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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania • Page 8

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania • Page 8

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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JL THE PITTSBURGH GAZETTE TIMES, SATURDAY. JULY 15, 1922. aa rojSr'Fxn nVFn3 nrx fes ai no 1 U-" miKiiimMHtlimiiiiiumiiiuiiHHiiiiHiiiiiHimiiiiinimi imnmHuiniiHinniliimimtiiMiiniiKiuifMHiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiuIN, TWILIGHT LEAGUES Cooper in Form And Buccaneers Win Over Braves Continued from Preceding Page. OVERCOMES SEMI-FINALS; EASY VICTiR3 Gillespie Wins Singles Title in Conneaut Shoot By GIB MARSH. I Special Telegram to The Ca.eUe Times.

CZECHS BEATEN BY AUSTRALIANS IN CUP SINGLES M.IIMIllttMllItiMMtM.lllMiMmMtiUlsMftMmiMIW North Side STANDI OK THE TEAMS. FOWNES IN ORMISTON W. Fct. Rellevue 12 6 tiii? Pleasant Valley 12 6 ti7 North Sl.le Board Of Trade i 9 Trnv Hill 9 Kineviw 9 10 .47 4 J. J.

MacPhees 3 17 .150 llltlf IHtUtWtMM Mercantile and Mi. STANDINGS OF TUB Ci.UB.-J. vv.L.r.r.: All Sr. Cory.

10 4 .441 Keitanee Life. 4 4 Kaufmaria's ..4 3 o. J. 3 .433 Douoieuav Is 7 The Ailing Cory rime. leaJer of the Mercantile and Manufacturing league, Kaufmann's lat nijrht 14 to a result of trw lows Ka ilfmaiin's drops from Beeond into a tie for fourth place.

The 1-attini; of Haggefty aIld Owhrari tjie -feature of the (tame. Tlie former livened things up w.ith a run. white the latter put' some pep into the game with his three doubles. The M-ore: All k-C H. H.

P. A. E. Kauf maun R.H.P.A.K. Class W.

A. Lauer, W. it. Wcti and W. M.

Nunn, 94 each: Gibbons Marsh. Kd Gunnison. V. W. Snyder.

C. A. Rice and V. Conncll, 93 each. Class H.

T. Gilliland and .1. W. Napier, 92 each; G. E.

Burns. Wade Kline and A. M. Limbach, 91 each; A. I.

Telling, W. L. Sherman. A. V.

Weigand, 90 each. Class Sam Lai dis, C. Eldrcd. James Keck, W. R.

Parker, 87 each; J. A. C. Sword, 86; W. A.

Cornelius and G. JL Brown, fi tach. The perfect squad of the week, and the only perfect squad, broke its straight 100 on Thursday and was composed of T. W. McCoy, Pittsburgh; Gibbons Marsh, Pittsburgh; G.

C. Bisel, Pittsburgh; P. Remy. Indianapolis, and A. 11.

King, Pittsburgh. Handicap scores: J. W. 23-yard. Holootnb, 23-yard, 81; A.

K. Kroehie. 13-yard, 9: C. A. Etosart.

23-yard. SS; Barder. r-yard, 7: Oil- Bright m. 2 2 I) 0 0 0 0 0 Boisch 2.. 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 a off S.J...

1 1 1 2 liWettach 1. 2 0 'J Smith c. 2 2 12 2 l'freigh 2 1 2 1 0 Hng'ty If 2 2 0 0 Oil.ngora 3.. 1 0 0 2 0 Cochran 2 3 0 3 Hurly 2... 12 111 Iwwis 0 1 0 f.iljarli 0 0 2 1 Highiey 11 0 0 OlWeiland cO 0 9 1 1 Kuehn 3 2 0 2 0 0 0 0 1 Harmon 0 0 0 0 0 Hure 0 0 0 0 1 jCreigh 0 6 0 0 0 .14 13 2 6 5 7 21 4 Ple-apant Valley of ihf North Siio Twi-lilH 1-aKijp defeated Nortli Si'le Board of Tratle yesterday evening on the fnrmer'n prolines.

7-2. sterwi.h of th vanquished rjutfit allowcl bnt eipht hits, while his team-mates gatherer 12 to no avail. The woore N.S.B.ofT Valley K.H.P.A.E Rooney If 1 I.ow:ides '2 1 Morvas r. 1 Fowler s. 0 lb'k'r 1 Botsch 3..

1 Mc Kirov 1 1 0 OiKplley 0 2 1 0 0 6 I) 0 0 2 2 OjGallaeer 3 0 1 2 i OMI-auer in 0 2 1 Heinfuis If 0 0 2 0 Oiripeicher 2 0 1 5 0 if Williams 0 0 9 1 Barrett I. it 1 7 0 0 Jordan c. 0 0 0 1 OiLa-luer p. 0 0 Cooley c. 0 1 W'erw'k 1 2 iBeatey p.

2 0 2 8 7 12 27 10 Pleasant Valley 00700000 0- North Side H. of 00100001 (I 2 Two-base hits Spier her, Beatey. Three- base hits Morvas, McKlroy, Kelly. Double clays Side 3. Pleasant Valley 1.

Base on halls Off Beatev 1. Passed ball Cooley. Hit bv Ditcher Beatey (Cooleyt J. I.auer. Boisth.

Struck out By Beatey 6. by VVesterwitk 6. I'm pires Harrison and Witter. CraftonIngram STANDING OF TUB Won. Crafton Presbyterian 8 Crafton M.

7 3 St Philip 5 Crafton V. 5 6 Pet. .727 .7110 .4:3 .455 273 Ingram Presbyterians Ingram U. 4 The Crafton U. P.

defeated the Ingram Presbyterians last evening on the Methodist grounds, 9 to 3. The features -were the pitching of Melrath for the victors and the hitting of Robertson for the losers. The neore Crafton R. H. P.

A. E. i Ingram P. R.H.P.A.E. O'Reilly 2 1 0 0 2 OiSmith 2...1 13 2 0 Sln 1 2 0 0 O.Farrar m.

1 0 1 0 0 Mahan m. 2 2 1 01 King p-I. 0 0 2 0 0 Swetl 1.1 2 10 0 llRob't'n s-p 1 2 2 0 2 Scott 3 2 10 3 OBoyd 0 16 11 Hann'm If 0 0 0 0 0 Hennes'y 3 0 0 0 2 2 Boyle 0 1 10 0 0 0 3 (l Hancock 1 0 0 1 OiHuff 0 1 0 0 0 M'Grath pi 1 0 2 OiWIse 0 2 2 1 0 Dunn 2... 0 0 0 0 tf Bord'g 0 0 0 0 0 9 9 21 8 Totals 3 7 21 11 6 Boeckel's bounder, but Tierney had to throw from nn awkward position and his wide chuck eluded Grimm just long- enough to open the path to the plate for Powell. The Braves were through for the day with that tally.

