Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 22, 1931 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 22, 1931
Page 9
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2950 PAPERS Printed Last Week largest circulation by far In Kossnth. CTADC WHBlr 10IT o I Ur u Vh ! 8 ls *** not keeft mnliif jrtU gave yotittttlMater* mbamMMOtt »f _ the paper y«ni"«a* «o> wh«« »•« *«a» II ltt»* ped. Volume 31 ALGONA, IOWA, OCTOBER 22, 1931 of ancient mold, ^r 'twas when it I ALGONA LOSES TO MASON CITY ACADEMY darn „ a It, now that Its wavering and bearings Btts Jt dally r had it but been a H would have been, in bet, r shape. •••;.. TM n comes a salesman with a I which, though ;he^ loved, jet fallred a newer, better boat he got. me all upset, in- so I bought, turned Mn, my K and now I drive a Chrys,' , t needs must . scratch , by the pedk to ;'pay or I'll in a f'x- •_. „ d, creditors are?on-my trail, ' WCh my every 'move and „• it matters not how much I for now they, too, to me ALGONA DROPS SUNDAY GAME WITH FUMBLES The Mason City academy team'de- feated St. Cecelia's academy on the locfil field Sunday afternoon 6-0 in a game featured by fumbles and erratic playing by both-, teams. The Algonians were unable to get going, and Mason City, able to gain almost at will in miclfield,' Was able to push over only one touchdown against the stubborn resistance of Mystery Surrounds Finding of Spencer Boy's Body in Cellar sn 'tis they chase me here and jn I know not whither I would kirn they seem to think I'm iade of mon, or spend it faster wn I earn. frhe grocer, and the butcher, x, as well as he who peddles ,llit all dally urge that I come fcru! then all would be as fine t/straightway place my Roman end • >ee to grindstone, thus begin whet, to hack away, how ..dness knows,.at this and that rf sundry debt. [When sun arises in the east puts to rout the morning and shining rays dissolve ''mist while daily, grind is illng you; I've started my my's work betimes, ihave sweat- Id, and with muscles,.tense, have lined already seven :dimes by .etthig. early to my bench. 1 1 grind away with • vim and each day 'between the thistle's blow, I never falter, j my step to get for credit,,„ their dough. : And so It Is I'm digging hard j pay for sundry Chrysler boat, ^d i am telling you, old pad, [hat it has almost got my goat. o—o HEWS ITEM — The'co-ed with her cigaret Is one of the'worst .8 hazards In Iowa City, Fire Chief fcish reported Monday. "She's al- tosslng her cigaret in waste ,.- baskets," said the chief, "and ting fires thereby." ACCORDING to Rastus, • yo is." I'm clinching another ; against the sweet ones Joking. Not that it'll do any good, they'll smoke, whether or no, letimes until they become grand- -Jiers. But something ought to [done about Iowa City's co-eds en- igering property. Perhaps had i been brought out during Vern shall's investigation wo could ,.j arranged for the legislature to f something which might cut down b insurance rates- on our univer- • buildings. .But now—shucks, respecting daily 1 to be advised Kb*'whole school plant Is afire ise sqme sweet; young thing I to stamp out her cigaret with mart stomp. "••', • I'M IN <FAVORof the state uildlng a smoke-house on the niversity campus, A house jrtiere the girls may hie them- lelves when they feel the crav- \S need of a puff. A place toich should be absolutely fire jproof — cement floors, walls, ngs, asbestos furniture, steel poors and window sashes. Pro- Vide the co-eds with asbestos noking gowns, gloves and lasks, and let them enjoy an fcrgy of cigaret puiffing without ' mger to themselves, the build- gs or the school. the Algonians when was threatened. the goal line Algona kicked off to the 35-yard line. Mason City made seven yards, norm or me spencer ineaire then fumbled and Algona recovered B o'clock Tuesday afternoon. on the 40-yd line. Algona made three "- '-- J ' —'—'— *— yards In two attempts, lost four In another play, and punted to the eight-yard line. Mason City made nine yards on two plays, and then broke away for a 40-yard run around id. On the next play a pass was intercepted by Algona on the 2'2-yard line. Algona immediately punted to the Mason City 45-yard line. Mason City made five on the first play, and then the end run play was good for another 40-yard run, placing the ball on the Algona 20-yard line. Three