Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 15, 1931 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 15, 1931
Page 7
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2950 PAPERS Printed Last Week ftatfMt elretUtlon by tat in Koslnth. ft* fitte STOPS *M* »«<** ***** -. not keep coming «ft*r yo* «*>* It Saro yourself taint* embwruralMft the paper yon c*n stop whe* ped. Volume 31 ALGONA, IOWA, OCTOBER 15, 1931 HARD-FOUGHT GAME LOST TO MASON CITY will permit toy 10 per to the hun " na are, " the country every too ' 1)e t a nieket that the o< our servants who a 'national campaign of making are patriotic Just with the *** of the LOCALS PULL SUPRISEAND ALMOST WIN made a first down in three plays as the third quarter ended. Score Made In Last Quarter. The final period opened with Ma- Hon City in possession oC the ball tened Sunday at bt. Paul's Lutheran church, receiving the name Vernita Amanda. Mrs. H. j. Carllng and her daughter, Mrs. Thos. Cookerly, o£ Minneapolis, visited In Whlttemor6 last by Dr. L. you, don't you think officer In the the president , humMe dog jVa village, should stand ut? Say* of 10 per can't tell me that It tver as much U, live it cost Mr. Harding , n The Ing unsuspected line and offensive power, pulled a huge surprise Fred Jacobi Algona ia now d oing tere l the cost of groceries and WE PAT »W.OOO pet year to •o» birds »n Washington, •hem assistants enongh to for them. And our sen- ns many ot them are, - vlrtne of haying a poll- IC cnred by virtue of hav. gah, pulling down «•«•• an office, heat -ss our ,, DO THESE things for • senators in order that'they may Ivate UP and down the country, ', Schautauoua and political ad; give them postage-free use mniiR nay 'em so much per K inborn and to the Job J^what? I ask you, for what? I ost a thousand bucks per month T get *° r P ass!n S the ' buck ' f ° r Lmmlne 1" the halls of con£ for voting as they d— please ."saving" the country from all Us and Ills except their own or- Ltion. And that organization Died by lousy politicians who e a tinker's toot for you nor as to how we vote to help r their 'cash registers. Ain't It game after the first string had run up a safe score. Instead the only substitutes used were necessitated by tiring first string players. Algona Outplays Mason City. Algona took the kick-off on the 25-yd. line, and on the first play made five yards, adding four on the next. On the third down five yards were made for a first down. Mason City took stock o£ a surprisingly strong team and braced, and Algona made five yards on the next three plays, and was forced to punt. Ma son City took the ball on its own 1'5-yd line, failed to gain on the first play, and then lost five yards on the next. Mason City then punted from behind the goal line, the ball going to midfield. Algona took the ball on the 43- yd. line, gained three yards in two downs anil then pulled a surprise punt on inn** I AI/LTJDED to a sen- [tor or n politician helns lousy I Icn't necessarily mean that nits Ind lice thrive In the seams of L topa bedecked P"bHc serv t nts . I mean that they are just iiruratlvely lousy, so to speak. |nd this goes for all branches of Lrtlsan officials, republican, icmocrat, mlddle-ln-the - road, wpullst, socialist, anarchist, nl- Jlllst, or any other sort of "1st kith which ive are berldflen Jiese days. They are lousy he- iansc they Just draw their salaries ami thumb their noses at us •except during an election year) knd make ns want to appoint fcnardlans for our country. IND SO IT IS clear down the line. . Congressmen, governors, state ; makers, they are elected with a at hue and cry, they wrap the irs and stripes about a strong •arm and are elected and then ,y do as they d please. So, i in favor of the whole caboodle the president down, coming puss now and accepting a cut of [per cent. Let 'em make good on s blaah blaah they spread about .j American citizen, and how they feed for him and lie awake