Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 10, 1931 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, December 10, 1931
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,A $ i& 31 ALGONA, IOWA, DECEMBER 10, 1931 16 Pages Number MID IS WINNER IN DAM AGE SUIT ECLUB (I WILL BE IELD SUNDAY "Proceeds to , Turned; Over to Charity. [Community hunt under aus- , th( . Rotary . and Klwanla i scheduled for Sunday from [ till 8 p. m. The Legion-hall ... designated a» headquar- " t the assembly of the game, [ check-up for tne contesting ded by the two service .....nlttee In charge,' D. H. \ for the Klwanlans, and F. ns , for the Rotarlans, has [ted both Saturday and Sun| day*'for hunting rabbits. ; of volunteer»'-*«B been dl- itween the two ' -clubs, ' and IwWiing to participate In the get In touch >wlth either of the committee* named ( will be assigned to a group. llble game Nvilf be- given to fin need of food. Bounties wolves, and other wild i on which a bounty is paid, turned over to ;some local [ work. ihls week hunters have been illng crows, and crows shot f the next few days also count bits toward the side total. ; groups are to be formed by llviduals according to their wan Is Oronp of Hunters. iKIwanls group follows:' A. D. , Dr. W. D. Andrews, J. S. Jos. Bloom, Dr. M. G. , Dr, C. H. Cretzmeyer, 1 A. L. igham, George .Elbert, D. H. Alvin Huenhold, John is, C. R. La Barre, Dr. H. L. kle, L. J. Nelson, C. W. Nlc- . B. RIst, H. M. Smith, H. E. It, Harry^JEIode, 'John Fraser, " >J. M. Patterson trry Ward. piteer hunters assigned to the i group are Loyd Wellendrof, llamprlght, Harold Falken[0, H. Ogg, W..E.-Hawcott, stzmeyer, Howard>' Hoenk, (Tllle, R. E. Wehler, J. A. Mc- R. E. Brlggs, 'Dr. P. V, |H. D. Clapsaddle,, G. ^D. y, Merle Wellendorf, Gordon |Clarence Phillips, Wm, Shir- Williams,'' Clark- Orton |iur Nordstrum. . Ilotarlan Oronp. fcn hunters are G. S, Bu- |tDr. L. G. Baker, M. H. liner, H. L. Gilmore, W. H. k'M. P, Haggard, John Hag- Hancher, Joel Herbst, [ Huenhold, Dr. John Kene, B. Kent, L. E. Llnnan, W. N, V. . Lowe, • Frank , E, R. Morrison, R, H. Mil- IM, Pool, W, W. Sullivan, G. Wm. Cummings, F. D. W, E. McDonald. |Rotary club's volunteers are >JGInnIs, F. E, and ,M. .'A, new, C. A. Clement,'X Bert as. McGinnlSi Frank Ifleld, J. C.- Smith, Harry A PEEK AT THE CONGRESSIONAL SHOW BALhNCE OF POWER - WITH A INSTRUMENT TEMPTATION FOR DISTANCE - THIS IS ALWAYS A GOOD ONE —WHEN IT WORKS HERE'S CHANCE TO TELL SANTA YOUR DESIRES Comes- With Reindeer and Autpgiro Saturday. Junior High Pupils Witt Give Operetta By Supt. Overmyer. Under direction of -Grace Miller, music Instructor, the Junior high school pupils are preparing an operetta, Polished Pebbles, to be given next Tuesday night at the' high school auditorium, beginning at 7:45. Prices .of admission' are'• 10, 15, and 25 cents. Mr.> Collins .will direct the orchestra for the overture of Polished Pebbles. Donald Parsons and Everett Algona Markets VERDICT FOR $900 AGAINST JOHN FRANK! ALGONA PUPILS WIN FIVE FIRSTS INDEGLAMTILT Algona won five firsts and four seconds- in "extemporaneous"'speech and declamatory contests held by the six north Central group of schools Tuesday evening yet in the contest as a whole Algona won only, second place for Humboldt scored more points by winning six firsts and six seconds. Winning for Algona were: At Webster City, Isabelle Greenberg, first in dramatics, and Ella Zumach, second-- in extemporaneous; at Hampton, Margaret Lease, first In humorous; at Eagle Grove, Helen Becker, first in dramatics," Margaret Habeger, second in extemporaneous, and Wllma Runge, second