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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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r- Tl Tin n. i THE PITTSBURG GAZETTE TIMES, TUESDAY, A I 1, 1913. inree men Sink In Attempt to Raging Ohio In Frail Skiff--Woman Is Charged With Murder Plot SHARON'S NEW 3IOTOR FIRE TRUCK AMIICII DID ITSELF PROUD DURING WEEK'S DISASTROUS FLOODS Social and Personal Gossip Woman Instigated Plot to Slay, Police Say Wife of Convicted Postoffice Robber Charged With Head, ing Attack on Mail Clerk. Dr- and M- w- Easton and Mr. and ilrs.

Peter A. Wiibert. -i' i Cross the tj, 4 lremon are rejoicing over Lri en I ill. irUCK no water in tne reser- tne street. Several minor fires were 4 'I 4 i I SHAKO.V.

March 31. Special. Sharon flr the new automobile Are truck which was rece T.finh;rm a tnorougn test. It will be driven by Firemen Nesbit thrll tZ Ult Saakty- CSt and has taken the Place of the andinT Th6 PiCtUre ShWB Sankey at the wheel- Leipheimer standing beside him. and Chief Fred Vanderholt at the front of the car.

everl? tlm 'S provided wltn PP. has paid for itself Pumps on the rnlch day" JUSt PaSSeJ" Had not bce" the nartu, 'S eery lndicat," tht Are would have com- Started dtructlon caused by the waters. Water soaked lime had "din th" biB tor-toy Wishart warehouse. The firemen fought standing in water ud to thpir grmitc ti pl Dayton's Need Now Is, Cash; Food Plentiful Patterson Issues Appeal for Money Counciilmen Attack Relief Committee. SURVIVORS'1 TALES THRILLING By Associated Press to Gazette Times.

DAYTON. March H. Patterson, chairman of the citizens' relief committee, issued the following state ment touay regardlrg conditions here: "Our committee has now at its disposal all the food and clothing necessary to meet the loss of the sufferers of Hayton. however, urgently is required for putting cur city in a condition to prevent the outbreak of serious disease and to rehabilitate the thousands, many of whom have lost their homes entirely, and all of whom lost their household and personal effects." A meeting of the members of the relief committee with members of the City Council was called for this afternoon. On Saturday the Council discussed a request from the relief committee that Ki0.fl00 be diverted from the sinking fund of the city to the relief fund.

Council-men Harry Klein and Gus Happel protested vigorously and made remarks rln- rogatory to the relief committee and its motives, accusing members of the latter, among other things, of trying to steal the city government. Under the present reign of martial law, modified Into a sort of commission government, the city government is without authority and there is a well-defined movement on to retain the "commission" form until the city has recovered from the flood. At a mating members of City Council d-elx red their individual willingness to co-opeiate with the committee. It waa decided to appropriate of the relief fund to the Red Cross to be expended in purchasing necessities which will permit destitute families to re-establish homes. The list of identified dead reached 60 today.

Family llcttnited. With the rapid subsiding of the flood waters and dissipating of pvnic here thrilling adventures continue coming to light. Among the most Interesting of these was the experience of the family of harles M. Adams in Riverdale. When the flood first ruhed through that section of the city Mr.

Adams got iiis wife and lO-months'-old twin girls into a skiff and took them to the home of a friend In Warder street. An hour later it was again necessary to move, and the family was taken by rescuers out of a second-plory window. The canoe in which they were being transported was capsized by tile current. Adams swam braveiv In th iv vmsr for a few niitiutes. when he was picked up by some men in a iiathoat.

Just he was rescued he aaw his wife for the third time. The girls Were fioatint? flown the l. collapsed. Three hours" later He regained consciousness to find himself in an attic and beside him on the floor lay his wife whom he to hoc Wo rfr'Ir A few minute- few minutes later a man crawled into attic window from the floating roof th ui -i j' 1. twins, i hey had caught ill the branches of emu we.e ii i.mj on nv i i bucket brigades.

unnurt 1ESILE ASKS HO KB TOI Mayor of Stricken City Ap peals to Carnegie, Rockefeller and Hero Commission 2,000 STILL HOMELESS Special Telegram From 4.EO. A. CAMPsKY. Maff Correspondent. ZANE3VILLE, March a.

Andrew Carnegie. John D. Rockefeller and the Carnegie Hero Fund at Pittsburgh were appealed to for aid and financial assistance to the Zanesvilie reiief fund to-fiay by Mayor John H. Scofield. Late this afternoon Mayor Scotieid sent the follow, ing telegram to tne persorls an(j institution above named: Zanesvilie haj been visited by the most lernb.e flood In her history.

CienerOvis Cleaned pcpl? everywhere have ent in loo-J and cloihinx for immediate need of th destitute. But we must have munty to support poor Kroule until they can rrbuitd their home. bounces or smallpox and scarlet lever are threatening. iii you our financial aid' The local Jlnan'ial committee, a subcommittee of the citizens' relief committee, received about in local and telegraphic and telephonic communications today. Jones Bros, of Boston sent fl'X) by wire.

Red Croon ExiH-cted. The Red Cross officers and nurses have not reached the city, but are expected tomorrow. Red Cross headquarters for the state have been establ'shed at Dayton, and it is reported here that Miss ilabel Boardman, head of the organization, is now in that city. Miss Board-man is expected in Zanesvilie. An average of 130 patients are being treated in the Good Samaritan Hospital Sally.

