Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 10, 1931 · Page 2
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 10, 1931
Page 2
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TAOBTWO *********** HHAMPIf JUDGIN ISW NSHIP STEAM [LOOMED The Christmas Gift For Every Member of the Family! Tale of a Cat's Tall A Beautiful Cedar Chest A city and county reception was tendered four farm boys at Emmetsburg Friday. Theee boys, John Williams, Spencer Torkelson, and Men-it Glffin, won the national championship judging contest at the International Livestock Show. In Chicago. Virgil K. Webster, Palo Alto county agent, coached the champions. Williams, 19, lives three miles southwest of Emmeteburg, Torkelson lives seven miles north and a mile east of the town, and Glffin lives four miles south of Ringsted. The Emmetsburg Reporter, reporting the boys' record, said: Palo Alto county attained one of the greatest distinctions it has ever had on Monday of this week when its 4-H crops judging team won the National Championship contest at the International Livestock show In Chicago.. Large headlines in the city dallies ; in various states proclaimed to the world that Iowa was the winner over all other states in the Union, and the long articles accompanying the headlines credited Palo Alto county with winning the great honor. Included in the contest were two classes of ear corn, two of white potatoes, and one each of oats, alfalfa hay, spring wheat, winter wheat and eweet potatoes. Oral reasons were given on four classes and written reasons on the remaining five class- According to the Forest City Summit a cat can cause a lot of trouble. The paper reports: Myrtle Haraldson started • to the basement at her home In Leland Monday evening and In the dark stepped on the cat on the first step. In the excitement she tumbled down the steps, upsetting a basket of clothes pins as she fell. In -huf« rying to determine the cause of the commotion her mother slid down the steps on the rolling clothes pins, but excepting a few bad bruises, neither was Injured. The cat ha s disappeared. SWEA CITY BLAZE TAKES LANDMARK A Bridge Table or Junior Lamp When fire destroyed the house on the Moody Simpson farm four miles west and two miles north of -Swea City, a week ago Friday night, tne first dwelling In the Northwest Kos- Btith settlement of sixty years ago passed out of .existence, .according. to Ray Sperbeck's Swea City Herald, which gives the following' facts concerning the house: It was In May, 1871, that the American Immigrant company of New York City built the house as a stopping place for the Swedish settlers .who were moving Into this region. Even yet the dwelling is known as "the ol£ company house" The building feet, and re- AT UNION TWP. M.&D, MEETING Union Twp'.,- Dec. 8 — George W.' Godfrey was guest speaker at the annual Mothers and Daughters club banquet at the Community room at Good Hope last Thursday. Air. God frey, who has spoken on previous occasions at the club banquet, ad dressed a rural school day group and appeared on the'township Fafm Bureau program, always has a wel come message for Union township folks on return engagements. Mr Godfrey's remarks were relative to the home Thursday. Other numbers on the after dinner program,, presided over by Mrs. Winifred Jengenson, president, Included: community singing led by the Rev. Allen H. Wood, with Mrs. Wood at the planoj two piano solos by Mrs. Allan Bishop, Algona, I Love a Little Cottage, and Neapolitan Night, sung by Helen Morrow, Algona;- accompanied by Mrs. Bishop; two piano solos by Mrs P. S. Thbmp. MODERN HOUSE FOR Call Cunningham FOR'HliNT— EAST PAllT OF M. .T. Young duplex house.— Call 316-.T. • llpV3 MODERN SLEEPING ROOMS! also —dolls!, tanks, tractors, aftlmals, trlkes, bikes 'h every thin'—ana !nts for pop and moiti, too. Teddy Bear, 89c. garage, close In.—Phone 632. 9pl2-13 FOR SALE-'POLAND CHINA boar — Henry Scheppman Jr., Irving_ , J>P 12 ' 18 SALE— SHEPHERD MALE $1 each.— W. J. Barr. Al- ton. FOR pups, gona HIGH~BRED HOLSTEIN HEIFER calves for sale.—Victor Jo"^ 90 ^ phone B43-W. CHRISTMAS WEAVING DONE a reasonable prices; also rugs for sale.