in humorous; and in the local contest, Eleanor Keen, first in extemporaneous, Ida Halpin, first in dramatics, and Shirley Ellsworth, second in humor- Baskets for Christmas Are Wanted ftves, Walter, Lichjter, P, , . , F. E. Sawyer, Dr, F.'C. : G. W. Sttllnmn, J, A, John Frankl, L',' E. Hovey, IVjra, D. p. Smith,, and H, W. IK CONTRACTS AT LOW PRICE lord low price' for the bridges |J«9 south of Algona was ac- the state highway com- t its letting Tuesday at | Eno & Montgomery, of I^ocX- received the contract for river, bridges, and >C?. J. of Fort Dodge, -received, t for the 'shortev^bridge 1 ana four culverts. The will cost $57,019, and contract • caljs for (three vlver bridges ure to be [to the concrete bridge on. the Just north of '..Alffopa. to be no feet'lpngr, with 91 approaches, built of w«red with concrete. , The ""age is to be 40 "feet ^ong, i approaches. S anticipated that wprk will ' fo °n as possible. ' With the o' the singleton' 1 of Algona on tl) Mges wilJ not » road is to be straight | other two locations, used Greenberg, at Hampton Mrs. L. W. Keith. Chairman Welfare Committee. •"- The Algona welfare 'committee has met and organized for the giving of Christmas baskets. The work will be carried on as in the past. Families have been assigned to the churches:and various other organizations which will see to the filling and d|/lv- oring of their own baskets. Families which -have not been assigned to any church or other organization will be provided for by the committee. People in town or the surrounding community interested In this worthy cause and wishing to donate for the baskets can leave donations at the Dutton & Leffert feed store any time before December '24. Let us all work together so there will be no duplications. ACADEMY TEAM'S SCHEDULE LISTS EIGHT TILTS HERE Snow Tuesday and Wednesday adds to the Christmas atmospher that will lie intensified with the vlsi of Santa Claus and his reindeer her Saturday afternoon and evening There IH just the right amount o NJIOW on the'-ground to enable th deer to haul the sleigh in this pre Christmas visit of Santa to Algon and Kossuth good boys and girls. The Community club, which ar ranged for Santa's -visit, and who, is claimed, Is somewhat responsib! for ordering the snow, hopes tha every boy and girl able to come Algona next Saturday is on hand to give Santa his or her desires. Santa's factories in the far north have been busy for weeks, and are now operating at top speed to supply the rush. So if Santa does not bring everything you wish, it can be blamed onto the factories, for he wants to please and satisfy every good child. Register Autoglro Coming. The parents will be interested In the Register & Tribune auto giro, which will fly at" the Algona airport three miles west on No. 18 paving in the afternoon. There will be charge for either the auto giro or the Santa Claus appearance. The exact time of the auto giro's appearance depends .on Its preceding schedule, but the club has been promised that if the weather Is at all agreeable, to be here and fly Saturday afternoon. Algona's streets have again been prettily decorated with thousands of Bowman will play clarinet and violin obligate. Your presence will encourage the pupils In their effort. CAST Uncle Bob, disguised as a negro in At,close of business Dec. 8, 1931. By Wilbur J. and Alice Payne, ..''.-' HOGS " ; Best sorted Hgh&;'18--260 Ibs $3.60 Best, hvy. butchers, 26-'300 Ibs.i- 3.60 Best prime hvy. butch, 300-350- 3.40 Best pack, sows, 300-350 Ibs 3.30 Best hvy. sows, 350-400-$3.00 to 3.10 Big hvy. sows, 400-500 $2.75 to 3.00 CATTLE act 1 -Bob Post I Canners and cutters ...