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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, December 3, 1931
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»: * 7 » . jT -I *I,' ALGONA, IOWA, DECEMBER 3, 1931 10 Pages Number 12t OUR D AGE CASES FO TRIAL • f ,i H'« ft[SCHOOL COOKING NTSWIPES it Day bf Advance [School Attract* Over 200* attendance at the Advance school fest week Monday iday, an fl Wednesday, ' was 'over the 500 mark by the n "nf women that filled nearly ?chalrln the K. of C. hall Wed- afternoon. < The three days to Thanksgiving were consider- nor days on which to conduct , a school, for so many women busy with guests and with Urntibns for Thanksgiving that mailer 'attendance; was .expected , in the aVsrage school. How t''< Algona women -were Interested facts .of cooking, as given by f Oler, Ai Jones, who up to the f before she opened-the Advance >!, was Miss Leona M. Deal. .Izes on the concluding day of I school were won by Mrs. Anna Ness Mrs. P. J. Chrlstensen, .Walter Dally, Mrs. A. D. Rich- Mrs. F. M. Sterling, Mrs. H. Mary G. Krontz, Mrs. F. luger Mrs. Charles Gllbride, en Morrow, Mrs. D. J. Habeger, L Louis Reding, Mrs. George St in, Mrs. C. E. Haxton, Mrs. John Mrs. Anton Dldrlksen, Mrs. |H. Zanke, Mrs. Charles Klamp. C Kaln, Mrs? Jos. Greenberg, I Mrs. M. E. Worster. loperatlng with the Advance in school were R. O. BJustrom, jrigas stoves and Phllco radio, Bros, coffee, Armour & Co., pn Kohlhaas, General Electric rigerator, Roy Richardson, kit- equipment, Algona Creamery, , cream, and butter, the Basket *ry, Monarch brand groceries ] by Miss Deal, Foster's furnl- i store, model dining room, and i secured' assistance from Chris«n Bros., A. H. Borchardt, and I Algona Greenhouse,; In complet- jthe display.^rr-'r'^•-•• •'•'•••"''"'. '' (Cany women who attended have that It .was one of the best they had attended, and that felt more than repaid for the During each day's sessions. Deal gave recipes, both of cooked and others requested I, the women. She also conduct- la question period In which she ired questions on cooking and . details. . . hre e of Miss Deal's popular re- ia, given at Wednesday's school, ALL IN ALL WE LOOK FOR A RIGHT LIVELY MEETING CHILDREN TO BENEFIT FROM WELFARE MOVIE Tomorrow's Receipts to Go to Relief in Algona. Scout Awards Given at Burt Honor Court By Bobby Dewcl. A court of honor at Burt was held Tuesday night at the Presbyterian church for Boy Scouts. Several troops were represented: troop 33, Swea City, troop 43, Burt; and troops 31 and 32, of Algona. The program was opened with a piano duet by Lucille Sewick and Ada Schwietert, of Burt. Next came All proceed* from Friday after noon and evening's movie at the Cull theatre will «be turned over t Antoinette Bonnatetter, school nurse for her use among school children rc'licC work this winter. The picture, theater, electricity, everything, is donated by N. C. Rice toward the cause, which is a part of a national movie welfare work drive. Thus every cent .spent lot a ticket will be turned over to Miss Bonnstetter. The movie, which was selected the first of the week, Is "Salvation Nell," starrlnK Ralph Graves, Sally O'Neill, and Helen Chandler. In addition there will be a colored romantic travelog, a trained monkey comedy and a cartoon comedy. The show is sponsored by the Algona. Community club, and tickets are being sold by a committee composed of members of the Rotary and Ktwanls clubs. Presidents Over myer and Miller, with W. W: Sulli van, Dr Melvin Bourne, Jos. Green berg, C. II. La Barre, E. C. Hancher A. L. Cunningham. Fred Kent, W A. Foster, and Chas. H. Taylor form the ticket committee. Ticket may also be purchased at the-theate invocation by the Rev. S. H. Aten, pastor of the church, with the au dlence and the Scouts