Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 12, 1931 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, November 12, 1931
Page 6
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fit* ALUM NIB SCHOOL TE AT LON [ROCK At the Call Theatre A Review of the Re&nt Talkies by T. H. C. Ixme Rock, Nov. 10—Alumni boys Kh-la played the high school and girls basketball teams in -Hie gym last week Wednesday. The ]tn«up for the alumni girls was: .THla Burtls, Fern Hartwell, Naomi "Wegener, 'Lillian Angus, Bertha .TUtanchard, and Ruth Householder. •^Hlgh school girls were Bernice and :jirioeene Roderick, Virginia Bates, Gladstone, Dorothy Macum- Margaret Householder, June :»terle, and Muriel Long. The score ••was 15-10 In favor of alumni. -Alnmnl boys were Gordon Blanoh- imra, Charles Shlck, Lawrence New- fbrough, Wm. Hobson and Clarence JWacumber, and the high school boys •were John Newbrough, Harold and rRnssell Gross, Glen Householder, .^Robert Schmidt, Mainerd Genrlch «md Ronald Chrlstensen. The Alumni won 19-16. •Surprise Party for Floy Jones— A surprise birthday party for Floy Jones was held at the F. E. Genrlch iliome last week Thursday evening. ^Bridge was played. Guests were: ^Florence Householder, Harriett 3?Tsh, Juanita Dunn, Mrs. W. J. Dut- -tMi, Mrs. Glenn Sharp, Ethel Benjamin, Neva Thompson, Mrs. Art ODvris, Mrs. Harry Rahn, Mrs. Oscar rearing, Evelyn Behrman, Ersel ^lanchard, Mrs. Alfred Krueger, « G. Stevenson, of Fenton, Lola T HE CRITICS, almost Withfclit exception, have handled The Spirit of Notre Dame very gingerly, either passing over the picture lightly or stressing the fact that it was made as a monument to the late Knute Rockne. As a personal admirer of the great coach, we were impressed by 'the opening scenes with flashes of his picture arid rapid fire comment which he gave the team before each game. As yoivn.p doubt know Mr. Rockne was killed while on his way west to film this picture and the present production is a memorial to his memory. STRICTLY AS A PICTURE It suffers from the usual defects of al' college talkies; somehow, they fal to ring quite true. The Spirit otf of the screen at this writing, is Ideally cast as the co-actor with the great Garbo, and he, also, has the fine technique of rising • to one height after another until he has achieved the coveted climax. Here perhaps Ms years of stage experience come to light. It is quite needless to say that the supporting cast is excellent; In fact, Susan Lenox is as beautifully and artistically mounted as any • talkie which has ever appeared on the local screen. IT GOES without .saying, also, that this Is strictly adult entertainment; It is quite thrilling in these days of censorship to run across a picture 'or a book which Is ' above mentality of a ten-year-old child. h*ld to ««*hanf« MOM KM M fellowship. ' • ' ' ; 0. T. t. H*i Oteit The W. C. T. W. held Its guest meeting Tuesday night at Mr. and Mr«. Andrew Peterson's. Bach mem ber brought a guest. Supper was erved cafeteria style at 6:30, after which the following program was iven: group singing,;. America the Beautiful ; devotions, the Rev. C. \ Hulse; ,vocal solo, Mrs. F. J. Clark eport of the state convention a Davenport late in September bj Mrs. W. H. Lease; selections by i •ocal ' chorus of eight'; round tabl liscusslon of different phases of th< irohibttlon question. The discus Ions were led by the Rev. F., J Clark, and the Rev. A. H. Woo. hen sang a solo. Notre Dame Is probably as good as'] Just why everything artistic should any ever made but the fact remains that you do not experience the feeK ing of reality. The players are never actual students but mature men and women who are trying to Imitate the antics of collegians. Are college students and college atmosphere so difficult to portray on the screen that the feat has never beert successfully done? It would almost seem so. BUT THERE IS (PLENTY of tertalnment In The Spirit of Notre Dame; the action is thrilling and the flashes : of real football gameS give it the ring 'of authenticity. The four horsenien appear in person, as well as Frank Carrideo, last year's quarterback. J. Farell MacDonali) _____ __ -Wylam and Jeannette Wilson, Swea| takes the part of Knute Rockne and JCity. Dorothy Davis won high score j»nd Juanita Dunn low. C«r Hits Horse; Is Wrecked— Mr. and Mrs. John Sones and cWldren, of Cherokee, came Friday -to visit the J- M. Blanchards. While •on their way they ran into a horse -on the road south of Emmetsburg, «nd wrecked their car. None of the was injured. Ersel Blanchard Chet Alma took them home .