesday and Wednesday, December 15 and 16 2:30 matinee Tuesday, 10-30c, LIVE BROOK. KAY FRANCIS, MERIAM HOPKINS ' in Louis Bromfield's u«24 Hours" ; -, 11 o'clock at night "to 11 o'clock at night; ' It gives you an insight into city life. i New York City- 1 —the modern Babel laid bare. : Thursday and Friday, December 17 and 18.; : 2:30 matinee Thursday, 10-30c. One of the big 1932 specials. Prom the story Stadium : ? " JACK OAKIE RICHARD ARLEN PEGGY SHANNON and 30 COLLEGE GRID STARS in "Touchdown" A thrill classic. APPLICATIONS TOTAL NOW MORE THAN 6000 William A. Stevens, Des Molnes, was In Algona Tuesday, ami reported that only 2fi per cent oC the automobile drivers and owners had applied for licenses In this county up- to November 28, leaving 7.1% still to be applied for. But with special deputies now making applications over the county, these figures are no longer accurate. Two hundred and ninety-nine owners' ap plications and 205 drivers' applied tions were made out in the county Monday. Mr. Stevens is head of the motor vehicle department of the state, rind he has 123 persons working in his office at Dos Molnes, taking care of the 20,000 applications received every day. They are filed there from all parts of the state, and the licenses are mailed from his office. Of this number of employes ton are kept busy checking applications to see If all questions are answered correctly. The total number who had applied for licenses in this county was 2095 drivers and 3715 owners Tuesday evening. Seven chauffeurs licenses and four school bus permits were applied for last week. Yesterday's total took the grand total to more than 0,000. &LOCALS "FARMER" BROWN IS SPEAKER AT HUMBOLDT Mr. and Mrs. Louis Hintz visited at the Will Tlede home at Lu Verne Sunday. A chicken supper will be served fit the Congregational church parlors from 5:30 on this evening. Mr. and Mrs. John Origer, of Bode, are parents of a boy, born at the Kossuth hospital Tuesday morning. Mrs. R. p. Norton left last Thursday for. a. few weeks with relatives at MIHon Center and Columbus, O. The Hev. and Mrs. P. J. Branei and Donald Cronan were dlnnei guests at August Huenhold's Sunday. Mrs. Fred Pooch began work Sat urday at the Hawcott & Ogg store She will remain till after the holl days. William Arndorfer, of St. Benedict, underwent a. surgical operation at the Kossuth hospital last week Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Clark went t< Minneapolis Monday to visit relatives and friends. They were also to visit at St. Paul. Mrs. J. \v. Sullivan went to Mus- catlne last week Wednesday to visit the Daniel Sullivans. She is expected home this week-end. Matt Osterbauer has been suffering from rheumatism the past few weeks. He is ill in bed part of the When It's Six Below-Above Lee Jtv. is a senior Yonkton. in college at Mr. and Mrs. Charles Nolle went Lo Goodell Sunday to attend the funeral of his brother Fred H., who died suddenly of heart trouble last Thursday. Mr. Nolte was only sick two hours and had apparently been In good health. He was 57 years old and came of a family of ten boys, only four remaining now. Mr. Nolte was never married and had been living with his brothers there. They are all painters. Homer Nolte and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Nolte also attended the funeral from here. Mrs. V. Lloyd Stebbins, who operates the Stebbins hospital, reports a 10-lb. girl born to Mr. and Mrs. Og- gle Hansen Sunday morning. Mr. Hansen works for Chester Schoby. 'She also reports a 9-lb. girl born to Mr. and Mrs. Myron Ludwlg last week Wednesday. Mr. Ludwig is employed with the telephone company at West Bend. Mrs. Roy Bowen, who suffered a gallstones attack lust September, is etlll at the hospital and is improving slowly. Her brother-in-law. Doctor Bowen, of Fort Dodge, spent Sunday with her. time. 70's. CAN YOU IMAGINE INAMELED OVAL ROASTER For only Charles S. "Farmer" Brown, of Arizona, field representative of the Federal Farm Board, will be the principal speaker on the afternoon program Sunday at the Humboldt county annual Farm Bureau meeting which will be held in the Legion building in Humboldt. "Farmer" Brown is well known to Iowa farmers through radio talks and addresses at Farm Bureau meetings. He was one of the main speakers on the Farm Bureau program at the Iowa State fair In Des Molnes last fall. A-few weeks ago he was speaker at a special radio broadcast over NBC chain on the Farm and Home hour. The speaker knows his farming and farmers through practical experience, and will tell Humboldt county farmers about the national cooperative marketing program