Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 29, 1931 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 29, 1931
Page 9
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1981. K68SWTH COtlNtt ADVANCE. ALQONA. IOWA eason NOW HERE! • food shotgun for only $7.50 Shotgun Shells at 76c to $1. Hunters Coats and Caps. See us for all kinds of Sporting Goods. [ohlhaas Hardware AieOMA AID HAS PARTY FOR ALGONA WOMAN WUbur .1. Payne, Editor. (organization .are officersIn national guard and Are obliged to drop work I and go to the cattle war. John McMahon, just at the edge lot Sexton, In looking for a farm to rent. He wants 80 acres or a quarter section. John has better than average stock and machinery clear I of Incumbrance, and has farmed for He Is a H'on Irvlngton, Oct. 27 — Members of the Missionary and Aid societies met with Mrs. Lester Wilson Monday afternoon In honor of her birthday. Twelve from Irvington attended, as well as Mrs. wm. Dehnert and two nieces of Mrs. Wll- Hand Corn Husking. Jas. Brophy, west of Sexton, was 1 himself several years, doing some of his corn husking by of Mrs. Essie McMahon, who owns hand with A. L. Greenfield and an-No acres nearby, part of which she other man, who we did not meet P, T, OFFICERS ARE ELECTED AT LONE ROCK Lu Verne FOR 8ALB POLAND CHINA BOARS Mrs. I. O. Kltzman and children of West Bend visited at the Rev. of March and April farrow, of th« Mr. Wittenberg home and Mrs. most modern an d big-type blood- Stahmer, of Cylinder, visited at the , mes Also some extra goo(J Charles Wolf home while their hits- yeaj . ])ngs immuned and guaran- bands attended the conference at tee d, Priced according to tlrries. the Lutheran church Inst week. Seventh and eighth grade pupils Four miles southwest of Lakota or are starting work on their selection seven miles njjrtheast of'Bancroft The leased. he running two wagons at It. picker evidently had been In use, I last corn plowing time, but no pa-1 | and there was a crib full, and two|p ers were signed then. Now he| Rock, Oct. 27—The first Parpart of which to already I ent-Teacher meeting was held Io8tj( or the county declamatory contest, John had thought the farm week Thursday evening. All the of- A sub-county contest will be held was promised to him flcers were Delected except the pres- at Lu Verne November 30, in which . , _ . contestants from Lu Verne, Wesley, Ident, and N. L. Cotton was renom-l , Tftonka wll , compe te. outside wire cribs also filled. James I finds the land rented to a ma"n" from I'^"l, but declined, and the Rev. Geo . Hanselman and Earle, Flor son, who were also helping celebrate I •"«Id ho wanted to turn stock In this south o f here. The new tenant Is to S. M. Gladstone was elected, with ence and Dorothy Hlntz and Mrs. her birthday. Mrs. Wilson was pre. "eld after the snow comes, and hand be a Mr. Taylor, so we hear. J. M. Blanchard, vice president, and Sam Steussy made the acqualn sented with several Kltts. The after- husking left the stocks more up- M rs. Albert Welshaar, nc.-theaat Evelyn Behrman, secretary The tance of Rosa Ann Christensen at a social manner standing and out of the snow where Lf Wesley, reports 200 young chick- program consisted of a song by the Hampton Saturday. She Is Mrs. were servT at Uock could reach them. He has °ns stolen four weeks ago. There boys, reading by Lillian Angus, Steussy's fourth great granddaugh 4:30. A picture of the group was grown 70 acres of corn this year. ls no thlng lower than poultry steal- song, boy's quartet, reading by | ter. taken b v Harry'Simmons At tlle nouse we noticed a contrl- h ng . A low down thief who steals Alice Nelson, and song by Roy Leep- 1 "•- household scales which noultrv should even be spit on by er and Berenyce Roderick. Lunch • • ' Mrs . Welshaar fall-1 was served by faculty members, and | Thursday night for treatment. The noon spent C. A. WINTER lAKOTA Big Market Day Sale Mrs. A. J. Koonce was taken to Lunch I the Mercy hospital at Fort Dodge At 1:15 P.M. Star Clnss Has I'nrty— Mrs. Brophy uses to weigh poultry, other thieves, IYJ.O. ,.