Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 27, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 27, 1896
Page 5
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p||p!*l^^ fR 9 Up=to=Date Styles - FOR Fall and Winter, DEWENTER The HATTER And FURNISHER it! UP=TO=DATE TAILORING. POPULAR PRICES. That'" He—My Fall Woolens are ready for inspection. Can't I show; you through. H. Q, TUCKER, The Original Pearl Street Tailor. T?5!i THE CHAMPlbNS WIN/'"'-' Baltimore Whips Cincinnati-Cleveland Lost to Phillies. ^ Baltimore :iil(lod :inur.lici'ri:o'-li.ci" n victories while Cincinnati .Mild C. liiiul each dropped n. game. Cincinnati lost, to tin.- Oriok-sv while tin; 'Phillies g;ivo tJio Spiders -;L severe ' 'tt nibbing. " Wilson, McAllister .-inc'l %i miner.. \vqre Cleveland's battery. ami l.bvs-f Phillies" touched them up £or seventeen . «:ifc lilts, while the bust, that Cleveland could do with tbu Pennsylvania;, nrla-- ler was six lilts; Cleveland also iiiad''>, four errors while the Phillies'' piiiyod' :i grime five from errors, .. Chicago -w.p.n. from Boston and added to her pci 1 cent,' Following are tlic scores of '-tlje plnycd yesterday:' : . .At Philadelphia-Cleveland 1, 25c For Choice of Any Boys' or Child's Straw Hats. 1st Choice Of Otto's very Finest Tan Slices. High or Low Cut for Ladies. $1.80 These include our Very Finest, Former Price $4.00, dclphla 10. ' ,' At 'Baltimore— Cincinnati "S. more 14. At Washington— Pittsburg -V\Vnslv- : ngton 3. At Brooklyn— Ix)nlsvil]c 2, Brook- yn 0. .............. At, Boston— Chicngo 11, Boston 7. At -\ew York— St. Louis 4, . N'fhv York 11, • .. s 15c for Children's Waists. 15c for Boys' Knee Pants " r ---.-..-..:."-A-M our First floor for the Greater Convenience of our Lady piatrpns.. O KRAU5 "Of Course STANDING OP THE CLUBS- GREATER Ever Beyond the shadow of a doubt, our new arrivals in Stylish Shoes Stevenson & KlinsicL 403 Broadway. THE FIRS! nATlONAL BANK -OF- LOGANSPORT. . . INDIANA. CAPITAL $25O,OOO. JL J. Murdock, Pre». TV. W. ROM, Cash. J. ,r. Brookmeyer, -AB8t. Cash. DIRECTORS: «. 3. Bice, ' W. H. Brlnghnrst, *. J. MnrtocK, Dennis 0hl. B. F. Yantls, V. M. Harwoort, W. T. Wilson. Banking In nl. its Departments promptly and carefully done. Safety to Custoroors and stockholdere Bought for. Strong R*»crv» Fund maintained. The Logansport Humane Society (INCORPORATED.) For the Prevention of Cruelty to Women Children and Animals K. S. Bice— Vren. Ceo. ~W. TValtCTK-Scc. J, J. lIHdeliriinilt—Tvea», W. M. JJlshop—Jluxnnne Offlcer, B. 3. HIM. J. C. Hauler, K C. Coolbough GeoW Walters, J.J. Hlldebramlt, Peeked Jurtlce. Isaah Adixmi. lira, W. I). Pratt Mrs. J, N. Nefl. Telepbon* No. 30. Eeport cases ot cruelty to Secretary. DAILY JOURNAL, THURSDAY, AUGUST 27, 189C. Born, to Mr. and Sirs, Artliur Baker, a son. Bring your furs for repairs to the Trade Palace. Tbe.Columbia cigar, best in the city. Get a coupon. Tho fall term of the Circuit court will besin one week from next. Monday. A movement Is on foot for tho organization in the city of a McKinley Bicycle campaign club. There will be a. good crowd from the city in attendance nt the picnic at ilic grove near Adamsboro today. Merit In medicine means the power to euro. Tbe great cures by Hood's Sar- sapai-illa prove its unequaled merit. Daisy Grace entertained n number of friends in a. most delightful style nt lier home on the Southside last even-' ing. • County Superintendent Cornell will bold the regular-monthly examination nt the High seliool building next Saturday-: . ''• . ' ' •• The excursion rate to Fetoskey and Maekinnc Island will be 5G.50, Instead of $9.00 as .announced by tlie flyers. Tickets good for ten days. Train leaves Vhndnlla station at 1 4:23 p. m., Sept. l. A raro'ehaijco 'to : visit -Petoskey and Mackinac'Jsland. 