Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 3, 1931 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 3, 1931
Page 7
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f y :vn*s •^a PAPERS Printed Last Week circulation by fur In Komth. 0TAB0 STOPS •Oft ktMl Ct Volume 31 ALGONA, IOWA, DECEMBERS, 1931 u -, fa-Won toward these of maklhg ao'thftt they may will- Katurally these iAuked. Women s6 of- early In the day In m be presentable t «* ald ln T e ; u bound td be appre- ANNUAL H. D. A. REPORT SHOWS BIG YEAR thta new style: ^thTfarmer's wife, or ; , «f the working man; or 1 , »he coalheaver, or ' the poor devil - who •MB'out of work for 1 But especially should ce that the woman on , w m now be ao mater-, 1 in saving time that ,i,v actually have many Hach day hanging heavily fhand 8 ' • ••'••' ' HOBNING, afcont 4 bells af she dresses In one o *' -- creations, an* she BOTH WOMEN'S WORK AND 4-H CLUBS PROGRESS h Then when that „« »he .Imply, ?•!!•• «». », lo. detachable rteeves while »he waiihei *lih The annual report of Muriel Body, H. D. A., for 1931, gives the two major projects carried as the first year home management course of the women's project work, and second year clothing for the girls' 4-H club work. A very fine piece of work was carried on In the county in the women's work. Housekeeping versus homemaklng was studied. The home management project was written April 8, 11930 with Mrs. Mary Gregg, assistant state leader. Five lessons were included In the course: selection of kitchen utensils, goals in homemaklng, home ground Improvement, planned leisure, and a very successful club year. Beginning with 14 clubs with an enrollment of 209 and ending with is organized clubs with an enrollment of 306 Is one of the gratifying results sho.vn in the county report. The project was written In September, J930. Three specialist training schools were huld. Lesson one, a study of materials and styles for afternoon dresses for the 4-H cl:ita girls, was studied. Decorative stltchery, state fair help, and personal grooming were also considered. Patterns for smocks and slips were, cut./ , .'•'.. The second lesson was a study of accessories and the third was on children's clothing. Emma Mcllrath clothjng specialist conducted the- schools, all held at Burt. Attendance follows: Lesson one, January 2, 32; lesson two, February 16, 42; lesson .three, March 30, 62. July 16 Miss Mcllrath conducted an all-day school for helping the club demonstration teams. This Lone Rock Girl's Hand Is Crushed Open in Wringer Lono Rock, Dec. 1 — daughter o£ the Carl Raths, suffered a painful Injury to her hand when Bho got It In the wringer. Two stitches had to be taken to clone, the wound.. Jjorls; small , daughter of the Dell Marlows also got her fingers caught In a wrlnger,.,.last week, Teachers* 'Homo on Thankful vintf— The teachers, who live out of town, spent the- holidays with their parents; Harriet Fish at WhittC' more; Floy .Tones at Chester; juanlta liunn at Port Podge; Evelyn Behrman at Bancroft; Ruth Cross at Curlew; Coach V. V. Fry and family at Cylinder. personal efficiency, and large quan- to dinner which vlr- irdi an apron affair she dnrtaR the mornlnifB tlty meal planning. Reports were made by 112 local the dlihwaihlnf ....„ str'nf, inf'"**" towed to hop Intothe Jit. ' , town for the after„.„». Coming home In Jinpper (In town It's din- '•wtfsrmew still eat son- •nils another string- and, "eats In foirtal evening LL OF THIS magical . saves her, much time. You t saves running back and changing dresses a half MS each day; And the final uwn lng change in thte de- e dressing stunt should be the ' another string and she is • bed, night gown, face all up with face lotions and her hair done up for tit's snooze. What a boon to a, heaven bless 'em, what a but once for the day. g , detach and cast off i after another* In • confer robe styles and fads which nt duties and spqlal acttvl- leaders of follow up meetings at .which a total of 1,536 rural women were reached. A total o f 188 officers helped In this work. These Included 19 township chairmen with 150 cooperatora. These cooperators link the extension service and Farm Bureau with every home In the school district, and 793 homes reported use of .'Improved practices. The total number ot women' adopting suggestions was 1,324. The wpmen.of the county have always been interested In raising the standard of living of their rural homes. Tralnhig Schools Used. Lessons were presented to the organized townships by the training school was considered one ot the most successful In the state because of attendance, Interest and fine type of material assembled by the girls for their demonstations. A total ot 101 attended this meeting, in all, eight club meetings or training schools were held with a total at tendance of 237, an average of 29 per meeting. 