Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on October 22, 1916 · Page 18
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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 18

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 22, 1916
Page 18
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THIRD SECTION PAGE TWO. " THE PITTSBURGH GAZETTE TIMES, SUNDAY. OCTUb'iiK l:)iu. PETT r !tr BLUE AND GOLD TEAM RISES IN ITS POWER AND SMITES THE HAUOHTY ORANGEMEN Warner's Men Play Entirely Different Form Previous Saturday, and Have Syracuse Beaten After. Five Minutes of Play Morrow Is Individual Star of Game, Aided by Superb Work of 3IcLaren, Dellart and Hastings. FOOTBALL . . .f . . . RESULTS LOCAL TEAMS. CLEVER PITT PLAYER INJURED AT SYRACUSE. P'tt ST svraruse 0 ( OTf irie Tech S Allegheny 0 Hilt Freshmen 7 Svra.use Freshmen.. 6 I'ealxxiy High 1L' South High 0 ... xj. n , itooneHter Mtsrn e Ben Avon- Hieh 7 MrDonaM Hlrih 0 lu.. Aupremioe.,... 3 Duq. Freshmen 0 Wliklnsburs High.. McKeesport High.... 0 WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA. By RICHARD GUY Special 'IVIenmm to The t.aietle Time 1 SYRACUSE, N. Y., Oct. 21. The Pitt football team rose in its power this afternoon and smote the haughty and valiant Syracuse hosts a crushing 30 to 0 defeat in the presence of 10,000 persons in the stadium here. It was a different Pitt team that went out this afternoon to do battle with the Orange compared with that j nemson which played the Navy last Saturday. The team which Capt. Bob ohtS .Northern Peck led on the stadium field to meet Syracuse for the first time Miami' r - . r I Hel.ieiberg ... in their gridiron historv was determined, and five minutes after the ' I Hiram play was under way Syracuse was beaten. Pitt not only showed I Manett . more physical skill, but better generalship, resoucefulness and fighting spirit. Pitt was like ll W. J II Westminster 0 I montown Hieh. .. 1 3- 'harleroi Hich 0 Leaver Falls High. 7-sharon HlxnT. i-iWt ' "" (ireenville Hterh Laliforma Nftma n n-. ..v.t. .. ijJ?k,' 86-Altoona Apprentice!! (' 7,hl? ,V, 0-rnva 0 (.reenvllle High.... J-r,rnve fitv HIKh.. J, naienture -Jrove City....:.... Martin. Kerry H... j.vSalem High Michigan 9-Michigan Aggies.. M WEST VIRGINIA. Marshall Collefre...101 Wesleyan n Va. Reaervea... 7 Kevser Preps I harieston High.... 7 Parkersburg High.. F.ethany ?s-.MuskinKura : I.uckhannnn High.. lO-Washington Irving, w. a. ttesleyan. 73 W. Va. lius. Colleg Harvard , Cornell Georgetown .. spirit men tip-htmrr for their lives, and i was sent to Dumoe and DeHart put win7e.n i nun (jul oi di-uuu I'll luc: uiic-jmiu line. , riitipj i.ttiiia Vv hen Syracuse held the ball on the . Pitt 17-yard line time was up, and that ; Colgate I was the closest Syracuse came to the I :'vi5 Pitt goal line thereafter. ! Delaware hibition was never before shown on the local field. Interference I Perfect. And the inteference. it was so compact that it swept everything before it. There was not one department of the game, except possibly punting, that Pitt did not excel in, and the fact that it could score consistently was shown by the distribution of the points, as follows: Pitt - 7 9 7 733 Syracuse 0 0 0 0 0 These figures represent two touchdowns by HcLaren, one each by De- Syracuse Develop PasMe. The Pitt coaches must have taught their men a defense for the passing game which Hollenbeck developed, for in the next two periods it attempted six and gained but twice and then for a net advantage of two yards, once losing a yard. Three attempts were intercepted, Morrow getting one of them and running 25 yards. Syracuse gained 73 yards by the aerial attack in the first two periods, while Pitt did not attempt it once. Peck's men did not need to resort to basket- 1 Gettysburg .. i 1'niori Si.Elieid Y.M.C.A "t Foniham 47 Colby n Dickinson :i Crim.a n"" S Williams OHIO. 27 Western Reserve . 