Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 8, 1931 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 8, 1931
Page 5
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KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA WE ARE INTERESTED Hi FOUR TOWNSHIPS gut We are more than interested in the le-west'S efforts to increase the price ff farm products. We are part of the mid- Lwest, the same as you are, and it be- ooves a il of Us to think clearly and have faith in one another. Having confidence in the future and ling with good people, will help us ad- tat conditions back to normalcy. These I re'days to do business with people whose tremitattons are good, and keep looking Iflhead on the downward trend of prices. We |«re meeting the price issue fairly and IfiflUarely, and every move we make we Ithink first of our customers. Here are some prices that will make Lore customers for Zender & Caldwell, and (save the buyer money. Your boys all want overalls. Get them Eat Zender & Caldwell's at 50c per pair, good Ifull cut 220 wt. and well made; men's over- falls 69c per pair, as good as most $1.00 [overalls. Boys' work shirtsi good enough for [school, 50c; also men's shirts, 50c; a good lvalue work hope E and P, lOc per pair; the •best work glove in Algona, lOc; sweaters Ifor school, 95c to $1.95; a $5.00 Corduroy Ipant for $3.50. All new shades, light tan, [medium tan, red, brown, take your choice [of these school pants at.$3.50; sport coats Ifor school, $3.50 to $6.00; dress shirts f oilmen and young men, 95c to $1.95; men's land boys' caps, 50c to $1.95; dress shoes, [$2.95 to $5.00; men's work shoes, $2.45 to [$3.75. At this store you .can buy good Clothing and shoes and save yourself money.' Four adci:ili,n.-.l townships were or- f.-.Miiv-f-il lM:-t week for the honv.il l-r".|:->ct course, Home Fiirriisings, for j Ki:!::. La.st week Tuesday atlornoon I'Vnl/'iv township women met. with .'•'vs. A. .1. KIM use, in Fentnn. Mrs ,U Vr'lllretl. was; nomiimled'lowmthl)) (•'.•r-Jrmnn, and Mrs. Oliver Graham,' I p"bl!ci;y chairman. Nino women al- 1-ndcd this meeting for planning of liie yearly program. Rair.Kcy township met with Mrs. .Tnseph Viisko. last week Wednesday afternoon to check over the township for leaders. Ramsey did not have the project work last year. The nomination for the township committee was not quite, completed, but Mrs. F. IT. Mescher was nominated publicity chairman. There was ."ii attendance oC ton. Mrs. Agnes Seely was hostess to ten Plum Creek women last Thurs- [iday afternoon. The township com> mlttee for the women's activities was nomhv.'.lod, which will be officially -LOCALS Mrs. C. C. Sehaan, of Sheldon, vis- itcnl hur son, Dr. C. D. Kchniii), last v.'r>el< Tuesday and Wednesday. Mr. nnd Mi'f!. AT. .1. Stroll visited *vllh the Dennis Mp'TiipiPS. of Fort Dndg' 1 . lust week Wednesday night. Mi 1 , an ! Mrs. fni tvirsnn and chll- 'Ir.-n. of (.'llntm, visual 1.ho A.ugunt ITu< nhoKlK from 1'Yiday till Monday. T. .T. Vincent < nU'i'prl the Kos"nth hospital Monday ,Tor medical treatment. Uele.n Orcy, of Kemvlck, was optnitod on at the Kossuth hospital °:r't Thursday for appendicitis. Th" I'Jov. A. S. HueHer, H. N. 'Cviis.1 and Mrs. K. .T. Rawson spent cuUnV'.y at Hoone attending a state liapttat convention John Hohnnnon has recovered auC- rieiontly from II.'M repent 'utrnkc to attend to business awhile each day. Me walks with a cane. Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Holt and little son .Timmic, of Knglo Grove, were visitors Sunday at the C. L. BHley and W. F./. Martin homes.. Mr. and Mrs. M. O. Ba.stin. of T^ou- i isvlllo, Ky., arrived Saturday morning for a visit at. the home of the Mrs. Mary -11111, of Elgin, 111., spent Saturday and Sunday with Mrs. Abner L,ong. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Frost; of Clear Luke, and closed out the stock recently, and Sene will now help in his father's store here. The Nevilles are announcing a big removal sale in this week's Advance. Urs. M. .T. Qtilnn and Mrs. Susie ISngler, who had charge of the din- mont country club this summer, camp home last week. They report a successful summer. Fairmont Rotarians, who attended the Rotary meeting hero a week ago Monday night, spoke favorably of their work. Mr. and Mrs. Leland Rackliff, of St. Paul, Mr. and Mrs. Melvln Wells and little daughter RIoise, and the women's mother, Mrs. S. O. Sparks, spent three days last week at the 13. Oesco daughter Marianna, were Sunday guests of Mrs. Long. Mrs. Frost and Mrs. Long are cousins. G. V5. Malone left in his Lawrenrt'lhirg. Ky., Monday to visit hie daughter. Mm. M. ,1. '.McrSrurt- er, and Mrs. Malone, who has been' with the McGrtiders slnco last June. Mrs. Ma'one will return home with Mr. Maione in a. few weeks. Mrs. W. D. Howie entertained the Ht-Lo bridge chvb last week Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Lloyd Wcllendorf Won high score and Mrs. O. H. La Barre won the low score. After the game refreshments were served. M. Sparks home in Plum Creek Mrs. Agnes Laidley, of Northwood, I township. Mr. and Mrs. S. G. Sparks spent Saturday and Sunday at the! lived here on a farm a few years, home of her daughter, Mrs. H. M.! but 20 years ago moved to Annan- Vinson. She returned home Sunday dale, Minn. S .G. Sparks, who is a with J. K. Beenkcr and daughter, brother ol B. M., died last April, who spent Sunday with the John! Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Richardson Van DeesLs. Mrs. . Laiidley keeps j and son Darn Id spent Sunday at Mr. and Mrs. Kd Wilkins entertained at a G o'clock dinner last week Wednesday. Present were Alberta Grosenbacli, of Sexton, Mr. and Mrs. AV. .T. Kenseth, of Bode, Mr. and Mrs. Hiram White, ( Algona. It is rumored that the Hoppe farm, occupied by Wilfred Johnson, has been sold by the Hoppe estate to a Fort Dodge man. Klaine Worster, Raymond Harr, nlvirt Lee and George Stewart Jr. are attending the Algona high school. Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Miller were at Nevada last week Tuesday and visited Mrs. L. J. Brown in Boone. The R. B. Morgans came home last week from a fishing trip in Minnesota. and Mrs 1 .. August Tieperman Ti"pernian, •;cv. y. .5. f Adair, vis- Braner home Lutheran ^ >' ratified at the annual election of the ' toiler's brother, W. L. Martin. triwnsh'p general Farm Bureau. ;i.\'.rs. Cliff lionsifhoti-r was nominated j township chairman, and Mrs. Will j.-Mlwes;r, p'.:l)lic!ty chairman. Lunch I was ij(;r-.-fd bv Mrs. Seely, assisted jii.v M .'(. <.'!:iude Sccly. E'.ove:i German township women net with Mrs. Hlllard Abbas Friday ifternoon, and definite plans were riadc for making the coming year :he best ever for home project activities in German township. Mrs. Guy Barton was nominated township chairman, and Sylvia Abbas, publicity chairman. Mrs. Abbas served a two-course lunch, assisted by Sylvia and Anna Abbas. GOOD HOPE WOMEN PREPARE FOR BIG NEW CHURCH YEAR Good Hope, Oct. G — The first meeting of the Aid in the new church year was held at the home of Mrs. Erwin day afternoon. Turner last Thurs Almost the entire M •••(I AVI:: ••e. the ,\!(.-"day. -V sp"rJ:rl niootiTtt o ••••tiij of the A'gona circuit wna hell in tho Ev. Lutheran Trinity church last week Thursday. G. F. Towne, Walter Lorenz, and H. M. Smith fished at Clear Lake Friday night. They reported fish- Ing poor. I. G. Vincent, who has Tjeen vislt- house for Mr. Beenker. Mr. and Mrs. ,1. C. Mawdsley I Ft. Dodge with Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd re-1 Bunner. Mrs. Bunner is a daugh turned Sunday from a visit at Wat-1 ter of the Richardsons, and will be They had been | remembered as Etta Richardson. They attended j She worked at the Kirsch laundry. the Dairy Cattle Congress at Wat-I Mrs. Bunner spent several days the crloo, and at Relnbeck visited Mrs. I first of