Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 3, 1931 · Page 10
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 3, 1931
Page 10
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, I PAGLfi TE3N Th» man or woman who loves active outdoor life will want one of these rugged, good looking Bulovasl WELLESLEY—Beautifully engraved and inlaid with rich black, green and red enamel; IS $O"750 jewelt; smart new flexible bracelet _. ENVOY—Richly finiihtd, popular tqu*r« model; radium handi and dial; accurate Bulova movement and imart new link band Fred W. Wehler & Co. JEWELERS AND OPTOMETRISTS PHONE 240 This Neighborhood is attractive anil homelike, yet we iir«> roucllly accessible from any part of Algona and surrounding territory- Koth of thWitt matters are Important; more reasons why mir service IN so nearly universally demanded In tills city. MERRITT FUNERAL HOME Jl Superior SerUice' 4O3 E.M9GREGOR fas/ of Central Hi^h School PHONE 11 DAY OR NIGHT SENECA GIRLS WIN, BUT BOYS ARE DEFEATED Seneca, Dec, 1 — The .basketball games at school Friday indicate fair teams again this year. Because Junior game* were held the week be- Core the tennis have had only one week of practice. In spite of this the girlH gave Ledyard Its first defeat of the season, 10-13, in a game featured by fine individual playing but lacked team work. Ledyard put up a good game. The boys' game went the other way, 18-14 In favor of Ledyard, but was close enough to ho exciting. Ledyard has a team of giants, while Seneca's team Is the smallest in slue the school has had. They gavo a good account of themselves by work and speed, and will win thoir share of the games this year. Coach Thompson, of Armstrong, vefereed. The next game will be played here Friday with the Lone' Rock boys and girls. The boys' county tournament will be held at , Lakota this year and the girls' -at Ledyard. Supt. Roy Johnston, of Gilmore City, will referee for both tournaments. i Gin-Ms at HalvorNOn's— ' . ! Thanksgiving guests at Jens Hali vorson's, near Ringsted, were Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Saxton and son, , of Seneca, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Saxton ,and boys, of Fenton, and«Mr. and ' Mrs. Clarence Saxton and daughters and nephew, Willis Saxton. In the evening Mr. and Mrs. Roy Osborn ; and children, and Mr. -and Mrs. Har- I old Goetsch and son, of Seneca, and I Mr. and Mrs. Paul Saxton and boye ; i visited at Lawrence Saxton's. ililrtluluy In Observed— , Mrs. George Goetsch was pleas- |antly surprised last Saturday after' noon when the Mesdames Richard i Goetsch, Harold Valley, of Fenton, and Wm. Osborn and Wilbur Richmond and baby, came in and spent the afternoon in honor of her blrth- •day. Saturday evening Supt. and Mrs. Rossman and son vieited at the George Goutsch home. HEW MARRIAGE LAW HAS CLERK IN TOUGH SPOT The five-day application law for marrlp.ge licenses, besides forcing many couples into Missouri for licenses, Caused a Thompson man embarrassment a week ago, the Em- mefsbtirg Democrat reported. The Palo Alto clerk was also in,a tough spot for a few minutes, and the Democrat says: Ed Thompson, clerk received a telegram from a lady at Pfit'on, statins she had read In the Register tl;at an application 1 had been made for a marriage license In his office. She warned not to grant the applicants permission to wed, as HIP prospective groom had promised to marry her; . He was from Henry, S. D. She asked him to come and settle and he didn't. She requested to have Mr. Thompson withhold her name. A-few moments -later the would-be bride and 'groom, called, .vlr. Thompson showed them the telegram and, the gentleman became very downcast and said he supposed that the deal was all off. Finally Mr. Thompson reminded him that, under the circumstances,, he had no authority to refrain from Issuing a license to him. • The lady's action indicated that she was willing 'to kiss tlwi clerk for his goodness but Young 1 fconpte Married Here— A quiet wedding was Solemnized last week Wednesday at tt: 16,- when Bernetta M., only daughter of Mr. Mr* Minnie L6n*; F i. .Thorpe,-worthy patrbtjt'js A. Brtnvnell, associate M™ ! UJ*' oeorge