Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 29, 1931 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 29, 1931
Page 4
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fotnt HMMIMMMMM++ Rummage Sale TfRS. F. L. TRIBONf will hold a Rummage Sale in CHRISTENSEN BROS, CO., BASEMENT SATURDAY, OCTOBER 31 I am bringing a real bargain treat to the people at Algona and vicinity just as cold feather approaches. You can buy winter underwear,,. opting flannel gowns, warm stockings, woolly. blanketsV 54^ inch wool goods, nice for children's school dresses. You can buy that winter coat now, for the price is half of what you expected to pay. And the Ready-to-Wear—I cannot tell you all about it. You must see the lovely colors, style, and quality of these dresses. We have nice curtains and curtain material. Also a nice line of draperies for you at a very low price. Will have hundreds of other items, each one a bargain which I cannot list. Don't forget these are the Rummage prices you are getting in October at the beginning of winter. Be sure and be on hand in the basement of the Christensen Bros, store Saturday morning at 8:30 when the sale starts. MRS. F. L. TRIBON i LU 'AST AT HERAN IRS MEET .1) VERNE iflaigtitjmwM FOOT RACE ONCE CAUSED REAL DEPRESSION HEBE L U Verne, Oct. 37 — The Northwest Iowa Pastoral Conference oC he Lutheran church of the Missouri Synod, has- an enrollment of 23 pas- ors, and 21 were present at sessions i€ld last week Wednesday and 'hursday at Zion's Lutheran church it LU Verne. The pastors made many favorable comments concerning the new church recently dedicated. A divine service^^yaW 'held Tuesday evening for thfc pastors, In which the con' fesslonal address was held by Vis :tor Kabelitz, pastor of the Fenton Lutheran church. The main ser> mon was delivered by the Rev. H. Wagner, of Terrill, a message of loyalty to Lutheranism and loyalty to the Holy Scriptures. The meetings of the pastors began at 9, continuing till noon and again in the afternoon from 2 to 5. The pastors discuss matters peculiar to their calling, and essays and AtthrCall A feviifc-oi A. RtctntTilBt»l>irT.:H.C j^v? {•»&*•' r V j "* * * * 1 i T, WAR OUR privilege to witness ; tfti 200 SEATS AT 85c Better sound than you will find in 80 per cent of city theatres. Only, top programs used. Thursday and Friday, October 29-30—Chas. Beckford and Rose Hobart in "East of Borneo." Another "Trader Horn"—9,000 miles in jungles for wild animal picture. Saturday, October 31—Leo Corillo and John Mack Brown in big action western—big cattle country picture (Halloween Special). Sunday and Monday, IVoveinber 1-2—Len Ayers, the Four Horseman, and Notre Dame stars in a tribute to Knute Rockne in "The Spirit of Notre Dame." Tuesday and Wednesday, IVov. 3-4—Nancy Carroll in "Personal Maid." Nancy will show you how to land a millionaire. November 5-6—Greta Garbo in Clark Gable's arms in "Susan Lennox". The big smash picture of the time. Seven shows every day in Chicago to handle crowds. HARD COAL In Chestnut and Stove Sizes Can be Delivered Any time F. S. Norton!* Son Phone 229 Mimeographing Advance Publishing Co. treatises by which they aim to Increase their store of knowledge, and thus work and not play. Wednesday evening, however, the pastors did relax while they enjoyed a social evening In the church parlors. Tho. Rev. and Mrs. Wittenberg served a lunch at the close of the evening. The local Aid served the noon and evening meals for the clergy In the church basement, while others took the ministers into their homes for the night. There Is every reason to believe that the conference was a decided success in every way. Club Studies Minnesota— Mrs. Geo. Hanselman was hostess to the Progressive Women's club Friday. Eleven members and four Last .week's festhervllle prise, in reporting the 'Fort Defiance dedication,, recalled the days of the Algfona Brownies In a talk with. Harvey thgham. The article follows: Last Thursday we again met Harvey Ingham of the Register ,who was In the city for the park dedication. Whenever we meet Mr. Ingham there seems to be