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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, November 19, 1931
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to ALGONA, IOWA, NOVEMBER 19, 1931 12 Pages Number jSS"* MEET HERE SATURDAY OBSERVATIONS OF THE WEEK in Number o f are Noticed for Trial. , will open next week Mon" , Judge F. C. Davidson on ,, v h. The grand'jury will be Jelled Tuesday, and during the f o( th e week non-jury cases, I as divorces, will toe heard. The J jury does not appear till a I from next Tuesday, The larg- ,t of cases noticed for trial In [ years appears on"the docket Ibis term. the cases so noticed are: .eva Picht vs. Mrs. Bert Wes- Idamages of $3260 asked as the "t of an auto accident near i City February 28, in which fclalntlff. was a passenger I Wescott's car. Injunction Suit Up. jitral States Efectrlc -company feossuth county. This case arose f the attempt of 'the .electric lany to set Us poles contrary to L Engineer H. M. Smith's in- Itlons. A supreme court ruling illy made It probable that the I will be decided in favor of the any and the injunction, on , the case is based, dismissed. D Clapsaddle vs. W. I. .Dodds, iges of $177 claimed as result of [accident February 8 north of [tile Matson vs. W. H., Godden, i damages alleged as result of iito accident south of Humboldt „, V. Taylor vs: E. J. Laabs, 0 damages charged as result of | accident in Algona. |J. Quinn vs. A. J. Berens, $208 iges alleged by burning of grain [plaintiff was burning waste _j H. Riddle vs. John Frankl, i claimed as result of- accident Jch Frankl car struck Wayne le, son of Mr. and Mrs. Riddle nt of the high school ^building Til. j divorce, Agnes Shipler vs. i Shipler; is noticed for trial at |term. _ ••'.: (Teral Divorces tip lor Trial. i following divorce case? will Brought up for the first hearing j term: .- '''• : •'••••: ••'..•• '.''•.. ', •" .... Lepper vs. Wallace Lep- lot Swea City, granted recently, ly of four children to .plaintiff. j Relbhoff, vs. Floyd tRelbhoff, |t and Inhuman treatment, charg- :ree granted October 29, and ten name of Mae Etherlngton ired, ' . •' ./ joraer Q. Altlzer vs. Helen G. , abandonment- and cruel and treatment alleged. The were married} in' December, O s » \ t> A'* £W%:• •V u x>> -Yi \^S V \j. . ANNUAL 1 RED CROV> ROLL CALL }&' 'X. MISS DEAL TO HOLD COOKING SCHOOL HERE Three - Day Program to Be Conducted by Expert. R iY? •fa' ^2%& n& ^, lOT EXACTLY =r flN AURORA 80REALIS DISPLhY BUT-NEVERTHELESS THERE flRE SOME MIGHTY CHEERING- 5I6HS 'o* > V % W r^/Y'supPosE WE CAN MAKE THE GRADE THIS p YEAR/ ð x P/?/CES ^ *§§$r : ^^ »-* 'UUr\f\C.| o *' i ~ .1 I HIGHER BUT POSSIBLY^ ^.IT'5 OUR AMMUNITION " //O^ 7 TAAutft tooii- il//u, vntiiteb'uou, fo attend it, ED iiECOCCl PER CAPITA TAX IN KOSSUTH NEAR N, IOWA AVERAGE Interesting .results hen the comparative' ^^^ ax -burdens IF. Cassady VH. Maran A, Cas- ''i cruel and inhuman treatment id. Married/.at li-Fai'lbaiuH in Custody of -daughter, Marian , asked by 'plaintiff. Ham L. Stel) vs. Marl* A. Stell, .Jand inhuman treatment charg- [Plaintiff asks custody of two ~- Mary Lou '3, and James I ' )9l Rentz vs, Milo Rentz. Al, cruel and Inhuman "treatment ""• and plaintiff asks custody > children, Constance 4, Bon' 2, and Gary Dean 10 months Neltzel vs, Arthur Neltssel, »na Inhuman treatment a1 ' !