nights ferrying about his rights. I THAT WOULD MEAN mil- Illons of dollars, folks, millions of J'em. Saved to a 'better'use. And •why shouldn't those birds do •their bit in this depression? Why •should the farmer and the work- •ingman be the goats? They buy •groceries cheaper, too, these •days. You tell 'em, let's start iBomething and all take our med- pclne along with the farmer. tfD THE NOAV famous salary grab In Iowa probably will have i stand for a cut-In 1833. When bit of legislation was Inaugur- 1 times were better than they are Groceries and gasoline were Inch higher. Bootleggers got more ft giggle water and the expenses of I legislator naturally were terrible p)i hence the grab. .Probably the jeople will do some grabbing iu 1033, [ence we shouldn't ask our assem- > members to cut 10 per cent, But e'U see what we'll see, „. the third down. Algona's punts were perfectly played all aC- ternoon, and this one went outside on the four-yd. line. Mason City punted immediately, the ball going to the Mason City 40-yd. line. ' Algona made a yard on two plays, and then attempted a pass, which was intercepted. The ball was brought back, however, and Mason Citv was penalized 25 yards for clipping, and was then given the ball ,m Us own- 1'5-yd- line. Three plays sained only four yards, and Mason punted to midfield. Algona drew an offsides penalty, but on the next WHITTEMORE GIRLS TO HAVE STRONG TEAM Whittemore, Oct. 13 — Whitte more high school girls ihave started basketball practice, and expect to make a success this year just as they did last year, when they won the consolation in the state tourney at Des Moines. Whittemore's team was the first from Kossuth to over enter the state meet, and last year was the first time any Kossuth team won the sectional tilt. The team will again be coached by Supt. F. J. Roch'ford, one of the most capable coaches in this county. Only three of the old players are found back for this year's team. They are Lydia Meyer and Linda Roeber, guards, both ca OLlSUMja iJB.ni.vj, --- -- «,._(. three plays made i!7 yards for a fust ia- down. Algona fumbled on the. ia yd. line on the next play and Mason City recovered as the quarter ended Fake Punt Fails to Fool. Mason made a .yard on the £irs play, the next failed to gain, pable,. and' Esther Behnke, forward. There are only 13 gh'ls practicing and seven never played before. Choir Celebrates 10th Birthday— The St. Paul Lutheran choir celebrated its tenth anniversary Friday evening at the school. A 7 o'clock dinner was served to 10. The basement was decorated in and pay, e n Hie third play made seven yards. On the fourth down Mason City attempted to make first down o lake punt, but was tossed for a yard loss, and Algona received the ball on downs on Mason's 35-yd. Una Algona failed to make first down in three plays, and punted ou side on the 18-yd. line. Mason City was green and orchid. The evening was spent playing cards, and Ruth Bchultz and Wm. Roeber won 'high, and Edna Schultz and Herman Behnke low. Ice cream and cake were served. Guests were Mrs. Wm. Roeber, Mrs. Wm. Koehnecke, and Mrs. H. W. Behnke. °V a l Attends Medical Society Meeting— Dr. J. W. McCreery was in Algona last week Tuesday attending a meeting of the Austin Flint-Cedar Valley Medical Society. The business sessions were held in the new high school auditorium, with, a the 18-yu. »"«• ", rrt i~ anr i high school auauurimu, »"« penalized five yards for offsides, and " at the Country club on the next play punted to the 48-1 ^^ ^AlKona,' In three plays, made 7, L 5Ul W cdding Date Observed— 2 , anli 5 yards for first down added' - - - . - — Mason two more in two plays, passed on the third play. City intercepted the pass, but the ban was fumbled in the *£*. and Algona recovered on Masons Relatives arid friends helped the Wm Koehneckes celebrate the 2otn wedding anniversary last week Mon- The evening was spent in and a midnight lunch was served. City- two more ^c^^---^ sidos and drew a five-yard penalty Mason City, with its back goal line, and freshened tutes, braced, ground. On an Algona passer was months, left last-week Tuesday for Mason City where she is, to the emp ioyed. ' BU lost Henry Essor Is Under Knlfft-1 the Henry Baser, farmer west o 10- Whittemore, was operated on one Mr. Bsser is recover is a -s£ sr,r..a«' s. •*?