Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 5, 1931 · Page 3
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 5, 1931
Page 3
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i y»" rff*.. 'J tV'lA tolftL the Revi Mr Old W»y tor i ^ Lakota Mr* the World .., round labto _ ^ f Fentoni Bpecla "carver, Dolliw, pray , carve ^ Dolltver , was served M church P.rl6r*. ( 1 ' program began Ik talk on *— ,-Rev. Mr. , , reading,, ,Th* . Weaver, Swea Mr«. W. J. W«l*brod Whittemore freshmen Have Busy Evening at Initiation KOSStTTH COUNTY AbVANCH. AT/*ONA, tOWA Whtttetnore, Nov. 3— High school unlora entertained the other classed taat week Wednesday evening at Halloween party in the school. The freshmen were ated, high Initi- One by one the freshmen were led nto the back entrance through the furnace room. After sliding down a couple of planks they had to walk on springs, and then In a tub filled With oats. They then were taken Into separate dressing rooms and dressed In comical clothes and were brought before the crowd and green bttM and hair ribbons placed on each. Then the freshman code was read by Rosella Volght. The freshman boys and girls are to wear the bibs to school or on the street for two weeks. The boys must come' to school every day with a . necktie, and the girls can wear no Jewelry, rouge or powder. Jokes and tricks were played In Boraas, of Mlnnes6ta, and Dr. Bennett, of Des Moines, and Agnes Samuelson, state superintendent, spoke. The institute was held in the auditorium of the new school building. Implement Stock In Sold— Deputy Sheriff E. L. Harris and Attorney E. J. Van Ness came last week Tuesday and conducted a sale of the Implement stock In the A. Schmidt building. The sale attracted good bidders, and fair prices were received. The shop was formerly conducted-*jr-Henry -Esser. Fnrmer's Klljs Broken In Fall- Ben Gerber, farmer southeast of Whlttemore; was riding a horse to the field to get the cows when the horse slipped and fell on him, dislocating his right shoulder and fracturing several ribs. He received treatment at the McCreery hospital. SEXTON WOMAN IS NAMED TO COUNTY S.S.ASSJ, OFFICE Sexton, Nov. 3—Mrs. Harvey Steven, Mrs. Loyd Steven, and Edith Greenfield attended a Kossuth Sunday school Fehton last Tuesday. Institute at Dr. Walter Hutton and O. O. Herbrecht, state S. S. workers, were speakers, Miss Greenfield was pianist for both the morning .and afternoon sessions. The Penton Aid served dinner In the church basement. Mrs. Lloyd teven was elected county secretary nd treasurer for the coming year. ... young people's rally was held 'In he evening. Crowd at Church Services— A good-sized crowd attended services Sunday morning and heard Jhe Lost Christ, by the Rev. Mr. McNulty. Mrs McNulty sang a the gym In the presence of teach- Boy Adopted by 11. C. Meyen— EBth«rvllle; report meeting, 'Mr». A. A. Algona; offering an* cov- .« 9. Convention Hrtd— ' Kowuth county ^ Sunday Unv«ntion wa» held at the I'M" 1 " 11 * . .. mt.,t n _ laat urch at Fenton The program fol -Miration; devotional period; BulWlnS 'or Tomorrow, O. Separate confenence m>«,, administration O. G. ,<• report of secretary and —t. appointment, of commit- El'noon lunch was served In parlor, The : afternoon "opened at 1:30 with a devo d In charge of O. J address, Pastoral Lead fin Christian Education, by a Iter; address, So Build We •brecht; separate conference J, division, O. G. Harbrecht; Bvlslon; and Leadership TjjUn- biter Hutton; report of regls- committee. The evening was a young peoples rally l by the state worker, O. era, and the crowd then adjourned teethe, : studj; hall, where .a program was given by-, the Juniors"aVfollows: Welcome song, class; address, Lll- "llan •HoldenwJfth;'--king>'-Jaaz'fl i |- mock orchestra, juniors; selections/ Verdell Laurltzen and Lillian Heiden- wlth; Sorry Hostess, Vcrdell Lau- rltzen; selection, Miss