Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 12, 1931 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 12, 1931
Page 7
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KOSSUttt COUNTY ADVANCES. ALQONA. IOWA v MM* Ifcf'*••*» l*fpy fat run ondplayP "W" 1%iy M* <A*l bu'tt Hotnr,', way, fat. Ftof imfct llttlt toe* grow itraightf 4tt &M* ttal an toft and light in weighL, pi*fi* Flute"for Health Complete. ^ \ City and County | .Mr. and Mrs. ^visitors Sunday George Good were at the parents! FLEXlBSr.'. Insure your children the gift of perfect growing feet „ i^iunt.iU'jr tn. tut! |;u.i ij Walter Good and Benson homes. Henry Relmer, of Grand Junction, spent Saturday here O n buntness. ••Margaret Deylne and Genevleve Dalley, of Emmeteburg, were'Riiests of Mrs. W. W. Sullivan yesterday. Dr. and Mrs. Wm. Scholten, of Spirit Lake, were Sunday guests of the lattcr's father, W. C. Danson. The Marry Larsons, of Forest City, wore Sunday guests of Mrs Larson's parents, Mayor and Mrs C. F. Specht. Dr. and Mrs. J. F. Auncr, of Dos Molnes, were week-end, gu'eshs r 'ri the J. S. Aimers.. ...T.'-'sy'lB-'a. «ori'6 Dr. and Mrs. Auner. and program at the school' four miles north and six west of Algona tomorrow night Marlon McMahon and Dick Schmidt, who are attending the Ames state college, spent the weekend with Marlon's parents, Mr, and Mrs. S. E. McMahon. Dick's home at Storm Lake. The Roy Hutchison family, of Vaterloo, spent Sunday visiting his jarents, R. J. Hutchison. Mrs iutchlson Is a daughter of Louis vrantz. Mr. Hutchison works in a acklng plant at Waterloo. Dr. and Mrs. C. J. Scanlan will Priced According-to . Size as FolloY^:,^.^. 2 to 3 .$1.05 to $2.50 5% to 8 $2.50 to-fciMM) 8% to 12 2.75 to $.1.50 12% to 2 ,--f4.pO O NCE you've let us fit a pair of these dainty little shoes to your child's feet, and let us explain'ttow perfectly they con^^-pe Nature's requirements foe comfort and health'-With good looks, you'll be enthusiastic over Simplex Flcxics, 'the three point suspension baby jhoc with no.Wrin- kles, nails or staplcs;'td/ injure baby's feet. Recommended by Child ~ ; Specialists Mrs. Cai'j' Woffnuin, 'Brill d their daugtitdr' : ''.To'a Dr. and croft, and their Alaugiite'r : ''.ToYin Elizabeth, spent yesterday 1 ' with Dl and Mrs. C. J. Scanlan. ; '' "''' ' Mrs. Fred Doty", 'of ' Fredericks bur,'?, who sno-nt the past rnont with her mother, Mrs. Julia Brace went homo last week-end. Jos. Misbach spent Saturday a Des Molnes attending a clothier convention. He stopped at Ames t see his daughter Kathryn. The Victor Youngs, of Rockwe pend Sunday at t'rlmghar with'Mr. and Mrs. Ned Rooney. Mrs. Rooney vlll he remembered at Alice Rlne- lardt, of Tluthven, who clerked at the ehrlschilles & Hertast store. .Shaffer, of Mason City, yen,t home'/yesterday morning aftei 1 speeding Tuesday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. O. 'Paxson. She at- ie^D. A. R. guest day Tues- METHODIST, C, V, Hul«e, Pa* for—The F. M. S. meeting was post poned a week because of the district Brotherhood meeting which is in session today, this .Is one of a series of meetings which are being held throughout the Northwes Iowa Conference. Among the attractions of today's program are Howard Musser, the Jungle Man o India, and the great Itallan-Amer lean singer, Mario Capelll. A ban quet for men Is to be served In th dining room of the church tonight nt 6:30. A large number of men of the local church as well as many from over the district will attend . . . The Aid of the local church will serve a public supper Saturday evening ... A Thanksgiving pa- e& .hearlne- proof nt'rouse-fit Algo ..