~..,..~... — , , - „ ... . . Twenty members of the Star class The contrivance was like a funnel «, d to report the theft to the sheriff's volley ball was played for the re- Rev. Mr. Koonce was called nome •tnd their teacher, Mrs. Boldridge, with an opening in the small or office. The sheriff should be notl-1 mainder of the evening. | from Omaha by her Illness, neld a Halloween party at the lower end large enough for the fled every time a theft occurrs. He church, annex last week Tuesday head of the bird to come through, often runs across clues .while fol evening. Halloween decorations There was a block of wood four i ow ing other business, and should wore used, and Halloween pranks] inches high arranged to support the be notified every time a theft oc- Bargains in.; sed Cars I Traded for most of these cars last week and we b the room. Don't fail to see them as they are Ll bargains: ' liFord Tudor, like new 0 Ford Coupe __———--— [oFord Tudor T — |g Durant Sedan _— — I , Oakland Se.dan _— — Eg Ford Tudor — — - — ------------- I"I"»40 °thick e s equippedrwith' boxes and all ready to go, priced from — — - ------------ *<"> w **J»" TERMS IKENT MOTOR co. 434 AUTHORIZED Algona, Iowa Peter Thompson, -Mrs. O. S. Two Win Prizes at llnncroft— I Alexander and Mrs. Allen Thompson Mesdames Watson Shlck, E. Far- were hostesses to the Methodist Aid ris, Alex Krueger, Frank Flalg, Es-1 a t the Community hall this week SATURDAY, OCT, 31 All kinds of furniture; in- suite; 30,i of culled; also 30 purebred North I heavy pullets, consisting of poultry msi weighing became a simple Ted Harr's Brother nit's— R. A. Man-, brother or .Ted Harr, vho lias been n patient at Roches- or for 11. months, died recently. uul a party. The usual Halloween games wore played and stories told. .{cfrcshmcnts were served at 9:30. | funnel, had the head supported mc j O f Minnesota, who is nway from the Kcales and oft the ward's father, and father of floor, find tho . feet were held close gchimmel here' in Algona. Mr. I to the body.-' It is hard to describe, s c h.Immol, who owns 120 acres in but'would be handy for those wno U^innesota, formerly owned and have to weigh dressed poultry. An-1 farmed the 160 acres north of Wes- O'Keefe', of j her her the George Ward home, north- I Prises were given for oldest member | Lichty'.s. s aohim belonging to the club, and Mrs. M. bcmm-|_ _. . , , „... sh , ck | . . Two Birthday Parties Given— A birthday party for the 9-year- old son of the Fred Haacks was held I at their home Sunday night. About | ter our visit to the Brophy farm near the Morningside college farm. \ „. guests attended. A birthday was a sales talk to be. used by a H e and his wife were taking care of party was held at the AVm. Haack corn huskar hunting a. job who the -\vard property while Mr; Ward home this Wednesday evening. other thing that occurred to us at- , ey wnere Wm. Hauptley now rents Fed will meet the body at Dodge Center, Minn., and with Mrs. II. A. Harr, will go to Eureka, S, D., where burial will be made. Mr. Harr went to Rochester 111 months I found himself up against cornplck-| is ngo, and underwent an operation for ing machine competition. The prices Urging treatment for rheumatism, ulcers of the stomach. Afterwards paid huskers now is about the same Mr _ \yard is with him there. Mr. complications .set in and he underwent several other operations, all of] which failed. a no spital at Jordan, Minn., Friend of English Injured— as cost of machine husking. Therefore why not propose to Mr. Corn Picker