plays made first down on the 10-yard line. Four more plays only netted Mason City six yards, and Algona, got the 'ball on downs on the 4-yard line as the first quartet ended. Mason City Scores on Smash. Algona punted to open the second period, and the Mason City receiver brought the ball back to .the Al gona Ui9-yard line. Four plays tool the ball to within six inches of the goal, and a smash put it over. The kick was good for the extra point, but both teams were offsides, the ball was called back, and the Mason Mystery surrounds the death of Morris Battln, 13-year-old boy at Spencer, who was found dead In the basement of the lire ruins of a building burned In the fire last summer. The Spencer News-Herald suggests foul play in a streamer headlined story, parts of which follow: Norris Battln, 13-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Battin, of Spencer, was found dead at the foot of an open stair hole in the basement of the fire ruins of the Floete-Cornwall building on Main street just north of the Spencer theatre about B o'clock Tuesday afternoon. The youth had been missing from his home since Sunday night and his parents and the police had been searching for him. When found he appeared to have been dead about .wo days. Cause of Death Unknown. Failure of an examining physician to determine a definite cause of the boy's death, the absence of broken bones or definite fractures skull, and the fact that Cityans had to try over. The sec ond attempt was a pass, which an Algonian knocked down. Algona took the kick-off on the 30-yard line, and on the first play Algona muffed the ball, and Mason City recovered in the Algona 15- yard line. Three plays made five yards, but Mason City was penalized 15 yards for tripping. A pass failed, and Algona got the ball on downs on the 22-yard line. Algona made five yards in three attempts as of the serious wounds or marks about the body o: face were not present have contrib Uted an element of mystery to th' facts surrounding the case. Definite information that th Bettln boy was seen in the compan of two "jungle"' boys, given to liv Ing with hoboes In the hobo cam along the river 'banks, just prior t the estimated time of his deat Sunday night has led to a theor that these youths may know some thing of the circumstances that pro ceded his death. The two boys have disappeared, not having been seen since Sunday night, and police are attempting to locate them. Another theory is that the Bettin boy may have fallen into the hole that the Battln boy remained nut- side with two tough youths slightly older than himself. Although the "jungle pair" had been frequenters of the alleys and streets about the business district of Spencer for some time before Sunday night, they have not been een nor hoard of since. They were 1st seen with the Battin boy in ront of the theater a few yards rom the yawning pit from which- he dead youth's body . was raised t dusk Tuesday. EDDIE SIFERT SHOWS. TRICKS TO KIWANIANS - Eddie Sifert entertained the Ki-J wanis club last Thursday noon with an exhibition of his acrobatics, which have held a place on vaudeville and tree attraction stages for Eddie for seven years. He was dressed in a skin tight brown suit like a zulu, and a wig of bushy black hair completed the costume. His tricks were similar to those he per or may have slipped while climbing into it. A basal fracture of the skull is believed to be the cause of death but the physician who -examined the body stated that a basal fracture would cause the-nose and mouth to bleed and could cause the discoloration of the eyes. He was doubtful, however, that a basal fracture would cause quick death, although he the first half ended. Algona kicked off to the Mason ./vifcjwiitii *»»i-••*-** —— - — City 35-yard line. Two Plays, made only two yards, but a Mason City pass was nabbed for 19 yards, taking the ball to the Algona 40-yard line. Mason City lost two yards on a fumble, then made 11 yards. On the next play Mason City was tossed for a yard loss, but the fourth clown was good tor five yards and a first down. Mason City was penalized five yards for having only six men on the scrimmage line. The I GAIN IT MIGHT , be well to 'provide the co-ejis', rooms with jfe paper baskets inade of cement. M|'8 » perfectly/fire proof mater- .Make the baskets ornamental • well as useful, And