Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 29, 1931 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 29, 1931
Page 5
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&£* ' KOflSUTH COtJNTY APVANCB. ALQ6KA, SALE For seventy-two years A&P Food Stores Have been serving you in the regal manner of feudal lords whose well-stocked storehouses supplied everyone in the neighborhood of the chateau. EDITOR LOOKS AT AL CAPONE AT BIG TRIAL M. N. Kucnetnan, ne\ys editor of the Knoxville Journal, was a privilege!! Hpectatm: at one O f the final ijnys of tho Al Capone trial in Chicago, where tho gangland chief was jelng tried for ovnslon of an Income :ax. .The courtroom only held 100 persona, most of whom were bailiffs, news writers, and a privileged, few ;iblij to get by rcveral sets of guards by pass only. Mr, Kueneman's reaction to the Chicago gangleared is interesting he cause it is the view ot a country newspaperman, unbiased 'by the life of the big city. A part ot his story printed in a recent Journal, fol lows: On<- naturally looks first for Co. pone and ho is spotted, flanked or all sides by his attorneys. At least j one thought they wore attorneys—I but more about that later. Having never seen him Ijcforo, it is natural to suppose from seeing him seated in a chair, that he is n flabby, fat, squat man. But tho squareness ot his shoulders impresses one with strength. He takes a keen interest in the proceedings. Just across the table Is a girl who is constantly making notes—presumably Cnponc's for the Mlhnesoi&'-lo'wa' (tame. Mr. Erickson travels for a , hardware company of ;M.mneat> r olls. Mrs. Daniel Rice, "wh6 lives at 2821. Pierce St., Sioux City, With her ,,_,.„ ... t i daughter Mrs. Guy'Taylor, will ob- Mrs. Dick Busa, who has been suf-1 - . n.. ..'... < ... ferlng from heart trouble, is recovering. - hef -,$ th blrt hday anniversary ' - - • • - - - - EST CREAMERY Sunday, and Algona, friends are sending birthday 1 greetings. Mrs, Mrs. .T. H. Kiggy, ot Corwlth, was Rice is .In 'good health and visited operated on last week Wednesday | here a month last summer. Mr. arid ; Mrs.-;C, E. Burbank.^ Fairmont, I Marshalltown, their daughter Ger came yesterday for a week with her aldlne and son Bernard, spent Sun- cousin, Mrs. L. C. Reding. day with C. B.'s parents, Mr. and Mrs. F.' L. Trlbon will hold a Mrs. B. T. Burbank, C. E. owns rummage sale In the Christensen 1 and operates an ice cream factory fof gdll -bladder'trouble. Mrs. Carl Cordes, of Bros, store basement Saturday. at Marshalltown. Before going to , . George Elbert was 111 with the flu Marshalltown he worked for Chas several days the past week. He was Taylor. able to be at the garage Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Victor Lowe and Mr The Guy Mantors pfan to leave and Mrs. A. A. Beguhn returnee sometime next month for California Sunday from Minneapolis, where where they wil spend the winter. they had been since Friday. They at- MI-H. B. M. Hall, of Grand Island, tended the Minnesota-Iowa footbal Neb., is expected today for ten days game Saturday. They were joined with her sister, Mrs. John Lalng. at Minneapolis by Mrs. Lowe's sis Mrs. Bert Harwood spent Tues- ter, Mrs. Ray Clauson, and her bus clay and yesterday here with friends, band, of Duluth. She w.is the guest of Mrs. Henry Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Potter, Foi Beokor. Dodge, and two sons, Mrs. Ra Dr. and Mrs. A. B. Jensen, Bode, Miner, Meriden, and son Billle, an arc parents of a girl born at the | Kossuth hospital October 19, their first child. METHODIST, C. V. Hulse, faster — The following comments will Inter- st those who are • looking forward o the coming of the Wright Ca.il- ornla Players Saturday and Sun- lay; "The Interpretation was ex- ellent. It was a reverent and spiring presentation of. a noble and nspirlng theme. Our people were jreatly, pleased and have requested he return of the Wright California Players", the Rev. Floyd A. Bash Central Church of Christ, Molnes . . . "The presentation ol 3elshazzar was superb. It grlppec the vast audience from beginning to nd. Each actor was art artist, and the triumph of righteousness . ,waa inspiring," Rev. Earl Hoon,' Jfirst; M E. church, Seattle, Wash. Rev. Mr. Hoon is a Northwest .?