Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 19, 1931 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 19, 1931
Page 9
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2950 PAPERS Printed Last Week t,nr*c«t circulation by f,, r | n K,,snnHi. that 1 read o£ ftS'they be filled with stntf, engender-In my /tote 1 loudly cry h Enough!" ' ,„. m y coffee I would j 0 Cl i»*J " ••'«.' .^i doings In the world at '1,1 ed»to» would have 1 T their dally brainy word afld while I wait upon it and sugar in my cof- i.tlr'1 hunt for news from t to const from aouthern . to northern fir. k rave to read of sundry nut the ocean in a plane, j hunted halibut and he his belt again. . „ w the man who rojled in PM out o£ barred and buggy Ind how he others would H through flfts of ducats fth how"the marathon they in search of effervescent and how the politicians ' to assuage the farmer's I like to rend of sundry dames 1 by the grace of' beauty's grab silly- men, attach , names, and alimonies lat- !d so I would my breakfast f the while I hunt for news of and faithfully throughout ,,«heet I read of dally.-work (sports. , '•'.':••" ' , hit lately all the papers print ^politician's homely face, Imatter at what page I squint V's mug takes up the B 's Herbert, said to know. ,„.„, and all about the f'arm- iplan,..and .what,to feed the shoats and how to fer- Jthe land. ; ..."-•. knd then the face of Roose- from printed sheet stares " me, they say a,brewer's ; he'd melt, and's wet as f fish could be. on another .page I find politician's ugly mug, L but his eyes the' lovelights he'd save me, from a ....ard's jug. nd politics, with all its bunk, j up the papers I would read, f Bute be steeped with all the Ik if Politicians I would heed, so at times a splendid [I utterly, completely ruin jause those pictures make me . I'm but a dinky, useless OTftftO u I Uiu OR1Mfil1 h not keep coming after yort order It Sure yourself fntnre emrmrfaMrnettt ejr Ilin paper yon can stop when yon want ft licit. ALGONA, IOWA, NOVEMBER 19, 1931 Number 10 DEFEAT ALGONA IN NIGHT GAME LOCALS SCORE ON PASSES IN FIRST PERIOD Man Dies After Car Crash Near Lone Rock _, SUPERVISORS, in Buchan mnty have hearts' of flint, or They have decreed that persons-in that; county will i given aid If they own a dog. (means probable starvation for The Algona high school football team lost 32-7 nt Port DorlRe Friday night under the lights nt Port Dodge. The novelty of playing after dark handicapped the locals in the first part of the game, when tho Dodgers got tho jump and scored twice before the Algonians were able to get their bearings. The story of the game, as given in Saturday's Port Dodge Messenger, follows: Fort Dorlgo kicked to Bruns, Algona fullback, who ran the ball back to the 17-yard line from the twelve. Rnney W as stopped, at the line. Williams made a yard at left tackle and the visitors kicked to Geyer, who returned to the Algona 35-yard line. Cammerer was stopped with a gain of two yards at left tackle. Geyer picked up three yards at right tackle. Cammerer made two yards in a plunge and Geyer made it first and ten through the left side of the line, placing the ball on | the 19-yard marker. On the first play, Cammerer loped through right tackle for the touchdown. Geyer's try for point was good. Long: Ann Scores, . Cammerer kicked off to Algona's thirty yard line. Raney made a run of sixteen yards through left tackle. He was stopped at right end without gain on the next play. Two successive tries at the line fa-lied and they kicked to the Fort Dodge! 20-yard line. Cammerer ran thirty- j five yards to place the ball on the I Algona 35-yard line. Geyer picked j up four at left tackle. Crouch was stopped at the line and the D6dge"» were penalized five yards for oft- side. Geyer hit right tackle for the touchdown on the next play. The kick for point failed. Fort Dodge kicked to the .Algona five-yard line. Raney made three yards at .left tackle and Algona kicked to its own 48-yard line. Cammerer drove into the line for three yards. Geyer passed to Henderson and it' was completed for Lone Rock, Nov. 17—A serious accident occurred last week Thursday afternoon four miles south of Fenton when a Chevrolet sedan, owned by Mr. and Mrs. Fred Haack, and nephew Emil Haack, and Mr. and Mrs. Chris Haase, as passen- Kcrs. collided