Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 12, 1931 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 12, 1931
Page 5
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1931. GAMBLES' Announce Tl KOSSTTTH COUNTY ADVANCE.-A LOON A. TOW A ONKIAN TO Records of Cow- Test Group OLD SCHOOL Show Profit Despite Prices FOR AUXILIARY PAOfiJ Titonfcn, Nov. in—Mrs. \v. ,|. Denton, Legion Auxiliary president,' Attended n .school of instruction hold' j In Fort Dodge last Thursday. Sov- i | crnl from 'I'llonkn. attended a county | meeting of the Legion Auxiliary at: | Fcntcin last week. Tuesday. Mrs. I Luella Sc.honok, county chairman of | the-Legion Auxiliary, has nailed a! meeting of tlio county officers .Vivo-mbo,- 1 closed another year for thf KosMiilh No. a cow testing association. Uncords show satisfac- I dry results In IIIOKI herds, :ilthough SOU),. (,f I,,,, h-tlOr h,>rdS hllVc culled unprofitable cows. Of tho 502 drew riodfredson herd, and made 337.0 Hnd 508.2 pounds oC fat. The r)37-pmind cow Is a purebred Hoi- stein, anil made more than 500 Ibs. ast. yonr also. 'The .103-pound cow j Y'niv' « a grada Holstcin. Lorpn Brown ',',. „'., ll Fl ,1 t 1, „ .. 1 >_ . - ... . - . 1. 1 ( ,\\ I. il h;ul U.slrrl. r,s were culled out and ! a i?rml e G other .yiu-pound producer, and 7s new heifers were put will lie chucked by will be i.in tr>Kt. n.vonls. and If profitable addt-d I,, Hi,. herd. I unit presidents at her hiimc in TUn-t i OWIU ' 1 ' lly *'• l! ' at 2 o'clock thin \\-rnk Friday. At 1 ' lVfl| ' !lf ' l 'd :>1 cuws, ' '• s!l!l I grade I (')lslcins, is The hc-rd IIIH average association cow produced 312.:) pounds bntterfat and re. turned $-11.S!) more than tho feed cost, n. 1-OHpocla.blo record at. present prices. The four high cows more I ban doubled this profit, avernglng ON IATTERIES . At 1 ' l ' > cuws, aiia produced ' S!I3. 51 more than feed cost. Cows this meeting Mrs. Denl.on, of T\-'. ' '.• s!l!l I" 1 ""'!* i>f milk, lisii.7 pouuds ! l>ruducing -200 pounds of fat 're- tonka, Sth district vice-committee- ' l ' 1lllU( ' 1 ' l ' il( P^r cow. Second place j Hirned from $.,15 to $20 more than .woman, will conduct, a school of in- ' W " s t: ' li;; " '':- ' •'• - vl - I'atterson's herd, I'ed cost, which Is above the level Htructlon. . «Hli :n;7..i jioiinds of biitterfnt. Other iniiklng more than Dlio pounds or, Mrs. Olsen's. parents, Mr. and Mr;;. M. 13.. Hoover, of Brltt. Mr.! Hoover, just received word''of the i fVath ot his okk-.st brother, Wm. i Hoover, of Idaho. The latter owned a large fruit ranch there. Another skating party was held in the hall here .Saturday evening.! Anna'Kain held a pio social and i program In the Sexton ball Friday | nighl. Tho program was .given by the pupilH of District No. fi, where IK teacher. There was a largo wd. Mr. and Mr.s. joe.CInk visited Sun.'lay ai Mrs. Joe Neufnan's, north-j '-•"it of Hanoi-eft. Mrs. Clnic and \ Mrs. Nonmiin are Cousins. Anna Trenary*. who teaches at the Uist. No. 3, Prairie township, and wlui stays ut the Joe C'lnk iiome, spout the week-ami with her par- puts at Lnkota. : of tho average Iowa dairy cow. Itecorrls now seem to be' more 1m. Four Corners Club Is Knl(!rt!iini'(!