one thing'he remembers. Years ago the Northern Blizzards Ball Team defeated the Algona team at Algona. At the game Mr. Ingham says they were trying to gfet a' foot race. He also says cash was not plentiful at that time. What cash they did have, they used to back their foot racer. When the race was over he said they.had dlS' covered they' did not have a racer they just thought they did. He says while George Allen was a small man his feet went fast and he took the race and his followers took the money and departed In their lumber wagons across the prairie for Kstherville. Mr. Ingham does not say he lost anything but he certain M ONKS* BUSIKSSSS Is all that the name Implies! a more suitable and fitting title for thU £ort> pourrl of slapstick comedy and wisecracking gags could hardy be c6n- cejved. It Is monkey business frdm tHe time the foiir comedians emerge from fouf barrels on shipboard to the grand finale lit the barn,where Groucho Marx, oh belng'aiked *nat he IB doing, poking around In a P»e of straw, answers, "I'm looking for a needle In a hay-Stack." The present production is the best thing the Murx brothers have ever done and a the only show we have been able to sit through to the bitter end FULL LENGTH comedies, as wo have observed In the past, are usual ly very trying on the nerves simp ly because there Is nothing so tire us sustained talkie humor ly does remember the toot race am its terrible results to the flnancia standing of Algona. guests were present, topic was Minnesota. The program Mrs. Burdette Sexton Monkey Business moves fast, Is broken by plenty of sheer physlca notion and Is teo full ot the partlcu lor brand of quiet nonsense fo which the Marx brothers are justl famous, as to be almost disconcerting at times. Groucho Marx, he of the black mustache, as usual, bears the brunt of the action, and his stuff runs something like this. A gangster asks him what he did with his gun, to which Groucho replies, "I threw the gat away but we have some nice black gittens". If you i&aton, btWKht, up *^«th a ' screen) spoon ih hla mouth produce a lousy comedy like Sidewalks of New York? Why, indeed? There are more laughs in a single reel of Palmy Days than In the 12 or 13 of most comedies. PALMY DAYS is what is generally termed, "eye &nA ear entertain ment," meaning that pretty tunes nd pretty girls keep up the Interest 'while the main attraction Is off-stage. Eddie Is the whole show although Charlotte Greenwood is better than usual. The scene^ of this musical extravaganza Is laid In an «P to date bakery and most of the helpers are bnkerettes. Florenz Zlegfteld must have pick' ed out the members of the chorus at least, they leave nothing to be desired In matters of pulchritude; in the scenes In the gym and the swimming pool, they leave almost nothing to the Imagination. There are catchy tunes, lively dances and sprightly humor In this show—and the Production '« mounted on a- . cat WHew 1 Wftde IftM yettf rt.hd.lt Is nioet BtUpOndoilB, Hittflt; MoW nd Ida ohn hemmed, ana meeting, songs were »<was received 01 tllH, which wIllboaoM," 1 '!* u:ttoe.-' Thcn 'l^'Mhi, have «ver"*een. fieteiotore the price of thti gigantic musical show has been almost prohibitive but with a towe'rihi?'~6f the tariff, Manager Illcfe Will show It at the Call at admission. When the King Bomorth of Jnkz comes to Algona, take a tip fcrdtn'MS. doft't, please, don't miss It.' Agard read a paper on the resources oC Minnesota. The Twin Cities was the topic of a paper prepared by Laura Engel. Members each named Minnesota lake or river In response to roll call. A comparison of Minnesota and Iowa schools was given In the general discussion. Refreshments were served by the hostess assisted by Florence Hintz. Several Families Move— Severn! families have moved recently. The Pete Rubergs now live in the middle rooms of the Brink residence; the Charles Pattersons in the front part of the same house. The Lloyd Zentners are occupying the Hal Rogers house and Ralph Dimlers have moved into the house tho Zentners formerly occupied. Mr. Reaman, of Humboldt, who runs the Standard Oil truck now. has moved his family into the Mrs. Will Nisse n house. August Klrschbnum, who went to Iowa City for a medical examination in the- clinic last week Tuesday, returned Monday. Mrs. Kirschbaum and her brother-in-law Ollle Kirschbaum, of Crystal Lake, went to Iowa City Sunday to bring him home. Mr. Kirschbaum has been in poor health for some time. Their children Katherine and Leo, remained with Mrs. G. B. Wise while their parents were away. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Harris, and Mrs. Homer Anderson and Mary Harris spent Sunday at John Harris's. Dorothy Froser spent the weekend with her aunt, Mrs. Roy Sarchett, west of Algona. The C. E. Sweet family moved to lavish scale, demonstrates Again the camera its ability to glorify Thc , next . Spark*. MO, j ' hostesses. Hunch y Homer Umlhorst lew . lorse last week n J hitched to a loarted h ° h ' Whlle Mr. Llnd.... a Rate, the horse before the harness Wlu Corn huskliiK Is in Ifood number were ,, probably enoyed .the show. Harpo Marx again plays his harp and Chico the piano, in varying degrees of taste and selection while Zeppo is the "gentleman" who supplies the slender thread of love interest nnd finally rescues the beautiful heroine from the lonely barn, as the clock was strlcking the hour of midnight AS IS THE CASE with most ol the Marx Brothers' productions (at least it has been a previous observation) the photography is rather poor and certainly not up to the standard of the men who are here featured. Lighting is poorly handled and. there isn't a good ship-shot in the show. This is unfortunate. But outside of this, Monkey Business is good, clean fun and business was good at the Call both nights. And that's something during these days of "repression." the modern dance and many of the chorus numbers are marvel of optical beauty. Shots from unusual angles heighten the effect. THERE IS the usual meagre musical comedy plot, with -a few gangsters thrown in for good measure. Mr. Cantor has used many of his old tricks but he has some new ones too; for example, his duck quack- quack, which he used most effectively in many shots. When asked what the "capital" of the U. S. is he replies, "About half of what it was last year." Good clean fun and plenty of laughs. If Palmy Days marks the revival of musical come- a house near the tourist-park in Algona, last week Wednesday. Mr. Sweet is operating a garage at the Walberg filling station. . I \\TE HAD A RATHER brilliant Mr. and Mrs. Henry' Miller andiVV thought last week, which, like yon Donald, of >Lu Verne, spent mo st brilliant thoughts, was born tHeld tfr£m taiit Week.] \yis Wildln Sr, was bruised, nnc sprained his neck arid wrlste las Thursday In a loll from a truck o fodder. • , ' . . Mrs. W, V. Poole, Algona, Monday to spend the week with he son L. V. ; ,'.'' Mrj and Mrs. Roy Smith are par ents of a son, born Sunday at th home of Mm Zlttrltsch In Algona They also have a girl 6. Mesdanies Stella Sabln and Ros Stebbln^, Algona, were guests last week Wednesday u at the'C. L. Hels- erodt's.' ,,.- -'. ,MrV"and'Mrs. John Henlng, Burt, are th'e new assistants at the county farm. Mrs. Howard Strayer, former assistant, Is at the Briggs home in Algona. Her condition remains about the same . ' Mr. aridV.Mrs. John Simon returned a week; x ago from a visit In Chicago, at the Home of their daughter, Mrs. Charles Wlnandy. Homer Llndhorst is able to be out following an attack of shingles. Mrs. Oliver Baken was hostess to the M. & D. club last Thursday at •the v Ambrose 'A. Call state park, with 19 members and six guests present. .Mesdames PetO Halstreld and John Skow, Gilmore City, Mrs. Jesse Riddle ' and daughter, Letha Walburg, ICE CREAM on West State Street, BROWN'S MILK .Ice Cream, Any FI«H Groceries and Home WESTSIDEllUlt JOHN BROWN, rw Open Evenings and Suiill Grade Boys' Chorus Is Formed— A chorus of boys of the ath, 6th, 7th, ana Sth grades has been organ- zed, and under the direction of Mrs. Morrison, meets every Thursday afternoons from 3 to 4 for practice. Edward Lindebak, Earl Hanselman Bobby Bigings, Bobby Smith, Dekae Lichty, Gordon Dlmler, Glenton Zuetlan, Billy Chapman, Berdine Nygaard, Phil Lichty, Bobby Chap man, Merle and Earl Thompson make up the chorus. Sunday at John Miller's. Nell Wise and Edith Greenfield were Sunday guests oC Mr. and Mrs. Mack Wise. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Hinders find children, of Woden, spent Sunday with Mrs. G. B. Wise and visiting Mrs. Binder's, mother, Mrs. Druscilla Noble. There was a fair attendance at lurch service and Sunday school, he Rev. Mr. McNulty preached an nteresting sermon. Church service at 9:30, and Sunday school at 0:30. Everybody is welcome. The Aid meets this week Thursay with Mrs. Henry Phillips, south f Sexton. Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Richards, of Ugona, and Mrs. A. L. Greenfield nd daughter Edith, spent Friday at lorwith, where Mrs. Richards and Mrs. Greenfield were having dental work done. A Sexton group plans to attend a Bclbert Craig Burled Here— Dolbert Craig, 51, was buried In the Lu Verne cemetery last weel Tuesday. Mr. Craig died at Mosoi City, where he had lived for 2 years. He was the son of Mr. an: Mrs. Martin Craig, who formerl; lived in Lu Verne. His parents four brothers, and two sisters sui vive him. Two brothers live in Ma son City, one, Joseph, in Livermor and the others live in California. Lester Kuby Burled Last Week— The funeral of Lester Ruby, wh died at Marshalltown last week Sa urday, was held Tuesday at th Epworth Methodist church at For Dodge, with the Rev. Arthur Pete son officiating. Mr. Ruby was no very well known in Lu Verne, bu his wife, who was formerly Lill Hamlow, lived here for some tim before her marriage. basket social at the school near Lu Verne taught by Sarah Nelling, of Algona. Mrs. Walter Lorenz, Algona, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Robert Riley and Bobble Lee. Mrs. Florence Hansen, of Wesley, spent Saturday with her father, John Harris, who has been bedfast part of the past week with flu. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Young and Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Young spent Sunday at the John King home at Ti- too late to be of help to suffering humanity. AA'e have found ourselves entirely inadequate when it comes to reviewing so called 'children's pictures like 1'enrod and Sam, Huckleberry Finn, Tom Sawyer, etc. It occurred to us that we Anight offer two prizes of, say, six free tickets to the boy or girl, under 12, who would submit the best short review of a current, strictly children's talkie. We will keep this idea in mind and possibly in the future, when an appropriate picture comes along, we will advise readers of this column in plenty of time so that the children may have an opportunity of displaying their genius along the proper lines of criticism. Possibly we may unearth some latent talent. FOR THE IMMEDIATE present we have elected our own son (who will necessarily be barred from any contest) to cover the current production. Ted, the critic, says, "Pen rod and Sam Is a child's picture Leon Janney plays the part of Pen rod and Junior Caughlin plays Sam Older people would not like thi show as much as children because it shows boys' sports, fights, and quarrels between brothers and sisters (A- rather keen observation.^— Ed. Note). It shows how much a boy loves his pet, a dog by the name of Duke who is run over by an auto and killed. Penrod is heart broken Seniors Hosts to Faculty, School— Lu Verne seniors entertained the rest of the high school and the faculty last Thursday night in tfie gymnasium. Almost all high school pupils and all of the faculty were present. The evening was spent playing games, after 'which refresh ments were served by the seniors. Former Resident Is Dead— Word was received here Ias1 week Wednesday of the death of Mrs. Charles E. Phillip, former Lu Verne resident now at Nevada. The Phillips formerly lived in the i-esi ence now occupied by the Arthur Hofs. Lu Verne Wins Baseball Game-Baseball teams of the Vernon Con solidated school and Lu Verne play ed at Vernon last week Tuesday and