being developed under the agricultural stator marketing act and what the program time, means to farmers. Sixteen years of service in the interests of organized agriculture is the record of "Farmer Brown." During that time he has participated actively in national, state, and county Farm Bureau work of all kinds. HUSBAND OF FORMER H, D, A, DIES; WAS CHICKEN EXPERT It is reported' that the former Marie Plath's husband, John Niles, Bau Claire, Wis., died last month and that burial was made the 20th of November. Mr., Niles had gone into the country to play cards. He left for home at 11 p. m., and his body was found beside his car by motorists at 4 o'clock in the morning. The body was mutilated in no way and the cause of death is not iinown. Mrs. Niles served as Farm Bureau H. D. A. here a few years several years ago. Her parents live at Le Mars. Mr. Niles was also known in the county, for he culled poultry here at the time Mrs. Niles served as H. D. A. Local friends of Mrs. Niles here have not heard Mr. Osterbauer is in his late BAPTIST, Arthur 8. Hueser, pastor—Get the Christmas spirit now. The Sunday night services at this church will help you get it. For next Sunday we have a very unusual program. The Mission Circle will present a short play entitled Broadcasting the Christmas Message. This will be followed by a cartoon for the Dr. and Mrs. J. O. F. Price return- boys and girls, and a message en- ed Saturday afternoon after having titled We in the Christmas Drama. attended the International livestock I Remember that each Sunday night show. The Prices make an annual trip to this event. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Thompson and Mrs. Verne Hale, of Fort Dodge, were guests of Mrs. George Free last Thursday. Mrs. Thompson and Mrs. Free are sisters. The South Cresco Aid will serve a 25 cent supper and have an apron sale at the home of JW. L. Martin, 406 S. Williams, Algbna, tomorrow at 6:30. The public Is invited. Ernestine Chubb came home Friday for a month visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Collie Chubb. She has been a domestic science demon- stator at Frederick, Md., for some ervice during December will be a hristmas service . . . Morning wor- hip at 11 ... Sunday school at 10 B. Y. P. U. at tf:30 . . . Prayer meeting Wednesday night at 7:30 The special missionary educa- on program Friday at 3 and 7:15 m. Everybody welcome. Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Peterson are morning enjoying a month's visit from their daughter Mabel, who has for some years been employed in the Interna Revenue department at Washington D. C. Rosanne 3-year-old daughter Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Reding, spen last week at the home of her uncl and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ca pesius, who live on a farm near A gona. Mr. and Mrs. W. G. McCulloug drove to New Hampton Sunday spend the day with the H. A. Perrj family, and other old friends. Th McCulloughs formerly lived at New Hampton. lis is just what we are going to give you t next Saturday as our usual J SATURDAY SPECIAL j on't overlook the opportunity of get-: ng your Christmas goods while this sale : ists. We have a wonderful line of use- j |1 Christmas Gifts at a saving of from , ) to 50 per cent, - have a store full of BARGAINS that N are proud to show, and in apprecia- "onofthe wonderful cooperation we ve had we are going to continue to 01- k these values for a tehort time more. N have had a,wonderful trade during sale aM have had the satisfaction of owing that our customers have been {ore than satisfied with their purchases. ! YOU FAIL TO ATTEND THIS RE- CTION SALfe YOU ARE LOSER Idson Hardware 274 Algona, Iowa METHODIST, C. A T . Hulse, pastor —The W. F. M. S. meets this afternoon with Mrs. F. E. Sawyer. Mem ners and friends are earnestly in 'ited . . . The Bible Searchers clasi s packing a box for the Iowa Chil dren'e Home at Des Moines. Any one wishing to make a contributio of fruit, clothing, or other useful ar Jcles are invited to do so and t bring articles to the class Sunday osition at Fort Dodge, where she •ill be employed in the offices of Drs. Kersten & Van Wagenen. She vill go to Fort Dodge Monday and egin work Tuesday. She is the aughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Nelr \ on, of Wesley township. Eugene Murtagh drove to Des Joines Saturday and brought home Mrs. Murtagh, who had been a patient at the Methodist hospital, vhere she had been taking treatment? for ulcers of the stomach the Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Holdren received a message Saturday advising