• Plaintiff iu>kp custody ot to HI. Kenneth, 10, Robert 9, 1 7. James 6, and Arthur 4, M«l Schoby vs. Robert Schoby, |i ana inhuman treatment altesr- I Plaintiff asks custody ot Mere- lOre-tehen. |j* Trainer vs. O. E. Trainer, |wal drunkenness alleged, p*w Dtmaje Cmnes IM**t damage cases fpr this term Cross ys. Alice Haefner. W asked as'result pt car crash t or town i n August in which wt the use of 'his left el- r palley vs . j t jj. Hwinlng. Ked (or dantasci. in accident Iowa counties; are reduced to a per capita basis for each of the 99 counties of the state by the legislative? committee on 1 the reduction of public expenditures. The 1930 total tax collections are used in. this comparison because of the fact that the 1932 tabulations have not been compiled* as yet by the state board of assessment and review. It may be observed that It Is not necessarily true that the larger the county the higher the per capita tax levy. For example the per capita tax levy in Polk county, which is the largest in the state, is $52.65, while that of Dickinson with only 10,900 population, shows $55.10 per capita. On the other hand, Lee county with a low per capita tax of $36.99; is among the larger counties of the state while Ohlckasaw county with 14,000 population had a per capita tax of about the same amount, or $37.51, Thus these figures are of a great significance because they reveal that the county with the highest per capita tax burden has a higher ratio of public expenditures -than sister counties ,of $he. . same P °Kossuth' county stands favorably with other north Iowa counties in CHRISTMAS SEAL SALE TO START NEXT WEEK The Christmas Seal campaign will be opened next week with Thanksgiving, and will continue till Christmas again this year as in preceding ye'arsV' Mrs. Claude Samson'is Kossuth chairman, and is assisted by a local committee, with chairmen in each town in the county. The funds collected from the sale provided of the stamps last milk for ten children, sponsored a heart and chest clinic, and helped to pay the" expenses of a tonsil clinic conducted in Algona. The patients came from families who would be unable to have the work done if it had not been for the fund. A larger amount of money is needed for the work this year, as conditions are expected to become serious in many cases in the county ACADEMY LOSES TO CHARLES CITY IN MUDDY GAME Algona's academy team lost to Charles City academy at Charles City Sunday in a close game 14-13. The game was played on a wet field, part of which was under water three inches deep. A drain had plugged following recent rains. The Algon- ians outclassed the Charles Cityans in passing, completing 16 out of 19 passes in the second half of the game. Algona lost its chance to win on fumbles,' one. of which was close to the. goal line. The first touchdown for Algona was made liy Capesius on a center play from the 15-yard line on a fourth down after a penalty of five yards for offsides. Kelly made the The announcement last week that tliR Advance would sponsor its st'cond cooking school caused favorable comment among women in the town and surrounding county nnd. crowded houses for the three days of the school, which will be held .next week Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, are anticipated. The school will be conducted bj Miss liepna. M. Deal, an expert in conducting cooking schools, and th~ Advance feels'fortunate in securing her services. She has conducted such schools for papers through th' state. During October Miss Deal con ducted schools at, Knoxville, Bloom field, Imliano'a, Albia, Leon, Char- Hon. Greenfield, Malvern, and Osceola. This month, besides Algona, -shs has schools at Traer, Eldora, .Manson, Green, Xorthwood, and Forest City. Miss Deal is also booked for t-hree r i day schools in January, February, and March at the following towns: Hamburg, Clnrinda, Oakland. Corn- iny, Hud Oak, Bedford, Chariton, j IjHinoni, B'.oomfield/ Albia Pella j T^ma, Sigourney, Ida Grove, De j corah, AVaverly; Jefferson, Deni son, Hampton, Sibley, etc. Three clay schools, such as will be helc next week by the Advance, will be hold in each of these towns. The Algona school will start promptly at 2 o'clock on each of MIO, at2fi. MRS, HOLTZBAUER DIES SUDDENLY AFTER OPERATION Mrs. J. J. Holtzbauer, who underwent a major operation at the Kos suth hospital a week ago Monday died Saturday night at 9 o'clock. He r condition was serious all week, and Saturday morning at HI o'clock he condition became, critical and th family was called. Mrs. Holtzbauer had been in failing health for some Algona Markets H, A, WALLACE TO SPEAK AT F, B. MEETING Sessions to Be Hel<£ in High School Auditorium. Henry A. Wallace, editor of "Wil* * lace's Farmer and widely rece|»- nized authority on farm economies^ will be the main speaker, at tfew Kossuth Farm Bureau annual meeting in the u'Jditorium of the new hign school building In Algona Saturday starting at 10:30- a. m. •*•' The regular business meeting wilt. include committee reports, county- agent and home demonstration. «e- gent reports, and the election of «f-. fleers. Demonstrations and summaries of extension work and • 4-H clafe projects as well as details of county- organization work will also be •(!*••», The state fair girls 4-H club dM*- onstration team will repeat its dinti- onstration for the home folks- «t this meeting. Other state and <!• , trict 4-H?elub competitors of KM~ suth county will be Introduced. A. B. Myhr, district commit***- ^1 the-'three days. halt hour radio There be a concert preceding WHn OHIO! »u»» • the per capita taxes as show by the following list: ^ ,._,.„-« COUNTY f,g Cerro Gordo -3M76 $1,716,839 $44.67 before the winter is over. A large share of the money collected is spent in the community from which it comes, and the balance goes to defray the cost of the stamps and for work 'in a state and national way in fighting tuberculosis. RAIN FALLS EVERY DAY BUT ONBAST WEEK About 2.19 inches of rain fell last week up to Monday morning, and there was only one day of frost last week. The murcury fell to 31 degrees Friday morning, the only day last week when there was no rain. Sunday nine-tenths of an inch fell Although no rain was recorded Monday the sidewalks wefe wet, and did not dry on the south side . other touchdown when he caught a the program. Miss Deal will be the conductress and lecturer, . During the program Miss Deal will give several new recipes, and the Advance will furnish little notebooks in which the recipes can be copied as Miss Deal gives them.. Pencils .will not be furnished, and each woman Is urged to bring one. ~ All recipes given at the .school will be practical. Miss Deal is a graduate of courses in home economics, and during her work in conducting schools of this nature for a number of years has stressed the economical, ns well as the tasty side of cooking. Many of the most appe- tising dishes can be prepared with little expense, and In addition the w-ork is really -cut to a minimum. Housework helps will also'be suggested by Miss Deal, together with methods of saving odds a.nd ends of food, and preparing left-overs that will be regarded with pleasure -by the family. wv»u> »••-•— — LUG ICllllll.T' 20-yard pass on the line. Two other o ^ e of the Representatives of a N DeWolf. of Canton, L* k «n to the hoBDitai '. from the-: L - M. Me • 8e of serl The t ° to set off, the 1,200,038 1,138,904 980,462 1,113,765 767,044 342,499 844,406 833,833 745,480 852,049 636,129 867,472 799,774 736,522 549,123 696,374 683,674 564,886 679,230 619,662 488,824 41.17 44.74 39.92 48.53 35,46 46.62 43.24 47.39 43.73 52.01 38.95 53.85 61.94 49.76 37.51 49.51 51-78 42.98 44.27 48.20 43.T4 Fayette —-29,145 Kossuth 25,452 Clayton 24i559 Hardin —-22,947 Wlh'neshiek .21,630 Wright 20,216 Floyd 19,524 Butler 17,6" •Bremer —17,046 Franklin —16,382 Allamakee -16,328 Clay .