_ ' " ! tlU ">'" owned by Loreu Hrown. i porlant than ever from a dollar anil j The Antonc 1'annluiks entertain- 1 W ' •'• H: ' n '- im(1 All ' r " (1 «c.hctick. I'^nt standpoint, because every j ed at their bridge- last woek AVed-i ' '"'»'*<*• Uildman, ,,r Wes'ey. o\vns j dairyman must know profitable and i nosdny fit fi:3U. High ' ' ' The Four Corner M & D club t , f „. . ... ' inuiscuy with Mis. How- ""' won by Mrs. Harry George I l:\rvc; and low by Mrs.' Uayinond P.onacker and Anton?; Pannkuk. Mombers of the- club arej Mr. nnd Mrs. C. V. Pendergast, Mr. i and Mrs. H. C. Schweppe, Mr. and' JJrs. 1j. II. Larson, Mr. and Mrs. i George Howe, Mr. a,ml Mrs. Raymond Krantx Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Boiv.eker. Mr. and Mrs. Karl Stott, Mr. and Mrs. Miller Nelson. Mr. nnd Mrs. J. F. Fisher, Mr. and Mrs. Antony Pannkuk and Mr. and Mrs. William poyken. scores wcrn.i""' hiyh ''iitlcrl'nt producer, a grade | unprofitable cows, and save • losses' nrcl wl thnm. Roll call was ans-| T.eed and i "" is: " ini nl!| klng 5-13.S pounds. Thi I from the latter. Ernest Phll'.lps is wcred by names of famous persons! •'•cond ami third co\vs are In tho An- tester of the association. some time before returning to Nashua. ' j Alvina, Ednn, Herbert, and Er' \vln Braatz, of Minnesota Lake, Minn, spent" Sunday at' the Louis !±"° 80l °', ? Irs ;, E T e f. ett of the World war. Twenty-four i members and five visitors attended. I An Armistice program was the tea-j ture as follows: Vocal numbers,] Hazel Mitchell and Lucille Rich;! ' Uraatx home. Monday morning they; i papers read by the latter and Ruth IS ARRANGED . .. iiu-ui IHTIIIV;. AILVJI i(.t(L.y lliwi lllllK Llltry •»•,, . , . , jleft for Milwaukee, Wis., accompan- i "f 1 ' A white elephant grab has- der girls here: Xov. 25, St. Cecelia's, theYedr Around 17 PLATE Ardtlcnt Control Is Needed— ' VVhitti.ni,>iv,> high school's basket W. ICarl Hall, editor of the Mason! ball schedule follows: Novl 20. St. City aiobe-GazoUe spoke on con- ; John's, Hanci-oft, IK.VH here C'vlin- trol of accidents ;;t a P.-T. A. meft-: " ' '' Ing at the high school auditorium j Monday evening. The program fol-1 A1 "' )lm ' ''">'" and gir'.s here: Dec. ], lows: group singing led by Lucille' West I3>nd boys and girls here; Dec Miller: business meeting: nuostinn j 4. Frnton boys and girls thorp- nee- box, Mr.s. 1-lomor Downs; playlet by j 1 , „„„„. ,. , _ _.. the 5th .grade; report of the Algona] ' Pen ' Den - } "' ottos " ''"V" and conference by Mrs. Raymond Bon-j ljlrls Uierti : '-'w. IS, Ruthven boys acker; vocal so!o, Mrs. C. D. Hoon;|»nd girls there; Janutu-y 8, Lone and Mr. Hall's address, Worse than! Roc.k boys and girls here; Jan. 12, War. Refreshments were served. icd by Arthur Zabel,-who has been picking corn at the Frank home at Rodman. St. Paul's Lutheran'Y. P. S. held its annual meeting at the school last Thursday evening. Minutes of the last meeting were read by Herbert Zumach, and a discussion followed. Whittemore Y. P. S. boys plan a basket ball team 1C the other Lutheran societies approve. The Herman Volght family spent Sunday at the Arthur Matthews home at Rolfe. They visited a nine- pound daughter recently arrived at the Matthews home. She has been named Arlene Frances. Mrs. Mat- wns is to be g i made by, the members of the club. . ; Lunch was served by the hostess. The next meeting will be November] with Mrs. Everett Thanksgiving songs will Witham. be sung, EXCHANGE PRICE [for quick, easy starting winter 'criummer. Fit Ford, Chevrolet, )ldsmobile,Pontiac«nd many sti. Guaranteed 1 Vz years. tailed Fret. Si.SOallow- i for your old battery. • e-$4.25 Exch. Price ng Saturday, Nov. 14th GAMBLE STORES Women Kntcrtalncd at Friday afternoon Mrs. R. C. Ball entertained at 'bridge luncheon. I boys and girls here; Jan. 29~ Lone Wolfe, Mock