with a Model T Ford sedan driven by Orville Bartnott, o£ Depew. The Ford was going south on the main high,way and the Chevrolet, Miniature Golf Course, pearl AVeln- ]er; A Mysterious Pup, Kathryn Ste- brltz. Sam Orvlck took first and Bernard Reilly second in oratorical; Grace Newbrough first and Lucille Nnlson, second, In dramatic; and Shirley Marlow first, Robert Gladstone second, Pearl Weiner third, and Kathryn Stebrltz fourth, In humorous. The finals will be held here and at Fenton December 2, when one of oratorical and dramatic and driven by Mr.' Haack, came from the i tW ° ° £ humorous speakers ' will compete at Fenton, and the others compete with Burt here. east. It was a clear corner but the occupants of the cars did not see each other. The cars were both, total wrecks. Mr. Bartnott was pinned beneath his car, and suffered a crushed chest. Mrs. C. Haase sustained a broken pelvic bone. None of the others were injured. They were taken to more hospital, where the Whitte- later Mrs. Haase was taken home, but must remain in bed six weeks. Mr. Bartnott died at the Whittemore hospital Saturday. Declain Winners are Warned— Auxiliary Nnkcs Donations— The Legion Auxiliary met at Mrs. N. L. Cotton's last week Wednes- f'ny. The Auxiliary has 11 paid up members, and all are to be present at Sprank's December 9, when Anna Flaig entertains. The following do- nntiops were made at the last meet game Is next week Tuesday with Fenton. Single admission charges to home games will be 25c for adults and 15c for high school, junior high and fifth and sixth grade pupils. The first four grades are admitted free. Season tickets are $1.25 and 75c. EXPERT INSPECTS WINDBREAKS AND TREE PLANTINGS !ocal Farm Bureau office are: Simon Sevcrson, Eagle; j. A. Lee, Lincoln; Ous Koppen. Lincoln; Charles Eggerth, 'Ledyard; Soely Bros., Plum Creek; Loren Crawford, Union; J. | M. Patterson, Riverdale; A. Hutchison, Sherman; John Frankl, Irvington; and Oeo. Godfrey, Irvington. I. T. Bode recently visited the I'ngennt, 1'lanned by Grades— g The 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades are giving a public Thanksgiving j county to inspect the windbreak and pageant in the school 'auditorium, shelter belt tree plantings that have been established throughout the county during the past two years as one oC the farm bureau and forestry extension projects. The evergreen trees so distributed are available to the cooperating next week Thursday. Junior I'laj- Next. Week— The junior class play, No Trespassing, will bn given next week Friday evening. Admission will be 15 and 25c. Other Lone Rock News. Harlan Blanchard and Ruth Householder drove to Nevada and Ames Friday. They attended a football game at Ames Saturday. Margaret Laabs, teacher, announces a basket social at her school next Wednesday, 3% miles southeast of town. The Sewing club met with Mrs. ing: $250 to child welfare; $1 to the j L. E. Godfrey last Thursday. There educational fund; $2.40 to disabled soldiers; $2.40 for Christmas cheer for soldiers at Knoxvllle; $2 for adopted soldier, James Phillips, at Knoxville; $2 for parties for soldiers IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING TOf buy or sell, or exchange, writ* for our special low classified advurtialn* rates and list of the leading county; weeklies of Iowa.—IOWA NEWSPAPERS INC., 214 Royal Unto* Bldg., t)es Homes, Iowa. The junior high school declama- at ^noxvllle; $1 for Legionaire sub- tory contest was held at the Lone; f criptlon. Those having old cloth- Rock auditorium last week Tuesday ln " to be Donated to the needy are night. Selections follow: Oratorical requested to leave it with Mrs. N. —J. A., an American, Raymond Nelson; Masterful Man of the Ages, Bernard Reilly; The Menace of Lawlessness. Beryl Sanders; The Stricken South, Sam Orvlck; Toussaint L'Ouverture, Russell Bierlie; Slumber Boat, girls' glee club. Dramatic—Micky's Marker, Lawrence Rath; Thrush, Viola Bierlie; Lucille Nelson; Rich Guy, Newbrough. Humorous— Pink Tee Cream, Shirley Marlow; Bill Smith, Robert Gladstone; Bill is Tnvited Out. Le Roy Nelson; Ma at the Races, Myrtle Orvick; At the L. Cotton, who is welfare chairman for this community. 