Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 26, 1931 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 26, 1931
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Board Proceedings October 29, 1931. Auditor's Office, - October 29, 1931. BOard of Stiperviaors of Kossuth county met pursuant to adjournment With all members present. Motion by Heiken and seconded by (Punnemark that Chairman of Board Is hereby authorized to enter Into lease With Theodore Dorenbiish for 2.3 acres for gravel purposes for 10 years In Sec. 13, Twp. 99-27. Ayes: All. Motion by McDona.ld and seconded by Funnemark that Chairman of Board is hereby authorized to purchase 26.61 acres In Sec. 17-96-28 for gravel purposes at $150.00 per acre. Wltes: All. •Motion by .-Funnemark and seconded by" McDonald that 'Final Estimate of Olpra Dredging Company on Dr. 84 for $498.13 la hereby approved and filing of Maintenance Bond Is hereby "waived. Ayes: All. (See Record for Res- olutoln). On motion Board adjourned to one o'clock p. m. One o'clock p. m.—iBonrd of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment With all members present. Motion by McDonald and seconded by Heiken that assessments oh the following Secondary Road .Districts are hereby confirmed as reported by Commissioners: Sec. Road Districts 34, 64A, OS. 110, 119, 127, 128, 13fi, 137, 142, 15G, lf,7, 15»,' 169, 100, 161, 102, IK), 164, IBS, lot!, 1G7, 168, 169, 170, 171, 172, 173, 174, 17T>, 177, 178, and 179. Ayes: All. (See Record for Resolution). Motion by 'Funnemark and seconded •by Morris that recommendation of town council of Lu Verne to cancel Incorporation taxes and tax levy for the town of Lu Verne for year 1931 is hereby approved and County Auditor Is hereby Instructed to cancel Incorporation taxes and tax levy for the town of Lu Verne for 1931 and make necessary corrections on tax records. Ayes: All. Motion by 'Funnemark and seconded by Morris that third quarterly report of Laura Fnlne, County Recorder, is hereby approved. Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and seconded by (Funnemark that following, resolutions be adopted: RKSOLUTION BE IT RRSOLVED by the Board of Supervisors of Kossuth county, Iowa, that Its deposit claim against the Kossuth County State Bank of Algona, Iowa, be asKigned to the Treasurer of State for the use and benefit of the state .sinking fund for public deposits as provided in. Chapter 173 of the Acts of the 'Forty-first 'General Assembly as amended, and that the County Auditor and Treasurer be and la hereby authorized and directed to execute and deliver assignment of said claim as provided herein. Vote: Ayes, All. RESOLUTION BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Supervisors of Kossuth county. Iowa, that its deposit claim against the Farmers Savings! Bank of Swea City, the Peoples' Savings Bank of St. Benedict and Kossuth County State Bank of Algona, Iowa, be assigned to the Treasurer of State for the use and benefit of the state sinking fund for public deposits as provided In Chapter 173 of the Acts of the Forty-first General Assembly as amended, and that the County Treasurer be and Is hereby authorized and directed to execute and deliver assignment of said claim as provided herein. Vote: Ayes, All. Adopted this 29th day of October, 1931. Motion by Ileiken and seconded by Morris th-.it following refunds and abatements ore hereby allowed: That road poll tax of Lawrence Jacobson for 1930, Seneca township, is hereby abated In sum of W.OO. That County Poll t«x of 50 cents of J. C. Blome for 1927 be abated on account of being erroneously taxed in Lakota Incorp. That David S. Anderson, of Swea City, Iowa, he refunded taxc.) on two acres of land in 'SW 1-1 Section G Township 99, Range 29, on account o! road acreage not being properly ored ited for years 1927-1928-1929-1930 and 1931, inclusive. Ayes: All. Motion 1/y Morris and seconded b; McDonald that Funnemark be appoint ed as a committee on H-K 3-46 am Drain 90 to make repairs as per Quest. Ayes: All. (Motion by 'Funnemark and seconded by Heiken that McDonald is herebj appointed an a committee to have re; pairs made on Dr. S3. Ayes: All. Motion .by McDonald and seconded by Morris that -Balgeman be appointed as n. committee to have repairs made on Drain 147. Ayes: All. Motion by Morris and seconded by McDonald that Chairman of Board is hereby authorized to execute Quit Claim Deed to .Edith C. O'Neill for land used for gravel purposes In NW 1-4 Section 21, Township 98, Knnge -"J, county having removed gravel from Bald pit. Ayes: All. Motion 'by iFunnemark and seconded by McDonald that following open- ditch right-of-way claims be allowed: Dr. No. 7— Berend Beenken,-S l-^NW 1-4 16-9827—5.91 acres; 1927 consl. $4.45, road B2c; 1928 consl. $5.24, road 52c; 1929 consl. $6.78; 1930 consl. $6.63. Mrs. John 'Harringa et al, NIC 1-4 1698-27—1.17 acres; 1927 consl. 