Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 15, 1931 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 15, 1931
Page 4
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!/"•* , *l \ ',\.«v>v s .': " j! t «* f 4 "•*'»' *1-H *• yotm ALGONA, FONDA, FLAY 6-6 TIE SAME SUNDAY Academy Teams Find Opportunities for ' Two Scores. The Algona and Fonda academy football teams played a G-G tie Sunday on Athletic field. Algona missed a chance to score a second -touchdown In the final period, when the Algona receiver missed his sig- -nal, and the ball was thrown for a .•10-yd. loss before being recovered. Fonda received the kick-off on 'the 13-yd. line, and failed to make •Hrat down In three plays, and jpunted to Algona's 35-yd. line. Al- .gona made two yards In three at-tempts and then punted to Fonda's r2S-yd. line. Fonda made five yards .3n three plays, one of which was a Jumble picked up for a three-yard vgain ,and then punted to the 27-yd. Mine. Algona made three yards, Fonda -drew a 5-yd. penalty Cor off-sides another Algona play made r METHODIST, C. V. Hulse, Pastor—We do not want our friends to be disappointed. That Is why we are asking them not to plan any thing else for Halloween night, October 31. If you miss the great Biblical drama. The Feast of. Bel- shazzar, your friends will say, ,,You should have been there," and. both you and they will be disappointed. Remember, The Wright California Players, Methodist church Hallo- NETTIE COMSTOCK, FORMER ALGOHIAN, KILLED BY TRAIN Mrs. Nettle Hall Comatock, of Fairmont, former Algonlan, • was At the Call Theatre A Review of,the Recent Talkies by t. H» ~ M killed a week ago last Thursday' ween night. Mrs. Frank Green iirat down. Algona failed to Is hostess to the W. F. M. S. this week. All members and friends wishing to come will be made wel- Coaching school of Religious Education at Brltt next Monday and Tuesday. This is held under the International Council of Religious Education and under the board of education of our church at Chicago. . . We were gratified with the attendance and Interest in all the services last Sunday. Did you notice the bulletin board? The habit of public worship is a good one. Jjet's not permit it to be broken Next Sunday evening, the pantomime, The Ninety and Nine. Don't miss it. when she fell from a train at Raw- Hit's;' Wyo. According to train officials Mrs. Comstock became sick froth the high altitude and was standing on the platform to get fresh air as the train pulled out of Rawllns, and she fell before .anyone could reach her. Mrs. Comstock was formerly Nettle Elizabeth Calkins, and she accompanied her parents to Algona In 1874, when she was only 13 years old. Later she was married to W. I, Hall, who died a number of years ago. In 1915 she was married to Garner Comstock, who died In Funeral services were held at Fairmont last week Monday at the 1'RESBYTEKIAN, ,!. I*. Coleman, Pastor — AH members and friends are invited to attend the family hour at Luther hall, on East Lucas street . ----- ..... , , three more plays and punted to thjs eVt , n . ns supper will be serv- <the 35-yd. line. Fonda made six yards in three attempts, and punted Ao the 2l-yd. line. The quarter -ended after Algona had made a yard on the next play. Algeria Opens Strong Off«nse. On the opening play in the second -quarter Algona made eight yards, then failed for a first down, and Fonda 24-yd. line.- 5, 1, 110, 1, IV, and 4 .yards in succession making one first flown, and needing only a yard for ed at 6:30. A good program is punted to the iFonda. made planned. Bring a covered dish and sandwiches tor family, and a cheery smile. . . The Presbyterian supper has been postponed till December 5. Has anyone lost connections with the Sunday school or church? . • • Morning sermon theme, A Great Deliverer. . . Evening, C. E. at 6:30. A good company of young people were in attendance last Sunday. Come! Sermon subject, What kind of Fruit? Methodist church, with the Rev. Charles H. Miller in charge, and burial was made in Lakeside ceme-. tory at Fairmont, where her parents are buried. Mrs. Comstock is survived by one daughter, Mrs. Pluma Norton, her daughter when she was Mrs. Hall, and n . sister, Mrs. Pluma Anderson, both living at Bancroft, Ida. Both returned to Fairmont with the body. The Fairmont Sentinel printed the following dispatch of the accident one day last week: "Rawllns, Wyo., Oct. 2.