Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 12, 1931 · Page 10
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 12, 1931
Page 10
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v ~ f <v« v^ ^ s 5^ ^, T ™ -y y ^, : - :: • '^ ^•s\s&&&$£^ t»AOE3 TEN h' Iv* 1 Hew — Distinctive D Attractively Priced "Where Service and Quality Meet" MRS, GALBRAITH DIES; SERVICES HELD SUNDAY Good Mope. Nov.. 10 — A '• large number of- triesds and former neighbors from Algona, Good Hope and South Cresco attended the funeral services 'of Mrs.. W. .1. Galbraith Sunday afternoon. The services were held at the home In Algona at 2:30 o'clock with the Rev. Allen H Wood, of Good Hope, officiating Mrs. Arle Dlttmer, Viola Smith, and Mrs. Allen Wood furnished the music. Dorothy Luella Hopkins, daughter of' Robert and Catherine Hopkins, was born July 15, 1SG7, near Madrid In Polk county, and died at her home in Algona Friday at the age of 64 years, 3 months, and 21 days. In June, 1893, she was married to W. J. Galbraith. Three sons and one daughter were born: John Robert, who died at the age of seven, Bert, of Algona, and Raymond of Chicago, and Mrs. Ellen Knoll, of Santa Ana, Calif. The latter was unable to be present for the service but was here for an extended visit with her mother last summer. Besides her husband and children Mrs. Galbraitb is survived by a sister, Mrs. Bertha Anderson, Wells Minn., a .brother, John Hopkins, La Veta, Colo., three grandchildren, and many other relatives. While the deceased had been In failing health for a number of years her last Illness was not of long duration, and she died with no extended period ol suffering. Burial was made in Rlv- erview cemetery, Algona. ^M.f^«V*9>Q** »t ^ ?' \* .' Worltf* Greatest Human Sacrifice? \ ^ i*\ .v^V h , jf j- 1 . , i',jiL-3i2 HWIHWS 10 HEUIIOI! « ftrinefB Hatfc already com' . , el* per acr*, ttireHhed B. Scfienck fhre«hed mm Union, Nov. 10—Mr, and- Herman Dau had as guests over the week-end the latter's children artd L6tlg. ie BiiflV Bre club will meet this Friday with Mr*. Marguerite ong. <v i. t Harry, Ward recwtuy shelled •J.OO'J bushels of corn. Including the Pete _ _ Clt y; the ^ • - FARM |A)(D NEAR IRVINGTON i 1T!r1 nrllr'dffl «!•*? iWSi iktm' •»< *••*** Hill I i Starving flood sufferers rush into water to j?et food. • Because the vast Yangtze Val ey has'.been inundated, most o. A situatior of starU horror now| prevails in the flooded areas of the Yangtze Valley where" the receding flood waters a creating havoc 'hat beggars description, according to a report received by Dr. David A. Brown, Chairman of Floor 1 Relief in China, from the National Flood.,. Relief Commission in China. , Flood Relief in China, an organization jointly formed by the Fed- Churches of „„..„ , the Foreign Missions Conference of North America, and China Famine Relief, U. S. A., is seeking $2,500,000 to eral Co'uncil of the Christ in America, Special Program Wext Sunday— Dlst. Supt. W. H. Lease preached at Whlttemore and Good Hope last Sunday and held a quarterly conference here. Report of business transacted will be made at the regular service on next Sunday. This service will be Important' also In that the pastor, In place of the usual sermon, will present The Morning After, by Paul D. Gesner. Tills Is a gripping story of an -incident of the next war and appropriate to observation of Armistice day week This program will be followed at both Whittemore and Good'Hope. Pheasant Season Draws Hunters— A number of homes in the community entertained guests for the pheasant hunting last week. Among the latter were "Walter Reid and son Walter Jr., of Des Moir.es. and L. L Bartholomew and friend Dan Dietrich, Port Dodge, Mr. and Mrs. Narvil Mitchell, daughter Dorothy, Maxine Edwards and Clarence bujr food and medicine for as many as possible of the tens -of r, llions of men, women and children facing starvation, disease and death as a result of .the catasr trophic floods. . order to avoid-a conflict with the country-wide campaign for fund' for the relief of the unemployed in the United States, as well as with the annual roll call of the American Red Cross, Dr. Brown h:.3 informed Walter S. Gifford, director of the Presld t's organi- ration on thai Flood solicitation iiww-u w*, ......