St. John, dOrtduetfMg; MM., Clifton Beiwohortr, M***"* c °"' 1 duetfess; Mrs. H. tt. Htitthltw, sec- rettirv; Elizabeth Bov/en, treasurer. and Mrs. August HnHg, farmers. St. Benedict, and Ll6yd E., second son of Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Martin, were married at the latter's homo on W. College street by Rev. •Arthur S. Hueaer, pastor of the Bnptlat church. The bride was dressed In golden brown silk. A cousin, Frances Germann, of St. Benedict, was bride's maid, and was dressed In pale green. The bridegroom was attended by the bride's brother. Rudolph Hnrlg. The four dined at Brltt, spending the afternoon there, and at G:30 a wedding dinner was served by the groom's mother. Other guests were Mr. and Mrs. August Harlg and sons Raymond and Adrian, Mr. and Mrs. John Frn'ser and daughter Arlene and son Kenneth, relatives of the bride. Decorations were In green, i SftttJiylay at the nomo „«• , fat< the. Moo gate. ThT^r ,> Vl «>°' Qi-inMl... , " • tillYlft jj..^ j • lUllM Vf - iu»***"' M *' v " -•-»— y. T , . , .. . At the meeting Helen Morrow aftd Mabel Olson were initiated Into th«r order. , Birthday CInb is Kntertftlncd— The Birthday club was entertained Monday night by Mrs. S. B. McMahon. The evening's entertainment consisted of bridge nt throe tables, with Mrs. D. «. Ooeders win- _.._ Wl'A % tt! wHl meet with Mrs, ,T, F. GtttnKow Tuesday after- J?, _B,' 0. held rt fegulnr tnrmth- i$> meeting nt Lurta vVnllnee'a Monday might. , > Spark« n ; m r rt ' amo! Mrs. c. A . it tl Cha ning high scow, After bridge re- freshmettts were served. Members of the club are Mesdames J. T. Chrjschllles, Al Falkerthttfner, M. P. Haggard, M. P. Weaver, W, P. Dewel, D. H. Goeders, C. B. Mur- tngh, Wm. K, Ferguson, E. . C. Dickinson, A. k. Peterson, T. Harrington, and J- O, Paxson, r. South Cretco Friday, afternoon nt the C. H. Hotter home a shower was given in, 1el honor of Mr«. Clarence 13. Gardner : by Mesdtimes Potter, F. L» Miller, A. E. Clayton, and H. 1* Potter, assisted by MesdameS'A. flerneau, • 11. sMo, Klou x rotiirnln B CI p''' os ' s " n "' "Her, Ij week before,' his undo, Mr. and Mrs. >\. Potter. will i Sundlngr, and B. H. and d. A. V There were 40 present. Those from a distance were Lu filla Potter, Otho, Mrs. Ellen Potter, Sioux City. Mrs. Ooorgc Anderson, Chicago.! wlth , npc: Pocm«, recipes, nhd advice were tlle f„,.,„", . H( J" (I 'y «' the T_>»* *__ u o'HOr. AT Pi E.( The DornlVlcrs, r,- om „ . Knnnt u...., " m UK written for ttnd read by the bride. with 24 yellow and bronze olirysan-, the he was apparently too d—d dumb so she turned to one side and smacked he.- future husband. It takes a real diplomat to handle a situation of this kind but Ed can be depended upon to do the clover thing at the right time. SEXTON FARM HOME BURNED IN NIGHT FIRE Children (Jet Program Parts- Sunday .school children met Saturday In the church to receive parts n the Christmas program. There are not so many young folks to take part, but the -programs have, always been enjoyable. Other Seneca News. Mildred Goetsch; of Seneca, and Marjorle Bailey, of Fenton, came last Thursday from Des Moines, where they have been attending the Capital City Commercial college, to Sexton, Dec. 1—A fire of unknown origin destroyed the farm home of Mr. and Mrs. Mack Wise, a half mile east of, here, Friday night. • Practically everything was lost. 'Persons in a passing auto saw the fire burst- Into flames over the kitchen, stopped j and found no one at home, as the Wise family had gone to Swea City for the week-end, and knew nothing of the fire till Saturday morning, when they were reached at the home of Mrs. Wise's parents, the Fred DeVarys.