Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 26, 1931 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, November 26, 1931
Page 4
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.point WOMAN DIES AT IOWA CITY Whittemore, Nov. 24—Mrs. Dena CHvens, daughter of a pioneer Whlt- vtemore family, died at the Unlvers- •*ty hospital a week ago Saturday •renlng fallowing an operation for removal of a Jftt-Jn. tumor on the SENECA JUNIORS GIVE CLASS PLAY Seneca, < Nov. 24 — The junior class play given last Thursday and Friday evenings at the Seneca Consolidated school was enjoyed by the arg« crowds that.- attended both nights. Many compliments were given the actors for their good \york. An orchestra consisting of Leo Grey, Jim Wear, and 'Clarence and Raymond Peterson, furnished music. WESLEY GIRL Irs. Givens, whose maiden name Dena Wehrspan, had been in .«K>or health for some time. She llvec In Fort Dodge with her husband til m .short while ago, when she went to Algona to live with her two chil dren, Francis and Helen. For a time she appeared to maki Improvement, but three weeks agi it was thought best to take her t< tho hospital for examination. He •later, Mrs. H. C. Meyer, of Whitte more, and the two children went t Iowa City to be present at the oper atlon, but delays of several days re .suited, and Mrs. Meyer came home The operation was performed a •week ago Saturday, and Mrs. Giv- «ns died shortly afterward. Her physical condition was too weakened to stand the shock. The body was brought to Algona, •and funeral services were held last •week Tuesday afternoon in the St. John's Lutheran church at Falrville, burial was made in the ceme- there. Mrs. Givens was born October b, 1882, near Falrville, and was confirmed in the Lutheran faith by Hev. Wm. Faulstich, of Whittemore. •She was married to A. Knutson "' Aid Bazaar Nets $91.74—• The Lutheran Aid gave }ia annua bazaar and supper last week Tues clay evening In the church base ment. A large crowd attended tlv supper and the bazaar sale. The proceeds totaled $91.74, including a fishing pond bringing Sl.CO and the candy sale amounting to more: thai ?5. .J. H. Jensen auctioned off th articles for sale. The Aid appreclat ed the help given. Oyster Supper Is Sponsored— The Luther League will sponso an oyster supper in the local churc basement Thanksgiving evening. Oyster soup, cake;» and coffee will cost 25 cents. MAR ROE IIED TO ERT KAIN At the Call Theatre A Review ol the E^ent Talkies by T, M. C w Wesley, Nov. 24 — Vcrna, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hildman, and Robert Knin, Algona farmer, were married at St. Joseph church at seven o'clock Monday morning. The Rev. Father W«ssh> ling, who officiated, celebrated high nuptial mass. The bride wore a gown of transparent velvet In the new grape color, with hat'to match The bridesmaid, Leona Hildman was dressed in black and white crepe, and wore a hat. Both car riert arm bouquets of yellow chry snnthemums. The bridegroom was attended by his brother G«orge, and both wore dark blue suits and chry santhemum boutonnleres. The brida party and a few close relatives par took of a wedding breakfast at th home of th« bride's parents. Mrs Showalter, of Algona, assisted Mrs Hildman in serving. After a shor trip, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kaln will be at home on the bridegroom's farm northeast of Algona. fiUIDGE comes as one of those unexpected surprises and pleasures which some- imes fall the lot of movie- patrons; from the pen of the brilliant Robert E. Sherwood, this talkie finds Its way to th6 silver screen with only one defect^-the final scene. The production is 'faultlessly directed, perfectly acted and •startllngly realistic up to the fatal, last sequence, when the thing .seems to descend to utter banality. Not that we have any objection to unhappy endings—we think they ought to kill a lot .more movie actor's and actresses; ' but the final scene smacks too much of censor-' ship, spoiling a really worth while piece of dramatic art for the mere sake of so called "morality". We will not go Into the details of this rather sordid story of a girl's life and struggles in war-time London; it \Vould not make pleasant reading Era**,* J-VeiMe';'iJerfbfifiance; WUiv-r" t lv<? year , 0 td young- slime of scandal. But'Edward O. Robinson Is not the only star In this production—there are,at l«aat five stars In the Five Star Final. FIRST HONORS, alter Mr. Robinson, must go to H. B. Warner for the most thoroughly human and realistic piece of acting of the year; in his most tremendous scene, 'coming? out of the bed room where he has just discovered the dead body of his wife, he welcomes his daughter and her fiancee, with forced smiles and merriment and he watches her, as with bubbling enthusiasm, she turns on the radio and dances a few steps to the music of a blatant Jazz or: chestra. It Is one of the most tragic, most finished bit of difficult acting we have «ver seen on the screen; no'other man but H. B< Warner could have done it so perfectly. THEN THERE Is Frances Starr, as the wife, hoping against hope btitshlnif »ebr*e Sh«>'do6i It she meartl It. Arid thei**s thd throated, eigar-chewlng Ndah flcery, affecting the aCUVltN* ot h, ntfar* lous gang oi scoiiftdrals, who hmk«s the golngr hard for every oth& hiem lur _VYS»Y"M *• Vf* ***«*» j'.wu y-M"B" HtttrftHfcJfrtcii. thOifct bet In lovers' of the th'f* show; we hope ' ' to yo_r.*e&t', ' ' ENTERED matter Docemhi PoBtotfloe at . h« net ot March 2, 25 ago, and for a time the family They latei •years Jived in Whittemore. lived at Alden, Minn. Two years ago Mrs. Knutson and SCHOOL SOCIAL DRAWS CROWD ATIRVINGTON Irvington, Nov. 24 — The school was filled last Thursday for the Pauline Black school program, which •Attend Funeral of Friend— Mr. and Mrs.' John Amesbury went to Nora Springs last Thursday to'attend the funeral of J. E. Tatum, a friend who traveled for the Farwell-Ozman-Kirk company, St. Paul. For 25 years he made Wesley on follows: Welcome, Duane Pageant of School Months; two children, Helen and Francis amoved to Algona, and a year ago she <was married to Joseph Givens. They moved to Fort Dodge, and operatec a cafe, while the two children con Unued to work at Algona. "Mrs. Givens is survived by her •liusband and two children, her mother 11 sisters and brothers; G. W. -Wehrspan, R. D. Wehrspan, L. H. -Wehrspan, Adolph Wehrspan, Mrs. H F. Baas, Mrs. Henry Ostwald, Mrs. H. C. Meyer, of Whitte- and might impair the brilliancy of this movie ''gem". For a gem It is. that "the' menacing past his trips, and called upon Amesbury at his hardware Mr. Tatum was killed last John store, week Monday evening at 10 o'clock while on his way to Kiester, Minn., between Kiester and Lake Mills. At there is a will but spare her until she has given her daughter the happiness which every MAE CLARK, who turned in such mother wor ks for as she seeks to a creditable performance as "Molly" eu i,i e her only child into an unreal In The Front Page, comes back in world o f Illusion. But the past Waterloo Bridge with an even fine*, CO mes up like a black cloud and more finished piece of acting. In b)ot £ ollt twt> n ve s; tragedy comes fact her 'highly emotional scenes wlth the fury of the nurr lcane. Give (and she has several) are as near tlu(1 cre dit to Aline McMahon, fee- perfection as any that have ever retary tp Mr. Randall (Edw. Rob- flashed across the sliver screen. i nson ) for superb acting in one of. There are those rare qualities of those m i nor roles which frequently suspense, supressed emotion, natvfe get so i itt i e pr als e and yet, which Joy, and other subtle characters- nclp so much i n carrying over the t , cg , geem , her „ naturally as the very air Itself. Per- of the ™ more; Mrs. AVm. Hantleman and D. F. Hantleman. of Fenton; Glenn Hicks, of Dubuque; and. •Mrs. Ed Kressin, of Lone Rock. Her aged mother, Mrs. Kathryn Wehr- span, also lives at Fenton. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Hicks, of Dubuque. jind Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hicks, of ley, came to attend the funeral, •Mrs. of Far- Riley; At the Photograph -Gallery, James Hudson, Lewis Scheppman, Alfred and Lloyd Harris; Brownies drill, led by Adelle Lemkee; Entertaining Sister's Beau Esther and Leroy Scheppman, Arvilla Hudson, Marjorie Riley; Just Being Happy, Marvel Dole; Dr. Cure 'em Quick, ,Betty Miller, Roland Spurgeon; Success, Helen Lemkee; Capable Servant, Ira Hudson, Bob Watson, Leroy Scheppman; song, Betty and Helen Lemkee, Evelyn and Marvel Dole; the Doll -Shop, Shirley Roney, Paul Lemkee, Phyllis Maxwell, Betty Gronbach, Thelma Spurgeon, Robert Summers, Lewis Gronbach, Roland Thornton, Austin Spurgeon, Duane Riley and Fred Hudson; music, 'Vern Christie and Wm. Boldridge; Goodnight, school. After the program pies and lunches were sold and $15 was cleared. which Mr. Tatum apparently reached sooner than he expected. The car Her portrayal of a feminine reaction to a purely masculine emotion—the desire to cast with the youthful, enthusiastic cruah { or the nlere sake of a cruel t ha t her performance ambition—is almost uncanny. And seems all the more outstanding. | then tnere ls Geo E . stone, fat, Month End Garment Sale! Friday-Saturday-Monday November 27-28-30 Quality Garments at Such Low Prices .,- ,< • it will be a sensation! COLD WEATHER Thin His neaci was I0 rcea u,rou B n -»-,„„,„ finds hlmself ,„ tne great I "aVte "in ih*" torments of shame itands on the brink of an d humiliation. Last, but by no then falls In love with means i ea st, comes the director, thorlties, who took it to Bryceland.l ^J,^^"^- ^°' ^ ica "y. « 8 1 Mervln LeRoy-that unseen, Invls- Minn. Funeral services were held er j ng . i ove f__ h i M rr__iA ™^S!r. d $S-h e makeThiron'r;? the 7^: great pictures of , the year. not'tin over but he was'killed f ertainly this voun e ster - Douglass, p auchy> we ak-splned octopus, reach blow fro^n the steer n^ wheel ' S we " nlgh * aultless '" hls P^troy- m o *{ hls . vl , e tentacles In avarl wT forced Through the ftl ° £ a " lmpetuous y° uth - who sud ' clous greed, while his victims writhe Was lOrcea llirOUtn ""=|rtonKr finrla hlmoolf !„ *V,« crron* I .. ... . -_*_ » _i and his skull crushed. Two boys who discovered the body half an hour later, reported to au i — lady of easy virtue. His overpow-l lb j e force behind the megapbone and her consuming] Hie cameras who gets so little credit om the ended. A dozen or 15 officials of I "'-" '££*""£ £? ™"" """'I IT IS UNFORTUNATE that this rts 'company wfcre presejnt. Mr . e rea t P'«ures ot , the year. great picture came to Algona on the Tatum was 58. His wife survives. AND LET US NOT .forget the n | g ht of the Community club b'ene- Their youngest son, at home, w m supporting cast. Doris Lloyd as the m p i av aml following a big free graduate from the law course at | wise-cracking • girl friend", Enid show that was witnessed by at least airs. Kuinncli's Father I>les— Mrs. R. F. Zumach's father, H. J. Ueltzel. of Watertown, Wis., died •suddenly a week ago Tuesday. The cause of death has not been learned "here as it was rather sudden and •unexpected. Mr. Neitzel had been -visiting in Whittemore for five •weeks, and had only returned to his Jiome the preceding Thursday. He •was 76 years old and apparently in eood health. He was a brother-in- law of Wm. Rusch Sr., of Whitte•more. His wife died four years ago. a-nd he is survived by two sons and three daughters; There are also -two stepsons. Funeral services were lield Saturday at Watertown, and Mr and Mrs. Herman Zumach, Mrs. •Wm. Rusch Sr., Mrs. Reinhard Zumach, of Whittemore, and Mr. and Mrs. Nick