°> va Conference man, and well kn.own bj many Algona people. Don't mis Belshazzar Saturday night, and I the Shadow of the Cross Sunda night. Mrs. A.lta Stiles, Charles City, an three sons, spent Saturday and Sunday with Mrs. L. 13. Potter and Fret! Weiss spent Saturday here other relatives. Delbert is Mrs. Pot- on business. He was a guest of Mr. ter's son, and Mrs. Miner and Mrs. and Mrs. H. B. Sorstedt who are in Stiles are her daughters. business with him. Laurence Misbach and William secretary. LB. 35c . His bl'ick hair is slicked down— from Independence.where 'he visited Whila at Iowa City Laurence hart t least, all the hair that remains- his mother a few days. his nose examined. It was operated or Al is partially bald. His dark Mr. and Mrs. Harry Winkle spent on in June lue suit is the latest double breast- Sunday at Fort Dodge with their June Adele Overmyer who teach- d tailor's job and it fits him like a daughter Zelba, who Is employed In es at Oskaloosa. spent the week-end - - ' - rIT O'CLOCK OFFEE 3 50c j; DEL MONTE COFFEE . 1-LB. CAN 35c j;ORE -SPAGHETTI, NOODLES OR ACARONI 5c • . -L M. QUICK OR [Quaker OatS REGULAR . IUNEEDA BAKER'S PREMIUM SODA OR Graham Crackers . [CLICQUOT CLUB [Ginger Ale . • LARGE PKG. PKGS. 2 2BOTS .29C [RICE, Blue Rose • 5 pounds 23c j Gelatin Dessert ... PKG 5c I Flavors of Lime, Lemon, Orange, Cherry, Raspberry, Strawberry [Shredded Wheat. . PKG [DELMONTE ^ NO.2W Sliced Pineapple . . CAN Al is 1'artly .liuld. Clara Reynolds, deputy district Steele drove to Iowa City Friday ioui-t clerk, spent Monday night at j and visited till Monday. They stop her home at S\vea City.'She returned Tuesday morning. C. M. Frane, manager of the Al- gnna hotel, returned Sunday night with .Laurence's sister, Kathryn. pod at Cedar Falls., going, and at Grlntiell and Ames b'rf the way back. At Ames they spent a few hours UAI'TIST, Arthur S. Hnpser, pus (or — Sickness kept the pastor fron being In the pulpit last Sunday. He Is better now, and will do his best next Sunday to make up time The sermon for at 7:30 p. -m. will be "The Intensity of Jesus." At this service the pas- love. A white shirt and dark blue Dr. Studebaker's office. with her parents, Supt, and Mrs. J. ic complete the outfit. Sartoriolly Al is perfect ams ' an(1 Mrs - Lp ' c - Nugent were His black'whiskers are hardly guests of Mrs. Delbert 'Potter, of lotlceable because of his close Fort Dodge, last Thursday, have. He i s shaved twice a day. Dr. Ralph Weber, Florence Nel He has thick lips, a rather Clat nose -son, Catherine and Sarah Doran md eyes which appear to b e either spent Saturday at Ames attending blue or gray. Despite the heavy the state college homecoming. Mrs. J. L. Bonar, Mrs. A. D. Ad- F 1 . Overmyer. She was accompan eyebrows, Al is fairly good look- ng. He does not seem to be par- O. W. Erickson, W..D. Howie, and B. L. DeZellar expect to go to Min- tleularly self-conscious about the I neapolis Friday and attend the Min- two white scars on the lower led nesota-Wisconsin game Saturday cheek, which are remnants of his Dr. and Mrs. R. R. Kennedy, of days as a tough in the Five points St. Paul, were week-end guests of gang in New York. But don't get Mr. and Mrs.' T. C. Sherman. Mrs the "idea that Al has jowls. Only a Sherman and Mrs. Kennedy are sis modest double chin. When he ters. smiles he rarely shows his teeth. It Beulah Hartshorn spent Sunday is mostly a grin which causes his with the L. H. Mayne family a mouth to widen and his thick lips Emmetsburg. Beulah Is employe to.be compressed. It can be either at the beauty shop over Bloom an ominous or a pleasant grin. store. His voice is about a "medium Mrs. G. D. Shumway went t baritone," well modulated and there Spencer yesterday and brougl is no trace of an accent except for! home her son David, who spent las led home by' three other Oskaloosa fiachers, Flossie Membler, Iowa CI1V. Lucille 'Harrison, Hampton, and Lucy Bentz,. of Washington. The four girls made the trip in Miss Membler's car. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Morgan, of Ames, spent Sunday Mrs. C. L. Ingersoll am 'rlends. Mrs. Morgan Mr. re be re- Sunda-" with Dr. Elvldge, who wa? en route to Perry after spending tho week-end in Minneapolis. He attended the Iowa-Minnesota game K Saturday. Mrs. Blvidge visited her ''" parents, Mr. and Mrs, Hugh Herman, and came as far as Algona with the doctor last Thursday. Mrs. Herman and Mrs. Elviclge spent Friday at Mason City. Gertrude Kenefick and Madonna Ouinn spent the week-end at home. Gertrude is a sophomore at the state university nnd Madonna is a freshman. Mrs. M. ,T. Kenefick am son Bill met the two girls Friday night at Iowa Falls, and brought home. Bill took them to lo to catch a train back to Iowa Sunday. Madonna spent the •end at the home of her sistei or will draw a eartooh entitled, the Wednesday -evening at 7:<6. ,8<ir«t Jd. Rugged; Cross God I* with us In our . sp.eclal sermon for th« boys and vices, to own and bless, to strength-; trlS at '"the • 11 a. m. service. A pic- en and encourage . . . Sunday achow at 9:45 ... Morning Worship, 11 J theme, Treasures In Heaven . » • Evening services, 7:30; theme, Spirit of Revival urte, wll be drawn to Illustrate ^Sunday achool at 10 a. m. . . . Y. & U. at 6:30 . . . Prayer meet- ng at ?:30 . m. Wednesdays. tTflEIlATf, P. *. mstor "i— 'The - Reformation ill be celebrated Sunday Braner, festival Pastor— Morning study '&nd wort Sermon theme, OodVW' Lead. .. . Evening, "C. E. at' 6:80. *t«t evciy one be present on time. . . Sermon, Heirs of the Kingdom; .. . Ttierft 19 a place for you In all these services, will you not find It? 0:36'.'. . Choir practice tonight... The S."S. T. meets tomorrow even- ng at 'the parsonage . . . The Y. P. S. Will' meet next Tuesday evening t '8 o'clock at the church . . . The Aid meets next week Thursday with ST. THOMAS EWSOOPAJj— Sunday, 10, Sunday school; 7:30, even- > Mrs. Oscar . Kohlwes. ing prayer and sermon W. and Hjnzfi' I r> for lost Sunday schools here a few a cropping out of the customary city mode of talking. Has Caused 100 Murders. As one watches this man it is hard to understand that he is directly or indirectly responsible for it least a hundred murders oC 'the cruelest and most cowardly type in the last few years. Al is too wise to let his other personality predom- o f his grand- T. er/etaol IOTATOES 15-LB. PECK (BUSHEL I9c 75c Waldorf Tissue . ,4"ouf Old Dutch Cleanser 2 Lux Flakes WE-** Palmolive Soap 4«*«.25« dogna . . 1 pound lOc ipples, bushel . • 8 ^c Irapes, Jokey, 3 pounds 2|c [Grape Fruit, • • 7 f or 2|c [Cranberries . 2 pounds 29c [Lemons large 48c doz. . 23cdoz. inate. He is the bland,' pleasant chap who, paradoxically, is not being tried for murder, but for conspiracy to violate the prohibitory amendment and for non-payment of income taxes. One ponders over the ease with which Capone might be shot in this courtroom.- ' The 'bailiffs are vigilant, the writ er can testify. After being in court about a half hour he developed an 'itchy spot directly in the middle o his back. He reached under his coa j to scratch it and immediately two bailiffs stepped up behind him, pois I ed ready to grab. When he notice 1 the disturbance caused, the scratch i ing immediately stopped and will drew his hand. They had evident! 