„ „„. mother, ,, Mrs. v ..O.eor^ Bufkley, Mr. • and Mrs. Jess Bryan and daughter Maurlhe, ofSheldahi, Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Srlck; De«: Molnes, Mr, and Mrs. James Woodj Cambridge, Mr. and Mrs. Anton" Helberg and son Verland, of New-., ton. Mrs. Bryant, Mrs. Srlck, and' Mrs. Wood are sisters of Mrs. Helberg, and Anton Is a brother of Arthur. : > J. R. Nelson, of Minneapolis, former assistant bank receiver for R. H. Miller, visited Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Sorstedt. He was en route to Slbley to get his mother who he brought to Algona, and who >f of same at th* Court ^ uu ^ ... «.goha, t'owa; before v th^ District Court of said County or the Clerk o/r-safd Court; and at 8 o'clock " le day above mentioned, Interested are hereby no SPECIAL SALE ON 1 Thursday, Friday" fthd !1 each.—The Elite. .;ancl required to appear and 'cause, if any they have, why salti" Instrument should not be probated., and allowed as and for the lasjt.(Will.,and Testament of said deceased.,, ., . Dated, at Algona. Iowa, November accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Englert, of Iowa City, x to Mrs. Nelson Is Mrs. day ; aj!ternoon with her mother. be held In Dlst. No. 4, Plum Creek, geant will be given at the church I Sunday evening, November 22 . . . The union Thanksgiving day service next week Thursday. be brought by the women. il ""jthiir school Is the first north of the ele-1 l " h-ium <- ree K' ls to be held at the Presbyterian lies aie_io church th , g year| wlth the Rev Ar _ mEE—-COMPOUND F0tt J,- s _ radiators—with th« purchase otil gals, alcohol at 8flc per.gal. Cl«Ji your radiator each fill fend —Gamble Stores. 10, 1931, Attorney. ^ vator. Mabel Bowman Is teacher. Carl Borchardt, of Des Molnes, spent Friday hunting pheasants and . 0>J , u ^ ^— ~.*,,* visiting with his brother, A . H. City, went home .Sunday after visit-1 Borchardt. Carl is still employed . Ing since Friday with Mrs. Young's w ith the M. A. Lumbard jewelry sister, Mrs. H. L. McCorkle. Mrs. F. D. Williams went to Chi- Supt. and Mrs. J. F. Overmyer *>»i.-3. A-. ju*. v» iiiiM.iii.3 wdii. m »^iii- Hupc. anci ivirs. .j. r. vjveiiii.v*=, cago last week Wednesday to visit drove to Des Moines yesterday af a sister and two brothers. She Is ex- ternoon, and till Saturday will at- l giving the address. BAPTIST, Arthur S. Hncser, Pastor—Evangelistic meetings to begin at Baptist church Sunday. Rev. Arthur S. Hueser will do the preaching, and lead the singing. He has helped pastors in evangelistic efforts ever since he entered the mln- John their A, Hutchison, Englert's aunt. Mr. Nelson now oper ates a grocery store at Minneapolis He went home Sunday night. Mr. and Mrs. Englert spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Sorstedt. Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Raymond, of Le Sueur, Minn., spent Sunday at the -W. C. Dewel home. The latter is a sister of Mrs. Dewel. While here tentative plans were made for Mr. and Mrs. Dewel to visit them at Le Sueur next week, if Mr. Dewel s able to travel the distance.' Mr. Dewel Is now able to get around the louse, and has enjoyed a number of automobile rides while the weather ins been good. He attended Rotary Monday for the first time in three months. A grandson, Lloyd "Raymond, drove the Raymonds here' and back. CLARK ORTON, . Clerk of District Court. By CLARA REYNOLDS, Deputy, 9-11 ittft REUPHOLSTERING FURNITURE First-class work guaranteed. SAM KAUFMAN PHONE 449 istry. Last year he was In foul- pectcd home this week-end. , tend a state teachers meeting. Miss .