- The tourists went across the road to the Francis home, called them, and got help. A crowd soon gathered, as the fire could be seen a long ways. The «oor was broken in and the crowd carried out what they could as the fire was then making rapid headway to the front of the house. Water was can-led and thrown on nearby buildings. Some fruit and a few potatoes were carried out of the basement. The fruit and some clothing were "brought to Mr. Wise's mother, Mrs. G. B. Wise, carried out In the menu. The bride and groom and the lat- tor's parents, and Frances and Mathilda Germann were guests the next day at the A. Harlg, home. The newlyweds are spending this week at the home of the bride's parents. The bride for three years made her home with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. D. Stuffllck, Algona, car- Ing for the latter. Mr. Martin returned June 2 from Camden. N. J., after working ten months for the R. C. A. Victor company. He pre fers farm work, and will live with his parents till March 1, when they will move to his father's farm, formerly the L. .Tudd Brown farm, In Cresco township,' now occupied by D. D. Sparks. A shower was given the bride Sunday by the Misses Germann, of St. Benedict, at the A. Harlg home, with more than 40 present. Others than St. Benedict people in attendance were the Verne Mangle family, Llvermore; Mrs. C. W. Conner, Des Itotnrlnns to Entertnln Anns .1 at Algona" hotel Monday evening Do-: cember 14. The program will be announced next week. A Mr. Swanson, of Emmetsburg, made up attendance at the Rotary club meet- Ing Monday. He Is manager of the theater at Emmetsburg. The honoreo then unwrapped many •TreauttftiT and Useful gifts carried- to Potter. Mrs, l-loycl, and his i,rt, Io Lu Kiln p oltcp Mr. nml Mrs. ft. s. • The li'otiuy club will entertain thBi;^"^^^;^^ Anaer7on,"""jp- W p_" (! ;,, Mi | ryu " ml Arthur;.] Anns at an evening dinner at ti«-'] ann ' e p o ttM-, and Jennno Clnytoii, The brlcte ami five, other recent brides -were, BKow-ered with rice. 'i Friends met a week ago .Monday night at the Will Runchey; home to charivari • tho Fernley Runcheys. Ontnee .'were enjoyed and refresh- lYltmts served. Alberta Gronenbttch, at the home .Other Society \«ws r Cooking School Echoes 'Tone's Old Golden is a blend of finest coffees. A t THE cooking school, the lady in charge told you many things about Tone's Old Golden Coffee. Perhaps you remember that she told you that the finest of coffees are carefully blended in Tone's Old Golden. But, another reason why Tone's Old Golden brings you so much coffee enjoyment is the new, highvacuumcontainer. Thehigh- est vacuum known today, it protects the coffee from air (oxygen). It retains to the last, full natural flavor and aroma. Tone's Old Golden is now the most popular coffee in this community, thanks to the cooking school. If you have not already done so, we invite you to try a pound. Your grocer has it. TONE'S SPICES—th«r» «r« two klndi of ipteti, TONE'S and "otheri" spend the week-end with their parents. The Baileys met the girls at Garner, and Bobby Goetsch and Pauline Osborn took them back to Garner Sunday, The George and Richard Goetsch families enjoyed a visit from the Harold Valleys, of Minneapolis, who spent Thanksgiving here. Agnes Goetsch, the Richard Goetsches anc Marjorle Bailey, of Fenton, were guests of the former Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dransfeldt of Seneca, spent Thanksgiving with relatives at Sheffield. Mr. and Mrs C. A. Fedenberg returned with them for a short visit. Mrs. Dransfeldt and Mrs. Fedenberg are sisters. Guests at the Harry Valdick home near Ringsted Thanksgiving were the Martin Wilberg family, of Seneca and the Ole Johannason and Hans Presthaus families, of near Bancroft. Pearl Sande, attending Waldorf college, spent Wednesday to Monday with her parents, the Rev. and Mrs. Sande. They took -her back Monday morning. Bernard Jensen refereed at Ban-. croft Friday night. Supt. Rossman refereed the 'Lone Rock-Fenton games at Lone Rock last week Tuesday. The annual F. B. meeting will be held In the Seneca school next Monday evening. Officers will be elected | for the ensuing year. Young folks confirmed In November had their class picture taken in Algona Saturday. There were four girls and two boys. Mr. and Mrs. I. F. Engeeser entertained Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Merrill and Mrs. Katherine Carolin at dinner last Thursday. Mrs. Anna Osborn and children spent Saturday afternoon at Wm. Brown's, near Armstrong. The boys helped saw wood. Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Cooper and sons spent Thanksgiving with their daughter, Mrs. Roy Lee's, in Algona. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Looft spent Thanksgiving with Mr. Looft's mother, Mrs. Bertha Looft, In Wesley. Nels Chrlstensen and the Misses Buerkins and Madden spent last week end at Waterloo. Mr. and Mrs. George Hoein are parents of a girl, born last Thursday. Helen Patterson visited at the at the Wise store. The Mack Wises are now staying at the store with Mrs. G. B. Wise. Other Sexton News. . Mrs. Clem Cunningham received word Friday rnprnlng that her brother, Charles Warmbler, had died at Iowa City last-Thursday night at 11 o'clock. • He had been a sufferer for several weeks with sleeping sickness, and was at the Kossuth hospital for a week. He was taken to Iowa City about a week before he died. Death was caused by an internal hemorrhage. His brother Herman and a brother-in-law, Bert Sankey, left early Friday morning and brought the body to Lu Verne for burial. The funeral was held Sunday afternoon from the Lutheran church, Lu Verne. . Mr. and Mrs. Bert Sanders, Osceola, came last week Wednesday and spent Thanksgiving at the Lou Boleneus home. They were entertained Friday night at supper at the William Hartley home, ana left Monday morning for home. The couple lived in Sexton until last spring, when they moved to a farm they own near Osceola. Alberta. Grosenbach entertained 16 girls Saturday afternoon at a miscellaneous shower in honor of Moinee: Theresa Heinan, Mrs.J?aul Stahl, Lu man and Mesdames C. ,T. Scanlon and P. J. Kohlhaas, and the groom's parents and Mr. and Mrs. D. Stufllck; all, of Algona. Advice was written for and read by the bride, to whom many beautiful and useful gifts were presented. Dr. John M. fteneflck Weils— Dr. John M. Keneflck was married to Audra Snodgrass, of Des Moines, Saturday morning at the All Saints church in Des Moines by the Rev. Father Maher. They were attended by Alice Krltz, of Des Moines, and the doctor's brother, Thomas, who Is a student at the state university. The bride is a daughter 'of Mr. and Mrs. Z. C. Snodgrass, of Iowa City She Is a graduate of the school of nursing at the state university, and for the past two years has been employed in the Des Moines General hospital. Doctor Keneflck is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Keneflck, of f of Dr. and Mrs. M. J. Keneflck. He was graduated from the medical college at the State University of Iowa in The Presbyterian Light Bearers will meet at the church Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Hostesses are Annetta and Ermad'lne Hannon, and Anna Marie and Irene Runtzel. Louise Derine will read a chapter in, The World on a Farm. Anettn. Hanson will' direct a trip to Ming Quong. There will l>e election of officers, and collection of the self- denial boxes. The Methodist Aid will meet this afternoon at 2:30. The women are urged to be on time and bring- darn Ing needle, scissors and thimble for work. After the business meeting and program, Mrs. -B. J. Palmer's division will serve a 15 cent lunch in the basement. . The Baptist Aid will nieet'this••af- ternoon with Mrs. John Whelock ternooh with Mrs. John Wheelpck. John Barr, Frank Cook, Ross Coleman and Orville Elkins. Mrs. M. P. Haggard entertained the Get-Together club at.luncheon and bridge Monday. Mrs. Al Falken 7 halner won high score. Mrs. T. P Harrington was a guest. The Presbyterian,Helping Hand society meets this afternoon with Mrs. C. F. Specht. Assisting hos tesses are Mrs. J. L. Coleman am Mrs. Glen Shore. The Congregational Aid meets thl afternoon at 3 o'clock at the church Members are to bring sandwiche and a covered dish. The Aid 'wl! furnish coffee. The'Alpha Delphians will mee next . week Wednesday afternoon , I of her parents, the Albert Orofien- ante, tho i.. A. ,-ottcrs. Carroll to,,k i, or , )tlck ing. I.,u Kiia teaches Florence? niaclc, gnvo a vory Ijachs, In' Sexton, entertained Ifi Sat- rday. afternoon at a shower In lonor of- Mrs. '.yclva .Toltnson -tiinclicy.' Decorations were pink ind white. The honoree received 1 leautlful gifts. Mr«. John inters entertained Frilay evening -at her home near Fenon in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Fern- eV Ruhehey. Ffye coupfw were >re«ent'-from Fonton; Ann Ramus, L,u Verne, Alberta Gro'senbaoh, of Sexton, Julia "and Esther Deurchs, and Helen Morrow, Algona, Dolph Miller, Chester. WlWIn, Clifford Worstcr, Charles Llndhorst, Mr. and Mrs. "VV'lli Uunchey and Many of this locality, were guests.