92c, road lie; 192S consl. $1.0S, road lie; 1929 consl. J1.G3; 1930 consl. $l.fiO. Kobus Tjaden, SW 1-4 SK 1-4 16-9827—1.36 acres; 1927 consl. $8.24, road 97c; 1928 consl. $9.70, road 97c; 1929 consl. $1.78; 1930 consl. *1.74i H-K Jt. Drain No. 5-S7— Sine Hansen et al, N\V 1-4 33-W-27— G.39 acres; 1927 consl. $4.85; road OOc; 1928 consl. $5.42, roml Me; 1»29 for year 1930 are hereby suspended. Ayes: All. Motion by Selken and seconded by Morris that Secondary Road Petition 'No. 182 be placed on file. Ayes: All. Motion by Helken and aceonded by Punnemark that A. E. Michel Is hereby appointed engineer to make report as to necessary repairs on 'Drain SO, as per request of Tice Brack. Ayes: All. Motion by Morris and seconded by 'Helken that open ditch right-of-way claim of C. E. Roupe Is hereby allowed-: P-A-K-Jt. 'No. 1— NW 1-4 NW 1-4 34-96-30-3.4S acres, and County Auditor Instructed to Issue refund warrant In accordance herewith. Ayes: All. Motion by iFunnemark and seconded by McDonald that Balgeman Is hereby appointed as a committee to have repairs made on Drain 126. Ayes: All. Motion by Morris and seconded by McDonald that 'Funnemark Is hereby ippointed as a committee to have repairs made on Dr. 78-90-99-H & K 4-56 is per requests. Ayes: All. On motion Board proceeded to audit and allow bills as per "Schedule of Claims" hereinafter written: SCHEDtTiLB OF CLAIMS COUNTY F1UNID S. J. Backus, postage M. & St. P. & Pac. R'y, frt. Robert Gronwall, bty. City of Algona, light serv. C. M. •£ St. P. & IPac. R'y, frt. .$ 11.42 1.68 .40 31.93 1.37 i. M. Smith, engineer 300.00 C M. & St. P. i& Pac. R'y, frt. 2.00 Olaf Funnemark, com. and ses- •slon : 220.72 P. J. Balgeman, com.' and ,. , session 1SD.r>l '. J. Helken, com. and session 2:15.31 !has. Morris, com. and session 212.43 W. E. McDonald, com. and session 190.C9 Northwestern (Bell Tel. Co., tel. service 75.55 '. A. Samson, labor ilartha Harris, labor ... ...... rlelen Harlg, labor ilaxine Momyer, labor tfary K. Sands, labor J. A. MCDonald, com. on del. 84.00 33.00 6.00 9.00 Sl.OO 93.51 taxes H. C. Lunning, weed cornmis sioner S.90 'aul J. Cody, weed commissioner 19.64 Gr. W. Brown, weed commissioner 4.00 Will R'ingsdorf, weed commissioner 18.82 i. A. Boleneus, weed commissioner 19.89 (VIbert Potratz, mtg. of trustees -1.00 4.00 Winkel, mtg. of trustees. John Kohlwes, meet, of trustees '. Peter Elbert, meet, of trustees GK D. Shumway, attorney fee -.. ItfSTITtJt.E FUND A. 13. Bennett, lecture ... ... .. 80.06 Julius Boreas, lecture l>6.00 George Godfrey ; lecture .. ..i.* 20.00 T. B. ERADICATION''POND Valota Grlese, cattle Indemn. 54.34 ROAD CONSTRUCTION FUND J. .V. Elbert, grading project No. 21 '. ... J. V. Elbert, grading project SS5.00 No. 20 270.00 Paul & Donnelly, Sec. Rd. No. 137 .. 170.43 •Paul & Donnelly, Sec. lid. No. 16S S7.1!) Paul & Donnelly, Sec. Rd. No. 170 97.21 J. V. Elbert, grading project No. 19 ..: 270.00 Milton MoFadden, rodman 08.25 Don T. Nugent, asst. entfr 175.00 iLeroy R. lilbert, labor 41.65 Keuffel & Esser Co., supplier .. 2.10 Geo. K. Roberts, gravel 301.10 Wesley News-WorU 1 pub. notice 62.SO Sperbeck Printing Co., pub. notices , S9.00 Sperbeck Printing Co.. pub. notices 26.30 Sperbeck Printing Co., pub: nti- tlces 47.ro Sperbeck Printing Co., pub. notices piles ., ..,,( Standard'Oil CO., supplies ,. Phillip Petro. Co?, supplies .. Champlln Refining Co., supplies ... ,„',••..... ;.....' 4... Chaniptlti Refining Co., supplies .. ...... ....^ MtldiCotit. Petro. Corp., supplies .. .i...... ., ; Peerless OH Co., supplies 24.80 2tl.75 ,«ff.32 365.54 198.12 622.42 . .90 P. 1* Adams, M, >».» .modlclne. ».b« M.- A. Retrofit, fuherftl expense; clmd. $66.(K>; atlo^ea *MJJ MM, Augusta Klnhey, W08.M . i 10.W ),B. Kuhn, lodging .. .... JI-JJ Mike Loss, tabor ... ...; ....... ».W DRAINAGE FUND if. $— . Kossuth Co. Rtoftd Fund, _ cleaning with dragline .. .. 2W.OO ttenry Fischer, labor" 19.SO Bancroft 'Register, pub. notice. DRAINAGES FIUND Dr. 4— Northern ' (Lumber Co.* supplies 12.00 Goodman Hundsneas, labor . 62.30 Jako Rockier, labor; clmd. »50.W; allowed .-.., 36.00 Chns. Uusch, labor 48.30 Blmore Cement •& Tile Co., supplies ..... 31.50. Ray A. Marquis, supplies and labor 41.00 Dr. t>- iBotsford .TAimbcr Co., supplies 29.00 .I5.20 70.80 S9.10 1(11.10 Ifi.M 1.00 41.70 Sperbeck 'Printing- Co., pub. notices Wesley News World, pub. notices Seth B. Calry, pub. notices •Lu Verne News. pub. notices.. Lee O. Wolfe, pub. notices Bancroft Register, pub. notices North Kossuth Record, slips ... E. M. Clomans, pub. notice .... Advance Pub. Co., pub. notice. Advance Pub. Co., pub. notice. (55.05 MOAD MAINTENANCE FtFN'D C. •& N. \V. R'y C'o., frt 12.22 "Benedict Cllsch, labor 42.61) C. M. St. P. & Pac. R'y, frt.. 4.2!) City oC Algona, light service .. 