$1.00 to $1.75 Mrs. O'Brien, widow, slater of Un- jr a t cows $2.00 to $3.00 Humphrey, ous, The extemporaneous contests were held in the afternoon and the students were given their subjects an hour befora and had only that hour In'whlclV to prepare. The afternoon contests were free. The dramatic -and humorous contests were held in the evening at each of the schools. ' Representing Algona at the different schools were: at Webster City, Ella Zumach, Isabelle arid Christina Gould; i Phyllis Parsons, Helen Goeders, and Margaret Lease; at Humboldt, Florence Dehnert, Frances Hough, and Margaret Vlgars;.at Eagle Grove, Margaret Habeger. Helen Becker and Wllma Rurige; at Clarion, Janet Zerfass, Adrls Anderson, and Melvin In the local contest were Keen, Ida Halpin, and Shir- cle Bob — Madison Letha Wallburg. Rosalie, their niece -Betty Murtagh Winifred nnd Milllcent,, daughters of Mrs. O'Brien—Mary L. Gilmore, Helen Frankl. Mrs. Gabble, town gossip — Frances Barker. Mr. Gabble, local character —John Christensen. Martha, country girl -Mildred Pratt Nick, country boy Ted Vera Jack, country boy—Jack Hemphlll Dancers—Bob Dewel, Helen Chubb, Buddie Halpin, Adra Yeoman, Frank Schoby, Irene Hanles, Harry Greenberg and Marie Pommerening. Sunbonnet Girls' Chous—Evelyn Black, Edith Tibbets, Rena Bakken, Jessie • Van Dorston, Aileen .Riddle, Theodora Larson, Dorothy De Mott, Theda Smith, Dorothy Lawson, Katherlne Schoby, Genevleve Sterling, Margaret Wright, Dorothy Green, Joyce Christensen Maretta Gunder, Arlene Holdren, Esther Casler Lorraine Lattimer, Roeabelle Jones, Martha Palmer, and Delia Moe. Churning Chorus—-Helen Kuhn, Lucille Selichnow, Vera Humphrey, Glendora Burbank, Ethellne Muckey, Mabel Zeigler, Louise Smith, Gwendolyn Deal, and Annette Hanson. ^•L. i. vii i * „= Hoeing Chorus—Henry Slfert, Joe colored lights. The huge Christmas ^ Pommerening, Rob- tree in the courthouse square has several hundred lights on it, and is Yearlings 13.00 to $4.00 Veal calves $3.00 to $4;50 Bulls $2.00 to $2.75 Fat steers $5.00 to $6.00 POULTRY ' Hens, 4 Ibs. and over .15 Hens,, under 4 Ibs. .10 Springs, over 4 Ibs. —•— .15 Springs, 3 and 4 Ibs. .13 Springs, under 3 Ibs. .10 PRODUCE Eggs, graded No. 1 '.— .25 Eggs, graded No. 2 .12 Cash cream .26 ' GRAIN No. 3 yellow corn — .34 No. 2 yellow corn —__: .35 No. 3 white oats 21% Feed barley — .35 HIDES Calf and.cow, Ib. '— 02% ley Ac E comp°an?ing the students were: Mr. Ward, to Hampton^Mlas Wilson, to to Clarion: Mr. McDowell, Mrs. D. H. Goeders, to and Miss Duhigg, to City; Humboldt. Asks lo«»l labor, A resolution was ?« b> ' J^. board of supervisors last week Tues day usUing the ^highway «wj- CHRISTMAS TREES PUT JIP^ EARLIER Algona stores report an unusual number of orders for Christmas trees to be delivered earlier than has been customary. In recent years the practice of decorating a tree in the front yard or on the porch has increased, and the .brightly colored lights add to the ChiHstmas scene every year in increasing numbers. Years ago it was customary for father and mother to decorate the tree in the basement on Christmas eve and have it up for the next morning's gift time. Later a tendency to have the tree ready a day or so before Christmas developed, and this led to putting the tree in or near a window where it could be seen from the street. A few enterprising citizens conceived the idea of decorating an evergreen in the front yard, and now trees are staked down and decorated or set on porch'es to add color to the Whiteness of the snow. Last year many trees were up two Christmas, and Last week Tuesday St. Cecelia's