- Mrs. Ward McWhorter and dauKhter,: Nancy Clair, of Webeter City, were Sunday visitors- at ,the parental A..E. Clayton's. Mrs. Ijucy Brown Walklns, Boone, and ; Mrs. ,Reta Brown McDantete Sloiix Itaplds, who are vfiritfng their sister, Mrs. D. D. Sparks, went to Corwlth Friday to visit till Sunday and n .sack .soctal day a week i WANTBJJ-OTHL TO with Mrs. A. .E. Alighel. Mrs. C. H.j Cretzmeyer will have charge of the program. The W. R. C. will meet at the Legion hall Tuesday night at 7:30. A large attendance Is desired, arid officers will be elected. The First Lutheran Dorcas so- 1927, and before becoming associated with his uncle here, practiced at Winterset. He Is affiliated with the Nu Sigma Nu medical fraternity at G l AQQ L.MOO Replacement Service Your broken door and windshield glass replai while you wait. fton-shatter windshield glass for Model A Ford, | '..',- installed ____— — JOE GREENBERG PHONE 118 I Good News—it's coming—the great one- i only 56 semi-annual the state university. After the ceremony a wedding breakfast was served at the home of the bride's aunt, Mrs. Lee McCann, of Des Molnes. The couple arrived here Monday after a wedding trip to Minneapolis and St. Paul. They are at home In an apartment In the old Chubb residence. County Federation Meets Here— The county federation of women's rlubs met at Algona Tuesday at the Methodist church with the Algona Woman's club host. At HI o'clock a business meeting was held, and at LOANSHfoJ" Ready Money Personal Loans Car Loans Cars Refinanced QUICK CASH LOANS MADE— NO RED TAPE— LOANS MADE TO PAY TAXES, BILLS, ETC. YOU BORROW TODAY AND REPAY IN SMALL MONTHLY PAYMENTS. Milch Cow Loans Ask us about our special low rate loan plan for the purpose of purchasing inure milch cows. Dairy cows assure a regular monthly income. We will loan you money to buy additional cows for your heici at a special low rate, repay in small monthly pay- uucnto Call at our office or write us for full particular's. First Door North of Iowa State Bank. INLAND FINANCE CORPORATION ?1M>IN9 P. Martin Hendricksen home Saturday. The Willing Workers will meet at August Nelson's Saturday. Mrs. Silas Knuteen will entertain the local Aid thie Friday. The Lutheran Y. P. S. mot with Mrs. Anna Osborn Friday. PALO ALTO REPRESENTATIVE GETS BLACK EYE IN FALL Mrs. Fernley Runchey, of Algona. The afternoon was spent at giving advice and hints to the bride and embroidering the guests' names on a tea-towel. The bride received many gifts. Ila Olsen and Marie Harris entertained 35 friends at a skating party at the local hall Thanksgiving evening. Attending from a distance were Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Johnson Mason City and Philip Thornton, Sioux City. Lunch was served at 10:30. The Sexton school gave a -short Thanksgiving program at the school Wednesday afternoon for mothers and friends. The program consisted of two Plays, some songs, and dialogues, after which refreshments were served. Mrs. A. L. Greenfield and hei duuglrter Edith were entertained dinner Thanksgiving at Clem Cun ningham's, west of Sexton. Alberta Grosenbach was entertained a Lloyd Wellendorf's, Algona. Pearl Steven, teacher at Rude spent Thanksgiving with her -par ents, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Steven Everett Hodgln, of Inwood, cam Friday night to spend the week-en 12:30 there was a covered dish lunch eon. The afternoon's program fol ows; reports of the federated worn n's club convention at Marshall own by Mrs. Delia Smith, Lakota nd Mrs. Fisher of Tltonka; Mrs. Geo. Johnson, who served as chairman of 'the county federation of voman's clubs the past two years vas then presented with a silver salt and pepper shaker; Vivian Wat- nam, of Ottosen, vocal solo; Mrs. A. A. Bishop, talk o n Educated Par- nts; Mrs. F. J. Clark sang two solos after which a one-act play, under the direction of Mrs. D. D. Paxson, was given by Mesdames D. P. Smith, M. J. Pool, Alice Hutchlns, Leona Zeigler and Ella Thompson. The next