of the sudden death of a sister, Mre. Ernest Butler, \yho died at Compton, 111., the preceding day, following an operation. Funeral seitvices | were held there Monday. Mrs. Butler was also a sister of Ben Terhune,-of Irvington. Neither could make the trip to attend the services. Mre. Butler is survived by her husband and eight children. She is also survived by her sister and brother in Kossuth, and 'by four oth- HERE ARE DATES FOR CHRISTMAS MAILING The following dates for mailing will bring the parcels mailed to thetf destination approximately at Christmas time as given by Postmaster Backus: ' Pacific Coast States, Washington* Oregon, California, Nevada and Ida* ho, Dec. IB to 17. Western States, Montana, Utah, and Wyoming, December 16 to 18. States, Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas, Dec. 16 and.18. Near Western States, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas and Colorado, Dec. 17 to 2(h Southern States, Arkansas, Alabama, Louisiana, Tennessee, Florlj da, Georgia, Virginia, West Virginia^ and North Carolina,, Dec. 17 to 20. Eastern States, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware and the New England State*, Dec. 17 to 20. Neighboring States, MinrfeRoto, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin,'•' '. Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and tucky.-Dec. 19 to 21. Local States (intra sta,te) for Iowa offices, Dec. 21 to 22; *< past three weeks. Mrs. Murtagh's I er sisters. Mrs. Holdren had not seen her sister for 18 years. REV, W, H. LEASE SHAKEN UP WHEN CAR SKIDS IN DITCH The Young Married People's class is holding a. social evening at the church tomorrow at condition is improved, but she is still unable to be up all day because of her weakened condition. Mrs. VTurtagh is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Al Falkenhainer. Archie Hutchison suffered three broken ribs on his left side Tuesday morning, when he fell on the sidewalk south of the courthouse. The snow which fell the night before hid ice underneath. The fall knocked the wind out of him, and he could not breathe for a minute or two. He was helped to the Doctors Kenefick office, where the bones were set. Though stiff and sore he was able to attend court that afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. K. J. Smith, of Humboldt, were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Pletch. Mrs. Smith is remembered here as Bernice Bradley, who taught in the local high school several years ago. Mr. Smith ie in the implement business. Sunday was the seventh wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Pletch, and We Suggest You know his smokes are his first consideration. Then why not something' in that line! The Rev. W. H. Lease skidded into the ditch and his car tipped over Sunday night four miles north of Algona. He was on his way to Dolliver to open a series of meetings at the East Chain -church. His car skidded on the icy road-and into the- itch, where the windshield was roken and the top of his car dam- ged. The Rev. Mr. Lease was ruised,' but not seriouely hurt. be classified with this group are invited to come, bring a covered dish, and a ten-cent article for the grab bag. EA T . LUTHERAN, P. ,T. Braner, pastor—Sunday school at 10; German service, 10:30 . . . Choir practice Thursday evening at 7:30 ... The English communion will be celebrated day a week from coming Sun- The school children will meet Saturday afternoon at 2 at the j church to practice for the Christmas program. • nesses at the marriage, were here to help observe the event. Mrs. F. J. Clark will go to Cedar Falls Saturday and Sunday will sing the alto solos of the Messiah, which will be presented by a choir of over 200 voices of I. S. T. C. students The Messiah will be give n at 4 o'clock in the college auditorium Mrs. Clark took part in a similar event at the college eight years ago when the Waterloo. Clark family lived a She will visit her daugh from her, and are not known. further particulars MRS, SARAH N, BANKS, OLD TIME AL60NIAN, IS DEAD about -Magazines Many Algonians who remember Mrs. Sarah N. Banks will be interested to hear of her death, which occurred November 20 at the home of her son William, of Lynd, Minn., with whom she had made her home. The cause of death was rheumatism and she had been confined to her bed two years. She was 87 years and three months old at death. Mr. and Mrs. Banks left Algona 22 .