academy boys'-basketball: team* won at Wesley with a score of 20-16, but the girls lost, 13-9. Much improvement was shown over a game November 25 when .the boys' team was defeated at; Whittemore, 20-16, the locals playing after only three days of practice, Tuesday night in the second game with Whittemore the locals lost again, 16-12. This evening the locals will play the first home game of the season, and they are out to win. This Is with the Livermore first and second teams. Livermore played good football this fall, and it is expected will have a good basketball team also. The schedue for the remainder of the season follows: Dec. 10—-Livermore, 1st and 2nd teams, here. Dec. 18—Bancroft academy, there. Dec, 30—Mason City academy, boys and girls, there. Jan. S—Fort Dodge, S. H. academy, there. Jan. 12—Whittemore, P. S., boys and girls, here. Jan. 15—Livermore, 1st and 2nd teams, there. Jan. 19—Mason City academy, hero. Jan. here. Jan. there. Jan, here. ., Feb. 7—Whittemore academy boys and girls, here. Feb. 12—Fort Dodge C. C. A., here. Feb. 19—Bancroft academy, here. Two games with Emmetsburg, dates open. ^ . THREE INCHES OF SNOW IS RECORDEDJ TWO DAYS Three Inches of snow fell Tuesday night, giving Algona and vicinity a beautiful winter appearance yesterday. An inch of snow fell Monday night, making it slippery in spots where ice was covered and unexposed. Many falls resulted, and some were serious. Only two days out of the first week of Decemebr remained under the freezing point all day, Monday the mercury fell, to seven degrees, a new low for the season. The tmperature record for the last week ablaze with all colors of the rainbow. There are 15 streamers of evergreen draped over--Algona's -streets, all bearing lights in Christmas colors. In addition there are strands of white arid colored ' lights high above the evergreen. -Christmas Spirit Hampant. Algona's. stores, too, have caught the Christmas spirit, and decorations this year, exceed previous efforts. There is more than the usual quantity of low-priced .Christmas values, and advertisements in this issue of the Advance tell of some of them. Algona is doing its best to be the agreeable host to the rest of the county Saturday during Santa's visit. The boys and girls, perhaps t>ar- ents too, will be interested in what Santa's two Eskimo helpers can tell them about life in the far distant frozen northland. ert Gronwall, Buddie Halpin, Russell Howard Hutchins, Pentecost, Horse 1.50 Colt; hides, each __: .50 22—Wesley boys and girls, 26—Fort Dodge C. C. A., 29—Fort Dodge, S. H. A., BoaraDivides on Question of Retaining Social Worker The fluestion"of retaining ••'resolution of equally, Chairman B, -who voted the two, In and of courage self respect and self port. Whereas, It is the opto the board of supervisors of Kossutn county that this, can be done more adequately under a trained and experienced worker: 1 "Therefore, Be it resolved that the board of supervisors of Kossuth county continue to employ a social worker as overseer tf the poor; and further, be it resolved, that Mrs. P nor Sutton be continued In the ponf : m of, overseer of the poor of NEW LAW REQUIRES BICYCLE LIGHTS Marshal F. W. Green Is serving notice to boys on bicycles that lights must be showing in front whenever the bicycle is used after dark. The last state legislature . included all vehicles in the requirement to carry lights. Bicycles must carry a light in front of sufficient power to be seen by approaching motorists. In the past few days two or three accidents were narrowly averted by prompt action on the part of the car driver. The boys