Barnhart started things a-hummin' for the Oaklandexs in the second. The thirdsacker with the quiet mien but noisy bat clubbed a double to right center. Tiertiey moved him along- to third on an infield out and Johnny Mokan rapped a pretty hit to center which scored Barnhart. The Victorious Fourth. Goock, Maranville and Carey merged their resources to give the Pirates a big- advantage in the fourth An excusable error by Walter Holke was injected among the hits and it helped to swell the run total.

After Grimm had been flagged on a STALLINGS IN TOWN RUMOR HE'S TO PILOT I BUCS PROVES FALSE I 'TP HE presence of George Stal- I jj 1 lings, former manager of the Miracle Braves, and at pres- 1 I ent manager and part owner of the Rochester club of the Inter- I national League, in Pittsburgh yes- terday gave rise to wilj rumors that he was to manage the Pi- I rates. The tip also was out in I Boston, a query on the matter reaching The Gazette Times from 1 i a score of correspondents in the i Hub. It developed, however, that Stal- lings merely came here to nego- t.rt. nun Liie i-iraies for some talent for his Rochester club. illmi, long ball, Gooeh walked.

bounder was hauled in by Holke who tried for a force play. His chuck to Ford was wide and the ball rolled into left field as Gooch breezed along to third. Rabbit followed with a sharp single to left, scoring Gooch, and Carey lifted the fans up from their seats with a three-bagger to left center, scoring Rabbit and Cooper. The Pirates added one in the seventh, partly on account of loose play. They bunched hits with a base on balls to Carey and Scooper's steal to score a run in the eighth.

Rube Marquard started the game for the Braves and was going along well when the Pirates broke out in the fourth. Recruit Lansing replaced him, but the youngster lost his control in the sixth and Joe Oeschger was rushed to the scene. Joe fin ished for the Braves. Lafrobe Victorious T.ATKOliE, July H. (Special.) A-trnbe tonight enied the winning streak of the West Newton Independents, defeating them, 7 to 3.

The feature of the (tame wxa a home run by Kellly, the local pitcher. O'Toole made three spectacular catches in right field. The score: Litrobe K.H.P.A.E! V. -Newt'n lt.H.P.A.E O'Shea If I f)'Txle r. 0 M'Glnnis 2 1 lieilly 1 Mike 1...

2 Diivin 0 Joyce 0 PrHr.n's 1 Lynch 0 Motto 1 1 1 0 Kotono 3.. 1 1 1 3 0 0'Koroly m. 0 1 114 VMyerB 0 1 4 10 OlTaylor 1 1 0 2 14 0 1 Boea 1 1 2 2 0 e' I.inaauer 20 12 2 2 7 0 Koark 1... 0 0 10 0 0 OlLutz 0 0 5 0 0 0 OiL'ga ker 0 0 0 110 Totals. 11 27 13 2 3 6 24 IS iatrole 0 11 2 3 1 0 I 0 7 Newton 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 1 03 Two-base hiu MoGinnfs.

Motto, Davin 2. Three-baas hit Joyce. Stolen bases McGin-nia. Lynch. Double play Mike tunassistdl.

P-ae on balls Oft Retlly 2. otf lxneanecker 2. Miruek out Uy Reilly 3, by Longam-eker 1. Hit by pitcher Joyce. Passed ball Luti.

L'mpire Wall. Keystones Win The Pittsburgh Keystones defeated the Cuban Stars last evening on the former's grounds. 9 to 7. Th pcore: OXXEAl'T LAKK, July 11 I Tho Konne-Yaut Indian trap shooting tournament was ton eluded here today when the singles target and handicap championships were staged. Harry G.

Gillespie Butler, known as Chief Store-em-up won the single target title with score of out of 100 iind Albert 1 Kroch'e of Cleveland, known as Chief Speed, won the handicap contest breaking 9t from 23 yards. In th single target contest the high chief of fhe tribe. John F. Mallory of Wa terford, tied Gillespie, but the Butler county shooter defeated his chief in the shoot-off, 19-18. The shooters failed to make the high scores they turned in during the week, which was probably due to tho strain and shifting winds.

The handicap championship was in doubt right up to the last squad, which included the popular Western Pennsylvania sportsman, "William Munn of New Castle, llunn had a chance to defeat Kroehle when he started his last event, but he missed two targets in 20, which gave him a total of tying Vic Snyder of Cleveland. The high average title on 550 targets was won by Kroehle. The Cleve land shooter broke 534. Of the Pitts burgh shooter, William A. Lauer of the Wilkinsburg Gun Club, made th-? best showing in the high average race, finishing fourth with 524 out of 550.

The visitors' handicap championship was won by Snyder of Cleveland and Richard Conrad of the Herron Mill Gun Club. Pittsburgh won the visitors' high average trophy. The squad to turn in the only perfect score for the week included Thomas W. McCoy, Gib Marsh. G.

C. Bisel. A. H. King, all of Pittsburgh, and Perry Remy of Indianapolis.

On Thursday they turned in 100 straight. The long ruD trophy was won by Sam Landis of Erie. 12S, on Thursday. Nearly all the tribesmen started for their homos tonight. The class winners in the Konne-Yaut championship were: Konne-Yaut trophy II.

G. Giil. spie, 9S. Class A H. G.

Gillespie and J. V. Mallory, 9S each: J- D. Kliiott and J. E.

Vancise, 97 each; Joe Tummell. R. Kwalt, B. R. Barder.

A. J. Stancliffe, 06 each. Duke Qaifs Tank; Calls Weissmuller His Master LOS AXGELES, July 14 Iiuke' Kahanameku, Hawaiian swimmer, announced here today he i througrb with competitive "For that matter," continued, "I have betr through with it for p. year.

talk about a meeting be tween Johnny Weissmuller and my self to settle the matter of supre macy foolish. He is tho greatest swimmer tbe world has ever s-en." Oscar niript, the nuke's munn- fet r. Edded: "The l.mke hiniseit iias timed Weissmuller in 52 1-5 seconds for the 100-yards in practice at. Honolulu, and knows just what r.e can do. Tht Iiuko will always iu able do what be is doing no'T swim 5 or 1 10 yards anyL-ixly except a world's champion, and without a day of

Hut he ha no intention to compete with this Weissmuller, who is 15 years his junior and vn--, the I)like acknowledge, is tbe finest swimmer be has ever seen." Negro Industrial League- STAXPTN'3 OF THE CLUBS. V.L.Petl W.LPrt. Ft Pitt 4 1 2 3 .500 Duqueane A 3 1 2 4 .3.14 Wemco 4 2 1 4 CoraopoUs 4 3 .572 Betvon 1 5 .167 At a hearing on protest We-lnesday night it was decided that the Carneitie-Loekhatdt (tame of July waa Uleg-al. The lirst game between Carnrjtle and Wooiilawn July 4 was also declared illegal. CnrncRle and Loek-hardt meet twlay and the managers have wgreed to play the fcamo off then.