'Trn'lri leaves Vrtn- dullfi station"at'4:23 "p. m., Sept. 1. Fare for the round trip SG.OO, instead of ?9.00, as announced by 'tbe 'flyers. Tickets good for tori days. HIS TRIUMPHAL PROGRESS. Boston Transcript: As everybody l;no«-s the citizens of Bnrywortli hnvc for some time been iu a groat state of excitement over tho choice of a fence viewr. Tlie election is still pending, tind the Hill Village nurt the Plain has oach its favorite' candidate for Hie o.'lice. One day this week the Hill Village candidate, Dennis Pickett, made a triumphal progress from his residence in tlie Hill Village to tho Lower Town. Soon after leaving his home he mot James Fogarty. .Tames Fogarty was sfjiudijig under a. tree. Said Candidate Piekclt: "Mr. Fognr- ty, I am delighted to meet you, and especially to meet, you under a tree. From the tree comes lumbor of all kinds, including posts, rails and 'palings, and from these wo build fences. And hence, Mr. Fogarty, it Is that I am so pleased to see you and a tree at one and the same time. Until we meet again, goodby. "VVheu you view that tree yon are a fence viewer in the rough. Vote for Pickett and you'll hear no cause for a fence." At tlio corner of the street Mr. Pickett met three boys, and a half-grown girl. "Fellow-citizens," said he, "the human family is separated into sexes, male and female; It follows, therefore, that our estates, farms and yards should be separteed by fences? Do you want this done fnirly, equitably, justly? There is but one answer: Vote for Pickett." A little further down the street his eyes caught tho golden balls which ndorn tlie premises of Squeezom, the pawnbroker. Says Pickett: "Friend Squeozem, I am reminded that some envious persons have alleged, that yon seep a fence here. A word in your ear: Vote for Pickett for fence viewer, and if you have a fence here it will never be '•lowed by him, save In the way of iu '-,4i£ 5 -" TV mm he reached the Lower Town in immense crowd of twenty-two persons had assembled, Mr. Pickett was introduced by Jack Plalne, the car- icnter, wbo does pretty much all the 'ence building in town. Said Mr. Plnino: "There may bo fairer men iu Bnryworth than Dennis Fickett, but ill I've got to say Is, I don't kiiow 'em." Mr. Pickett then 'addressed the assembly. He promised to view all fences with an eye single to the good of >oth parties concerned (applause) nnd ie Intended on nil occasions to bi> ns 'air toward one party as toward the )tlier (more cheers and laughter.) He lid not regard this ovation ns a com- yllinont personal to himself (sensation): 10 recognized it as an Indorsement o.f lie cnnse which he had at heart (thuu- lerous applause). He had no hesitation In saying that that was what he wanted to bring about. It might bring a few dollars Into his pockets, but it was, nevertheless, no selfisb sentiment that actuated him. (Great applause.) Very much was said, generally to the same effect, namely, that Pickett wanted Hie place and ho would make it pleasant for every fellow-citizen who supported him; for those who supported