owner, " Sir, if you will set | aside that 40 acres of corn for me to husk, and furnish team and wa- The Rev. A. English recently re- 1 n pn]y j wlri . husk it as cheap as - celved word Charles and that his friends, Dr. family, Cedar Rapids, you ' do the iob wlth p i cke ,. ( . ina husk R ]ltt]e cjeaneri i eav e fewer Service- i had been injured in an auto accident e , u . s ln the j. lekl| anfl also i eave t he in South Dakota, and are In a hos- atalks s t an ding so that stock can pital there. A friend of Dr. Charles, get a)1 the £odder out even though sn(jw comes be fore you turn the scarco use who was also in the wrecked car, is reported scalped. Dr. Charles preached here one Sunday a y« ar k sn i es talk to get 'em. Mr. Brophy ago when the Rev. Mr. English was spc , mls abbut the sarne on his hand not able to come. | husking, but the money goes to a neighbor instead of for gasoline and i l).es AK.J.- "'7;""""-: , I lubricating oil. Has any one an- -eS^or SSt a ™; T* •*«' ~t,on_along this line ? Corwith, Monday morning. He was FABM NEWS AND COMMENT. apparently recovering from an_ oper- -\ym. Meyer, northeast of-Wesley, otion for ruptured appendix, but was L t a CQW Satur[lay trom alfalfa Schimmel said that crops in his locality north of Elmore were excellent. His farm is operated by a son-in-law. We hope Mr. Ward soon shakes off the .rheumatism. George Johnson, of Denver, left for home Friday after visiting Mrs. John Haverly and his parents, the Jacob Johnsons, of AVesley, and other 'relatives there for a week. Mrs. Haverly, also Mrs. Wm. Becker, of Algona, are sisters of George, John Grandgenett, of St. Ben- j diet, was to have 90 acres of corn on! his home farm picked the first of tills week, and then 'would start picking 160 acres that he rents farther south. He also operates a corn sheller, and was to shell for George Ludwig within a few days of our last week Wednesday visit. John sold his last year's crop of corn in taken suddenly ill again,' and an- L] oati an( j h a( j a i so lost one the week ether operation was unsuccessful. ] befol . e Irom same cause. AVe regret ether operation was Ernest's brother died from the ef- ]mvlng to report bad luck for the fects of a ruptured appendix ° ver MeyerSi w ho are hard-working and It's HEAT You Want llt's HEAT You'll Get this NEW Model No. 9 a year ago. I good farmers. Several farm women have told usj the fall at 82c a bushel, which certainly was better than keeping it till now. The Grandgenett 250 acres of corn is hand picked. We know of two good farmers who want farms. These men have and I that if soldiers are to be used Homer Lindhorst, been crl- fight test law violators, why not to j better stock » ei f hoiiounri t VIP I to clean up the bootleggers in the oSSc.^ bufit if now' rented same way To .them law violation is that Ralph has a rare disease. ^|la^viola^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ he L. H. Crawford'home last week 1 AA'ednesday, and were told Dean, age three, had been running a fever for three days. The Crawford home and 104. seriously ill with shingles. Uussel Frys Are Surprised— than average and machinery amount clear of Friends and neighbors attended and | 500 was played. Wm. Flaigs Have Daughter Mr. and Mrs. AVilHam Flalg are I parents of a daughter, Margaret Joan, born last week Wednesday. Alma Madison, nurse, assisted for a; few days". Mrs. Flaig was formerly Pauline Lewis, who taught music in the high school here last] year. Hear Hoover Plan Outlined. N. L. Cotton and Ernest Jensen attended a bankers' meeting at Tort Dodge last week AVednesday, ind heard the Hoover credit plan xplained by state officials. All he bankers of twelve counties were epresented. Faculty play Is Successful— The faculty play, One Minute of Twelve, which was given at the aud- torium October 16 was well attended and $37.05 was realized. The sum will be used to buy a school vlctrola. \ttend Ames Homecoming— Mr. and Mrs. AA r . J. Cotton attended homecoming at Ames Saturday. evening. AV. J.'s WB BO OCB OWW fcBHB «.