14."iO C. & N. W. R'y Co., frt 50.62 William Roeber, nmint. garage 4U.SO William Roc'ber, malnt. garage. 27S.OO S. J. Backus, COD charges 18.11 Railway Express Agency, express 23.51 C. .t N. W. tfy Co., frt . 8.42 Ben Glsi-h, lubor fifi.CO Hans W. Nielsen, labor 10.K.OO G. W. Leoper. labor Will Loepcr, patrol Alton Pettlt, patrol C. A. Lnmoreux, patrol .. "Pearly C. llayncs, patrol . Wilbur A. .-Fisher, piitrul . Gus Rlchter, patrol IF*. D. Prulsmiin, patrol ... 'Ben Lenck, pntrol J. >F. Qulnn, patrol Chester Aline, patrol Peter Movlek. patrol Clyde Sunders, patrol ... ., .1. It. Montgomery, patrol Elmer Ewlng, patrol John S. Nelson, patrol 1S.OO ni.no 101.40 130.7I* 9 1. BO 100.00 7B.30 91.50 »9.. r )r. 10S.OO 9:f.45 10S.OO 95.G5 104..SO 119.25 Roscoe Mawdsley, trustees Alfred Jergenson, trustees meet, of meet, of 4.00 12.00 12.00 HIenry Bailey, meet, of trustees 12.00 Bradford I. Buffington, bty.... 1.20 Sugene Harberts, bty 2.60 Wm. Shirley, expenses 103.11 E. Hovey, expenses 230.75 iM. Merritt, coroner's fees.. 12.Cf> Robt. Caldwell, jury fees .. .. 2.00 Chas. Chubb, jury fees 2.00 W. A. Vigars, jury fees 2.00 Helen Zittritsch, reporter's fees .50 A. E. Michel, checking open ditch claims 11(7.17 F. H. Lathrop, checking open ditch claims 14.00 John Sewick, labor 9.90 ., Jos. Hestenk'bner, pntrol •i.uu Qi cm- Goodman, patrol ... Peterson Studio, photos of prisoners Crescent Ptg. Co., supplies — Elk Cleaners, cleaning Miller 'Bryant Pierce Co., supplies E. W. A. plies Rowles Co., sup- Gaar Brothers Typewriter Co., supplies Keystone- Envelope Co., supplies iPratt Paper Co., supplies .. .. 'Fenton Reporter, supplies 9.00 17.15 3.00 10.00 10.19 5.sr> 91.00 10S.OO 125.00 91.50 104.1X) 10S.OO nti.oo 73.50 100.00 92.00 r>t;.oo 10S.OO 142.50 59.50 10.50 20.C2 .20.rt3 11.2.1 10.36 4.75 Klipto .Loose Leaf Co., supplies 32G.BO Matt Parrott & 'Sons Co., supplies Koch Brothers, supplies Geo, Adams, labor Holley School Sup. Co., supplies Botsford Lumber Co., supplies. Moe & Sjogren, supplies ... .... George Holtzbauer, supplies ... Midland Chemical Laboratories supplies Seth B. Cairy, supplies Commercial Engraving Co., supplies Burroughs Adding Mach. Co., 105.09 supplies Bancroft Register, pub. proc., 5.00 S.02 4.65 24.75 129.45 S.05 5.00 etc 198.75 Advance Pub. Co., pub. proc., etc -1K4.56 .' .„ , IP W »u\ «rr Fenton Reporter, supplies Globe Mach. <& Sup. Co., supplies 20.45 79.9S 25.00 5.85 Sid J. Backus, supplies 22.76 Elinor T. Sutton, transp. ... """" POOR 'FUND Elinor T. Sutton, transp. .. "D. D. Scrlven, dues A. P. Craig, supplies Railway Express Agency, express MhD4|OB Elinor T. Sutton, transp D. D. Scrlven, dues Northwestern 'Bell Tel. Co., tel. serv W. A .White, prov Algona Co-op. Cry. Co., prov... H. R. Sorensen & Co., prov. .. H. A. Clark, prov Art Bettin, prov Merrill .Bros., prov Hoods'Cash Store, prov Ernest Boyd, prov Daniel Lichliter, prov Gerald Braga, prov Benedict's Store, prov prov Thaves Sisters, prov E. L. Hansen, prov Moe & Sjogren, prov Kossuth Hospital, hosp. care .. J. K3-. Clapsaddle, med. aid .. .. Drs. Kenefick & Keneflck, med. aid, clmd. $36.75; allowed consl. $8.63; 1930 consl. $S.iS. I Herman Wise, prov. . Aetna Life. Ins. Co., SE 1-4 and NW I j a s. Bruer, prov. ... , 1-4 SW 1-4 30-97-27— IMS acres; 1927 hzumach's Sanitary consl. $11.04, road 92c; 1928 consl. S12.32, road 92c; 19:*.l consl. *lK.!tt; 1930 consl. $14.IS. Wm. Eden, 'NE 1-4 35-97-LT, and \V 1-2 NW 1-4 SG-97-27—11.72 acres; V.W7 consl. $8.19, road *lc; Ilia! consl. $7.69, road 81c; 1929 consl. $13.86, 1930 consl. $13.04. Chas. Larson. E 1-2 S10 1-1 2.V97-iS- fl.14 acres—1927 cousl. 45.11, road 51e; 1928 consl. $5.63, road f.2c; 1921» consl. $6.48; 1930 consl. $6.49. Ayes: All. , , , Motion by Heiken and seconded by McDonald that A. E. Michel is hereby appointed as Engineer to check over open ditch right-of-way acreage on Brain 165. Ayes: All. On motion IBoard adjourned to nlno o'clock a. m.. November "„ 1931. •BERTHA E. JOHN-SON, County Auditor. Market, 18.00 00.50 S.18 10.00 6.90 17.52 50.00 9.18 20.00 36.11 10.21 30.00 30.00 7.89 S.37 7.00 15.26 43.10 4.96 50.00 15.00 15.21 38.93 154.75 107.50 Oscar Karliw, pntrol Joe Heiderscheidt, patrol .. William O. Ludwlg, patrol .. Tom Weir, patrol L. E. Doyle, patrol Wm. F. G ronbach, patrol .. IS. D. McDonald, patrol Joe M. teaser, patrol Wm. A. Elbert. patrol Ed Fuchsen, patrol John Hanselniiui, patrol ... . Hjirley Hnynes, painting .. Melvin P. Cody, dragging •• Carl Xtimnrh. dragging Arthur R. Zlelske, dragging George Wolf, dragging Albert Wittkopf. dragging .. Albert Weaver, dragging .. Ward '& Hoetz, dragging 43.50 John Von : Bank, dragging .. .. Charles 'infers, dragging John H. I'fkes, drugging Cecil Thoreson,.dragging Peter N. Thllges, dragging — 'Leo G. Studor. dragging Wyot Stott, dragging' John A. Sleper, dragging John Simmons, dragging John H. 