boys and girls there; Feb. a, Homer Fenton boys and girls here; Feb. 12, Lu Verne boys and girls here; Feb. St. Cecelia's, Algona, boys and girls there; Jan. 15, Lu Verne boys'and i thcms antl Mr ' Voight are slster aml girls there; Jan. II!l. St. John's, Ban- l3r °t' ler croft, boys there: Jan. 22, ottosen and roll call will be answered by what each is thankful for. A paper on Thanksgiving will be given by i Airs. Everett Witham. A program and basket supper was j given .at the Loyd Potter school! Friday flight. -The program follows:,; Welcome, Mildred Elmore ; A Frog j Went a'Courting, 'by .the school; Lem Heck's Horse, Raymond Lester, Alfred and Helen Walker, Pauline Seip, Mildred and ' James El- Present were Mrs. Lee O. Mrs. John Wood, Mrs. Downs, Mrs. Howard French, Mrs. Schweppe, Mrs. L. B. Larson, Mrs. girls county tournament; Feb. Pierre Sartor, Mrs. R. L. Krantz, 2(i boys county tournament, Mrs. Harry Beed, Mrs. M. S. Cra-; The teams are both making good ven, and Mrs. J. F. Fisher. Mrs. j progress, and Whittemore will have Wolfe received high score and Mrs. Craven received low. Party Honors Gludyco lloggcss— Gladyce Boggess was given a sur-| tiori academy p'ayed basketball Fri- prise party last week Monday in j day afternoon with grade girls of honor of her 24th birthday. Present j the public school. The latter won ' :2t)-li. L'inda Koeber was referee; Myrtle Barber, scorekecper; and Miss Carol, time keeper. good teams In the field as usual. Supt. F. J. Rochtord is coaching both teams. Grade school girls of Presenta- Mrs. F. B. Benedict left last week Monday for her home at Guthrle, more and Sherwood Potter; Slight Mistakes, Pauline Selp; Three O'clock in the Morning, James Bland Rerwood Potter; A Real Helen Walker; Aunt Susan She p'anned to stop at Fargo to I visit Mr. and'Mrs. A. M. Carvel, and see the new daughter of the Carvels Mary D. Schiltz, high school teacher, returned Sunday from her home at Fort Dodge, where she had spent the week-end. Verena Hentges, high school teacher, spent the week-end at the Edward Butler home in Algona. and Leo Elmore, Pauline Selp, Derwood Potter, Lester and Helen Walker; A Rule That Didn't Work. Lester Walker; A Midnight Excursion, Pauline Seip, Alfred, Lester, Helen, and Raymond Walker, and Sherwood Potter. An Uncomfortable Boy, Leo Elmore; song, Billy Boy, 6, 7. Sth grade hoys; A Sick The w. J. Littleton family moved I Baby . Alfrecl ancl Helen Walker, and were the K. I. Fishers Howard Torgesans. the the Carl Dr. Callies, Estelle Bonacker, Oscar Blanchard, Lester Callies, Mrs. Mabel Dryland and Daisy Craven. Bridge was played and refreshment* served. "' ln •'• Is Married — Montana Couplo Visits Tltoiilta— The Olo Michaelscn's of Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Heifner, of Montana, the Ed Zweifels, of Ti- West State Street, Alg'ona tonka, and Elmer Heifner, ,of Des Moines, were Sunday guests at Mrs. Emma F. Helfner'sl Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Heifner, of Montana, came Thursday and will visit for several weeks. They are formerly of Titonka. 