•ears ago, and Mr. Banks was later tilled by a train at. Marshall, Minn. Tuneral services for Mrs. Banks vere conducted at the home of her son, and burial was nyide m a Marshall cemetery. She is survived by her son William, nine grandchildren, and 14 great-grandchildren. OWA STATE BRAND BUTTER PROJECT JOLD ROTARIANS There was nearly or quite a (100 per cent attendance at the regular noon luncheon of the Rotary club Monday. R. O. Storvick, new manager of Iowa State Brand Creameries, Masdn City, was introduced by Geoi W. Godfrey as speaker pi the day. Mr. Storvick spoke on the work of the corporation, which now consists of 45 north Iowa creameries including Algona, Burt, Fenton, Whlttemore, Lotts Creek, Bancroft, Lakota, and Swea City in this county The corporation has i26 em- ployes and serves 7000 dairy fann- ers. Organized in 1927, it erew from total of *42,428 business the first year to » total of $2,370.711 two years later. FORT DODGE CAR BURNED dlj SIOEROAIIBY THIEVES A Chrysler roadster owned by Joe Gralnek, of Fort Dodge, stolen from the streets there Tuesday evening, found three miles northweet of Jatf.t,he same night. The who 41ve near by upon investigation mw. Marshal No one was Mr. and Mrs. Gardner Cowles, Des Moines, left yesterday for Phoenix, Ariz., where they will spend the winter months. Mrs. Cowles, who suffered severe heart attacks last winter, is now much Improved in health. R. E. Vincent, who carries the mail from the postoffice to the depots, has been ill with the flu for several days, and has been unable to attend to his duties. During hie absence Darrell Newvflle substituted. C. F. Erlckson, of Minneapolis, is expected Saturday for a visit till Sunday at the home of his brother, O. W. Erickson. Mrs. C. F. Brickson, who has spent the past few weeks here, will accompany him home. PRESBYTERIAN, 3. L. Coleman, ter Claribel, a student at the college Mr. and Mrs. Lee Reed, returne one day last week from Yankton S. D., where they and Mr. Reed Pastor — There will be services | mother, Mrs. Ben Reed, both morning and evening adapted i to spend Thanksgiving. Want Ads NTOTICE — NOTICE IS HEREBY given : that Lloyd Engler is given his time, and I no longer guarantee or assume liability for any debts incurred by him after this date.—Dated at Burt, Iowa, December 9, 1931 Theo. Engler. 38pl3 DUROC JERSEY AND POLAND China boars. These are good rug;ed heavy boned deep bodied boars The easy feeding kind. Good farmer boars at farmer prices.—Ben G. Studer, farm one mile south, one mile east of We'sley. 3Gul3-14 CIGARS A hundred different brands to choose from. We have his favorite in holiday wrapping ASH TKAYS Always useful Cigar Cases Cigarette Cases Tobacco Pouches BUI Folds Clear and Cigarette Holders CIGARETTES In beautiful Holiday cartons/ qr in tins His favorite i brand Is here ! TOBACCOS ' Humidors, etc. LIGHTERS Prices to suit Our large line of, pipes and complete showing of styles makes it ,. a simple matter to select here EVERYTHING In an up-to-date cigar store AN ESTRATED HOG CAME TO my place. Owner may have same by paying for this adv. and feed costs.—Joe Klemm, Lu Verne. 22pl3 FOR SALE—MAMMOTH BRONZE turkey tome, $8; hens, $5; also Barred Rock cockerels, priced right, had ,gone i —.Tos. Thomann, West Bend. U13-14 The elder to both old and young. As we approach the Christmas season, may the mind and spirit of the Wise Men be song of ours, peace on Let the angels' earth and good will toward men, be upon every lip. FIRST LUTHERAN, REV. Oscar E. Johnson in charge — Sunday school at 9 instead of 10 in order to have time to practice Christmas program. Service at 11. The J. H. Jensen, Fenton, former state representative, was an Algona visitor Saturday. Mr. Jensen is still actively interested in politics, and has kept posted on the political Kossuth and adjoining choir meets at the Sellstrom home Wednesday evening for practice. . . Dorcas society meets Friday at 2:30 with Mrs. Sellstrom, Mrs. Reed remained there at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Manson Stewart, for a visit till after the holidays. Mr. • and Mrs. Lee Reed, who moved to Algona in November from New Bern, N, C., are living in Lee's mother's house, and their son TWO SPOTTED POLAND CHINA boars for sale or trade. — F. S. Thompson. Ilul3-14 HAMPSHIRE BOARS FOR SALE, $15 each.