Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 10, 1931 · Page 3
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 10, 1931
Page 3
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KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA. IOWA PAGE \\feek End Specials S*—We Erahakosma RUNES— ill sweet libs. 25c COCOA— Bulk, 2 Ibs. 1 O j% I OU SOAP— P& G, 10 bars 29c GINGER SNAPS Or Fig Bars, Hj QM 2 Ibs. I WV MARSHMALLOWS— Fresh, v 1 Q«% 1 Ib. i . I Ov ADDS LEAVE IRVINGTON FOR NEW LOCATION Irvlngton, Pec. 8 — Mr. and Mr«. A I'd left last week for Hn- At the Call Theatre A Review of the Recent Talkies by T. H. C. T HIO TRIUMPH of 11. cupublc cast| noun and night netted the over a mediocre plot Is clearly | fund over $400.00, every charity cent of demonstrated .In Over the Mill (In'which went to the committee. Count- the poor house) when .rumen Dunn, i Ing overhead and loss'of subsequent Sally Kllers, Mao Marsh and James | business following one big feature, Klrkwood |iull the dusty old poem of ! ,-we figure tlil.s little venture coat Mr. warden whore they will make their I Will Carlelon, written at. least SO; Mice not les« than $50.00 to $75.00. future home. R. E. Morelock, Al-jyars UKO, to the level of pii.smblcii Some of tho "drug store" phlloso- gpnn, has come to take Mr. Ard's entertainment. This Is \00% Hob-jphei-H who spent a dollar for two able of better things—perhaps the lovely Doris Kenyon is miscast as the patient suffering wife of a microbe hunting doctor, perhaps a, more suitable actress than Marian, Marsh could have been found for a minor "lead"—yes, perhaps, perhaps, but for this type picture the cast Is well nigh perfect. We might go further and say that we have never seen place as depot agent. Mrs. Morelock and two children are still residing In AlRona. The family plan to occupy the Ard house, which Is now occupied by the Frank Ship- leys, who moved there a few months stuff of the snmp stripe as such tear-' I rollers as Knot I^ynne and Ten Nights In u Bin- Room, written no might put this In their pipes and give it a couple of puffs. SMKKr^y NO ONK could have suf- one known exactly when, but favor-1 fej-ed more keenly during this pic- tvngon burned. I he new house tj mn grandpa's old red 'felt bedroom! die lori'im now being erected on the Shipley „,„„„.„, nr Almt M^J,. moth eaton! f( ! tc . ,ed ' fa.m is near completion, and the Hhllwlt Uoakw , w!th tho rnvcr( . d j a £™ n £ tin ip leys pin n to move ITI t o 11 *i M ' -11 | *«>-»».1 <rui,\, Oon aS possible. Mtnff. this nvi»r tln> tllll I. nnlrllv. I i..'ii. i' /.., either Doris Kenyon or Marian Marsh In a part In which they seemed to take a greater Interest and Into which they put more of the'm- selvra. THE THEME has been handled on the stage In such successes as Rain and White Cargo, but the screen has been quite devoid of plots touching on the effects of tropical countries on the -whites. William PoiwSI • his usual suave, sleek self, a man, a misjudged rogiie—he touch of realism Into a rather: ful part and wins our sympathy* toko spite of ourselves. This Is one that you either liked or you and you knew it before you 8ajf you looked at the title, so blame anybody but yourself. J STRANGE, BUT TRUE! ALEXANDER THE GREAT WAS BORN IN EUROPE, DIED IN WAS BUR.IED IN AFRICA lessons drawn therefrom so far- as to be almost amusing. In '.o to the opinions of the ........ n niiuitmimaiiy folks who do not attend the stuff, this Over the Hill. bur:klly,| tnlklus regularly and with due re- wp Snow In Montana- tno "''"''"T" ,'f C , 1 ofc ">» " l ", «>« ;«!>«* to those whom Manager Rice In a recent letter itols Kobison, j^ T^h In n ,Zlt was trying h.