heavy enough like girls couldn't kick 'em around place. Cement urn sort of a trt. These cement baskets could placed at various points about I buildings, handy for the disdain- 'flip of a cigaret butt from a -'Uully manicured hand of a i young co-ed /who is just now •*-": from that phaae of human -,-j* that proves to herself k it's smart to smoke. men on m<= =>••" ~=- ... _,, next play was good for eight, ana another-added-two.. A fumble was recovered for no gain, and Algona received the ball on downs on the 19-yard line. • Four Fumbles In a Bow. Algona made seven, added two, and then four for a first down. An offsides penalty gave Algona five m or e yards, and another penalty .for talking by a substitute added 16 yards for Algona. Algona then made nine yards in two plays, and turn, bled Mason City recovered on the 45 yard line, and in turn fumbled, and Algona recovered. Then an Al stated a fracture of this type might cause unconsciousness from which death might result over a period of time without the victim regaining consciousness. He also told the authorities that it was not impossible that a hard blow to the jaw might have caused an inner fracture of the base of the skull. A blow to the back of the head at the neck might do the same he said. Blows Might Have Killed. This information again gave rise" to the theory that something more sinister than a fall might have preceded the death of the boy in the formed on the streets here for years, but are more difficult now than then. In one of then Eddie lies face down on the floor,, and then raises his legs upward and back, then over till he locks his toes biick of his head. His body, bent in a sharp curve backward, rests on his chest. Then he puts both palms on the floor, and raises himself straight up-' ward by his arms, with his , feet still behind his head. He has other similar tricks. Eddie is to join his •show troupe in California in the near future. SMALL BOYS FORCED TO RUN THROUGH STREET SANS PANTS Boy hoodlums have been causing embarrasing moments for smaller boys at Fairmont, acordlng to the Rlngsted Dispatch. The larger boys catch the smaller, then' tear off his pants and force him to walk down one of the main streets. The small boy manages to get a block or so, and then hikes for home at full speed to the amusement of the older boys. The authorities have taken a hand in the, matter, and several ap plications of a razor, strop and.-b.leki' ory switches to the older boys have convinced them that there was really little fun in the affair after all. TRI-MOTOR PLANE MAKES TRIP HERE A tri-molored 14-passeneer Ford plane stopped at the Algona airport Friday nncl remained till Sunday taking up passengers at $1.50 each. The plane belongs to the Kenyan transportation company of Morris, Minn., and came here from Albert L,eii. From Algona the plane went to Marshalltown. They are en route to southern Florida and hope to pay their .way.-by., taking up passengers. The pilots of the big plane are Herbert Hanson, of Fargo, X. D., first pilot, and George W. Todd, of Kansas City, second pilot. Tra\ Ailing with them was ,1. H. O'Brian, of Morris, Minn., and "Ace" Waklron, of Hollywood, Calif., a stunt and | parachute jumper who has done work for the movies. The latter made a jump at the local airport Sunday The plane is two years old and has a record of carrying more than 1100,000 passengers without mishap of any kind. The Kenyon company contracts for fair attractions and puts on auto and motorcycle polo games as well as automobile and motorcycle races EIGHBORS and other amusements. They have already booked a large number of fairs in southern Minesota and in Iowa for next year. KENNETH DAVIDSON, SON OF JUDGE, ADMITTED TO BAR Kenneth Davidson, son of Judge and Mrs. V. C. Davidson, of Emmetsburg, was admitted to the bar at Des Moines a week ago, and is now n practicing attorney. For the time being he will continue as court reporter tor his father, who is one of the three judges in the 14th district, of which Kossuth is a part, and Kenneth has become well acquainted in court circles here. Local agents of Stock Fire Insurance companies are numbered among your home town people— your neighbors. These agents live here —own property and pay taxes here—are part of the business and civic interest of the community. Every property owner should frequently consult his insurance agent. The companies have large investments in this state. A very personal relationship exists between you and STOCK FIRE INSURANCE — which not only provides the indemnity Cor which you pay, but works constantly in mairj ways to insure the safety of your family, your home, your business and community. Stock Fire Insurance Companies are represented by Capable Agents in your rmnmiant) THE NATIONAL BOARD OF FIRE UNDERWRITERS 85 John Street, NEW YORK CHICAGO, 222 West Adams Street • SAN FRANCISCO, Herd*.