last week with her parents. crloo and Reinbeck. gone since Friday. Mawdsley's parents and atives. other rel-1 Mr. Bunner is employed In a cafe In ; Fort Dodge M)\ and Mrs. Theo Aulman, of Des Catherine McCall, who is attend- Moines, their son Ralph and daugh- j ing Iowa State Teacher's college ter Ruth Ann, spent Saturday and Cedar Falls, has pledged Delta Ph Sunday with Mrs. Aulman's mother, | Relta sorority, and Claribel Clark, Mrs. Ella Laird. The Aulmans re- ] also attending I, g. T. C., has pledg- cently returned from a month's trip j ed Alpha Beta Gamma sorority. GUT - PRICE DANCE Diiiicc Tickets 76c. Ait Indies fre*. COLISEUM, TITOftKA FIWDAY, OC'fOltEli 0 We wanted, to-do .something out of the ordinary and something to plcnne you, and something you'd never hoard of before. We've dorid it! A Cut-Prlce Dance with a 9-Mari Recording Orchestra.—B. "W. Shepard, Mgr. Hobby Gi'iSRS and Mis Orchestral DANCE Thursday Night, October 8 at the I. O. O. F. Hall Music by Ray Johnson and His 4 Aces Gents, 50c; ladies, 26c Given by Royal Neighbors ing relatives In Algona for the post two months, returned to his home at San Antonio, Texas, Monday.. He is in the real estate business there. Leo Walters received a deep gash in his cheek yesterday morning, when a horse he was working with kicked him In the face. He was taken to the Kossuth hospital. Bernlce Harrington, who Is a freshman at Grinnell college, is expected home for the week-end. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. P. Harrington. Mr. and Mrs. D. D. Paxson and Into Canada. They made their- headquarters. Ella Boott.cher left for Pasadena, Calif., Monday from Livermore. Her mother, Mrs. H. H. Boettcher, and her mother's sister, Mrs. C. A. Geilenfeld, of Union township, took her to Livermore. Pasadena and Ella has relatives at she expects to do SEE ZENDER ALGONA CALL membership of the society was present and much business of Importance transacted. A chicken supper was planned for the near future and other activities set in motion. New divisions of the organization were arranged for greater effective-! ness. Mrs. W. I. Dodds and Mrs. Will Broderson were appointed leaders of th'e roll call contest divisions, and Mrs. William Treptow and Mrs. will Rath heads of the special projects divisions. The new programs, which were arranged by a committee consisting of Mrs. Vern Gross, Mrs. Will Nelson, Mrs. D. C. Gardner, Mrs. Arie Dlttmer, Mrs. Tom Reid, Mrs. Allen Wood were distributed. The society is indebted to Mrs. Fred Pluni and Mrs. Afie Dlttmer for the artistic and mechanical structure, the former originating the design of the church which graces the cover. Harvey. Reid gave assistance in the typing. The arrival of the special napkins for which the ladies recently solicited advertising, -is expected in time for use at the first public dinner. A rule, I talning and Friday, October psilay matinee, prices 10-30c Wet or dry? ... f'Booze" "Saloons" at important play In his- i play that changed Amer- IHFARN1JM THOS. SANTSOHI l%hts in a Bar Room •talking picture of the 1931 |DED ATTRACTION [Spots of 1930 Football Season : all the thrills of the big [last season—every week f or purday, October 10. 1-3:30 matinees, ' er Island Serial added attraction. . IAILY EILERS |(Star of Bad Girl) WOT GIBSON I old-time hard-riding cow- Idandy Western fun and tow ing Ranch" Sunday and Holiday, October 11-12 10-35C. . 1-3 o'clock matinee, BUSTER KEATON CLIFF EDWARDS ANITA PAGE in "Sidewalks of New York" It's a scream—playing Paramount theatre, Des Moines, this week. Tuesday, October l!t 2:30 matinee, 10-30c It's a second "holiday!" The most audacious romance In years! INA CLAIRE ROBERT AMES MYRNA LOY. ROBERT WILLIAMS In Donald Ogden Stuart's <Rebound" As gay and exciting as champagne. Slyly wicked and a heart thrill a minute. "All right, Bill! I'm through fighting the other woman." Of course she was bluffing. What woman in love doesn't-^specially when her man has roving restricting hostesses enter- the .society for regular meetings to two kinds of food with a drink, -was adopted. Adjournment was preceded by the serving of refreshments and a social hour. Th'e hostess was assisted by Mrs. Roy Cook. 