standing. Interesting and helpful demonstrations were given. The main arteries and veins that supply parts of Algona Markets that evening. Admission for adults will be 5 the body were shown by Kenneth Graham and Keith Thaves, ot Burt. A demonstration on tying bandages •as then given by Paul Kriethe Jr. nd Gardner Patterson, of Burt. oseph Graham, Charles Hanna, and Richard Lavrenz, Burt, demonstrat- d resuscitation by artificial respiration. An address on scout laws and clt- zenship was given by the Rev. A. H. Wood, of Good Hope. He ex plained each of the scout laws and stressed the need of observance of these laws not only by the boys while they are Scouts but in later life. Mr. Wood used to lead a Scout troop. Willard Stow, senior patrol leader of troop 43, Burt, administered the scout oath. Condit Bowie presented a tenderfoot badge to Bobby Dewel, •troop 31, Algona. Another boy of Algona was to have received one, but'he was not present. P. F. Kriethe awarded the second class badges to John Spongberg, troop 31', At close of business Dec. 1, 1931. By Wilbur J. and Alice Payne. GRAIN No. 2 yellow corn .3 No. 3 yellow corn -3! No. 3 white oats .2 Feed barley -30 PRODUCE Eggs, graded No 1 % .29 Eggs, graded, No. 2— '. -14 Cash cream .26 BANCROFT MAN FINED ON PLEA IN BOOZE CASE $700 Settlement i» Made in Matson vs. Godden Suit. POULTRY Hens, 4 Ibs. and over — .15 Hens, under 4 Ibs. -10 Springs, over 4 Ibs. -15 Springs, 3 and 4 Ibs. .13 Springs, under 3 Ibs — .10 HIDES Calf and cow, Ib. —' .03 Horse .. 1-80 Colt hides, each .50 HOGS Best sorted lights, 180-230 lbs._$3.60 Medium wt. butch., 230-260 Ibs. 3.60 Best prime hvy. butch, 300-350. 3.40 Best hvy. butch., 260-300 Ibs— 3.50 Best pack, sows, 300 to 320 Ibs. 3.30 Best heavy sows, 350 to 400 Ibs. Best hvy. sows, 350-400.$3.00 to 3.10 Big hvy. sows, 400-500 $2.75 to 3.00 CATTLE Canners and cutters- $1.00 to $2.00 Fat cows $2.00 to $3.01 Veal calves -—$4.00 to $5.00 Bulls =. $2.00 to $2.75 Four damage suits in succession* loomed for this week an the petit jury appeared for action Tuesday. Settlement for $700 was made ye*-, terday afternoon in the first of th»-' cases, in which Lettie Matson had asked $2,729 damages from W. It- Oodden, as the result, of. Injuries liBi an accident near Humboldt. tartr- June. , Alonzo Schiltz, Bancroft, was fiiw* $200 and costs, and sentenced to Mf days jn jail jMonday by Judge F. C." • Davidson on a plea of guilty to _ » charge of illegal transportation'•*-, iquor. Schiltz was arrested last month. after a hot chase at Bancroft, tar which he led officers In a back altar race through the town. Schiltz blew out two .'tires on his car when b» missed abroad over the a-ailrom* tracks, abandoned the car, in which/ were found'18 gallons of alcohol; and then disappeared. He was latee FOUR NEW BRIDGES WILL BE ERECTED SOUTH OF ALGONA 'Mexican Who Shot Husband Flees Prison Contracts for four bridges and four culverts on No. 169 south of Algona will be let by the state highway commission at Ames next week Tuesday. The new bridges are in preparation for paving, which will be eventually done on this road. The Dan Long, Fisher, and St. Joe bridge are to be completely replaced, and a bridge over the overflow channel of the river between the Lm Verne road corner and St. Joe Is also to be built. Julia Silva, Mexican woman who ehot and killed her common law husband here last summer, escaped Tuesday from the woman's reformatory at Rockwell City, where she Is serving a sentence on a. manslaughter charge. Sheriff L. E. Hovey was notified. Later in the day he was notified that she had been recaptured near Rockwell City. NUTS SENT HERE FROM HISTORIC TREES FOR SEED j cents. Grade school admission Is 1 cents, and junior .and senior hig school student's tickets sell at 20 cents. It is hoped that a large amount will be realized from this show, for Miss Bonnstetter anticipates a little more than the average demand for work among fl)6 children this year. The school matinee will be held at 4:15, and the evening shows at the an Sandwiches -f Mix three ices cream cheese with one/ table-i i of .thick cream. .Saft and. pep- Mix finely chopped stuffed and mayonalse. Spread one of sandwich with cheese mix- and the other slice with . olive tture. Press both slices together lettuce leaf between. • lute Cake — %cup butter. 