'Scheuler, dragging ... Louis Scott, dragging (Herman Riunksmeier. drugging. Calvin Rippentrop. dragging .. Frank Rlelbhoff, dragging .. .. AVllbert Richmond, dragging .. Alex Radlg, dragging L. D. Potter, dragging J. K. McEnroe, dragging •Nick Mergen, dragging Joe Mayne, dragging Albert Looft, dragging Joseph Loebach, dragging .. .. Albert Kres.sln, dragging iM. J. Koestler, dragging Michael Keller, dragging 'Glen Jenklnson, dragging Donald Jaeogs, dragging K. R. Intcrmlll, dragging Sam Harr, dragging Edward Hagge, dragging .. .. Jay D. Graham, dragging .. . A. M. Gustafson, dragging ... .B. H. Gould, dragging Jay Godden, dragging Chas. L. Froelicb, dragging .. John Frlderes, dragging Walter J. iDutton, dragging .. !F. G. Darnell, dragging Crawford Bros., dragging .. . i Frank Clapsaddle, dragging .. S. A. Butcher, dragging E. C. Behnkendorf, dragging • IFrerl Butterfield, dragging . .. A. 'D. Butterfield, dragging ... S. A. Butcher, drugging •Loren Byers, dragging John Blum, dragging Hawey Bane, dragging Thomas 'Berg, dragging Dr. r,2- Charlesi' work . Dr. 7S- Cooper work . Dr. SO- Einanuel, repair Severlens, repair .95 7.20 15.30 A. E. Michel, engineer t 66.00 Dr. 82- F. Weyerhaeuser Co., mip piles Dr, 83— Botstord Lumber plies Dr. 84— Co., sup- 6.83 1.05 A. E. Michel, engineer 1G1.0C 'F. H. Lathrop, rodman 'Win. W. iSturdlvant, pub. no- tlco .... Dr. 00- 2.63 4.35 r».80 'Cooper <& Sevriens, labor — Dr. 95- UCell '& Italvorson, estimate No. 1 306.00 A. E. Michel, engineer 119.50 F. H. IxUhrop, rodman .. .. 38.1! Nelson Hardware, supplies .. 3.0( Wilson Concrete Co., supplies! 27.00 Dr. 99— Hllbert Sevriens, labor 31.50 Dr. 103- Chas. Bmanuol, labor G5.20 Dr. 126- Chas. Emanuel, labor 12.W Lawrence J. Clnk, labor .. .. 9.7» Dr. 132— Clyde 'Swetizoy, labor 4.00 Dr. 156— 'Charles Emanuel, labor 3I.00 1 Dr. 1«6— F. Weyerhaeuser Co., supplies 1.67 P-A-iK Jt. Dr. No. 1— James 'B. Butler, labor 5.00 H-K Jt. No. 4-56— Cooper & Sevriens, repair work 3.85 H>K Jt. No. 2- Russell EnockHon, labor ».42 Royal iLumber Co., supplies. 1.63 : That the County Auditor is hereby ordered and directed to Issue warrants for all bills allowed" at this meeting as shown by the "Schedule of Claims" hereinbefore written as per vote on each individual bill. Ayes AH. On motion -Board adjourned Die." "Sim. 22.50 9.10 15.07 9.7!i 12.75 18.75 9.00 1X.38 12.37 54.38 40.M 10.30 21.00 15.00 14.82 72.00 33.56 17.25 3S.99 S.63 B-K Jt. No. 2— Henry Fischer, labor H No. 84- 5.00 Henry Fischer, labor ; .. S.OO. Hum-Kos. Jt. No. 8-^- 4i> _ John Frlderes. labor ., 12.06 RESOLVED: That the County Audi* .or Is hereby ordered and 'directed to ssue warrants for all bills allowed at his meeting as shown by the "Schedule of Claims" hereinbefore written a» per vote on each Individual bill. Ayes. Motion by 'Funnetnnrk atrd seconded iby Morris' that Supplemental Construction program propoied on Secondary Hond Svstem for 1931 be adopted. Ayes: All. On motion Board adjourned to nlno o'clock a. m., December 1st, 1931, BERTHA T5. JOHNSON, ' County Auditor. forthwith «1bAt* «M Rotating Aitf pew lofts 6f thte ordinance by bttltdmt M atdlnfr In fcuildln* ft«y rtrticttir* herein prohibited shall be LEGAL NOT1CES[ 10.50 2t.flO I1.00 14.25 13.50 9.3S lli.50 15.37 22.S7 9.00 24.00 10. IS 42.75 Auditor's Office, November 9, 1931. IBoard of Supervisors of Kossutl county met in regular session with al mcirtbers present and proceeded to read minutes of last regular session and mil adjourned sessions. On motioi by McDonald and seconded by Pun nemark that minutes be approved a: read. Ayes: All. Motion by .Heiken and seconded 1» Funnemark that 'Mrs. Martin Beckei Alffona, la hereby allowed $2.00 pc week for care of Catherine Becker and Albert Knppen. be allowed $2.00 per week for care of Arnold Becker minor children of August IBecket Ayes: ATI. On motion Hoard adjourned to on o'clock p. m. One ' o'clock p. in.—Board of Super visors met pursuant to adjournmen with all members present. Audit and allow bills. Motion by McDonald and seconded by Punnemark that County Treasurer be authorized -to accept $12.00 as compromised settlement on personal taxes of Goodman Hundsness, Swea City Ind., Swea Twp., for 1922. Ayes: All. Motion by IFunnemark stnd seconded by McDonald that Ruth K. Miller, Tl- tonka Incorp., be refunded $62.72-on a parcel of land 46 ft. by 50 ft. in Southwest corner o£ 'Block 16, Titonka, on 1930 taxes on account of building' be- ins destroyed by fire, samt- beinK recommended by Town .Council of Titonka. That road poll tax of Orval Ault, of Whittemore Inc. for 1930 be. abated on account of having paid same in Ode- boldt, Towa. Ayes: All. Motion by Morris and seconded by McDonald that open ditch right-of- way claim of Hans M. Jensen is here- 19.50 29.80 11.25 22.0!) 