—614 E. Call. 8-ln. 81-18 RELIABLE MAN WANTED to call * on farmers In Kossuth. Wonder- tut opportunity. Make $7 , to »iz dally. No experience or capital needed. — Write, McNESlS COMPANY, Dept. L, Freepoft, 111. WHY SEND YOUR ORDERS FOB printing out of town? " th « AI gona print shops got all the nuslnew which originates In Atgona they could hire three or four more print ers to earn and spend their money here. 4I " among the settlers. originally was 16x24 mained that size till late years when Mr. Simpson built a small addition. More than 1200 4-H club members j Capt. R. E. Janson, agent for A Comfortable Lounging Chair A New Style Smoking Cabinet A Beautiful New Living Room Set Children's Chairs, from 44 states in the United States and Canada attended the club congress in Chicago which was part of the International Livestock show. A full 4-H club program was arranged for them, and in addition the ttendants were treated to a num- 3er of sight seeing trips throughout Chicago, 1 - which :incltided 'visits to the field Museum, various parks, man- facturlng and packing plants, the- tres and other points of -interest. In addition to winning the na- ional championship as a judging earn, more honors came to Palo Alto county when Merrlt Giffln received he third highest individual score in he national contest. This Palo Alto judging team won the Iowa championship and also ligh honors for Individuals at the state fair at Des Moines last Sep:ember. John Williams was high ranking individual with a score of 690 out of a possible 700 points, which honor carried a $125 scholarship In the Agricultural division of Iowa. State college. Spencer Torkelson and George Sharts, of Fail-field township, alternate on the judging team, tied for fourth place for individual honors. the Immigrant company was active sixty years ago In helping the settlers to get farms. A. G. Anderson, father of Norman Anderson, was sub-agent. During the summer of 1871, nine families lived In the house while their own dwelt ings were being built. Among the nine families were the John Hadene, Carl Millers, the Roses, L. P. Berggren, and others. Lumber for the house, early settlers' believe, was hauled 'from Alg;ona. Eventually the farm passed into private ownership, the latest being Mr. Simpson, who some years ago moved onto the place from the Seneca neighbor- lood. • Doll Buggies JURORS CRITICISED FOR PRIVATE QUIZ Trycycles and High Chairs Prices lower than in ; 25 years of furniture celling. Read the card in our east window. Furniture Store Information obtained by jurors in a trial outside of the testimony given in court during the course of the trial is'not acceptable, and calls for a new trial. Two jurors in a damage suit in Palo Alto county were scored by Judge James DeLarid for inspecting the scene of an auto accident while they were sitting as jurors in the cases. It is believed that the jurors in question were 'endeavoring to fix the scene of the accident in their minds so as to be able to render a fair verdict, and that they had no other motive. Judge DeLand, however, criticised them as follows: "I am fully satisfied, gentlemen, that it would be an abuse of discretion and reversible error to refuse a new trial upon the showing made here. The acts of these two jurors who constituted themselves an independent body of investigation of facts in this case, ignoring and violating the express, positive instructions of this Court which should have guided their actions as jurors, is nothing short of reprehensible. It can be apologized 1 for. It is no excuse to say they had no evil Intent. What they did must be measured by consequences." CHRISTMAS PARTY WILL BE GIVEN AT ST. BENEDICT A Christmas party is to be held at the St. Benedict school hall next week Thursday night. A Christmas pageant by school children, children's penny fish pond, Including cookies containing pennies and nickels, a Christmas tree, quilt- guessing contest, and dishes, silver, wrist watches, quilts, fancy work, cigars, candy can be won by skill. The entrance fee for adults Is 25c, door prize, a 9x12 rug; children ttiOc, girl and boy door prize. Play begins at 8:15. FLAMES USED TO THAW GAS PUMP; EXPLODES