^Sunday. The J. M. Hulberts, of i'Glidden, were guests at J. M. Blan• chard's over Sunday. Rochester Clinic— Mrs. E. M. Hawks. Mrs. Jessie iStefcritz and Mrs. Claud Hawk, of 3Jrockton, Mont., left for Rochester .'last week Thursday morning where rthe latter was to go through the clinic. Mrs. Hawks and Jessie Ste- •fcritz returned home Saturday night ;«nd Mrs. Claud Hawk remained for •x-ray treatments. Sen Born to R. J. Edwards- Mr, and Mrs. R. J. Edwards, of tPipestone, Minn., announce the birth «f a son. Mrs. Edwards is a daughter of Joe Elvidge. ThetRoy J en ' !,sens drove to Pipestone ; Saturday. ".airs. Jensen, who is a sister, will aremain for a few days to help care •Xor her sister and baby. " Hunters at jensen's*- Guests at the Ernest Jensen home ::for pheasant hunting were the Si- .'turd Jensens, of Downey, the W. ij. Johnsons; of Fort Dodge, John rjMunch, of Niles Center, 111., and Art • Cfhristensen, West Branch, and M. :fiudagaard, of West Branch. B. B. Game Tuesday— The opening basketball games for be put on the level of a moron, in" he resembles the late coach to a surprising degree. Lew Ayres is th? featured actor and really gives the most realistic portrayal of a typicti; college boy. His opening scenes art especially good; In fact, his initia, appearance and his Introduction to three students at Notre Dame is the high light of the show. There i| almost no love Interest in ^ the pic* ture which 'is a relief; nothing seems to fall quite so flat as college amour on the screen. Perhaps the critics are right after all— say as lit* tie as possible about the picture and commend the Spirit "in Which 'it was order to insure its success In this and of laws, prohibitions, etc., Is a mystery to us. Yes, Susan Lenox Is a great show and Greta Garbo, a great actress— there's no denying that fact. This will stand as One of the ten greatest talkies of 1931. INFLUENCED by our laudatory reflections on the Call theatre lasi week, a young friend of ours sought the quiet confines of this sanctuary after a hard day at the office, • ii order to regain his peace of mine and insure himself a good night's rest and the resultant pleasan dreams. For two or three reels his composure was complete when suddenly he was surrounded by a mob of six or eight rough-necks bums,'and cow-hands who unleash ed an attack of popcorn, cellophane wrappe'd candy bars, loud talk, anc other racket, which quickly rouset him from his revery and brough him back to the world of reallt with a bang. More than that, it de stroyed any interest in the plctur and turned an'enjoyable 'evening' entertainment into: nightmare of a rioyance. CONFRONTED with an odorifer W E made— as a tribute to the, greatest football coach of all time. '> I E HAVE BEEN in a 'philosophizing mood for the past few weeks; perhaps this is dangerous ground for a talkie critic but, after all, criticism is as much 'the reflection of certain personal views as it is the discussion of the thing to be criticized. All of which brings us to. Nancy Carroll in Personal Maid. In this frail little dofloppie, we are led to believe that all men are bounders, rounders, and hawks, preying on the lily white virtue of innocent damsels. Finally learning the wicked ways of men, our innocent little heroine, through bitter experience, suddenly emerges, a Woman of the World, picks herself ous popcorn machine .in front, and "silent please" sign within, jus what is a patron of the Call goin to do about the eating of this con fection? Is there munching popcorn any way silently? of We liave partially solved the problem by hurrying through our Jolly Time during the running of the trailers, thereby insuring the audience a full enjoyment of the feature. This is our contribution to suffering man- 40 Attend D. A. R. Guest Day— The D. A. R.'s met with Mrs. L. E Fairbanks Tuesday afternoon in heir annual guest day meeting. There were 40 present. At one o'clock a two-Course luncheon was served cafeteria style) The- afternoon's program follows: patriotic story reading, Ella' Thompson;., a spelling bee, sides headed by Mrs. D. P. Smith and Mrs. Abner Long; loroscope readings by Mrs. J. O. Paxson and Ella Thompson. Out- of-town guests were Mrs, Fred Shaffer, Mason City, Mrs. H. O. Buell, Burt, and Mrs. L. E. Ash-, land, of Clear Lake. Shower Honors Brlde-to-Be— Esther Lamuth and Mrs, Percy McGinnis