There are 35 carloads of food, Applies and clothing within three miles vi. Zanesvilie. It is being brought in by wagon as rapidly as possible, save that being used on the west side of the river. 1 he surplus supply will be used to aid towns in the Muskingum Valley south of here. At a meeting of the Citizens" Relief Association in the Court House this morntng a report was made that Gov.

Cox had telephoned from Columbus during the morning that he expected to arrive in Zanesvilie either Wednesday or Thursday. The governor requested that the business of the relief of the citv he conducted through himself and the Citizens' Relief Association. Gov. Cox also requested that the business men furnish him immediately with an estimate of the Joss of both personal property and real estate in the city. I met I gating Iletitth.

Dr. H. T. Sutton, a local member of the State Board of Health, wired board headquarters at Columbus this morning asking for an immediate meeting of the board In Zanesvilie. He was instructed by the secretary to officially report conditions to the state capital.

Zanesvilie Is to have a flood historian. Instead of trying to forget about the disaster as rapidly as possible it appears that the residents want to remember it. Thomas Lewis was appointed flood his torian this morning. Between 3,000 and 4.000 flood refugees returned to their homes in the Seventh. Eighth and Tenth Wards today.

There probably are 2,000 persons still in the city who are unable to reach their hemes on account of the high water. Many Home Destroyed. Some of the homes have been washed away and nothing remains of once fine frame and brick residences but the lot they were built upon covered with iiiud and debris of ail description. City officials were liberal In allowing passes to go into tne flooded districts today. They wanted Rood sufferers to get to their, as quickly as possible in order that they might save what part of their furnishings or valuables remained.

The officials also were careful to keep suspicious looking persons from getting into tne nooded districts. Although looters hare been warned they will be shot on sight, a number of residences were reported robbed last night. One of the most generous contributions reported today was from Alliance. Citizens of that city sent a carload of provisions in charge of a personal representative and J5.000 In money to be- given to the general relief fund. Xcir House Lost.

A citizen of the Seventh Ward. In the heart of the flooded district, bought a new house for $2,501) last Monday. He paid the money and received a deed for the property. Tuesday the house washed away. Another instance Is related of a shirt manufacturer with a factory located at South Third street near the bridge.

Over a week ago he received an offer of to.OoO for the factory. He was to have given the prospective buyer a definite answer last Monday. He neglected to do this, and Wednesday the shirt factory was washed away. The Fifth Street Bridge, the only one in seven which stood the flood, was thrown open to traffic this morning. Thl3 bridge leads from the main part of the city to the old Seventh Ward or Terrace residence districts.

Col. Weybrecht. In SPREAD LIKE WILDFIRE AH Over America, the ws of the Marvelous Dandruff Cures of Parisian Sage Has Spread. A few years ago there was introduced lr.t-v America a cure for dandruff, falling hair and ail scalp diseases. This hair renewer did not attract much attention for some months, until a progressive business man.

hearing of several almost magical cures, decided to tell the Arrerican people of its mighty power to drtroy the deadly dandruff germ. Ti-day. mithout any sensational or tin-truthful advertising-. Parisian Sate Is used extensively in almost every town in America, What has produced this great demand? Pimply this: Parisian S.t,-e does Just what we are telling the readers of this paper It will do. We claim, and we back our claim with cur money back guarantee, that Farisian Page is the most invigorating and rejuvenating hair tonic.

It cures dandruff, stops falling hair and Itching scalp: it makes the hair grow strong and vigorous, yet soft and lustrous. It is tho only hair dressing that reaches the root bulb of the hair and destroys the dandruff germ. And to the women who are reading this sin. pie of fact, we want to say that Parisian Sage works wonders with women's hair. It will turn dull, harsh and faded hair Info beautiful, lustrous hair In a few days, and Is the most rleasar.t and satisfying hair dressing any woman ever iied.

Parisian Page is sold for certs a larce bottle at drug air', goodJ coul ters everw here, or it an he obtained from th" makers. Hiroux Mte. Buffalo. N. ail charges prepaid Pittsburgh Agents: The May Drug Eeven, Stores.

of of WaiTen Pa ltt" i. UKauuu. null jears in China sa 1 .,4, of the Peking University, delivered the last of a series of four lectures on China, his subject being "Chinese Women," at the First -Methodist Episcopal Church. Mr. and Mrs.

Georse H. Dunham of Market street are bnme from the southern states. Mrs. o. Weston Beau- and daughter Alice are home from an extended visit in New York and Philadelphia.

The twenty-second anniversary of the or-Ranization of the Citizens' Hook and Ladder Company N'o. 1 of Warren was celebrated by a banquet. A program of piano and sonr was presented to the students of the Warren Conservatory of -Music by Mr. and Mrs. John W.

Mcholg of New York. Mrs. Franklin H. Rockwell and daughter Anna and Miss Josephine Smith, who had been at the Jefferson home, departed for a long visit in New York. Harry Conarro and Louis JamSeson, who haii been visiting their parents during the Kaster vacation, have returned to the University ot Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.

Pa. Watson D. Hinckley, president Judge of this judicial district, left to join his wife In Day-tona Fla. NTew Castle, Pa. A Mrs.

