Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 29, 1931 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 29, 1931
Page 7
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PAPERS • Printed Last Week LltffHt etrevlatkm by far In Koiiiih, Volume 31 ALGONA,iOWA, OCTOBER 29, 1931 O f which I'm %&!&• 1 my »'P e - lts COWBOYS TAKE CONFERENCE TITLE GAME ,', nor hanker at- of hymn or Ih^r^wWne"^ *{f $ helrt":V K^ small, and |P - T for my worries "•••'-'-• for a heart ALGONA LOSES HARD FOUGHT CONTEST 6-0 Locals Almost Tie the Score But Lose on Downs. The Algona and Clarion football te'nms battled' nearly evenly Saturday on the local field, but the Clar- ,, , pipe be blest. "TUfcNER'wa Lakota Man's Eyeball Ruined by Reamer Cut In Algona one day,la* lt imagine what he was ssuth county, for there , n o cow testing; troubles .eat county In the state. Covered that the gov- 1 iighted for he made a prominent: intersection ns staring him right face. And the town ed" him plenty. And £'apologized: Either the Effl have to get new spec- .signs will have to be ir th e marshal will have S oit pedal.on his "call- he governor AvillyhaVe to better edulllbrlum when ,'nfused in Algona traffic. .The hunt up Editor Dewel I and apply for a guide to •hrough the mazes of tne "lan traffic In Kossuth o—o i the fellows, who rot- nselves some extra ex- In the legislature a ._rs ago are going to up and return that ex- these days. And I'm 1 that I wasn't one of •ho helped make that law. ckel that not one of 'em tu that money—all,, been postage and hot dogs,and long ago. And some editor In DCS Molnes I of this fuss. Maybe had r making boys subscribed ,er he'd overlook the grab | tag more would have come jt goes to prove that one Fstay friendly with editors. [OKTLY we will be proc- the president setting out for Thanksgiving Day. (every year. And :we gorge l(no need to worry about fc're to get it)as per usual, . football game, a picture i dance, and those who are j get on a jag, and every- ippy, and nine-tenths of us : be really thankful to- the pt we prove it by observing i the spirit in which It was ion cowboys worl-.od bver the goal line for a 6-0 victory over the locals. The Algonians, however, gave th« Clarion team a real battle, and tho cowboys found rough riding all through the game. If Clarion wins the rest of this season's games the school will have pemanent possession of the Central Six trophy. The Clarion and. Algona teams were tied for permanent possession, 'each team having won two legs of the cup by leading the conference on two seasons each. Algona won the first cup offered by the Conference in the first three years of competition. Algona used a passing attack and gained In three instances. The Clarion team used end and line plays and made five first downs, with yardage gained from scrimmage of 137. Algona gained 17-t 'yards' and made' 8 first downs, to outgaln the cowboys. Algona Kicks Off at Start. Lakota, Oct. 27—Saturday forenoon Ben Farrow and Chris Asmus- son were doing some repair work on the Schlssel elevator and were boring holes through the wall to put in some rods. The hole was not large enough for the rod so they were-using a reamer to enlarge it. Mr. Asmusson was Working on the inside, and Mr. Farrow outside was using the 'reamer. ; Chris attempted to look through the hole to'see how near it was through just as the reamer came through, striking him in the eye, cutting the eyeball crosswise. Doctor Williams dressed the eye and then decided to take him to the Park hospital in Mason City, where it was decided best to remove the eye. If no complications develop it is possible he will be home in a week. Mr. Asmusson is a carpenter with a wife and two children. His hoff, her brothers Henry and Rufus, her sister Mrs. John Furst and husband, ahd the Ben Farrows visited Mr. Asmusson at the' Park hospital Sunday. ., , The Oran O'Keefes spent Sunday at Esthervllle with Mrs, O'Keefe's parents, the Swan Olsons. Mr. Olson is seriously ill at'the home "'of his daughter, Mrs. Ed Hubbard. The E. J. Woodworths spent Sunday at Ocheyedan visiting. Mrs. Woodwor'th's parents. Her mother is seriously 111. WELFARE WORK REPORTED IN 71 INSTANCES Mrs. Elinor Sutton, county wel fare worker, gives the following report for September Cases carried over from August. 102 New cases 26 Old cases reopened In month?... 