« best to please, we will tallspel, Mont, writes that 2fl' conclude that Salvation Nell prob- nches of snow had fallen in the last] ABOUNDING in such inconsls- al)lv satisfied as many people as any en days and the mercury at times : lencles as a bottlegger'K 6-eylindcr, show that could have been secured, cached is below zero. Mr. and'car in one sequence and an old- After all, in matters of democracy „ ..... i,. ' fnolt l/mnfl lmt..4A-r1t<,i.l,n tiler In rail tVln tllO fOW IHtlSt alWH,yS bOW *" rt tVlP RICE BOOK and Gift Shop of govern- cacneu is Below zero. Mr. and car in one sequence ami an om- "•"" Mrs. Roblson, who are the parents, fashioned, horse-drawn rig in all the the to o[ flv e children, are now alone, w ithj others; of a modern 1031 gown andjniany he exception of Gera'ldlne, who Is! an 1870 hat In another, there are! cullarl . ...... __ „ attending high school in Kallspel.! Ktlll features which mark it as ajnionl that the majority rule, not- iichard, oldost son,, is employed In surprisingly enjoyable talkie. jTheroi withstanding Dr. Wlggam's conten- Colifornia; Wayne, youngest, is In are the psychological asjiee.tfi of thojtion that "popular notions are al- the navy, The other girls, Mildred thing, as for example tho whispered ways wrong." A mere youngster ind Elinor, are now respectively j thoughts which- run through the< voiced our individual opinion when, Mrs. James Harris and Mrs. Charles'mind of tho .mother, always revert- on being nsked by her mother how \Tnrtin. Vtntii nf rinriv- .Wvn \Tr in.* ... *!*„ * i n\"i urn «t Hit. rrmnfrv she liked Halvatlon N-ell. she replied*. "Tho Onr/.y Cat comedy was fine." Martin, both of Cody; -Wyo. Mr. ind Mrs. Harris have a son, William Farewell Surprise Party Given— Mr. and Mrs. Theodore (.Seeders were entertained at a surprise farewell party at the Mark Jones home. Other guests were Mr. and Mrs, M. Ing to the S1«".S3 bill at the grocery store. Also the mental anguish of the father, beginning with the hum of the newlng machine and terminating with ,the roar of the machinery wheels in the. Work, room of the, prison. '.''.' •TAMES DUNN and Sally Kilew E. Worster, Mrs. Stella Sabiu, and) turn in another fine performance, Mary Blaha, Algona, Mr. and Mrs.! which, while far below their pre- E. M. Cox, and the Earl Millers of jvlous wiccess, Bad nlrl, is nnverthc- ' Beautiful assortments of new values in gift boxes containing 12 CHRISTMAS CARDS AND ENEVELOPES—£_-—— 15 CHRISTMAS CARDS AND ENVELOPES " : ^ for ____ '••l.J-JJ:!-— 25c 35c REGARDLESS OF MONEY Financial circumstances may dictate the sum for •funeral expenditures,.but it does not dictate the quality of our services. ^ We always serve to the best of our ability and IBUOW utmost respect and thoughtfulness for those we Iserve regardless of the amount they spend.. Laird & McCullough FUNERAL DIRECTORS WE FURNISH NATIONAL CASKETS , this vicinity. Mr. and Mrs. Goeders plan to leave soon for California, where they will spend the winter months. George Sti'wiirts Home Again— Mr. and Mrs. George Stewart, who went to Des Moines last week Tuesday evening, returned the following Thursday to await a summons to Kansas City, where he will undergo an operation on 9ne leg. They had planned to go to Kansas City from Des Molnes, but had to return home and wait awhile as the hospital Is filled at this time. Annual Ba/nar Clears $85— The annual bazaar last week AVcd- ess 'a marvel of realism, despite the unlikely plot. Mae Marsh, back on the sciven after a long absence, going almost to the silent Birth of a Nation days, plays the role of the overworked and patient mother with her keen perception. James . Klrk- wootl, another old-timer of the silent rtayx, is equally convincing as the lusty husband. Other parts are well tnk'en. Over tho Hill gathers speed as It goes along and ends in a climax of noisy and rambunctious action. Viewed Crom another angle, the child mind,.we hope every youngster in Algona saw this picture: our boys were deeply inipresned, wrote, an tn- . . We might add, so was the colored reel: even the monkey «ketch was better tlinni. the average. IF TOT! ATTENDED the benefit mnvie then, and didn't like the show, just console yourself with the thought that your dollar is going to bring happiness to someone less fortunate than yourself. And until you have yourself spent not less' than $50.00 for charity, it might be "charitable" to withhold judgment altogether. 