lilm would be thrusting- tliuir fists into Hie faces of the oppressors of the people, and would -at the same time bo performing a duty which would be a sweet reflection while lire endured which would be handed down to their children and their children's children .is a j-Jch heritage. Pickett is'going to be elected; ho has said so himself to several persons. Clubs Baltimore . . Cincinnati . . Cleveland . , Chicago .... Pittsbnrg . .. Boston Brooklyn ... Philadelphia New York . . Washington . St. Louis Louisville ... Won .,71, ...00 . ,. 114 . Lost I'er Ct. -'33 • ' .083 30 . .<>"" 30 -111 47 •57 (B 7074 .(s • .074 ..•'.!< -.r,44 .471 .32(1 .200: SAM .TONES TALKS. . . This is how "Sa.m" Jones, the Georgia evangelist, views the political is!tunUon: "I believe the crowd running with McKinley have the experience and largely tho brains of tlie country on their side, while Bryan and'lifs) hosts have oratory and theories" and debts and dissatisfaction on their, side.' Xo living man can predict with any certainty Hie result of tlie Xoveinbor elections. It seems that fusion 'with the Populists Is'Bryan's only chance. The outlook is not first cla.ss for-fusion. I believe tlie Populist .party Is tile most inhoniogcneous, nnmixa.blC!, anti-'stick-togethcr crowd in the universe. I would sooner attempt to. climb a ladder with :in armful of eels and get to the top with all of them than to try to fuse anything with.the Populists," CAPTAIN BOGARDUS IN TROUBLE. Wabash Tribune: Captain E. .T. Bogardns, the crack shot and free silver advocate who held forth in this city a short time ago, has met w ; Jth misfortune iu Bluffton, • Ind. Wu'il.o' there he was arrested for selling medi-' cine without a license, and ns a nuisance on general principles. He worked in,about the same manner that he did in this city, parading his free silver fallacies wherever a man could .bo- found to listen to him. But while hire he produced no medicine. It.w.QulcTbe a good thing to retain the valiant cap;", tain In durance vile until 'tlw election. Is over. . ..... - ' CATHOLIC KNIGHTS '.EL'E.CJ ; OFFICERS. ""' , "• A special from Columbus, Ind.; says'." The biennial convention of.'.the-Catho 1 ; lie Knights, In session here, ov,er..w4ileh" Peter Wnllrath, of Logansport. presid; cd, elected Ht. Revs. Bishops.-Kaiile- maelier and Chatard, -of Ft,iWuy.no- and Indianapolis, respectively, 'spiritual directors; Gerhard .Reitcr,- 'of -Vin-. ; eennes, and Peter Wallrath,'of- Logansport, supreme delegates; P.'R. McCnr-: : ty, of Vinceuues, president; 1 Ighnti'us Freiburg, of Ft. Wnyne. "vice 1 -'president; Beuton Lnnck, of - rjidtn'nnpbijs ( secretary, and D.^ P. Downs,''- of/Terre., Haute, treasurer. -The next -convert-! tlon will be held-at Anderson in iSOSf. •:' PERSONAL. . • Miss-'Gi'Hrmle Kelley is .1.1 Lafayette v.imtiajg; .•:•.. •.. AIIss.-Altn Young is at Peru visiting •Mrs: 'Miller. , Frank Porsenu 01' Wnbnsh was in the oily yesterday. . (,'fco Luce lias returned after a short outing in Michigan. Fr;ink .Uarr of Marlon is spending "a. short vacation here.. Miss Olive Long Jias returned from Peru after a. short, visit. • '.Miss Bessie SlonfCer came home yesterday from Indiauaiiolis, 'Miss Belle Hightowor of Marion will visit friends here this week. v'Missi Grace Collett Is the guest of Mi'-s. Cliiirles Porter at Fort Wayne. Mrs., Thomas Courtney has returned from a visit of two. weeks at Marion. Mrs. Will Elliott of New Castle, is visiting. -Mrs. "Ed Leonard this week. . J-nnifS P. Clute and wife have returned. to. their home at Battle Ground. Miss JSfliol Hov.'iu Dame Lome ycster- day-. after a long visit at Anderson anrt .Indianapolis, : .Miss Eva Maekcy has returned to her homo at Wubnsh after a, visrt with Mrs. J. T. McXary. J Wabash 'Tribune: Frank Glasgow nnci'Miss. Ella Iv.