RACING APPEARS ON 9TH PAGE Crafton T'. P. Inpram Pres. Two-na hits- 4 0 0 0 1 0 4 9 0 0 0 1 2 0 0 3 -Robertsan, Boyd. Three-Stolen bases Smith 2.

Ma-on balls OfT King 2. Struck by McGrath 12. empire base hit Scott. ban. Scott.

Base out By Kins Beggs Snyder. Homestead The Lesion SA. C. defeated the Sokols. 2 to in a Homestead Twilight League game at West Field.

Straka pitched a line game for Legion, while Regon also was effective. The score: one of the most remark able exhibitions of g-olf ever witnessed here. Max R. Marston the Merion Cricket Club of Philadelphia, yesterday afternoon retained his tjtle when he defeated Georg-e A. the veteran Oakmont Country player, in the final roynd of the Pennsylvania amateur STolf championship tournament over the links of the Allegheny Country -CJub at Sewickley triumphed without encountering serious opposition, the match terminating with a score 6 and 5.

The Utlehclder virtually surmounted the one big obstacle which remained in his path to retain the championship crown in the morning, len he defeated "William C. Fownes, the former national amateur champion and captain of the American "Walker Cup team, in the semi finals. 2 and 1, This proved to be the big match of the tournament and the large gallery which trudged after the players was tjhrilled by the remarkable exhibition given by both players. 1 Marston played phenomenal 'golf Against Fownes. establishing a course record in competition when be shot a His playing on the return journey, when he shot a '30.

live strokes tinder par, was nothing short of remarkable. Fownes played better than par golf himself, but this did not On the inward journey Mar3ton three 2s, one on the tenth hole, another on the fourteenth and th.4 laa one on the sixteenth. Mis only por hole was the long tirteenth, wkfch cost him a 6, one above the par Havre Tree Impede Progress. Marston's long brassie tshnf struck the branches of a tree which borders the fairway, causing the Alight of the ball to be stopped, and it landed in a deep gulley. But for this bad break the champion would have broken 30 for the last nine holes.

his two rounds yesterday against Fownes In the morning and Ormiston in the afternoon, Marston was live strokes under par. iOren though he went down to de-teat, Fownes demonstrated that he is one of the finest amateur golfers in America despite his advancing years. Htf'was pitted against a top-notcher, wit yesterday rose to his greatest heights. What won for Marston was his put- I ting. He missed only one putt all iay, and was sinking the long ones itropi all corners of the green.

It was tffTthree 2s that Marston made which "were the heartbreakers for Fownes. The latter achieved par figures In all of the holes where these were made, but still he lost on them. Fownes Downed at No. 17. If Fownes put forth a plCky flght against wha: appeared to be overwhelming odds.

Despite Mars, toll's remarkable playing, he kept right at his heels, and even on the seventeenth hole he made a valiant eflrt to stave off the tide of defeat. Fownes putts were stopping in front of the cup while Marston's were going down. On the seventeenth hole, when Marston had the match dormie, Fownes tried hard for a win on this hole, which would bave given him another respit He had a long 20-foot putt for a birdie 3 and a win on this1 green? but Ms ball less than an inch away- from the cup. Marston had a 19-foot putt to make for a half. In putting, he caromed his ball off Fownes' ball, sinking it.

Had Fownes' putt not been so close to the cup, the ball would not have gone down. aM it was a break for him. This ended one of the most stubbornly contested matches ever witnessed hre. Some of fownes' friends were inclined to think that he was the victim of the "3inx of the golf links the winning of the medal in 'lie qualifying Fownes was the medalist on Wednesday, and they say a medalist never wins a championship. This has been disproved often, but Fownes played one of the finest matches of long and illustrious career on tbe links, and still he lost out.

Putter Attract Gallery. t'fhe ptitter which was used by liar-sin attracted much attention in the gallery. Tt is one of the potato masher style, which was first intro- duced In this country by Chick Evans. Tt Is unorthodox, but nevertheless Marston secured results with it yes- match acainst Marston in the final. Ormiston did not play up to his usual form.

Even had he been playing his came, it is doubtful that he could have won. as Marston was pitying almost unbeatable golf. Against Ormiston Marston shot a 35 for the outward journey, two strokes unden par. There was nothing freakish about this achievement, for he hnd disastrous on me lourtn noie uaiap- three putts, while on the sixth hole he was laid a dead stymie, which oat him a stroke. But for these additional strokes on the two holes.

have shot a 32 for the first nfne. There was little wonder that Oraiiston did not win a sinKle hole. The Philadelphia player stood 6 up at the turn. On the inward journey Ormiston succeeded in pulling himself to-trether, and halved all four holes, bnt the match ended on the thirteenth green when this hole was halved in 4. Marston was hitting a terrific tee shot and for the most part was straight, down th' course.

There were times that he wm in trouble, but playing out of traps JhJ not annoy him, for he could piay fct of the stand with as much effective- TTeh as he could from out on the T. When got in the rough he lespie, "i-yard, S4: J. Johnston. 3S-yard. Kwalt, 21-yani.

S8; A. 11. King. 21-yard. Ijuer.

21-yard. Rraddock. 21-yard. J. I.

Kliiott 21-yard. (H; Kutnmell. Si; J. F. Mallory, at-ynrd, tl; Stanelirre, ail.

yard, D3: A. Hlce, V. Snyder, 20-yard. S3; F. Mellon.

KVyard, Helns, LO-yard. 82; G. E. tlurus, -yard, Kline 20-yanl, 89; (illliland. SO-yarJ, S3: 31-yard.

Halllnall, 2rt-yard, l0-yard, tl; Parker, )-yarJ. S3; Marsh, Vancise, dred, 20-yard, S7: In1is. l-yard. 20-yard. ST: ln1is.

m-yrj. Weekn. 19-yard. SS: W. L.

Sherman. 111-yard t'arpenter. ID-yard. S7: H. Onnnell.

19-yard, f4; Gunnison. 18-yard, fcS; 'MeOoy. l-yard. hS; Bisel, IS-yard. K3 J.

P. flier- man, 18-yard, 81; Kord IS-yard, rad. 17-yard, 87; F. U. Telllna-.

17-yard. J. A. Sword, 17-yard. S6; Corneliua, 17-yard.

87; Keck, S4; Johns, Mm. C. fc. Pike. 16-yard, Geo net H.

Brown, lfi-yard, tl Weliand, 20-yard. Croaaley. 30-yard, (1 I.MUO;nlter, 20-yard, 6l Nunn, u-yard, 96. The Konne-Vaut championship acorea fol low; J. F.

Mallory. 9S: A. J. Rtanclllta. S.

I.undis, 87: (Junnliwn, C. A. Rice' 93; K. C. Eldred, K7; K.

Conrad, V. Snyder, 3: V. N. Nunn. t4; y.

H. Mellon. 84: V. R. Rnrder, P.

B. Heine. K. K. Kroehle.

SS; R. N. Ewelt. fci; F. H.

Waeka. 64; E. Hums. 91; F. D.