on the bicycles were careless and rode into the path of the car from sidestreets and were nearly run down. In,, another instance the car's lights w«re pointed low, as required by law, and the driver of the car did not notice'the bicycle approaching till he was almost on it. All vehicles,- including .horse drawn \yagons or buggies must also carry lights, acording to the new law. The larger outfits, such as a team or horse and wagon must have lights both front and back, but bicycles are required to have only the light in front. Boys who ride their bicycles on William Ellsworth, and Andrew Monlux- a.n.d.,Kenjjeth I Lynk.... ' Sewing" Chorus — Helen Heuser, Rose McMahon, Marie Merlpck, Marjorie Van Alstyne, Elizabeth Coleman, Kathryn Kelly, Phyllis^ Kuchynka, Burdene Towne, and Carlline Tinkham. : • • •••••-• Milking Chorus—Wayne Riddle, Bobby La Barre, Durwood Baker, Wayne Moore, Orval Hanes, Russell Pickett", Jerome Hardgrove, William Turner, and Laurence Hutchins. Chorus — Thelma Van Dorston, Marlys Vande Steig, Grace McNeil, Maxine Hargreaves, Gertrude McNeil, Loreen Hendrbn, Stanley Muckey, Russell Sands, Howard Redemske, Virgil Shackelford, Raymond Madson, Leroy Mathes, James Spencer, Erwln Smith,' Gerald Murray, Robert Knudsen, Weyman Blanchard, Dorothy Mawdsley. Erma Deal, Gwendolyn Haxton, Hazel Johnson, Irene Muckey, Esther Siefeld, Minerva Coleman, Annetta Schlmmel, Amy Siefeld, Louise Denine, Lorraine Palmer, Ruth Butts, Esther Taylor, Paul Mason, Richard Lund, Clark Redfield, William Neiling, Bob Nolte, Roland Pederson, Fred Kent. DEPUTIES NAMED TO $408 IS REALIZED AT BENEFIT SHOW AT CAUJHEATER The Community club: benefit show at the Call theater Friday night netted $408,55, which will be turned over : -to Miss Antoinette Bonnstetter for her work-among the children of Algona this winter". • . The show was donated by'the film industry, as a part .of the Hoover poor-relief worki Manage/ N. C; Rice, of the Call theater dpnatedjthe short features,'which we're run preceding the feature picture, Salvation Nell, the use of the house, the salary of ushers, in fact everything. Every cent taken in at the show in the advance sale and at the matinee was turned over the Community club. Manager -Rice, therefore, will stand a loss in actual money- of from $50 to $75, besides the loss of probable profits from an ordinary evening's business. One of the requirements of the film industry's gift of the picture is that the film must 'be obtained from some company with which the theater owner was not then doing business. Mr, Rice has been doing business with practically all of the producers, and hence was forced to contract for a picture of which he knew nothing. The picture Salvation Nell, rated three stars from a well-known movie critic and pleased a large number 'of Algonlane, though there were a few Jury Out All Before Reaching Agreement. After deliberating for .12 hour* •>. district court Jury brought In a *«*•• diet for $900 damairea for Wa»*a- RU.'le, son o£ the Jtsse .Riddles, te. a damage suit against John FrankL. The jury was glv-3n the case at Bbt o'clock "•• Tuesday evening, aa& the verdict was returned at 6:16 tf«w- next morning, after an all-nla*fc. session.