'Attendance Contest Exciting— The attendance contest between adult and junior departments of the Sunday school-is.becoming more exciting from week to week. The adults led last Sunday in the general attendance of 02, A special feature presented by Mrs. D. C. Gardner, assisted by Betty Turner, Letty and Betty Sarchett, Trella and John Milton Gardner, was offered at the close of Sunday school as a gesture of welcome and friendliness to the returning pastor and wife. The blackboard demonstrations each Sunday on the lesson are adding much interest. We invite you to join us in these profitable sessions. Attend Funeral at Ames— . Mr. and Mrs. W. L Dodds, Harvey Peck and Mrs. Vern Gross drove to Ames Sunday morning, the three former to attend the funeral of Mr. F. Henegan, brother-in-law of Mr. 'Peck Mrs. Peck had gone down on an earlier date. Mrs. Gross spent the day with the H. Harrison family who are relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Dodds and Mrs. Gross retuned Monday evening. son Charles went to Dayton Saturday afternoon, and spent that evening and Sunday with the M. F. Andersons, old friends of the Paxsons. Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Eigler and daughter Mary Jane were Sunday visitors at the S. J. Stehle home. The Eiglers are from Fenton and are old friends of the gtehles. Mrs. H. E. Soratedt a'.id Mrs. Verda Gordinier of Chicago visited friends in-Fort Dodgra Sunday. Mrs. ordinier is selling a. set of books to teachers in the county. Walter Fraser, senior at Ames, came home Friday and spent the week-end with his parents, Dr. and Mrs. Walter Fraser. He went back to Ames Sunday afternoon, Attorney G. D. Shumway and Attorney Edw. Kelley, of Emmetsburg, spent Monday in Des Moines on business. Mr. Kelley spenf Tuesday here attending to legal matters. Mr. and Mrs. George Krieps went to Remsen last week Wednesday, and will spend several months at P. J. Nellis's. Mrs. Nellis is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Krieps. Mrs. Catherine Tiss, who spent the summer at Lu Verne at the home of her son Adrian, came home Sunday, She makes her home at I. M. Finnell's. The Adrian Tisses brought Mrs. Tiss home. Mr. and Mrs. Claude Samson will housework there. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kelly drove to Beloit, Wis., last Thursday to visit Thomas Carey, a brother of Mrs, Kelly, who has been sick since he was in the service during the war. While In Wisconsin Mr. Kelly heard Gov. Philip La Follette speak. They returned Sunday. Doris Long, junior, at Grinnell college, is assistant to the lighting manager for the production of the play, "The First Mrs. Fraser," to be given at Grinnell November 5 and G The play is being produced undei the supervision of the dramatic department of the college. The Clarence Detrick- family has retuned from a 13-day trip to Mr. Dotrick's home town, Bellefontaine, O., where they visited his mother, who has been in poor, "health. Tney made the trip by car, and found crops good all along the way but prices wore low everywhere. The D. P. Smiths, who have teen at the Country club clubhouse the past season, expect to move to town Quebec Both girls are majoring in . public school music. Catherine is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. J. McCall, and Claribel is the daughter of the Rev. and Mrs. F. J. Clark. Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Stephenson, their ' two daughters Dorothy and Sylvia, and Mr. Stephenson's sister, Mrs. Walter Kimber, of Sturgeon Bay, Wis., went home yesterday after visiting a week with the Nels Mitchells, the V. E. Stephensons, and with the O. J. Stephensons at Fenton. G. C. is a brother of Mrs. Mitchell, V. E. and O. J., and Mrs. Kimber is their sister. G. C. is an .undertaker. The F. F. Barkers moved into the north week WE, and Miff ENN v JETTICK invite^ you ' to see^ her newest shoes styles now on display at our stores the first of next week. habits. But she had u brand new love trick! Come see liow she held Her lover. .•••••••••••••>•••»»•»»••*""»** ing's Food Shop Ir Friday and Saturday JSyrup, gallon size [Syrup, XT; 49c 24c PorK Roast, 3 Ibs. „—25c f» Home Made Hamburger, 2 Ibs. ——----- 25c p Home Made Pork Sausage, 2 ibs. — — 25c ^ Beef, lb ,-,.,-, 14c and 15c oast _,^ __ ' 17c, 18c, 20c I* Young Chi^TlbTl 25c t, 40c, Ir2 pint 25c i of y^T-rvT—•?-— WOMEN IN SOUTH GRESGO TOLD OF ORPHANS HOME South Cresco, Oct. 6—The Mothers and Daughters club was entertained Thursday by Mrs. Fred Zelgler in .Algona, and 20 members and eight guests were present. Roll call was followed by Iowa, with Mrs. Loris Germann at the piano. Mrs Charles Potter gave a talk on the Christian Home Orphanage at Council Bluffs and Laurence Finney, of this home was recently given a home by the Potters. The club recently sent s donation to the home. This, club wil meet ne*t week Thursday at the drive to Ames tomorrow for their daughter Dorothy, who will spend the week-end at home. She is a freshman in the home, economics department of the state college. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Greenberg went into the ditch with their car Sunday while driving on the road southeast of Irvington. Neither sof them were hurt,.but the top of the car was damaged. • Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Norton and son Richard, and Mrs. R. H. Spencer and on James spent Sunday at Clear ake. They brought home the Noron launch, which had been docked t Algona Beach this summer. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wegener, Irs. P. J, Braner, and Mrs. E. C. jind drove to Fort Dodge Monday fternoon to attend a special meet- ng on the.opening of the new Lu- leran hospital at Fort Dodge Julia Schilmoeller, and Bertha vuckenreuther returned yesterday rom Des Moines, where they at- ended a convention for registered .urses. Both girls are registered urses. Jim Duryea and Charles Heard, of Hobarton, left Sunday for Cass lake n northern Minnesota for a week of ishing. Jim is a Hub Billiard Par- or employee, and Mr. Heard is the ilacksmith at Hobarton. D. H. Goeders went to Des Moine^ Monday to attend a meeting of the ish and game commission. Harold j'alkenhainer drove the car to Des Amtaose A. Call state park, Mrr Oliver Bakken as hostess Members are to bring a community Stoook, and a flour sack .to hem or Its equivalent. Several from the club attended the county Federation meeting Tuesday at the Algona clyb and the committee on ar ™ Jatter'8 „ nd sister, Mr jHljit, Mich-, cam 6 >. and Mrs. p. L.. a, la ) at i M.U Mrs. Smith will serve the Rotarlans Monday noon which will be the last affair of the season. She reports a very successful year. Mrs. G. D. Brundage spent last Thursday and Friday at Akron, where she attended the fall meeting of the Sioux City district of.the Emmanuel Lutheran Missionary society. Mrs. Brundage is district treasurer and was reelected at this meeting. Mrs. Lewis Hagg has as her guest her sister Mrs. O. W. Packard, of Los Angeles, Calif. She has been here two weeks, and experts to remain for another two weeks, Mrs. Packard's husband was the late Doctor Packard, and practiced at Tl tonka at one time. . Mr. and Mrs. J. G. McDowell spent the week-end with the former's parents at Waterloo. The McDowells are occupying one of the T. P. Harrington apartments in the Swetting residence on north Thorington. Mi- McDowell is one of Algona's nev teachers. He teaches social scienci at the high school. Leighton Misbach has been a Fairmont, Minn., since last weel Monday helping with a sale at th Kraft-Misbach