- 16,107 Palo Alto —16,398 Hancock —14,802 Chickasaw -14,637 Mitchell H. M5 Humbpldt , -13,202 Winnebago ,13,143 Howard -—13,082 Emmet '2- 85 «. Wo,rth 1U64 "SlBaSilWB Drivers' automobile license appll- pgfl to£ of 1.712 owners and 7U9 drivers Jnlier* applications. '^ Chevrolet Stolen, all day. A strong south wind was evidently too heavy with moisture to dry the walks. The temperatures last week follow^ High Low, R'fall November 9 67 November 10 ........ 50 November ill ....... 45 November 12 ....... 49 x November 13 ... 58 November 114 57 November 15 • - 59 November 16 ....... 69 .36 DAVIQ BLYTHE, IRVIN6TON HOSPITAL Irvingt-W. Nov. 17-David Blythe, aged pioneer of Irvington, was taken to the Kossuth hospital last Friday after a critical illness. He plans to undergo an operation in the near future. Mr. and Mrs. Blythe had planned to go to the home of Mrs. L. Peek at Sioux FaHs. S. D., to spend -the winter. Mr. Blythe has been in 111 health for some tune. New'Kurort Office. Mayor Specht now has offices in the city hall building in rooms occupied by the school children last year The large room has been par- tmoned, and an office also boxed in for the city police. The police offices have been underneath the Akre store and the mayor's office was above Long Bros, store. The mayor moved Into the new quarters Thursday. . touchdowns were made but were recalled because of the backfleld in motion, and another for being off- sides. Streit starred for the locals on defense. With a slippery ball on a wet field Wade Hansen is also to be given credit for placement of his passes. This game was the last this season and the locals won a total of 80 points against 107 won by opponents. They won four, lost four, and tied one game. Scores for each game follows: . f Algona 0, Emmetsburg 20. Algona 20, Pocahontas .7. Algona 6, Fonda 6. Algona 7, Mason City Johawks 6. Algona 7, Mason City Holy Family School IS. Algona 13, Mason City J.ihawks 7. Algona 14, Fort Dodge 7. Algona 0, Llvermore high 27. Algona 13, Charles City 14. GRANZOWS OBSERVE 49TH ANNIVERSARY^ WEDDING Mr. and Mrs! J. F. Granzow observed their 49th wedding anniversary at their ]jome Sunday. A chicken dinner was prepared by the daughters, and served to 114 members of the immediate family. Attending were ^he Ralph Morgan, the Frank Cruikshank, and the Albert Granzow families, and another daughter Lillian Granzow, who Is large newspaper advertiser, who has been following and attending these cooking schools throughout the state, gives enthusiastic reports of •Miss Deal's skill, and reports that from 300 to 500 women have attended the schools each day in the various towns. The dates are also very fortunate for they come'the three• days pre 'ceding' Thanksgiving, .which.