TeUlnf. to; W. Klein. 91; M. K.

Gilliland. 92: M. I. Albaush. 89: T.

W. McCoy, 8n; Gibbons, 93; U. C. Biael, hi; A. H.

Kin 93; Perry Ketny, 87; J. A. C. Sword. 86; W.

L. Sherman, 9u; J. P. Sherman, Hi; Mrs. J.

P. Sherman. S9; J. A. Halliium.

tU; W. A. t'or- nelius. J. D.

Elliott. 87; Joseph Keck. W. H. Ford.

L. C. Johns. 48: A F. Welganri.

SO; 11. G. Glllei-ple. 98; w. A.

Lauer. S4; J. AV. Napier. 9-; Braddoek.

9.1; J. C. Garland. G. K.

Painter. Croaaley, N4; 'Holeomli. Contiall. 93; C. E.

Ss; aneiae. 97: Lautena.airer. Jne Kummell. Wi; M. Hawkins 97: Limbach, 91; Mrs.

C. H. I'lke. S3: VV'. (1 arker, 87; J.

R. Johnston, 80: u. li. llrown. ('arpenter.

67. lYofeaalonala. FuIfonWeinert Fight Real Battle in Training iVKVVAUK, July 14 (Special.) A workout between Kred l-'ulton. the Rochester plasterer. and Chariev Weinert, Newark heavy weiarht.

ended in a real at O'Urlen'a frymna-sium here today. Weinert came out of it with a badly-discolored rlg-ht eye, while Fulton received a Rash ever the left eye that required three stitches. Alter sparring for the period of a round Fulton knocked Weinert a head back with un uppercut, and Charley, waxing tore iiUo Kred In earnest, and thereafter proceeded a battle which lasted until Fulton sustained the pash over hla eye. Weinert was training- for his tight with Alaitin Hurke, while Kullon boxes Bob Itoper here next Monday night. KnepperVon Elm Reach ransMississippi Final OMAHA.

July 14. (A. I'.) Ueorpe von Kim, present champion, and Kudy Knepper, Iowa champion, entered the final of the trnnpniiasistslppt tournament today hy eaay defeats of V. J. Foye of Onialia and Alex Kansas champion, respectively.

Von Kim ended his match In trie eipnth hole of the afternoon round. 11 up and IV to piny. Kneppers matn finished on the eleventh hole, 8 and one neuner piayer was pusned tn winning, both played flawless Rolf ir. trie morning- rounds, Knepper taking a par lor the 18 holes and Von Kim cuttinpr two strokes rrom that score. The two men hava never met In a' tournament match. year Knepper was runner-up to Chick livans in the Western tournament and this year Von Kim loftt to the Chicago crack in the final. Legion R.H.P.A.E.tSoliol R.H.I'.A.E. Begandy 3 9 0 1 4 OiHivlc 2... I 0 1 1 1 Strecker 1 1 2 Ftoger 8 0 1 0 0 Smith m. 0 1 0 (TRozsany 3.

0 1 0 3 0 Sumner 1.1 2 7 0 0 UU'lukas If 0 1 2 1 0 Bolls 0 2 3 0 OTtieda 0 1 0 I 0 Joyce 0 14 1 "IWaine 1... 0 14 0 0 Host 0 10 0- v'ch 0 0 0 0 0 Dsvis 2... 0 12 0 (1 lnik c. 0 0 12 0 0 Straka 0 1 1 1 0'Regon 0 1 1 0 0 Najeski 0 0 0 0 0- Shaw 0 0 0 0 Oj 2 9 21 7 Total 1 5 31 6 1 ton assumed the lead on the fir It when Fownes sliced his tee shot while Marston had a line drive. Jn playinjr his approach shot Fowne was stymied by a tree.

To reach the green Kownes had to play a lotting shot, as a low run-iip wotiiit have causrht the traps which ifaard the screen. There was i nly one thmr that Fownes could do. and that was whale away at his shot and send his ball through the branches of the tre trust to luck. But late was unkind to him. the Branches stopping the ball's flight.

The ball feil short ot the green in front of the rraps. Marston was quick to take advantage of the opportunity and pitched onto the green and won the hole in 4-5. Fownes promptly squared it on the sixth hole when he won it with a par 5 to Marston's 6. The latt-r missed a comparatively easy putt less than two feet long, the only negotiable putt he missed during the match. Both had long drives going to the seventh hole, but Fownes' run-up shot did not have any cut on it.

and after landing on the green it bounded into a trap, aiarsion had a beautiful ap-i proach to the green and was lit feet from the pin. Fownes had a fine chip shot out of the grassy lie back of the bunker and he got a par 4 out of it and the hole was halved. Marston Falls Back. Fownes went to fhe front on the front on the ninth hole when he got a birdie 4 to Marston's par 5. Fownes' medal score for the outward journey was par 37 to Marston's 3S.

The latter promptly squared the match on the tenth hole with a birdie Z. Both were on the green with their iron shots, but Marston ran down a 15-footer, whila Fownes missed a longer one by a scant margin. They halved the eleventh hole in par 4. Marston out-drove Fownes going to the long twelfth hole. Playing the odd, Fownes hit a long brassie shot, but it was off direction and caught a trap.

Marston laid his long iron shot on th green and he won the hole when Fownes failed to lay his shot out of the trap close enough to enable him to hole out. Marston was now 1 up. It looked as if Fownes might square the match here, as Marston pulled his long tee snot going the fourteenth hole into the deep rough, while Fownes had a fine shot, being to the left of the green. Marston had a remarkable shot out of trouble, laying his ball close up to the pin, and instead of get ting a win out of it, Fownes was for tunate getting a half on a birdie 3 on the hole. Marston had a beautiful iron shot going to the fourteenth hole, stopping his ball two feet from the pin.

Fownes pressed his shot and pulled into the deep rough. The ball was lost and could not be found after a five-minute search and under the rules the hole was lost. Marston sank a two-foot putt for his birdie t. making him 2 up. Fownes displayed his fifrhtins spirit when, goin to the.

fifteenth trule, he outdrove Marston by fully 30 yards. The latter hit a nice brassie shot, but it hit a tree and landed in the deep gully. Fownes availed himself of the opening and played a long brassie shot and was home in three shots. Marston, after playing out of the gully, took four shots to get there. Fcwnes won the hole with a par 3 to Marston's 6.

Marston's lead was reduced to 1 up. The friends of Fownes were cheered when he played a beautiful drive to the green on the sixteenth hole. The ball was 20 feet from the pin. Marston outdrove him and laid his. ball inside that of Fownes.

Fownes missed his long putt and Marston then sank his 2. making him 2 up ayain. Marston did not have a very loner tee shot going to the seventeenth hole and Fownes outdrove him by 2r yards. Marfton failed to reach the green playing a brassie shot, while Fownes had a Ions: iron shot. wnich lanaed 2a reet from the cup.