9.75 9.00 • 23.62 November 3, 1931. Auditor's Office, Novi-inber ::. .191)1. Board of Supervisors of 'Kossuth county met pursuant tn adjournment with all members prc.si-nt. Audit and allow bills. On motion Board adjourned to one o'clock p. m. Ono o'clock p. m.— Hoard of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. iMotion -by McDonald :tinl seconded by IKunnemark that tlu- following resolution bo adoptedV WBSOIAITION BK IT RESOLiVKD by the Hoard (it Supervisors of Kosauth county, Iowa, that its deposit claim asainst the Kossuth County State- Bank of Algona, Iowa, be. assigned to the Treasurer of Stale for tho use and benefit of the state Hinkinw fund for public deposits as provided In Chapter 1":J of the Acts of the Forty-first .General Assembly as amended, and that Clark Orton, Clerk of the District Court, bi- anU is hereby authorized and directed to execute and deliver assignment ul said claim as provided herein. Vote: Ayes, All. HISSOUUTJON BK IT RKSOLA'B1> by the Board of Supwvisoi's" of 'Kossuth county. luwa, that its deposit claim awaln.st the -Kos- sutb County State 'Bank of Algona. Iowa, be assigned to the Treasurer of State for the use and benefit of the state- sinking fund for public deposits OS provided in Chapter 17S of the Acts of the. 'Forty-first General Assembly as amended, and that U K. Hovey, County Sheriff, be and is hereby authorized uud directed to execute ami Deliver assignment of said claim as provided herein. Vote: Ayes. All. Adopted IWs third day of November, Motion by iFunnemarfc and seconded fry McDonald that taxes on Ix>t 6, Christ Bert;, dragging Willie Sohn, drugging ... John Phillips, labor J. A. Roberts, labor T^awrence J. Clnk, labor Chas. Emanuel, la'bor \Vm. M. Creamer, labor Jullius StrlpIiiiK, labor Arthur J. Gellenfeldt, labor .... Ted Handland, labor G. W. Wallace, labor Matt Laux, labor Geo. Alke, labor Goodman Hundsness, labor; clmd. $14.00; allowed Christ Seefeld, labor P. J. Fuchsen, labor Lester Puchsen, labor Paul \V. Larson, labor Jack Lynch, labor T. R. Hanifan, labor Ed Baker, labor Carl W. Uusch, labor Chris Bolie, labor J. K. McEnroe, supplies and 31.70 41.70 22.50 15.75 by allowed: Dr. 133— Acres SW 1-4 NE 1-1 Sec. 34-98-30 '.2 NE 1-4 NW 1-4 Sec. K4-9S-BO 8 NW 1-4 1-4 Sec. 34-98-30 ... ..... 4.3 Victor Johnson, rent ... ... ... J. W. Hewitt, rent Amos Krominga Sr., rent A. E. Pasley, rent E. R. "\Vbrley, rent Howard D. M'ayne, rent C. G. Dourte, rent Victor Johnson, rent W. D. Kucker, cobs W. A. Murray, coal iGarry & Son, supplies lLaird & McCullough, funeral exp A. H. Fuchs, funeral exp \V. H. Stott, supplies; clmd. $3.10; allowed Iowa Children's 'Home Soc., board Mrs. John Brietrs, care iFloyd Pasley, litjht serv. 9H.25 637.70 96.90 130.25 14.00 30.25 7.20 2.00 3.15 24.30 31.00 12.00 9.00 7,15 23.10 7.10 16.00 7.00 7.00 Kohlhaas Bros. Garage, plies sup- pint, €. Wock of Marsuret Original IFrank Cook, repairs 6.70 3.GO Klsie Cady, care 24.00 University Hospital, supplies .. 4.45 7.20 5.00 Elinor T. 'Sutton, exp. L. A. Nltz, labor; clmd. $10.00 allowed 4.SO 77.00 10.60 5.25 6.50 6.S2 26.70 5.25 32.50 24.32 1.25 51.60 labor Allen Lamoreux, labor J. W. Walker, labor Ed Arndorfer, labor Kenneth Ditsworth, labor .. , Alfred Ditsworth, labor Leonard Arndorfer, labor ., , Ray A. Marquis, labor , 'Frank Franzen, labor W. .E. Hutchinson, labor ... . W. H. RScklefs, labor •L. 'Gunderson, lubor Chester Stoddard, labor Clifford Holding, labor N. H. Raskopf, labor Swan Nelson, labor H. M. Hansen, labor Nelson 'Hardware, supplies .. C. H. Licbty •& Son, supplies Kohlhaas Hdw., aupplies .. . Newel Hardware, supplies ... Carl Syverson, labor ISlbert Garage, supplies Joe Greenberg, supplies ... . B. H. Gardner, supplies F. A. Griffith, supplies Wesley Auto Co., aupplies .. iLease &. 'Lease, supplies 67.22 and County Auditor instructed to refund or abate said taxes as case may be. Ayes: All. Motion by Morris a.nd seconded by Helken that following drainage assessments be levied on foltc-wlns dmlns and spread on tax lists with 1931 taxes for collection: Drainage Dist. No. 9—1 per cent, 5th assessment. Drainage Dist. No. 20—1 per cent, 4th assessment. Drainage Dist. No. 33—2 per cent, 4th assessment. Drainage Dist. Sub S of 60—1 per cent— 4th assessment. Drainage Dist. No. 73—1 1-2 per cent, 4th assessment. Drainage Dist. No. 95—9 per cent, 7th assessment, Drainage Dist. No. 102—1 per cent, 7th assessment. Drainage Dist. No. 111—1 per cent, oth assessment. OSee Record for Resolution.) Ayes: All. On motion 'Board proceeded to audit and allow bills as per Schedule of Claims hereinafter written: SCHEDULE O'F CLAIMS COUNTY FUND Haggard & Backus, pub. board proceed .................... 