J. B. Thorn of Oakmont, who visited Mrs. Joseph Glass of Chestnut street, has returned home. Mies Hazel Bracken and Miss Emma Cox of Ellwood City.

have concluded visiting Miss Ella Kerber of Fearson street. Dr. and Mrs. J. o.

Brown of Koppel. have concluded visiting her parents Mr and Mrs. D. S. Carnes of Ray street.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kelly of Neshannock avenue have returned from visiting relatives at Bruin, Pa. Mrs A. K.

Frew of East Washington street is visiting her daushter. Mrs. Edward Stoner of A kron. O. Miss Marguerite Holloran of Pittsburgh is the guest of her sister, Mrs.

Harry Brown of hi ciicei, Mrs. Edward King daughter. Miss Anna, Of Rhodes place have returned from a month's trip to the Bermudas. Mr. and Mrs.

H. E. McGoun of North Mercer street have returned from visiting relatives at Huntington, w. Va. Miss Alice McClymonds of Sandy Lake, has concluded an extended visit with her aunt, Mrs.

W. H. Grove of Edison avenue. preedom, Pa. Mrs.

Ralph Swanbort of PItcairn Is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. P. Schluth of Seventeenth street. Mlsg Harriett Strock of Baden.

was a guest of Miss Ada Kendrick. Mrs. Walter Urllng was hostess at a luncheon-bridge at her home in Baden. Pa. Covers were laid for 12.

Miss Irene Morgan left for Slippery Rock State Norma! School to resume her studies after a visit with her parents. Covers were laid for So at the twelfth annual banquet of the Business Men's Association at the Hotel Boyle. Miss Nell Morrison of Ouikrr Vallev and Miss Hodge of Sewlckiey, ha honle af'r visit with friends here. Mrs. J.

H. Hamilton of New Castle, visited her parents. Mr. and Mrs. H.

W. Dun lap. A re eption nnd social fur new member wan a pleasant event in the First Methodist Epls- copal Church. It was under the auspice of the Epworth League. TYTasliington, Pa.

Mrs. Harry B. oods and son Robert of Bessemer, re visiting the former's parents. Mr. and Mrs A of Mt Mrs- S' Pollock of Church btVe to their home from a 'f "1V1S int Fulton county- L'- 1 Hughes has gone to her home at Vonru: 1 visit with her son, chart.

Hughes of Shi's avenue Mrs. .1 Iiuiier or Dm jiuurr oi ttm tirove, w. nas returned home from a visit with her daughter. Mm. 'ii her Tlro.her avenue.

kt Ast.ury White, who spent 10 days here with w.w uaumi. juas niTiyia nue, a student in. the Washington Seminary, has returned to Heme in i ufoiu. cot. Miss Marv Crumrine, who is attending Ohio Wesleyan College.

Delaware. Is spending the Easter vacation at ih home of her father L. R. Crumrine of North avenue. Clayton Charlton has returned to his home in Wheeling.

W. after a visit to his father John H. Charlton of East Chestnut street Cteubenville, 0. Mrs. T.

P. Rpe pencer has returned from Springfield, Mass. Miss Hester Steele has returned to Mt Vernon Seminary. Miss Helen Sharpe is visiting in Bell Pa evue, Miss Garnet Lake ReI1 lr of K. 1,.

Simerai. is a guest Mrs. J. J. Dillon entertained the Twelve Embroidery Club.

Jolly Mrs. T. A. -Hyirste entertained the Wednesday Afternoon Sewinc Club. Mrs.

C. L. Mccracken of Cumberland Md has been a guest of Mrs. C. A Carroll Miss Anna Ward of Pittsburgh has' been a suest of Mrs.

Charles Lowe, a W. Dawson entertained the Hill n4uet for Miss Nancy M. C. Gill and son. James H.

Gill hav been at Atlantic City, N. J. Qil City, Pa. An Easter dancing psirty. the eighth of a series of high school dances given by th snio class, was held in Lavs Hall.

Tho young men in charge of the party were How-Ti Gordon. Seymour Dunn. Raymond P. Burns. Howard Dickey and James Courtney.

At a meeting of the Belles Club in Carnegie Hail the following officers were elected: President. Mrs. Magee; vice presidents. Mrs. W.

S. Mitchell and Mrs. G. "ced: secretary. Mrs.

M. W. Easton- treas-mer. Mrs. w.

F. Cullls; federation secretary, Miss Emma G. Morris; auditor, Mrs. T. A.

Mccracken: directors. Mrs. J. B. Higgins.

Mrs. J. B. Berry. A dancing party was given in Lay's Hall New Dean Named for Women's School Mary B.

Breed Will Become Head of Margaret Morrison Girls July 1. Director Arthur A. Hamerschlag announced yesterday the appointment of Miss Mary Bidwell Breed as dean of the Margaret Morrison Carnegie school, the women's department of the Carnegie Institute of Technology, to take effect July 1. Dr. Breed is a native of Pittsburgh and is a graduate of the Pennsylvania College for Women and of Brvn Mawr College, where she received the degree MIm Mary n.

Breed. of A. B. In 1S94. A.