Gettgler, of Lotts Creek, attended. JShower Honors Hilda Meyer— A shower was given last "Wednesday afternoon at the "Wm Meyer home east of Whitte- honor of Hilda Meyer, and Mrs. Herman Henry Ituzunr, Slipper 3fext. Week— The annual bazaar and supper will ba held next week Wednesday afternoon and evening at the church nex. There will be quilts, fanc> work, aprons, etc., on sale at 2:30 in the afternoon. Articles in the coun try store, candy, and fish pond booths will open then. A chicken supper will'be served from 6 till all are served for 25c and 35c. Iowa City next spring. Another Bennet as the hero's mother and the U 300 a a u lts and 1000 childre'n Fri- inimitable Frederick Kerr as his day from n a m . untll 7:15 p . m . son and two daughters are mar- .... ... , i—.T — - rled and residing in Nora Springs, step-father, a: trio of clever actors, But nke many of the B0od things every one of them. And last but m ji fe> It turne d up quite unexpect not least, James Whale is the dl-| e dly and under the most adverse The'eldest son is a hardware merchant there. Mr. Tatum was of a genial, kind, a'nd attractive person- rector ' and tha t's just the kind of circumstances and was missed by ality. a job he does. Schoolmasters' Club in Meeting— The county Schoolmasters' club met at Wesley last Thursday eve- Miss Conrad, her Home Economics down girls, and some of the other teach-1 most S TARK AND BITTER as a November landscape, cold as char- even the most enthusiastic of the movie-goers. Isn't that just like life? from ity, and relentless as fate, grim as|j T MUST BE a throw back Seventeen members attended. | c } ea th itself, Five Star Final sweeps 11 the g]orlo 5 s o id days o f the upon us as one of compelling productions the Jesse James and Buffalo Bill dime of novels that sets up such a thrill will get you if you don't hurry and choose a coat! Coats worth to $25.00 Month End Sale Price Coats Worth to $35.00 Month.End Sale Price Coats worth to $49.50 Month End Sale Price _:_. Coats worth to $65.00 Month 'End Sale Price AS $23-85 $34-75 $49-75 SILK AND WOOL DRESSES Marvelous Values Dresses worth $5.95 Month End Sale Priced ers served a two-course banquet. I the year. Here is the raw, unvar- wnen Saturday brings us a good, Following the banquet a business "'shed truth about our.dirty, smut- wlld and woo l y Western. In corn- session was held, to make plans for fled metropolitan scandal sheets— plete con t ra st to the slow-moving, week Mrs. more in daughter of Mr, Meyer. Hostesses were Mrs, Lnuck West Bend, and Mrs. Wm. and Mrs. George Meyer. Bunko and 600 was played at six tables. Prizes were won by Mrs. Edwin Gade, -•high, and Mrs. Wm. Lauck, low. SUinch was served. The bride-to-be •received many beautiful presents. Tf. P. S. Gives Party to 40 — • •The Y. P. vS. gave a party last Thursday evening at the Lutheran school hall. Forty played 500 and .:»ook was played at eight tables. •^Prizes were awarded: Ruth Schultz, high; Bernice Balgeman, low; Rudolph Hahn, high; and Clarence cStruecker, low. A turkey contest -was held after the card games, and iBosella Voight won. Lunch con- •isted of hamburger sandwiches and :«wcoa. Mrs. Ethel Munch Moves West- Mrs. Ethel Munch left last week ''Tuesday morning for San Diego, •Where she expects to make her *ome. She planned to stop at Sioux City with friends Tuesday, and then «o on to Denver, where another stop jwlll be made. From Denver she will ••travel west to Salt Lake, then to Francisco and on down to Angeles and San Diego. November Ten Sets $17— The Missionary society held its annual November tea Friday afternoon. The program consisted of a play, Unto the Least of These; piano solo by Mrs. Sylvia Gunn, and vocal solos by Mrs. Casey Loss, tooth of Algona. Supper was served in the annex. Missionary barrel and supper receipts totaled $17. David Blythc Recovering-— David Blythe, who has been a patient in