Hentges piano, and Grace Carlisle cello, and :he high school song. A riddle con:est followed, In which Esther Behnke won high, Dorothy Heiden- wlth low, Professor F. J. .'Rockford high, and Wm. Oswald, low. The crowd then returned to the gym and a gruesome talk was told by Bernlce Balgeman. All lights were turned out and the group was arranged In a circle, and Bernlce appeared as a ghost. She told a story of a murdered man, and groans were given appropriately by juniors In a room Just off the gym. A sponge dampened with Ice water was passed around for the brain; grapes with skins removed for eyes; cold macaroni for blood veins; kernels of corn for teeth; corn silk for hair; fig for ear; and a kid glove filled with wet sand, his hand. Fortunes were told by Lillian Hei- demvith. Lunch served by the juniors was served In the manual Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Meyer have a boy... since last, week Sunday. The little fellow Is about 2% years old and was secured through a found- llng, Institution, a,t,.Beloit, la. Other Whlttentore News. Mrs. Ernest Schattschnelder and brother EHce Multon, of Mandlson Wyo., came last Thursday to vlsi relatives. They left Saturday fo Easton, Minn., where they will visl at the Ferd Helse home. Osca Schattschnelder also drove to Eas ton Saturday. Mrs. Ernest Schatt Schneider and brother will visl other points In Minnesota before re turning. Thirteen hours devotional services were held at St. Michael's church' Sunday. First mass was held one hour earilier than usual, at seven o'clock, with second mass as usual at 10 o'clock. It was also All Saints' Day. There were devotions at the church in the evening. All Souls' Day was observed Monday in the usual manner. Father Wm. Hyland, of Cherokee, and Father John Hawley, of Fonda, came last week Tuesday for a visit at St. Michael's rectory. Father Hyland Is a brother of Father John Pauline, Helen,, and- June Miller attended .church and; Sunday school here. Mrs,'Johnson was formerly katy Miller. < Mr, and, Mrs.. JoHn- returned to Mason City Sunday evening, where Mr,-Johnson Is employed at the . Decker packing plant. Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Greenfield and Edith enjoyed a visit Saturday with Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Greenfield, of near Irvington, and their daughter, Mrs. George Gowins and her family, of Mason' City. The Gowins were spending the week-end with lier parents, the Wm. Greenfields. They returned home Sunday even* ing. Mr. Gowins sorts meat at the Decker* plant. • • The Ted Hoover, Cliff Hoover and Molvln Olsen families spent Sunday at M. E. Hoover's, near Brltt. The Harvey Steven family spent Sunday at the Wermersen home in Algona. There was no school Friday. Al berta Grosenbach, teacher, attend ed Institute in Algona. Marie Harris solo. There were 50 at Sunday school in observance of temperance Sunday. Mrs. Steven, the superintendent, gave a play showing what would happen In case the • 18th amendment Was* repealed. •. Mrs. W. H. Lease, of Algona, gave an interesting talk on, temperance. A number 'of young-' pledge. liiglted the T* • 1 1 H t*iHair aitrl rridciy emu «/ NOVEMBER 6 and 7 28 at 500 Party— and Mrs. J. A. Schwartz and d Mrs. H. E. Relmers enter- f 14 couples at 500 last Thurs;ht, High score prizes were , Mr, and Mrs. Charles New- 1 consolation by G, B. Johnson Mrs. Herman Huskamp. and Mrs. Marcus Fredericks, metsburg, were visitors at Dr. (Volte's Saturday, at Bridge Party— i H. E. Relmers was hostess ay afternoon at bridge. High was won by Mrs. Everett f, and consolation by Mrs. H. ley, At the close of the |a two-course luncheo'n was Mrs. Arthur Rare and Mrs. mil Relmers, Ringsted,. were fown guests. Chas. Owens Suddenly Ill- Charles Owens, living alone north of town, was taken suddenly sick Saturday morning at his home, but managed to get in his car and drive to the Deibler home, near Algona. They took him to Algona to a doctor, and someone went home with him. He is now much improved, and living alone again. Rain Cuts Aid Attendances- Aid met last Thursday afternoon with Mrs. Henry Phillips. There was only a small crowd because of rainy weather. The next meeting will be next week Thursday at Mrs, Lloyd Steven's. Other Sexton News. Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Johnson, 01 Mason City, spent the week-end with Mrs. Johnson's parents, Mr and Mrs. Alec Miller, south of Sex ton. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson and nnd Ila Olsen also attended. Mrs. John Miller and children Betty, Dorte, and Shirley Jean upon Monday with her mother, Mrs. Am; Smith, west of Sexton. Several from heyp, attended a entertainment In the 'Methodls church Saturday and Sunday-., even- lh#. ••'•"*•'• "*:*•••'•. •'-"•v^-.,">«• Mrs. John Roadingef is now much Improved, and able to be up and outdoors a little. Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Borroughs jpent Friday 1n Waterloo on busl- STOCK PERISHES IN BARN 55 8-piece Dining Room Set | $57.50 H The latest model and finish. 1 Sells regularly at $87.50. [ A real special. f " -•:.• ••- . ... : .-.......... . . ; .. • i Ironing Board fl Well made and stands rigid i $100 BLAZE ON LEDYARD FARM | Congoleum - Kairns or Armstrong - Felt base Rugs, 9x12 $5.95 Ledyard, Nov. 3—The barn on the place occupied by the Frank Norris family burned, to the ground last week'Tuesday afternoon. The cause of the fire is unknown. Four horses, two Shetland ponies, calves, ness and grain burned. bar- WHY SEND YOUR ORDERS FOR printing out of town? If the Al eona print shops got all the business which originates In Algona they could hire three or four more printers to earn and spend their money here. 45tf 3-piece Bedroom Set $42.50 Bed) large vanity, and chert of drawers. Walnut brown | finish. All Cotton Mattress $4,75 Good art tick all new cotton, i Standard weight. Linoleum 3 patterns best grade 12-ft. linoleum, 80 cents per square yard REMNANTS V 2 PRICE Foster's Furniture Store liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinii^ training rooms, decorated with orange and black crepe paper. Lighted. pumpkins were set on each table. Pumpkin pie a la mode was served for lunch. Hard Times Party Is Given — A Hard Times and Halloween party was given. Friday evening at the Mrs. Wm. Dau's, south of town, by Victor, Linda, and Eldora Dau. About 35 were present. Guests were In costume and masked. The entrance was dark and surrounded ,wlth ghosts. After all had arrived, masks were removed and Herbert Zumach, who was dressed as a woman won first prize. The evening was spent playing games and tricks. Sides were chosen by Lydia Meyer and Delores Kloock. Delores Kloock's side won 6-3 in a series of > for Frances Butlers , J. B. Hanson returned .last [Tuesday from a' fourfweeks t her daughter, Mrs. Frances 1 !, at Blooming Prairie, M}nn. iaughter, Mary KathSryn, •at the Butler home three ago. Mrs. Butler Was for[Caroline Hanson. I Men at Meeting— members of the local 1st Brotherhood•; attended -the games. A two-course lunch was served. During the lunch prizes were awarded to: Herbert Zumach, best costume; Lydla Meyer, east of town, and Alfred Blerstedt, of Fair- vllle, for a spider web contest. Delores' Kloock received group prize, and Lydia Meyer group low prize. Out-of-town guests were Viola Finnell, Margaret Burninghaus, Elda and Lester Boas;, W«st Bend; Ed ward Grelnhart stedt, Farlville. and Alfred Bier- group meeting at : week Monday night. Swea Only stings will be heft by .the J this year. HI! be held The meet- at Dolllver in i Girl's Pupils Win— l Krauae, who teaches music !r, has two pupils who enter- Audition, winning [the Atwater Kent successful in; r,honors. They will next coma the district