4-11 Events Successful. County 4-H club events were sue cessful. The county Rally day hole at the state park June 4, had 1' 'clubs represented with a total at Jendance of 276. ' Thirteen clubs wrote In the music memory,contes with 188 girls turning in papers. The average score was 83.3, and three girls made 100 per cent: Fredrlca Girres, of Wesley; Edna Jordan and 1. K. Games Are Scheduled— The Lono Rock B. B. teams will :>lay at Seneca Friday night, and on Dciember S the boys first and second teams ot TitonUa will play here. Fenton B. B. Teams Defeat**— Lonei Rock defeated Fenton here in a double header basketball game lust week. The girls game was 9-6 and boys 12-10. Naomi Weg«ner to College— Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wegener took thefr daughter Naomi to Cedar Falls last week where she has enter ed college. Will Sell Car Drivers';licenses— Margaret Roderick has been appointed to sell auto drivers' licenses in this town to car owners. Mrs. Mubal Shelllto and family, of Amos. Lura, Sewick, oil Burt, and Max- Ine Carson, oC Armstrong, were call' ing on friends here Tuesday of last week.: Arthur Davis, of Can-oil, came last week Tuesday to visit the George pettits, returning Wednesday. •••-..• Donald r.lanchard, who Is attend' ing college at Cedar Falls, spent the holidays with his parents. Vera Morris came home from Vmes for Thanksgiving. Her father ook her back Sunday. Elsie Willrctt and May Fitzgerald were guests of Mrs. Frank Flaig last week Tuesday. L. R. Roderick attended a Chevro let dealers' convention In Moines Saturday. The Ernest Jensens spent las week Thursday with relatives a West. Bra.nch. Mrs. Chris Godfredson r Rlngsted spent Monday with her sister, Mrs Glen Sharp. Joe Elvidge was Thanksgiving guest at the George Elvidge home at Perry. ent Is Mesdames Gusta Patterson, rtame Stelnman, Mary Leason, 'ranees Gould, Lizzie Kohl, and da Winkle Jr.' The club members vlll furnish the food .which will be erved at noon. A program Is be- ng arranged by Meedames Maude kelson and Clara Thompson and Messrs. Mark Sarchett and Harold ones. School Carnival Tomorrow— Dlst. No. • 4 - pupils and their .eacher, Gertrude Sage, have planned a carnival to be held at the schoolhoiise.Friday .afternoon,. December 4. A small admission will )e charged at the door. Several concessions have been booked and plenty of fun Is assured all who at:end. The public Is Invited. School Program Is Glren— Dlst. No. 5 school had a program and basket social last week Tuesday evening. The affair was. well at-r tended and despite the depression there was spirited bidding on the baskets. Joyce Mittag was voted the most popular gjrl present. Mary Glsch, well known 4-H club girl, Is teacher. Jack Lights Hare New Son— Mr. and Mrs. Ethan Light are parents of a • boy born Friday, November 13. The baby has been nam- Burn* Off andAlrAinai Quit shorillBf «Ml end ehopvtac woo* BOW ultow H fa.M. ,*»£"n«J3, w J? i turn. ol\ intocms wdbarm «»«**• Fraction toCAtt 1 •ml bom «r CotU. mmm, ^IMV*, •••• • irtKatf «*,* MlW. r«t*' IMA b-J«t3t •Wasfmsaum on. BUHNER co. G. A. sharp and son Delbert made a business trip to Des Moines Sunday. Mrs. Watson Shick entertained Study this Chart It Gives You I MIGHT BE WEM- for 1 to Invent a slpner sort hraent In place of the This suggestion Is free. J)NS to the amount of $37 rth were on the bill of fare \ soldiers who have been serv- i man's land in the Iowa ; war zone. That's a lot of [ what a tearful Job it _ _* foeenr to- peel- 'em. But i doubt have aided in giving i to the boys while they wal- and forth In 'the mud Iterraln infested with objec- srhaps the strong breath of ;'• would have much to do ping an objector . in his school method. One training school for each lesson was held by the H. D. A. for each township. In a few cases two townships met together. Township and publicity chairman and the cooperators attended these schools. These H. D. A. training schools were followed up by local leader meetings. Training schools held on selection of kitchen utensils by the H. D. A. numbered 32 with an attendance of 288, and 32 schools were held for lesson two with an attendance of 270. Home ground Improvement, lesson 3, proved popular, and 34 