M. in 1895 ana Ph. n. in 1501. She also studied in the University ot Heldleberg.

Germany. Miss Breed has been clean of women and assistant professor of chemistry In Indiana University, Bloomington. ind and for five years has been advisor of women and head of Read Hall, Univer- I StTof I I Jo of oi.uj-ouuuii etCi-liOn OI OH lCCrS Ot Kil city iMze So. I w. soecial meeting, the following belnir elected: grand.

Carl McXaughton: vice grand. Louis Klstier; third member of the relief committee. Zack Tate; treasurer, John Ross; trustee. B. R.

Bromley. Mrs. George Kern entertained at a dinner of eight covers at her home on Hoffman avenue benv-ille EQest' Mlis Randall of Steu- f5rew'e1' ParV was given by- Misses Stella eller and Miss Florence Coucn at the teller home on Central avenue in honor of Juanita and Nlles Thompson, who are aV," or California. There were io in attendance- pa. Mrs.

John Brownlee of Omaha. is her mther. Mrs. Ella Marshall, tl Yi E- E- Collins have returned to iT 7 1 Angeles. after spend-m? er here witn the latter's parents.

fhm ho accompanied tnem to the coast, as did J. M. Osborne and Miss Lucy Osborne. i'SoMir'e, St'wa't of Salem. N.

and of I'and. are guests at the home of J. tiller. wlth Kathleen Cartin assisting entertained at the home of the former In honor of Miss Elizabeth McCov. A miscellaneous shower was given Miss McCov.

Miss Maria Greer, a teacher in the schools at Parnassus, spent the week-end with her parents. Robert Tannehll! has returned to Clalrton. arter speeding several days with 1 is parents, Mr and Mrs. R. 2f.

Tannehill. mJ. JMe" Reany I visiting his sister, Mrs. William Plants. Albert Gruhbs of Detroit, Is visiting his parents, Mr.

and Mrs. J. w. Grubbs. JUTt.

Pleasant, Pa. iVA Mr. and Mrs. D. K.

Hershberger. Mr. and C' Ku'nbaugh. the Rev. Mr.

leatrick and daughter Margaret, Mrs. Fisher and David JMsner. Mrs. Mary Zimmerman and Misses alary and Sarah Hitchman, Anna Berthel. Ada Overly and Pearl (iiani Lthe cottdale Theater by the Women's Ulee Club of Frederick.

Md. Miss Marie Rumbaugh gave a fancy work party at her Main street home for Mrs. Walter Graul of Sault Ste. Marie, who is visiting friends here. Mrs.

s. M. Clark and son Kenneth of Ex-Port spent the week with Mr. and Mrs. rank Dullinger.

Mrs. j. m. Gothle entertained her fellow members of the Thimble Club at her Scott-dale (Pa.) home. Mrs.

William Overholt entertained the members of the European party at her Church street home. The senior students of the Institute gave a ir-naj at tne institute chapel under Misses Trickey and Dunham. Those who took part were Ohma Harmon. Virgie Miller, Elizabeth riamsay. Anna Rumbaugh.

Maybelle Sherrick, Edna bhallenberger and Eunice Nedrow. Kane, Pa. MUa Amv 12 friends at her home in Main street In honor of her gusst. Miss Irene Behan of Bradford. who is spending a week In Kane.

Mrs. Arthur Aggers entertained a number of friends at her home in Hemlock avenue at a 6 o'clock dinner in honor of her guest, Mrs. Arlm Pecker. The Misses Jane McDonsld VranM nhnr Maude O'Conner, Anna Fleming and Mae Alloc attended the Institution of the Daughters of Isabella at Dubois. Pa.

Miss Loretta McCluskey entertained the members of the Westminster Guild at her toiiowing officers 1 rau1 Mn- Hubbard; vice president. Irene Hittennender; secretary treasurer. Hannah Stenstrom. i nw sjM-ini; convention ot the UiKmh oumy c. 1 U.

Will be held Ir. oil -14 and To. Miss Lillian Anderson entertained the mem bers of the L. P. Club at a 6 o'clock dinner at the home of Mr.

and Mrs. Jesse Uremmell In Hacker street. Pa. Mrs. W.

H. H. w- H- duller enterl-" -er of friends at her home in I- Utopia. Club members gave a WO party tiicuu town Mr and Mrs. Gill Stitt are home from Florida, where they spent the winter.

William Doughty of Everett, was here to visit his mother. Mrs. Richard Doughty The Rev. s. B.

Laverty. pastor of the' Methodist Episcopal Church, visited his brother the Rev. J. H. Laverty at Crafton, Pa.

last week. The Cecelia Rebekah Lodge observed Its twenty-fifth anniversary on Sunday by having a religious service, with the George Rya.l to preach a sermon. Mrs- w- O. Johnston, a medical missionary of Paukt. China, addressed the Christian En-I dcavor socieiies cf the Presbyterian Church on Sunday evening.

Mrs. Johnston was formerly Miss Edith Parker and was a member of the -ivitrhi oeuooi lacuity. The annual meeting of the Saitsburg Lyceum Association was held and a net balance of $130 was reported in the. treasury to begin the work of next year. Officers were elected.

pranklin, Pa. Miss Lillian Karns has returned from Pittsburgh. Mrs. F. C.

Dailey of Wilklnsburg Pa is visiting her parents. Mr. and Mrs. John Os-born. Mrs.