* F«* -Fi A National Organization of Stock Fire Insurance Companies Established in 1866 W402 ana Aicona iei-"«"— --- -- ., Sna limM, »«• recovery b, M»!.„ City. A tourtn t«B.W» w» J* SS^W^A'TA bvcrrrsr°<s fumble was recovered by damp hole in the ruined structure. According to the boy's father, Louis Battin, Spencer laborer who lias been working on new structures within a stone's throw of the place where his boy's body lay fpr two days, his son went to the Roy Fuller home on "East' Second street Sunday evening to play with the Fuller children and eat supper there. That night the Fuller boys and others went to the Spencer theater but Battin left them. Glenn Falline, a youth who was with the party as they went to the " Tuesday night LOANS $300 or less obtained quickly on Furniture, Automobiles and Live Stock. Can be repaid by small equal monthly payments. Our new payment extension plan protects YOU when sick or out of employment.' MONEY FOR TAXES1AND SCHOOL For Immediate service, call write or phone CUNNINGHAM & LACY ' nd Nothing less than a six can give you tniilt-in smoothness The whole question was settled long ago-as to how many« it'takes in a motor car engine to -give satisfi Science definitely established the fact that at least «« i sary. And today, the public accepts the multi-cylinder engine •*; the same way that it accepts 4-wheel brakes, paraUel-moimt«* : springs and every other principle of proved and superiority. Everybody knows that nothing lew thmn give you built-in smoothness. This general acceptance of the multi-cylinder idea h« had deal to do with the fact that the Chevrolet, month after during 1931, has been the largest selling automobile. For let is a six. > • 4 i liCVji A.LGONA Phone No. 598 Representing Federal Finance Co., Des Moines I IH E first rush of fragrance as you open a can of ^*^ C^^> Hash's Toasted Coffee tells you that here is a coffee Today, this six-cylinder smoothness and dependability reach of every new car buyer. For Chevrolet has produced • car, powered it with a /irmly-mounted six-cylinder neered it to run at less expense for gas, ^1 «nd upkeep other car-and priced it right down among the very cars in the market. CASE THE state c.pujdn't see |its way clear".tp i»uild r a, -smoke iuse, owing to the depression and B, cow teat expert- I. would imbly suggest the football stadium [Iowa u. That place, beautiful but Wb, lies idle 358 days and nights "- year. With a Pit of canvas -led over the grid • a comfy .. could be provided for the girls f smoke. Every thing fire proof, "" 'twould take but -moments to the place for t>he half dozen « that's" played there "following Becoming. And * truce might be ' red so that the girls could do smoking lii i^emorial' Union -S the progress of a game. Per- this would, after' all, be the , sensible and economical solu- i to provide a amok.*, hang9u£ for ' co-eds, those of them wb,<? have Dumbed to the 11 jsugwet 'habit. ABOVE AM* let's,.] " Pleasant for ae we jnajr w* ' a» possible, f«r «~ --'"' are tough these days..But university buUdiug» 5 -^ Jjy -• —1 \ » next ^ more pla ys the necessary yard- U the ball on the completely saturated with flavor—and absolutely ^^l <**£> fresh I Rich, full-flavored—and sealed immediately Twenty beautiful models at prices ranging from M price* f. a. b. Flint, Mich '475 equipment fttra, C. M. A. C, term*. in vacuum so that it reaches you in the full bloom of eevoi yards, and.a p,.,. ., ,». «•»»!"*! ••*--.-,rss.s2s attendance at - , teams were encouraged from both its freshness—Hash's Toasted Coffee will please you and your family, we believe/ like no other coffee YELLOW PENCIL With flM BAND possibly can. Try it tomorrow—and be convinced I NEW Jj^w^H^^^^W ^^™* 4m"*?** See y*«r Mta* M** f$I&f)8l G»rag«, ,^, '*£%»

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