Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 15, 1931 · Page 10
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 15, 1931
Page 10
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'. V^' ^u ' ^ _ .i^tr il'-^i..,,,, -i, 'i^/' ' ; 1 "'':"•'' •'?*?' "$'«& PAGE3 TEN »»•««»»»«•»»»»•»»»•»»»»»»»»»+»•••••»•*••+»»***«» Make Somebody Happy! SWEETEN THE DAY WITH CANDY ON •;;,,.;, Sweetest Day October 17 A FINE LINE OF CANDIES AND CANDY V- -,.*:'<, .?•,!'* rtf I v . f • ^ -• . .'. "8 NOVELTIES AT THE ALGONQUIN CONFECTIONERY J. F. BEHLMEB Special * Dry Cleaning Prices Suits, cleaned and pressed .50c Dresses, wool, plain, cleaned & pressed 75c Silk Dresses, plain, cleaned and pressed $1.00 Phone 330—We Deliver Corner Dodge & Call Sts., Kohlhaas Bros. Block Elk Cleaners N. W. Iowa's Finest Dry Cleaners since 1909 E TALENT TO BE GIVEN AT LONE ROCK Lone Rock, Oct. 18—The home talent play, One Minute of Twelve, will- be Riven 'In the Lone Rock audltor- 'ium this Friday evening at 8 o'clock. Chnrnctcrs follow: Billy Butler, falling In and out of love, Coach V. V. Frye; M. T. Butler, wealthy father, Stipt. L. E. Godfrey; Marvel Butler, sister, Ruth Cross; Leta Murray, Marvel's chum, Harriett Fish; 1 Jeanette De Lacy, of the Follies nnd engaged to Billy, Evelyn Behrman; Mary Ann Martin, waitress and engaged to Billy,, Florence Householder ; Ermintrude Fair, manicurist engaged to Billy, M. Floy Jones; Ladon Lisk, 'beautiful and engaged to Billy, Juanlta Dunn; Pokadot, colored man, Pelmar Angus; Linda Lou, colored maid, Evelyn' Earing. When four girls to whom Billy Is engaged come to "get acquainted" with the family, at the same time, 'the situation Is not pleasant for Billy. .Yet he falls In love with still another, but Billy manages to get out with help of Polka Dot. Some specialties will be given. A. W. lampe, Verna long, Wed— Monday morning at 7 A. W. Lampe, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lamp, of Carlyle, 111., and Verna, youngest daughter of the Riichard Longs, were married by the Right Rev. .1. D. Fisch, of St. John's Catholic church, at Bancroft. The couple were attended by Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Thompson. Mrs. Thompson \a a sister of the bride. The bride wore a brown silk crepe suit, with accessories to match. Mr. Lampe has been the ChampHn oil agent In Lone Rock for the last ten years, and both the young people are well cnown and respected. After the vedding ceremony the party was erved breakfast at the home of the bride's parents. They left immedi- xtely after for a short wedding trip. They will be at home attena week n the M. E. Blanchard house, which hey have rented. *Ht M. 8* Of on p Coftics Merc— / •'A 'sub-district group of the Blythe to Clote Shop for First Time in 50 rearl THURSDAY M.S. will meet at the Methodist church next week Thursday ./beginning at 10:30 n. m. and/lasting .through the afternoon. A good program Is prepared, with Mrs. E. W. Matthews, a national field secretary, as speaker. A covered dish dinner Is scheduled at noon. Members and friends of the local Auxiliary are Invited.. Atlcnd Federation Mesdam«s A. E. Michel, T. C. Sherman, N, C. Rice, Ci. T. Chubb, Harold Gllmore, Harold Hutchlns, D. R. Steele, and O. Vohs at* tended the tenth district Iowa Federation of Woman's club meeting at Webster City Tuesday. Mrs. Michel appeared on the program for several vocal solos, and Mrs. Rice accompanied >her at the piano. D. Brundage won tfrs/ John Button atton prize. After ments were served. Long's Food Shop NEAT, CLEAN, PLEASANT MEATS—Best the market affords. EGGS—We buy by the grade or straight. GROCERIES—None better anywhere. All the best brands are found at Long's. IDAHO BAKING POTATOES—TRY SOME FRIDAY AND SATURDAY AT LONG'S Tongues, per Ib. 12c Pork Roast, 2 Ibs. 25c Lang's home made Hamburger or Sausage 2 Ibs. 25c Liver and Hearts, per Ib. -10c Spare Ribs, per Ib. 12c Lard, best, 10 Ibs. for 09c Box Salt 7c Palm Olive Beads, per pkg. .8c Karo Syrup, gallon 48c Karo Syrup, 1-2 gallon 28c Gold Dust, large size 23c Candy Bars 2 for 5c, 5 for lOc Milk