^Is by traai'tloik one of -the ; blff 'cooking days,of the year. Thanksgiving'is always anticipated by every member of the family as the one day in the year when an extra special meal will be served, and this school gives an opportunity to pick up a few new dishes that will create almost as much enthusiasm among does the turkey or time, -however, it was not thought so serious as to result in her death, which caused a severe shock to her many Algona friends. Corn/ No. 3 old-Funeral services were conducted corn, No.' 3 new Tuesday morning at 9 o'clock af St. Cecelia's Catholic church. ') Father Davern read the requiem mass, and officiated at the grave In St. celia's cemetery. - Mrs. Holtzbauer; nee Rose Barry was a daughter of. the late Charles B. and. Susan G. Barry. She was born at Rockford, 111., June '2, 1886, and came to Algbna with her parents in 1900. She was married to Mr. Holtzbauer June 3, 1908, at St. Cecelia's church 'with the late Father Halpin performing the ceremony. The four children surviving are Kathleen, who is the cashier and bookkeeper at the Christensen Bros, store, Charles, John Lee, and Rosanne, who are attending St. Cecelia's academy. Besides the children she is survived .by Mr. Holtzbauer, her brother Wilbert, and sister Mrs. Mayme Smith. Mrs. Smith came from her home in Des Moines last Thursday to be at her bedside and with her family. She and her daughter, Mary At close of -business Nov. 17, 1931. By Wilbur J. and Alice Payne. HOGS Med. wt. butchers, 200 to 300—$4.00 Best prime h'vy butch. 300-350- 3.90 Best packing sows; 300 to 350- 3.70 Best heavy sows, 350 to 400— 3.50 Big h'vy sows, 400-500.$3.00 to $3.30 CATTLE Canners and cutters. $1.00 to $2.00 Fat cows __: - .$2.50 to $3.50 Bulls - ; $2.25 to $2.75 Fat steers : :.$6.00 to $6.50 Yearlings — $3,50 to $4.50 Veal calves -.—$4.00 to $5.00 v , . . : ' '- GRAIN . . • . ',. . Corn, No. 2 old $ .45 Corn, No. 3 old — : —— .44 .43 Corn, No. 4 new ——— .41 White oate, No. 3 —21% Feed barley —- .32 PRODUCE Eggs, graded;No 1- ————$ .29 Eggs, graded, No. 2—__." Eggs. avg. straight run Cash cream '_ — .26 POULTRY Hens, 4 Ibs. and over —„ $ .15 Hens, under 4 Ibs. Springs, over 4 Ibs Springs, 3 and 4 Ibs :Springs, under 3 Ibs _-_ HIDES Calf and cow,' lb. -— Horse —1 Colt .hides, each .1! .1 man for'..'the Farm Bureau Thompson-Iowa, will report, on state .and national activities.?:.: . : County President Frank Ry«rB««i t of Burt; announces the following program, and_ .although the morn.— ng session is largely taken up within usiness session of the membwot he afternoon session is open to t>«. eneral public and all' interested me velcome to attend: 0:30—Song, America, led by BMV^, A. H. "Wood. 0.35—Reading of last annual Quirt- ing minutes, A. E. Clayton, sae'yi, 10;40-—Treasurer's report, C. G, Scharlach. 10:45—Committee reports — AoMtr ing, Geo. • W. Godfrey; MemlM**- ship, C. R. Schoby; ResolattaM*. H. D. Hutchlns; Nominations, Ofcg. Funnemark. ; 11:00—County Agent annual repoe% E. R, Morrison. 11:10—H. D. A. annual report, Muriel Body. 11:20—Communication from K*rt- dent Charles Hearst. - Hr25—Information and Misinform* tion; Mrs. J. H. Warburton. 11:40—4-H clubs, Mrs. Paul KrieOMc Susan, will remain 'with the family till after next week. Mrs. Holtzbauer's father, the; late Charles B. Barry, died three years ago last June, and her mother, Sus- djed a year ago Sep- She was a member of the Catholic Daughters of America, and was an active member of the Rosary so-' ciety ahd'of'St; Cecelia's Guild. -.'-' The pallbearers were Joseph Bes- an G. Barry, temper 3. the family a; chicken itself. Then'the problem of cooking up tenlehner, Wm. Daughan, P.