£«,».. side on the one-yard line. _ Fenton Man at Hospital— Alconn Threatens Goal Kine. Wm jjantelman, of 1'enton, Mason City's punt just glanced off L gallx a patient at the Dr. J. Mason uiy ^^ ^^ ^ taken McCJreery Uosp ital. 1 JT IT'S TIME the expense of government was cut down along rith other commodities. And I'm in r of every office holder in the toeing cut 10 per cent. 'Twould ' us millions. And there is no of- holder or salary grabber any ar than the farmer or the labor- man or the newspaper men or ,'otleggers. Figure up for yourself just what i.t would mean to this na"i. to this state, to this county, to --.-i town if the public pay roll was utdown 10 per cent. And it doesn't '"t a political any more to live to- r / than it does y_ou or me. j AXD WHY shouldn't a politician itand a cut in bis Income as well as 'farmer? Just as soon as the »rmer toegins to' make a Httle mon- ^'Just that sopn, thte depression PI begin to get weak in the knees. "t it matters not about the poll- ans or public seyvants, 'big money f Uttle money, they don't contribute " Prosperity a Oarn ibit. It's my 1 uion that Jn most cases they but 1 to oqr economic troubles. And "that. ••'"" . i were accompanied by — fans were hoarse W»thyell-|. w no had ^vv^*^ tense 18. wo n team will land, former coach high school of the Algona Fran K Earth, th e Algona " Bell, and children, of Minn., spent Friday relatives. They with were us Arthur H«,«»»«l. •»« J.O.F, PRICE SPEAKS AT VETERIAMARIAH'S MEET r. j. o. F, pripe Vent to Cedar Monday whew be attende4 »'"«••ss*.r .sr JMI -sss-jsaJTs-- KS.&.'^'asr te F" ss± %- StalT downs Then Algona stiffened, | ^^^^ anfl he , plng car6 for held Mason on then threw the de and i made > 18th ai«uvH*| TO«WWUS v* *-*v y" lowa Veterlnaylan^ Aeaoclatloa ^•*3y andi *W6^Luj&s(lay« ITe^tter" he tea the discussion on a P a- V Neb., who epoke on on tro^s ijx 8wta«. Iowa .MMPMto »' m& l&-V ard ?ost , who is »«=i*r?^ of i J ,r v "* vfm»>vi^f^ »•"'***,'•- TT— BrickoaaKers w gab* «««9t|,f9 ft* W»^^5lSptSU*»»* then a • City her sis- Mason City kicked off to the i „„„.,, ,,u,™ a huge surprise on I yart ' ne ' AlBona falle * *° 8^" a " a carpenter work. Th«y recently lived Mason City's high school team Sat- nunted ; The P u "t went high in thej ___ urday, and held the Brlckmakers to alr - " cam f flown <>n the i lone touchdown. The only counter lln( pvh«e players were grouped, In the game came In the final period and struck »• Maaon City man and after Mason City worked the ball waa recovered by an Algonian, giv- down the field with the assistance in * A1 S°na Possession of the ball. of substitutes and finally pushed it An argument between the referee over t win GO a umpire, who were assisted by The°Algonlans started out in the Payers on both teams, came on the s r stra s as as.- as in Whittemore and Mr. Jacob worked in the Zumach meat market. Mr. and Mrs. Nick Muerer and baby, of Plover, spent Sunday at Joseph Murer's. Nick is a son of the Joseph Muerers. Mrs. Guy Fenley and two children, of Flint, Mich., is visiting the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Doyle. Wm. R. Walsh Is driving a new Plymouth automobile, purchased from Polrot and Schattschnelder. Harriet Fish and Miss Dunn the teachers at Lone Rock spent week-end at W. T. Fish's. A girl was born last week to the Fred Kollaschs. They now have four girls and two boys. Whittemore ihigh school pupils spent Thursday and Friday writing six week examinations. Chariot Ottosen, New Hampton, is the new beauty operator at the Rusch shop. The Herman