D. Custer Moore has returned from Frnstburs. Md. Mrs. U.

M. Dale. Mrs. W. W.

Davison, Mrs John L. McBride. Mrs. John Hanna. Mrs! W.

W. Miller. Mrs. Charles Frampton. Mrs faamuel Fhilo, Mrs.

Charles Fry and Mrs h' A. Clawson attended a luncheon In on by Mrs. Joseph Robinson of Oil n.v oim r.iii;ar inorp or ranklin. Mrs. John E.

uiil has returned from Pitts burph. Mrs. J. d. Ellis has returned from Pitts- Mrs.

Emll Koos Is In New York Mr. and Mrs. George A. Locke are in Tltus- ie. a.

una mm cnaries Gardiner Bullio of lne guests or Mr. and Mrs. Rollin R. Bleaklev. Mrs.

S. C. Lewis will entertain at bride at hor tirmiA a ,1 a Mrs. D. Frank Andrews is in "Pittsburgh.

associate head of St. Timothy's School Catonsvllle, Md. M-s? Breed is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry A.

Breed of Westminster street. Her early education was obtained in the private school of Mary Ward Ellsworth avenue. Miss Breed met the faculty of the Margaret Morrison Carnegie school yes" terday afternoon and addressed the sm dents. She will return to Pittsburgh in June. She is a member of the Brvn Mawr Club of New York, the College Clubs of Philadelphia and Ba timore and one of the two alumnae representa New Manager for Home Honored.

Mrs. Annie Nile Kurnicker of Ems-worth, who will manage the new Presbyterian Convalescents' Home at Har-marsville after May 1, be guest honor at a tea in McCreerv's dinine room Thursday. Mrs. William Hare of Kmsworth will be hostess: Mrs Carl Clarke and Mrs. J.

j. Miller assisting Mrs. Herbert Pickens and Mrs Marv Shuety of Emsworth and Miss Omstead of the North Side will give a musical program. musical Tag Day Receipts to Women's Fund. The receipts from the tag dav in SaturdaV.

amounting" to more than SMX. were turned over yesterday by-Mrs. E. A. Weaver to H.

C. McEldownev. fonrtSUiTr the pistH'rgh flood relief rund. the money to be added to the club fllnd- whlcn. wlth other small donations received vesterdav.

reached nearly $1,700. The club women th- Saturday. April 12. to add and thr, WUh wil! be kel't intact and then turned over to the American Red Cross society for disbursement. Tourists to Study Switzerland.

Switzerland will be the subject for study In the Tourist Club next year. The club met yesterday afternoon in the Business omen's Club. Dr. Margaret Gould read a paper on "Historical Churches of and Mrs sketch prepared by Mrs. W.

G. A. Millar t5 buildings on the Florentine Hiils. "Scenes on the Arno" were described by Mrs. Walter Ure.

The musical numbers were given bv Miss Bertha Oross. pianist, and Miss Ella Dav, vocal-i-st. with Miss ClataMiller, accompanist. Camp Fire Girls Entertain. Fire of the First Baptist Church, Bellefield avenue and Bayard street, will entertain the members the various other camp tires in the city Saturday afternoon.

Frederick S. ebster, the city ornithologist, will lecture on Birds-Their Habits and Their and will illustrate his talk with "I'-ciesung couecuon of stuffed birds. it. SriCIAL TlLKOSA TO 17. ITT I TlHES-J FAIRMONT.

W. March 31 With the arrest of Mrs. Margaret Scarpella the police believe they may solve the mystery of the attack on Postal Clerk Zeb Reese at Watson last week. Mrs. Scarpella and James Trott.

who conducts a boarding house, were arrested after Vincent Bruno, Carlos de Paull and Francesco Chrtrieniro had admitted their guilt and implicated Mrs. Scarpella and Trott. According to the confessions, the plot was to kill Reese, who the foreigners be lieved responsible for the arrest and confinement of Louis Scarpella, husband of the imprisoned woman, on the charge of robbing the postoffice at Watson. It Is said Mrs. Scarpella waa the chief Instigator.

The police assert they have the head of a gang of postoffice robbers, tf which Mrs. Scarpella was chief conspirator. Skiff Is Capsized; Three Men Drowned Swift Current Claims More Lives at Parkersburg Big Building Falls. Sl'ECIAL TELEC.BAM TO GAZETTE TlME. PARKERSBURG, W.

March 31 Three men last their lives In the Ohio River this afternoon while attempting to cross from this city to Belpre, O. This brings the total of local flood casualties to four. The men were in a skiff when struck by a terrific windstorm which capsized the craft. The names of the drowned men have not yet been learned. A three-story brick buildfne owned hv Ruth Bumgarner and -occupied by the miner furniture Company on the first floor collapsed late this afternoon.

Of five men who were in the structure at the time, all but two escaped injuries. Van Bowman and W. C. Wilson were badly injured, the former being taken to the city hospital, but it is said they are expected to recover. The loss to the owners of the building and occupants wil reach $40,009.

The river is down to 50 feet here and falling rapidly. The local reiief committee met tonight and reported that all refugees are being fed and housed. A spirit of optimism prevails in the stricken district and the work of rehabilitating damaged industries will be begun at once. SHARON MILLS RESUME. Biff Steel Plants Start Operations Follotving Flood.

