The Kingston Daily Freeman from Kingston, New York on May 1, 1973 · Page 20
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The Kingston Daily Freeman from Kingston, New York · Page 20

Kingston, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 1, 1973
Page 20
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TWENTY THE DAILY FREEMAN, KINGSTON. N. Y„ TUESDAY EVENING, MAY 1, 1973 By ART SAMSON THE BORN LOSER Carroll Righter ars SDo-^rmnto JU A DRAP! "L cm to cm<¿e PIA£ES? ^ Your Horoscope Registered U.S. Patent Office BLONDIE MY TALES!T GOES OSi TWENTY-FOUR MOURS s * A DAY . J— v DAG WOOD — ( WAKE UP/ Y YOU WERE SINGING '• IN YOUR SLEEP r By ERNIE BUSHMILLER NANCY OKAX BUT FIRST YOU MUST TAKE YOUR BATH-, CAN YOU L VO IT 7 FAST? •Jean Adams Timely Quotes Judge John Schooner. Muskegon. Mich., after telephone survey. The overweight consumer is the most unprotected consumer of all. —Sen. George McGovern. (D-S.D.). chairman of a select committee on nutrition, announcing hearings into the multitude of popular diet plans. TEEN FORUM FLIRT. (Q ) I always find myself liking a grown-up man. I am 14 and an eighth grader hut could pass for 19. When I get around a grown man that I like, it seems I am flirty. I am n Gemini and naturally flirtatious It isn’t any heavy flirting—just a smile or something like that. Right now’ I find mvself liking two men. Both of them are cute and not married — Help in Virginia. (A.) Many 14-year-old girls (end to be flirtatious. But those who are wisp restrict their attentions to hoys their own age or a little older—hevs they know. These boys do not misunderstand them. A giown man is likely ta misunderstand a teenager who gives him the impression she is very fond of him. Stick with the hoys your age. Leave the grown men to women their age. VIEWS AT 1<: (Q.> We are two 17 year old guys and we want to voice our opinions about the attention getting ways of the girls at our school. They seem to think that boys are attracted by vulgar language and over aggressiveness. They also seem to think that getting drunk and smoking dope are attractive to guys. Well, we want them to realize how WRONG they are. 'I his kind of girl may think she’s impressing us hut she’s only losing our respect. We would like to see the girls at our school gain some pridp in themselves, and let US make the moves. It would also be nice to see some dresses instead of the sloppy .leans they always wear. When we find girls who can be themselves and not worry about being the life of the party, we will start to date them —Nauseated in New Jersey. (A.) You have some very good points, hut you are a little preachy in presenting them. Girls like to he talked to honestly and frankl}. It is not necessary, though, to he ‘ holier than thou” when you talk to them. I also wonder, too. if there aren’t quite a few clean and decent girls—worth dating -in your school. Almost every school has a good supply of girls like that. (.Iran Adam» read» and contliltn every letter, hut »he reereta that »he cannot answer each personally. Mail your uue»tion* nr comment» to .lean Adams, ear® of thl» newspaper. P. O. Box 2402, Houston, Texas 77001.» The Arab situation is different from the situation that existed in Vietnam, because here the Arabs are in disagreement. thus allowing the common enemy to take advantage of the situation and expand. —G c 1 a d d i n e El-Hamamsi, Cairo journalist. The technique of the Communists is. you never defend, you never talk about anything that went wrong. They never admit anything went wrong. This is the technique of the performers in Washington. —George Meany, AFL CIO president. By CHARLES SCHULZ PEANUTS UHAT'S 50 6R£ATAWT U31NN1N6 THIRTY 6AME£ OF E16KT-EALL IM A ROI0 ? I REE I V / / (WEE c. ) wee ) n\ / HEE / 5TUPIP 6iR0! CUCKÏ PLUNK! I have the impression people seriously believe marijuana is good for them and contend alcohol is more dangerous. _______________ Keeping up with the neigh bors is easy; it’s keeping up with the installment payment! that hugs one. (Newspaper Enterprise A**n.) Answer to Previous Fusile HANNA-BARBERA THE FLINTSTONES Jumble A PPE-COOKEr> DIPL OD'JCKUa f WHAT WILL THEY THtNMC OF NEXT4?/ JUST TELL WILMA TO COOK IT FOR THREE HOURS AT 350 DEGREES, FRED/ Qvuys —-Believe H or Not/ at at By JOHNNY HART r don't soñase any of you have HEARD OF THE PYTHAGOREAN THEOREM ? if you aaeaM about the SC5UAREi OF THE Mpcrrertuse being equal To THE SOIA CF THE CQOARES OF THE OTHER, WO SIDES, X HAN/6 ! ... r *MTH V class , ) V ~PzTe&s> \ WîT MATH v\ -iVJ.—flA. &c By HOWIE SCHNEIDER blasi Hoffman (n&5-1843) A RICH MISER of Borken. Gennany LOCKED HIS MONEY IN A SAFE IN HIS ROOM EVER/ NIGHT AND SLEPT WITH THE KEY UNDER HIS PlLLOW- AT THE MOMENT HE DIED ON THE NIGHT OF JULY 9,1643 THE SAFE DOOR FIEU OPEN / DID VtXJ EVER FIKJD THE 'HOfJEST MAW' YOU WERE LOCKING FOR ? WHAT HAPPENED 1 HE SOLD ME TUjO /KJSURAM06 FOLIC IE’S AMD SOME FLORIDA REAL ESTATE ! F BAPTISMAL FONT O' TIC CHURCH Of RAMPONlO, ITALY COMPRISES PARTS OP PH LARS FROM < 2 OTHER. I CHURCHES 1 AMONG THE TRIBESMEN OF NEW GUINEA, ARE HUNG FROM THE BEAMS OF THE DECEASED'S HUT PACHA GEO /N WRAPPINGS OF PALM LEAVES (NIWSPAFIR ÍHTUMUSI ASSN.J By BOB THAVES FRANK & ERNEST I COULDN’T TÍLL WHÉTHER IT WAS A Hl W MOVIE O* IF THEY OUST CHANOLD THE P osters By AL VERMEER PRISCILLA'S POP I ALMOST TRIPPED ON TMAT ATTIC A STAIR AGAIN!' “Whin I was a kid wa fell in lovt with GIRLS, not refrigerators!" “Ernie hasn’t saved enough for a toaeter, yet, but he often stops in for a package of free matohe«!"

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