11' Mt. I n ion - l'ni. of Cincinnati... - i Wittenberg . Gti Kenyan Akron . 13 Oherim .. S Baldwin-Wallace .... .. S3 St. Marys EAST. 47 Mass. Affiles - 19 iiuckneii - lfl Dartmouth , .. SS I.fayett , .. l." ijenn 5tate .. 53 Trinity 1- "-st Virginia .- 43 Rhoiie lsiani Plate.. .. 3 Lebanon Valley fi Maine - 0 Haverforrl .. 6 Johns Hopkins J -. otumttia Amherst Susquehanna u.loin Muhlenberg- w esteyaii Tufta Yale Freshmen.. Sre"ens Colgate Irni. of Vermont Rensselaer New Hampshire. I ni. of Rochester.. 14 RnrTaif. St. Iwrence 12 Hobart '. Perm State Frewh.. 4fi Wyoming Seminary. nmi loiipw. xtei awsra College Catholic University 21 Villa Nova . 43 Albright , 14 N. 1'. University.... . 13 Boston College L'S Hiilllps Exeter . 6 Worcester Tech . K Rhode Island........ -I .''Htneotieut Aggies. 7 -Hamilton ." , 14 -urhatn 0 0 0 o OS 7 i o! o I )" ! f, 6 ' 2 0- 0 0 7 TJ on.) VI ,-rrnw a npld ea& I b V Hastings, and three resultant goals b methods to gam ground for its ; w from touchdowns by Hastings. , ning attack was powerful enough XorthwwerB Th anticioated shift in the team ; to accomplish the desired aim. For in- , Minnesota 75? Dakota Otana rt tha hilf Pitt rucriAii 1 V '1. -nin im,......., . , , - the ball for 14S yards to Syracuse's 11; !i ....";;;; in the second half, 1S3 to IS. These j !rake"""."." 'figures are conclusive enough. Pit i riinm made 10 first downs in the opening half 'ninr Aeaiem - to Syracuse's one and 10 in the second half to one, which shows a total of ; two first downs for the locals during the day. which the writer predicted last Friday materialized. Jim Morrow of Carnegie was placed at the quarter-back position and as a result of the play today he has earned a permanent place in the back field. His work was a revelation. DeHart called the signals, but Morrow's work, -particularly on the offensive, was powerful. Syracuse I Bewildered. si 1 i .;v., V---- K 1 - - v - i X' r - ? ' - tte-f Tt4 - -- ' . ' J,t-". ? i .. j-i -'- '" -." -" - .T. 'f 7s" i Jt - -s -v v. -i'. . - "i- i. . .-r i . f . ' , j A, ( v! i f x '" . n -. & - ' f't - t I !6haS8j&fciMgeft&glad hiumih r i ni M rh aonWinQ lUHUfADn OITDOV m HltkK nUifHIAU liLSUil LHLIULI Hard Game Over M. A. C. Miiliken l"ni. ..." Jrinneli Coilege. . Co'oraiio College. . Kansas Aggies Kn. Carle ton. r Il.inoiB -4 lur'u 13 Washington (Ames 7 Unl. of Coloralo.. J i;reat Takes Nav. 2 Braii ley Coliege. . 0 Reioit College , M Co!. Srhrwt of M. 11 Em(oria Xormai . . itv I'arthagA 1- K! POP Right Guard Sies. T. The attack whicTl Pitt inaugurated was so driving in force and deceptive coats -were popular. The field, to all in nature that Syracuse was bewild- appearances, was in fine shape, but ered. Only once was It checked and . it was tracherous, and Hastings once that occurred shortly after the kick-off j found this to his sorrow, for he was and rieht within the shadow oi tne : on a 40-yard run for touchdown when It was typical football weather. The , J" Aggies 14 iiamiin ?4 , ... i .onn uaKOta 7 ilcft e-ater ft air was dry and crisp and a wind blew rrauw caivemiiy pSnic:": across mo neia irom me luasi. uver- ij trankim W. & J. HAS DIFFICULTY IN BEATING WESTMINSTER, 12-0 Svracuse Eoal posts. It was checked momentarily, though, for the march was repeated and something tangible resulted, as McLaren smashed through Fcbiaehter, aH-Araerican guard, for a touchdown. Starting from the Orange 47-yard line, where- DeHart took a punt. Pitt showed an attack that crushed all of Texas Nebraska .. Maru,uette .. .... 