—Carl -Hutchine, 24F3. phone 10pl3 REASONABLY PRICED Certainly! Yon can fin* a suitable gift for Urn at most any prfee. look over our store and bw him something that he'll sure make use of. SMOKE SHOP Smokers' Hdqrs. and Supply StOM was car to Clarke was notified. near th<rcar and a pile of papers found under the oar to the fact that the been purposefully. tically the entire car was an« what was left was stolen (several nights later. • Appendix Removed, Arlene Baldwin; 9-year-old r^f Bert B. Baldwin, was Kosauth situation in counties. Mrs. Anton Anderson came home Friday from Eagle Grove, where she had been since last week Tuesday at the home of her son 3U A. Anderson. L. A. 3s traveling salesman for the Sinclair Meat company of Cedar Rapids. William J. Weis, of Nashua, plans to ppen a barber shop in part of the building occupied by Nick Maharas and his shoe repair and shine shop in the near "future. Thos, Wagoner operated a shop there till he was killed In an auto accident in September. . Alvln Huenhold took his sister Lulu to Minneapolis a week ago Monday. She is attending school at Calhoun college, and is taking a nine months course in secretary training. She had been home «ver Thanksgiving. . Alvin returned the next day. • Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Cooper returned Sunday from a visit at Des Motnes and Redfield. Mrs. Cooper went to Des Moines last Thursday. At Redfield she visited her mother. Mr. Cooper is traveling salesman for the Brown Camp hardware company of Des Moines. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Reimer, of Orand Junction, came Monday and are spending several days here with friends and on business. The Reimers moved to Grand Junction last fall and are operating a funeral home and furniture store. They are the guests o f the H- L. Gilmores. Only one marriage application was applied for at the district court clerk's Office last week. The applicants were John Sanders, 66, of Kossuth county, and Ella L. Males, 63, of Madison county, December 7. A license was granted Monday to Wade H. Ball and Julia M. Lelsveld, both of Lakota. Eleanor Rahw, of St. Benedict, began work Monday at the county treasurer's office, She will l» W; pjoyed till after tb,e automojrfte license rush. Eleanor was employed In the Paople'8 Savings bank at St. Benedict till It closed recently. Sbe IB IJvIns with nw el»t«r, Mfcp. operates a shoe store at Humboldt, is a, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Neville, and Mrs. Neville is a stepdaughter of I. M. Finnell. May Ward, who has charge of the ready-to-wear department at the Christensen Bros, store, fell Friday morning on the icy walk as she was leaving the Wm. K. Ferguson residence where she rooms. Two bones in her left -wrist were broken. Dr. C. H. Cretzmeyer set the bones, and she was unable to be at work Tuesday and yesterday. Mrs. Geo. L. Free, Iowa City, and daughter Suzanne, are expected tomorrow for a visit till after the holidays with the former's mother. County Recorder Laura Paine. Mr. Free, who is a pharmacist student at the state university, is expected a few days before the holidays. Mrs. Paine will meet her daughter and baby at Livermore tomorrow. Josephine Murtagh and Eleanor Backus are expected home next Thursday for a visit till after the holidays with their respective parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Murtagh, and Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Backus. Josephine returned to school Monday, after having an appendicitis operation a few weeks ago. Both girls are students at Stevens college, Columbus, Mo. Florence Nelson, who has been employed at the Drs. Kenefiqk & Kenefick offices 'the last four years, has resigned to accept a similar »iilill!HI!ll!!l!^ WEHLER'S ! Christmas Gifts That Last! For real Economy in the very tWng that he likes best, remember this—the t&B. Special ' 0o CIGAR be had to pocket <saytQB8, 6 itor #5ci, W for "50o; of boxes xif BULOVA WATCHES Ladies' wrist watches $29.75 to $50.00 ; Hamilton and Illinois at $82.50 to $150.00 HALLMARK in gold'filled cases from $16.50 to $87.50 SULOVA Men's watches at $24,75 Elgin Wrist Watches From $16.50 to $25.00 Cameo gents, rings, cuff buttons, vest chains, bill foUls, key pacts, .pens and pencils. Ladies' tooled hand bags and purses, compacts, pearl beads, crystal beads, fancy stone set -lava flie^e^s, xsameo brooches. BUY STERLING SILVER You can get for $87.50 ft. knives 6 forks 6 teaspoons •6 bullion spoons Miss Alviu or Chateau patterns. Silver plated 26-piece sets at from $9.65 and up A List of Patterns in Sterling Silver Wm. and Mary Mary II Granado Coif a* We can match your patterns to complete lyour sets. In Silver Ure* Silver Seal Lady J^nois Lady -Helen 'Lady Washington .Ljady Louise DIAMOND Set in 18-k. gold at $15.00, $18.00 and $20.00 which are sold regularly at $20;00 to $25:00. Other rings to' * $225.00 Belt, buckle, and chajnj at $1.00 with your initial Electric Ifentel »•* Alarm Clocks Pewter 'Gbmpa<$&» t ar and «r«airier§, .pitchers, tea '««&.,

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