the Kossuth hospital for a few weeks, was able Sunday to return to the John ' Frankl home, where his wife has been staying during his sickness. They will remain there for the present. the declamatory contests and basket- reeking with the filth of the gutter- ball tournaments. The boys' tour- reaching its slimy fingers into the nament will be helcT at Lakota, and souls of innocent women, tearing the girls' at Ledyard, both the last them apart, wrecking their lives, of February. Friday Wesley play- all for circulation. Edward G. Robed its first basketball games with inson, spectacular in Little Caesar Renwick, and the girls won, 26-21, and Smart Money, turns in the most but the boys lost, 17-26. Both were convincing performance of his bril- good games and Wesley girls show- Uant career and perhaps of the year ed immense improvement. Both as the hard boiled managing editor. teams show promise. Our first games here will be against St. Cecelia's academy, Algona, Tuesday, December 1, both boys and girls competing. School will be dismissed this week Thursday and Friday. Termer Resident Is 111 — Friends here have been advised of the serious illness of Mrs. Beth Uavenport, a former resident, now of Humboldt. Mrs. Davenport was taken to St. Joseph's hospital in Kioux City for treatment and a major operation. FLYING STICK HURTS FENTON MAN'S EYEBALL Fenton, Nov. 24—While Herman I-Iuskamp was chopping wood last week Tuesday a piece flew up and hit him in the right eyeball and bruised it badly. Mr. and Mrs. Huskamp and son Homer drove to Fort Dodge last Wednesday and consulted a specialist. His eye is recovering, and it is believed that the injury, while painful, will not be serious. Attend M. E. Leadership School— A number from Fenton are attending a leadership training school held at the Methodist church at Armstrong every other evening last week and this week. Attending are the Rev. and Mrs. J. T. Snyder, Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Meyers, O. J. Stephenson, Mrs. O. G. Schmidt, Mrs. Carrie Voight, Mrs. J. B. Hanson, Mrs. Wilbert Holldorf, Milton Weisbrod, and Maurice Billsborough. Adult Bible Class Is Formed— The adult class of the Methodist Sunday school, has resolved itself into a Bible study class, and holds weekly, instead of monthly, meetings. The Rev. Mr. McNulty is instructor, and this week's meeting will be held Tuesday evening at Charles Kraus's. At the meeting last week, the first rtfl verses of John 1 were studied, and the chapter will be finished at this meeting. Those attending take their Bibles. During a certain period, Mr. McNulty will answer written or verbal questions on the Bible. The W. F. M. S. meets Friday afternoon with Mrs. Fred Diekmann. First C. D. A Party Is Given— The Catholic Daughters gave their first evening party last week Wednesday. Alfred Erdman won in bridge, Agnes Meuhe in 500. Lunch was served at 10, and the rest of the evening spent in dancing to music by Green's orchestra. Shower Honors Vernu Hildinun— A pre-nuptial shower was given at the lodge hall for Verna Hildman Saturday afternoon. Fifty-eight frienda attended, and Verna received many useful housekeeping gifts. A committee served lunch. Swept into a heart-breaking tragedy through the insiduous insinuations and suggestions of a weak tabloid owner, he breathes a bit of sincere remorse into a blustering role. Some critics say he overacts his part; his performance seems less forced an'd more sincere in Five Star Final than in either of his previous successes. COMPARABLE to«the Front Page as a mirror of newspaper life, this powerful epic from the pen of Louis Weitzenkorn, is far more gripping because of the strong theme or story-interest;we follow the murderous train of events with rising emotion, as The Gazette opens up the ominous past of a now-happily married woman and her daughter, dragging innocent victims after it in the poorly directed Cisco Kid of last week, The Riders of the Purple Sage, by Zane Grey, comes crash ing through as one of the fastest, most beautifully photographed out door pictures that has come this way for quite a time.