The Lu Verne News reported a peculiar accident in the explosion of a gas pump last week. The paper said: "There was considerable excitement In front of the Moeding garage Friday. Pat Lau tried to unlock one of the pumps In front of the garage and found it frozen. So Pat takes a match and "tries to thaw It out. There was an explosion and a crash of glass, and we never have been able to figure out whether it wa,s the explosion or Pat bumping his head against the globe on top thai broke the glass, but we do know Pat jumped at least that high, for we watched him coming down. Luck ily there was no damage aside' from the broken globe." The Corwith Hustler said that the explosion was heard there, by telephone, when a Corwith man was talking long-distance with Lu Verne. son; and. singing of Home Sweet Home, before dismissal. '• The Community room was decorate cd in blue and gold, the club colors, with the guests seated at tables with candles for decorations. A two- course, dinner was served by a committee. The group sang, the Doxology before being seated.- School Carnival a Success— The carnival at Dlst. 4 school Friday afternoon was' well attend- ted, and proceeds totaled $20.50. Madame Thompson was kept busy telling the fortunes of school pupils and adults, including one grandfather. Guesses on the number of pieces in a quilt made by the teacher, Gertrude Sage, the number of beans in a jar, and the length of time a tall candle would burn, resulted In the following winners: Firsts, Glen Jenkenson, Harry Ward, and A. B. Schenck respectlxe- ly; seconds,"'Mrs. F: -S.'' Thompson,' A. B. Schenck, and Dorothy Ward, respectively. ;The quilt had 20 blocks with a total of 11186 pieces and received a blue ribbon at the 1931 county fair. Other -popular features were a fish pond, and candy and lunch booths with Ruth Rich and Mesdames H. Willrett and Harry Ward in charge. A stunt was presided over by Glen Jenkinson and games testing skill at throwing and other side shows. The cooperation of the parents and pupils with the teacher was noteworthy. There are 21 pupils representing ten families In this school. WANT TO BUY — A FEW GOOD fresh milch cows to freshen soon —Address Advance. ISulOtt MODERN FOR, RENT — 8-ROOM . house, $30 a month.—Mrs. Raney, phone 622-J. IP YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO buy or sell, or exchange, write for our special low classified adverttoln* rates and list of the leading count> weeklies of Iowa.-IOWA. NEWS APER8 INC., 214 Royal Union Bids., Des Moines. Iowa. (lit Cora 13pl3 DANDY GOOD HEATING STOVE and an electric washer at a real bargain.—Phone 572-J. WANTED—% OR % h. p. ELEC- tric motor; 110 volt, single phase. —B. A. Thorpe, phone 627-W. g!3-14 EXPERT SHOE REBUILDING patching sweaters, elbows, quallt Wear-U-Well shoes, overshoes, an rubbers. Our doors swing a hearty welcome to all and your business appreciated.—Algona's Real Shoe Shop, Lewis Elke Prop., 117 S, Dodge St., Alg'ona; open evenings. 88pl3 FOR SALE — PURE BRED Spotted Poland China Boars. Cholera immune. M. L. Barton, Lu Verne. U01JIV6 FOR SALE OR TRADE — DUROC boar. Mile and half northwest of St. Benedict.—Julian Arndorfer. 14ul3 LOST—WRIST WATCH, in Algona stores or street Saturday afternoon; reward.—Leave at Algonquin 13pl3 PUREBRED DUROC BOARS, immune and.healthy,-$12.00 to $18.00 —A.'C. Carlisle, Whlttemore, % mile 15pl3-15 WHEN YOU CHANGE YOUR RF0 route It Is important to notify the Advance Immediately. The papers are done up In bundles by routes and the carriers take out the bundles. If your paper Is In the wrong route bundle he has to take It back to the postofflce and you receive It a day late. tf for a Man From a Man's Store Ideal Gifts for Men New —practical —moderat ly priced Avoid 4he danger of getting the ' wroiw thing. Be sure of pleasing . him—give, him something to wear from a store that knows men's tastes. You needn't know exactly what he wants, because we do, Lounging Robes NOTICE—ALL BICYCLES MIJST carry a light one-half hour after sundown. This is a new .state law, and because of" several' near-accidents, >lt will ^be etrfcstly^enfofced 'In' the future. Bicycle riding on sidewalks Is prohibited by.an ordinance, east ' __ ' ...I.; which will be enforced Mnttie future. FOR RENT^-iOO ACRES STALKS | l Frank - W< . Green . Mar6l i a l." </••« for-pasturage 'and' Straw for pro-1 tection.