—(/?)—M«Nettie Comstock, 'GO, Fairmont, Minn., was killed when she.fell from a Union Pacific train a mile west of Ferris Station yesterday. said the woman had because of ETROPOLtTAN CRlflCS are writing columns about the In* cldental talking In connection with the news reels; not content with the logical sound,- the producers have added the human voice until It becomes a confusion of meaningless racket. This In Itself would hot be so bad If the chatter from the .announcer amounted to anything but it Is usually a mixture of cheap wit and. Innane puns .trying on the nerves and no real asset to the subject matter. We' have been annoyed for some time by this nuisance. On the other hand, some of the Interviews are about as "awful" to liste-t 'to, .as for example, the talk by some illlterat East-sider In New York who gave his version of a gangster shooting a few weeks ago. Or the one which young Vanderbllt handed us several months ago from Reno regarding the subject of • divorce: If this Is a sample of our so called .aristocracy then. \Ve would say some of the grand' old families of our county were going to seed. Well, anyhow, it gives the critics something to kick about. r THOSE WHO 'have aeen the inside of a saloon, ten Nlghta in a Bar Room would tw-o* particular, historical ,ntti*rt: to the millions who have quaffed a^ stein of cold, foaming beer B«ro*i ; " s "T hogahy counter, It would bring only deep regret. To which class you belong Is just a matter of personal viewpoint. We have a"**" 1 * I** viewed the talkie through these columns some weeks ago and arty H«' Hoot oobson disappointment; always N VIEW OF the scarcity of one and two reel comedies. Is » .any Bus'..Ika of New attrsplclon thai lr,, feelings to- fMttrft. length'-' posfclble to mid' unnecessary. comedies are so rare? Is there thlnff in the cards to evert .ratoe OOP hopes? To the many tons who cast desparaglng looks towa^- CtarlM Spencer Chaplin, we say only, where ft little . It as does otfr BNOtfGH real .hu- reels of Buster of New York good OIMS/''. reelerj ,hln that the effect la «• "till the most at humor &» out. Even Edwards falls the •WX *>ftBo- gives h er ," tf plct ure " w dut * A. She hna appear*,! A. rectors ami pro<i UC( £ her future Part to fit AND so weok Irttia.iy ..ka'atvthit dry bread, That) In tho ft capacity, J ; Sunday night audience rolled an'd rocked In their seats In a freW of tnlr* -doe* not alter the verdict of" tfoe show for ua; to us It ENDS there are wth«i i the will Rcem doubly '•liiia* 1 * i_ : 'bust 1 week. s° DEEPLY has Disraeli burned the immortal Itself into our "Physicians .another. The play got the ball on failed, and downs 4S-yd. line. Algona made -,.29 yards on two long end runs. Four -.yards were added on three plays, -and on the next play a pass favted, Fonda got the ball on its own the •15-yd. line. Fonda fumbled on next play, but recovered on the mine-yard line. A Fonda punt was short and went j • BAPTIST, Arthur S. Hueser, Pus- tor—Is God Interested in Us? 11 a. m.; The Woman With the Shattered Romances, :30 p. m.; if you like sermons that are based on and permeated through and through' with scripture, you should come out and become temporarily ill the altitude. she had been The conductor said restless and nervous, hear these two Sunday school at 10 a. m. . . . B. Y. P. U. at 6:30 Prayer meeting Wednesday at Wtside'on"Fonda's 18-yd. line, where) 7:30 p. m. . . . The Ladies' Mission Aigona took the ball. Three plays'; circle at the home of Mrs. made a first down on the eight-1 Keith at 2:30, Mrs. A. line, and then an off-tackle | leader. ball' — S. :yard play by KunoufC took the across. The whistle Cor the end of I •the half came while the ball was in| -motion, and tho play was allowed, j The Players then lined up on extra ™^ n ^ , Q . clo[ . k ;U om . church KV. LUTHERAN TRINITY, P. -I. — Sunday school, The train was stopped immediately and her body recovered "Mrs. Comstock was en route to visit her daughter, Mrs. Carl E. Norton, of Bancroft, Idaho. "Mrs. Norton, accompanied by Mrs K. D. Anderson, a sister o£ Mrs ComstocU, started for Rawlins to take the body back to Fairmont for burial." News of Mrs. Comstock's death was a blow to nearly everyone in Fairmont and expressions of regret were universal. • She had been a well-known figure in the city and county for many years. Mrs. Cornstock' had a wide acquaintance through years of earning her own hero. She at one time oper- 10; Knglish service, 10:30. Circuit will meet Sunday time for the try for extra point, T>ut the ball lobbed up high and wide <of the posts. The score was Algona 6, Fonda 0. 