entertained at a kitchen shower last Thursday In honor of Nellie McGinnis, who will be married to Wayne Stephenson soon. The evening's entertainment consisted of playing cards and Mrs. Earl Taylor won high score, and Mrs. Fred Nelson won the consolation-prize. Nellie unwrapped her gifts, after which there were refreshments. ' A color scheme of yellow and green was used in decorations, and luncheon was served. All her gifts were in yellow and green. Lease Speaks 'on Peace-r- • The Rotary club ^observed Armistice day Monday. The Rev. W. H. Lease gave a talk-on the Armis- ice day and its meaning. The pres- :nce of W; C. Dewel, who has been lick since the middle of August, made the Rotarians 'a hundred per lent meeting. Next Tuesday the ocal club will entertain the clubs rom Emmetsburg and Humboldt In L dinner at 6:45. The meeting is (Mid - , ^ academy Monday; night;'' There 200 present. J Bridge and BOO. played at 26 tables with Trade Holtzbauer and U C, Bllley Win- ntng high bridge scores, and Mrs. Leonard Nelson and Charles Oil- bride Winning high 600 prizes- After cards refreshments were served and the r«st of the evening was spent dancing, Woman's Club Meets Tomorrow— The Woman's club will meet at the library tonwrrow afternoon at 2:30. The program wilt t ,consist, m n, book review, Evelyn J nn ,W'.,i?f Mrs. D. D. Paxson, and Mrs. W. W. Sullivan will sing Schubj^. AVte Marie, Lohengrin's Brldkl «'-—•* and (Bishop's Skylark.'. Je Goeders will ac6ompany ««?.,, the program there will W ,a i . s.._ -_, refreshments" will 'toe A regretted *rr6r,,'»pp<*r? oh the first page of th * u ^' City date lines were confused ! placing the headings oVer '" stories. charge, which he win again serve. Other Society . Mrs. bwen Nichols entertained her bridge dub last Thursday night. Jh« was played at two tables, with game Mrs. John nd twtton 'reshmerits e' 3tehje - winning hlgn McMurray S. hour and served. j. W. Haggard Is Married- j, W, Haggard, editor of the Upper Des Moines-Republlcan, and Segrld Lavold were married Satur- \l',ot the club. Barker, D. Gllmore enter dinner and "bridge las utincu *-* «- V 1 , 'lit! .1 x . -n u week..Wednesday night at the Bar kef home; Hlgfi. bridge scores wer won 6y Mrs. Wm. K. Ferguson ant Floy Horn. Clarice Amesbury won the consolation prize. Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Auner enter talned their bridge club last Thurs day night. day at Concord, Minn., by the Rev. chrlschllles won VttljJ «*»< w.•».»»- — F . 'R. Behtley Ray, pastor of the First Mr. and Mrs. T. H high scores. Th Christian 'church at Concord. The minister is an old friend of the family.' After the ceremony the couple returned to Algona, and are at home in the Haggard residence on north Thorlngton. Dance Held at Shelter House— Evelyn Van Allen, Catherine Cavanaugh, Isabelle and Mildred Kaln and Annabel Crawford entertained 25 couples at a carnival dance at the shelter house at the Ambrose A. Call state park last week Tuesday night. A radio Installed for the occasion furnished the dance music. After dancing, popcorn balls and candled apples were served. Harel Mitchell Is Honored- Mrs. R. O. Bjustrom, Mrs. R. Reed, and Mrs. C. Bergeson gave a shower In honor of Hazel Mitchell at the Bjustrom home at Hobartpn Tuesday afternoon. Miss Mitchell will be married this week-end to Edw. Larson, and they plan a wedding trip to Chicago. Miss Mitchell has been working in the Bjustrom home for over a year. Han Ijutchinson, ttoy Brar, *«d », W. FttiU Jr. are to a free trfp^to' a college football thin full as A reward .for out ..Jlng work In scouting, M. T. Witter, pr.* fi l>G, heck,-and Hugh n formed the commltte* that e thft^seleotlon. Points consld- " Up \ to the scout good turri tlally wlth- ,nd "general interest' in nneth Seylar, Merlin Charles Hutchlnaon nners-Up for honors and were given honorable mention *• r- . . . .,.. , ^—_ Insu BATTERt SALE! EQUIP ' ' with a new battery for wtnte driving. 18-plate $4.25 and up exch prlce.-2-Qatnble Stores. • 20- ram It right away y ' We represent two of ttml FIro Insurance « Iowa. tWh 20 ; HUTCHlNl Insurance Sei 408 E. North ALGONA kind. This still leaves the smug- of candy bars as a potential it is possible that Man- gling nuisance; ager Rice will be compelled to resort to a "search and seizure" policy in connection with the operation of the Call. This, in turn, might entail so many difficulties as to make it impractical. What a complex world we are living in, after all. in the Tuesday Annivesory — Mrs. Fred Haack enter- ffUris season will be played ^Bancroft gym next week : «vening. Otoerve r. and i-tnined 65 Monday evening in honor •:.HBI their 10th wedding anniversary. ; Other Lone Bock. : Mrs. Art Davis and Delbert Sharp iidrove to Carroll and Dentaon" last rweek Wednesday. Mrs. Davis vis- -ited her husband at Carroll, and Del- !