contest at Fort 1 In t\ie near future. -, »» 1'arty at State Park- young people had' a' Hal- iparty at the shelter house at i park at Algona Friday. er Fenton pa Mrs, C. G, HumphVey and > visited last Thur«day after* ft Ellen Carlson's at Algona. l«on left Saturday' with her H, Olson, for El Paso, :re she will spend the win- i a slater. • -' , Kohlstedt left Thursday far ^Ofe., to visit her grani- " Mrs. Ursula W«lsbrod, Neighbors Help Widowed Woman— Forty-seven neighbors and friends of Mrs. Berger Naig, whose husband was drowned last summer, went to her farm northwest of Whittemore last week Wednesday and husked 40 acres of corn and stacked corn fodder., The neighboring woman brought filled baskets and assisted Mrs. Naig with dinner. Men present were Frank North, Selmer Heng, T. E. Hagen, Nels, William, and Jim Fude, Pete Quam, Ed Tow, Bernard Birkland Art Strand, Bernard Geard Twaite, Lester Larson, Joe Gros- meyer, G. Charleston, Tom Thompson, Henry Monsager, Nels Hanson Elmer Torger, Theo, Tom, 'and Sig Naig Walter Welttzlon, Silas and Truman Thompson, Bert Nelson J. t UlliW** * *•**•••*- — • ., Otis and Johnny Tow, Torger and Emll Frailand, Oscar and Bernard Solberg, * Perry Oneson, Leo Jens- void, Nels, Thomans«and Ole Twal- ton. Hyland, newly appointed assistant to Father Wm. Veil, of St. Michael's. AH are natives of Ireland. Mrs. J. P. Elbert spent a few days last week with her daughter, Mrs. Leo Waldschmldt, near Algona. Mrs. Waldschmldt recently came home from an Iowa City hospital and is feeling well again. A basket social was held at Marie Fandel's school four miles east town last week Tuesday evening. A program was presented by the pupils, after which baskets were sold. Mr. and Mrs. Theo Elbert, of Algona, were Whlttemore visitors last week. The Elberts expect to go to Metamore, 111., to spend the winter with a daughter, Mrs. Sluga. 'R. Walsh left Saturday for Des Moines to spend a few days before visiting relatives in Omaha and Denver. Walsh then plans to go to Mexico for the winter. Mrs. F. B. Benedict, of Guthrle, N. D., Is visiting her sister, Mrs. M. P. McDonnell. Mrs. Benedict had been visiting with Chicago relatives before coming here. Francis Fish Is coaching the high school boys' basket ball team this year. The first .game scheduled is with St. Johns, Bancroft, November 20. Mr, and Mrs. Arthur Heldenwith spent Wednesday evening at -Fred Jacob's in Algona. The Jacobs formerly lived in Whittemore.' Peter Elbert and Clarence Pletig, of Springfield, Minn., visited last week with Peter's sister, Margaret and other relatives. The Joseph Heiderscheidts, of Algona, and Robert Bells, Lotts Creek, spent Sunday at Ernest Saager's. Mr. and Mrs. Pretzel and a cousin of Mrs. August Mielke, from Milwaukee, are visiting the Mielk'es. Hubert Mergen and Louis Balgeman were both inactive last week with sprained ankles. An 11-lb. boy was born last week to the George Wlchtendahls, southeast of Whittemore. 'Edna-McDonnell, Sioux City, visited her parents, the M. P. McDon- nells, last week. Ralph Crayton fell from a chair Monday afternoon and broke his shoulder blade, , A. D. Brogan and Henry Behnke were at Carroll last week on bust- Lydia Weisbrod, She will it at the B, , J>,J -fVejBprod |H Nampa, Idaho, before i*< *thome, Goetsch and MarJorie [t*«enaing the Capital • City college at D«s . Molnev, 1 week-end with their par- Bailey, and Mr, and Goetach. Mrs. p. w, Larkin and 58th Birthday I» Observed— Relatives and friends; helped Mrs Albert Behnke celebrate her pst birthday Sunday. Baskets furnish. ed supper. Guests were Elma and Hilda Potratv of Fort Dodge; the 'August and William Bpettchew. Fenton, Mrs; Otto Tietz and «n» of Burt, Mrs. Henry Behnke and son .WaJterTand the Uelnhard Leibs, Lotts Creek, the Richard and Albert Potratz families, Mr. and Mrs. D Cordes. 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