Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 5, 1931 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 5, 1931
Page 5
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|AR ,__Mtfg riioney is the kept a great many men from ? t.fttti not afraid to lose. Idle money on every 'hjLt 1 sell at $1.981.. They are worth from 'iittsW^lM 0 "' but lt ls a b M nch that I~ J oirtft W ge^JridiOL I do no,t want to move- v/, ftti&tafa. atore,, 'So will close th'ettfw y pair ill the utare for $1.98. There' '. _ i palrB l ttf' them. They are at the old '«&/ > V" v • - , I ''" Jimmie Neville going full blast Witfc all the newest and latest. ..,..'. K088TJTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALQONA. IOWA «v • >' . ^ ^LJ& nd will handle milk. The former ing Jessie's fcb«ence her assistant, irm will manufacture ice cream as felva EwaWt, ,W' In chAfee of the of- ong as the demand lasts, and will ice. hen close for the winter, reopen- Halloween damage in Algcha was Mrs/W. P. French and son Donald spent last week Wednesday at Ruthven with Mrs. French's par- «mts, Mr. and Mrs. Gus Feldman. George El'bert was able' to at end to business at the garage the flrkt of the week Utter a forced absence of two weeks due to the flu 'Daisy: Schoffestal, who taught In the Algona schools last year, bu who now teaches at Sheldon, spen the week-end with Elaine Portman a local .teacher. Mr. and Mrs. Theo. Lochhans an the latter's mother, Mm. Georg Shoch, o£ St. Louis, came Sunda for a week's visit with Mr. and Mrs H. M. Steussy. There will be a basket social an program tomorrow night at Dlst. Lotts Creek, northwest, of Algqn Lunch will' be , served. , Chrtstln Knudsen la teacher. Mr. and Mrs.'Jos. Hall, of Cedar .Rapids, arc expected today for n week-end visit with the C. K. La- Barres. Mr. Hall Is In the finance business at Cedar Rapids. hg In the spring. not. large, and only a small number of complaints were made to City their first child. Mr. Kuhn' Ml* T-t 1 t.*l»llM- ft AlfvnM.. 1 nv. 1 I T ~ "-~- -^ 1"~J*~»VJ Ima IV.U11U' of Ed Kuhn* of Algona^ and mor _, rt _ . Wivtfcd *?«•>,*« Mrs. .Kuhn was formerly Vivian, I rfiuf pLe "MO^O? | of movable property was found' next ita ota to "fielrrto'ndV 'Mrs. •as formerly irma, Wlndell, 1 • arid 'as employed at the Iowa State >ank .till her .marriage .last summer, A county Auxiliary mee'ting.' at Tenton Tuesday afternoon 'voted to e'.plng 'care for Mrs. Kuhn. Sunday morning. The Use of soap on the windows was evident Mr. and Mrs. M. J. McCall drovb ,^ "nv nn.rt« r th TU, H r«^ U H i^mi .HVM.,., ot.^ ..„»„,.-«*. ln - many PWts of the town, and C A L L Mrs.' J. 'Sullivan and L. E. I tarn question -what our extra Sunday, November 8. ' " ' Mnno^ln remodel-! ' It's .new—snappy-T-comedy. , ,1 TV. I TlHf TWV P A ftTVPV : '•' : jaid the very, best sound equip- IMfllX TOA'S BT OXttFTT '- to you in-Sntertalnment JOAJT BLOl^ELL ^ ' in "Blonde Crazy" iry .this one— , some entertainment here _ j to hear the same program fy other theatre 'in lowa— ^ mil agree there Is' a differ- a7 and Friday, Sov, 5 and 0 rs . matinee 2:30,' prices,, 10-30c. GRETA GARBO. |ln the arms of Clark Gable in "Susan Lenox" l of the very best this season Cagney Is a great "laugh-getter. A riot at midnight show In. Des tfolnes. , V" Saturday, November 7. |r»tcti for the trailer on the big on Serial Episode No. 1 y, November 14. ; T¥LEB, YAKIMA CA [T, WM. DESMOND In Ming With Buffalo Bill" I Indian caps to first 200 chili at matinee Saturday, Nov. 7. FEATURE "' FARRELIJ MADGE EVANS In "Heart Break" Tonduy and Tuesday, Nov. 0 and 10 Tuesday Matinee 2:30, prices 10-30c SPECIAL NIGHT PRICES Main floor, 10-10c; Imlcony, 10-DOc. PAUL WHITEMAN AND HIS BAND John Boles Jeanette Loff Stanley Sinitli G. Sisters Jeanie Laing in all-talking, singing, technicoloi in "King of Jazz" Ten snappy song numbers. ' Big beauty chorus—15 marvelous sets. The best picture of its kind ever shown in Algona. Llnnan s.pent last week Wednesday and Thursday In Des Moines. Mrs. Sullivan visited relatives and i,. E. attended to lega.1 matters. Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Carey, George Kanouff and Eugene Pearson spent Saturday and Sunday at Minneapolis. Thoy attended ' the Minncsota- Wiscphsin game &hl'urday. Bert Deal and'his crew of painters recently completed redcorating the interior of the public library. The walls are very attractive In a stippled tan and brown effect. C. C. Conner, of Des Moines, an insurance representative, spent last week Monday and Tuesday with the Walter Goods. Mr. Conner is a brother-in-law of Mr! 1 and Mrs Good. Mr. and Mrs. H. iR. Rosewall, of to Cedar Falls Friday and returned, many W€re washlng thelr wlndowa t with their daughter for the wmter before putting on the and Margaret Blossom L torm wlndows> and Dorothy Sellstrom who spent Mr ; fl Mrs ^ Nega the week-end here. Margaret's fath- of cedar Rapids, came Saturday for er, R S. B ossom, took them back severa , we€kff £ w , th m to Cedar Fa Is Sunday. Thei three parents, Mr. and Mrs.'B.'J. Van -Hs are students at 1. S. T. C. Ness. Robert, who Is an electrlca B. P. Keith and his granddaugh-^^ engineer and who Is employed with tar Zora Keith left tost Thursday the lowa Manufacturing company for Long Beach Calif., where they at Ceclar ^^^ h ^ , ala f will spend the winter. Zora accom- for SGV erarweeks. He has been wltl ponied her grandfather to- Long the company 8lnce 1(iat March _ Be Beach last year. Slnee Mrs. Keith's fore that he was employed fou death Bora has made her home with years wlth the Westlnghouge E]ec hor gramlfather She k the daugh- trlc Mf company at Pltts burgh, Pa ter of Harry Keith of Algona. Robert was graduated from the stat Mr. and Mrs. Francis Turnur, of unlverslty ,„ Ifl27 Corning, are expected today for a A alntea ,; wlndow '., th r^U'l'L^^.^ ^ I Ha ^ rd & Falkenha1 "- taiwin was broken late Monday evenini G. w: Stlllman. Mr. Turner and __ ,'^.tti 111 »- . i L ** "£» -«* wi^*-ii . itikU iViVJ 11 UtL V CVUlllIl Mr. Stlllman will hunt pheasants MarBha , Green bellevea that lt w * Friday and Saturday. Mr Turner L^ by ,om e tramp who evdentl is a nephew of Governor Dan Tin- collldn . t flnd tt place ^ sleep , an ^' 2" d -' B '?°^r ° £ ^,r nS *«*«> the window in an attempt department of a store at Corning. ently, and is now assistant receli f the Fatineiis gaVlhgg bant* *' lelmond. The Altweggs 'have 'mov- d their;.household'g6bds frfcm ,tA- Id welfare work .arhong-, the if -the county, this 'winter, and -will ake part by supplying clothing, repaired or Hew, And in. canned goods. Elinor T. -glutton, county wel are worker, spoke, and Mrs. Sadie 3enton gave a report of Webster City and Britt conventions she at tended as delegate. Besides Feritbn :owns represented are Swea City 1 Lione Rock, Bancroft, Burt, Tltonka, Wesley A and Algona. Mrs. G. t> Brundage, Mrs. Gordon Ogg, -and Mrs. Glen McMurray attended from Algona. Armistice Day DANCE Wednesday Night,. Nov. 11 at I. O. O. F. Hall Kelly's Kolladians .„ ..«-•&.M.Jjimg£aiato. -M '•£ . . lift • -f?