'fen Attend Algona Meeting— last week Into the Mrs. Ethel Munch residence. The A. H. Seinon fanv Mildred Elmore; dancing song, 3, 4 and 6th grades; song and drill lly moved from the R. H. Behnke Stars and Stripes Forever, residence to the E'.bert residence, recently vacated by the Littletons. by , the school. Carl 'Selp won a blanket given by the school. About ?1G Whittemore relatives and friends wore surprised last week to learn j '..hut John J. Mergen, son of Mrs. Margaret Mergen, of Whittemore, had been married October 2fl to Helen Whltaker of Omaha. The ceremony took place at St. Cecelia's cathedral in Omaha, the Rev. Father Graham performing the ceremony. Attending witnesses were Mrs. John Kaspedis and Patrick Henry. Following the wedding the young couple came to AVhittemore for a short visit with relatives, returning to Omaha Saturday. The bride is a i daughter of Mr. ancl Mrs. Henry A Methodist rally was held at Al- \Vhitaker. i let us pack your gears with lemite Winter »ar Lubricant by risk costly repair Is? It is so easy to [ake advantage of s service that banes gear trouble. is important. etsetforwinternowl mt Motor Co. Algona, Iowa 10SPER1ITY gona Friday night. Those who attended from here were the Rev. Mr. Hammer, Harley Larson, 'Loraine Peterson, Hazel Miller, Edith Mae Budlong, Florence and Edith Reynolds, Mrs. Sam Reynolds, Willis Phelps, and Vernon Larsen. Former Kosldents Make Call— Emmett and Ellsworth Ash, who have been working at Decorah, stopped here Thursday. They were on their way home to North Dakota. Both formerly lived In Titonka. They are doing oil paint- Ings of hangings for school buildings, show houses, etc. Officers Hunt at Tltonka— Col. Stiff, Lieut. Campbell, of Des .Moines; Tom Petit, and Marlin Cohen, Des Moines; and Charles Wallace Jr., and three friends, of Iowa Falls were Friday and Saturday guests at the .W. J. Denton home and enjoyed a pheasant hunt, Seniors Defeat Mixed Team— The seniors played basketball with a mixed team, picked from the remaining high school, last Tuesday The score was 18-6 In favor of the seniors. The seniors won the high school tournament, Woman's Clohllears Book Review— % The Woman's club was entertain t l d last Thursday at Mrs. Mrs. Frances Budlong Mergen was born near Whit- in.l for the last several years has n a student at Creighton. uni- •er.slty In Omaha. He will graduate next spring from the law school of he university. Tho young people plan to begin irjusekeeping immediately in an apartment in Omaha. ^ IcldeinvltliH In Sunday Trip— The Arthur Heidemvith family spent Sunday at Sanborn and Suth- rlund. At Sutherland they visited it the A..E. Hayes home, and with Grandma Hayes, who has been staying there the last year or so. Grandma 'Hayes formerly stayed with ner daughter, Mrs. I. .• E. Stover when they lived in Whittemore. Grandma Hayes is feeling tine just now with the exception of cold. She sent regards to her Whittemore friends. .We around the comer. I» » further BOOST & »*T«nc. C MM OE p»y your obligations, 'then repair ui small convenient mo«tbly »». You cau veenre ui-ed todny by NGHAM & UCY Local 'Representative for , CO. a n c e gave a revi^ of A White Bird Fly ins by Bers Streeter Aldrich. Married Men Are Victors— Single men lost two volley bal games to a married man's team las week Tuesday. The single men won one of three games. Other Titonka News. A week ago Monday evening the Kossuth council, I: O O.