11 Oklahoma .... 1. Oreuon Aftttlea.. .... S Carroll SOUTH. i t'ni. of Louisville. an-iertult Alabama . Georgia Georgia Tech Marviani State... ; TennBsee j CialantJet Kentucky . ' Texas Rlc Kansas Angles.... Georgia Tech ! LrnvMssQii . .. , . HKI Wh.tP th T'tfUnniinri mtorrl ovi. I or,a Syracuse's hopes. Tne une cnargeu iow - lj and hard, beating their opponents ; fUy was lighted for he developed j RJchmon ana Morrow mvanauiy eun- - - . . i ueiu, into was a very oaaiy Deaten ! young white hope, for Sies kicked the he slipped Sie Forced to Leave. The air was just right for the players and they worked fast. But one Pitt j man was forced to leave and that was ' Sies, who was playing Soppitt's posi- tion at right guard. He hurt his neck j in the third quarter. When he left the easily. through and took out one of the Syra u.trfi.lil m... anA MeT jren or' TTastines followed with the ball. That lifL out of him- figuratively speaking. one touchdown was sufficient to best Bill Hollenback'9 championship aspirants. Thereafter Pitt was never held for The game was witnessed by Walter Camp, who came on to look over prospective all-American material and he jio doubt was well pleased with his - I'ni. of Chattanooga. - sr MWeissluM . 1 Klnrl.li . 1:1 Virginia . 1C North Carolina . l.v-Va. Military Inat.... . Lt South Carolina . 42 Washington . 0 ewaiie, . 21 Oklahoma . 14 Soulhu es'.ern . H Kansas Normal .1 North Carolina 7 Ci:a,l.-1 13 VtrKlnla 33 Koanoke 121 Hamtxlen-Siilney 17 Wiluam ana Mary-- ! YuliiiigtoH Team Has Hard Struggle Against United ! Preslnj terians Winners Score Two Touch- i downs Losors Offer Strong Offense. SMM-laI 1lcm-nm to The Ciazrtlr 11me WASHIX'ITO.N', PA., Oct. 21. Westminster lived utt to its reputation of ' playing its best same against Wash-' ington and Jefferson today. Metzeer's men won afi. r a hard struggle by 12 ! to 0. ! Two touchdowns, one in the firvt period and another in the fourth, were I the extent of W. Ai J.'s scoring. Wash-i incton and Jtfferson played wretched ine by a forward pass on its four-yard when W. & J. could not pain straight football. The character of the Westminster di -tense is indicated by it forcing Washington and Jefferaon to try three times before being able to carry the ball ovtr for the final touchdown from downs, although It had to punt upon center selection of last year. Bob Peck. different occasions. When the ball got within the 20-yard zone Pitt showed maneuvers that Svracuse could not outguess. Th local players were always on the lookout for Hastings to run ends; in the first two periods he had the ball but three times for plays around the extremities: that, however. did not prevent Syracuse from playing ! bantamweight. a wide line. In the third and fourth Colgate coach Peck showed his old-time aggressiveness and his encouragement to the team was partly responsible for Its smooth running. Early in the first half Gilmore, the Wright made two yards at riehr tackle. Meehan forward passed to Brown, but no &&in was made. Her-ron intercepted a forward phk and went from the 50 to the 25-yard line. Ie Hart advanced the ball five yards at the left end. Morrow went through left guard and made five yards. Morrow made two throueh left p-iir.l rival center, was called to the side I Hastings was taoklod for no gain ori lines. Peek outplayed him like a heavyweight champion would whip a the two-yard line. W. & J. did almost Hastings missed goal. Score. Pitt 13:,, . , , . i .. ...,k.,j ' v-f rvihimr hm .k ..,.! . SvraCUSe 0 ! lnslon ;tnO Jeueir-om 'i-i;vu wittilikv. - s-, . Lenin ""Seagei was substituted for Oilmore i footWill in t-vcrj- de partment. It lost should do. It handled punts poorly. and Wright for Williams. Hastings the ball on four different occasions in- j used i r judgment frequently in its kicked to Rafter on the Mx-yard line :s,,jp ,nt, We-tminur tive-vard line, i !' "id on several occasions passed who ran it back to his own 3r.