1 figured we were reaching for a gun when the worst it could have been [was a cootie. But the one thing Journal read- fers should know it this; Men like Al Capone are smart, cruel, and ruthless. They will do anything, kill anyone to gain their ends. The [rewards, they feel, justify the means. And Al Capone is not the only gang leader in the nation. There are probably scores of others who are just as smart and Just as powerful, only we do not read about them. But we should recognize : that here is a menace more terrible than the nation has ever known. •A menace which embodies cowardly murder, wholesale corruption and treachery, power and means to snuff out life or to ruin whole communities if they should chose. week at the home mother. Mesdames S. B. McMahon, C. Chubb, T. C. Sherman, and'her sis^ ter, Mrs. R. R. Kennedy, of St. Paul, nd Lucia Wallace spent Saturday t the Okobojis. Mr. and Mrs. W- K. Scholten, of Spirit Lake, were Saturday and Sunday visitors at the W. C. Danson lome. Mrs. Schoften was formerly Florence Danson. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Anderson vent to Sioux City Sunday and re- urned Tuesday. Mayme Betts, who spent a week with relatives at Sioux City, returned home with them. Fred Helgens, of Dexter, Minn., spent last Thursday here on business and visiting his father, Jerry Helgens, and his sister, Mrs. 'Tony Kirch. Fred farms near Dexter. Nick Barbaras, of Harpers Mr. and Mrs. Harry Larson. The Larsons live' in the lower apartment of the Otto Falkenhainer residence on north Thorington, Mr. Larson is representative for the Loose Wi!es Biscuit company in this territory. Miss Ackerman is employed as bookkeeper in . the . city. Gladys Rising returned to Mt. after having been See your Tubes Tested Read the Results for YourseWf .•'- ' ' ' N OW you can be sure that your radio tube* are in perfect condition. You need no longer suffer inferior reception because some of your tubes are worn out or defective. Our new Jewell Tube-Checker will show you the condition of your tubes. Anybody can read testa this tube tester accurately, because it reads in on the Des, Momes dental At a banquet at the Savor that night he heard a Docto Rule- «* the Umversitv of Califo nia, give a talk delivered at • tl national dental convention at Memphis, 'Tenn., last week. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kohlhaas mover! into their new residence on east Call street last week. The Vernon Monday . home since last Thursday. She was house they vacated which is owned called home by the death of her by ' brother last Thursday. Burial .waJ nnd Mrs. Nelson, has been rented to made Friday. 'The Rising baby liv- C. L. Bliley, manager of the Graham store. The Blileys took possession the - first of the week. The house e c l only a few days. Gladys is a freshman at Cornell college. Mr. Rising took her to Ames Monday vacated by the Blileys is being oc- •xnd she went to Mt. Vernon from cup'lea by Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Me- there vta train Uutt. It Is Matt Lamuth's tenant Mrs. George Elyldge went home house. terms of tube merit. The meter definitely points out whether the tube is Satisfactory, Doubtful or Unsatisfactory. Poor tubes spoil performance of the finest radio sets. Good tubes cost so little that every inefficient tube in your receiver should be replaced. Why not keep your radio set performing just like new? Bring your tubes in and see them tested on this big Jewell Instrument. It's a sure way to the most satisfactory results from your radio sell HOLECEK RADIO & MUSIC SHOP Phone 371— Algona Mrs. Ferry, who has been visiting at the home of her daughters, Mrs. W. J. Payne and Mrs. John Bieser, for three weeks went home yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Hertig, of Buffalo Center, and son were Sunday guests of'E. C.'s'parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Hertig. The Hertigs own and' operate a hotel at Buffalo Cen- HIIIIIIIIH^^^^ Blue Ribbon Jubilee Lone Rock htEATMI^.PAdFICTEACO. - MO.**™*** Drop in at Your RGROCERS Sa FOR A CUP OF COFFEE [Demonstrating our own brand R Grocer the best 25c coffee on tlie market Cont tarley or chicory. You need not use ai more of it thaw ot, the higher priced brands. Special price Saturday .. 'I'?"" , Q ^ U. s. Coffee .:.. 