-ias went to iojrans- 'port flils morning. "' iCokb'mo Dispatch: H. C. Davis went tO'Lognnsport yesterday, where lie met his daughter. Miss Emma, who has been spending several wecfcs at Pe- tosfcey. . Prof. Gamble wJio will Lave- charge mjJjhiO dcpar.tineut of seionce at the Lo- gtuisport high school this yew. in' in the city. He has been tor many yeavs a -tencher iu -tho Sidney, Ohio, high school. Pern Journal: Miss Lorettn O'Cou- neil, of Logausport, has been visiting 'itfhoinas O'Connell and family of late. . 1 J , .'C-1'-".I; S; Kumler and wife were in Loga.nsport Sunday, guests of tho Landls., family. ''Wab'pjsh. ,Plainde;iler: Mrs. Carrie .Wimmer a.rtd' -Ruby and Mrs. L. B. Southe'i;]) "went (o Lojransport Monday evening to visit relatives for n few dims. .;•. .-Mrs. '.Tames -Lutz went to Lo- INTERESTING CASES. To Come Up in the Circuit Court Soon. THE One of the cases of ink-rest ili.-it will dome up at ilie coming term of the Cass Circuit court is ihat of Emma Graham ng.-iinsi several of the prominent citizens of Burlington, tho charge being malicious trespass. '4 he plaintiff is the owner of the building tli.it was destroyed sever.il months ago, presumably by the nntl- liquor element of tho population of the village, and the suit is to recover damages, and fix the responsibility and punishment for tin: alleged offense. The case was vonued to this court, T.lie trial is expected to develop .sensatiou.i) features. Is a. Good-Machine. MR. LEONARD IN A RUNAWAY. A special from Wabash says: Hon. H. Z. Leonard, back in the 'seventies the Greenback candidate for Governor, and tmtll four years ago United Slates consul to London, Out., was painfully injured yesterday on the road between this city and Roann. He was driving along the turnpike when a runaway team crashed into his buggy, hurling him out of it and wrecking the vehicle. It is not thought his hurts are of ,1 se ious nature. • A High sumdaru of excellence. Ifanj \oett of the "Munson" c»n8lder It THE BEST. Fou wlH find It a valunWe nssistaut In jour of- flce. Address for parcicalar: THE MUNSONJVPEWRITER C* MANUFACTURERS. t I~ike St., Chlcn^o, 111. Greatest Discovery or the I9tfe Century. in to--Tisit relatives this, morn; ,:.'":.Williain' Slnnnai-tu- was In Lo- In their circular letter to railroad men the Republican managers say that farmers would be the only class benefited by free coinage. Were it not for the farmer what would become of the railroads?—Pharos. No farmer but a fool farmer will believe this. It is a lie and shows that on its face. The farmer is' dependent on the railroad man, who consumes the farmer's crops. The railroad man is dependent on the farmer, who furnishes grain for shipment. One is dependent on the other, and good times orli.ird times affect both alike. K. AND L. OF H. NOTICE. All members of Western Star lodge. No'. 