«. vi w* e» i«r\>r-r> DR, F. E. SAWYER MOHT AI.GOSA, IOWA Model No. 9 lur Rgdiant Heater q^HIS new popular priced *' heater will bring you real summertime comfort on the coldest winter day. It produces penetrating raaiant heat that goes right through your clothing and warms you like summer sunshine. It s O "hotnumberforcoldroomsl Makes and burns its own gas. No connections ... no installing. Carry and use it anywhere! Generates easily and quickly. Requires only IX minutes for preheating. Come in and let us demonstrate it for you. Mr. and Mrs! Russel Fry were i s just west of the intersection of surprised last Sunday evening wlien highways IS and 169. 40 relatives and friends came for 'A new barn, double corn crib and the evening in honor of their 37th granary, and a hog house are being wedding anniversary. Each guest huilt on the farm formerly occupied furnished a covered dish and pre- by Mike Riley, east of Sexton. The sented the couple with a gift. The property is now owned by N. AV. was spent socially and re- »f e insurance company, and Is oc- evening freshments were served. Times Hard In California— cupied by E. H. Frances. A 20x14' addition to the house Is being completed northeast of AVes- Bert Peck, father of Mrs. George.K w here John Heinken has lived. Stewart, who with Mrs. Peck is The 8() . acr e property, which is own- spending the winter in California, e(1 by M . Rcdenius, will be occupied writes that times are terribly hard U him _ aml a tab-acre farm, which - - •• - -- ' - cumtarance, and are considered good farmers. They-held off to see how renting would" go, and had theii farms rented out from under them by renters willing to pay the old price. Either 8U or 1GO acres would suit them. Both of the farms were rented to farmers from central Iowa Our rent rates look good to being lower per acre than they ar used to, and we have had bette crops than the sections they com from either this year or last. Ther also is a feeling that cost of produc tion will be low enough so tha farming will pay as well as any other job next season. Maybe a lot better. The farmers ought to get the breaks pretty soon. Mrs Albert J. Martinek and A. J., on their farm north of Sexton, entertained October 3 at Sunday din- They returned Sunday Fred Rath took care of Personal Loans- Milch Cow Loans INCREASE TOUR DAIRY HERD WITH OUR MONEY—Dairy cows assure a regular monthly Income. We will loan money on your present herd or furnish the funds to purchase additional WE S- LOAN MONEY ON PERSONAL PROPERTY—Money to ba used for any purpose. Perhaps your car is already financed and the payments are too large. It Is easy to reduce these monthly payments through our plan.- Call at our office or write us for full particulars. THE INLAND FINANCE CORPORATION First door North of Iowa State Bank. ALGONA Phone 55. ' IOWA chores during their absence. I Uy un*»t «-*nii ti *.•«" — • are he has been occupying will be occupied by his son' Menno. saw some unusually fine Nelson Hardware Ulfona Phone 274 there. Valuables and money not safe in an apartment. Womitn Mrs. J. M. -Cox a deep cut In the fleshy part of two _ __ of her fingers, received Mondaj a few Q{ th)s flock of pure bred while cutting meat. The end of an Booth stra in, and will sell half dozen artery was severed and stitches had I SQ Mrs G j ddm g 8 showed us big to be taken. white eggs from pullets that weigh- ner for a few friends' who. celebrated her mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Cooper's 91st birthday. Those present included Mr. and Mrs. Will Rings- e dorf, of Burt, and his mother,. Mrs -. Elizabeth Ringsdorf, who is 90 don Qlddings home north of Wes- The G1(W ings' have of the oil station tions are being made to erect snow- and Other Irvington News Mr. and Mrs. AVm. Greenfield and Bext™ granddaughter Ruth Gowan, and | vena, Sopei. Mr. and and a s'rl by'Mrs'.'Burroughs former marriage. The children, who go to the were Sunday afternoon At L. Roney home. Mr. and George Gowan, Mason City, to come next Sunday for their daughter, Ruth, who has are AViHam and Al- The Sweet family, pre.