2-3 ) milk, 2 cups flour/ 2 tap, baking 1 tsp. vanilla, 3 egg whites, butter and sugar and, . let till it is a smooth mixture. 12 tbap. flour to prevent curd Alternately add liquid and Bake 40 minutes in oven at I degrees. . We and Nut Bread—W egg, Mugar, % cup nuts, % cup dates raps flour, 2 tsp, baKlng powder pp milk. Mixture; Beat egg til 't, aflfl sugar and continue beat Add nuts and dates. Alter £ add flour and milk. Pour into and. floured pan, and bake plnuteg at SSOjlesrees. I VERNE TRUCK OPERATOR FINED ON LICENSE CHAR6E Wermeraen, of J^u* Verne, fined $25 and costs by Justice [A. Wlnkel Friday- on a charge of "itlng a motor'vehicle truck for transportation'of freight for If over the public highway of Iowa "big the months of June, July, I August, 1931, "without authority ~i the Iowa Railway Commission, entered a plea of guilty after Dentation of evidence, and re- ived the fine. Otto Ramus. also of "Verne, is also charged with the ""I offense, and his trial has been hearing Saturday. Stephen >n, assistant commerce coun- L, ' come nere as SP 60 '* 1 prose""• Ramus has a permit for one S trucks but he has been ' two, All trucks operating for file and receive a permit the railway commission. When the new bridges are the road will be straightened built The road will continue straight ahead at the Fisher bridge instead of turning to the east as at present. The St. Joe bridge turn, long recognized as a hazard because of a sharp corner, will also be straightened, and the new bridge will be west of the present bridge. Because of the location of the Fisher and St. Joe bridges no detours will be necessary at these points. A detour, however, will be necessary at the Long bridge, and it is presumed that 169 traffic will- be routed south through Algona to the State park, thence east to join the highway at the old Thorpe cor- "rhe right-of-way has been se- for all of this work, and if the U1U » *re favorable and the contracts let. some work may -be done either late this winter or early in the spring. bids are OIL-SOAKED COB USED TO WARM CARlSETS IT AFIRE Martin Bonnstetter. on McGregor street, tried a novel way of warming up his Model T Ford car so It would start easier with almost disastrous He soaked a corncob in ker- effect, ALGONIAN NAMED AS DIRECTOR OF NEW ASSOCIATION Ben F. sorensen, of the Paine and Sorensen drug store, has joined the new organization of the association against the prohibition amendment organized recently in the state of Iowa by L. B. Maytag, of Newton. The organization seeks, to bring about a vote on the question of repealing the eighteenth amendment. Mr. Sorensen is the only Algonian, so far as known, who has joined the organization. The other members include some of the leading business men bankers, lawyers,, doctors, editors, farmers, industrialists, and capitalists in the state, of which a few are: George G. Hlgbee presl- dent, Murray Iron Works, Burlington- J W. Bettendorf, president, Bettendorf Car company, Bettendorf; G Decker French, president, Central Engineering company, Daven port- Isaac B. Smith, president, Iowa Railway & Light company, Cedar Rapidsf B. T. Meredith, Jr.. PUb- Usher, Des Mones; and Leo J. weg- man , cashier, American Savings bank at Carroll, and president of