3C0.1 1C. and L; of H., are requested to meet at their hall Friday evening, August 2S, on important business. ADA-M SNIDE'R, Sec'y. TO CLEANSE. THE SYSTEM Effectually yet gently,-whw* costive or bliroua, or when'the Wood ig Impure or Blufrglfili, to permanently overcome ha- bkual constipation, to awak» the kidneys and liver to a healthy activity, without Irritating or weakening them, to dispel headaches, colds, or fevers, use Syrup, of FJgs. NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC CON- ; (flf VENT-ION.;"' ; ' ;• ; fndianapolls and return,- .fl.30, Wednesday, Sept 2d, the L. E. .& W-; railway will run a special train leaving Pern at" 7:10 a.m. Iteturning leave Indianapolis at 11 p.. 121.. Tickets.good going only at 7:10 a. m. and.-for..that, date. The, Citizens' band of Peru, .-the. best band in Northern Indiana,, will.aci, company this train and discourse- beau-.- tiful music during the day, .... :-gii risport" yesterdn y. •;''¥eru"','Clirpiilclc: Miss Jessie Cox is ci}t^rtaiuing,'Miss Lucy Kraus of Lo"•'-- v -'-' --'•' 'at''her residence on-West street.. ..Misses- Hannah Long find,Ella.:Flegor were at Logansport •yesterday. and ! returned home this morning,.. .Miss Alice Higgius came home from Logansport this morning. Mrs. L. R. Norton and daughter have recently removed to this city from Chicago and arc- at borne to their friends at No. 723 Brlngliurst avenue .-Sliss'TJorton is .an experienced kindcr- rnr'ten tiencher, having conducted "schpol.s botli In Chicago and Pittsburg. : Pm'j :,'i ml. will open a private kindergarten tlie coming winter. • • Wabasii Tribune: Misses Anna. Rolen anil! Minnie Pfcil went to Logansport yesterday to visit friends for a. few da jf T . • .iMrs. L. B. Sutherland went to •Lojrhnspcirt'last •night, where she will vis'It'Telativcs Tor a few days... .Miss '.Bltta; Hal-linger returned last evening :froih'.:.i sh'ort visit with relatives in Lo- Ziiof-port. .'; .Miss Lulu Engelfricb, of Lopansport, arrived in tbe city this morning,-and is'-the guest of Mrs. •Hairy Kioi'u. , •'• SPEAKING TONIGHT. Hon. Frank B. Posey will speak at fiie rink tonight. Hon. W. D. Owen Hon. W. S. Haggard and Hon. Hiram Brownlee will also be present and ma make short speeches. . Dr; Tenff ue'c NKW RKMXDT MedicatcdAfr .For the Cure of Cntarrh, Anthmt and all It boi no equal tot Sick and Nervous Headache, 1,000,000 people die annually from UK above named disease*. Wiij nufler and die, when Medicated Hi It KtiarAnteed 10 c jre rou, (•dlcated Air and Drug Co., Richmond, lad., 0. S. i. u It tbe best remedy on earth for I* ,ipe. It will give Immediate relief -4 will effect a cure where all other •««dle8 fall. »nld by B. P. KoeellrjR. STATE NATIONAL BANK I.OGANSPOBT, IKD. CJflPITflL- - MEETING AT AD,VJISBORQ.. , The Adamsboro Sound Money club was addressed Inst-nlgiit-at tlio'schpjoi house in Adarasboro by Harry AVli'ist-i lor,-whose "talk was hoard witli" great pleasure and profit by iibout'one buli- drcd club monitors'rind were sliort addresse^ by•'• the meeting was In every'-wiij r a'-s'lic^, cess. The followers of McKinley j'lir that, section are full o£. enthuKiasm.'i '-. FUNERAL OF. XONA..y.OtES<3:!i The funeral of the late. J<ona -3T' will be held .this- afternooa at, 2 .( at the residence in The services will be .conducted -.by tfie Rev. T. S. Freeman. 