1 lit: illll lUtll (J(l/iilill 1H3L S> Ct;|V V> wv»~ >» V. I t. in-v, |-».T ... • i- - ---- - - - , nesday at the church was well at- 1 telligent tabloid about it and seemed F EYV RECENT talkies have received harsher treatment from the critics than The Road. to Singapore; without exception they have panned it unmercifully. It comes as rather a pleasant surprise to find first, that we are out of step with the majority, and second, that The Road to Singapore is a sophisticated during exposition of a phase of matrimonial life which is too near the truth to be enjoyable to many movie patrons. No' one wants to hear the truth—this applies to the movies as ' See our entire line of individual car 's at 1931 pric'es. ' ' GIVE BOOKS FOR CHRISTMAS Our new line of fiction and non-fiction at $1.00 and up will be suitable fOranyone. ""•'•' '*-/ . . '. • ..'•., ,'; I A VERY CHOICE LINE OF COLONIAL LAMPS —Pewter and Maple, combined with hobnail, glass fonts, ultra-smart, ju it receiy$d,,,^, <>-w , ; . , ,,, . '• * , • „ -..-•. Christmas Shopping Made^ Easy Here— 1000 Beautiful Gifts to £jioose From ;• ' 1)0 NOT FAIL TO READ THIS ' Detach here _, i nesday at the church was well at- telligent tao ao ^ ^ y ^ ^ folkg tended, and $85 was cleared. Thurs-| particularly .struck by the • CX! "" P '^ the tl . uth and they wiu cruc ify you rlnv nftprnnnn the Aid met and clean- nf splf-sacrifiee, or wnlcn tneu- \\eic _____ _______ — .,i,,fif,,,ioa >lks i . day afternoon the Aid met and clean- of self-sacrifice, of which there were ed the church and annex. This Pri-1 several. In this connection, it day afternoon Aid members are to help quilt at the home of Mrs. J. M. Cox. Those going in the forenoon are to take a covered dish. . . our rather biased judgment that such talkies are really more worth- R-Grocer Bargains SPECIALS - This Week •I cans Juck Sprat Pork and I Beans '. 86c |P»ncake Flour .'.'-_ 21c [Buckwheat Pancake Flour 35c anut ClustcrH _J 18c iMarslimnllowH, 2 Ibs. _——2»c tCandles, 2 Ibs _.._86c llqt. dill pickles . 85o II (it. mustard 19c IHuglurd with salad spoon free ...-_„__ 16c SuUFIuBh 18c I Quaker Crackers, 3 for.__.25c Parsnips, 5 Ibs. — 2»c Swansdown 23c Magic AVashcr -19c Tall Pink Salmon, 2 tor ~29c 1 Ib. Cocoa — 18c Large Cornflakes 8c Oranges _ 19c Xo. 1 Crulied Pineapple —9c No. 9'/<j si. Pineapple, 2 for 29c No. 2 si. Pineapple 11>c Peanut Mutter -15« Toy broom FBKB with each II Grocer broom. iPriday and Saturday we'll have some more of that [Hamburger and Sausage at lOc per pound. IWatch our windows for last minute bargains in peats and groceries. Fresh fish, etc. R—Prof its Small R—Business Great That's the way.we operate. Fresh Meats, Oysters, Fruit, Vegetables * CATHBIN M. GBEEJf [PHONE 245 WE DELIVER Victor lApplegiitPR Have Boy— Mr. and Mrs. Victor Applegate, near Corwlth, are the parents of a boy born December fi. Mrs. Applegate was formerly Martha Potter, daughter of the fiimer Potters. This is the first child for the Applegates. Other Irvington News. The Missionary society will meet next week Friday afternoon at the church. Mrs. V. J. Schichtl will lead. The foreign topics will be Persia, Mesopotamia, and Syria. The national topic will be, The Mormon while children's pictures