—— — mail appeals only now, and will be resumed after November 25th> the ,date fixed for the close of the unemployment campaign.. In reply, Mr. Gifford has expres d his appreciation of this act Millions of refugees, rendered homeless; and completely destitute by the floods, are- living under conditions which give promise of nothing but death, according to the report of the National) Flood Relief Commission. » ey has'.been inundated, most o. the richest crop-bearing territory n China will produce nothing thi- yeai-, thus creating an inevitable famine; In addition, the flppdcv districts must cope with problems of epidemic prevention and rehabilitation. . . }n the basis of a nation-wuli survey of the extent of the dam age dons by the floods, the com Mission reports; that millions o! farmers find themselves homeless and without seeds to plant then crops and buffaloes to, til. the- fields. Almost insuperable difficul ties confront the relief workers ir the prevention of disease amonv the refugees who are huddled ir improvised camps, where withou- the slightest attempt • at sanita tion, an epidemic may break pir at any hour and spread like wild lire among people weakened b> privations. With millions of Chinese fight in for their lives over th* thousands of square miles devas. their families, Whites, Sioux Haumlerfi, Duhuque; the Ed Lake Clty;;'tlife. Bldon kearna, of Burt'i the-'Bob! Whites and William Seltnmns,j Algona i and Lbls White, at home. .Other guests were: Mr. and Mrs. Henry Voss, of SloU* City; Paul Caltaghan, Dubuciuef Mr! and Mrs.j'Claude Haln, Algonld. McwdnmcH Saunders, Bruce, Kearns, and! Seitman were' Hlldred, Ruby, Neva, and Lyla White, respectively, and Ifved as/ girls at Burt. The guests began arriving' Friday Saturday and enjoyed ph hunting. A reunion dinner featuring pheasant, rabbit,:and duck waa held' Sunday. Some of the family had not MVeen together for' ten years. The guests went home Sunday exj cept. 5-rrs-. Saunders and her f hr?,e i children, who will spend the weeji bore, xr-ondny the Daus and tli«yr guests vlsftcd the Cliff HooveVs, Sexton.. and ruim fifmi* iifcnit iMTiiiwivii ^ ""ft HIT BY STRAY BULLET Irvlngton, Nov. 10—A young man [riploy«d», husking: corn aft the Steve f '- fij ••'•'-' was accld'ontty shot In Bxchanno p 9 iul' . ^TiF-^S 5 ??*! apartment on N w «"1 for rent, $12.50 net-' - 09ter " GtiyJWantor. • 0 "«». «n to date mune, Unvost corn. A price, 1 Alsi> ' a: careless hunter Saturday. The shot came from a distance, anil did not make a serious wound. ' » ;at Gran'dad a£ 66. ^ City, Nov. 10—M. E Johnson has the .unusual distinction of being a great-grandfather at A son living In Rutland Tins a T ^,married "to Oeo. WlTTartf, _ k e^'t>arents of' a 6 monthv old daf sale-Would like o , 10 with aome breeder^? 11 eel Wood In order to h ' tomers.— Carl H u t ch | radios «om Gamble store,,. Grand, ?5.oo down o M .o tn.be prices arc (lown -liable m!in wanted to men In Konsuth. portuntty. Wo portuntty. Make $7 to, oxperlence or capital .'". McNess Company n port, 111. unemployment relief, Reli-f in China's fund would be limited to- tated by the ' swollen Yangtzi River, the National Flood Reliel Commission, composed of Chines( and prominent foreigners residents Chira, is seekinjr financial a? sistance trom the people of tht entire world in order to cope witr the present situation. "While the task is not beyonr human ehort," the commission de clares, "it is of such magnitude 'that only the co-operation of the people »f the world can insure ito success " National Headquarters for Flooo Relief in China have been opened in New York City at 205 East 42nd . Street, where contributions are be fnpr receiv c] for dispatch to evening. Women are to bring baskets. Maxine Edwards and ^ence Boulder, Colo., Bates, of Fall-field. Incidentally the ^ indefinite stav with Rev. Mr. Wood's family enjoyed a fine pheasant dinner through .the houghtfulness of Alex McArthur, vho left a beautiful cock pheasant at. the parsonage door. School to Tie Held Monday— Because of the bad -weather the leadership training school was dispensed with last week Monday evening but will meet in regular session next Monday .evening. This will still give an opportunity to those who were unable to register <s here for an indefinite stay with his uncle, the Rev. A. H. Wood. He is attending high school at Burt. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Turner and Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Treptow were guests at the Albert Reid home at Haifa Sunday. The S. C. Reser family was at Audubon Sunday home folks. SWEDISH MISSIONARY AT JAPAN TO VISIT WESLEY Wesley, Nov. 1.0 — A Mr. Carlson, Swedish missionary from Japan, will speak in the Congregational church this week Wednesday evening and show steroptican views. His work has been near Tokio and he was sent out by the Scandinavian Missionary Alliance, a union visiting 'former, of-the missionary forces o£ various Scandinavian denominations in the United States-. Want Ads LllOnc WI1U \v I5i c i*n«Lunrf tu -v-ra-"--- -•«• • — . • .,_._. on the first night of the school to i F QR RENT—ROOMS. —621 We knew it would come—this rush of Fall business -we knew you wouldn't be satisfied with your last year's dresses. So now, when you want NEW DRESSES, we have lots and lots of them. New alluring colors just arrived in stock, dark wines, dark greens, tiles, and browns, in addition to the ever popular blacks—made in regular and half sizes, with all the latest style developments. Don't be satisfied with your last season's dress—feel "dressed up" in one of Chrischilles & Herbst's new mid-season's frocks—garments that reflect the discriminating taste of experienced buyers. Prices are so reasonable, ranging from $11.75 and $15.0O to $19.75 and $35.00 And while you're looking at dresses, don't fail to see these handsome fur-trimmed Winter Coats join and catch up the work entitling them to a certificate of credit. Good Hope folks who should be interested In this work will find it to their profit to arrange their plans to be present. Roy Loivman "Bnhy Pies— The sympathy of the community goes out to Mr. and Mrs. Roy Lowman over the death of their week- old daughter Shirley Jean, their first baby. Services were held from the home Monday afternoon, the Rev. Arthur Heuser of the Baptist church of Algona officiating. Mrs. Quinton Bjustrom and Hazel Mitchell and Evelyn Cruikshahk furnish ed the music. Elm. FOUND, 'KEYS — OWNER' pay for want adv. ROOMS AND APARTMENTS rent. — Phone 21. East 6p9' •MUST 8u9 TO 10p9 Washington I'lctnm Dint. No. 4 school last week received n ?Ix28 inches colored portrait poster of George Washington. The picture fs a copy of the famous Athenaeum portrait of Washington by the American painter Gilbert Stunrt. A Tetter explains that., a copy IH lielhg distributed by the United States. George Washington Blc?nnial commission to every schoolroom in the L". S. with the cooperation of the Senators and Congressmen. A request Is made -to have the picture framed and hu.ng in-the scnoof room. Dlst. No. 4 is complying- with the request.' ( and writing to thank the donors. • 3I.-1>. Cliili HTndter Jlitssla— 'i Mesdames- Bertha Sarehet find Sadie Gustafson entertained the .AT. & D. club last Thursday. The members sang songs, and Mrs. H. .-. E. Woodward", Whlttemore, was the guest speaker: Her topic, Women of Russia, was Interesting. The hostesses served a tray lunch following ncTDburnment. The club will meet with Mesdames Carrie Bourne and Helen VogeT next week Thursday. Prograjm 1 —Riper on successful homemnldhg, Mrs. Bertha, Sarehet; original" verses, Mrs. J. F. Overmyer:' reading, Eleanor Vogel. Otlier Fnfon News. Mr. and' Mrs; J. D. Ames, Mrs. Ward Sturdeon, and Mrs. Nellie Tteece. Oakes; N. D., arrived Monday for a week's visit with the Presley and' Roy Sarcftets. Mes-. dames- Ames; Presley, an« Sarehet are sisters, and' Mrs. Reece is a cousirn Mrs. Sturdeon is an aunt of Mtts; Roy Sarehet. Mr; and Mi's-. Albert Glbbs, Little RocR; Ark., arid Mr. and Mrs. Frank GlbBs; Elkton, • Minn., spent the Jhe Poor Man's Frienl i^-J;'Last.Saturday; we sold 120 pairs of ladies' "Illeijs at Neville's old stand. Straps, ties, and p un fisiippers that are worth from $2.98 up to $5,95 si;Spld them at .$1.98. We have 207 pairs left and « ||ciean them out this coming Friday and Saturday! ; *!^!''S9 •'"'•'••''.;• • I %$•$& We have 38 men's overcoats left. These will d '^TiB'hn sale Friday and Saturday, November 13 andi se coats are really worth double what we are a] for them. When you buy one of these overc have saved $5.00 to $9.00. They are the buy in the State of Iowa today. . •-...-.• 1: i^M We have 4-buckle .all rubber overshoes for u™ women, and children, and other goods that we'™ to dispose of before we close the old stand. Goods! the old stand are being closed out at prices to i your pocketbook. "'\T^*''.' . : - ^ ?The new store is going over big. Theoldcust ers.,are pleased with it and we are getting soraei that never traded with us before. New and old are mighty welcome. We .,_ you to come in and make yourselves at home, You! not have to buy unless you want to. Bring thed dren, we have a good hot fire, also lavatory andt let. This is your store, and we want you to /hbme and enjoy it. Jimmie Neville, Algona WANTED — GENERAL HOUSE- work.