•cieu nome mis weeK-enu. tend a state teachers meeting. MISS Torkel Hill, former Algonlan now stubbs, physical training instructor at Story City, was here during the f or girls, went to Des Molnes with pheasant open season. The Hills them, moved from Algona last spring. Mr., and Mrs. E. E. Alger, the lat- Mrs. Fred Doty, who has been vis- tor's sister Sadie Green, and Mr. and Itlng her mother,, Mrs. S. N. Brace, Mrs. Vern Molltor, of Waterloo, for three weeks, returned to her were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. home at Frederlcksburg Friday. p. w. Green. Mrs. Alger and Sadie Mrs. Jennie Dye, of Minneapolis, L re daughters of Mr. and Mrs. went home Sunday after a visit | (j reen . since last Thursday at the home of I Mr. an( j ji ra . Max Bast, the Mike 'her daughter, Mrs. Edythe Dalley. zlmmerman family, Mr.' and .Mrs. County Treasurer and Mrs. H. N. Theo Llnd and daughters, and the Kruse went to Welcome, Minn., Rev and Mrg _ p. j_ Braner attend- Sunday to spend the day with his ed churc h anniversary service 1n .... , s un d a y| the Ev mtheran church at Burt Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Carey, 135 conversions. We are looking foi great results In these meetings. A Is al- meetings. There was a total of conversions. We a great results In thes good evangelistic campaign ways beneficial to any community and It Is therefore hoped .that no only the church but a great nimrbe IONA BRAND Full Standard Quality Mr. and Mrs. C. B.' Nasby, of Ottumwa, will go to Omaha Saturday to make their home. Mr. Nasby, an attorney, will be the legal department for the state of Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, and South Dakota for the Prudential Life Insurance company, of Omaha. The Nashya UlllV LIlC UIILII <J11 UUL «• feit«*«. jiviiiiwv \^uiii)-rt.*<>.ri —— of'the people of this community I have lived in Ottumwa five years will give this campaign their hearty and Mr. Nasby has been employed Corn 4 mother. They returned night. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Lacy, Mr. his their ivir. unu mis. w. in. ua.^3, in i. jj r ana Mrs. Li. M. tjarey, ineii and Mrs. H. J. Lucy and their baby daughters; 'Mrs. . B. E. Buggy arid TA.I»W. ' nfZiva Otinria^r ftlPtlttl nf "\XT. I . .,_ _i.n j ' i ->T«« "Dj-\1r»Tirl John were Sunday guests of W. I two children, and Mrs. Roland H.'s sister, Mrs. H. O. Buell, of Q. rauei O f Blue Earth, Minn., spent Burt. . Sunday with the H. A. Careys. Mr. Fred Shilts and four friends from and Mrs L jj Carey are H. A.'s Pen-y were among the pheasant paren t s . hunters Friday. They came for the Roy H alubar and George Raw, of 'day and returned to Perry Friday jjubuque, were guests of Mr. and support. There will be a special with the Phoenix company, of Qt- picture for the boys and girls each tumwa. Mrs. Nasby visited her par r evening, so bring them along. ents, Mr .and Mrs. K. D. James, Friday, and Mr. Nasby visited LUTHERAN TRINITY, P. J. parents at Bode. The Nasbys i _ .. Braner, Pastor—Sunday school, 10; last -vveek-end in Omaha looking-for English service, 10:30 ... Choir | a house . practice Friday at 7:30, at the parsonage . ... The S. S. T. meets Friday at 8 o'clock. The Aid will meet next week .Thursday with Mrs. J. C. Kresensky '. '; . Thanksgiving • day English festival, service will be conducted in the .fotenoon . . . The German communion will be celebrated two -weeks from Sunday. PRESBYTERIAN, ..T. L.. Coleman, Few Week-End Specials RITE-WAY CASH GROCERY CATHBIN M. GREEN, Prop. II ft.' good coMee .*.— — . S can Jack Sprat pine--— 2'/> can . Mayflower can Jack Sprat r „_„•;.'.:__• 28c IPO*•*' Beans ^.—.