Voight family were Sunday guests at George Meyer's. WHITTEMORE PUPILS WILL PRESENT PLAY Whlttemore, Oct, 13 — Hoodoo, a home talent play, will be given this week Thursday evening at ,8 at Presentation academy by the junior high pupils. The cast follows; Brighton, a clever young man, Leo Dogotch; Billy Jackson, handsome young fellow, Ed Mallory, Professor iBpiggot, UouiS Vaudt; Hemachus, tall and thin, Wilbur JU* lachi Meek, 69 years oM. Hahn; Dun, stout, John Amy, 19, Alvera Behnke;, Jtl*. rlngton, Shine, 43, June Gwendolyn, girlish. and shy, Vaudt; Dodo, handsome wo 24, Delores Kloock; - Mrs. like Amy, Dorothy gellna, only 8, lola Barbe*; 118, Matilda Wagner; Mrs. Lillian Kuecker; Lulu, maM, 1 Meyer; Aunt Paradise, an «*•' my, Mertle Barber. MBLE i* -i ,!-r,i >..<* We Challenge Anyone to Match These Values! Thcie .re the Newest Creation, in R.dio-1932 Model.-Not Close-Out Merchandise STARTING FRIDAY, OCTOBER 16th ... 8 a. m. These prices have startled the radio industry in the entire middle west. Is it any wonder when a Superheterodyne in a full 37' console cabinet sells at $39.50 complete with tubes? And a mantel set for $13.95? These values are establishing Gamble Stores as this year's outstandins radio dealers. I NEW DESIGN NEW TUBES NEW PRICE Compare the price- 1932 Model compare the cabinet—compare the chassis—then compare the performance. ally known from ocean to ocean as quality!manufacturers. YOU WON'T FIND A VALUE TO EQUAL this new Silvei- Marshall 8-tube buperheterodyne anywhere, without paying $30.00 more. Desiqned and produced in September. This is absolutely the newest and finest Silver-Marshall Superheterodyne Radio we have ever had the privilege of offering. The new improvements—the new developments in the radio industry are included in this 1932 creation. , The chassis is full size—made to fit the large beautifully designed console cab.net--(not a midget chassis ir! . big «K). We honestly believe this set to be priced at $30.00 under the. market i a b <i cabinet), we nonestiy oeueve uii* i«i iu u^ K n^v. -. .»--.---..--- price'lt is equipped with 8 nationally known Eveready Raytheon tubes, mcludmg the new Pentode ancI Variable-Mu tubes-has a large 10%" Auditor»~ — '•>— "»•»""' «—I-" $6.00 Down and tone control. While they last, complete. DVUI1&W1I fcW Wfc*/ •Il*»»W»*"»J -••— mw-~- — rium type Jensen Dynamic Speaker $59.75 and $6.50 per Month III, iV/lf'n Wti Complete with Tubes W SUPER HETERODYNE In A Full 37 Inch CONSOLE Complete with Tubes THE FINEST SMALL RADIO WE HAVE EVER TESTED It has the punch—volume—selectivity and far reaching power. Just figure die cost on this set. It is necessary to buy a cabinet-a speaker-tubes—and pay a license besides the cost of the chassis. A few years ago a Utah Dynamic speaker alone would have cost more than we are asking for this set complete. Is it any wonder people are asking, "How do they do it? - . What could be nicer as a gift for the boy or girl at school or for conrmeo: people. An excellent radio for the amusement room— Agfl 4£ Q E the breakfast nook or the den. The price and perform- W ^W9 ance speak for themselves. While they last Complete wi*Tt*e* DELIVERS THE SET Phonograph RECORDS Limit 10 to • Customer—firtl Come, Krrt Set»e4 tie*. vp«ci.Ti y for ***Y lowv cmrcKt conuMpp^ TWf metro*** V9W Another new 1932 model. Just designed and completed by the factory in September. It has the newest development* both in chassis and tubes. The fame of the super- heterodyne circuit has feeenJustly »««ed * hr <W super-performance, Priced $20 under the market *j sB SS:S5SSSSfs matched in a symphony of "^^'^L^IUJL"nLiUmte finest livwe loom. Equipped WW v*" 1 My**""* AT THK UNCAP Of NIKS *tttt<M*l*t* 1 X'.e. ^iwawnus»,«. of fa biggest record **Uf in *f COM»N*Vf FtM) AY AHO *ATUM>A? OHty, «M» «w 1 !1 " J > ^^^ ^pgfr UeffiK r)KTH^ y'TUti DlfT"" ^** CI T |J Rl" S J g ^^ 1 Ik ii» *Ji'

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