- F: and Repekahs met at Wesley. *J. *• Fisher, of the lodge and Mrs. J. J. • Ftoher delegate for the Rebekahs, fo £' grandT lodge at Clinton, gave reports, after which lunch was served. followed by dancing. H. C. Houck. Jim Pells, and J- F- IntermiU were pheasant Anting at B. R. Intel-mill's Friday and Batur toy. A. B. Pe Voe, of Mason City, were there Saturday. Mrs. Marie Saathoff, Edward and Janice, of Thompson, formerly of Follies Beauty Will W»d— Last week daily papers-announced that Eva Leonard, former Iowa girl now in the Follies, was sqon ..to wed D. S. Chamberlain, prominent and wealthy Des Moines medicine manufacturer. She was reared at Grand junction, and is a relative of Mrs H. S- Daily and Dr. J. W. McCreery, of Whittemore. Miss Leonard visited'in Whittemore a short while a few years ago. 74th Birthday IB Celebrated— ( ' The Lee Campbell family, Spencer and the Nick Looft family, of Armstrong, spent last Thursday at the George Meyer home. They came to help Mrs. Nissen, who is staying at the Meyer~home, celebrate lier 4th birthday. Mrs. Lee Campbell, Mrs Nick Looft and Mrs. George Meyer are daughters of Mrs. Nisen. !oine to Hunt Pheasants- Edward Hahn. of Elkader, brother of Otto Hahn, and Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Hahn, also Elkader, son of he Otto Hahns, spent the week-end They came down for the Mr. and Mrs. E. Longstreet and •Mr. and Mrs. Harry Grendelind, of Decorah, spent the week-end at the R. H. Behnke home and with other relatives. They came for pheasant season. Mai-y D. Schiiz, high school teacher, and Miss Lindstrom, grade teacher, spent the week-end at their homes, the former at Fort Dodge, and the latter at Albert City. Lucille Weisbrod, of Fenton, is the new beauty operator at the Rusch shop. Miss Ottosen, who was recently the operator here, left for her, home at New Hampton. Mrs. Clarence Bailey, of Charles City, is visiting at the Carl Ebert home, with her mother, Grandma Ebert, who has been sick for a month or so. The Francis Elberts, of Algona, were Sunday guests at the J. V. Elbert home. Francis Is a son of the ,T. V.'s. They "formerly lived in Whittemore. . Mrs. Tony Schmidt Jr. entertained at bridge last Thursday afternoon. Mrs. William Higgens won first; Mrs. Leo Swanson, second; and Mrs. Qerald Braga cut prize. Mr. and' Mrs. Edward Kajewsld ancl children left last Friday for a few days at the Edward McDpnough home at Waseca, Minn. Ruth Balgeman, teacher at Sheffield, and Lola BainSs, teacher - at Cushlng, spent the week-end at the F. J. Balgemans. , ; Oscar Schattschneider .returned' last Thursday from Easton, Minn., where he had visited his sister, Mrs: Ferdinand Helse. < Geneva Walters and Mary Gappa clerked in the general merchandise sj;ore at Fen'ton last Saturday dur- ing'a> sale. The Rev. Wm. Faulstich started a-confirmation class of ten pupils Monday morning. "Mrs; Timothy O'Brien and daughter spent last week, with, rela.- tiv/es 'at La\yler. • •'__ l 'Elnier BfeU stepped on* a nail one day last we«k. He is able.to he out now. .The Methodist Aid will meet?this Thursday in the church. The Mike Mergens have a boy, Christmasv. . your jihotograph . . . to be treasured and remembered as the most intimate of , gifts. Such a gift is inexpensive, and has an ap- '••', peal that cannot be equalled.. Call or arrange today for your portrait, or a picture of your children. ...•.•• taken in. Miss Knudsen is teacher Mr. and Mrs. Lurhl" Fessler and daughter, of Ringsted, visited Sunday at J. P. Nickerson's. Mrs. Fessler is a daughter of the Nickersons. The week-old Daughter, Shirley Jean, of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Low- m'an died Saturday evening. Funeral services were held at the home Monday afternoon. PAINT Friday and Saturday, Nov. 1 Having decided to carry only one brand of Paints, Varnishes, etc., we are offering several items of high-grade brands at greatly reduced prices, subject to stock ij ; • ' -• ' ' • " ' " '•"' " on hand. , 1NESOAY, NOV, 18 T uon*a. «v» c