-flbert got his house on "truck which ate had left at Denison. i Mr. ana Mrs. J. A. Green, of Hum- fcoldt, were guests Sunday at* the ilrs. B. M. Hawk's home. Mr. and Orville Roaendahl. of Superior, a good true masculine support and lives happily ever afterwards. Isn't it a bit unlikely? NANCY CARROLL, doesn't dispell an idea we have held for some time that she is a rather unconvincing bit of femininity, In Personal Maid. It starts out better than it ends; in fact, these sudden realizations of women that certain men care f<>r them—especially in the talkies—is;a lot of "balony." After ogling each other for ten minutes, Pat O'Brien (what a man) and Nancy part—in •the next to the last scene—apparently unaware that each loves the other. A chance conversation with the chauffeur tells the unknowing heroine what her eyes and heart seemed not to have divined. A race for the train which is to carry Pat to Virginia, is entirely successful and the final fade-out shows the happy pair locked in each other's arms as the choo-choo blows a significant whistle. Oh—hum—jnaybe THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE of November 7 contained a review of Heartbreak on the very night this talkie was shown at the Call, thereby proving that even our'Saturday shows are hot off the movie griddle A pleasant little picture it was, with Charles Farrell (minus Janet Gaynor), Madge Evans, Hardle Albright, PauJ Cavanaugh, and a good supporting cast all mixed up in a war-yarn that rolled along easily for five or six reels and then went hay wire in a dramatic climax, in which the heroine called the surprised Charles a murderer, and then took him Into her arms in loving embrac< a few reels further''on for no appar ent reason at all. The setting of th as well as the incidental I skilfully handled and ,'were guests at Wm. Krause's Sun' Florence Yager and brother, of "Calmer, were guests of Mrs. Will :*Thbmpson Sunday. The L. R. Rod- '^ericks and Robert Dransfeldts vis- ';4t«d relatives at Sheffield Sunday. • Mrs. Alma Johnson, of Algona, Mrs. Orland Rutledge and son, of i:Trvington, and the : Wm. Raths, of f-jn«ar Algona, were entertained at ;*Jrs. John Rath's Sunday. 1 • Mr. and Mrs. Fandel Bunnlng, Mr. tand Mrs. Fred Schiltz, and Irving JPrince came with Art Davis from 'Carroll to hunt pheasants. They 'visited >at George Pettlt's. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Leeper and «r»nddaughter, Ruby Leeper, drove :*o Mason City Sunday to visit Mr. ' ^beeper's sisters, Mrs. Lee Lyndsey •*nd Mrs. Wm. Meyer. Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Fischer, of jJOeji Moines, Mr. and Mrs, Howard :?0rr and son, of Fort Madison, came JPHday to visit at George Pattit's. Mrs. Claus Helmke.and daughter ;:Kvn, and Richard G«itch, of Ren- •rick, were Sunday guests at the Dtta Sander's home. Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Lewis and daughter, of New Sharon, came Fri- .May for a week-end visit at Wm. members had dinner at the Congre gatlonal church J supper • before groin to the Auner home. The Ladles' Bible class will meet with Mrs. Henry Baler next Tuesday afternoon at 2:30, Mrs. Ellis McWhorter, Mrs. Howard Morgan, Mrs. Setchell and Mary Duryea will be hostesses. All women of the class are Invited. ' The W. R. C. club will meet next week Wednesday at 2:30 with Mrs. H. E. Miner. Assisting hostesses, are Mesdames George Spongberg,, Nannie Setchell, Alma Nelson, and A. S. Forbes. The S- A. Hoveys, of Fort Dodge, and S. A.'s father, A. E. Hovejr, who makes his home with them were Sunday guests of the Sheriff L. E. Hoveys. S. A. Is a farmer. _. f Methodist, women will serve a chicken pie supper at the church j Saturday. Serving will commence ( at 5 o'clpck. The menu appears else- STRANGE, BUT TRUE! Farewell Party Honors Pastor— A farewell party . honoring the Rev. and Mrs. C. E. Olsson and Marie Fair, sister of Mrs. Olsson, was given last week Wednesday by the congregation, which regretted to see Mr. Olsson leave Algona for Gladstone, Ore., his preceding where in the paper. The Royal Neighbors will SOMETHING WORTH REME MB EKING meet. tomorrow: night at 7:30 at the I. *0. O. P.