savings banks at Templeton, Ded- nTm? and Halbur. Mr. ^Wegner was at one time cashier ofjhejt Benedict bank, and also county superintendent of A number of walnuts have been received from Mount 'Vernoif, Arlington National cemetery and Gettysburg by Al Falkenhainer, who has distributed them for planting in the state park, over the graves of some of the war veterans at the cemetery, country schools of the county, and other places of interest. The nuts are distributed in a national nut-tree planting project sponsored by the U. S. department of agriculture, the American Forestry association and the Boy Scouts. A bushel was received from Gettysburg and a number were planted at the state park. Others were sent to other state parks, some to each of 150 country schools in the county, somo planted at the*Algona Country club grounds and some at the county farm. Only five nuts were received from Mount Vernon, and they regular hours. If necessary show will be run all afternoon. the SERVICE CLUBS PLAN BIG COMPETITIVE HUNT Sunday, December tt'3, 'has been set aside for a competitive hunt under the auspices of the Rotary and Klwanls clubs. Not only members of the two clubs are eligible to take part, but all Algona hunters. Wild animals and birds to be were given to the D. A. R., the Boy Sco.uts, Masonic temple, and the stale park. The 100 nuts received from Arlington were planted at the state park, the Boy Scout camp at Fort .Dodge, and at various other state parks in • this part of the .state. War veterans may apply for some of the trees for their 'homes next year when it is advisable for transplanting them. hunted include wolves, foxes, crows, hawks, jack rabbits, and cottontails, and points will be awarded as follows: Wolf, 1000; Fox, 500; Crow, 50; Hawk, 50; Cottontail 5. Hunters desiring to do so may begin hunting all but jack rabbits and cottontails next Tuesday, but the rabbits are to be hunted only a week from Sunday. These will be frozen in cold storage and will be devoted • to charity under the supervision o£ Antoinette Bonnstetter, school nurse,'and Elinor T. Button, county welfare worker. All bounties will also be devoted to tlie same use. Sportsmen intending to take part in the hunt ar e asked to notify F. Algona, and Verle Thaves, troop 43, Burt. First class badges were awarded by Paul Danson, Scoutmaster of troop 311., to Charles Hanna, Joseph Graham, and Richard Lavrenz, all of troop 43. M. G. Norton, Algona awarded star Scout badges to Ernest Lavrenz, Gardner Patterson, Nor man Sanderson, Kenneth Graham and Keith Thaves, all of troop 43. Merit badges, were awarded a follows: Troop 31, Algona, "Walter Beard sley, firemanship, personal health, pathfinding, and music; Maurice Michel, firemanship pathfinding, handicraft, and personal health. Burt—Richard Chlpman, fireman- ship; William Giddings, personal health; Kenneth Graham, handicraft, blacksmithing, firemanship, carpentry; Paul Kriethe Jr., public health, civics, first aid, pathfjnding, farm mechanics; Hugh McDonald, cooking, carpentry, woodwork; Donald Patterson, first, aid; Gardner Patterson, ' first aid, pioneering, public health; Norman Sanderson, personal health, public health, first aid, pathfinding; Keith Thaves, first aid. Donald Weir, scoutmaster and Burt schools superintendent, received soil management, hog and pork production, civics,• botany, and carpentry awards. The meeting' was closed with first and last verses of America. TWO ALGONIANS NAMED ON BAR ASSOCIATION PROGRAM Two Algonlans appear'on the program of the 14th judicial district bar association of Iowa, which holds a mid-winter banquet at the Gards.ton hotel at Estherville Saturday at Yearlings $3.00 to $3.5 Fat steers — $5.00 to $5.50 caught. ' Schiltz Fays $350 for Car. Jail term was suspended during" good