- I >*»«'•-*l>iW Mrs. F. L. Tribon •"; i Will be th Chrlstensen Bros.' Ba&etnent every afternoon f of the * , Next Ten To close out the goods left from the Eumm^ge Sale We will have to take a big loss on these goods but it will be your gain. , ' '• THERE ARE SOME EXTRA GOOD DRESSES AND FIFTEEN WINTER COATS In good sizes. , A table of Curtains and Drapery Goods; Remember—Come in the afternoon onj$w Eet arrested so "he could spend at Ellen Carlson and her. uncle,. C. Ieaat the nlght , n he c , t Jal] A ' E. Olson, who makes his home with large nurnber of trampg - have been Ellen's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John asklng for - placeg to g;(3ep late)yi but Carlson, part of the time, left in Mr. none nave baen pro ' v ia e d. New quar- Olson's car for El Paso, Texas, Sun- terg for tne po]lce ln the city nal , day morning. Ellen will visit her win be aval i ab l e this weok-end and sister, Mrs. John Jordan, a month, a smal i number can 'be housed there, and Mr. Olson will remain for the Mrs j a mes Altwegg, who has winter months. Ellen Is a R. N. been employed at the Iowa . State Mesdames L. M. Merritt, G. H. bank the past month will go to Blue Earth, Minn., and two sons spent Sunday with Mr. Rosewall's mother, Mrs. Charles Rosewall. H. R. has a clothing store at Blue Earth. . ' '.'.''' Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Van Ness, 'of Mason City will come for the latter's' mother, Mrs. L. D. i)!ckirisoh, today. She will spend " the winter months at Mason City with the Van Nesses. Peggy, l-S'year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Wright, visited at the O. J. Stephenson home 'at Fenton from' last Thursday to Sunday. The Wrights drove up for her Sunday. M. T. McGuire and his brother Ogg, G. D. Brundage, and Glen McMurray attended the county liegion Auxiliary meeting at Fenton Tuesday. Mrs. Elinor Button, county welfare worker, gave a • talk, .and the'eight units in the county gave reports. Mrs. Mer.rltt, who Is president of the local unit, gave Algona's report. TJhe Clarence Stebbins family, of Good Thunder, Minn., spent Sunday wi'th^relattves and friends. Mr. Steb bins f is manager of a Botsford lum Wednesday & Thursday, Jfov; 11-12 Armistice Day Program WM. HAINES LEILA HYAMS JIMMY DURANTE ERNEST TORREANCE in the big fun show New Adventures of Get Rich Quick Wallingford Armistice Day Wednesday matinee at 1 and 3 p. m., Thursday 2:30. Wm. T. McGuire, of Davenport, expect to go this week-end to Denver, Colo., on a two weeks business trip. M. T. is Algona's well known grading contractor. Mrs. H. N. Webster bpryard at Good Thunder. Stebbins.' mother, who spent Belmond to join Mr. Altwegg Mon day. Mr. Altwegg was employed in a bank at Lakota till it closed re- EAIlIi HUNT AND HIS 9'GOLD'DRAGONS Will Play a Pheasant Hunters' Dance —at the-^ COLISEUM, TITONKA FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 6 the opening of the Pheasant Season B. W. SHEPARD, Manager. GLASS Replacement Service . . . Your broken door and windshield glass replaced while you wait. Non-shatter windshield glass for Model A Ford, installed :__-~. »5.00 JOE GREEN BERG PHONE 118 Mr the summer here, is now at the home o her son. They took home with them some ot her things which she had left at Mrs. Julia Brace's. . Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wesley, of Park Ridge, 111., and the 'former's mother, Mrs. Isabelle Wesley ,of Rhlnelander, .Wis., who had been visiting at Park Ridge came . last Thursday for a visit. with Mr. and Mrs. O. W; Brickson. Mr. and Mrs. Wesley went home Sunday but Mrs, Isabelie Wesley will remain for sev- suffered eral weeks before going to her home a at Rhinelander. patch for airplane, duel w-capped Alps mountains. over Friday nnd Saturday, Tfov. 18 & 14 Sequel to "In Old Arizona" Outdoor action, romance. One of the big ones. ' . • WARNER BARTER - EDMUNDSLOWE CONCHILA MONTENEGRO in "The Cisco Kid" fractured knee Monday when she fell down stairs in her home. As a result she will be unable to be about for a few weks. Mr. Webster is a painter employed by. -Bert Deal. J. A. Freeh will escort state Yeoman officials in a pheasant hunt this week-end. Among them will'be A. H. Hofmatv president, 'former Lu Verne resident, and an uncle of Charles. Hoffman, of the Zender & Caldwell store. Mrs. Adam Berte, who has been ill with pneumonia for several weeks, Is recovering. She is now able to be up a while each day. Irma Arndorfer, of St. Benedict, who has Mrs. TilHe McCall, her sister Mrs. May Hubbard, and Mrs. Mary Oscha of Seattle, Wash., went to Rochester, Minn., a week ago Monday and Mrs. McCall and Mrs. Hubbard went through the clinic. Mrs. Hubbard remained and will be a patient at the hospital a few weeks. She is suffering from heart trouble. Mrs. Oscha is with her. Mrs. McCall .returned home Friday night. J. s. Auner, now .traveling agent for an insurance company in loan work, found that it would be impossible for him to keep up work as correspondent for the Yeomen, and resigned last week. M. p. Weaver was appointed in his place. Audi been caring for her expects to go i tors from the main office checked you *QiMr upl You eon •ailly flnd them o long way down end your on.food wilf comp«niat<>th«r expense* in your budget, SUGAR home this week. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Irons, of Cherokee, will spend' the week-end at .the home of the latters' parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Anderson. ; Raymond will' hunt pheasants wtiile here. He Is traveling salesman for a meat company. Mrs. Cora J. Todd, her daughter and husband, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Nteman and daughter Nadine, of Manchester, went home Saturday.af- ter visiting since last Thursday at the home of Mrs. Todd's daughter, Mrs. D. T. Nugent. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Tierney, of Mason Gity, and son Craig and daughter Marilyn, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. George Holtzbauer. Bernard, who is a son of Mrs. Holtzbauer, Is employed with the Decker Company. Mrs. Clifford Clark spent Friday and Saturday at Mason City at the home of her sister, Mrs. W. K. Schoby. Mr. arid Mrs. Chrlstensen,, of St. Paul, Minn., went home Friday after visiting a week with Mr. the books and they have been .turned over to Mr. Weaver, to whom dues and assessments are to be paid. Charle Warmbier, of Lu Verne, emtered the' KossUth hospital .Sunday for medical treatment. Mrs, J. C. Wolf, of Titonka, has been a patient at the hospital since Tuesday, when she was operated on for an infection in the bone of her legs. Wilma Brock, 10-year-old ' Lakota girl, was operated on last week Wednesday f6r appendicitis. Floyd Johnson Jr., son, of Floyd Johnson, of Corw'ith, 'was also . operated on last citis. . Wednesday for appendi- "' 25 Ibi. $1^2 10 IBs. 53c B«et Sugar, lOOlb., $4.9S ,4 |ACH 3U ti, V.rrn 0 n tMoW , yrvp ' and Mrs. Clifford Clark. Mr and Mrs. Melzar Falkenhaln- er and Mr. and Mrs. M, J. Streit