store at that place The Krafts are selling out their in terest in the store. Dolph Misbach of Fairmont, who has an interest i the store, is a brother of Joe Mis bach, George Schick, of Webster Cit> spent Thursday hero visiting hi mrents, Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Schick Joel Herbst residence on Thorington the first of the They had been living in Nellie Taylor's house. The A. D. Burtlses, who lived in the Herbst house, moved to Webster City Friday. The Taylor house will be occupied by the Vern Coffins, who had been living in the late George Johnson house on east Lucas. The Johnson house will be occupied by the D. E. Dowels, who are moving from a tenant house of P. Harrington on east McGregor. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Dehnert took ie latter's sister, Mrs. Martha Pool, f Flint, Mich., to Klemme last week Vednesday for a visit till Sunday ith her grandchildren. The Dehn- rts came home the same day. Mrs. •ool came home with Mrs. Dehnert nd Leon early in September from Decatur, where Mrs. Dehnert went or a family reunion. She saw her wo brothers Fred and Dave Cren- haw, of Hampshire and Wilmont, Texas, whom she had not seen in ?0 ears. 174 Sizes and Widths ranging from.' 1 to 12 and AAAAA to EEE Moines and here. Betty Backus Is looking for work returned Tuesday rom Columbia, Mo., where she vis- ted her sister Eleanor, who is ,at- ending Stephens college. Betty drove to Columbia in her car Friday. She is employed at the postoffice. Mrs. W. C. Messenger and daugn- er Ruth spent the week-end with Mrs. Messenger's sister at Sioux City. Ruth is one of the local high school teachers. She and her mother OCCUP7 one of the Swetting residence apartments. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Willey and Mrs. , B Potter returned last week Wednesday from Des Moines, where they had spent a week. Mr. and Mrs Willey visited their son Cecil and Mrs. Potter visited relatives at Des Moines, Oskalopsa, and Beacon Mr. and Mrs. K. P. James returned Tuesday v from Ottumwa where they had been since Sunday visiting their daughter, Mrs. C. B Nasby, Mr. James observed a mrw- day anniversary Sunday, and the event was celebrated at Ottumwa. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stiles and the former's grandmother, Mrs. L. E' Potter, spent Sunday at Charles city guests of Robert's mother, Mrs. Alta Stiles. Mrs, Stiles is stenographer at the county welfare's of- I WANT ADS FOR SALE — SHETLAND PONY and saddle. — Otto Engstrom, Alona. . 9p4 AVANTED — PRACTICAL nursing. Good reference. Anna Carney, Alona. • 8p4 LOST — 12 HAMPSHIRE W.. Kulow. pigs. — Frank !)F33. _ FOR RENT — FIVE-ROOM furnished spring Phone 10p4 apartment 356-W. with garage. — Call 10u4 FOR RENT — 3 UNFURNISHED rooms, reasonable.—2113 So. Thorington. . 3P.4 FOR SALE—SEVERAL COATS and dresses in size 16; bargain price.— Call 175-J. 13P4 FOR" RENT — MODERN T-ROOM house; close in; for immediate possession.—Call 95. 13p4 .you need no lo be (old thalyou have on ejfpenrfVe foot" SHOES FOR WOMEN TUNE IN— ENNA JETTICK MELODIES every Sunday evening over WJZ and_/ 35 Associaud Station* FOR RENT — MODERN ROOMS; board if desired. Second house. west of filtering plant. 13p4 June Adrte Oyermyer epent Saturday and Sunday with her parents, Mr, and Mrs. J. F. Overmyer, June Adele teaches French at Qs^aloo^,. Mr. and Mrs. Overmyer too* her to Mason City Sunday night tft catch a train, for Qsfcaloasp- __ Mrs. N. <3. .JUcp. Mrs.. F. W. Pingley, and Mrs, Howard BW<Ja- tey yteitei the A- K- <Htt*S §t A™'- I4«s. Bjse wg»t; and attending to business. M Schick is nightman in a poultry louse at Webster City. He recently •ecovered from a siege of blood- poisoning which he suffered in his left hand. • • Mrs. Lura Sanders went to Cedar Rapids Tuesday to attend a state ibrarlan convention which opened yesterday afternoon. The meeting will be concluded tomorrow afternoon, and Mrs. Sanders is expected back Saturday. Katharine Kain substituted at the library during her absence. "Bill" Williams, well known gravel contractor in this and bordering counties the last few years, left in his. car for Vista, Calif., yesterday morning. Mrs. Williams remained in California last year to operate their avacoda ranch. Mr. Williams had a gravel contract in Hancock county last summer. : 'Mrs. H. C. Barnes and Mrs. Thos. Wiley, of Rblfe, visited with the former's daughter, Mrs. 