—Gilbert Hargreaves, phone | 1F12. 15pl3 j SLEEPING ROOMS FOR RENT; j also room for one car.—Mrs. W. \ Spurbeck, 801 East State st., phone 241-W. 17P12-15 FOR SALE—SOME CHOICE Duroc Jersey spring boars.—J. H. Jensen, 1% miles eouth of Seneca Con-, solidated school. 17pl3-16 LEGAL NOTICES | Pupils Sell Christmas Seals — Pupils of the seven schools in the township are selling Christmas seals In cooperation with the Mothers and Daughters club. Mrs. Winifred Jergenson, president of the club, is giving a prize to the school selling the largest number. Half of money received from the seal YOUR CHRISTMAS PACKAGES are, not complete without.-one of Martha Thorpe's fruit cakes. Dark, 50c a pound; white, 60c. 18ul3-14 the sale is kept by the club for health work in the schools and the other half is returned to the county chairman, Mrs. C. A. Samson. The schools and the M. & D. club have cooperated for several years in this annual seal sale. DUROC BOARS FOR SALE—Im- munzied for cholera, flue; 8 milking Shorthorn heifers; prices suit times.—J. P. Mousel, Bancroft. 18pll-15 FOR SALE—PUREBRED POLAND China boars; immune. April far- row. Now 250 pounders of better. Priced right. Ely. Come quick. — O. E. 20pl3-15 ALGONIANS TO TAKE AUTO JOURNEY TO CALIFORNIA The Elmer Jaspersons left Mon day for Los Angeles, where they will visit Mr. Jasperson's parents, the Andrew Jaspersons. The former Intend to make their -home in the west. They have three children, Virginia, Wayne, and Joyce. They make the trip in their car, going by the south; ern route. Mr. Jasperson held 'a sale of his personal farm property a week ago. A good sale for the present time Is reported. * Slot Machine Taken. Whittemore, Dec. 8 — slot machines at various places in Whittemore were taken out Friday evening by order of the marshal. GRANT WOMEN ENTHUSED WITH NEW PROJECT WORK A second 100% attendance at training school is the record set by the Grant township organization for the Home project lessons. Lesson two, on reflnlshing furniture was given at Mrs. Florence Kelly's Friday. Two old pieces of walnut furniture were partially restored to their original beauty. One lesson does not allow time for the actual refinishing. The old paint and varnish was removed, and some sandpapering done. Women present were Mrs. Roy Mino, Mrs. Lois Zielske, Mrs, W. O. Briggs, Mrs. S. G. Holm, Mrs. Leonard Mino, Mrs. Florence Kelly, Mrs. Joe Mayne, publicity chairman, and Mrs. Floyd Colwell, township chairman. Plans were made for general township F, B. meetings for 1932. Ledyard Man Hurt. Ledyard, Dec. 8 — Charles Finn, oldtime Gerled station agent, is in the hospital at Iowa City in serious condition with cancer of the stomach. FOR SALE—SHETLAND PONY, 2 milch cowe, Hampshire boars, gasoline lantern and lamp, gas engine, tork clock. — Hamilton Hatchery, Bancroft. 20ul3tf 5<fDUROC BOARS, SPRING AND fall farrow, the best in Iowa at sacrifice prices; immune. See these boare before buying.—H. S. Fain, 3 miles north of Emmetsburg. 27pl2-15 WE HAVE A PARTY WANTING to buy some milch cows. If you have any that you want to sell or know of anyone wanting to sell some cows, write the Advance. 32ulOtf NOTICE FOLKS—I WILL appreciate you calling at'my home when in need of WATKINS PRODUCTS —H. J. Vande Steeg, 22 E. McGreg or, your Watkins dealer. 26pll-l! NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE STATE OF IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY. SS. Notice is hereby given that by virtue of a. Special Execution directed to me from the Clerk of the District Court of Kossuth county, Iowa, on a Judgment rendered In said Court on the 2nd day -.of December^'lSSl, in favor of Chicago Joint Stock Land Bank, as plaintiff, and against George De Groote, as defendants, for the sum of Twenty-Seven Thousand Six Hundred Thirty-Seven and 48/100 ($27,637.48) Dollars and costs, taxed at Three Hundred Thirty- Five and 02/100 ($335.02) Dollars and accruing coste, I have levied upon the following