^ for 23c i beans——2 for 8Sc I beans _-.---—1:8 lor 19c ick Sprat cut green: peas ^....;8 for -JB6C lack Sprat wax'^aM^i-?-"', . •i:jii«-'8*f6r 860 Iliek Sprat sliced beans , 1 3 lor 88c lAmmonltt „".—.".--1— -— •« I Jack Sprat wjip|e', kernel corn l'£~$ tot 8»c I Derby Sugar corn 3$ for. 81o I Jack Sprat Golden, Ban- tarn corn «' for 86c IJitk Sprat sweet pea* 1 8 for 88c llMk; Sprat krant —i for*17c (lack Sprat spinach. 8 for SSc Jfo; 2 Jack! Sprat tomatoes^ , 2 for 29c- > T o. 2Mi Jack Sprat tomatoes _— 2 ' or !I3C Navy beans — 5 lbsi ; 28c, teat sage, —1 B< >£ ? c ; Swansdown . .. —r^Sc - : .Jack Sprat cake flour _--^.21c. •Purity:.oats with china --i89c? Big four soap flakes" 1 —^c Gold Dust scouring powder . ~t- ' n « n _ nl Mrs. H. C. 'Frederick during the pheasant open season. Both men are employed with the Wallace Reider wholesale clothing store a Dubuque. Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Ferguson,, o „*.„. ~~.,.~ _..„.- - , Keokuk, and their three sons wen cago last week Wednesday night for home Sunday after having been her " since Friday. They came to attend the funeral of. Stanley Worster Sati urdav afternoon. Mrs. Ferguson-is " Dr. a'mr*Mr's. 'George Elvldge, of a sister of Mrs. Worster. . Perry wer» here Friday to hunt Jos. Misbach and H. R, Rosewall, ' guests of of Blue Earth, Minn., returned evening. Mr. and Mrs. Merritt and Mr. and Mrs. James Harvey, of Perry, were Sunday visitors at the L. M. Merritt [home. They returned to Perry Sun- I day evening. Mrs. Susie Engler went to Chl- Legals NOTICE In the District Court of Iowa, in and for Kossuth county. State of Iowa, Plaintiff, vs. NO. 2 CANS • 'Majnmy! Corn fritters—corn pudding—corn soup! All the appetizing old southern favor. |tes can be made from canned sweet corn. Sold at a price that is worth calling Mammy to see! Fancy Red Salmon . . . Kraft American Cheese . Van Camp's Tomato Soup Del Monte Raisins IK™ • UNEEDA BAKER'S , Vanilla Wafers ..... NO. i TALL CAN PICO, lie I'llJiOUl iJiiVlJlil, •«« •"•• ^v-"•—•> •— • Pastor — Morning . .worship ' and | One certain Ford^ Mode* A. Tudor study, sermon-theme The Mysteries "" ' ' "' of the 'Kingdom'. ..Evening, C. E., 6:30. Our lessons are worthy j of careful study • by the youth 1931 'Automobile, Motor No. 4364956, 1931 License No. 5'5-7036, Defendant. To Alonzo Schiltz: Sermon, The Remnant Out of Is-1 You are hereby notified _ There are many things in the 6th day of November, A. D. 1931, these subjects that are interesting a Search Warrant was Issued out of la visit till after the holidays with 'her daughter Edna,:who Is employ ed in the city. and instructive, come. I pheasants. They were _ Mrs. Elvi"?;e's parents, Mr. and Mrs. 'Hugh Herman. Mr. and Mrs. L. T. Griffin return- lied Monday from West Concord, Minn., .where they spent several •days at the home of their daughter, Tuesday from Des .Moines, where the office of L. A. Winkel, Justice i . , of th6 Peace In • and for Algona NAZABBJfE—We thank God for township, Kossuth county, Iowa, J , the old-time religion, which makes 1 • • -'-•- "-us love everybody, and which everybody can have Services Sundays and prayer meetings Wednes- S. S. 9:45; morning wor- they had been since Sunday on.bus-I S hlp 11—theme, The Best That is iness. The former's brother, Dolph Misbach, of Fairmont, Minn., spent Tuesday here on business. Ed onterbauer, ot Rockford, 111., Mrs. Fred Urch. Mrs. A. K. Cliff, of Ames, ., .,^..---. "!:a"c4kes "cliocoiate —_—V-29C 1 8 Ibs. cocoa 2 ^ c Syrup Dried Beef T .. T -u.^ Tall pink salmon -i .large sardines In i sauce '•'. —^ . Apricots, No. 2>/i can.