-, is now and service 7tatYon"~noi r th of Algona where Mr. Sweet is me- years of age, Mr. and.Mrs. -Charles Cooper, of Titonka, and Mr. and Mrs. Will Martinek. Mrs. Cooper lb yet spry and keen-minded. She came to Kossuth to farm on the property now operated by the Collicot family in Portland some 50 years ago. She lived there 30 years, later moving to Wyoming, where she lived 20 more years, then returned to reside with her daughter, Mrs. Martinek. Portland township lias produced many long-lived pioneers. That territory must be a healthy one, or maybe the folks learned to live in a healthy The Earl Trask family and other relatives, of Wilmer, Minn., visited at M. E. Blanchard's last week Tuesday. They brought back Earl's father, Jerry Trask, Cor burial at Bancroft- Monday. I The Otto Schultzs, of Fort Dodge, and the Robert Schultz family, of Marshall, Minn., Martha Householder, of Burt, and Joe' Gross, of Swea City, were guests at Frederick Schultz's Sunday. Other Lone Rock. Harriet Fish, Florence Household_% and Floy Jones accompanied Jaunita Dunn to her home in Fort Dodge Saturday morning. They returned Sunday. The Fred Flaigs, of Fenton, spent Sunday at Wm. Flalg's and August Lampe's. Elsie willrett, of Algona, is spending a few days at Frank Flalg's. The Fred Raths moved into the Harvey Rath farmhouse w,est of town, formerly occupied by AA r illiam Morris who recently moved to Swea City. GLASS Replacement Service . . • Your broken door and Avindshield glass replaced while you wait. Non-shatter windshield glass for Model A Ford, installed —- -* & ' wo JOE GREEN BERG PHONE 118 For Every Room in The Home $23.75 $37.50 we understand, chanio. been at I Dr. Boshell, who ..owns me aVeenfield'home for some time, Mr. and Mrs. Gowan are parents of £ ch ^—^y ^-ned a girl born recently. They »°w Melvln m., after the big ^avTthr^Ws and uvo giHs M^lhomejn M^vi,,, remembered as | his larm. J-MO to his visiting Gowan w"l be Grosenbachs took Josephine, Airs. Ralph Lee, recently veeks .with her grandparents II1O J.C**»»». ---- - 4.V»0 him as far as Fort Dodge on the Mr. Grosenbach . now -at Sexton in addition to the " spending a ents on t the 2:17. The thur, visiting there. The Rev. A. English Sunday from Revelation tppic waj ^™ d g* nmo * nl j^ s -prepara-l have a communion service nexx| girls, family which visited. discovered ay a AVesley p. o. not before \\'l\,ll »» •••• -— ' , a who was out husking part of The We hear a lot of complaining about crops and prices this fall, but Silas Skow, northwest of Wesley, said he was not kicking yet. He said, "I was out through South Dakota this summer", and then he looked sharply at us to see if we understood that he had seen drought conditions so bad that many out there are not eating regularly, let alone taking care of other needs We told him we knew about that by having contact with a newspaper man who was starved out in South Dakota, and who came to Iowa for •a job that would give him the necessities for his family. The man was hired for Register & Tribune work, and is now in Cherokee county where the drought was bad, bUt he tells them about South • Dakota where conditions are worse. Mr. Skow merely mentioned that here in good old Kossuth he still three times a day as usual, and George Button and