Marston's chip shot ran past the pin, stopping 10 feet away. Fownes triei hard fur his tirdie 3 and a win. but the ball, after rolling- straight for the cup, suddenly curved off. stopping less than an inch away. The ball was so close that it made Marston's 10-footer easy, and in puttimr he caromed his ball off that of Fownes.

sinking it. This save him the match, thus ending one of the most brilliant contests ever witnessed here. The cards were: Fownes. out r. 4 3 4 5 4 3 37 In 3 4 5 5 3 4 4 4 Marston.

out 34344643 5 3 It 24432 6 2 4 3 30 Lost bull. Ormiston Upsets Dope. George A. Oakmont, created a surprise in the semi-finals when he defeated W. A.

Lowrie, Shan-nopin Country Club. 4 and 3. The latter was expected to win this match. Lowrie. who Is a former Princeton golfer, had been playing fine golf throughout the tournament, and he was the favorite to advance to the final.

While Lowrie was floundering around on the greens and could not get his putts to go down, Ormiston assumed the lead early in the match and was never headed. The cards were i OrmiBton out 4 5 4 4 4 5 4 3 437 In 3 4 5 4 3 5 Lowrie. out 53343(44 39 In 4 4 4 4 3 6 Robert A. Lyne, the Western Pennsylvania amateur champion, was the winner in the consolation flight of the championship sixteen, playing against J. is.

nose oi the home ciud. The latter stood 2 up and 3 to go, but Lyne staged a rally and won three holes in succession, giving him the match, 1 up. Richard C. Long, Htanton Heights, was on his game and won out in the second sixteen when he defeated James W. in the final.

4 and 3. It was the first time that Long failed to qualify for the first sixteen in a tourna her in years, but he happened to have an off Jay in the qualifying round and fell by the wayside. K. V. Semans, Uniontown, won his first orize in a tournament when he defeated John It.

Maxwell. Merion Cricket Club, in the finals in the third sixteen. 1 up. This was a well-played mntch. J.

Dilworth, in the lourth sixteen, clashed with J. C. Brandon. Butler, in the final and won out after a warm match which ended 1 up. ril-worth is a hifrher fliKht player, but like some of the other rood players, was off form In the qualifying round.

Credit for the success of the tournament is Riven to A. K. Oliver, the retiring president of the Pennsylvania Clolf Association: John C. ri-worth. the secretary and treasurer, and the committee in charsre.

There was not a hitch during- the entire tournament. Next year the tournament will be played in 1'hiladelphia. The summary: CHAMPIONSHIP FLIGHT. Semi-finals tJeore A. Ormiston defeated W.

A. Lowrie, 4 and Max It. Marston defeated William t. Fownes, Jr. 2 and 1.

Final Marston defeated Ormiston, and 5. BEATEN EIGHT. R. A. J.yne deft-ated Robert G.

Morrison. 1 up J. H. Rose defeated A. W.

Herron. 3 and 2. SECOND SIXTEEN. Scml-finais Richard Long defeated A. H.

Maxwell. 5 and 4 J. W. Crooksston defeated F. H.

Darrah, 5 and Finals Ixmi defeated Crookston. 3 and 4. BEATEN EIGHT. Semi-finals ft. Kampmann won by default from Wright McClure: H.

if. Pearce defeated R. L. Murphy, 2 and 1. Final Kampmann defeated Pearce, 7 and 6.

THIP.D SIXTEEN. Semi-finals E. W. Semans defeated William Callery. and J.

K. Maxwell defeated K. C. Whatley, 2 and 1. Final Semans defeated Maxwell, 1 up.

BEATEN EIGHT. Semi-finals T. McK Graham defeated M. J. Scammell, 1 up D.

A- is C. IBt Axsocmtsd Pisess to Cazbtt Times. 1 ROrJllAMPTO.V. ENGLAND. July 14.

J. o. Anderson, Australian tennis star, defeated K. Ardelt of Czechoslovakia, 7-5. 6-4.

6-4. in the Australian-Czecho-Slovakia preliminaries for the "Davis Cup today. In the other singles match today, Gerald Patterson, Australia, defeated K. Rohrer, Czecho-SIovakia, 6-1, 6-3, 3-6, 6-2. BRISTOL, ENGLAND, July 14 (A.

India won the doubles match in the Spanish-India preliminaries for the Davis Cup here today. A. A Fyzee and R. Ramaswami, India, defeated Count De Gemar and Eduardo Flaquier, Spain, in a hotly contested five-set match, 3-6, 7-5, 11-9, 8-10, fr-4. Spain won the two singles matches yesterday, and in order to win, India must take the two remaining singles matches.

Black Leads In First Open Title Round Continued from lTecedinu Page 5443444S 6 4J-74 Afternoon Out In 3 4 4 6 4 3 4 4 4 4 3 436 3 39 7i -149 Jesse Guilford, the national amateur champion, scored 131, with nothing spectacular or meaiocre. Morning Out 5 3 5 3 4 In 4 4 5 4 4 4 His score 3 5 438 5 4 Afternoon Out 4 3445444 333 In 4 4 4 i 4 4 5 5 5-3974131 Willie Hunter, the former British amateur champion, had duplicate rounds of 75 for 150. as follows: Morning ut In Afternoon-Out In 1 i I 337 354434S5 3S 75 4343543 36 35J33443 53975130 Johnny Farrell, the promising young Quaker Ridge pro, had 73-76-149. Em-mett French, the Youngstown pro and international team captain, is still in the running with this s-ore Morning Out 4 4 r. 4 5 3 5 3 3S In 3 5 433345 38 7i Afternoon Out 4354 5 434 3-34 In j.

5 5 4 4 4 5 4 5 4 4074130 Jock Hutchison, the former British champion, spent a most unhappy morn ing trying to get his snots going. ile took a discouraging 42 going out, through some rather wild shooting for a golfer of Jock's caliber. He came horn well, however, until he reached the seventeenth hole, when he sliced a tee shot and followed this with a sliced iron to the rough. He got out well to within holing distance and then missed his putt, while a straggling spectator walked behind him as he played. Jock, who was nervous all morning, promptly told the offender that "he should know better than to walk behind a man who was He followed this with a 5 at the home hole and looked very much like a man out of it.

since Hagen was in with a. score of 10 strokes under Jock. In the) afternoon Jock went to his work with a determination and cut eight strokes off the morning score for the first nine holes. It seems impossible that tnere could be eight strokes' difference in two rounds of nine holes by a world champion. Jock Slumps Again.

Jock was now going after Hagen. and had he held to the pace he set yoinit out. he would now be right at the front and a real contender. But, alack and alas. Jock faltered and came home in a poor 41 for a 74.