-—«« Bcanhole beans 8 for 23c Asparagus tips —----—No. 2 plain cookie* >~,j~-i Seedless grapefruit -»« Cllmolene. luc and Mrs. N. C. Rice. D. M. Goeders »|IAUHUU— • »v» ww— - • .- ', •..,• , B Profits Small, B Business Great That's the way we operate. -^ We deliver; Phpne,245,lst door west of ^\^_ Right; evening service 7:30—theme, A New Creature. FIRST LUTHERAN— The Dorcas daughter Mary Louise, camejyester- day for a'visit.till Saturday with friends. They are guests of Mr. and spoke on ^conservation and the work of. the, new fish and game commission at a meeting, pf the Baptist ...men's club Tuesday evening." • Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Payne and son Gene came Sunday to 'visit his brother,.W. .J..Payne. Mr. Payne is foreman for Garvey .Plumbing company at Mason City. ., The Irvlngton • school will- hold a pie social and program next week Thursday. A 15 cent'lunch ! will be D. Mrs. L. E. Hovey al Mahan and hostesses JiiCl (_>!«<-»-1.IUUCI, .ui- xx«jw*t.i",.«, —-•> i'o on went home Thursday after spending | society meets tomorrow at 2 30 several days with his parents, Mr. I Luther hall, Mrs ™ r Mnhan and Mrs. Matt Ostei-bauer, who ob- n " r — T m Wrl served their 50th wedding-.anniversary Tuesday. Mr. Osterbauer also attended to business while'here. served- in addition to '• the social. Pauline Black Is -teacher; Dr and Mrs. E. G. Fawson, Anamosa, and Merrill Rawson, Cool morning*^* 6 coming from now else can we expect?' ITHE BEST you <csi?i 'expect or ask for -is Iconsisting of 'buckwheat cakes, sorghum, K bacon, and'eggs, topped with a cup or two ** /;"/, rf'v f f ./.V'* p>>^ *•'« I '» •>* '•vs/t fi» mm and ; ^ prby* the quality of our Newb¥*H* pure'buckwheat and • Minnesota^ BOT-. syrup. • ^n .rt-JlClllUJoa,, M...— Eagle Grove, spent Friday and Saturday with their mother, Mrs. E. :J Rawson, and- hunted pheasants. Ellis Runchey was an Algona'vis Itor last Thursday. He was here on business, and only stayed for the days returning to Newell, where he s now operating a grocery store Mrs. Charles Lathrop and dai er Meredith are spending the wee at Rochester, Minn. Helen Daughan s substituting at the Modern Dry Cleaners during Meredith's absence. Clarence French, of Hawarden, spent the pheasant open season with the Howard Frenches at Tltonka and with the W. P. Frenches^here. He Is a cousin of Howard and W. v. • Mrs. Lura Sanders, city librarian, spent the week-end-at the home of her son at Charjes City. Katharine assistant .librarian, was In Dr. and Mrs. Fred Bunker, of Pa- mon. ton, and little son, spent Sunday with Mrs. Bunker's parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. S. Lindsey. The Bunkers pent Friday and Saturday-at Spenser with relatives. The doctor, spent he week-end hunting pheasants.; .''• Mr. and Mrs. James .',Bailey, .of Spencer, and two daughters', spent Sunday with Mrs. Bailey's mother, Mrs. C. W. Hopkins, "Th>. Baileys attended the funera^of.Mrs.;Wm,,. J. Galbraith Sunday-'afternoon..' . Mrs. GalbralthJs ajvaujit of:Mrs.'Bailey. Mrs. L.' E. ; -Potter,'y|ho has been ill the pasfc',;;three: weeks, is now on the road tti' recovery. Amelia Arndorfer, R.-:N n of St. Benedict, -had . . . .. 'Sunday school at 10; servlces,,.at 7:30, with the Rev. Oscar E. Johnson, of Swea City, giving the ser- , . , . been caring for her up to,last week Tuesday, when she had recovered sufficiently to.be without nursing and Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Foth, , pf Sidney, went home Sunday after visiting since last Thursday with the Dr.'L. W. Foxes and the-W. C. Da'nsons. Mrs. .Greenwood will be remembered as -Nell Danson and-is a daughter of W. C. and a sister of Mrs. Fox. Mr.