226.55 - - - 26.00 ORDINANCE NO. 237 AN ORDINANCE ESTABLISHING FIRE LIMITS IN THE CITY OF ALGONA, IOWA, AND PROHIBITING THE ERECTION OF ANT November;. I93T.,. BUILDING OR STRUCTURE OF ANY KIND OR ADDITION THERETO OR SUBSTANTIAL ALTERATION THEREOF WITHIN SUCH LIMITS UNLESS THE OUTER WALLS BE MADE OF •BRICK, STONE, " OR OTHEK NON-COMBUSTIBLE MATERIAL WITH FIRE-PROOF ROOF AND' PROVIDING FOR THE REMOVAL OF ANT STRUCTURE ERECTED CONTRARY TO THE' PROVISIONS OF THIS ORDINANCE. ALSO PROVIDING PENALTY FOR THE" VIOLATION OF THIS ORDINANCE AND REPEALING ALL FORMER ORDINANCES . ESTABLISHING 'FIRE- LIMITS I7STSAID CITY. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE' CITY OF ALGONA, IOWA: Section One. That the fire limits within the City of Algona, Iowa, are hereby defined and' established as follows, to-wlt; Commencing at a point in the center of Williams Street opposite the Northwest corner of Lot Three (3) In Block Eighteen (18) of the orig- 10, 1931. Inal plat of the City of Algona, Iowa, thence East to the center of said Block Eighteen (IS),' thence North to the center of Call Street, thence East to the center of Hall Street, A. Hutchison;. thence North to a> point directly Attorney; West of the- cento line..of the alley in Block Six (6) of the original plat, thence East to the center of Thorington Street, thence South to the center of Call Street, thence East to the center of Moore Street, thence South to a point directly West of the- center line of the alley in. Block Twenty-two (22) of the original plat, thence East to the center line of Minnesota Street, thence South to a point directly East of the center line of the alley in- Block Twenty-five (25) of the original plat, thence West to the center line of Dodge Street, thence South to the center line of Nebraska Street, thence ,West tb the center line of Hall Street, thence North- to the center line of State Street, thence West to the center line of Williams Street, thence North to the point of beginning. Section Two. That all buildings constructed' within the fire IVmi'ls of the City of Algona, Iowa, as fixed 1 in Section One- hereof shall have- outer waVfe- made of brick, iron, stone, mortar, or other non-combustible material, with fire proof roofs-, and.the- walTs- thereof shall Be as hereinafter required 1 . Cellar walls- of buildings not exceeding two stories in height shall be not less than eighteen inches in thickness- at the top guilty of a misdemeanor attd on edti- vlctton thereof shall fce fined not less than $6.00 nor more than $100. and ahull be Imprisoned until thi* same Is paid, providing the term of Imprisonment shall not exceed .thirty days. The cost of abating any such nuisance shall be collected front the owner- of the property, and may be established as a Hen upon ; the building or the material thereof. Each day's violation of any of the provisions of thfs ordinance shall constitute * separate offense. Section Sfx, Ordinance No. 25 Of the City of Algona, Iowa, be attd the same Is hereby repealed. Section Seven, This Ordinance shall ne In force and effect from and after Its passage and publication as provided! Hy law- Adopted' and 1 passed by the Cfty Council of the City of AUjona, Iowa, this IfftFr day of November, 19S1. ADAIT CARLSON", , Ctty CTerfr. Approved 1 by nrer tMk l'8th day of <C'.. f. STPECHT, Mayor- of the Clty of Alfeona, Icmra. JFOTICWOF PKOBATE OF Will Noi. 35TT.. State of Iowa, Koseuth county, S9> Tn: District 'Cbuiiti. NawamSer tetnn 1931. ' To All Whom It May Concern: Tou> are hereby notified, that an Instrument of writing purporting to be the last Will and Testament ol Stanley A.. Worster;. deceased, dated" April' 29, I929J. Having: Been this daw '•Alt Sail* frt appealing to girls and worn** Who «tri*e frt* art attractive, free from fat ftgtir* that cannot tall to win admiration. 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Ibwai November CLARK ORTON, ClerV. of District Court. By CLARA REYNOLDS, Deputy. 