His score: Aiorning Out 5 4 6 4 5 3 6 4 ti In 4 4 4 2 4 4 4 53673 Afternoon Out 4 In 5 4 4 4 5 4 3 4 333 3 5 5 4 i 74 1S2 Pittsburgh did not After Sarazen fare verv well. Kddie Towns' hole-in- one, with all its attendant publicity, seemed to unnerve the Shannopin entry and he averaged 80 for the day. Charley Row of Oakmont was even higher than Towns. Here is just how they played: Kddie Towns Morning Out 4 3 6 3 6 3 4 347 In 5 6 4 4 6 4 4 Afternoon Out ,..5 4 4 4 6 4 In 4 5 4 4 5 4 3 Charley Rowe Morning- Out 3 -4 4 4 In 4 3 6 4 4 5 Afternoon-Out 3 3 4 5 4 4 In 5 5 4 4 4 4 7 48!) 79 160 4-42 6 S3 540 ft 42- 82 1S5 Bob MacDonald, the bit? scot, had 73-76 149 and may be considered in the running, as can Eddie Loos, 75-7 151. and Harry Hampton, 76-75 151.

The big feature matches tomorrow are Walter Hacen paired with Chick Evans. Bobby Jones and George Duncan. Jock Hutchison and Harrison Johnston, Abe Mitchell and Bob Mac-Donald and Gene Sarazen and Johnny Farrell. Joe Kirkwood is paired with Jesse Guilford, while Eddie Towns froes with Cyril Walker and Charley Howe with Baumjtartner. The paid admissions to the course today amounted to .026.

and there about 1,000 passes, making a gallery cf 7.000 or Big Crowd Expected. If the weather continues fair there will be prsent tomorrow a crowd which it will be difficult to control. Today the people ran hither and yon ti5'inir to pet. a plimpse of the star players. Scattered over the course it looked as though the city of Chicago had declared a holiday.

John Black's 142 pives the bit; boys something to shoot at tomorrow. The writer looks for Hasen and Hutchison to rise to the occasion tomorrow in true championship form, while the tvvo amateurs, Jones and Evans, are playin? well enough to hold un to the end. It is a question if Barnes. Duncan or Mitchell are playing well enousrh or brilliantly enough to pass Hap n. Hutchison, too, is capable of Just this sort, of thing, and Hairen, with his (18 today, demonstrated that he is in a scoring mood.

In anv event, it is Koing: io be a preat c'imax to a crrat championship, with the possibility of a tie at the end of the 72 holes. The gallery beinK well handled, but the people are out to soo and tomorrow the marshals will have their hands full. M'INNESS BEATS MOORE. HOLYOKK, MASS. July 14.

(Special.) Barney Mclnness of Boston was awarded a decision over Johnny Moore of Ih.lvokf in a slashinir 10-round star bout here toniprht. Romeo Roche of Holyoke was awarded a decision over Kid Lee of Chelsea in the eiyht-round semi-final. Vounjf I.edoux of dvoke beat Billie Dundee of Springfield in the six-round preliminary. Christy defeated B. C.

Molse. 2 and 1. Final Chritty defeated Graham, 1 up, 19 holes. FOUETH SIXTEEN. Semi-flnuls J.

C. Dilworth defeated John M. 2 up J. C. Brandon defeated C.

C. Moyar. 3 and 2. Final Dilworth defeated Urandon, 1 UP' BEATEN EIGHT. Semi-finals T.

B. Semans defeated Borehers 4 and J. T. Lappan defeated A. Guerard, 1 up.

Final Lappan defeated Semans, 5 and 3. .1 Legion 0 1 ft 0 1 0 Soko.Ja 1 0 0 0 0 01 Two-base hit Bolls. Three-base hit Smith. Double play Straka and Sumner. Struck out By Straka 4.

by Regon 3. Vmpire Olson. California Girl Star Beaten in Tennis Final PROVIDENCE, It. July 14. A.

1'. Miss Leslie Bancroft of Boston, who held a hih place among the women tennis players of the country when Miss Helen wills of San Francisco was still a novice at the Kame. this afternoon at the Aeawam Hunt Club wrested from the youtntui Californian the title of women's champion of Rhode Island and all the silver things that bo with the honor. The score at the end of a fiercely-fought match stood 4-ti. 6-4, 6-3.

Waynesburg Wins Again WAy.VESIiL'KO. July The Waynewourg lndeen'ieritH tlilH evening won their eighth eoruweutive frame by a 5 to 3 cor over the Wahinjrton lnde-jenrtnts. Helmiek. the loeal pitcher, who is slated to sriven a tryout in the major leasaes, continued hid excellent twirling and hard hittinjr. The locals won the game with a ftrst-innlnir spurt when they made four nine The Atnii Cory Kaufmann's Two-base hits Goff, Three-has hit Smith.

Stolen bases Brtaht 2. 1 4 3 3 3 0 tl ..030001 15 Cochran 3. Creigh. Home run HasKerty. Boish 2.

Coff. IjpwIs. Kuehn. First base on bails Off Kuehn 2. off Herron 2.

Struck out By Kuehn 12, by Herron 4. Umpire Snyder. UniversaIPortIand STANDING OF THE TEAMS. VV.L.Pct V. L.

Pet oruee 4 2 Mill 3 3 .5.10 fcuctncai 3 2 ..14 GAME MONDAY. Mechanical vs. Electrical. The Mill team of the Cement League, defeated the Mechanical nine in a league. game last evening on the Uni versal grounds.

5 to 4. The features were the pitching of Boric, who struck out 10 men and the circus catch of Flasher's. The score Mill R.H.P.A.E.,Mechan. 1I.H.P.A.E. Kusha 1 Jelenik 3..

1 Kunimer 1 (Vt'vich 1 1 Prayman 2 1 Boyd 0 Llyo'th 0 Elder 0 Vabra 0. lDarr 2 0 0. Deemf 0 HI Ba uma 3... 0 0 PFiala 1 li Vichich If 1 OlFair 1 1 0i Flasher 1 0 Boric 0 1 0 0 0 2 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 4 0 8 1 0 Tota 5 6 21 6 Totals. 4 6 21 4 4 Mill 0 1 4 0 0 0 05 Mechanical 0 3 0 0 0 0 1 I Two-baso hits Deem.

Praymun. Three- base hltf icmch, Jelimm. Uaao on bails Off Boric 3. Passed ball Elder. Struck out By Valra 5, by Boric 10.

Cmpire Bain. Carnegie P. R. R. STANDING OF THE TEAMS W.L.Pct.l W.I.

Pet. Clerks Trackmen ..4 1 2 .633 Agencies ..4 3 ...3 3 ...2 6 .230 ...0 4 Shops Signal lJept MIDGET SMITH ON SHORT ND SrsciAi. Trj.ii.uM to Thh Gazette Timbk. N' EW YORK. July 14.

Frankie Cos ter of houth Brooklyn won the decision over Midget Smith. New York challenger for the bantamweight crown, in the star 12-rduml affair at Coney Island. Neither lad backed up an inch. Coster missed a few in the early rounds, but made Midget's knees sair in the third with a few well-directed richts. The seventh was Smith's best round.

Cos ter staggered Smith in the closing round with rights to the dim, Johnny Darcy of Bayonne hud the edge over Gene Delmont, the Memphis mauler in the 12-round main event at the Bayonne Athletic Association tonight. They weighed in as lightweights. Joe Center. New York middleweight, outpoinied IC O. Willie Thonison in the eight-round semi-windup.