-yard ... . . ,, . ... -t. ', mi rln.. ,,n,,rt,miti. . v,.. j lirte and was tackled bv Hastings . Moveniy nanunng tn ine ii. u, . . -e ... .,, Field Coal by Sparks and Touchdown by "Maulbetsch Gain Victory Over Rivals. CONTEST IS FIERCELY PLAYED ANN ARBOH, MICH., Oct. 21. A field goal by Sparks in the first period and a touchdown by Maulbetsch just before the final whistle blew gave the University of Michigan a 9 to 0 victory over the Michigan Agricultural College football leam here today. The game was fiercely played and severe penalties were numerous. Sparks was the star. He made spectacular runs of 10, 15 and 20 yards and directed his offense with good judgment. In the first period Maulbetsch dropped back to the 33-yard line, seemingly to try for a field goal. The ball was snapped to Sparks, whose beautiful dip kick gave Michigan three points. In the final period Baker of the Aggies fumbled a punt and a Michigan man recovered the ball near M. A. C.'s goal. A nine-yard run by Sparks and a line plunge by Maulbetsch resulted in a touchdown. The lineup: PENN VICTORY OVER STATE; HURT DURING HARD FIGHT Blows Are Struck in Spirited Struggle Score 1.1 to O. Returning From Mexican Border, Quaker Star 31akes Thrilling Touchdown and Field Goals. PHILADELPHIA, PA., Oct. 21. Howard Berry, the penthalon champion, just back from the Mexican border, where he spent three months in the National Guard, played sensational football on Franklin Field today and carried the University of Pennsylvania to a 15 to 0 victory over the strong eleven from Pennsylvania State College. Berry, playing at fullback, scored 12 points two field goals and a trtlf Vi .1 t n o nil ii:na ttion . . .1 fff the field because of an injury. William !eRe me.n for a -'ard run to the goal aim Miu marv she lost opportunities to score. After that the home eleven improved, the team gaining about twice as many first downs as State in rushing the ,ball. Pennsylvania's backfield played Sterling footbnM and Berry's punting was of high order. Berry's two drop-kicks were made from the 33 and 40-yard lines. His tduchdown came when he caught a long forward pass by Quarterback Light and broke through the State Col- I'ennsy lvania la. Michigan 9. Dunne Weimann hoy,! Niemann Itehor Wesko I'cac h , rks M. A. -0. Ramsey . .. Ptraieht Vanrtervoort .. Prime-lie Coryell .. Blaeklook ... Henning Huet.el Quigley, his substitute, was a worthy successor, kicking a tine field goal from placement from the 47-yard line. The game was one of the fiercest played on Franklin Field in a long time. Feeling ran so high in the third period that two of the players got into l.iirht a fist fight. Nearly the entire Pennsyl- vTimams vania squad rushed out, apparently to Berry l.lath-ws .. Wirkman .. Wray Estrcsvaag Little Miller 1. T ., iU... .'..'.".'.."