Fed Chickens : 22c Pound Home made Salted Peanuts, 2 Ibs. for 25c Marshmallows 2 pounds for 35c Fancy Rice 3 pounds for 15c Large Navy Beans 4 pounds for 25c Phones 214 and 215 Five Free Deliveries one Rock Defeats Grant 0-4—. Lone Rock high school defeated Grant township boys G-4 on the local diamond Friday. The battery or Lone Rock was Gross and Newbrough, for Grant, Paine and Mayne. This is the first game Lone Rock has won this fall. Shot Marshal Known Here— C. D. Montgomery, night watchman at Forest City, who was injured n a gun battle with three men Saturday night, lived a few years ago on the Will -Bierstedt farm east of town. He farmed in this vicinity !or several years. Other Wesley News. Mrs. G. H, Ogg 1 entertained her bridge club Friday night. Mrs, G. high score and won the r consO' bridge refresh' Guests of the club were Mrs. Eugene Neville and Mrs. Roy Moulds of Sioux City. Mary Mitchell entertained at Bridge last week Tuesday night In honor of her guest, Georglna Zlm merman, of New . York City. Bess Hopkins and Bertha Johnson won ilgh score prizes, and Miss Zimmerman was given a "guest prize. The Methodist W. F. M. S. will meet today with Mrs. Frank Green. Mrs. Bishop., will give a' report of ;he meeting at Marysvllle,' Mo. Hardy will be guests, and a full attendance is desired. Mesdames E. C. Hancher, E. R. Morrison, and J. C. Mawdsley are entertaining 50 women at dinner and bridge at the Wm. K. Ferguson residence tonight. The W. R. C. club will meet next week Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 with Mrs. Frank Shackelford. The October division will be In charge of the meeting. The Baptist Mission Circle will meet this afternoon at 2:30 with Mrs. L. W. Keith. Mrs. A. S. Hueser will have charge of the program. First Lutheran: women will serve frted chicken supper next week Thursday evening-. The menu will appear in next weefe's Advance. St. Cecelia's annual fall festival, including chicken dinners, will be held October 27 and: 28, The Methodist Aid announces an annual chicken pie supper for November 14. Mrs. J. S. Auner will entertain her bridge cjub this afternoon. Tarty for A. AV. Lampe— Mrs. F. B. Genrich entertained at bridge last week Tuesday night in honor of A. W. Lampe. Present were Supt. and Mrs. L. E. Godfrey Floy Jones, Harriett Fish, Ne£a Dunn, and Evelyn Behrman. ^ l!oy Horn fo Russell Sharps— ' Mr. and Mrs. Russell Sharp parents of a son, Donald Lee, toorr last week Tuesday. The Sharps are staying at the latter's parents, the Chris NeiTsons, at Seneca. I'rnyor Heetlne's to bo In Homes— The regular prayer meetings wil be held in the homes instead of the church this fall. The first meeting •Is at the R. T. Angus home on Wednesday evening. Girls Serro Breakfast to Mothers— Domestic science girls served breakfast to the mothers of the class j Monday evening at 4:30 at the schoolhouse. Ten mothers were present. Irvington, Oct. 18—Mr. and Mrs. David Blythe plan to close tip their house and blacksmith shop in November and go to Sioux Falls, S. D., where they will spend the winter with their daughter, Mrs. Lebert Pock. Mr. and Mrs. Blythe are pioneer residents here, and Mr. Bl.vtho has operated the blacksmith shop here for more than 50 years. They have never before spent a. winter away from their home, but as neither is In the best of health they have made arrangements for a winter of rest with their daughter. Mrs. John Frankl, another daughter, Is planning to take them to Sioux Falls. Sunday Ylslts ate Numerous— Mr. and Mrs. William Rlley, daughter Ida and Oscar Rlley, of West Bend, were Irvington callers Sunday. The Bert Sankeys and Mrs. Charles Sankey were Sunday guests at Ira Hewitt's .In Swea City. Elmer Downers, of Lu Verne, were Sunday guests at' Glen Haln's. Loraine Losey, sister of Mrs. August Robl- son, spent Saturday at the Roblson home. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Miller, of Cresco, and the Loris Crawfords, of Algona, were Sunday guests at G. Miller's. The Russell Frys were guests of the McEnroe brothers. The Roscoe Mawdsleys were Sunday callers at the M. L. Roney home. Mrs. James Ard, employed at Wesley, spent part of Sunday at her home here. Injury Keeps Youth on Crutches- Raymond Wood, well known here, is now In Algona and is .unable to work because of an . Injured foot. Raymond received the Injury several months ago while employed with the McGuire grading gang. The foot is the' forehead by a horse, stitches wer<S necessary to close, wound. He Is retiorted rec Leo Is tho brother of Mt-s. Weber hero, tffi Man Knows Ocean Flyer tUP of to 1110 Court a JiulKtnnnt ire, Oct. 13 — Dr. H. 15. was pleased 'nst • weak | In fav when It wan announced!' Other Irvlngton News. The Rev. A. English nronch| Sunday on Covenants. Ho read tr the radio that his old friend, (Jjyde fangborn, lind made a suc- " airplane crossing over the ocean from Jni>nn to Wash- ttgton,,., The two m£n attended of th P ' ' - s 'li day of «nnki n8 Hpnoiv n favor or t , d ! tomlout <>; n'' A " nn s °Mci «"vln K « K of UIP s, vcr lntcil ., entire 8th chapter of Hebrew aMJ^hooi' together as boys at St. Marls, j i 0 \ V part of the 9th chapter. The te*t,,, tth( jpl' » • • 'Hof summer part of the 9th chapter, was taken from Hebrew 12 r! •""•".H, f SSSM'S ^fflaLIGE^PATROL WAGON ,_.__.... re a t peace law M | OBJECT OF INTEREST «ERE blood. Irvington church people"Mr V • > ' ' enjoying the fellowship of seve^t|i,* A •, families from Creaco'since'the -•--'••• co church closed a few weeks Bernard, eldest son of Mr. Mrs. V. B. Frank!, came from Omaha to visit for a time his parents. Bernard spent \i lo Hsi "" Stiu <> ,,, llf ' 3IILB. JJd »,«»»" ti|jv/..v PTf „ In Colorado employed wlttfi an insurance company, it IB,report,** that he may go to Ohio to take pjj Insurance work. • s '' Mr. and Mrs. .Andrew Funk- Andrew's mother, llrs. Wllllatn, Funk, of Algona, drove-to Waterljjo: Friday to look after property It' ' ests and visit relatives. They turned Sunday by way of Mason City, and visited a Mrs. Wier there. The 'Scenic' highway through tVie woods between here and Algona has been undergoing a series of .imj; provements recently. Brush ' hag, been removed from the roadside, and the road-has been graded In places and made much wider. ';,• •'. The Missionary society will meet this Friday afternoon at the church.' Mrs. A. McLean will lead and Meja-r! dames J: M. Cox and Earl Miller will be hostesses. The national topic will still bandaged and Raymond has to I be A i as ka, .and the foreign India. ESTHERVILLE TO ALGONA APlANE TRIPJN 18 MINUTES Xielghton Mlsbach flew home from /Fairmont Sunday with John'. Porter, of that city, and owner o£' ttfie- airplane. They came via Estherville und made the trip from Estherville to Algona in 18 minutes. Leighton spent two- weeks at Fairmont help ing- his uncle "Dolph" MTsteh in his clothing store. The Krafts are selling out Hheir interest ini the store at Fairmont, and also at the Blue Earth store in which' "Katz!" Rosewall, former Algonian, and. son of Mrs. Charles Rosewall, has; an In terfist. use. two crutches In getting around. I Mrs. Charles Sankey is recover.-' Fred Wood is in New York City, }n& from an i n£ec tion in one handy and his younger 'brother, Luellen, who was here several months ago, is back in Springfield with his mother. Injured Miirsliiil Former Itcsldcnl— Clarence D. Montgomery, who was injured In a gun battle with bandits early Sunday morning at Forest City, Is a former Irvington resident, and at one time lived on the farm now occupied by the David King family. He has been night watch at Forest City for some time. Details of the shooting are given on the front page of this week's Ad- Enterfalned nt Alg-onn Party— Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Goeders, of Algona, who are leaving in November for California, where they will spend the winter, entertained at dinner Sunday. Guests were Mr. and' Mrs. ,T. M. Cox, of this vicinity, Mr. ana? Mrs; 51. B. Worster, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Jones, Mrs. Stella Sabih, and Mary Blaha, all of Algona.. which threatened to develop into, blood poisoning. The Infection started from a small scratch on ,the hack' of her hand. Mr. and Mrs. Jess Bedell, of Minneapolis, have been at the Sam Reaper home for several days, see- Ing to repairs on corn cribs on the Bedell farm, now occupied by' the A. Millers. The Star class Is planning an entertainment for November at the church. Details will be given later. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Moseley, of Stilson, are parents of a boy. The Moselcys are former residents here. of 'Ford trucks attract- attention to the Kent garage Ti .. 3sday M ,-Among the trucks on dls- R'ay'was a ; police / patrol "Black JKaHa," which apparently interest- Algonlans more; than the gravel etc. The Kent garage p'ne , 0 f the White Fleet of Stan- dard^lCMl^Co. cars here a week ago, Hnd 'Algtmhins were taken for rides tjnd--*W6Wri''hoW'.the car performed accoriHD|p ; to Ihstrumenta that detected the Increase' and decrease in (jfie flow of gasoline in miles per gallon, stopping and acceleration fterfcirmitiice, etc. -.Thls'car was one 'of a•gbpwp-purchased;-•'by- the oil (Sompa'njr to test .motor oil on the .Indianapolis speedway, and was •brought 'to Algona by. the Kent ga JiBFT TRICTCLE AT ATHLETIC /•park: SU.*UTd'ay. Anyone having Ipforma-Ubn 1 of its whereabouts One Tin only-One d sr,/,oo cm Ing ro«t s , RB * m fl*« H^n ha 6 the execution, to-wlt" one-half (Vi) lnte enBt Quarter (MEM one-lmlf of u, ( of five .(35) Townahl, Sccttoil o Twenty NI, said property, or so may he necessary ocution, with will i wuch tl costs and costs at public auction T. cat cat bid cash , enst door O f the Court gona, in Kossuth phone -99V. IBeward. IBpB WHY sfeND YOUR ORDERS FOU : . printing, out of town? If the Al- <ona print shops grot all'.the business whiclv'originates In Algona they •obuld hire, three or four more print- era to earn and spend their monpy her*:'.- >V V " , ; '' ; ._ '.':• • ; '"-"•• ;' the hour of 10 0; clockii? day, whon and where jl ance will be glvon by 5 signed. * lne I Dated this 13th day L. I Sheriff of Kossuth ( By Kverctt L. f Van XCSH and Miller, Llnnan and Stlllman, Plaintiff's Attorneys" R13AD THE Buy With Confida Tenniit, ITousc- to Be- Morcd— Preparation- is- being made to move the tenant house' on the J. C. Mawdsley farm from its present location to a point several rods north Big Market Day Sale Commencing at 1:30 P. M. SATURDAY, OCT. 17 Extra good line of furniture of the new house and Just a little; a t this Sale. If yOU are lOOk- west of the road-. The Soward| ing for gome good furniture ThomtonS; who- are employed there, | K A,,,_ „„,, „*„ Aloo +».„_ will continue to' occupy ft. Boj- KickiMl In- Face- 6y Horse— Leo, only son- of Henry Walters, was seriously injured last week Wednesday when 1 Ite* was kicked on be sure and come, wheel trailer, etc. Also two- Terms: Cash. C. 0. RIDDLE, Auct, The "Dependon" Store was well pleased with the results of last week's advertising, and this week and next week we are giving everybody another and better chance to get a bigger variety of groceries at low and less than regular prices. Here are some: 4 Ib. package Richelieu Pancake Flour 25c 3 1-2 Ibs. Iowa Maid Pancake Flour 23.c 5 Ibs. Navy Beans 25c 4 Ibs. fancy Rice 25c 1 Ib. very good Japan Tea 48c 3 Ibs. Premium Lard, Swift's open kettle rendered 3 Ibs. Halligan's Coffee — Halco, Mindora, or Golden Fancy $1.00 Our own well known pure cider vinegar, not cheap apple vinegar 45c Fancy Sliced Beef, 2 1-2 oz. glass lOc Kirk's Cocoa Hardwater Castile Soap, 6 bars for 89c Don't forget our Richelieu PURE SAP MAPLE Syrup—or maple and cane—and our pure (Minnesota made) Sorghum. Everything good to eat, new and fresh at Akre's Grocery Phones 290 and 291 113 S. Dodge Street FOUR CITY FREE DELIVERIES—8:30 and 10:00 o'clock a. m.; 2 and 4 o'clock p. m. IMCILl Other Lone Rock. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Earing returned from Campus, 111., last week Wednesday after attending the funeral of the former's aunt, Mrs. L. .T. Earing. Harold Nelson, who has been visiting there for the last three months, returned with them. .: George Button and mother, Mrs. A. M. Swain, and Mrs. Lillian Worthlngton and daughter Hulda left for Illinois to see Mrs. Worth- intrton's daughter, Mrs. Harley Olson, who Is ill. Mrs. Ralph Thompson, assisted by Mrs. Ira Newbrough, gave a shower in honor of Verna Long last week Wednesday. Twenty were present. Chester Alme and Ersie Blanchard took Donald Blanchard and a friend to Mason City Sunday, where they took a bus to Cedar Falls. August Lampe, J. M. Blanchard, Mrs. Ralph Thompson, and Verna Long went to Des Modnes last week Thursday on business. H. J. Rice, of the telephone exchange, attended a meeting of the Independent Telephone company at Emmetsburg Friday. The Angus Cotton family, of Chicago, was expected at the N. L. Cotton's Monday for a few days visit. Mr. and Mrs. Loyd Baker and daughter, of St. Cloud, Minn., were guests of Mrs. Will Thompson Monday. The Frank Flaigs attended a blacksmith's meeting at Ed Underdahl's at Lakota Friday evening.. Florence Householder accompanied Floy Jones home to Grafton Friday night for a week-end visit. The W. C. Helter family was entertained at the M. H. Heifer's, at Lu Verne, Sunday. The Jim Ackermans were Sunday guests of the Clinton Cushlngs at Swea City. John Long is driving the Champ lln truck during the absence of A. W. Lampe. Mrs. M. E. Blanchard went to Chicago for a two weeks visit with relatives. The Frank Bahllngs of Burt, were Sunday guests at Robt. Dransfeldt's. Rally day at the church was well attended Sunday. Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota and Minnesota. Friday and Saturday SPECIALS CHECK THEM CLOSELY MORNING LIGHT PORK AND BEANS In. tomato sauce with a nice, piece of pork, . OO«% 4 CANS FOR , C«f C i , GREAT NORTHERN NAVY BEANS Large new crop beans with tender skins. Perfect cookers. OC«t 6 POUNDS FOR C9C "Where You Feel at Home" H. J. Heinz Tomato Ketchup, large bottle __19c Superb Brand Shrimp, wet or dry, can 19c COUNCIL OAK BARTLETT PEARS Choice table fruit from the best district in Oregon. LARGE NO. 21/2 CAN 19c OCEAN SPRAY CRANBERRY SAUCE Made from full ripe fruit fresh from the vine. You will like the flavor. NO. 2 CAN 19c L.I RE AP THE AD VANCE WANT ADS ] WANT ADS I * . * WANTED— WOMAN FOB HOUSB- work. Apply In person.—Mrs. Gat Towne. FOR RENT—MOPBEN FURNISH eel &pftrtment or two. 310 & Podge. RXJ0MS; BOABP IF .—;Mr* B^Jsy Ceofo 82 THOMPSON'S CHOCOLATE MALTED MILK POUND CAN VANCO FLAVORING EXTRACT IMITATION VANILLA 4 OUNCE 1 Q BOTTLE I %f C '" These are times when a store's reputajjl _ fair dealing |md honesty means almost as mucnpj ; : • 'goods it sells. In days of changing values, m *''.a'Htore which has weathered the storms oUJ! fdr,,61 years and has emerged victorious over ? obstacle, ' : ", >e are out-selling, out-pricing, ou^^ petition because we have learned well tnej»-™ i a small stock, quick turarover, new gor '' teous service, pleasant, experienced, in , ladles—all the things a customer notices ing her purchase., Extra Special Tall Can Superb Brand Milk CJ A 6 can limit to customer VOM Superb Brand Spinach, No, 2 can Superb Brand Mince Meat, 2 9-ounce cartons ______ _ _ _25c PER CAN FANCY FRUITS AND VEGETABLES IN BUFFET TINS PER CAN Choice fruits and vegetables in small cans for small famiH« B ^ ** and for making dainty salads and cocktails '«»«ie8 \ A APRICOATS, PEARS, BLACKBERRIES, GRA P E F R IT T T> I 11 f GRAPEFRUIT JUICE, PRUNES, GREEN BEANS WAV ' MV BEANS, PINEAPPLE CRUSHE3D AND TIDBITS Robb-RoM Wheat Hearts, 2 packages 25c MICHIGAN BED FITTED CHERRIES These Moftt Wprency Cherries are the best for making cherry pie. OJBj* 2 NO. 2 CANS ,„ Vpv NORTH SWEET PEAS The very best value in an sweet pea. «•«* 3 ca»s for Couuell Every dollar you spend at represents the ultimate in value — highest quality, That's why we say fidence" ^nd buy yqur new dress or " „ ,; Ceats are beautiful this fall in ' beavy flniahe4 materials, gorgeous and stylish one-side closing effects. »»"±^| f ana etu«ftt»g mixtures jgive you a wide.-raue * selection. Prices range from $15 to $68 with" plenty of coats at

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