training schools were held with a total at- Georgia Ann Geigel, o f Irvington. College Quartette Is Coming— A double quartette from Buena| Vista college will entertain at the The county Achievement day pro gram was held in the Bancroft! church"hero"Sunday." school on August B. Hazel Brown, extension specialist, was judge, and 200 people attended, with 14 clubs having clothing exhibits and style show girls. Demonstrations were given by 13 teams and the same number of teams entered the county judging contest. Achievement day winners were: ifhlle the cow cowers, as the Imade. Just goes to show that )rly onion, along with the low- enters into the physical t an army on the battle lines. | MUST BE NOTED that no caviar were aerved to wldlers. No prunes, and no But lots of beans, good ivy beans. Over 17,000 i of meat was fed the boys. | was |2,000 more than the sr's total bill. But soldiers for meat makes 'em !ge and you can't be a milk 1 get anywhere with those t test wars. The objectors I lived on meat for years, | they sell their milk. I COW TEST WAB at any has done thin Hundreds iwhp had no Jobs have been a buck per day by vlr- [tolns In the battle line. The to,date amounts to over And while this pay roll Is I tiled to our expense and "committees are running ar> i circles over the state Insist- other pay rolls In the dlf- [counties be cut to.the bone. "' » tunny world fillet with [lolkg who do funny and fool- i. And of ivhtah the cow tops the list. But tfce [b on all of us, that Is, we all And that's (bat. "DING TO THE Iowa Offl- Mer the Iowa State High- pomtnlsslon employs ; 896 peo^ phis Includes the chief engi- "' 110,000 per year down to a an who gets $540 per year, employes the.re aver One f Inspector, two general inspee- 232 inspectors. Then there jWdreds of maintenance euper- '"ts, field assistants, instru- 16 Ri rodmen, and so for^h who I must chase up sxnd down, back Fth, across the state, They no {have cars. Assuming that 445 highway commission own i»S assuming that they • drive Kflclal" license plates, and as- that the average car would "• registration fee of '?16, the to department Is out $6,675 In license money. -And .a state employe who > better salary than lots of we | towa folks pay a fee on ~ asking you. tendance of 330. Personal efficiency and planned leisure was studied at 32 training schools by an attendance of 254. There were 36 schools for lesson '5 with 253 leaders In attendance. Sixteen county committee meet- tinge were.held. This committee is made up of the township chairman from each organized township and the county chairman. Townships must attend at least five county committees to keep the organization up to 100 per cent. Kossuth county had Ii8 chairman present at five or more county meetings during the yeac 1931. This was the first time the Larkin club last week Tuesday. There will .be a P.-T. A. meeting this week Thursday. William Flaig sold his car to John Sprank last week. BUSY BEES OF UNION ENJOY ANNUALFEAST Union Twp., Dec. 1—The Busy Bee club held its annual banquet at families, ; Fenton ; : the- .Wm. :.Drey'ers| tire Burt Legion hall laet week Friand Ed Teitzes, of Lotts Creek;' the day evening. The affair included Ing team, Alice and Lorena Dreyer, I Ed Hansens, Algona; the Arthur the members, their families, and Fenton township;- highest scoring In- and Carl Volghts, Whittemore; ( Ma- SO me invited guests, a total of 70. dividual, Cordelia Ristau, Lu Verne; linda and Hilda Kadlng and He'rtha The menu was in charge of Mes- ed Dale William, the latter In honor of his maternal grandfather, William Rich. The Lights, who tenant the George Boevers Wayside Farm, have two other children, both girls. Flano Loaned to School— Dist. No. 4 school is enjoying a piano. The teacher, Gertrude 'Sage, recently purchased the piano at Burt and has loaned It to the school. Harry Ward and A. B. Schenck got the piano from Burt. School Coach Is Daddy— Coach V. V. Fry and his wife are parents of a son, bom Saturday. demonstration team, Mary Glsch and, Alice Payne, Union township, Alteration of a Sleeve Pattern; judg. Other Lone Rock. The following were entertained at the John Segebarth Sr. home Sun day: Eric, attending college at Mankato; the Ben and. John. Segcbarth THE vain. •£ coffM k 4etoi«iMd fcr JU~r. 1WI of eoffee, tdmee ha. determined, «»«* fr oil known McaffeoL Recently, to V«» dw« LalxwUai. analyxed the cafteol oanto* «f acrea coffees. The chart below ahowa the relative < these Mven eoffeea. Note that Coffee -contained froa» 11% to «•% the other six brands. 