4 parents, a brother, a sister, and her husband, all of Sioux City, were notified and came Sunday to see him. His wife spends the days with him and comes home at night to care for the children: Two Arc 0. E. 8. Initiates- Mrs. L. .1. Needham and daughter La Von joined the Eastern Star lodge at Buffalo Center last Thursday evening. Those attending from here were the Needhams, Mrs. George Mussman, Mrs. K. R. Worley, Mrs. Oran O'Keefe, Mrs. H. H. Murray, Miss Awe'and Mr. and Mrs. WEDDING TRIP IS OVER FOR THE FLAPPER Readers of the Colyum will remember The Flapper on the Lino of the West Bend Journal, and her recent marriage. The Flapper and| her husband, who is referred to by the Flapper as the b. h., took a honeymoon trip through the south, and during the trip the Flapper wrote letters to the Journal. Her letters. ,are as Interesting as her column in the Journal was, and the final letter of the series follows: Dear Readers of the Journal:— The Calls at office 162 Calls to families 32 Calls for families li!8 Letters 91 Telephone calls 66 Telegrams 10 Calls' during September. Outside Algona. Bancroft 3 Hurt v 2 Lakota 1 Lu Verne 3 Sexton Swjea City Tltonka 2 Wesley Whittemore , 2 Outside of County. Fort Dodge 1 Services Rendered. Employment secured, temporary. 2 Material aid: public funds 34 Other counties 2 Aid secured from other sources.. 2 Medical aid 9 University Hospital care 5 Iowa City papers 6 Nursing ,care 1 Burial arranged Transported to other localities Returned from other county .. Returned to state institution . Non resident notice served .. Family Status. Married couple 77 Unmarried couple 1 Unmarried mother 1 Widow 21 ,..-f. 1 Deserted • 1 Divorced 7 Separated . • • • i 7 Single man 9 Single woman Orphan 2 Mrs. Sutton also furnishes the fol lowing facts concerning the pauper laws: Statement on Pauper Law, There is a great deal of confusion 31 in the minds of the general public 2 I regarding settlement for poor relief. We are hoping to clear up this misconception In the public mind by some statement regarding the loss of settlement. Code Section '5311 is as follows: Garner '.'.'..'.'.'..'..'.'.'.' 1 Part Hi. "Any adult person residing Mason City'' 1 In this state one year without being Fairmont, Minn. ..'..... 1 warned to depart as provided in this Problems Presented. Unemployment chapter acquires a settlement in the county of his residence." There are Under employment 121 some minor details noted regarding Insufficient earnings i married and separated,-women and 11 minor children which we will not Indebtedness Algona won the toss and took the ball on the kickoff, but immediately kicked to Clarion after a pass failed. Clarion took the ball on its own 30-yard line, and made two, five, and three yards for the first down of the game, and then ..proceeded down the field for a second first down. Clarion then failed to gain after four downs, and the ball was given to iViurruy, ivnaa AVVG c*nv* AT*.*. «...— -----John Smith. Mrs. Murray helped honeymoon h as ended W serve the lunch and Mrs. O'Keefe Algona on its own 18-yard line. Al gona failed to gain and kicked to Clarion on the 48-yard line. A Clarion pass was incomplete, and the cowboys drew a five-yard penalty for offsides. Clarion failed to make first down, and kicked to Algona who returned to the 24-yard line. Algona made a yard but was off- sides and drew a penalty of five yards. A pass was incomplete and Algona punted to Clarion's 48-yard line. Clarion made the third first down after a nine-yard run around right end a s the first quarter ended, the ball on Algona's 44-yard line. Clarion gained another first down sang. Attend Church Coachlnff School— The Rev. and Mrs. Johnson attended a coaching conference of the group training school teachers at Brltt last week Monday and Tuesday. Our school will be held at Forest City during the first three weeks of November, and four courses will be offered, Old Testament, church school administration, junior and intermediate methods. Attend Grand Lodge Sessions- Mr, and Mrs. John Smith, Lakota, and the Mesdames Thea Miller and Clint Sparks, Buffalo Center, left Monday for Cedar Rapids to attend the grand chapter of the O..E. S. Mr. Smith is worthy patron and Mrs. Miller is worthy matron. They expect to spend the week in Cedar Rapids. Dr. Murray Injures Hand— to get back, to the green fields and black soil of Iowa; glad to hear the early morning noise of the twenty- six geese and glad to resume the ordinary course of life. The, temperature of Kansas proved to be just as hot as Arkansas and Oklahoma, and the wind never ceased to blow. .Our in-laws have a lake on their farm and when it got low they removed the fish to a reservoir. ' It was easy for the b. h. to get' a mess of fish out of this. We took a trip down into the Panhandle of Texas to see a nephew and family and we believe Texas is the hottest state in the Union. This nephew was right at the front, in the World War and tells some interesting stories. We saw the most wheat in a pile at his home that we ever expect to see in our life. It brings no price on the market. On our way there we visited a Kansas Cardiac Veneral trouble 2 disease e attempt to give here. Section 5312: "Settlement Continues": "A legal Disease of lungs • 3 Epilepsy • Mental deficiency Cancer a Other acute illness 8 Other chronic illness 21 Blindness 1 Old age disability 11 Death 1 Nervous and mental disabilities. .13 3 1 Alcoholism Personality and behavior prob... 1 Conflict within family 3 Conflict with community 1 Widow with dependent children. 