- J. Kohlhaas, R, W. Horigan, Joseph Kelly, and A. W. Arriunsen. Out of town relatives attending the funeral were C. B. Moore Smith and son Charles, Des Moines; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Harrah, Mrs. Mollie Hammel, Bushnell, 111., Wm. Hunt and daughter Beatrice -and son ONE FATALLY HURT IN CARJCCJDENT Whittemore, Nov. 17—Pour were injured, one fatally, ;when two cars, one driven by Orviile Boitnott, of Depew, and the other by Fred Haack, of Lone Rock, collided at the corner six miles north of Whittemore last Thursday afternoon. In the Haack car were Mrs. Haack and son Emil; and Mr. and Mrs. Chris Haase. Mr. Haase and Mrs. Haack were severely cut on the hands and face, and .Emil -Haack's head was injured. Haase received a .fractured pelvis bone. Mr, Boitnott, only occupant of the -other car, was seriously injured. His chest was crushed badly and he received serious- injuries to his head, a number of ribs 11:4-5—4-H club demonstration, Gisch and Alice Payne. Noon—Lunch. 1:00—Greenwood orchestra led Mrs. Ray Miller. 11:10-—Song, The Farm Bureau 8| •OKI'S—Election of officers. 1:25—Exchanging township tal Rev. C v E. Bryden. 1:35—Demonstration, Mrs. J Heetland and Mrs. J. E.' Telkl 1:45—Five year analysis, B. R. 1 ris%n. 2:00—Work of State and Farm Bureau, A, B. Myhr. 2:10—Quartet, Isenbers Bros, Link. 2:20—Talk, Henry A 2S5—Short talk by • President Wallace. * "*"new County living at home. There were five grandchildren present. The Gran- zows were man-led in Howard county 49 years ago, and Mr. Granzo^' has spent most of his life Instructing bands nnd giving private mubic lessons. ' Mr. ancl Mrs. Gmnzow have liv*d in Iowa more than 50 years ana both are in 'excellent health. Mr. Granzow is known over North Central Iowa for his interest and hard work in band direction. He has given special attention to boys and girls' bands, and the excellent results show how die easily secures the children's enthusiasm. the left-overs for Friday and Sat urday meals must be considered by every housewife, and Miss Deal promises ^a few excellent suggest tiori's that will wake the proverbial turkey "-hash" an entirely different dish. There. wW also be some .free samples distributed to a number of the women who attend. In addition to the cooking school proper there will be a model dining room, a model kitchen and many articles on display by 'local dealers. The displays will almost compose a miniature woman's fair or exhibition, and the merchants are making special effort to show the economical as well as the proper articles. The exhibits alone are worth seeing, ancl special prices, it is understood, will be 'made on many of the articles. last 50,DOO BULLHEADS DUMPED 1N RIVER NORTH OF DAM Two truck loads of bullheads, estimated at 25,000 to a load, were dumped Into the river north of the dam fcere last Thursday by W. C. Dau and Frank Shallin. The fish Grid Chime Sunday. • The Fort Dodge Red Devils football team- will meet the local independent team at Athletic' park here Sunday afternoon. At first the -park board, composed of M. "P. Weaver, ' Bruce, Jackson, Minn.; Matt Holtzbauer and children Cecelia, John, and Marshall, Belmond; Mrs, An•drew Hatch, Mrs. Charles Kollasch, and Mrs. Frank Gelbmann, .St. Paul, Minn. » " 'Besides relatives from a- distance there was a large group -of out of itbwn friends from neighboring 'towns in attendance. FIVE APPLICATIONS FILED FOR MARRIAGE LICENSES Two marriage applications were made out Friday and 'three more Monday at the district court clerk's office. Applicants were Homer "W. Dodds and Lula Leona Hlntz, and Lojuis Thurmann and Susie Thilges, all of Kossuth, November IS; Lloyd Martin and Bernetta Harig, and Robert F. Kaln and Yerna HUdman. of Kossuth -county; and Alfred C. Krahn, of Palo Alto county, and Hilda Myer, of "Kossuth, November 16. Marriage licenses were issued last we^k to Pete'Greramer, of Wesley, and'Tlllie Engeler, A'lgona, November 10: Wayne Stephenson and Nellie McGlnnis, both