11% to 60% MM Don't be deceived bjjwicea! Y«s was* flavorless ground*. Insist upon NaaVa ! style show winners, Helen Hagge, Ruehnke, oC Lotts Creek. dames Celia Scott, Vera Ringsdorf, Ledyard, Helen Kent, Wesley, and I Mr. and Mrs. Carl Fredenberg and an a Elsie Duggan. Esther Bahling Dorothy Christensen, Harrison. daughter Barbara Jean, o£ Sheffield, and Mesdames Wilma Strayer and In the county health contest in came Friday for a few days visit at Rose Bahling arranged the following June and July with the finals on the L. R. Roderick and Robert program : Recitation, Noma Scott; August 3, Frances Kuchynka, Swea township, won the title of Dransfeldt homes, of sisters. that the county had succeeded in The women are vocal 6O i o> Mrs. Katherine Leason, „,.„„, .-. —- - . accompanied by her mother, Mrs. F. county 4-H club health'champion. The..,Tohn'spranks- entertained- the g .Thompson;- recitation, Jean Marie Fifteen clubs took part in the lo- following for Thanksgiving dinner: Sarchett; music, Edna Staley; reci- cal contests, and 153 girls .were ex- Fred Flaigs, of Fenton; Glen Burls, tot j on Bet ty Walker; recitation, amined and 1114 entered the final) of Ai-mstrong; the^Wm. _and ™- '• - " county contest. 15 4-H Club Booths. A total of 15 4-H club booths made I the 4-H building one of unusual Interest at the county fair, and 14 Dorothy Bahling; song, Noma Scott Flaigs and Jas. Ackermans, of Lone Jean Marle g arc hetf, piano solo, Rock. Mrs. F. S. Thompson; music, Roy Charles, Wilbur, and Vernon Dean Sarcnet The Busy Bee club mem- Zoller were guests of the Frederick L^ and thelr husbands w m enjoy Schultsces over the week-end. Mr. | _ % llsftftl , party at clare winkle ' s Fri- Other Union News. Mrs. Frank Riebhoff has been carrying her right arm in a sling the last two weeks due to an infection In the second finger. Mrs. Riebhoff makes daily trips to Algona to have the finger dressed. Walter Rich returned to Dist. No. 4 school laet week after an enforced absence of several weeks..:following an operation for appendicitis. ACCIDENT IS CAUSED BY PARKEDjjAHN HIGHWAY Swea City, Dec. 1 — When Sam Heathershaw- was driving home Saturday night from work in Armstrong, his car struck a car parked on the paving without lights, was cut on his forehead and mouth and nose were bruised. '. car was badly damaged. The parked car was from Armstrong. if CMf*« ^•^%: Matt byfMCkm Beseafben-0060% i B Alfahmlkceata lief elf a,- demonstrations were given during and Mrs. Schultz took them home Ly evening, December 4. - , . „ a . _, fair week. A county judging and Sunday to Nora Springs,. tnTs" phase'of the work. In 1930, 14) style show contest were also held Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Rouse and chairmen attended five or more county meetings. ] 19 Townships Organized. A summary of results obtained in the first year home management course follows: organized townships, M; school district cooperators, 150; local leaders, 112; H. D. A. training schools, 1«3; township committee meetings, 96; project presented at evening meetings of men and worn.. — jj 4 . a t. M. * D. Club Banquet Today- County fair win-1 son Max, o£ Spencer, and Mr. and The Mothers and Daughters club ners were- booth, first, Harrison Mrs. Orville Rosendahl, of Superior, l, u hold lts annua i .banquet at the township- demonstration team, Port- wer guests of the William Krauses Commun j t y room, Good Hope,| during fair week. land, 'Ada Schwletert and Edith I Sunday. Tnndl- ludclne team Burt, Beada Mr. and Mrs. Glen Sharp Ko"fasch- and Dorothy Bierstedt. Betty Anne and Chris Kellaon ™h^Bierstedfwas highest scor-1 turned from Chicago Saturday ing Individual in the judging^ con. where week. The and they visited friends for a Thursday, December 3. The menu committee appointed by the presl- L. R. Roderick family and test. Style show winner, Union, ?S, c'<±». E »Su 1£«J3|a*«t D»™ M dt. .U..JM a f.m "~H^S J5TJS ksS*5l2S3srsut ^^TZSTttl^fZ^^-rSK en 59; local leader meetings tendance at local leader meetings, 15 £tal results are Bummari.ed^ &^^JSS^i^^\^ 17-20. Mary Tjaden, of Plum Creek and Ada schwietert, of Portland, wrote 100 per cent papers in the state music contest. Edith Reynolds follows; number pieces bought, 345; Plans for work made 191; number women finding more leisure time, 156; women planning regular tasks for children number plans made for home the Orville Stows. The William Leepers drove to Al bert Lea last week Thursday to see Mr. Leeper's father who has been Iiuim-sci (*•«•••-» LA grounds, 62; number shrubs planted, 323; number trees planter, 122; number changes made in grounds, 71; women taking daily rest period 116, women taking posture exercises, 77, women standardizing at least one task, 79; homes using better plan for reading, 83; number flreteas cookers made, 74; occasions when large quantity meal plans used, 93, total uses of lessons, 1897. Achievement day was the big county°event"oE the year for Home Project work, and 300 people beard the program May 28. Seven of the ten booths scored perfect. The following townships hud booths; Grant, score 808; German, 818; Lu Verne, 985 Swea, ,1000; Burt 999; Portland 1000; Lincoln, 1000; Harrison. 