than the somewhat dull Sam and E'enrod variety that are billed as especially suited to the child mind. —give them meaningless platitudes and they will sing your praises to the sky. PERHAPS William Powell Is cap- : COUPON . This coupon is worth 50c on the purchase of $2.00 worth' .or more of our .. Christmas Greeting Cards. Our select on of greeting cards is pleasing many , discriminating people. This coupon g ; od until Christmas. I Field. Mesdames Boldridge and Barker will be hostesses. The Otto Ramus family came Sunday to visit Mrs. Charles Sankey. The Ray Hlcklins, of Woden, were Sunday guests at Douglas Rlley's. The Henry Scheppmans were Sunday visitors at West Bend. Fred Hudson and Oran Hudson, who left here before Thanksgiving for a visit with relatives in Wiscon- i son and at Fred's home in Minnen- I polls, have both returned. The Rev. A. English read as his scripture lesson last Sunday the 1st chapter of John. The text was taken from 1st Timothy, 3:10. The topic was The Four Mysteries. ALGONA LAWYERS ATTEND DISTRICT ASSN, BANQUET The 14th judicial district bar as sociation held Its annual mid-win ter banquet at the Gardston hotel, Estherville, Saturday night, and Al- gonlans In attendance were: Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Bonar, Mr. and Mrs. L. and Mrs. G. Dand Mrs. G. W- X TilK MAD C5T3NI1TS John Bar- 'ry in ore haw prostituted the noble art of acting to the lowest level seen on the local screen for a long time; in fact, nothing so dreadfully dull and stupid has ever been presented by this distinguished actor since he took to the talkies. Of course there have been more mediocre pictures Shown here, but we have a right to expect great things from one of our foremost American actors and a production like the present one makes one wonder just where u. man like Barrymoro fits into the. present cinema, program 11IL1J LMV> |" %..'—••Some of our disappointment comes Crom the fact that both minor leads were in incapable hands, which took some of the glamour from the star. DONALD COOK is in the bright lights outside the theatre for reasons that we are unable to discover after seeing the Mad Genius; his tlRRHH Department Stores The Gift Store u^ncd the leading Marian Marsh, who contrib- to the role which is| •.. Her rather with such redeeming features as appealed to us. The background of I music and the ballet were skilf handled and contributed what enjoyment could be had out of The Madj | Genius. THE PLOT haa to do with an I For Christmas ALL LEATHER Handbags and Purses pave the best' assortment of Handbags and Purses 1 ever brought to Algona for the money Good A«f ortmcnt for the Ladies At the Iqwest prices ypu have bought them for in . pany years, Men's Pwr»W, Bill Folds, Focketboolcs and Leather Key Cafes are making a special Ipw price for Holiday trade. F. H. SHACKELFORD AND LJSATHO jeannette Goeders. Mrs. impressed with Barrymore s e,e- rolllngH and made grimaces; M thta is great acting, then the present review of the talkie does not do either the Picture or the actor justice bay- era! scenes with the drug-addict« ; | A GIFT OF LINGERIE Brings delight to every woman and girl at Christmas. Not too expensive and just what you're looking for. PANTIES AND BLOOMERS They're inexpensive—— Come to the Christmas Store You'll Find Gifts To Make Everyone Happy •-,1 AQfl* *tww 98c GOODS OF The Woodmen elected the following officers at a meeting last week Wednesday night: Venerable Consul, H E. Bruns; Worthy Advisor, Paul I, .Richardson; clerk, O. J. Peterson; banker, W. H. SeipnUin; escort Ben E. Hynds; watchman, Melvln r Sill; sentry, Vernon' D. Casler; *•• tee for three years, W. H. t Messrs. Peterson, Seipman, Hynd Si anlHoran were reelected. Installation will take place Wednesday eve- nint" January