11..!!. Schedule Starts Tuesday— Fourteen double-header basketball games have been .scheduled with seven schools on the home floor, and 'seven away -from home. The first g'ames were Tuesday with Bancroft there, and the first home were 12 or 15 members present. Charles Shick and Harold Gross drove to Waterloo to spend the week-end with Milo Tarbell. J. M. Blanchard and Ersel drove to Guthrle Center on business Friday, returning Saturday. Mr«. Ralph Thompson and Mrs. N. L. Cotton attended an Auxiliary meeting at Burt Friday. farmers at cost of digging and packing, which is the past two years has amounted to only a few cents per tree. Assistance Is given by the forestry department in planting, ana semi-annual inspections are made for needed replacements, which owing to the extremely dry season, amounted to about '20 percent on this year's plantings. Cooperators agree to fence and cultivate and otherwise care for the young trees in order that they may be a creditable demonstration to their community of the value of a good shelterbelt. .This project, with farm woodlot plantings, is a part of the national reforestation and conservation program for the replacement of de- pl r -t?d tall p'ant growth, and assists in soil conservation as a means of preserving Iowa's natural soil and G. A. Sharp and son Russell went] agricultural resources. to Omaha on business Saturday, and returned Monday. The Aid met with Mrs. Wm. Knoll last week Thursday. Mrs. "Wadsworth gave a'talk. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Long are parents of a boy born a week ago Sat- plantings which are available to flrdav. | those making requests through their Good shelt'erbelts and windbreaks also offer protection to farm homes and livestock of real economic value in feeding and home protection in winter. Cooperators'who at this time have Bargains That ARE Bargains We are going to clean out our entire used car stock and our prices are going to mean quick sales. Our loss is your gain. 1931 Ford Tudor Demonstrator — $450 1930 Ford Tudor $385 1929 Ford Sedan __$265 1929 Chevrolet Coupe _________$225 1928 Durant Sedan $170 1926 Oakland Sedan $76 \ few Model T's ;___$10 up TERMS KENT MOTOR CO. Phoue 434 AUTHORIZED Algona, Iowa —Sales & - yards but called back because of an offside. Geyer was stopped at the line. Geyer passed to Cammerer for twelve yards placing the ball on the Algona 35-yard line. Geyer made a beautiful run through tackle, carry- line and it was A'gona's ball on the •O-'-a-d H"«. K. Modin passed to Williams for six yards and Cowan made'three yards at one of the tackles. Cammerer scooped an Al gona pass when it was two Inches thirty j from the ground and downed it on Algona's 35-yard line. Another pass, Allrm to Cammerer, was good for twenty-five yards and a touchdown. ing the ball to -the goal line and then fumbling. Algona punted from its own one- yard line to Geyer, who returned to the Algona 29-yard line as the quarter ended. Cowan intercepted Gey «r of the poor and the said ruse the automobile to get the d, does not that put the bus livelihood class? Can't^ex|needy folks to have to walk to i basket of groceries, can you? hlng'ought to be done to that Hire a band and play 'em a [to help soothe their savage •and he may be a gopd i dog too. And the board also i that though the needy may I an automobile they may have for the jitney "might be needed Bp earn a livelihood. Of course, i .,,*.. n ^ Tj^,. t Sunnoslne the needy er's pass and returned it to the Fmt rat-^ «i . grounded. A pass, Bruns to J. Me din, was good for five yards. They punted to the Fort Dodge ten-yard line. Geyer exchanged punts to the Algona 50. Bruns made eleven yards o n a line plunge. He failed to gain on a repeat play but a pass, Raney to K. Cowan, was good for fifteen yards, placing the ball on Fort Dodge's 19-yard stripe. Bruns lost a yard at the line but picked |SD CAN YOU feature a 'board which demands that' | need)- sign an affidavit that own nary pup! 'Taint . M'e may suffer, by- iww- lot the depression, may thin Malik and eat olco, may exist Vat syrup on our cakes and lour picture shows down to [nights a week, but by the ' horn spoon It's rotten to 1 a bone for our dog. US THAT ONE pf the arrests \ by game wardens .last week : of _t\vo gents from Cedai t.who had 22" -pheasants in an which landed "near" Rock And the two birds pleaded In a justice court and wore d $25 and costs. Can you t? Should, haye been Now, if having, the, pheaa- ' the plane was the reason foi »y fine, then" I'd SMggest we [Pheasants by air next* year, • it we are insistent in shoot> than our share, 'I assume iftese two hunters "are not coal"i or they wouldn't haye been " l»y .airplane, Bo, the old good; "TV him who hath given and. frpm him 1 f who [not shall be taken away." Had ^.hunters been just ordinary they probably wou!4 have the $200 each. ?. 