— yes, a long long time. Here are pictorial "shots' that just leave you breathless— great sweeping vistas of towering peaks, tumbling waterfalls and perpendicular canyons mixed into an appetizing dish, "fit for the gods". We have seen this same thing done before in the old silent days but never with the finesse and beauty of the present production. THERE IS BIG, brawny George O'Brien and what a man he is; good to women and little children and yet as two-fisted and hardboiled as they make 'em with a gun. and how he can ride. Stopping a cattle stampede which ordinarily takes about 20 men is just a nice little workout for this gentleman, single-handed. What a man! And the lovely Marguerite Churchill leaves little to be desired as the fearless heroine;' no, indeed, this little lady takes a backseat for nobody. When she levels $4-65 Dresses Worth $19.75 Month End Sale Price | $14.75 Christensen Bros* Co. Dresses Worth $11.75 Month End Sale Price $7.95 Dresses Worth $15.00 Month End Sale Price $9-85 "ALGONA'S GARMENT CENTER" LEGAL NOTICES ALGONA GIRL IS CHAIRMAN OF COLLEGE HISTORY CLUB Evelyn Bode, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Bode, who is a senior at Clarke College, Dubuque, was re- .cently elected chairman of the Clion- Circle of the college.' The Clion- Circle is a history society and •Us purpose is to stimulate interest in history and current events. Eve- •'lyn. who is majoring in public school -music, is a member of the Glee club, choir, band, and the dramatic art {association. She also appears in the various programs and recitals given during the year. Auxiliary tp Aid Welfare Work— The Legion Auxiliary met at the Legion rooms last week Monday night. The local unit is cooperating with the county welfare worker to help care for the needy families. Mrs. Karl Nielson was elected unit supply shelf chairman. The Auxiliary would appreciate donations of old clothes, any size or kind, and rags for rag rugs. Donations may be left at the Fenton mercantile store. For Service Dry Methodist Aid Divided— The Methodist Aid met Friday afternoon in the church parlor with Mrs. Melvin Mansager, Mrs. F. P. Newel, Mrs. E. A. Weisbrod, and Mrs. A. H. Meyers as hostesses. The society voted to divide into four divisions and each division, and chairmen of the divisions are to be Mrs. John Light, Mrs. Edw. Weisbrod, Mrs. Chris Ruske, and Mrs. G. B. Johnson. NEIGHBORS AID WHITTEMORE FARMER WHO LOST A HAND Wblttemore, Nov. 24 — More than 40 neighbors and friends of Peter F. Kollasch, whose hand was cut off by » corn picker a few weeks ago, came 4o his farm four miles southwest of .Jiere last week Wednesday, and ked 80 acres of corn. The wom- together with some- of the busi- , tot tfce C'lirls Wddel Loses Brother- Chris Wlddel received word Sunday of the death of his brother, Henry Wlddel, at Waterloo. His death was the result of a paralytic stroke. Mr. Widdel and bis son Walter plan to attend the funeral Tuesday at Waterloo. Melviii Mansager's Father Melvin Mansager received' word Sunday morning of the death of his father, Tobias Mansager, of near Cylinder. Mr. Mansager wa,S 68 years old, and bis death was caused NOTICE OF $HERIFF'S SALE STATE OF IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY. SS. Notice Is hereby given that by virtue of a Special Execution directed to me from the Clerk of the District Court of Kossuth county, Iowa, on a judgment rendered in said Court on the 3rd day of October, 1931, in favor of Fenton State Bank, L. A. Andrew, Superintendent of Banking of the State of Iowa, as Receiver of the Fenton State Bank, substituted plaintiff, as plaintiff, and against George W. Newel, as defendant, for the