." .' K.T RE... Ci ..L H.. ..R.H.. ...J? I'etin State a. Kb ... Krushank Cui'haga Swula I'arnsh ...... Czarneekla H'.t?ln Ewlng Heck llol.b Clark .L.K .I..T .L.O , ..C .R.l R.T .K. B ..O ...... .Maulhet.seh I..H Jacks Raymond R.K Kick Smith F Butler Score by periods: Michigan 3 0 0 C 9 M. A. C 0 0 0 00 Substitutes .Michigan. Eggert for Maulbetsch, Cracey for Boyd, Kathrlck (or Raymond; M. A. i. McClellan for Fick, Nelson for Henning, Henning for Nelson. Ode for Hiaeklock liaker for Ruller. Iliacklock for Ode. lichii;an scoring- Touchdown MaullietFch. Field goal tl'Rrka. Referee Hackett. West Point. Vmpire Holdemess. Lehigh. Field judge Haines. Yale. Head linesman Lynch, Bruwa. Time of periods 15 minutes each. stop the scrap, but the officials brought about order without outside interference. No one was removed from the game as a result of the incident. Both teams played hard football and State crumbled under the attack of the Red and Blue eleven. Pennsylvania had a spasm of fumbling in the first period, during which Score, by periods Pennsylvania 0 3 9 3 16 Perm state 0 o 0 0 Referee Thompson, tieorgtown. I'mplre Mccarty, tiermamown Academy. Head linesman Merriuian, ileneva. Time of periods lf mtn-nutes each. Pennsylvania scoring Touchdown: Berry, tioals from field Ilerry 2. Field goal from placement Quigley. Substitutions Pennsylvania: Ouigley for Kerry. Penn Stai O'Donnell for Cubbage. Wilson for Swain, Conover for Higgins, Thorpe for Ewing. Heat for Iteck. Gross for Hess, Jones for Kobb. Navy Gets Breaks, Beating West Virginia, 12 to 7 ANNAPOLIS, MD., Oct. 21. Again taking quick advantage of the breaks of luck. Navy in the final moments of play this afternoon won a 12 to 7 victory from West Virginia University. Except for the first portion of the initial period, when they were kept on the defensive the visitors outplayed the midshipmen. Twelve times they made aerial shots which were successful. The lineup: Navy!?. W. Von Helmberg I..E iarke l-.T Ho'.tman L.G stein ... Va. Univ. 7. llager Curry Henrie Bailey Lafayette Is Easy Picking For Tigers Rush's Princeton Machine Too Strong for Easton Eleven. 33-0. Is ...R.i Bronnan ...R.T Webster ...R.E Hutchinson ....y chenoweth ...I..H King ...R H Hlte TIBBOT AND EDDY FEATURE 43-yard line. Meehan went out of bounds, but gained five yards. Mee- I han forward passed to Rafter for a 1 two-yard loss. A triple pass wa intercepted by McXulty. On a run from kick formation, Pitt ran out of bounds on Pitt's 45-yard line. Gougb-r was tackled for a two-yard loss. Joug-ler punted to Meehan. who was tackled ' on the .'i-yard line. Kafter mnde two : yarns. Aieenan. around left end on a : Reitie fake kick, made two yards. Boutin ,' Wanvl . went in for Oilmore. Lumoe at- I Johnson lempien a lorwara pass and failed j Williams, the Xee-rn brv tvia.to it- . 'Davis down. He failed to gain on the next l wtnhai v" Play, being stopped by Sutherland. Oniy " a fake forward pass. Williams made , VvV-t viriYnla o three yards. Another forward pass ! Touchdowns-WeVchei." In . as 11 iru anu i a i iru. j 'umoe K 1 C HPfl I, . ! C.r.-, fr.m tonch.iown i'henowettv Snoslttu- 'n , . . . the 23-yard line and Meadows fumbled. Itions: Navy-Jackson for Johnson. Hanafee for ; lu "' 11 a Jr.usn oi tne Princeton nut recovered, jict.aren was stooD-d iavis, Jones tor uooiistein. l'enfeid tor Holt- iuru:uiiio nau Kept nis regulars in no gain. Oougler was stopped for i man. McClure for Jones. Scafe for Clarke, throughout the came the mr .,lU irain around rirht end Iashlells for Westi.hal. W elchel for On-.', 6 . . .' feame tne score would ptl nted PRINCETON, N. J., Oct. 21. Th rinceton football team experienced , little difficulty in disposing of La- Ingram. Chenoweth. fayette here today by the score of 33 for no train. Ooutrler was aMnnH , man. McClure for tO -MalOne PUbhinir for Pnftee I r ISJ,er . iwr "eouoer, jwottUKO o.r t,, iai,ci, I1W TUSaeQ whit fnmhletl on l,itf ii i , I'asniens. iutier lor ingrani. et Virginia . I Vi? 11 f i. ;;?r1 hne- Lantern for Rodgers. Ilroks for Hager. Ref- j Peck recovered fOr Pitt. McNultV. at I .