9-11' NOTICE TO CREDITORS OF E. 8, M. EI/LS- been ap- EJjLSWOBTIT WORTH. The undersigned' has- pointed as Trustee' itr the Assignment made by K. EK. Ellsworth and D. M. Ellsworth for benefit of creditors. Please file- Itemlisedl claims, duly verified In the- off Ice' of the Clerk of the District Court;. Algona, Iowa, on or before the 22hd! d&y of January, A. D. 1932:. GAYLORD) B) SHUMWAY, G-ll Assignee:. of cough at once. Safe — children ike It. Remember- Thoxlne will 1 relieve sore throat or- couglia- within* 1IT minutes or your money buck. 3Gc; 60c, $1.00 bottles. Sold' 'by 'Lusby Drug' Company ; and' all' other- good 1 drug- stores:' IwexpeirafVe" Ffreserfptfoir GiraranfeetMa Hud Rheumatism Thousands Joyfully •gtonlsAcd' at' swllt 48 Hour 'relief: , of tho an* J B LAKOTA BEFCACE YOUR i «n- window es lowest. 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Lusby's and all druggists. WECALLPOIl 'and DELIVER YOUR Elk Cleaners and T»Hera PhoM MO Bancroft .Register, supplies 'Christensen Bros. Co., supplies 3.92 with footings at least two feet six inches, and" of buildings of more than two stories in height the cellar wall shall be not less than twenty- one inches In thickness at the top] with footings at least three feet three inches'. In buildings three stories in height or less and not more than twenty-five feet six inches wide, Including, brick veneered buildings, the outer walls shall not be less than twelve Inches In thickness. All main partition walls shall he of fire proof material, and if of brick or stone, shall be at least eight Inches in thickness. The roofs of all buildings in the fire limits shall be substantially covered with good metal, slate, or other fire proof material. Provided the plans and specifications of all such buildings be approved by the City- Council, and no building of any kind shall be erected in the City of Algona, Iowa, within the said fire limits above described without a permit in writing from the GLASS Service Your broken door and windshield glass replaced wMIe you wait. Nom-sliatter windshfeld glass for Model A Ford, installed ; .$(.•• JOE GREENBERG PHONE 118 CWAGH to CH/CAi Aacooat TNTEKN1TIOXAL . STOCK KXFOSD NOV. 28—MC. Good going- on trains 1 Nov. 27, 28; 29 and Dec. 31 4L. FiiuaQi retuarm limit Dec.] lt»umlTrlp-'C in Sl Ibr-cars on payment of usual c for space occupied. Tickets j trains of Nov: 2<i to TXx. 4, im Final return: limit Due. 19. Round Trip — 1 Coach Excursion. ( going on- tniinw loavtns Nov.! and! trailrs of Nov. i*9 teivlng j later than 7:18 a. m. Hctural midnlgltt of Xov.. 3B. For foil particulars and lit apply lo Agent. Chicago & North Westtnl Kohlhaas Hdw., supplies S. P. Eckholm, registrar ... I. E. Wortman, registrar ., L,. IB. Holllster, registrar .. IFloretta Welp, registrar ... Alice Grethen, registrar .. H. A. Thompson, registrar Wm. Boyken, registrar .. R. 'H. iFinnell, registrar .. Adah Carlson, registrar .. Arthur Hof, registrar 3.00 I Fred A. Diekmann, registrar.. 20.02 Hammond & Stephens Co., 69. CO 36.SO ei.oo 13.00 99 79 •S.74 3.40 3.50 172.15 47.82 5.55 19.2S 66.5' National 'Drug Co., aupplies .... 17.50 Wm. Dixon, labor 5.00 Mrs. M. J. Kemmers, board ... 12.00 iHolsford •Lumber Co., supplies. 31.45 Hobi-rt Kunchey, labor 5.55 iKolilh'aas Hardware, supplies . 9.67 John Helming, labor 44.21 H. K. McMurray, labor 21120 Matt Murthu, supplies S.OO Nelson Hardware, supplies — .81 Geo. Holtzbauer, rupairs 9.01 Marsel Co., supplies 1.76 \j. G. Pool, supplies 1.50 Graham Co.. supplies 11.15 T>r. L. W. Fox, supplies 70.SO iF. H. Shacke-lford, supplies .... 9.75 COURT FUND Matthew C. Grier, reporter .. . 208.70 U K. Hovey, sheriff US.95 •U A. Winkel, J. P.. fees 21.60 Carl Dahlhauser, constable .... 5.79 Chas. Seymour, marshal 0.25 Thou. Carmody, mayor -4.00 Win. H. Ricklefs, marshal 7.01 /Gilbert Nelson, helper 1.00 F. A. Newviile, helper 2.00 C. C. Wright, marshal 3.55 F. 'W. Oreen, marshal .89 Jos. M. Dye, mayor 3.50 Ok- Molan. officer 1.75 C. T. Edwards, asst 1.00 Ernest Springer, witness .60 O. T. Molan. witness 60 E. J. Van Ness, services 10.00 B. A, Palmer, bailiff 64.00 Orton. clerk's fee Arthur Rlstau, witness fee Bruell aJUK-rt. witness tee .. 63,50 4.00 8.W . aUbert, witness fee •••• 9-W J. H. Menke, supplies 8.00 •Deiterlng Garage, supplies .... 17.15 Frank Flaig, supplies 22.50 George Holtzbauer, supplies ... 16.25 Clapp'a Master Service, repairs 2.00 Kohlhaas Bros. Garage, supplies 2.:« Matt Murtha, supplies 82.10 Edwin Ii. Huber. supplies .. .. 8.00 Fullerton Lbr. Co., supplies .. 9.SO Jas. A. Smith Lbr Co., supplies 39.75 Farmers Co-Op. Society supplies 84.45 Thompson lYards Inc., supplies 15S.3S 9.00 4.25 5.75 2.50 1.75 1.25 2.50 2.25 6.00 15.25 3.50 3.25 31.0C 5.40 3.00 12.85 5.00 1.85 supplies COURT FIUND 13. Hovey, sheriff J. H. Sheridan, J. P. fees .. Carl Dahlhauser, constable C. 'Behrmann, J. •?. fees .. Jake Keller, constable ... , FAIHGRO'IJIN'D FUND Kussuth Co. Agricultural Association, appropriation 1125.00 ROAD. CONSTRICTION FUND Theo Dorenbush. lease on «ravel pit 1000.00 Paul &• Donnelly, Sec. Road No. 170 Paul & Donnelly, Sec. Road No. 172 Paul & Donnelly, No. 173 Sec. Road 75.7U C1.3C 20.48 George W. Ingham. gravel land 3639.00 Jule Seifert, repair work 156.00 Elmore Cement & Tile Co., supplies S. 