1! Motherless home Children alone Bad-housing or overcrowding Family desertion o—o ' WAS EVEE thus. He g thankful for every- r . who would prove his itlon for the good things [ enjoyed but who loves a ttter than a psalm gets the gills".and feels i proved his gratitude, i he suffers with" a head- i day following he cares for the discomfort. i minds not the ten bucks ' have donated to a^boot- -, for the roMrut which i the foundation of this living celebration. 3IVING was •• originally reverent folk'who were jankful that they had, by the I their brow, wrung from the to carry them through artnter. But the present day feel that way about such, ure that to tys < properly should celebrate in er best suited' to their »n- I tastes of thankfulness. So football games, bridge pares, theater parties, and so I not to mention the thirst everybody "had a good " uu a left end play and then failed to gain and a pass was incomplete. Algona took v^e'ball on the 25-yard line. After failing to gain Algona punted. The kick was blocked and recovered'by an Algonian, who ran 125-yards making Algona's first down. Algona gained five yards, and was then held, complete .and then to Clarion on the 28,yard line. Pass Nets 48 Tfards and Score. Clarion failed to gain after on Incomplete Pass and kicked gona on the 29-yard line. A pass was in- Algona kicked to Al- Algona falM to gaTn and "kicked to Clarion on Algona's 48-yard line. Clarion then Played a "eat lateral short pass to McGrath, left halfback, who went around left for a touchdown. £ai Alg'ona received the kickoff on the 2 , yal .d line and .tu^to £ and they gained two It 11*. » L »• •* J —"« . * While working in the basement ol his home Saturday Doctor Murray cut his hand quite severely, and as Doctor Williams was In Mason City Pete Bruer took him to Buffalo Center, where Doctor Dolmage dressed the wound. Henry Gutknecht Under Knife- Henry Gutknecht, who has been suffering with stomach and intestinal trouble for some time, went to "he Cowman hospital at" Bathervllle last Thursday, and an operation was performed Friday. He is reported improved. Aid Sews on Quilt Blocks- The second dlvslon of the Methodist Aid served a 25-cent luncheon a rthe church last week Wednesday A good number of women -ere out state park and lake near Meade. The b. h. could hardly get by when he saw the flocks of wild ducks. Fowler is found silica sand Non support of legal dependents. 2 Juvenile delinquency Illegitimacy Imprisonment -Non residence. ., Begging tendency .. • Maternity until lost ? by acquiring; a new. one." Section 5313: "A person coming from another state and not having be^ come a citizen of nor having a settlement in a state applying for re- let may be sent to the state when he came at the expense of the county under an order of the dictrict court or judge." Just the other day a family claimed settlement in Kossuth county. It was found that they had lived in this county for six months. Some well meaning individuals had informed this man .that he had claims on Kossuth county. It was learned that he really belonged in a neighboring county. Non residence notice was promptly served on him. We trust that the general public will understand this matter a little better,and not misinform poor persons. There seems to be some confusion about the question of voting The -non residence notice has no thing to do whatever with voting a"na spent the afternoon piecing quilt blocks and visiting. Fourth WeddlnTiate Observed- or in other words Dutch Cleanser, and Colgate's products are also made from this. The b. 'h. secured a supply and If we chase dirt as long as this lasts we will be busy for forty-five years more. Kansas is also the home of the soap weed Which sells for $1.00 per in'Iowa and is called Tucca. We brought home a quantity of seed. We took hold of a cactus and ihave been pulling out thorns ever since. The b. h. insisted that we go to see a prairie dog town. It was rather interesting to watch these little animals. Kansas is the state where the jack rabbits grow, we fished once more before we left Kansas on a nephew's farm. Blue, gills and bullheads were caught in abundance but we were forced to throw many back which we hope to catch again in the future. On the return trip, we returned Last Thursday was the Harold yard^ after which an Algona pass was intercepted by Clarion on Al- Algona's 28-yard Pierces' fourth. r. Pierce ierce, an« ~> • • , Mason City, came to help them cele- and Mr. Pierce's mother, Mrs. vtaa Pierce, and C.V. Nelson, of Agonas - . penalized five yards and the half with the ball on Algona s 31- ine. Clarion 6, A Bona 0. brate the event. __ W E. leys Home from Trip— Mr and Mrs. W. B. Ley arrived but a , the hapdful "of, church.