sum of Five Thousand Four Hundred Sixty-three and 61/100 ($5463.61) Dollars and the records of said court shows a balance still due in the sum of Four Thousand One Hundred Thirty-four and 28/100 ($4134.28) Dollars and costs, and accruing costs, I have levied upon the following described real property as the property of the said George W. Newel to satisfy said execution, to-wit: Lot Three (3) in Block Four (4) of Weisbrod's Addition to Fenton, Iowa, and I will proceed to sell said property, or so much thereof as may be necessary to satisfy said execution, with costs and accruing costs at public auction, to the highest bidder, for cash, in hand, on the 17th day of December, 1931, at the east door of the Court House in Algona, in Kossuth county, Iowa, at the hour of 10 o'clock a. m., of said day, when and where due attendance will be given by the undersigned. Dated this 18th day 'of November, 1931. L. E. HOVEY, Sheriff of Kossuth County, Iowa. By Everett I* Harris, Deputy. Patronize home cleaners and be sure of good work at a low price. We aim to please, Modern Dry Cleaners PHONE 537 PIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIM §= ' ' •- - "'' '•:"•• ; : ; •;•• •'••'" '"" '. I General Electric Refrigerator ] BECAUSE == it answers every requirement, the General Electric Refrigerator lias won on ss night popularity among the home-makers of America ... • The interesting answers to your questions about electric refrigeration s have given you a better appreciation of the simplicity, economy, quietness 3 roominess of the General Electric Refrigerator. | As a homemaker you understand the'neetl for proper refrigeration, When g look at the models in our display rooms you will understand to what a mgn <u s they have been developed in this new-day refrigerator. Whether your Famityj is Large or Small I ^*^^ ^ .-.•-; | you will find that one of these models will exactly meet your requirements, by attack. E. C. McMahoDj •plaintiff's Attprney. Last Minute Thanksgiving Suggestions! Citron, orange, leuion peel, pkg _____ lOc Mincemeat, 8 pkgs. 25c liaising, S Ibs 19e Currants, 1 pkp. —— Ho Molasses, 1 can l_c Pumpkin, No. 3 1 /. can 15o Horseradish _ lOc Thousand Island Dressing 25c Horseradish Mustard l&o Bulk Dates, 8 Ibs 26c Flgrs, 1 pke We Grapes, 2 Ibs. 25c Noodles, like mother used to make, cellophane wrapped l&e Jack Sprat Gelatin Powder, 8 for _' _i6c S. V, K. French Dresslu(f._5o Catsup, large size 216 Popcorn, every kernel pops, 1 can io<j Vanilla and Lemon Extract, t 01, isc Lettuce lOc Celery 18o Grapefruit, Texas Seedless -Be Cranberries, Ibs. — 25c Nice apples, 6 Ibs. ~29c Loaf Sugar, - Ibs —._5e 8 Ibs. Mixed Cookies 26c 2 Ibs. Suushlue Crackers _.25o Special prices on all Meats for Thanksgiving, Including Ducks, OYSTEBS Geese, aud Turkeys. FRUITS Rite-Way Grocery Catbriu M, Green Phone 245 We deliver. Pkon© door west pf Swift's. Come Into our display close-up Yiew of this n ew - dayftuuwi erator which has already won ajg in h«»areds of thousands or *» "1 boirxeg. Whether your family is IWg you are sure to find a model exactly lit the needs of your The complete line of General Electric Refrigerators comprises a model for v every home refrigeration requirement. Sizes range from the compact Model G-40 that occupies less than 3 1-2 sq. ft. of floor- space and is ideally suited to the apartment or small kitchen, to the DX-18 Model, a delude refrigerator for the finest homes and having a food shelf area of 29 1-2 sq. ft. A SMALL DOWN PAYlpNT ?LACES ONE IN YOUR A convenient plan of deferred payment is arranged for those who wist I their General Electric Refrigerator out of income rather than " QT i down payment will place in your home the model yo,u choose. I General Electric Refrigerator This ivas the Refrigerator Demonstrate at the A*Y#»ce £1014) »¥ Kohlhaaa Hardware, Algon»

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