behavior. Included in the coote was a $75 attorney fee. Schiltz ported a iJond of $350 for his car, wbtelr- had been confiscated following escapade, and which amount win turned into the county. Judge F. C. Davidson has set following three damages cases, *• the order in which they appear, •* the next cases for trial: Mrs. GCB*~ vleve : Seifert vs. G. W. Sampl*. $10,000 asked ae damages to heattk* alleging a quarrel; H. D. vs. W. I. Dodds, $177 asked as .result of an auto crash north town last. February; Jesse Riddle, • John Frank!, $5,000 asked for dam- NO, CENTRAL SIX DECLAIM CONTEST TO BEJELD HERE An extemporaneous /and declamatory contest will be held at the high School building next. Tuesday^ sifter noon and evening. The extemporaneous contest will begin at 3, and the declamatory will be held in the evening. The program in the afternoon is free and everyone is • urged to come.' In the evening the following prices will be charged: lOc for ^ grade children, 15c for high school taken pupils, and 25c for adults. In the afternoon the speakers will draw subjects for their talks at 2 . o'clock and will be given an hour in last week,. were filed by Judge DBV- which 'to prepare. The contests are idson Monday. Mae Trainer participated in by the North Central granted a divorce from C. E Six, schools, and a group of three er " "-'— ages when 'the Frank! car*hlfr Riddle boy near the high echool fcfc April. • ' ' The Matson-Godden suit was expected to go to the jury yesterdw afternoon. Several attempts to settle were made, but were not successful till after all evidence had beem Two Divorce Decrees Filed. Decrees in two 'divorces, granted Tr»fn, Algona representatives go to each of divorce the towns to contest there the same the latter case desertion Is charge* p, and Werner Holm wae granted*. ••&] Ivorce from Mrs. Werner Holm, tit 'Js evening. acttam . done. Kossuth schools. DEFENDANT IN DAMAGE SUIT CHECKS INSURANCE TOO LATE An interesting case from an insurance standpoint comes up In district court this. week. -A suit for damages wae brought by Jesse Riddle against John Frankl as the result of a car accident last summer. Mr. Frankl had liability Insurance, and was not worried over the out-, come till recently, when he found that the company In which his Insurance was. written had gone into the hands of a receiver, and that damages, if any, would have to be paid by himself. Every policy holder ehould check over his liability and other auto policies to be certain that he is adequately protected in a reliable company. The Algona Insur- couny Pictures of many of the members of the new organization appeared in the Des Moines Register Sunday. Mr Sorensen is one of five members of the board in the eighth district D. Williams or D. H. Goeders before Monday. Contestants are to secure hunting privileges from land owners. Prizes will be awarded to individual high polnf winners. FENTON WOMEN WIN PRIZES IN STORE CANDLE CONTEST The big candle in the Chrischilles & Herbst show window, which was burned in connection with the 61st anniversary sale last week, burned 1108 hours and 2% minutes. This is the shortest time by at least ten hours of any of those used in the past. Cut-lously, both prizes were won by Fenton women, the first by Alice Glaus, 108 hours and 5 minutes, and the second by Rose Weisbrod, 108 hours and 9 minutes. Both prizes were large sized, part wool 6:30. The after dinner program follows: Judge N. J. Lee, Estherville, toastmaster; music, male quartet— Fred Albertson, Ed Brons, O. F. Manthe and Dr. Thomas C. Mann, Estherville; The Prerogatives of a Lawyer in the Home, E. J. Van Ness, Algona; The Lawyer as a Husband, Mrs. A. J. Shaw, Pocahontas; vocal-selections, "Bobolink," by BIschoff, and "Only a Rose," from the Vagabond King, Mrs. G. D. Shumway, Algona; Impressions