23-}'<l. Run Made by Fonda. Fonda kicked off to open the last. half, and Algeria returned to the 40-yd. line on a poor kick. Algona •made six yards on two plays, a pass All members are urgently requested I to attend. . . The Aid will meet j Thursday afternoon with Mrs. Au- j gust Schmidt. . . Choir practice ! Thursday evening at S. . . The S. S. T. meets Friday evening at the parsonage. at'e'd a laundry in the city, and.later served as court bailiff and jail ma- iron, also doing practical nursing. South Cresco consciousness that we cannot disassociate George Arliss from it in subsequent historical roles; in Alexander Hamilton, for example, he seems to be forever playing the part of a "colonial" Disraeli, a man who fights against overwhelming odds, wins over political opposition and finally, sinks into peaceful, domestic tranciuility. So far as real history is concerned, this of course, is not true in Hamilton's case but we have no quarrel with the "dramatic liberty" of the screen; after reading American history from our school text books, a mere omission of tragic events or the slight distortion of facts would be of no consequence. So determined have we Americans become to glorify our national•heros to the point of Divinity for the sake of our dear children, that our. history' read more like a "romantic novel" than a recital of facts, as it should be. WE HAVE 'COMMENTED at great length in the past on the abil-] ity of this veteran .George Arliss. He'is, after all, our foremost screen actor; it would be difficult to imagine a role into which he could not breathe the life of reality; even the fantastic "Green Goddess", his poorest picture, still sticks in our memory like some wild dream. We thought Arliss's short scene of indiscretion .with the beautiful June Collyer was delicately handled with extreme finesse. To Doris Kenyon goes no small amount of credit for her share in making Alexander 'Hamilton a notable piece o£ dramatic work. She is at all times, a ijjiJJiiiS^ A One Day Coat Sale misgmnm^mniam^ Friday, October 16 A Rare Occasion—500 Women's and ^.^vw - -. ~- FIRST LUTHERAN, C. E. Ols- iailed and Fonda returned a punt • son, Pastor—The AVoman's Mission-to the 24-yd. line. Fonda made six jury society will meet Friday at 2:30 ^yards on the first play, then failed to gain on at Luther hall. Mrs. J. Carlson and Mrs. L. E. Hovey will be hostesses. ser- Mrs. S. L. Olson spent last week with her daughter, Mrs. J. Seeley, at i ova ble, forgiving wife—patient, sac rificing and thoroughly real. It is ST THOMAS EPISCOPAL—Sunday school, 10; evening prayer and sermon, 7:30. , the next. The succeed -ing play was a pass, but no Fonda j Sunday school at 10; evening .man was free to receive, and the vice at 7:30. ,3>asser raced toward the sidelines in ian open field, and gained 23 yards "J>efore he was downed. Fonda made si first down in three plays, then 3>assed for nine yards, another play .Jailed, but a second pass was good for 12 yards. A play later Fonda fumbled and Algona recovered on Tthe 10-yd. line. Algona fumbled in -.turn, making a yard on the pick-up, ahen guined five, and punted to IFonda on the 47-yd. line as the third quarter ended. Fonda gained two yards in two Tlays, received five more when Al gona was offsides, and Algona in- ALGONIANS HOME AFTER LONG TRIP tercepted a pass on the 38-yd. line. An Algona pass failed, and two j>lays made eight yards. Algona then punted to Fonda's 43-yd. line. Races 57 Yards for Touchdown. On the first play after the punt the Algona end and backfield were Moclted out of the play, and the TFoncIa ball-carrier raced 57 yards -for a touchdown. The kick for extra point was a pop-up that barely Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Holmes arrived home Sunday from a six. weeks trip through the west. Mr. and Mrs. Harry McMurray, who started out at the same time with Mr. and Mrs. Holmes, returned Friday. The two couples took a northern route to