1000, Ledyard, 1000; and Greenwood, 1000. Ledyard Team Whin. • Nine demonstrations were presented with Ledyard township winning «rst Place. Members of the team first Place. Heetland and Mrs chosen for the special club honors^ Mary Glsch was chosen to attend the state 4-H queen as color bearer. Seven girls, one leader, and the H. D A enjoyed the district 4-H club camp'at Okoboji, July- 2-4..The- KM- suth girls were awarded their share of honors at camp, especially for ClUb Appear at State Fair. " Six club "girls and two leaders represented Kossuth at the state fair. Frances Kuchynka represented the county in the state health contest and made a score of 97.5. Alice and Lorena Dreyer entered the state Judging contest. Helen Hagge,represented the county in the state style 8h ow contest Mary Bernard Geiirich, spent the Thanks giving holidays at her home near Fort Dodge. The Eldon Kearns, of Burt, and William Flaigs, of Lone Rock, were entertained Sunday at Frank Flaig's, • Mr. and Mrs. N. L. Cotton spent Thanksgiving with their daughter THE TROTH ABOUT RHEUMATISM The. truth is that within 24 hours after you start taking the efficient prescription called Allenru uric acid poison starts to leave your body. Within 48 hours pain, agony, and distress are gone — you're happy again—and back on the job. You're simply fooling yourself when you stick to makeshift pain deadeners and relievers — unless uric acid goes — rheumatism stays with you. Allenru Is positively guaranteed by B. W. Lusby and druggists everywhere to do just as this notice states or money back—a .generous bottle for 85 cents. You Have Seen Miss Deal use KC Baking Powder in the Advance Cooking School She explained its high quality and the economy in uaing KC in your baking. Owing to its great leavening strength • smaUer amount of KC is used per recipe than of high priced brand*. Use assuming 1 that, Bet a reduction on their tuXi Supposing* t$iey U refund on the 80 per jpal« There's anoth§i- Item that n '8 into many dollars? I'M ttlii) U they d,o, get conic! I have to cents per, rate or .And J . k«ovv there for are with 59 clothing teams and won Their demonstration was fine and received much OR township won first feature, The 100% Home posters, slogan, and demonstration the county at the state fair; is the sixth year the county nas exhibited at the state fair and Kossuth placed fourth in the at ate. fhU was the first time that the placed In the winning -"2 points Payne competed with demonstration fourth. unusually ....„ . favorable comment. Cordelia Bto tau received'first in the cotton school dress division. In state club contests this year two Kossuth girls have won recognition. Georgia Ann Geigel won third in the boys and girls' forestry contest., and Mary Gisch won r«t ta the state on her five-yeai club record and has received a tUp the Chicago international, to November 28 to December 4. other honors have come to VII !. C' the club girls, reporters, ^H^ith P :- ration home beaut,- «5S and community jn-ogram M wel , mUjor prnjacu oC ^ r^terSnl^^s .cam, or*. *™«^^*£&- £ ^SStftt 'gS furnishings »ffl baj-»«- in 19»2- Subjects to be are- chair caning; tm ^*^ *'»*** They have served as te repuriH-. taken part In state .J events and in'every v«y have mde the county known in oWb work. Eight county committee e the of the reau program. try Rheu- BllZ'rARO F,$.NORTONtSON m m There's an Antidote for Every Poison frTnature's vast laboratory there are ^lemeate wWoh £±F r^oSo^SlsWfS .«£• mines whose output is famous for heat unit Phone Algona 229 an4 let us insure you* comfort. BITUMINOU5 25 Ounces for 25 C SAME PRICE for Over 40 Years •^"OWPgE?^ try it in your favorite redj* M ^^ by d»e demonstrator. You wffl a%»4 Mi* is none better—pwrer-^inor* Hll |« OF TOUND8 USED GKT THE KC COOK - ' ." VX'ilaw , : ^^^M

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