of a Young Lawyer, William Bale, Es-< thervllle; The Way of a Lawyer Wins His Cases, Milford Hull; music by male quartet; address, Judge Andrew A. Bruce, dean law school, The schools In the North I in 1926. There are five children. Central group are: Webster City, custody of their fathen l Eagle Grove, Humboldt, Clarion, An order for temporary ampton, and Algona, was entered in the divorce ^^ Those representing Algona in the brought by H. F. Cassady again* local contest are Eleanor Keen, ex- M. A. Cassady. By its terms Itot < temporaneous; Ida Halpin, and Cassady is to receive $250 of whtafc' Shirley Ellsworth. At Webster City $100 is payable now, and $150 Jam*r —Ella Zumach, Isabelle Greenberg, ary 15. "" , and Christina Gould; at Hampton— The jury in the Matson-GoMjJfc, 1, Phyllis Parsons, Helen Goeders, and case is composed of Hanno Ailts, TV- Margaret Lease; at Humboldt—Flor- tonka; C, C. Foster, Wesley; A-Vence Dehnert, Frances Hough, and Hanna, Lone Rock; Ed Isch. w« Margaret Vigars; at Eagle Grove— Bend; Veva ;Lease,' Wesley; •>•**• Margaret Habeger, Helen Becker, Patterson, Irvjngton; Emily MA, and Wilma Runge; at Clarion, Janet Algona; H. E. Sorstedf,' Algon*; Zerfass, Adrte Andersoh, and Melvln Tom Trenary, Burt; O, N. Thi - I TTII «« A . tur TT \VMrlm Miner ance cmv'W **Q»-«- — v • , _ on the subject in. this week's Ad- advertisement KankeU. _ Almost twice ; as_ many SNOW FLURRY ACCOMPANIES SPELL OF COLD WEATHER I the son, .Elmore; W. H. Wlddel John Wallace, Fenton, vance. Sale of Christmas Seals Starts on Thanksgiving HOGS STOLIH AT WIUKEL'S |Ja W b WlnkeVirgm-lng notice to who toqk a. number of hogs "Is Place that ^he culprits are n and that prosecution will not ed if the hogs' are returned. Wmkel, in a npte to the Ad•. aays the h'ogs, which were November 7, are marked. His says that be. an,d another man Seal cam- different <1 u"a ntities of the s t a m p s were mailed to 'c o nt ributions Recipients kcej tlie stamps and return a. Sam- *** I wojnptly «s will be birouf bt, |fog steal- a PgnHenttery offense. ' are J J. _ Bonnstetter, Mr* I p Thompson, Mrs. B JSague, June Corey pewel. • ^ of g tton „ and P. 1 preventive received is spent in tierculosls, heart - tality, and for the promotion of health work In general. The sale of Christmas seals should not be confused with the Red Cross drive that ended -with Thanksgiving day. or with any other drive. It is a distinctly separate organization. d 'a4e association to Issuing: a warn- ALGONIAN PUT UNDER $300 DOND TOKEEP THE PEACE Mrs. Tom Lee was arraigned before Justice W. C. Danson Saturday on information filed by George Wesley that she had threatened to do greatly 'bodily injury to Mrs. Wesley. The case 'first came into court several weeks ago .and was thought was placed under bond of $300, which she furnished and the case was continued till the January term of district court. guesses were registered 'this year as previously, and- a greater interest wus, displayed than usual. These contests are 'held anually in connection with this yearly sale. Tlie candles .are always exactly the same size and the difference in burning time has never been accounted for. LEGION AUXILIARY TO MAKE CLOTHING CHEST FOR POOR A Legion Auxiliary membership tea was held at the Legion hall November 18, and was well attended. A vocal solo was given by Mrs. Fred J Clark, accompanied -by Mrs. N. C Rice; a poem, "Our Flag," by Jeanr ette Sterling, and "Flanders Field,' by Theodora Larson, was read, an< The StaVrSpangled Banner was Northwestern university, Chicago. Win at Chicago. Two Kossuth men placed in the international corn show in Chicago last week. Arthur L. Look, of Lu Verne, took ninth In the northern Iowa region, and A. B. Schenck, Algona, was 13th in the same classification. Winter finally settled when the mercury since last week Tuesday' failed to rise over the freezing point more than two days out of the seven. Thanksgiving day witnessed the first snowfall, when about a half Inch fell. Persistent snowstorm predictions failed to materialize during other 'days of- the week, although heavy clouds darkened the sky several times, The temperature record follows: ,^ November 24 .