Lu Verne won 11-7. Batterie were Leonard Henderson and Jame Bowman, for Lu Verne; Markman tonka. The Harvey Stevens were Sunday guests of Mr. Steven's sister, Mrs. Harry Mariam, near Corwith. Mrs. Dora Ferrigan was an overnight guest at the Harvey Steven home Friday. Mrs. Albert Grosenbach and daughter Alberta, attended th^ funeral of the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. B. R. Rising at Algona Friday afternoon. The baby was born Tuesday morning and died Thursday. Thei-e will be a special program during and finally buries the dog in the yard. The father', not knowing how much his son cares or how much he plays in the back yard, sells it. When the boy. wants to buy back just the dog's grave, the buyer will not sell it to him; his father now sees what he has done to spoil his son's fun and buys the property back, paying $250 more for It. Then the boys go back to the good old days. The story is sad In some parts but very natural. The dog sleeps with his master, Penrod. Quite a bit of the picture takes In or In', which is stramrelv reminis- * , u a jL rang , ely / emlnls cent of the Horatio Alger days "Work and Win, 1 "Sink or John Miller wag unable to pick corn several days because of a large boll on, the back of his hand. Edith Greenfield sppnt Thursday ° r night at Lo n Gauge's, near Wesley. Swim •; that adolescent period, In Mrs. Wm. Kirschbaum spent last our lives when we read with'bated week with her daughter, Mrs. Rlch-l breath the adventures of the poor ard Garman, at Wesley. Mrs. Josephine Stanton, of Algona, spent Saturday with her sister, Mrs. James Brophy, west of Sexton. Lakota (Held from last week.) The Rudolph McKlnneys, Mlnne-1 achieves the precious boy who rose to wealth and influ< ence through the indominable* spirit that said, "I will". Of course we liked this Saturday show even though we saw it after working hours at the close of a rather full day. Who of us is not susceptible to the story of a poor boy, who looks up into the clouds of opportunity sees the beauties, of the heavens and through terrific struggles,! goal? Im Are you one of the Advance's 3,000 Satisfied Subscribers? and Meiers, for Vernon. Other La Vorne News. George Kabele and daughters Frances and Martha, of Goldfield, and Jean Kennedy, of DCs Molnes, visited at-the Irvin Chapman home Sunday. Irene Howell and the Lewis Petersons, of Mason City, spent Sunday at the Wm. Ramus home. The John Gifford family, of Burt, were also guests. Mr. .and Mrs. Harley Christensen are parents of a. daughter, Rosa Ann, born at the Lutheran hospitaj at Hampton last week Wednesday. Oscar Masterson, of St. Louis visited his brother, Robert Masterson, last week. Mrs. George Henderson is sick at her home southwest of Lu Verne. B. F. Burtla has been 111 with a threatened attack of pneumonia. SENECA MAN LOSES ARM IN CORN SHREDDER ACCIDENT Seneca, Oct. 27—Ed Anderson, of north of Seneca, had the misfortune Friday afternoon to get his hand caught in a corn shredder and cut off above the wrist while &hredding corn fodder at the Ole Pehrson farm near Swea City. He was given first aid by a local doctor, and then rushed to an Eetb.erv.Ule hospital, where lie Is now a patient. Mr. Anderson Is suffering Intensely from pain, but is recovering. apolls, Mrs. Mary Noble, and Sam possible—yes, usually, and yet there Burnet, Blue Earth, the Gus Tor- is just enough probability to carry Ines, and Mrs. Noble were guests at us through a pleasant evening. J. H. Warburton's Sunday. THOMAS MEIGHAN, old timer Tony Schaper,. U. B. Dreesman, O f the "silent" days, takes the lead- and Art Lester, who bought the old i n g ro le of the rich contractor, while school building, are busy these days Hardie Albright, an appealing youth wrecking It and plan on finishing it w jth a sad wistful countenance and in a month or six weeks. Mrs. F. O. Johnson attended Maurlne O'Sullivan, a simple incon- the sequential little lass, supply most Home Missionary convention at of the love Interest. We didn't stay Britt last week Tuesday, Mrs. fdr the final clinch but when we Matthews, a national