-Greenwood is county engineer at Sidney. .Victor T. Foster, nine-year-old son of'a cafe proprietor at Charles City, underwent 1 -an operation . for appendicitis at the Kossuth hospital Monday'. Alice . Barter^ 18-year-old daughter of Dr. and :Mrs. Pierre Sartor,' of Tltonka, was also operated on Monday for. appendicitis. Mrs. Joseph 'Holtzbauer underwent , a major surgical operation the same against certain liquors, instruments,) and materials used in violation of law in the matter of the sale and transpprtation of Intoxicating liquor. That under and by virtue of said Search Warrant, search was ] made on the 6th day of November,! 1931, and the one certain Ford Model A Tudor 1931 automobile, mo- 'tor No.:4364956, 1931 license No. 557036 was found, the same being at said time used in conveying and transporting intoxicating liquor In Kossuth county, Iowa. •You are further notified that Information against said conveyance has been filed in the above entitled Court as provided In Section 2009 of CHEF Instant SPAGHETTI DINNER Ready in 12 minutes cHtrs SAUCE ^WOWPACMCt! %t JN ENCORE BRAND MACARONI, SPAGHETTI OR Noodles . . . • • - - Pico5e ENCORE BRAND PREPARED , ' Spaghetti .... . .. U. 8. NO. 1 EARLY OHIO RED Court as provided m section w «•• • . , the 1931 Code of Iowa asking that |, . . WalaOrf TIS8U6 •• said conveyance be condemned and . dealt with according to law, .and that 'hearing on said matter will.l come on before the District Court, of Kossuth county, Iowa, at the Court House In Algona, Iowa, on the 21st.; day of December, A .D. 1931, at two o'clock p. m., at which place you may appear cause, If any you'have, why said : |, onveyance should not be forfeited nd condemned as provided by law. Dated this 10th day of November, 1-k 1 ftO1 • . - \ I . ROW 25C , A. D. 1931. . Signed) GAYLORD SHUMWAY, County Attorney of Kossuth County, State of Iowa. 9-101 Kan, . charge of the library during her ab_ Em- Mrs. Eleanor Doe, of Stillwater; Minn., came Tuesday for a lew weeks visit with friends! She. \ is the guest of Dr. and Mrs., L. W. Fox. Mrs. Doe lived here ; at one time when Mr. Doe was 'employed in the Thompson Lumber company office. Mr. and Mrs. H. Pierce. Witmer,. of DCS Moines, were visitors.at the E. W. Lusby home Friday and Saturday. They came during the pheaa; ant season but returned to .Des. Moines Saturday night, Mrs. _Witmer will be remembered as Helen Lusby. • • - • '. ; ' v 'i : Mr. and Mrs. A. F, Eckberg, of Boone, and two children, Phyllis and Richard spent the week-end with the R. P. Nortons. The Bcfcbergs lived here till two years ago, when I they moved to Boone., Mr. Eckberg travels for a grocery, house of Des day. ; Sunday guests at' the • W. C Steele home were Mr. ,and Mrs. W E. Dodge, Mrs. Lloyd, and . Mrs Steele's brother Charles W. Hum phrey, ajl of Charles :Clty, and. a Mrs. Paxson. Mrs.- Paxson lives a Stillwater, Wls., and was visiting the people at Charles City coming here- with them. . She stayed ove night Sunday, leaving .for her horn Monday. ' ':,' Harry Wilson took Mrs. Wilso and their daughter Shirley Jean t Mason City. Saturday .night, an they took a train to Ottawa; Kins where Mrs. " " " ' "" sence. . . Charles Cretzmeyer went to metsburg Friday, and with cousin Francis Cretzmeyer , travels . James Fay went to Lincoln, Neb., to MolneB .. . attend the Nebraska-Iowa football Mp . and M™ J. A. Johnson and tame daughter Dorothy, of Rich Point, Dennis Becker and Milton Woito, r _ 6and Mr(J c< L . Htserddt.' and superintendent of schools at^Ban- Mr< and Mrs . u w . Pool and son croft drove to Cedar Falls Friday Lan , y) of Cresoo . township,, spent night and attended the-teachers col- ^ at p aUneri guests,of Mrs. Tege homecoming. They returned! ° ..