-Vi Vennsv1v.nl.. rm.hr-Tvl.r Princeton. Head linesman Moffat. Princeton. Time of periods 12 minutes. left end, advanced three yards Oougler at right end made six award's K. Urown went In for Williams. Pitt was penalized 15 yards. Rutt.stein replaced Witter. Gougler punted to Meehan on the latter's 45-yard line He ran back 10 yards. Meehan forward passed to K. llrown. but the latter was out of bonds. The ball was Drouciii uaciv. ine next lorward Pass in a string or substitutes in t'.ie last two periods. Dave Tibbot, who defeated Tufts last Saturday with a drop kick, was again in the limelight and scored twice on field goals, one of which was from the 43-yard line and against the ninj sai.tsrcro. pa . Oct. 21. (Special.! Kiski Jack Eddy did most of Princeton's had an easy victory over the Altoona Appren- ground gaining in the time ho woo in K.ISKI SCORES EASY WIN . OVER ALTOONA TEAM, 86-0 tice leam here tooay. tne score being to to u. v. , . was broken up. Syracuse fumbled and i Davies. Lee. Steele and Moore made sensa- anu scorea inree of the touci- Suthirland recovered on Pitt s 48-vard tio'-a! Blna. hut ,ne 'eature of the game was downs for Princeton. The lineup: line. uuuRicr, ui nynt end n-aa c i-,j,"& v -- . ........... iriiiceion Westminster Defense Strong. periods Hastings did run the ends when the line closed up. though, and he went around them in his 1915 form. DeHart Runs Ends. DeHart ran the ends today, and there was a new massed tandem shift to the Pitt offense within the scoring zone. There was a quick shift and when Syracuse tried o follow, a piay was run through the short side of the Une, Larry Bankart, the Dan Reed of Cornell; Sol Metzger and Dave Morrow, of W. & J., were on the side lines. Bonny Pearson of Pittsburgh headed a bunch of students from Cornell here. A crowd on a run from kick-formation, fell and made no gain on a pass, McLaren to Ie Hart. the latter made nine yards. Hastings advanced six yards of almost 100 Pittsburgh rooters, with j down on tne 60-yard line. Hastings the Pitt student band, were In the I again advanced eight yards, but J,itt yards for hoi mg. on a rake forward 4tss. i 're-1 .. Carroll Sl.d.bs Hurley NllSH j M. Crelght I Score by periods: L F.... L.T... Capt.i L.i.i... ..'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'..ii.v,.'.'. R T... R.E... The lineup: Westminster y. I'ghry east stand and they had many occa- ?eUzi J- siona to maite merry, ine aetan: FIRST PERIOH. Hastings kicked to the 30-yard line Morrow and McLaren often going in i to Cobb, who was downed.' Meehan ahead of the man wl-h the ball. The : made no gain when the forward pass local forwards were not quick enough failed. Williams went through the line In sizing up the attack to check it, and for five yards. lleehan made first the result was that Pitt marched right 1 down, lleehan. on a double pass, lost through them to decisive victory. This attack sent McLaren through the line for the second touchdown in the second period and permitted Has tings to drop over a field goal from the 21-yard line. As the second period was Slovenlv handling J., resulting in many fumbles; failure j I'ine forward to follow the ball and lack of interf. r- I 'ear nnu. ence were glaring defects. j Westminster's attack was woefully wean, practically every play being smashed in its inception and after the Westminster on the other hand, while 1 irst period it confined its efforts al- not nviklng a single nrst aown, piuyeu most wholly to defense. 