—Call Advance. S>p9 FOR SALE—FIVE BICYCLE BAS- kets.—Call at Advance office. 7g FOR RENT — MODERN 7-R'OOM house, close in, with garage.—Call 95. I0p9 LOST—LADIES' GOTHAM' WRIST watch. Reward.—'Leave at Advance. 9p9' AM Enjoys Hnllowon— The Halloween Aid meeting held at Mrs. Vern Gross' two weeks ago was a lively affair with games nnC other social features. A good crowd enjoyed the affair and participated in the business session. Refreshments were served at the close of tlie meeting. The Madson sisters assisted as joint hostesses. FOR SALE—2 YEARLING Poland China boars.—Robert Loss, phone 20F31. - lluGtf W. Call st. MODERN ROOMS FOR RENT, || furnished.—Mrs. Daisy Cook, 220 ! Hp9' FOR SALE—OLD DUROC THOR- oughbred male hog.—Arnold Gade, Whittemore. 10p7-9 $15.OO $35.00 $19.75 $68.OO And stylish warm fur cpats at lowest prices in years> ; We are offering at this store a style service equalled; by few stores—experienced, courteous, salesladies eager to please, will help you plan your Fall wardrobe intelligently. Buy where for 61 years quality has reigned supreme. Other Good Hope. Victor, young son of Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Foster, of Charles City, was brought to the Koasuth hospital Monday and underwent an operation for acute appendicitis. Dr. M. G. Bourne attended the case. The patient Is the grand-nephew of W. G. Bourne, and ha.s visited at his uncle's farm during vacation lor several summers past. Harvey Reid has leased the Iowa moving picture theater at Swea City and opened Friday to a capacity crowd. Mr. Reid is an experienced operator and we surmise that so far as the booklner companies will allow will give the community the letter olnss of pictures. We wish him success in his venture. Lpona McMahon went to Minne- npolls Friday with friends and has been visiting Mrs. Bert Kehoe,- formerly of Whittemore. She is considering taking a course of training in beauty culture work. She Is expected home Tuesday of tills week. Irvin Laabs drove the party up in his car. Alta Albright, Des Molnes, returned home Tuesday after ten days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs Ferd Albright. A family gathering of the immediate relatives was held at the Albright borne Sunday in her honor. The regular meeting of the L. A. S. will be held at the S. C. Reser home this week Thursday with Mrs. P. N. Sarehet as assisting hostess. The meeting is important and a good attendance Is hoped for. Members of the Good Hope choir and Young People's Sunday school class will entertain the young people of the Whlttemore church and their friends at a party In the Community room Friday evening. W. T. Kennedy, of Burt, is tbjs week rebuilding the .entrance.to the church kitchen. A recent meeting of the officials of the church voted to have the work done. Helen McMahon will hold a basket social a«4 program' at hfj e<?MoJ in Lotte Creek, Efet. No. f ORDER YOUR CHRISTMAS fruit cakes early.—Mrs. Martha Thorpe, phone G27-W. , Ilu8-10 HOUSE TO RENT—FIVE ROOMS. Recently redecorated.—Call G57-J, Mary C. Kain. * _ . Ilu9 FOR SALE—ONE GOOD YEAR- ling spotted boar.—J. J. Steil, Algona, R. R. 2. 12u9 FOR RENT—ALL MODERN house, garage, reasonable rent. — Cunningham & Lacy. 10u9 FOR SALE OR TRADE FOR milk cows—1930 Chevrolet sedan.— White's Grocery. 12u9 FOR SALE~OR EXCHANGE— Spring Hampshire male hog,—W I. Dodds, Algona. llP 9 Jll? LOST—BICYCLE WITH BASKET on front.—Ple'ase return to Bobby Dowel or to this office. 7e FOR SALE — PUREBRED Poland China male hogs, Cholera immune Rov .Wiseman, Wesley. 13p8-' FOR RENT-^MODERN 6~ROOM house, three blocks from State street.—Inquire of Gu.y Mantor. p FOR SALE OR TRADE—All elec trie Majestic cabinet radio for an enamel range.—E. E. Kearns, Bur 16p FOR SALE—15 HAMPSHIRE broo sows; thoroughbred Hereford bul papers furnished.—Herman Carlson Wesley. ' 15u9-10 FOR SALE—THREE DUROC Jersey boars, big growthy kind.— Carl Humphrey, third house south 'airgrpunds. 17p9 From a HOUSE FOR RENT—MODERN except furnace; garage.—R. H. Miller, examiner In charge of County Savings bank. 16ui>, FOR SALE AT BARGAIN—SUN- room, wicker davenport, two chairs apd .table.—Mrs. Ralph Mil ler, phone 702.^. _ 16u! BUY ~ YOUR PHILCO FJROM: A d .store. >yhere service oounts,--3B. O. Ejuatrojs, authorised dealer- '. 1','iiic lome Owned Store Where Service Counts . • ,'iji'j in \ \ ' ! .' . t R.O. Algona's Au '*•«:, Dealer rJ^i'Tf " *•;"' ' s,"", • *w. T'\j'->,j' '" ^""""HPJM ^^^^^^^/L^lM^^^m

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