- Uk who still cjtng to the old being thankful are conuld- 1 fashioned. • But at that it's a bad stunt to observe [lying as It should properly ved along the safe and sane ' which it was created. Ain't uth? 0—9 ' HAVE, eve» 'In thw? yon days of republican ad. many thtegi to be for, aside from breathing p in- of to Be" y rand Tom Wauds at Los Angeles. Mt °±«'Mi a |S^p, o, =*•* "K-sSrsS Minneapolis Friday tp via". «• =~ of Miss Hastings. They returnea Sunday evening, . . john t pa rt of last week at illl KH**-..- *- _ *V.« Fairfield attending the meeting. Mr. S£ yards, and down bec-se-^ „•- »ft«r falling to gain, ana A- home by way of Lincoln, Neb. We stayed-in'.a tourist cabin on., the other side of Lincoln the first night. Cabins in the south usually have a garage attached. The b. h. lost his nerve in Nebraska as the speed limit was 45 miles an hour. We lost our trail in Omaha and found ourselves fifteen blocks out of the way, We were glad when we crossed the river into Council Bluffs. Being then on familiar ground, we finished, the trip by 3:00 p. m. About the only damper cast on our visit was the news from an Iowa relative that Iowa was again suffering from bank failures galore. . . Of the states we traveled through Arkansas, Oklahoma, isas, and Nebraska—Iowa looked the best to us. _ "_ In the hard times attitude, the southern states try to adapt them- A "life-time" gift... choose it with care A diamond is one of those things you buy so seldom that you must select it with utmost care. You must be sure that it is of the finest quality, expertly cut, and authentically mounted. But how can you be sure? Many people in this community who know nothing about judging a diamond's value have learned to rely entirely on our appraisal of their stone. We offer you this same professional service — and it doesnt Diamond Engagement jj one penn y JQ the cost of your stone, and Wedding Rings r * J*Ji Jjo, Jioo . A. H. Borchardt Jeweler -Miss line after falling gona After two each an 1 urned the ball eight 15- and having the old My. Those if d» who it go to the 1 - -poor house the car until, the, hard over. Aln'l t*»t »o»e- o—o , • . [ : I S. MATHER, 2928 W- 18th nue, Denver. '• Co};, aenda me f'Tes." Now wbteb. ot, n«r papers doea 'she bfilons • Rose F. KresBlnani* (can't Whether that's spelled 19 Victoria street, rites "i enjoy your home town paper, tbe Qasian |And j. p. Johnsoj)j Rt. .Minn., writes "*«*,' iat paper' he reads, Jainleson, Joplin, 14<); i "Yes." Don't' know 6'helps Buport, B$t ate that > M RavingB" coyer In majjy ' *eoe>vsd by lrleja4| <pf Fred l* s ier jo- %ttejp4 W .«*»».^8IWH^M meeting. Abbas of Buffalo Center was selves to Asmusson's father, W.Olt- »„,«„ „ circumstances and talk but, little about It. Iowa talks too loud and pould well learn » lesson from watching the frugality of these people That Is how we happened to help the b. h. pick beans this p. m We found the Slnclairs as usual and "Rags" smarter than ever be- Sri We .hope that some of our journal friends wlU wander this way. Ine. end v The Best Argwnentsfor AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE —are written in yourlpcri Police record*. PropertydittWgecwtY*^** huce wow by crippled victimt ofTaccident^petty dUpute,, ' livery court U filled with auto ' CMC*. ' The accident! are unjn One 1929 0»e One 0»e X9?9 Chevrolet CoacU Ford Four^oop SeOft Model T For4 picK-up moaelATruck truck grain box of councH«* foroeone Ml w- pay, tvery timie. Could ypu meet « v^<* for beavyjw- 4nvtagwithout iwiwiiK*! On. Fourth L*«* i feet. STRANGE, BUT TRUE! NEITHER. THE CAPITOL NOC, ANY OTHER, FEDERAL IS INSURED Automatic hot BEAUTIFUL SERVICES Our luxurious and modern equipment with our experience enables us to direct fnn are exceptionally beautiful and adequately expnwve of the love and devotion of the bereaved. Every detail is arranged and carried «ut ia tke highest degree of efficiency. Laird & McCullough FUNERAL DIRECTORS SIGNS TWOFOR5CEOTS on a good grade of cardboard. Can be tacked om poles or posts. ALSO SOME AT 5c each! These are the heavy cardboard kind. All signs have heavy black lettering that CM be easily read from a car. Call at The Advance Ae&tyou, A hwty w«lc«M oul-of4ow« fri»ml* know *h«y ' P. LON© DISTANT IH two one id 22 yarwsi t#* y ^» 20 yards because of o Wf« tote-*»nt- at a low KOHLH A AS BROS. H^iOHM OTZE^MUJ^ FALKENHAINER

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