* hall:' 'Mrs. L>'W. Swansonjs division will serve.refreshments after the meeting. .••, The Baptist Loyal class meets thjs afternoon at 2:30 with. Mrs. Harry Colema'n. Mrs. William Presnejl and Mrs. Caller are assisting host- The R. N. A. club meets with SPECIAL SALE ON LADIES' . hats Thursday, Friday and Saturday, $1 each.—The. Elite. • ... 13u9 you call-a funeral ^director you will the matter of cost Sooner or, later. Always bear in' mind that'we offer a fine quallti service'at Moderate prices'within the means of 'alf | Ambulance service day or night. FUNERAL DIRECTORS Be«inff Thursday, Nov. 12tl picture, music, Were the photography was a thing of beauty. W love is that way, at least, in the talkies, and who are we to wring romance out of life by these caustic reflections? Who, indeed? S USAN LENOX, her fall andJifse, taken from the book/^by 'David Graham Phillips, establishes''- : the dreamy-eyed, emotional Greta.Giujbo as one of the screen's most talented*) actresses. Yes, there is no do^bt about it. In the Garbo-Dietr^ch chess game we will have to s4y;;to the blond Marlene—"it's your move now." This picture covers a lot of ground as far as the story is cc/n- cerned but Greta is big enough \ to fill each and every' situation perfectly and as is the case with any really great actress, keeps the action rising to the anti-clitnajc, and finally, to the climax without 4} single let-down in dramatic ppwer-V ,^In no other picture, with the ..possible 'E DIDN'T SEE the grand finale of Blond Crazy but • it seemed to satisfy a large and good- natured audience at the Call Sunday afternoon; we had Just returned from a long tramp, somewhat sleepy and in no mood to go into the details of this rather whimsical little talkie. Joan Blondell was there and the likeable James Cagney, and the action was fast and furious—things were happening right and left. So far as we were able to sense, with a rather sluggish brain, the thing had to do with rackets, holdups, big deals, easy money, with frequent references to five "grand" .(which we are now able to confide means "five thousand dollars") and James Cngney, youthful gangster modelof 1931 was going strong, kicking over the furniture, demolishing glassware, and otherwise making himself out a "big shot." If you can make anything out of all this, you are welcome, and we certainly thank you for your patience in wading through The juniors are working on their play. No Trespassing, to be next week' Thursday. Mrs. John Lynch died Sunday af- <S*rnoon after several days illness •oDowlng a stroke. iHLY CHILD OF FARMERS WEST OF AieONA PASSES exception of Anne Cnriste, doe? sne soar to such supreme heights as in this drab story of the girl ^- Who struggled for a pure love, Jbst,. and then gave up everything for the-one man whom she truly loved,, after they had both sunk to the lowest levels of human existence. MASTERFUL DIRECTION glyes this talkie real significance from a pictorial point of vlew> the storm in the opening scenes stresses the fact that the life of Susan Lenox promises to be a tempestous one, -which It is. Clark Gable, that popular idol this final criticism of a good week's movies. Corey Hunts at Wesley. Wesley, Nov. 10 — Arthur Corey, of Des Moines, secretary of the state fair, two sons, and a doctor friend, spent the hunting season here and visited various Kunz families. They returned Sunday. LOWER PRICES ON DENAT- ured alcohol: 29c per gal. bbl. lots, 35c in 4% gal. lots, 39c single gals. — Gamble Stores. '20-9 services were' held Mon'- igay afternoon at 2:30 for Shirley filmume Lowman, eight day old baby I mf Mr. and Mrs. Roy H. Lowman, '•who farm four miles west of AJ- The services were held at farm home, the Rev. Arthur of the Baptist church in acfaorge. The baby was the first wpbOd and was born October 31, and ' Hied Saturday. Burial was made in cemetery. Mrs. Lowman Verla May Robinson before Otter marriage. Two Births at Bancroft. Bancroft, Nov. I0-*rjjfr. and Mrs. '3PT, K. Lampe havft.a. £aby girl born /JIMt week Monday, jj)h9 has been SKJUnad Mary Aim JBJiabeth and Is the nmpond chiM. TJw Fred Tiggee have * baby boy, Edward Martin, born JfteUu>day. The Tiggea have another *«fcQd. a daughter. Mrs. Tlgges wae 5KWT DroeMter before For Service DRY CLEANING PATRONIZE HOME! 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Company " Algona's Garment ^.:- &!tft«g^

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