9 ibg. for 70c Chocolate Cream Coffee a ID8 A JJJ 88c f-Spices __..l-_4—----- ,_l»c .Jack Sprat Cake Flour ~u r poiii»d l»c |Nut Meats __,—,,l.,.r 7~«^T'aV l&c 'Wheat Cereal, Uke Cream o Wheat -- ^ i Jack Sprat Pancake Flour __190 \ Quart jar Mustard , _j9c JPint jar Peajaut Butter — '__15c Unfitted Dfttes, per pkg. •—- Y'for l^c W A. Cameron .and daughter Ethel Benjamin and son spent the week-end at Oliver Stow's at Dol< liver. , _ The Andrew Thompsons and Esther Godden drove to Ames Saturday and returned Sunday after visiting relatives. The B. O. Rodericks, of Mason City, were Sunday guests at J. J-Mr* and Mrs. Oscar Earing drove to Rolfe Sunday to visit the Julius Mrs. A. ter. M. F. Baker, of Sigourney, spent Saturday and Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. H, E. Sorstedt. Mr. Baker is a former bank receiver and had charge of different closed banks In the county. John Brown has purchased the ice cream cottage on west State street formerly occupied by Anderson & Boren, and will sell Brown's Guernsey milk, ice cream, groceries and home baking. ; -.-. F. J. Streit, Lapeer, Mich., and his son John left for home yesterday after a few days visit at the home of F, J.'s father, Anton Streit. Until recently Fred was employed with the J. C. Penney company. Mr. and Mrs. Melzar Falkenhainer' took the latter's father, Mr. Mayhew, to Jefferson Sunday for an extended visit with another daughter, Mrs, Anderson. Mr. Mayhew spent four,weeks with the Falkenhalners. Ed Holecek, of the Radio Repair Shop, went to Omaha : on business Tuesday and expected , to be gone till tomorrow. His radio mechanic, Jim Burda, is in charge of his shop next door west of the Algona bakery during his absence, A. P. Burtis and daughter Betty, of Webster City, spent several hours here Saturday, Mr. Burtis attended to business, and Betty visited with friends on north Thorington street. The Burtlses recently moved toj Webster City from .Algona Mr., and Mrs. K. D. James will | move into the Oliver Moe tenant house on south Minnesota street They are moving] turned last week Ju-^ 1 ^ now getting settled in tneir nomc. i * -it a -ft TO Padgett and son, pi this week-end , , USa, were guests at Mrs. William from the late Mrs. Angus residence Krause's, Saturday Writer Praise* Local Gridstert th« R Grocer Flour— even a man bread with it ----- they occupied the past ten years. • The L. A- Cruikshanks, of union township, and the Austin and Stanley Gardner families, of Plijm Creek, and Eleanor Crulkshank, nurse from Iowa City, ..and Margaret Giddlngsv of Burt, wer« guests last Thursday at the W. "P. j'enktnson home. Mr and. Mrs. EJ. J. MoEvoy and two children, and Mr. and Mrs. C. fc, BJiley and children spent Sunday at Pilot Knob near Forest City, Pilot I Knob is one of the highest points | In Iowa and the countryside for miles around may b e seen from this PP Algonlans,attending the Mlnnf 0 ' """ ~ ', r,n,.thern Iowa. w><- 11 ta-Iowa. game at Minneapolis Satur- el6 T S the^ baWed the undefeat- 2**^ B. C. McMahon, Hfehnuth week 'hey battle*^ ne ^ ^ Mp ana Mrs. ft. P, Shvmv City team « __ ^ ,| ^ j^^ p uhl gg ( Mr. arid Mrs. -.-,, iir ciiiiivnn Mr. and Mrs. «• as FREE! FULL-FASHIONED Silk Hose Rollins All-Silk Runstop. Chiffon or Service FRIDAY AND SATURDAY ONLY with each sale of $7.50 or more ABG Prints New patterns, gorgeous colorings that are boil and wash proof. Now 22cyard 36-in. New Percales NowlOc 36-in. Dark Outing Now 12k Cels Sanitary Pads Now 19c Kbtex 3 boxes and 1 Kleenex 95c 36-in. Comforter Challies IScyard 54-in, . , Flannels and ' ' Jerseys ^Fine non-sag all wool pew colorings and pafe- terns V $1,95 yard , .y. i Not a II Thrifts way we P Great ° *?*Jiff!-t<K JSJK W. W. Sullivan, Mr. and Mrs, | victor Lowe, and JMr. and school pupils iwe «* Play.^J.^m * A.I have toll. Selection o* pieces began yesterday, it that relvearsjng Motor Robet l^ich heavy plaids Curtam agraMWt MJ.09. S9|^f* n*a«r-'»®BK

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