„*_._.„ -p,,«,o Tiv.^v who at- OBANGES, New Navel..... 85c do*. : tEARS ———— —S tor 10? DELICIOUS APPLE ___-———8 *«' 10c GRAPE FRUIT, Seedless-.—— ««eh Be SPECIAL PRICE ON CRANBERRIES M NOTICE OF PROBATE OF No. 3571. State of Iowa, Koseuth county, t .es. In District Court, November termi>| 1931. To All Whom It May Concern: You are hereby notified, that.. Instrument of writing,purporting,to be the last Will and Testament of | Stanley A. Worster; deceased, dated. April 29, 19,29, having been this, day filed, opened and read, the 9th.day of December^ 1931, is fixed ,,for 1 m^mfim^K^^^^fj-fM^is^sf^^;-^^^ - ^•^•^••^^^iffi Ralph and Elolse of Faribault, Minn., spent °vith _ i OtHlWd-J ***• * —>••---•-- r " -- ' ' .. .V returned | pool , a s , steri Blsa Friday, who tends high school at Palmer H aze i Potter returned Friday from R<K , Hwe n city, where: she visited Hutchison a ?e and Mrs. Matt Lamuth. Kaippi^-g t — ,' Mr ; and MrB . R. J, an of the Swift plant at Hutchison, teaches at Rockwell '\Vin?H3 •+»*»«« »<«P~ — •* fl**^* by the serious, illness of a brothe who underwent an appendicitis ope atlqn after which gangrene set In Her brother Is a. salesman for th Loose-Wiles Biscuit company o Kansas City. ' . , The Rev. A. English, his daughter, Mre. Casey Loss, and husband, will move Into the Otto Falkenhain- er tenant house on each Nebraska street December 1. "They have been living in the Paul Fechner house on east State. The Falkenhalner house has been tenanted the past year by the M. L- Gosllns. Mr. Goslln Is maintenance engineer for the state highway commission. • Mrs. F. A, Wanaer, of Danbury, Conn., went home' Monday after having been called here by the news of the death of her brother-in-law, Chicken Pie er At- — the Stanley Worster. their son William and Mrs. Falr Griffin Mrs. Ames, spent at the W. J. Becker home guson is a sister of Mrs. While here the doctor these. winter cfift% well of a sister. nToeller makes A. C. fur-trimme^, ^ i a ppecial prfe* on outing Mrs, Wanzer was accompanied to Algona by , ner mother, Mrs. F. S. Norton,-who-had been visiting her. Mrs. Wanzer Is supervisor of girls at the Danbury high school. There are MOO registered in the high school and 600-are S John Shirley, of Iowa Glty, and his roommate, Paul Ahlers. of PU : buque, returned to' Iowa City ;gun- day night after spending Saturday with the former's parents, Supt. and Mrs. William Shirley. The bpys hunted pheasants Saturday. Mr Shirley's brother, Mao Loren Shir ley, and three other men, from Mm bum spent Friday ftnd Saturda} hunting pheasants with William M. E. LADIES' AID NOVEMBER 14 AtM. E. Church MENU . Chicken Pie Mashed Potatoes and Gravy Squash, Cabbage Slaw Cranberries Hot Rolls Cpffee ; Cherry Pie or Apple Pie' Serving to begin at 5 o'clock] until all are served. •-.?•• Price, *pc -*- Hi MRS. F, I. TRIBON - • - - .*;•.• will close oijt a stock of ^ GROCERIES 1 in the building first'door north. CMi foftf ft>r fW-bwlM flavor, d*»icioM* pnd aitisfying, Prov^t »P yov f iroqsted and ground tfffon , to fuif yotff mtfhod Rice's Gift Shop. This is a clean brands, and all fresh, clean goods. of 4gf** HVftf"- TVirw'" w -r- f- Des MaJnea, and 48,ughter were visitors ai the A. P- W.lch|*l D I" I^effert.'homes Saturday Sund,ay v Mr^. qowwlty te tf ' !f ^lph8*I. The three the sfeetor ' sale will start at 8:80 Absolu,tely no g<> od « d,o,w» ojen fto as to give §» chance,. , With thr^f cannot fail to syif your In

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