0—0 OF US who suffer with s, Mho carry about an •sans hair, those of u« Mice yearly grows longer •»<> MB4 eventually reaches to the I" our neek. may MOW look for* I youjiy. doctor to 1 invented a pituitary i when Injected, Jjyto ^ - up five at right tackle on the next play. A pass Raney to K. Medin, in the end zone scored Algona's only toufchdown> Kordstrum . place- kicked, through the posts for the extra point. Runs 40 Yards to Score. Algona kicked to the Fort Dodge 25-yard line and Cammerer returned five yards. He picked up three on a plunge.j Geyer was stopped at right tackle and kicked to Algona s five-yard line. Nordstrum made a yard at left tackle and kicked outside on their own 40-yard line, Cammerer took the ball -from Geyer statue of liberty and ran the yards for touchdown, The kick' failed. Fort Dodge kicked across the goal The point try was unsuccessful. Alcrona"kicked to AV.en, who ran •ha ba 1 .! back to the Dodger 20-yard "Inc. The little reserve quartei made four yds. at left tackle as the half ended. Fort Dodge kicked to AVilliams who returned to his own 23-yard •f'ne. Ho lunged into tho center o the line for five yards and made three more at right tackle on the next play. Bruns made two yards \t left guard for first and ten. A p-is-'s was incomp'etcd. Nordstrun punted to Heileman, who returne< to the Fort Dodge 50-yard line Otyer picked up three yards at let trickle. Kenyon made nine at righ guard and Geyer eight at left tackle Kenyon found four at center anc Ooyer made one more at left guard Kenyon picked up a yard and Geye slipped through center for one on a spin. A pass was incpmpleted and Algona took the ball-on its own 20- yard line, Williams failed to gain and Geyer intercepted a pass on the next play ciownlng it on Algona's 35-yard line. Algona made sixteen yards on a spin and Geyer rammed through center for four yards. Kenyon was stopped and Geyer ran the ball over for a. touchdown apd then kicked the extra point. ' The same ended several minutes later without further scoring. $1.00 Nyal Wl Purified ~ Mineral Oil $1.00 Nyal Beef, Iron and Wine Tonic on a forty TO ATTEND EVKKV day of the Advance free cooking school at the K. 0. Hall, Algona, next Monday, Tues day untl Wednesday. tlte heel, the back of y0ur the growth of t( > his right height. The rain of h^Jr. i serum an ounce. * *>&*£; $&**** Want covert^' p»»rk, >«»), u ^tJM «t Ji«l» I^i *iS THE very next time • rainy dty comes, b»e your choke wp *n annoy Jbe family, Remember , that this free running children from , with ts bss of vigor tal backwardness it posts po more than the ordinary 35c Nyal Hinlcle Tablets 2for35c $1.00 Nyal Cod Liver Oil 25c Nyal Chocolax , OiocolattUiiatliw j 2for25c B^eHeMMBllSBBJ 25c box Nyal Aspirin Tablet, 2for25c, •ISBMSBlHeH SOc Nyal Analgesic Balm $1.00 Nyagar for L Constipat ion Nyal Vapofising Salve 2for50c, SOc •Nyal Hiriutone Shampoo , SOe Nyel Kleer-a-Hed forColos During this tale of Nyal Home Remedies "and Toiletries you receive a full size package FREE M ch one you buy-TWO FOR THE PRICE 25e Ny,.ptol TooA Paste 25o Nytb with eac OFONEI | Nynaps—Sanitary Pads Deodorized and very absorbent. 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Ifor ISc 1 .85 Kalalone— blood and l!v*r tonic. . .1 for 1.11 1.00 Nyal Emulsion Cod Liver Oil.. „..! for 1M SOc Nyal LoAipw Lotion— large.,..,. I for lot oOc Nyal Lowttve Fig Syrup .......... I for etc 1.00 Nyal Rheumatic fUway-Ha^ld...! for 1JOO SOc Nyal Wr.lt. Plr**Tqr.... ....... Ifor fftc 2Se NyeJ NyeJ Rubber Goods In pastel »hod««-*N*id, green, fed Nyad Femtph. Syrl.e. +#. Nyad Ht Waler*^*^-*^. «••> and hot water b . r*" w Row tubing, finest NiMod Hal Weler peMu 1 l jS^?'' exceptional value. ••«•»•»'»'»• -water bottle In one tle n -SyrirK» mA r , guaranteed «.* »l w» - Nyal Huslteyi Cooling ancj woihing-exceHenr for hoarseness end throat Irritations NOW tOc - FWOAY November i», 20*

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