• Th case was one of the hardest: fought battles In recent 'court **»• tory. L. B. Lilhnan and Dwnto? Kelleher, of Fort Dodge, represent** Mr. Frankl, and Judge W. B. QUHV ton and H. W. Miller had the JU*V die side of the case. Trial started last week ThuradaH,- and after a severe examination atT jurors got uijder way late that ning. Testimony, occupied all Friday, Saturday, and llonday, the arguments were given Tuesday. Big Crowcl in Attendance. Public interest in the case ran. high, and the court room-was crowded every day of the trial. Tuesday during the arguments the balcony-. which is seldom used, was thrown, open. The crowd packed the Interior, and even-stood In the doorway* and inside the bar in the space usually reserved for attorneys. The case developed "from an 'acet~ dent last April at the Bryant school' building. School had just bepn dto-- missed, and 1 Mrs; Frankl had drlvot* the Frankl Bulck to get her children. The Riddle boy started a«fc to cross the, street, when he'. knocked down by the Frankl Testimony ' inV the case differed to whether the car was on the tt or wrong side of the road at the ttnaafc the accident occurred. List of Witnesses. Witnesses vln-'-thercase; many- «t» them high school students, follow: dar Defendant's—Burdeen Towne, Bath-- follows: High December 1 - ---- . ---- • ----- S5 December 2 ---- r ---------- 4 2 December 3 -. ------- • ----- 4 * December 4 — — -rr— ---- r^ 8 * December 5 — ------- _.,__S1 December 6 ---- ~ — *--"-*£ December 7 — — - — --^89 DICKINSON INTftoD'JCES Low 20 24 27 22 22 15 TAKEJPPLICATIONS Taking applications for auto driver's licenses has caused such a rush at the offices of sheriff over the state that the auto department of the state treasurer's office recently authorized appoinment of deputy sheriffs in each town in the state to take the applications for the first j two weeks in December. In accordance with this instruction Sheriff L. E. Hovey recently appointed the following: H. E. Rachut -------- ------ TJtonka Phil G. Lichty ...... — — Lu Verne W. P. Ringler - ..... ..-Whittemore Lester L. Lease ----- — — ---- Wesley Margaret E. Roderick ...Lone Rook E. C, Christ ------ - ----- — Ledyard F. H. Bohn ___________ ....... Fenton I. E, Wortman ------------ .Lakota C, F. Berggren ........ ,-Swea City Leo M. Saunders --------- Bancroft sidewalks are also warned that this practice must be discontinued, A city ordinance prohibits it, and the ordinance will be. enforced in the future. Mr. Green says numerous warnings have been given boys"in the past, but have been disregarded, lienoe more severe methods must be used, CHILDREN'S CHOIR SIN6S AT CON6RE6ATIQNAL CHURCH A Congregational children's vested choir made its Initial appearance who expressed displeasure, with it, M'DONALD GETS* BLACK EYES, BUMP, IN CAR ACCIDENT Supervisor W. E. McDonald suffered a severe bump on.his head and a black eye when he met with an ac- cident'early Monday morning as he was driving his car before daylight at the corner of the fairgrounds leading onto highway No. 169. He was on his way to the county sheds to get some • equipment and collided with a. car from Fort Dodge.; Neither driver saw the other, Mr. McDonald's car suffered a broken wheel when it swung around and hit a water hydrant, and the running beard, a fender, one light, and. the windshield were damaged. .The two occupants of the other car were furnace men from Fort Dodge, and they were on their, way to Graettinger. They were riot hurt, but their car suffered damaged lights and front er Taylor, Maxine Mlttag, Bernar* Yeoman, Russell Hutehins, Harbn Frankl, .Robert Black, Durwood Mtt- - teg, Kenneth, {FraBer and Wm^G*. b'au T piaintiff 's^-Howard" EngstroJa.- Madison Humphrey, Robert KnndV ' sen, Jeanne. Coon, Herbert Bna> strom, -• Minerva- ' Coleman, SSelda. Smith,: Rueself Cook, Virgil ShackeK ford; Mrs. Jesse Riddle, Dr. C. Hi Cretzmeyer,' Grace Miller, music Instructor, and Chas..E. Chubb, wh* drew a plat of the scene of the accident. '" •" .