'doggedly on the defense. The work of j w & j - a double pass. Hastings kicked a field , lts n". particularly mat or U'gnrj . , vvhitehiU goal from the 21Syard line. Score, J was brilliant. j "rr"7 Syracuse 0. I "Washington and Jefferson had many im y White, the giant guard, kicked to ...... ... ... . . ... ...... , , ...... ' Pe. Hart, who ran the hall back from I substitutes " S" the nine to the 35-yard line. Hastings i outweiched the visitors except in the backfield. The lied nnd Black s first touchdown came quickly and was due to consistent end-running and line- ...w,c..i.. I flf.p tHot lC.chln.,tnn , . . . . .1 (1 0 i Jefferson surrendered its interlcrence : Westminster o o o o 5 and most of its attack generally. L,s,u1iJ9,'t"u''n": w J. Nm for Stot.bs. . .. , . , ,.. , . . I Ruble f..r UI.-kcrsliHm for Nuss. Moore In the second period Washington and for widtebiii. Uiu.-ka f.,r Creel, tsuy for Jefferson was held on the five-yard ; ?.nl"'"'"- Nu tor Wickxrsnam. Nali t-v straw. ' ' ". ' '"'oj on curiey. fiber for ght, .Neule for Nail. Wrstmlnster- tarkled by White for a loso ,v,..,.. , for Kiskl and was responsible tor many ot the varrls Goueler Was stonneH -,.: ior.K runs u, Lis sp.e.m... ...le. .ereuce. i-m-l. iif.M ria . in- KMciif niieu wit n yard fine, tcore. Altoona- bait on 1'itt's 4 3t. Syracuse 0. IMtt 3tt. farlsfn Thoriihill Sulrjerln'l ........ Fck c'apt.) Sift 8ei.!fl Herron Morrow Hastings Ue Hart MI-arrn 8uhi!ilutIons Pitt ..I.E.. ..L.T.. for -O. ..L-H. .It H. ... fr .. K'ltnonda i IjvHart, art Lawthfr .. Herry Ilelzt ... lM,iy iJunn Wiprman 'anr Wlttmer ueler for Hastint-ji. McNuity for Morrow. K isk i rvl- I Ut i Stelr; i Jacobs ................ .i Syracuse . j HoHaran i V't't-r Mahny .....R.O... 0bb ! Iynrh R T... White K'apt.) i OSawsori R.E... 'riimore j Iavia Q-... Sch lacier ' K-ipar K.H.. TriKg ) McJoHum L.H.. Iuiiim Lee K...., Mtlian ! Subptitut-s for Kiski Sheddon. Ewin?. Mil- r.rt.wn ; linger. Kimball. Harmenter. Benson, Burgess. 1 Wililams M.h.re, Woous, Steele. Vlilack. Touchdowns' Hllty for Spinel. Stahl ! Steele 2. Coaia from touchJowns-lJavies 2. . iit'aii-i.3 fur t Claw son 3, Lee 2, Woods. j .L.K.. .L.T.. .L.G.. '.H.H'1 .R.T.. .RE.. .L.H.. .R.H.. . -F.... four y5.ro3. Meehan gained one yard at center. Meehan grained one yard at renter. Dumoe backed for a punt and was tacklrj by Herron. pi vine I'itt the ball. McLaren made four yards through renter. Hast iners ,k irtd th end f r four yard?. Mclaren fumbled nearing an end Syracuse resorted to i an recovered. IeHart circled Ift eiiu. oov um n.v iiiajvt; kibi no a it. the passing game and uncovered an aerial attack which puzzled Pitt, being the only moments during the after- pvracuse's ball on the 16-yard line. Inimoe punted to JeHart. who ran 10 yard to the Syracuse 4b-yard line. Ie- noon that the Western Pennsylvanlans I "a"- on a aoume pass, maae u yarns. . T. . . , ) McLaren plowed center for four yards, were guessing. It was of a confusing j Hastings went through left tackle nature at first. One man, usually for five yards. Hastings made first Rafter, played back deep, and at a down on the 20-yard line and DeHart . . . . , , I . n a double pass made two yards. Mc- signal another back and the ends U are went nroul?h the ne for two spread out, making five mea eligible to nior? Hastings went behind splendid complete a pass. Pitt had no defense I interference and made five yards, fnrthl. erneetul ottar-w nnrt the Orange I Hastings went throutch center for first threw the ball through the air with abandon and almost had a touchdown. It started from the Syracuse 20-yard line after Hastings had failed at field goal and went right up the field. Dumoe hurled to Meehan for one gain of 25 yards; then Meehan let fly one to Dumoe, who was tackled on the Pitt 26-yard line by DeHart. Another hurl S A LE OF U. S. ARMY & NAVY GOODS (ioTTomrRt low. Your aln. ITrpure ow tor lho Winter louts Jh.rt Hrea-rheo 1-rKK inx at at I DthTH rai ( apt fwk LV1 I. mm K voivern tPi tCttrm Tent iji ami i.KW ether anrful nr- I 71 lleo. iinality that H oml Im omih i"f l netr .ttm. mnsi III Hood enuiiieh far o. L". 