SHARON. March 31 The mills of the United States Steel Corporation and many of the independents are running after several days' shutdown due to tha flood. The tin mill of the American Sheet and Tin Plate Companv started Sunday night. Eight of the open hearth furnaces of the Carnegie Steel Company Farrell will be making steel in a few days and the blooming, bar and billet mills started today. The blast furnaces did not have to shut down.

The American Steel and Wire Companv and the sheet mill of the American Sheel and Tin Plate Company also have resumed. The blast furnace of the Carnegie Steel Company at Sharon started yesterday. The Sharon Steel Hoop plant will be running at full blast by the end of this week. The Stewart Iron Company's blast furnace had to be shoveled out and will be idle for a couple of weeks Merchant Company Incorporates. DOVER.

March 31 Articles of incorporation were filed here at the State Department today for the National Merchant Company of Pittsburgh, to manufacture, sell and deal In all kinds of household furnishings and to do a general Installment business. Incorporators, John R. Holland, Charles H. Purlte, W. A.

McCoy, all of Pittsburgh. Pa. Capital stock $25,000. New Enamel Plant to Start. NEW CASTLE, March 31.A new enamel plant will be operated at Ellwood City, this county, by John D.

Creighton. He has leased the plant formerly operated by the Automatic Machine Company and will install the enameling machinery i. uiiie. a ne oianc win eniniov a mur 5o men. Council Will Meet Today.

City Council will meet this afternoon In regular session, the first meeting In two weeks. A number of ordinances for the acquisition of playgrounds are pending, but nothing can be done with them, as Controller E. S. Morrow has postponed the sale of bonds, intended to raise the money to purchase the plav. grounds, because of a slump in the market for municipal bonds.

Man's Leg Fractured by Auto. Lewis Maser of 214 Iten street was run down at Federal and Lacock streets yesterday afternoon by an automobile owned and driven by J. A. Kelly of 1525 Federal street. His Injuries consist of a fracture of the right leg and bruises and he was taken to the Allegheny General Hospital.

CURED NY A Friendly Scientist Showed Me How te Cure It forever WILL TELL TOI' FREE HOW TO CUBE For a lonsr time I was sorely trouhled hideous growth of Superfluous Hair on my fac and arms. My face was indeed a sight from 1 exasperating growth and I grew almost to hate myself for my unsightly appearance. Theru are many things advertised for Superfluous Hair, and I think 1 tried them all. but never with any result, except to wasts my money and burn my skin. But, notwithstanding all my years of disappointment, to-lay there is not a sign of duous Hair on my face, arms or anywhere else.

I got rid of it through following the advice of a rnenaiy Beien- tlst. a Professor of Chemistry at an EnKllsn university. The treatment he advised is no thorough, simple and easy to use that I want every other sufferer in America to know about It worked such a change in lnv appearance and my happiness, that I gladly waive my natural feelings of sensitiveness and will tell broadcast to all who are afflicted how I destroyed every trace of hair, never to return. If you are a sufferer and would like to hav full details, just send along your name (stating whether Mrs. or Miss) and address and a two-cent stamp for return postage, and I win send you in full detail the advice and instructions which resulted In my own cure after all else failed.

Address your letter. Mrs. Kathrya Jenkins. :34 B. c.

Wentworth Building. Boston Mass. XOTE Mrs. Jenkins as her photograph shows is a lady of refinement, and for years icoa well-known a a Socintu HOW UPERFLUOU voir but the 1 mr irom by volunteer command of the troops, expects to dispatch the government boat Merrill to ilcconnellsville and Marietta tomorrow morning with supplies and provisions. Fireman llan Luck.

William Merkle. a i. department, had a peculiar experience the flood. A coal house on his property 'uiiuiii was washed away with 50 bushels of coal. When he got to his property last ne foun(1 another coal house with more coal than the first one contained.

Telegrams from all parts of the United btaus were received in Zanesvilie yesterday, most of them inquiries for friends or relatives who were to be flood victims or sufferers. From the state of ca.irornia alone 15 telegrams of inquiries was received. The banks posted notices in their institutions this morning that they would reopen for business Wednesday morning at 9 o'clock. -Mrs. KMen I.

Morgan of 15 Greenwood avenue. 90 years old. is a distant relative o. J. P.

Morgan, the American financier who died In Koine today. Mrs. Morgan Is not a flood sufferer. Sown to Have Lirjht. It was reported this morning that electric light would be turned on in the city by Thursday r.ight.

Railroad service seems to be the slowest recovering. It will be several days before trains are able to run In and out of Zanesvilie. There was an unconfirmed rumor from umam morning that one negro was s.iot and another wounded while trying to roo tne residence of Col. T. F.

Spangler, Woodland avenue. The negroes were said to be strangers and were not iUeu- heveral new cases of smallpox, scarlet fever and diphtheria were reported this morninc. All cases were taken to th different pest houses At the start of the flood eieht cases of smalloox were in the noo.1 eignt cases ol smallpox ere in the cu'- About 25 to 30 shots were reported ex changed off the Terrace Sunday midnight. It is supposed the firing was done by soldiers and burglars. Headquarters sent a detail to investigate but no suspicious persons were found.