Los Angeles going -from here to the Dakotas, Yellowstone park, and thence to Portland, Ore. They visited a brother of Mrs, McMurray at a point in S. D., and another brother at Casper, Wyo. At Boise, Ida., they visited a sister of Mrs. Holmes, and at Portland a Emmetsburg. Alice, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. D. Sparks, was absent from school last week with an attack of appendicitis. Mildred, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Brandow,-Algona high school student, had her tonsils removed Friday by Dr. W. D. Andrews. Marie, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs W. H. Brandow, and teacher in district Number 4, Whittemore township, entertained her 16 pupils last Thursday at a G o'clock dinner. The evening was spent playing games. Mary Wildin, teacher in No. 5 was in Algona on business Saturday, and was a guest of Mrs. W. L. Martin. Twenty attended Aid last week Wednesday with Mrs. H. L. Potter. Guests were Mrs. Bastin, Louisville, Ky., and Mrs. Lawrence Olson, Mrs. August Berneau, and Florence Black teacher at No. 3. Mr. and Mrs. .T. M. Cox were guests Sunday at the Theo. Goeders home in Algona. her supreme screen characterization The part of Thomas Jefferson is also taken competently by an actor whose name we did not catch. TALKIES LIKE Alexander Hamilton raise the standard of the screen; actors like George Arllss bring the art of the stage to the silver screen, which, too often, has been languishing in the slougjh of mediocre dramas of sex and the underworld. It is a Pity that Public Demand is not such that more pictures' of this nature see the light of day. crossed the goal line and the score •was Fonda 6, Algona 6. Algona received a poor kick-off, :and returned the ball to the 48-yd. .line. Algona made a first down in -tvro plays, passed for 13 more, and •then made another first down in -two plays. A pass on a succeeding play was good for 8 yards, taking •the ball to the 10-yd. line. On a misplay the ball went past Kanouff, •supposed to carry it in the next play, and Algona recovered but Tost 20 yards. Algona made a yard on the next 3>lay, and on the next a pass was .intercepted by Fonda on the 10- yard line. Two Fonda plays netted five yards as the game ended. A good-sized crowd watched the game from the sidelines and cars. niece of Mrs. Holmes. . They took the highway, along the coast to San Francisco where they visited a sister of Mrs. McMurray. The McMur- rays spent most of their time; at Glendale with relatives, and the Holmes were at Los Angeles visiting two sisters of Mrs. Holmes :and other relatives. At Hollywood they visited Mr. Holmes' daughter. A trip was made to the • Catallna Island, Mexico, and to other; interesting points there. Mr. and Mrs. Holmes arrived in Omaha Saturday, and spent the night with the Wilfred Ressigues. A southern, route home took them through the Grand Canyon. nininonoaoaia aia 1 MBS. AGNES TIBBETTS wishes to announce that tho TlBBEm TEAROOMS will reopen SUNDAY, OCTOBER 18 with a delicious home cooked chick- The local grain ,pffIqeg were closed Monday. T^ie're .was no, market be cause Columbus day Is a' holiday Irl many states.': • ; i •• • •::..••• i, Ed Hlllper, who . has been assjs tant manager of 'the local Bo'l'stord Lumber company the last . thre years, has been transfered to Man kato, Minn., where he will serve in the same capacity with the Botafor company. His ' successor is Wayn Bradfleld, who has been at Jackson Minn., and who began work at th local office Monday morning. M Bradfleld is not married. en dinner. Please make reservations by Sat urday, 9 p. m. Meals served a la carte or a la mode every day upon few hours no tlce at the new low prices. Have your parties and bananet here. Mrs. Tlbbetts will do baking order; also outside catering. ] Editor Recovering -W". C. Dewel, who has been ill eight weeks' with intestinal influenza and pneumonia, is now recovering at the Kossuth hospital, and will be able to return to his home in the near future. He is now sit- tins up a few minutes morning and afternoon, and is gaining strength. He -will probably not be able to return to the Advance office for a •few weeks till he fully regains ieaath. his TEMERATURES FORECAST COMING OF WINTER'S COLD Temperatures of the past week forecast the coming winter and are gradually becoming lower. Rain totaled one and three-tenths of an i inch during the week. Temperatures I as recorded by Weather Observer L«, M. Merritt are: October 6 —81 58 October 7 72 60 October S 59 ' 48 October 9 69 43 October 10 80 • 56 October 11 68 41 October 12 -59 , 3C October 13 52 44 Set of 3O Pieces only 943.5O in MISS ALVIN (STEBUNG) 943.5O will boy the basic thirty pieces needed to set six places . . . 