C. August Strom is the retiring Venerable Consul. wiuwi^iJEa GOWNS AND DANCE SETS Always appreciated PRINCESSSLIPS AND PAJAMAS A splendid gift ___ $1.98 scenery until the camera has climbed innumerable stairs and across on ,ense stage. At any rate, the show did riot register favorably with us if you like it perhaps you are right and we might toe wrong. Such things have happened. f T HAS NEVER BEEN the policy 1 of this column to eulogize the generosity of Manager Rice, although it has always been a secret observation of ours that this particular gentleman has probably done more for his community than any other individual in Algona We *ay this with all due consideration to the many men who have given freely of their time and money to make this a better town. We benefit performance at the Call last Friday after- f " •"T.=-'VllK9W'>* 1 Wff»^ r «" < »""* w ^*»JI ' [Solve ^iCbrirtmas Gift problem by giving we nient of a soap -.. , yo?k City the past to™**** now at Cedar Rapids, and is employed in the advertising department of R broadcasting station of s brother, S. »-. is manager, wn » the youngest son of Mr. MM W B. Quurtpn, He is ex- i ^Therefor a visit with W.— !J cnts at Chrlatnms ___ ^loyd Potter / f .' -^ a^»^ These Blankets , That will be appreciated. Fancy plaids with heavy nap that is part- y'ool, large sizes. Select one of these values TOWEL SETS They're different, o course the towels ar big and fine-—but wha will please most is the! beauty. 39cto$l,49 Being Practical at Christmas Time, is to give things that are useful, and what could be more useful than Child's JQfi unions ^flPw Women's unions— Men's unions— Comfortable Indian Patterns $2.69 Box Stationery A gift of , this kind will always please someone. Add to your list one of these'fan- cy boxes of .sta-< tionery. They're tipnery. Priced 25 98c Part wool Large size $3.89 Child's Coats Will move out quickly at this price, then again just the gifts for most every little girl. $5.95 For Those Dearest It wouldn't be Christmas if we couldn't remember our Mothers and Sisters and those we love best—here we suggest Collar- AOn cuff sets HP W GIFT HOSIERY FOR EVERY TASTE Flatter her by a gift of silk stockings. 'There's nothing quite so , delightful to misses or women. ' GRACBEST | FULL-FASHIONED will be appreciated*—— GRACREST CHIFFON HOSE Silk to top GRACREST SERVICE WEIGHT All silk £4 stockings—^ •* I • Tapestry scarfs— Silk £4 JQ Fancy £Qft Scarfs^ I ••!« gloves __ Q«V PERFUMES A little gift that is sure to please. The bottle are attraC' tive and of course the perfumes are fine! 10c 49c BOOKS The safest thing when in doubt is to give books. EJvery boy and girl will enjoy one for Christmas. 19c 49c BED SPREADS TO please the woman whose pride is her home —consider these bright colored bed spreads at this year's low prices, $1.98 to $3.98 Handkerchiefs •Lxi .79c $1.00 A MAN'S CHRISTMAS Most men have a way of saying they don't want any presents, but just the same they are mighty glad when Christmas comes. Useful things please them moat. Dress Shirts Silk Hose Ascot MAKE IX)VELY . You never have more:! than you can use. It's'" the same way with ypur j friends. That's why they will enjoy an i, pensive one from assortment. T sure to please, T. CHILDREN'S Ui ii!-,-'' Ss4k ^ * -^ J- * ?£»t \ £ JJ«A $»&*•! Fancy Glattware You're always certain to please with one of these floral pwt P&ces. 25c»nd49c JCWT CAPS OlFT NECKWEAR Fancy patterns- ------ v- *•'„;? FOF All sjtyles.' Here's » real cap for winter comfort. Pull down to keep ears and head warm. 4 fcEAJU GIFT FQ? That are sure to please,, because they aye made <# the season's wanted silks, that are SQ weli$fce4 »»W' ^j_.J.lji'*-f','s>n ! t8!;£& •J-l r*Mr 49ft

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