River Towns Now Facing -w-v Tt i I Bi9f lood Inhabitants in Shawneetown and Cairo, Warned to Leave Homes. INDIANA TOWN SUBMERGED Br Associated Press to Gazette Tixes. SPRING FI15LD, March 31 Adjt. Gn. Iickson received a telephone message from Shawneetown at 3:30 p.

stating that the authorities had ordered all families out of the town to higher ground by 4 o'clock this afternoon. FLORA. March 31 Railroad communication between this point and Shawneetown, 111., is- interrupted, the Baltimore and Ohio tracks being open only as far as Barnhill. 16 miles from Shawneetown. Wagon roads are impassable.

The Baltimore and Ohio train dis patchers here have heard nothing to In-dicate that the levees at Shawneetown have broken or that the situation has grown more threatening today. The railroad company has wires work ing to Duncan, a few miles from Shawneetown, and there the Shawneetown telegraph office temporarily has been moved. Shawneetown is believed to be practically deserted, as all women and children were taken away two days ago, and men were ordered to leave last night. The Baltimore and Ohio will try to send a train as far as Barnhill tomor row morning. All other trains south and east of here have been annulled.

La trrenrebu rrj btn enjed. ACKOFtA. March 31 The government relief boat Scioto, towing a laden with food, arrived Just In time at Lawrenteburg, and Aurora, this morning, for though no loss of life has been reported, these towns, as well as others that were aided, needed provisions. The Scioto was able to land at the Lawrenceburg wharf and doctors and lawyers turned Into stevedores and roustabouts, placed thefr tenner snould-ers und-r heavy burdens of food end helped unload. I-a rer.ctbu! was utterly submerged.

The river was found about two miles wide and flowed over the levee until the wattr Inside was on a level with the Ohio River. Only 40 houses In this town o.r) were r.ot under water this morn ing About Aurora houses are not under i water. Suit w. re also left here i boats were sent farther' and auxiliary down the Ohio to Patriot and Florence wi.ii provisions for those villages, Cairo Still in Peril. CAIRO.

March 31 The city flood committee this afternoon issued an order closing ail saloons and all retail stores, with the exception of bakeries andr drug Many merchants are moving their steaks to sec. rid storl, i -Report)) LOUISVILLE. KV. M.irch 31 from Ashiind and Maysvllle. and to of Strong Gales Wreck Houses In Huntington Winds Wash Flood-Weakened Homes Into River 20,000 Refugees in City.

STATE MILITIA POLICES CITY rirr. iAi. Telegram to Gazette Times 1 HUNTINGTON. W. March 31 The flood stage in the Ohio River here was 6.5 2-10 fet at noon today, and there is much suffering.

The river has been stationary since early this morning and it is thought will soon to fall. There are between lS.iwu and homeless persons quartered in churches, school and in halls. While plenty of provisions have been sent here from Charleston. Va there is no means of cooking food, as the gas supplv shut on ana there is a scarcity of coal 1 wucd A here today from Charleston ot cooheu iuuil wa-s A nign wind swept over this place thiF washed between so and 4o foundations. The oc- cupants were removed from houses early this morning when it became ao- parent that the dwellings would witii- tht! "train of wind and ater.

lhree companies of the state 1 it aW 1,1 the work and tnt Gov. riatneld will re- turn here this arternoon and declare this place under martial law. 1t'our infants have been born in one of lo al school houses being used as uarura or the BIG COAL TRACTS ROTTl Carmichael Block Bringa OOO Safe? in Jarkunn Township. WAYNESBURG. March 31 Two coal deals aggregating more than and involving lands in this vicinity were closed todav.

The llaik. sometimes called the Carmkhaels block comprising 1.500 acres near Carniieh oris, was soici to illtsuuigh operators ior r.MO.wo. it SaLr3 wul open Fifteen hundre ior it is reported that the up the coal at an early hundred acres of enni lunri i Jackson townsh d. known a the Hill block, was sold to eastern capitalists for $100 an acre. RACING AUTO KILLS WOMAN.

Struck by Former Pittuburyher'a Car in Canton, O. CANTON, March 31 George Blackiston. an advertising man. for- 'rienv or fittsnuren. tins afternoon ran (down and killed Mrs.

Kdward S. Hulii, jageu 19. while driving a racing utitomo- in jasi Lane street. eiiacKistun called an ambulance, then drove tiie police station to nolify the chief of police. He was not arrested.

The car. which killed Mrs. Huth was of peculiar construction, with an extended hood that made it difficult for t'-lackis- ton to see In front of it Aged Woman Celebrates. GREENSBCRG. March 31 Mrs Salome Miller, one of the oldest women In Westmoreland county, celebrated her ninety-fourth birthday at the home of her daughter, Mrs.

Abe Moore, at Arm-brust, I today. Notwithstanding her advanced years, Mrs. is in the best of health and quite active. She employs the greater part of her time wiin sewing ana Knitting, at which she Is an adept. She was married twice, hr first h.usband being John c.

C'arr who died 65 yeiirs ago. Her second marriage was to Michael Miller, who has been dead for if, years. In addition to Mrs Moore with whom she lives, Mrs. Miller has one son, A. J.

Miller of Swanwick, 111., and a daughter, ilrs. A. II. Stahl at SmUhton. this county.