3 -.. . ; DECLARED OKF. ; Ko'cliester Kepublican: • The Court 'House ball and banquet 1ms .been" de- .cliii'Ctl off 1 for the present.. The plain 'English of tho whole matter is that not enoiigli rfcket.s were purchased to jus- ,tlfy:; the contracteil expense, and the .prompters of tjje magnificent social '(;ve.n-t,'did- riot c.iri> to go down in their, pocife'ts ,tp.. ineet a. two L.nudrcd dollar deficit. The money has been refunded .to t'Ji.o'se W!KD pufebased tickets. If the •' •'•' " biinq'uet.is given at soinc other idater! J.be.lbiinfiuet and music will bo >v our home people. of the Republican drum to.ineet at tlie rink O!-o'clock'sharp to go tjj ..tlie ,-big plfin.lc wh'ich will be held nt Adamsboro today. ADDITIONAL LOCAL. Today the oyster season of 181X opens at Tram's. Of interest to the ladies, .fl.OS foi choice of Otto's finest tan sho^s. Mrs. Grace Toby Ward, who v hurt: badly in a. runaway accident, the other day,, is snld' to be better, nud m.-iy recover. , Frank Posey will speak at tlie rink tonight. Mr. Posey is an orator ot prominence, and is worth hearing on the money question. Tomorrow night tbe McKinley club, will bear a good speech on tlie leading issue.?, and will rrnusnct business thai nil should linve a hand in. The employes of the government are not. allowed to tali; politics or take an interest in Hie affairs of the parties. This applies to the employes conncctetl with the postal department. William Smith was arraigned yester day morning before Mayor McKee upon the charge of drunkenness. Tjpon a promise to go-and dr.ink no more intoxicants ho was released. •Jnmes-KIecknor was able yesterday to walk lo police headquarters niid perform tlie ivorl; of beadi-juartors man, nlthonprh it will be several days before lie will be able 10 patrol bis beat. Two ribs were, broken and a number.of Hoat.ing ribs were looseued- by his severe fall into a cistern a few' nights ago. The trinl of Lon .Saxon, bold under .$1.300 bond on the charge of attempted rape and robbery, preferred by the mysterious young Vvoman. Florence Moreton, will probably be disposed of early in the term. There is a great deal.of interest In tlie outcome of the case. The story of the assault Is well known. J. F. Johiuon, President. B. W. UTIery. Vlco Pr*«ia«nt H. J. Heltbtfnk, Cuhler. DIRECTOH8. t. r. Joliii»on. B. W. Ullcrr. J. T. Elliott W. M. Elliott. W. H. Bnlder. Buy «Jid ff 1 } Government bond*. noncy »n persona) teourlty and colUter- >ls. Issue special certlflcatc* of depoiltc iMarinr t per cent, Intowwt when left OD« re«r; 2 per cent, per annum when deposited Blx monthe, Boze« In Safety Deposit Vaults of thlf bank for the deposit of deedf, Inmirane* p»UclM, mortKaKes and ether ralluablei, rented at from 16 to 116 ?*r year. KROEGER& STRAIN, Undertakers &Embalmer$. 610 BROADWAY. CHAS. L. WOLL, :-: UNDERTAKER >= N». 417 Market Srreet. Calls attended to promptly. d*.y or night. Central Cnlon unfl Mutual telephone*. Office. No. 16; Residence, No. 12L AGENTS WANTED, LADIES or UenW—EverjwDPi* 10 Inlrciluco OBI ;n>t eelilnu noods, needed Dy nil. "One fl*«K nade fUJ.oo in one wt^k." You c;m ilo Die tacit sJ.OOO jenny enrned, nun i<«rumnent potlilon. ; for pnrtlcnl r.s address wlili siamp, Swiss Hett Tea Co., Cbloiii;". William Jlitcliell, purporting to be from New Mexico, en route to tbe ol& C-ouutry, wbo was removed from tbe rain at Huntington : because of seriou* llness, is alleged to be wanted for forgery :it Carroll ton. Mo., and the sheriff of Huntinptoi) county <iTucted to bold him. bas been iu- What yon wunr when you are aillag a a medicine that will cure you. Try Hood's Sarsaparllla and be convinced Subscribe for The Journal.

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