—38 VI November 25 —, 22 12 November 26 •- --21 :!' November 27 -~ 30 24 November 28- ?3 24 November 29 32 JO November 30 32 Santa Claus, Reindeer, and Auto-Giro Come Dec. 12th DEPUTIES NAMED TO TARE -; APPLICATIONS FOR LICEISE Applications for autpmobile flrttlN er's licenses were belnff recordeg/jjg eleven of the smaller towns ul*«* : the county! Tuesday, and apujfji^r tion can be made ln eacn town two w«eks>after which, a, "-*the sheriff's office will' be n< Sheriff L. E, Hovey last weel? pointed special deputies to the applications, wblch are here, and thence on to Des where the license is mailed to; applicant.- This program of a ,' in each town for two weeks, ing followed all over the State, week the applications here I 1295 drivers and 2443 owners, over 7200 cars registered last there are about 5000 cay ownei to apply, and nearly as n\any drivers. The licenses are "' two years, and are free to ers, and 25 cents n -"- j <vnm the- saAe Ot ynuv .seul. seals are sold for a penny Bootlegger Js Fined. Clyde Benson, of Crystal Lake, was" arrested by Marshal Stewart, ot Burt, and arraigned before Justice W. C. Danson Saturday on a charge of illegal transportation of Intoxicating liquors improperly labeled- Benson was fined $100 and costs, and given time in which pay it. sung. the Legion This is the national hymn of Legion's one large to The city Is otferto* a. project tor this year is to help the unemployed. Donations of wearable clothes or such as can be repaired are wanted, 'and Auxiliary members are to lake donations to a meeting tomorrow night at 7:30. The meeting night has been change* from the last Friday }n the month to the flrst Friday. ' _ Arrangements have been made by the Algona Community club for eyery boy and girl who visits Algona a week from Saturday to see Santa Claus and his reindeer. Real live reindeer will accompany^ Santa Claus on his visit to Algona/and will be' here all afternoon- and evening December 12. •Parents will also be. interested in seeing Santa's reindeer, and la talking with his two real Eskimo assistants, who accompany ** Here. 1 13 , W **V V.VWW-T-' -- j . , _____ This 'is the first tinSe that Santa, has brought his reindeer to Algona, and the Community club hopes that all children will be on hand to tell Santa their d,esires for Christmas. . • For- parents,, ajiao on the lopes that veery child, and the Barents will be on hand when Santa comes to Algona. If the weather permits the autogiro will begin making exhibition flights from the airport at 2:30. Invitations -have been extended by the Register & Tribune Co. to Supt. J, F. Overrayer, Postmaster S- J> Backus, Supt. Wm. Shirley, P. P, ^erfass, secretary of the ftjl association, P. J. Christensen, president of tli e Community club, Mayo* 1 C. F. Specbt, and »• B, pewel, secretary of the Community club to take short ri,des in the autogiro. W. J- Payne, Register yepreawiatlve, w**^»« daughter Alice, correspondent. FIRST HOME BASKETBALL GAME TO BE DECEMf , Official basketball Monday evening for the. school. Some cantata.! practicing, but those on^ J|j team were not a^ 6 *"" this week. The first Tijtonka on the local flojff Friday. Tfee We f Qo|b£ft limited the.time <ojr • team, OR w »_, „ -„ ^yjyygjy pryrteq in rea, r Tue cuy w w^,v*««» «. "••«*» nm More t&an 400 ne,w 198? ftV* 0 "*-"" 1 1 3W * V " "'

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