returned ; Sunday night from Minneapolis, where they had been since Friday. They also spent a day at Couer . de Reiljes, Wis., Wherf. the Falkerihainers have a cottage. Mr. and. Mrs, Jamea Dalton, of Evanston,' 111., visited friends here Saturday. Mr. Dalton for many years was employed in a bank at Lakota'and later worked in bank at Swea City. He is employed with an insurance company in Eyanstpn, Mr. and Mrs, Vallo Naudatn, of Glendale, Calif., came Saturday and will make their home here. Mr. Naudain went to California a few months ago with Mrs. Naudain. He came to Iowa last fall, and has been assisting his father with his coal ».-. «.« Mrs. C. H. Johnston are moving to Mason City sometime this week,- Mr, Johnson has beeri di, rector of the Algona MiUtary band the past three years. He W"l °i; tne past, f ba ^ g ^ nelghborlnf? towns. His position here p'een filled, Potter will begin work at State bank; Monday. She Kossuth County state i, and is a daughter of wiU teKe 7be' pJac/ of Mrs. Jame? tf who will joii» her husband went t, A circulation of 3943 books in Oc tober, the largest any month so far this year, is reported by Mrs. Lura Sanders, librarian. The largest number'given out m any : onei day is 205, arid the smallest 76. Mrs. Sanders reports" people coming to the library now who have not been there since she becamfe librarian. It is believed that the Increase is caused by a tendency to stay at home more than in .the past. The book circulation is also greater during winter months, _ Bernard, son of Mr. and Mrs. U. B. Frankl, of Irvington, spent the week-end with his parents. He' recently returned from a three months trip through Colorado, Wyoming, apd New Mexico In the interest of the insurance company which he represents. He has been promoted to special home office representative of the Guarantee Mutual Life com-- pany, of Omaha, and his work is to look after transfers, loans, etc. His territory includes the state of Iowa with headquarters at Sioux City. Mrs. W. J. Presnell, of Flnley, O., expected. Monday for several PHILCO BABY GRAND Model 50 Complete with 5 Phlleo BcUnccd tubtt— Including the new Pentode Power Tube— Triple' Seieen Grid—genuine Electro- Dynamic ipeiker—3 tuning condenieit— BetuUful Mthoseny e«blnet. See Jt- Hctr It—at your <j*mble Store. $5.00 deliver* the icL • . . Now two great organizations—Gamble Stores and the Phileo Factories, bring you th!* fine line of Phileo Radios and Philco Service. Philco—the leaders in the field offer th* finest in radios—Gamble Stores offer the lowest and easiest terms in their history. 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Mrs, Carnahan will visit a son in Des Moines" and with two daughters at Bmrnetsbuj-g alter leaving her* Mrs. Vernon Stehle and Je Smith left yesterday morning Ipr Washington, D, O, Jessie will 'Visit Mr. and Mrs; Steh,te three weeks, She is bookkeeper at the Algon* Ice 'Cream Factory arid is having » month's vacation. S Mrs. Stetye has been here the past few months with her father, Frank Ellison, and Verr non's parents, Mr, and'Mrs. s. J, lie. while Yernpn h<*s «)een to,ur r with the U. S. Naval band. Dur- Jessie tt ar,fc"*•&•!. # ar*»Ba5 j^qj&e «wpes eM stWtf «« is toe on ModelTO ,„ Super- Heterodyne chcult hmmfl* Ml teleetlvity, teniltlvlty Md^w*; Equipped with 7 Plilleo BeUneexl Tjbei -Hnduding the new Pwitode POWM T«b* — Electro^yntmle ipiihet • Tone con; hoi «id «U«e «llMlMter-m|n«lii«led itetion recount dUl. 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