Tills was also a well-contested affair. Hert Spencer of Brooklyn gained the decision in a tuuiih 12-round battle with Ited Cap Wilson of New York in the star event at Far lloekaway. Spencer injured hi hand on Wilson's chin in the third round but he plugged gamely away and won the tiuht. They were announced lightweights. Wiilie Herman of Patterson scored a technical knockout over Johnny -Murphy, the West Side lightweight, in the fourth round of the scheduled 10-round nominal scrap.

Young Dunn won over Johnny Pearce in a six-round preliminary- Abe Goldstein. New Vork llyweight. was awarded the decision over Johnny Grait of South Brooklyn in the In-round seini-liiml. Nick Seunlon of East New York was awarded the decision over Danny Maher of South Brooklyn, Welterweight, in a six-round scrap. August Pisano of Coney Island was awarded the decision over Hilly Hell, iirooklyn hantamweight in a fast four-round affair.

The bout scheduled nt Rockaway Beach between Hay Pryel of Home stead. and Pete Hartley was canceled. Results At ew Orleans Thompson- nattllng Owens boat postponed; rain, At Ntn York Frnnkis foster de feated MIdjaret Smith. J2 rounds; Johnny llany Gene Dei 12 rounds; Joe 4'cnter defeated K. O.

Willie Thompson. 8 rounds; Ilert iprni'fr defeated Ited Cup Wilson. 12 rounds; Willie Herman knocked out Johnnv loriiiy, 4 rounds; Yountr llunn defented Johnny IVam-, rounds; Abe f.oldsteln le-fented Johnny tarnif, IO rounds; Seanlon defeated Danny- roand.s; Auiclist 1isano defeated Hilly Hell. 1 rounds. At philndelphiu ineent l.opez nod Jack t'inrk drew.

rounds; Soldier Kntnrsky knocked vtif Joe Aletnrtj, 4 rounils. At llolyoke Hnmey Mclnness defeated Johnny lloore. I( rounds; Koelie defeated Kid, rounds; Vo-unfC l.edoujL defeated Hilly Dundee, tt rounds. Grand Circuit Has Near-Riot; Judges Quit Continued from Prrrrfing Tagre. KJaofc Bass fThomas.

Mirtrrva. b- in 3 1 by John H. tlfntry (ChtMsi 1 KfiiK r.tngen. b. hy Hinspn (Mur- ri.rnj 2 PHjrn.1.

h. hy Walter L'ircct (i'ailni 9 Daron tr. by Justice Mrooke 1 4 Harold Hale. b. li.

Itofit- Th fmaw Man and ivtr CUv'r al.o plarted. Time trot, two in ihr? iH'ats, purse is Tide, br. by Axworthy fCox 2 Fr'It-rirk K. b. bv Iowa Toiu (I'orryi 1 3 Ta ha vh wt b.

by LiiRWRh (E'im-tn 6 1 Tlimurt t. Ii rtmm Me- Di)nald 2 4 Louis riro. b. by San Fran- (Mtinihy) fi 1 1 2 2 5 .3 ro ro Bunro i'---tF-r. T'ddv pot or AS; ion, Chrlfftiei Mae, Worthy iry imU Alta Ciit Time 2:1.

2:12. RAIN PREVENTS BOUT. NEW OKtKANS. 1 The Jack Thimpstn-Hat tlintr Owens bout seiieduled here tonight was postponed to next Wednesday niffht Decause of raid. nesu'g K.H.P.A.E.i Wanh'ton It.ti.P.A.E.

M'Henrv 3 1 0 3 0 0: Dona hue ss I 1 1 2 1 Reirt I 1 2 0 olRi.lKB 2 1 1 0 4 0 Main 2 0 0 1 0 linage 0 1 0 0 0 He mick 2 2 1 2 f-iTCarroll If 0 2 3 0 0 Phillips 0 1 1 1 D'T-owerji 3.. 0 0 2 3 0 Verasco s. 2 0 2 llKok 1 1 1 11 0 0 Fisher 1.. 0 1 11 0 0 0 7 1 0 Havana 0 1 8 1 tiates 0 0 0 0 0 Tuatiu 0 0 0 0 OiHCarroll rO 0 0 0 0 Spencer 0 0 0 1 0 1 5 8 27 31 Totals 3 6 24 11 1 Cuban K.H.P.A.E. Keystones R.H.P.A.K.

1 Sierra 2... 1 2 2 2 nlflray 1 2 1 1 0 Klos 3 0 1 1 2 0 Barbour 1. 0 1 in 0 0 TJreke 1 1 3 0 1 Barn m-c 0 16 4 2 Pe.lrosa 11 2 14 0 Cl'Owens 2 1 1 0 (I Villa 0 2 0 0 0 Holt If 2 5 10 0 Pilba lf-p. 110 1 O'Williama 3 0 113 0 2 2 4 4 2 0 0 0 0 0 itisal 0 2 4 0 1 1 4 (1 Ho'gez 1 0 0 0 OiCorbett p. 0 0 0 0 0 ftoada p-lf 0 2 0 2 MrCil! 1 3 0 1 0 tjltod grez 0 0 0 0 3 0 0 0 "Totals.

7 l-r. 27 15 Totals tl 13 27 13 2 Golf Shoes vs Waynenburir 40000100 Washington 10011000 0- 3 Two-base hlt. Rirlfrff, Phillips. Three-base hit Kok. louble play Fisher Haie on halls Jft Helmick 1.

off Spencer 1. Struck out By' Helmick by Speneer 5. Umpire Church. Martins Beat Troy Hill The Martin Cluh defeated Troy Hill last niftht at Troy Hill, 7 to 3. The batting of Keljch was the feature of the game.

The "'yre: would simply taKe nis masnie nioncK I trim his bag sr.d play to the green. Marston started out by taking the i two holes. They halved the th'rci iWjIe, each taking a birdie 3. The Swirth hole was a nightmare. Marston Martin R.H.P.A.K-Troy Hill R.H.P.A.K.

Aatt'b'y 3 2 .1 2 Svveenev 0 2 1 0 0 (-onley 2.. 0 1 4 4 1 Moore 0 110 0 Dolan 1... 1 9 0 0 1 1 5 0 Tovev 3... 12 0 0 HHeirt 0 0 2 0 0 Anri'ws 1 1 4 0 IMluenther 8 0 0 0 4 0 Haher 0 4 1 3 0'Ke'sili 2.. 1 1 4 1 1 Frelsel 0 2 4 0 0: Harris 1...