missionary departed, the love interest was get- worker, was present. The Misses Marion Nelson and Dorothy Ferris and Clifford Dahley and Paul Porter, of Ellsworth, visited the Harold Pierces a week ago Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. J. U. Johnson and sonj- Dr. ; ' Edward Johnson, of Kanawha, ivyere Sunday guests at their son, th'e Rev. F. O. Johnson's. D. M. ; Evans, of Mason City, was a visitor at J. H. Warburton's last week Tuesday and Wednesday. Mrs. N. E. Noble went to Swea City Sunday to spend a few days with the Sam Warburtons. E. R. Worley attended a banker's meeting at Fort Dodge last week Wednesday evening. The Dick Farrows, of Sauk Center, Minn., visited last week at Ben Farrow's, The Harold Pierces spent Sunday at Lake Mills and Eroroons, Minn. The C. L. McCoys, of Britt, were visitors Sunday at Ray Estte's. Homer Alttzer was a business visitor at Algona Saturday. ADVANCE! •ting slightly mixed up with the "vamplrp" element, contributed by the snakey Lyrna Loy. We hope young Hardie came to his right senses in time to choose the little girl who could help him in his career, get his three meals a day, and bring his slippers to him when he came home dead tired at night. No, it would never do If he married the good-looking, snappy blonde, : THE ATMOSPHERE of this pic ture has been rather cleverly han died by the director, who shows us alternately the smelly river and the towering sky scrapers, the depths and the heights of life. Yes, we still like- our fairy stories and we are stll a romanticist, not a realist. And by the way, are you missing these Sat urday shows? There's a real jewel among them every once in a while. E DDIE CANTOR Js really an American institution; there is something contagious about this black-eyed, nervous jumping jack— something that makes you like him ana his antics. Why is it that Eddie can P«t ov»r a show Uke Palmy Days with a. "bang" End *~AT« Christensen's Thursday, Friday and Saturday You'll be able to secure many rare and very exceptional v&l I ues as the result of our last week's trip to market. We recom-l mend that you read every item and then come and get your] share at these special prices. Stevens Crash Toweling The well known P quality, tvlilch Is wide uud finely woven. Six different colored borders. This Week End, 14c yard Bleached Sheeting -, A good quality, seamless, blenched sliecUnjr, 81 Inches wide, that Is even now worth !Mic~yi>rA. This Week End, 2^ yds. 59c Belmont Prints Color-rant standard prints In H large arny '| attractive patterns. This Week End 12c yard Silk Hose «t» France" lull-fashioned pure »Uk bo»»| both the service and chiffon welfflits. SoMW| utarly at »1.S9 pair. Dress Silks •"" The Beaumaar faille euuton silk; In all tile-good dress colors, featured aj $1.69. This Week End, $148 Cotton BaHp^S Comforter size cotton balls that iijfe stitched and from clean, fluffy cotton. A (rood dollar value. This Week End, 6|c each .^__^^^_^^____^__^_^ »v !^£ Wooly Wonder. For several years we have featured "Wooly Wonder" blankets, but never before this cheap. Large double blankets that ajfp part wool. This Week End, $2.98 _ '___ j -. • • Children's Our entire stock of children's fonts, • Hone reserved. Sices 3 to Hi; Extensive assortment to select from, ' \ This Week End, 10 Per Cent Discount Women's and Misses SILK DRESSES Ov«jr 100 beautiful bilk dresses' that are tbe sold regular by us at 1*1.76. ItoluMw the Persian Greeu and Spanish This Week End, 98cpwr Satin Crepe A gpleutld grade of black satin crepe th»t««jl ' ' be cheap nt »U5 )»rd. fl This Week End, 98cy*r| ,,;' ;. •— Cotton Blanket* .A splendid ff rade plaid cottoii •lie 78x64 In. e p W«JJ No seconds, all perfeci This Week End, Xfcr«r Chumoisuede Glove* „ nen INI I Thii Week End, Knit Suit* All *f our three-piece knit • «n'« wost poplar Items of i!*V«» 9 *»*•*«• ^ _ . ifC WINTER COAtt, umuual ftylea week. This Week End $7.90 each or 2 for $15 *«•*«*»* Christensen Bros. Cj "Ataotia't Greatest Store" - •.'JB ----- 'sffiHs^f* >^^^s^mM^^^M^^^^^^^

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