Mrs. A. M Swain and Mrs. Lillian AA r orthing ton returned from Joliet, 111., Sun day. Mrs. Frank Flalg and Mrs. Alex Krueger visited friends at Esthei vllle last week Thursday. Alex Radig bought 40 head o Hereford calves at Sioux City las week for feeding. Mrs. Ralph Benjamin visited a Roy Jensen's last week Tuesda and Wednesday, The freshmen gave a return part; to the high school and faculty Fi day night. Chris Neilson, of Springvllle, Is a guest at. his daughter Mrs. John Nyman's. Mrs. Claud Hawk, of Brocton, E. M. Mont., spent Monday at Hawk's. Rosalia AValsh Is spending two weeks with relatives at Dwight, 111. Mrs. H. J. Rice visited at Hamp ton last week Tuesday. Dorothy Hobson Is »' with intes tinal flu. Mrs. John «ath and Neva spent Sunday at Henry Rath's near Cur lew. nonn at Thursday after- nonn a the annex, and 13 members and four visitors attended. Mes- danies Grose and McLean were hos- te A e mu S ical and other entertainment will be given by the Star class next week Friday evening. Charges «* They own 80 acres, and rent This year, Arthur said, g pigs had been raised from eats After being kicking yet." ^ out there 1 am not POLAND CHINA BOARS Up-to-date breeding. 1931 prices. B. W, BUTTEBFIEU) 11-2 miles north Burt, Iowa •me *»«"- Shipleys, whose home sou h of Galbrajth recently burned, touin 01 u« F arro ers' elevator 12 litters, and he estimated the best Would fweilh 200 Pounds at five ana a half months, • Dr Bonjistetter, veterinarian at Wesley, had completed his map of Prairie township showing herds of cattle tested, and was making a map of Wesley township Preparatory to testing there when we called last ZSSff. %. ^irie t™hjP£20 cattle were, tested, ftnd three reac " were found. Ther were .also Cre*co three would be less ,~. cent of reactors found. a very satisfactory con- *""" ' [Held From Last Week.] v Lawrence Saxton accompanied Marion Osborn, who flroye to W*P£ loo Sunday to get Marion's brothei Lester, who has been working there. J M. Wear drilled a well on a farm in Seneca last week. ' The Ole Johannason and Martin Wilberg families were Sunday guests at Henry Looft's. Hans Wilberg and children, Henry s£' 1 tr-jr«s. i ssss '"SS. 01 ^*...^ H* »- \ Farmers 1 Directory Most opmpjete stocfe jift Northern Iowa from. to BOARS Before bwing see these growthy pure-bred Hampshire boars. Priced j right. Cholera immune. BASKET October 29, 30 and 31 Monarch Macaroni, 8 pkgs. 19c Monarch Rabins, seeded or seedless, 2 pkgs. 85c Brown Sugar, 4 Ibs. •— ; H Monarch pure Extract Vanilla, 1% o*. bottle 8Se Gold Medal Cake Flour, pkg. Hilex, Clorax _ — ~— Crackers, best grade-a first, not second, grade—8 lb. box T -r- Monarch Coffee, you couldn't buy a bettor coffee at any price,JJ lb. nke. -------y^ a ™ ^*~?*mism * -« ' mtudrw-Mfc mn.._*!•• • '• ~Q Longhorn Cheese, lb. -— * Brooms, good ones Monarch Tomato Soup, it contains Wo.. 1 butter as a basis, 8 cans _ Monarch Pumpkin, 2 large cans— Monarch Sliced Carrots, No. 2 can Pearl Barley, 8 Ibs. Rice, 3 His. Monarch Sliced Beets, No. 2 can .-Peaches, No. 10 A-pricots, No. 10 ""IT, Monarch Rolled Oats, a large package full of quality oats, pkg. Sani Flush, per can () Hie l?4«n liai*fi _ — — _ - — — — — — — ••- — — ^ f WB' Tig JlHTn —— .- — — — — — — — — — — — — — — T Singer Snaps ._—-.—2 Ibs. 25c Bulk Dates _-,-.-- 2 Ibs. 25c Popcorn, shelled r-V-T 4 ll»s. Onions ,- .--'-— 9 J'^« Broken Sliced Pineapple, 8 cans ,----Pork and Bjeans, reg, Sugar. 10 Ibs. . lOc 4«* 1 mile west and J mile south of Bancroft, Jowa. MEAT FOSTER'S :.i__^._«« v>tf«fvf4%nM7 AND BASKET a Whev-jn-law Woodert, of Fort Podge, in the Sight, October SCHOOL NO. Burlington, and interested Jn bout the activity there ttW-to V Prices lowest. Frankfurters, Beef Roasts, Bacon, per

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