0 1 11 0 0 Rose 0 0 1 0 0: Davidson 1 1 7 0 0 Lns 1110 Ojilarq'rd p. 1 1 0 5 0 Totals. 7 13 27 2' Totals 3 2T 1 1 fc Itl Tliroc Piltsbut-gh pros wore iliosn shoos in tlip Opon tliam-pionsltip at; SkoMe nl eight players wore them in the Pennsylvania State Open. One of cur prominent golfers eame bank from England with a pair of golf shoes which he said were the best shoes he had ever seen, lie asked us to duplicate them, we did. Then three or four pros and an many crack amateurs tried them out.

The news spread and we were iu receipt of orders even before the shoes were ready. These shoes are built for Golf and nothing elsr. They are not intended to look pretty around the clubhouse, altho they are handsome fihoea. The stitched holes and heels are very substantial and plentifully spiked. Around the ankles one side is a trifle lower than the other to allow comfortable pivoting.

A toe box. trivets firm stance at the top of the swinp, and the leather is the very best we can find. They are leather linod throughout, and our golfing friends tell us they are the best real Golf shoes to be had anywhere. The rrice is Fifteen Dollars. Cubans 2 2 10 0 10 0 17 Keystnne 1 2 3 0 2 0 1 0 5 Two-base hits Sierra.

Monn, Boada, Owens, Holt. MeCall. Home run Pare. Sacrifice hit Gray. Stolen bases Ireke.

Gray. Sfruck out Py RoUriee 4. bv Or- bett 2. by M. Call 4.

on balls Oft Cor- tett 1. off MeCall 1. Hit with pitched hall- Sierra, Alorin. inning- piteher Met all. lsinir pitcher Hoada.

Umpires Mont gomery. I Blair County League STANPIN'O OK THE CLUKS, w.t. vv.rpct Bell wood 5 I .3 3 HoUidayithuig .3 2 Willianjsburir .2 4 .3," Cliiysbursr 3 2 .6001 A Itoona ,...2 4 .3: Dunt-anavllle .3 2 KutF 4 .23 0 CAM ICS TODAY. Brllwfxxi nt Konrinsr Spring-B at. Hollidaysburjf Kast FrpKtom at Alt)ona.

at Wit Ma msburg. Kn competition marks thP prngrpyg of fh Blair ountv I-arue. tnree team 1m-ing; tied frr tevotil popitinn. The fHns may xpf'rt a khiti in the Roaring Spring- Uoih -laypbure1 cuah totlay thest: two nines have Len rivaiH ion many years. Tubers Beat Clarkes The National Tube nine of M-Ke9prirt ric-featet the A.

H. ClarKes. 4 to 3, at Mc-ke-mort evtnlnic. The battinu of J. 1'mtt.

an the floMing of K. 1'ratt were the features of tne iranie. Woodlnwn will be th attraction at MeKeesport today. The Ki-nrf Nat. T.

R.U. P. A. K. ICtarkea R.H.P.A.K.

Howard If 0 JTrnt' 3.. Kl'ratt I-'tr trhr 0 MeKeeta 2 M.V.fijih 1 0 Jones 2... 0 2 0 Forpythe 0 arou P- 0 Winkler 0 1 0 Oin'Toole If. 1 4 IMa'er 2.. 1 3 0 4 0 0 1 6 OiP'raon I t.

1 0 Parker 1... 1 ft 0 Oll- 0 OiKrana r-3. 0 f-fFYy 0 0'Pmith 0 Kfg'b er 0 tr.Me-haela 0 0 1 1 2 a i i i 0 A 0 0 0 4 0 0 (1 0 0 0 0 1 0 Totals 4 II 77 1 ll Totals 11 Hatted for Carson in ninth. out when winning run was arored. Clarkes 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 5 0 National Tube 1 0 0 1 14 hitK Howarri.

Parker. stolen baaee June. Krcy. I tmible plays Frey. IVinler ami Parker 2.

First bape on lail.s tiff Oarn 1. off Mlrhaels -J, off 3. Hit with pitched, bail Firm has? on errors Ntlnnul Tn'te 2. Sacrifice bunts i'. I'ratt, Junes, Mi-Veifrh '2, lleir.

Sa-. riliee flies on bases Tube lfi. Clarkes 7. fc-truek outBy by Michaels S. by (Juatea Umpires Mai km ana Mayoo.

atMj Ormiston twin oemg in troume irom ttM tee, and they took three shots to get Brmie. Marston took three putts, and rtrm is ton missed a golden opportunity A. -1 hun fell Hi.u nt) a tw. l.ntk It'ZMft linn irr 1 in ajston got a beautiful birdie 3 on the 4ft hole and won It, Ormiston taking st- our 4. A stymie cost Marston the IxTh hole, aa he was lyirg almost dead aw.

the cup when Ormiston laid his in-2de. Warston got another birdie 3 on the sf nth hole, Ormiston having a 4. Tkree putts on the eighth green cost Ormiston the eighth hole, Marston get-tlwt his par 3. This made the Philadelphia player 5 up. Marston made It 4 tp by winning the ninth hole In 5-6.

Marston's card for the outward Journey wa S3 to Ormlston's 41. Cominsr tn they halved the tenth in vmr 3. They both missed putts on in inleventh green and the hole was halved in a. one above par. the twelfth and thirteenth were made hy Marston and Ormiston in orthodox tbe holes beiny halved, and the match was over.

Marston win-nmr and retaining: the championship. "he cards were: fownes Only Obstacle. Mrton virtually won the cham- ninnahiD when he defeated fownes fnthe seml-tlnats. ThiB was a nip-tind-tucK affair and they started out Dy Halving the nrst four holes. Mars- A Home fellows are afraid of skidding when tliey drive with one hand unless tliey have the equipped with Knglert Coras.

Two-base hits Lang. Marquard. Home run KelHch. Ktnlen bawe f'onlfy. Iouble.

Plays Haber. Conley anil Krelael: Habpr and First base on bull Off Hrtber 4. oft Marquard 5. Sacrifice bunts Rose. Struck out Hy Haber by Marquard 7.

LopezCIark Draw PHILADELPHIA, July 14. (Special.) Vincent Lopez of Camp Dix anri Jack Clark of Allentown went eipht rounds to a draw here tonicht. Lopez used a good left jab at times, but Clark more than offset this by hard body punching whenever he worked in close to the soldier. In the semi-wlnrtup Soldier Katar-sky knocked out Joe McCarty in the fourth round. Cranwood Trots 01 KV ELAND, July 1 Ciyc! the Great, thf trotter that hnn b-n making a swpfp of his races thin yar on both mil ami talf-rnile tracks, wint riown to fWtmt at Or wrx-d.

Watt wan th- mHit that tlirt tha trifk. winning the trot in straight heats. It was the one hig upHot of th; day, rp favorit trnmpfj to victory Jn the othor three pvpnta which completed the getaway day rard. MINE SAFETY WINS. The Aline Safety Appliance Company defeated the United States Ktt-reau of Mines team on the latter KrounTis.

11 to 6. '1'he score: K. 11. 10, V. S.

2 0 0 12 0 0 i 8 3 M. S. A 1 0 0 2 11 It 2 $15.00 1 (yeruer) 249 Fifth Avwtw I i.

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