'George filbert, Monday en route home from "' ' cago. They came to Algona Chicago via train, and drove to Rolfe in Mrs. Barnes 1 car, which she left here when she went to Chicago. Mrs. Barnes visited a son in the city, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Miller, C< Falls, and |he latter's sister, Mary Call, of San Anselmo, Calif., spent Sunday with the A. Hutchisons, and called on other relatives and friends Mrs. Miller, who was Vesta Call before her marriage, and Mary Call are sisters, and they are daughters of the late Mr, and Mrs. Asa Call Dr. F. C. Scanlan returned yes terday from Des Moines, wh ere he had been attending an annual con vention of Iow a Chiropractors As sociation since Sunday. His brother Dr. H. D.', of Sheldon, stopped en route to pes Moines Sunday, and F. C, accompanied him to the con vention. Georgina Zimmerman, of Nev City, came Sunday for severa WANTED—CORN PICKING BY A middle-aged man, single.—Call at the Advance Publishing Co. 14p4 EPILEPSY CURABLE? — Detroit lady finds complete relief for hus- and. Specialists home, abroad fail- d. Nothing to sell. All letters ans- ered.—Mrs. Geo. Dempster, Apt. D-2, 6900 La Fayette Blvd. West, Detroit, Mich. 25p4-5 Chi- from Cedar days visit with Mary Mitchell. The girls Jmew~ each other when Mary was stenographer in a law office a Britt and Miss Zimmerman taugh there. Miss Zimmerman is now an interior Decorator with the firm o Ruby Boas Wood, of New Jorfc City She has been there five yef-s, ^hs Eugene Nevilles moved int tbe A. g. cm *W$ence oh; eaji '.ataeset Jtet " 'Pwreday. The here frep B^tj;, where ~ Diamonds When purchasing diamonds the ollowing must be given full considratlon: Color, cutting, perfection; nd source of supply, COLOR—This is a very important actor and often mis-applied. Diamonds are generally considered to be clear, transparent color, but few uch stones are really found. It is : .herefore, necessary that you purchase diamonds from a reliable source who, . through accurate and expert knowledge of the business are able to give correct values, CUTTING—A brilliant diamond consists of 58 facets, 33 above the lrdle, and 25 below, including the a;ble and cutlet. The stone should ie properly proportioned and tin lacets correctly applied so that thi diamond will contain a maximum amount of life and brilliance. This 3 especially noticeable and can be determined when allowing the Ugh to pass through the diamond. PURCHASING direct from th cutters and mounting ttyem puts u in a position to offer values In <lia mgnds which are beyond question Bring In your diamonds to se that they are safe in Jhe settings. F, W, WEHLER & CO White's GROCERY v • Week-End Specials Prunes, No. 10 size _ _ _ ----- - — - - -33c Cheese, Wisconsin Cream, Ib. .._-.18c Coffee, good quality, 3 Ibs. ------- 48c Coffee, Butternut, Ib ------- ., ---- ^35c Corn Flakes, Kellogg's __________ lOc Clothes Pins, 100 for r ___. ----- :_19c Pitted Dates, 2 Ibs. ____________ _35c Potatoes, Cobblers, 100 Ibs. _____ $1.18 Sugar, cloth sack, 10 Ibs. _________ 53c For Service ^^^ * t It Is Economy To fcave your wearing apparel cleaned, pressed, repaired. Fall is at hand aa<J now is the over your wearing apparel, as it n*ay be earing you considerable owney by seft<Ji»g overcoats, hats, and other wearjng apparel to a thorough cleaning, repairing, and pressing. . "We give you money. , satisfactory j

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