6 each dessert-size knives, forks, teaspoons, butter spreaders and salad forks! Still, the full surprise comes only after you've compared Miss Alvin's prices ^ith those of other Sterling patterns . . • only after you've seen how glowingly gay this new pattern can make your table. F, W, WEHLER & GO. YANDOPTC——-—° Phone 240 Basket Grocery Thursday, Friday, Saturday ENRIGHT'S ALL 0' THE WHEAT—Ask the 4H Club Girls about it, they know how good it is 10 Ib. bag 41c, 5 Ib, bag 22c CANDY BARS, a real treat, 5 for ____—lOc PEARL BARLEY, bulk, use some in your soup 8 Ibs. 16c KRAFT MAYONNAISE and SANDWICH SPREAD, pt. jars —28c WALNUTS, 1981 crop and price Ib., 18c BRAZIL *NUTS, 1981 crop and price Ib., 19c PEANUT BUTTER, bulk, fine for school lunches 2 Ibs., 25c CRACKERS, oyster, Graham, Soda, 2 Ib. box 25c CRANBERRIES, good size, fine color, very fine flavor 2 Ibs. 25c GREAT NORTHERN BEANS 5 Ibs. 19c MONARCH TOMATO CATSUP, made from ripe tomatoes, large she bottle L— 19c MONARCH BLACKBERRIES, practically » seedless fruit, large can We We will continue this week our Special Prices pn Gold Medal "Kitchen Tested", and Peter Pan Flours, both guaranteed. FELS NAPHTHA 4 bars 25c BROOMS, good quality, staunch clean sweepers, at T —39c AIRY FAIRY CAKE FLOUR, you'll be sur- priced with this package — •,-- J7c MEAT DEPARTMENT BOLOGNA, per Ib —lOc PORK ROAST, from fresh hams -Ib., J5c We reserve the right to, limit quantities. CASH PAID FOB I»GS ' Coats More than you would see iii a large city store will be on sale for this one day -when a special representative coats •will'be here- with theh- big traveling coat store filled with the newest creations in winter coats for women and misses. ' These garments, together with our large stock, offers a very unusual opportunity for the selection of a new winter coat. Watch for the Big traveling Coat Store with the sign "Redf ern" Ct&ristensen Bros. "Algona's Garment Center" Wednesday-Thursday-Friday-Saturday ALL NEW FRESH GOODS 75c Bay Rum (BenUd) Full Pint! 50c Milk of Magnesia' Full Pint 2 - Sic Penilar Hinkk'sTtblets WUlvWlOO 2<-26c $1.00 Cod Lher Oil (rtt«a.lM«D . 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Cream 2 ftr .T* ., :U Fleur du Midi ButunaUa ,M HturTu i'idi'cSd Creara'.'3 lor M .Mneuril«MldiTiMU«CrMm.3(or 41 .50 Fleur du Midi Vaolahing Cream .77...liar 41 J» Flnir du,Midl Vamihu«| , •CreamU>tlon.....T.!...|lor .11 .SO Flrur du Midi Facial Aitrmfcnl , 2 for 41 .MPemlar Almond and Cucumber Cream 1 lor ,11 - -,WCampru*lcel*tlon....,..afer 41 . ,» Cocoa Butler Cold Cream:.3 lor . 41 .74 Theatrical CoU Cream, I in. 3 for ,7» !u Hlnkkt'i Tabkti. lOO'i. .3 for .4* Caacara Bit. Tablet!, ^ ^ <( JljCaator'bui AromatU:'.'.'.i2 for .M I.MUmnal Oil, Heavy 3 for I.OJ ;2sodTlmPhoepi»t'e.'.'.:!:3for .« .ISComp. Cathartic PilU...3 for .« .IS Attivt Uver Pilli 2 for .21 .H Bu.hu, Juniper ra ,. Palmetto Pilli » *» •" l.ttaVuchuhr'alroetto Compound J(M '•" COMFORT FOR THE FEET J0.1S Tread E»»y Fool Powder 2 for 26c W.I* CoU Mot f om _U«no«r.2 for ».» 40c Pentlar VanilU Extract 50c Penilir Analgetic J Balm 2 >-S' 75c; Theatricl CoUCmri IM 2- SOe'i; 2-5i.|l ASPIRIN TABLETS finMt Quality ICeUW |O.WBottln|oim TabMa 2 for Sic TONICS FOR THE HAIR AND SCALP Tonic*, SHampooi PEN-GESIC Liquid Anolgitic FOR PA)N BRUISES, SPRAINS CHILBLAINS, BUNIONS »».» PirrCeiic 2 Sot SU BUY NOW-nolimit Rubber Goods Hot W»t»r BoM!», moulded In one piece, c»p»dty 2 quarti. Regular price J1.50. A< H. TMlfcucIfor <?l.Pt Fountain Syrin(», one piece b*(, «tr» rapid flow tube, full 2 quart capacity. Regular price *1 El |1.H. This Sale J for «>l.Ol Cwtedien will tw permitted to iclect a Water Bottle aqd » Fountain Syringe a* a purduue. tdag-Uc Tooth f a>le..,. .75 AndKvtuK Mouth Wain .50 Peular Dental Cream.. .75 BoraliM Mouth Wuh.. M UH-UK Tooth Bruih... .80 Perular Tooth Bru*.... M Children-i Tooth Bruih. 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