of Algona, November 10; Harry Andrew Nelson were also broken. The injured were brought to the McCreery hospital for medical care, and were able to return to their nomes' the same evening except Mr, BoltnotV^ho died Saturday evening. Guu In Car Costs 110 " of was B, ' oew. fined $10 and costs by Justice L. A. a Tuesday on a w >1« , . . B 3. Gilroore,'- and A. E. Michel, re- j inches. fused to allow the game on Sunday, but Jater permission was grant- were ordered from Medium Lake at Emmetsburg, where seining operations under the direction of the state fish and game department are under way, and were secured by, •Prank "Barker. The fish ranged in ^i»e from two to eight and even ten and Florence Alice Peterson, both-of Rlngsted, November 11; and Edward F. Larson,'of Burt, and Hazel Mitchell, Algona, November 14. , ed, when a liberally signed petition was presented. **mi»a «"•«, •<"!•«••'» » A feafty aol 'Ojf Mr. and , MrB. Mloha& KtBcfc, ^liners ta «h$> T ""' " iooa,/4l^a a O. S. trohnson has. moved the old, bu'lldlng used as a suburban grocery store Vj&c'h\urn: ^ast Wk'&$>'' an Teather ""Palrty. HftgK Post will hold its third annual 'Feather party at 'the Legion hall next week Tuesday evening. Games will be played am} an opportunity given ! to get 'turkeys, ducks, or chickens 'for Thanksgiving dta^ ner. '*rhese v parties have 'proven popular In'past'years, and'tSe'g anticipates ^ '—"" -**-«J»«w«» the 1931 affair ROTARIANS OF THREE TOWNS RANQUET HERE Local Rotarians entertained the Humboldt and Emmetsburg Rotarians at dinner Tuesday night at the Algona hotel. There were 88 present. Two local Rotarians were absent? the Humboldt 'delegation was all here with the exception of one, and Emmetsburg had three absentees. The crowd exceeded anticipation, and extra 'tables had to -be set. It 1s believed to be the 'largest <olub meeting held 'in Algona. "President Sproul, of the Humboldt club Introduced 'Ralph Cook, who 'led 'the ringing -end -sang 'two solos. -President "R.- W. 'Newell,' >of Emmetsburg, introduced th« >»ev. Edward 'Pruett, of the Emmetsburg club, who'gave a talk. George Godfrey, of >th^ local r olub, spoke'on'the work 'of the state -board 'of education. • . ' Algona 'Rotarians and ^jClwanlW 8 wiU ! hold a Joint "meeting -at, *he*p^ tel next Monday ^noon,. - ; NEW HIGHWAY MARIEB GUIDE MOTORISTS HEIE New yellow highway No. 18 tfeM. -were -pufup last week leading toMl - ists who want to stop in Algona !•*» the business district The •%•• were purchased by the *|gwn' Community club,. an4?werp road* tt- the Fort Madison penitentiary, TWt signs are exactly like the rt*uliv TJ, S. highwaj' signs with two «* ceptlons. They are yellow lnrt*a<; "-^ of wnlte, and the word, Algona. •»-. ' pears in capital^ letters _ wh*rt k n tte% name of r the jtaje appiw* in ttw regular •signs"." The Community dH|k is doing ev-erytlninB po««J|iI« t« «(N tract attention pf.t^urtaU on l^» to the town, "and la»t uprinc ^i« huge electrically-UgM*d ^f»» 1HO* put up. It is -understood tbftt \ 41" gona is one of the first, tOWHB i» •• state to order such signs, " ** first town in which, the Cc , club has--«reoted eleotrioaUy signs without aid «rom «OfO« organization. WIRT WITH CHAR6EB WITI Cecil Householder. «?, US? released l jrom'*he county'|? day wh«n o f 5ftQ < b on <l "Wlft? ed by a brother.-^ Householder -wfts't -jury 'by -Mayor "$. *' tf «-r-w * -= (f. V !*• .*. 'charge of for|tpig tw other "'brother-lnWaf, J fej, to a $4 check -at, •Iowa «tsU* bank in, deposit, Three • on'car the stop.'iilgns. *^ ning ovVr'tbe sp

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