meeting will be held tn March. The place has not been definitely decided upon. There were more than 100 In attendance. "Where Service and Quality Meet" Representative P. H. Donlon, of Palo Alto county, is carrying a black <?y« and a badly skinned rheek as the result of two accidents. Tllp j MiUel .. B eye was blackened by a stick of Ruth ' wood that Hew up when he was chopping kindling, and the cheek skin was lost when he slipped on Icy pavement, and fell. The Democrat explains that his injuries have nothing to do with the lengthy newspaper arguments being conducted by at the Steven home. Mrs. Albert Grosenbach 'and Mrs. Wesley Grosehbach attended a tea at Mrs. Frank Barker's, Algona, Monday afternoon, In honor of Mrs. Wesley Grosenbach, Peoria, ill., who is visiting here. Mrs: Drusilla Noble, who had been at the home of her sister, Mrs. Uhurles stratton, returned Sunday to the home of her mother, Mrs. G. B. Wise, at the local store. Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Johnson, Muson City, the John Millers, and P. T. A. to Meet Next Monday— The P.-T, A. will meet at -the hlgl school Monday night at 7:30. Patents, whether members of the asso elation or not, are urged to attend •this meeting, and they will be given an opportunity to sign for 'member ship. The men are given a speclu invitation. The association wishe to have a 100 per cent membershl soon. The program, which will be on Christmas books and toys, will be given by Mrs. T. Tt. Chrischilles and Mrs. Lura Sanders, Mrs. Chris- chilles will tulk on useful and educational toys for children for Christmas, and Mrs. Sunders will tell of worthwhile books for. children of different ages. There will also be music and refreshments after the meet- Ing. I Three Days-Thursday, Friday, urday, December 3-4-5 | The greatest Clearance Sale ever invented—this year, 1 garments, greater selections, better assortment. Nearly 500 Coats, Suits and Drcsfei this year's Slaughter = Almost nothing held out—practically etery coat, dress, or suit in this s " ~~ thrown into this gigantic price slaughter. Buy One Garment and Get Another FREE! B No strings nor red tape—no special "lots"—no restrictions—no = —just pick one garment and, get another one lor yourself or '" S neighbor to take the extra garment, i •*!• ifiS 1 !! :.»* 1 What a Sale What * ss - • • ••- -•-•-•• -••--- -— • -j yje = In all the world, no sale like this—25 extra salesladies to take Psw> = —the one sale that always «cl!cks*Wwnr? Good bargains, honest *• » S advertising, . Representative Donlon metsburg newspapers. with Em- Philip Huake, Scotsbluff. Neb., were Sunday dinner guests at Alex Miller, teaching at Quas- an.1 Philip Thornton, Sioux City, spent Thanksgiving with Ruth's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Miller. Ha, Olson and Marie Harris spent •*• Farm Sale Announced. John Smith, who- farms two miles west and 2% miles north of Lu Verne, will quit farming, and 'Will sell his personal property at auction December 16. The offering Includes five tooraes, 12 cattte, Friday at Mason City. 'They had two days vacation £rom school. They are teaching near Titonka. Mr. and Mrs. Wesley (Jrosenbac-h. Feoria, IU., arrived Friday to spend several days at Albert qroaenbach's. The men are cousina. Mr, and Mrs. LeRoy Johnson, Mason City, ana Mr. and Mrs- H«pry Miller were Thanksgiving gueata pi the Alex Outfield 4-H flub Met-ts— , j The Garfleld Gleaners met Satur- ; day with Josephine and Caroline i Bonnstetter. Miss Body gave a talk ! on chair caning and aided in male- 1 ing the program for the year of 1932. She also entertained with a group of musical numbers and told of interesting facts concerning other clubs and members. Lydia Schafer Is a new member and Lillian Schneider, Mrs. Sarah Imhof, Mrs. R. B. Ber-j ninghaue, Mrs. Ous Berninghaus, Mrs. John Bleijer, Mrs. Harold' Anderegg, Mrs. Paul Bonnstetter, and Pauline JJounstetter were visitors. Lynch was served. The next meet- Ing wi)l be January 9. Stars >'«ju,e Officers— O, E. S, keU its regular Practically every gar*| ment in the ready*to*| wsur department goet I into thi§ Two«F<wr*Qne| '3a!e» C O M E! f

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