•"'•' A scrap of paper found in the Jury room .indicated .that, the latter part «*' the argument In the jury room "duping the .night. was.over the amount at, damages to bei; allowed. Court ] fana.^ believe it -indicates that two of tb» jurors .were in favor of $800 on oji». of the late ballots while the rest favored $800. - • , - L, 0. Haiison Heads Jury. . . t~ L. C. Hanson was foreman ot th*r jury named after the jury had ra- tired. Other jurors were Harm Ti tonka, John, -Erpelding, A. H. Hanna, Lone Rock, Heldenwith, Jwhittemore, Lease, Wesley, Severin Ophelm, Whittemore, Lena Rossman, Fentai, Emily Rist, Algona'i Thos. Burt, W. H. Wlddel, Fenton, John Wallace, Fenton. jv 1 ' "The jury" was excused from. further duty yesterday, but may' l>% called later if other cases develop.< <v> 'Alcona. ArttMB-i SoremoT """"iriBurt bumper. In the crash Mr. McDon- appointmen'ts and $500 bonds I aid's head hit the side of his car and UH » -* •--' ...«~^l a gash was opened above hls.righl; for ech were approved last week Tuesday by the board of supervisors, -temple. Forbes vs. Reimer Trial Is Opened in Court Yesterday TITONKA OPENS BASKETBALL SEASON HERE TOMORROW The first high, school basketb*» game of the season will be playwi against -Tltonka Friday evening I*.the new gymnasium at the schMt building. Titonka has already pl*y*$ several games and is In good condition. The game promises to 1^ good. The prices ot admission- 16o for grade children, 25c for " school students, and SBc'for Season tickets will be. sold, tjji.._ „_ tomorrow for $2 to sduU$ and f]Jt7 to school children. Two membemflfra the local squad were declared tougfe* ' ible Monday, The team h scrimmapp -\ against a «roup of post-gr»«Wt|»' i Tueeday evening and was^ d_efet|i^t, j-gj 18-13. The posj- up of Ineligibles still in , Next week Friday Clarion here. • •TOLt,Mn"(Mt i Mm Xr- ?-'-a»'*^ Washington, Dec, 8-rSenator Dickinson today introduced a bill to the senate which was a duplicate of that introduced in the house by Representative C. William Rameeyer of Bloomfleld seeking to have the federal board and the federal reserve system Vuse their ppwws^o the levels of wholesale coj prices *P that for the calendar 1985 and thereafter to W all their powers to »»aint»to Geo. turn of the off fee «fl»J* -v v -. -. Sa«y, 1$, ^« fttwte JWJ lP**'* B T*;--vnit« of anendliuc T»V at the morning services Sunday. Mrs. W- S. Lee is directress. Members of choir are: Dorothy Lawson,, Theodora Lai-son. Betty Gunn, Betty^ Laird, Jane Tinkhan, Gwendolyn Dejj.1, Lorraine Morrison, Maxine Larson, Barbara Haggard, Helen of Chubb, irma Oeal, Joyc* sen, Meredith, Richardson, Marian Corey, Weleij SterUng, Ted Chris- Byro,w th,e , Paxsojs. Joe Clark. Bofe , m* Joh» , Testimony started yesterday morn- ipg in a suit brought by A. $. Forbes claiming $192.50 commission from H* A. Relmer for the sale ~* his half taterest ta the Laird Relmer undertaHlng parlor last summer. The petition alleged that Reimer contracted for the sale of the half interest, and that Forbes, acting as " Va agent, procured w. „. ^.Cullough, who later »j*>ugbt the Interest. The agreement, which Mr. Forbes states was oral, called, for * commission of two and a «aJf B ^ cent, 'She sale ysS wade at A JUT/, ' E. Sorstedt, AU?ona; p.> N. son, Elmore; Marj- Voleotlno, and Thos.' Young, Tltonka. Quarton & Miller are attorneys, for Trea^u^r tills ow»ty tm Romany Forbes, and Sullivan, McMahon & Linnan for Mr. Reirner. A dismissal of the Mr* OenevJ»¥9 ' Seifert vs. G. W» Sample ca ' Mrs.'Selfwt Tiafl court attaches are Inclined to that 4here was op

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