'B. French Lbr. Co., supplies Botsford Lumber Co., supplies. S. B. French Lumber Co., supplies Kennedy 'Bros. Co., assign Barton-Warner Co.. supplies .. la. Machine & Sup. Co., supplies « Glbbs-Cook Tractor Co., sup- 27.00 25.45 2.85 856.84 56.95 164.31 84.57 46.45 100.99 i:..os 7.43 13.04 .65 'Sieg-Fort 'Dodge Co.. supplies.. 55.73 (Firestone Tire & Rubber Co., supplies • 314.85 piles Concrete Materials Corp., supplies J. C. Adama Co., supplies . .. (Pink Supply Co., supplies .. .. H. Channon Co., supplies .. .. Kennedy & 'Parsons Co., supplies Globe .Machinery & Sup. Co., supplies 0.28 Norman Thompson, supplies ,. • S.1S K fy'H Co-Oj>. OM Co., gup- Fenton Reporter, pub. notices. 123.20 Burt Monitor, pub. notices 98.10 Huggard & Backus, pub. notices 50.30 Haggard & Backus, pub. no- fices 23.10 Haggard & (Backus, pub. notices 23.10 KiOA'D M.MNn'ENA'NCE 3PUNO S. J. Backus, <_'OD charges ... 14.42 A«t. C. & N. W. R'y Co., frt... 2.54 W. A. Dittmer, supplies ...... 3.50 Francis N. ISlbert. labor- ...... 102.00 K. J. Laabs. dragging ........ 7.50 L. 'H. Junkermttier, dragging .. 16.87 Walter 'Bierstedt, dragging .... 5.62 W. P. Vaske, dragging ....... 10.51 .Peter Habeger Estate, tiling.. 30.75 Henry Fischer, labor H. Channon Co., supplies 22.50 24.67 Cibbs-Cook Tractor & Equip. Co., supplies ............... 31.19 POOR F.irN : D Elinor T. Sutton, transp ....... 15.00 Elinor T. Sutton, transp ....... 14.00 City Clerk. Provided further the City may authorize the erection within the fire limits of privies, coal sheds and ware houses, the walls of which shall be of fire proof material of a thickness which shall l>e satisfactory to said Council. Section Three. This ordinance shall l>e so construed as to prevent any frame buildings, the erection of which Is herein prohibited, from being placed within the fire limits, either by removal or otherwise, and no such buildings shall be raised or enlarged within said fire limits, Or be removed to any other place within said limits. No wooden building within the said fire limits which becomes damaged or decayed to the extent of fifty "per cent of the original thereof, by fire, or other casualty or decay, shall be repaired or rebuilt; and no building shall be repaired so as 'to be raised higher or to occupy a greater space than before. unless said building corresponds in the material and manner of construction with Section Two hereof. Section Four. The amount of or the extent of damage or decay or deterioration that may be done to any building may be determined by three disinterested persons, residents of said City, one of whom shall be chosen by the owner of the building, the second by the mayor, and the two thus chosen shall select the third; If the owner refuses to maku a selection, the Mayor may select for him; and the decision of the persons thus chosen or a majority thereof, shall be final and conclusive. and shall be reported to the Study this Chart It Gives You* (joffee^acts THE value of coffee is determined by jtovor. Th*is)Vtf of coffee, science has determined, comes froM u i oil known as caffeol. Recently, the Van Clcve Laboratories, food «. analyzed the caffeol content of sere* nationally r*/\AfA*fl • ' coffees. The chart below shows the relatire caffeol content of these seven coffees. Note that one coffee— Naah'a Toasted Coffee.- contained from 11% to 60% more flavor lhasi the other six brands. 11% to 60% more flavor ! i for Less Than 2? an Hour TJERE'S a new, low-pi " Coleman Radiant that'* Juit the thing for t •tore or shop ... • barforcoldroomi!" Makes and burnt Hi gu. Costs less thanTj an hour to use. Pw penetrating rodiairfhein warms like summer «u Light in weight.. carried. Has 7 folW ants. Torch lighting. ' \% minutes' preheating. tractively finished. Th« NEW Mod«l G^ RfldlMt Don't be deceived by prices! You want coffee iow. flavorless grounds. Insist upon Nash'i ToastedCoffee | Rilitiv, Amount O f CiHwl (fUvor)ln S«VM NatiMHIy Bundt of Cdffja. u Datiririnad by VM Ckva Art Lester, rent Welter's Store, prov .......... MOFarland & Walker, prov. ... Dr. Claire D. Schaftp, flental aid .............. ... ....... . L. Adams, meij. al(J.; clmd. *j; allowed ................ ' m,e<J, ajfl 40.08 8.09 £0.89 8.09 «.w Section Five. Any building or additions to buildings erected or made ylthla said limits }n violation of the terms hereof are hereby declared to be public nuisances, and it shall be a»ty of the jie- t«j Price! ONLY i 1 ., WHJS* ^,.L« ., Bfij THE AD VAN _5*fw ^ .f%|l

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