described real property as the property of the said eorge De Groote and Mrs. George De Groote, James F. Simmons and Rena Simmons, to satisfy said exe- :ution, to-wit: The Southeast Quarter (SE14), the Northeast Quarter of he Southwest Quarter (NE% of SW%) and Government Lots Number Four (4) and Five (5) In Section T\vo (2); also the North Half Ie Northeast Quarter (N% of and Government Lot Number Six (6) in Section Eleven (11), all in Township Ninety-Four (94) North, Range Twenty-Nine (29) AVest of the Fifth Principal Meridian, containing Three Hundred Ninety Six and 60/100 acres more of the NEK) WANTED—A COMPETENT reli able maid for general housework, to begin January 1. Please apply personally. Call mornings only.— Mre. Jos. S. Auner, 400 S. Jones. 23ul2-13 PHONE YOUR ORDERS EARLY for rolls, cakee, and pies for Christmas. Baking on hand at all times,—Thorpe's Home Grocery & Bake Shop, phone 426-W or 627-W. 27U13-15 BOY, OH BOY! SANTA MUST work for Gambles. The toys they have or less, and I will proceed to . Bell said property, or so much thereof as may be necessary to satisfy said execution, with costs and accruing costs at public auction, to the highest bidder, for cash, In hand, on the 2nd day of January, 1932, at the east door of the Court House in Algona, in Kossuth county, Iowa, at the hour of 10 o'clock a. m., of said day, when and where due attendance will be given by the undersigned. Dated this 3rd day of December, 1931. L. E. HOVEY, Sheriff of Kossuth County, Iowa. By Everett L. Harris, Deputy. Ben J. Gibson, Plaintiff's Attorney. 13-14 LOW FARES for the HOLIDAYS ffbvt Claw Round Trip Tickets oa «ale to all destinations on the Chicago & North Western Line *ad to certain destinations on .other lines in the West, including .the Pacific Coast; also to destinations in the South and Southwest. •GQING-r-on all trains of Dec. IS •M 14, inclusive, and until noon Vjtc. 3 5;except to Pacific Coast des- pai an,a Arizona, tickets arc $oing Pec. 16-22, inclusive. RN I-IMIT— midnight, Jau. ^h except from Pacific Coast desti- and Arizona, return limlc t, Jan. 6. good ta coache* or chair «lso in sleeping and parlor on paytntnt of usual charge t «p«c* occupied. CORNER GROCERY AND MARKET Peanut Butter, qt. jar —25c Peanut Butter, pt. jar —15c Bates, 2 Ibs 25c Sardines, large oval size lOc Catsup, Ig. bottle lie Climolene 19c Pancake Flour, self-rising, 8 1-2 Ibs. pkg. 15c Cane and Maple Syrup, pt. size 21c Fresh Iowa Made Sorghum- Gallon, half gallon, and quart sizes. Home Butchered Young Beef by the Quarter POBK BEEF VEAL LAMB CHICKENS TOP PRICES FOE EGGS U, SORENSEN & CO. We Deliver Get Your Gift at James' Drug Store and "Spend the Difference/' We have set our house in order to make your Christmas shopping a most pleasant adventure. Touched by the magic of Christmas spirit, every department in this store has become a shop of gifts filled with the beautiful, the unusual, as well as the serviceable and practical. For those in search of gifts this store is a center of interest, People know the character of merchandise for which James stands. And our stocks reflect the enthusiasm and wisdom of the buyers of this store whose every effort is directed toward better merchandise and better values. The Rexall Store Algona, Iowa What a splendid gift] lounging robe is. h ( orful flannels, brocades with conti ing collars and Priced to fit any bid $4.95 and up Shirts and Neckwear No man has enough shirts and neckwear —" which makes them the most popular and the most welcome gift of all. There are lots of new ones here—all new—all high quality — all reasonably priced. Pajamas There are so many styles in pajamas they make an esf fine gift right Some are color some are plain. are $1.50 and higher Gloves A nice pair of glores make him a splendid and they are reasonably 1 ed— $1.50 and up 21 Good Suggestion* House Slippers Shirts and Short* Gladstone Bags Bath Robes Shirts Suspenders Sweaters Pajamas Mufflers Hats Han Silk Scarfs lounging Golf Hose Caps Hosiery Belts Mittens No Extra Charge for ChrW ^^^^HB^^^W^^R^flr * ^^ ^^WP^^ ~ ^^ ' 'gift "r < SLt 4*.ti_<W4.. 1 Cfoad CM*

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