She is a member of the, Baptist Church at Arnibrust. OMAHA li SiX HOHTHS More Beautiful City Will Rise from Devastated District. OMAHA. March 31. A committee of prominent Omaha business men, in whose hands the work of restoring the city from the effects of the tornado on March 23 has been placed, promised that in six months more the devastated district would be rebuilt and would be much more beautiful from a civic standpoint.

The following was complied by tlr Commercial Club, and is given out as authentic he known dead In Omaha and itn- mediate suburbs totals I3f: the Injured number 4o2 l.Tuo homes were entirely destroyed or badly wrecked BRIBE FUNS ULEGED NEW YORK, March 31. The grand jurv Investigating police praft todav attempted trace the source of an aliened bribe of raised to keep JVhn J. Ii'irtman. a patrolman recently convicted perjury, from inakirg a confession in- voicing superior of.kers. Hartigan's friends had expected the con victed patrolman would t-II ail he knew.

Clean House Now. Electric vacuum cleaners for rent at f2 net Hiv or fne la i Call Contract Department, SiuO Grant. I 1 who was riding to safetv ih roof. Mrs. Adams was rescued as she was going down the third time by a high sthool boy on a raft.

Il'omnii'8 Shovel Cornea Handy. John Stone, 78 Victor street, rescued a wo'nan Jroni, ond-story window of a house l.mwood street, who insisted on bringing with her a snow shovel. Clutching the shovel to her breast she sat the tfn sheets of Stone's 'boat, alternately singing a hymn and laughing hysterically, in attempting to round a 'n street, the boat struck an eiectric ngnt pole and Stone lost his pad'iie. "God told me," shouted the woman a -Mrs. Clemens.

"He told me. Now. use the Stone managed to paddle his boat with tne shovel to a place of safetv. Rescuers found a Mrs. Athcrton standing in water waist-deep in the second story of her home in Hast Riverdale An nour neiore tne rescuers arrived the woman had given birth to a son which she was clutching in her arms.

The babe was dead. ilrs. Atherton is expected to live. Marietta In Recovering. MARIETTA.

March 31 Linemen today opened gas communication with Marietta. Conditions here are not as bad as they have been reported, although uanj aie nometess ana hundreds of illumes are canipca on tne hillsides waiting for the flood to subside. There is an abundance of food, and a carload of tents is due to arrive tonight. The telegraph service has been restored Wavcrly, a village of 000 inhabitants on the est ii gmla side, was completely Hooded and the people driven to the hills. Ironton Akn for Food.

COLI-MBU3, March 31 Mayor Kennedy of Ironton this afternoon asked Gov. Cox over the long distance telephone for four companies of militia and lood sufficient to last from 000 for 10 days. He said supplies there Dynamite has checked a fire i.iii-.t. burned a block in the business sect'on of Ironton. bounded by Third, Lawrence and UUtACVC nil Tiro UcaUis in Portsmouth.

COLUMBUS, March 31 Word from Portsmouth. savs that there been small tires which were extinguished and that tiie tire loss was trivial. There is food supply sufficient for several days. Two deaths have been reported Seu-ark Practically I'uharmed. NEWARK, March 31.

Wild telling of great loss by water here ire causing a flood of telegraphic inquiries i. i' me i-ii. -ewarK suifred practically nothing from the high water except relation to wire and trai service. Massillon Starts Cleauinq. MASSILLON, March Sl-MaM-llloii today declined state aid for its tlooj sufferers, pending an investigation of conditions.

Forty men and 19 teams today began to li an up ine munieu section. Tile Citv is paying the cost of the work. S'ti-ieen' measures are being taken to prevent" "at" outbreak or disease. Two thousand sufferers today moved Into their own homes. The remaining tho'n.

and are to be cared for at the Salvation Army barracks. mm. MOOSE DIES Was One of the Foremost Constructive Geniuses of the Navy. RIDGEWOOD. N.

March 31. Rear Admiral John W. Moore, retired, a veteran of the Civil War, and one of the foremost constructive geniuses of the navy, died at his summer home here late last nitait. He retired In 1894 and was years old. Admiral was credited with originating armored fighting tops and first suggested neutral colors to make warships less visible.

Bechtel Given Oil Painting. Peter K. Kechtol last night quit as of the Allegheny General Hospital. He as vdv a reception hospital yesterday afternoon. Employes gave him an oil painting.

Rechtel will go to his farm near New Castle Herbert Reamer, secretary-treasurer of the Lautner Hardware Company, succeeds Bechtel today. Congress Tag: Day. The women's clubs composing th- Con-cress of Women's Clubs Western ennsylvama are being assicncl to the various sirett corners throughout the city for the tag dav which win ducted Saturday for the relief of the Ohio flood sufferers. I enormous prop- The jury also looked into a report that jU8t was to From Western Kentucky points came I fomwr Inspector Dennis Sweeney, reports of privation among people In the who indicted for alleged lowlands. Henderson.

Paducah visited him in the Tombs after and Ower.sboro bulletins said the river hours. District Attorney Whitman and cnniir.u.o wttn a rapi-i rise out in tnose ri.oer, small damage was feared MEMPHIS. Match 31 Forces teen in North Memphis are raising thj levee? protect low portions of the city from a possible overflow. City authorities now claim they will be able to withstand a 47 foot stags. Mlsso VJXoc? wiil bE at Leader in Bcranton, Pa..

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