here .Wednesday. Saatboff served on her committee at the Lutheran Aid. • The Tuesday bridge club met last week Monday at Mrs. Antone Pannkuk and r-jtist. Lee O, winners were Mrs Mrs. C. V* ''Thursday evening Mrs. J F. «42f fflSJV-*. «s= born one'day last week. BLOOD'S House Paints 1 gallon $2.65 £ gallon ,. _ _ $1.45 Quart $ .80 BLOOD'S Interior Gloss Finish 1 gallon ,__$2.65 £ gallon $1.45 Quart ----$ .80 open pheasant season Paul Hahn, of Excelsior Springs, another son, also spent' the week-end with his parents and hunted pheasants. Girls B. B. CeacU Is Karaed-" Mrs Timothy O'Brien has heen named cSfor the girls' basketball team at Presentation academy. Mr£ OWen taught In the Bancroft pub_ Ho schools for some time before her marriage, and had charge of Tris' team there. Robert Fto- Jr. is coach of the hoys' team. Attend Party a* P 8 S le > the Mr Meriill i^awson. acle Eagle r rrove, entertained at a bridge din. eek Wednesday. Those attended are Mrs. Harvey Steven spent last Thursday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Wermerson, in Algona. Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Greenfield attended 'the funeral of Mrs. John Riley at the Irv'ington church Sunday afternoon. ' Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Stevena,and sons Wilbur and Everett spent Su,n- day at the Roy Steven's home near Woden.' •-.'•'. Mr. and Mrs. Wm, Garman and sons were Sunday guests at the Ferd Brethorst home. Mr. and Mrs. Lou McMurray and Mr. and Mrs. John Storm, of Algona, wews guests at Alva McMurray's Sunday. Edith Greenfield and Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Greenfield spent Friday at the Wro, Runchey home near West Bend. Mr. and Mrs. Robwt Riley and little son Bobbie Lee were Sunday evening supper guests at the Otto Taylor home near Corwith. Mr- and Mrs. Henry Phillips and children went Sunday with Mrs, Phillips' mother, Mr?. Sarah Wise, •Edith Greenfield returned Sunday evening after spending a. few days with her aunt, Mrs. WUWam Green* field, who has been v«ry «*?¥. but BLOOD'S Varnish Stain Quart ^__ Pint „ $ .70 Half pint -__- T ---$ .40 Quarter pint _,.:—$ .25 BLOOD'S Flat Wall Finish 1 gallon ^$2.25 ^ gallon $1.25 Quart -_$ .70 BLOODTS: Quick Drying Enamels Quart __-_i---L-$l.25 Pint _---- _____ -$ .70 Half pint -..^—.1% .4$ Quarter pint _„_:$, .25 BLOOD'S • Floor Varnish i gallon _„.::. __^. 1 gallon .;..,.. J'i Quart Pint $ .9Q $ .50 BLOOD'S FLOOR ENAMEL I gal. __„ — $2,95 1.2 gal. , $1.55 Quarts __— .85 ACME FLOOR ENAMEL 1 gal. —-$^50 1,8 gal. ,_.,-,—JMJ5. Quarts __^_^ .75 ACME : '.' HOUSE PAINT Gal, ^-$8,35 1,2 gal _.$1,80 Quarts — .70 ACME FLAT WALL FINISH Gals, 1.3 gal. Quarts ,.U .55 /A ,1 Also several other high grade speciilties of well known makes. This will be an excellent opportunity to do that painting which you felt you coul^ ,not afford. If you are not iping to paint now it w«l be w«» to anticipate your needs and l"»y *<> r I lter **i e » ' ," During thi§1§ale we will have at our store a lactorjr "" representative and demonstrator direct from Berry Bros* world famous makers of Varnislies, Paints, Enamels, et<?,, who wIU to 9\** ? l» help you solve your paint problems. • , - ' . . *«, ? ' During these two day« we will be glad to have you bring foV^M, t fa»cy bottle, w sop*^tk«y «»»U «*t cle, a»d o^deroonsWtor will decorate it for you FREE OF CHARGE, -••' REMEM^E^ THE PATES, FRIDAY AW SA^V«»Air, NOVEMUPf IS m M? _ V"«* 4, ^4^.1^-''

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