2 but hmt rootle only. tirrt in your opfMirtimity. fat ulnar on rereilM ' 4 ,n Milltarr atflttrrB Arm & N3vy StoreCiJi:. 437 MM tTrt mm mum V wssmmmmU.tMmb m t4a down on the nine-yard line. McLaren went through rif?ht puard and pained two yardf. DeHart was stopped for no prain throuffh the line. It was Fit'n first down on the four-yard line on a penalty. Mcl-aren made two yards and then went through for a touchdown. Hastings kicked i?oa!. Score, Pitt 7, Syracuse 0. Hastings kicked to Rafter. who brought the ball back 25 yards to the 40-yard line. Meehan made four yards at fierht n l On a rlnnhlt nnao h f f r wan tlcirrl bv Herrnn fr n twn-vnrrl ' loss. Syracuse was penalized K yards for holding. Dumoe punted to Hastings, who was downed on the 40-yard line. DeHart made 11 yards at right end. goinp out of bounds. McLaren, through left tackle, made three yards. IeHart circled left end and advanced the ball two yards. Pitt was penalized 15 yards, and the ball was takn hark to the 4 0-yard lin-. Hast in s punted to Mwehan. who was tackled on the catfh. Kafter was ta'kied fr a loss. William failed, to gain through left tackle. Immoe punt-d t Hastings, who ran frm Pitt's 4 4 -yard line to Syracuse's 3!-yard line. IeHart. on a spectacular end run. made II yards, supported bv marvelous interference. The end of the first quarter came with the ball on Syracuse's 25-yard line. Score. Pitt Syracuse 0. SK( OM I'KRIOU. j McLaren gained seven yards through j ft tackle Hastings made one yard i throuK'h U ft lacKi. McLaren ad-J vanced ft-ur yards at left tackle, mak-j , ing nrst d'wn. Morrow, irtmuKii lert " t guard, gair.ed four more. Hastings j j gained two ynrds at right tackle. Me- j l-aren was held for no gain. McLaren 1 made four at left guard. At right ttuard he went through for touchdown. maaa two varus. m the next (iwn he kicked out of bounds, on the ira-c u s e 4 y a r d line. Meehan m a d V five yard at right end. Dumoe to tafter on a forward pass, netted 13 yards. Meehan advanced three yards from left guard. Brown fumbled Meehan's forward pass. Hastings intercepted Meehan's forward pass and ran from his own 28-yard line, to the 30-yard mark. Mclaren made five yards at right guard. Ie Hart made two yards around the end. De H art. on a run from kick -formation, was thrown for a loss of five yards. Hastings punted out of bounds on the five-yard line and Syracuse took possession of the ball. Meehan made five yards through the line. Herron intercepted a forward pass and ran from own 45-yard line to the Syracuse 25-yard line. De Hart advanced four yards through left tackle. Hastings attempted a field goal but missed. It was Syracuse's ball on the 2U-yard line. Dumoe forward passed to Meehan for 25 yards. Wright made no gain. Another forward pass made 25 yards. The next one failed. Schwartzer went In for Wright. Another forward pass was tried and was unsuccessful. Meehan, to Dumoe on a forward pass, made five yards. The ball was on the 17-yard line when the period ended. Score Pitt 16. Syracuse o. TI11HI1 I'KKIOI). Witter resumed his position at left end. and -Williams at right half, and Gilmore at center. Capt. White Kicked t off out of bounds. The ball was brought t lino and then grounded a forward pass i M.-Cn- over the. goal line. Karly in the fourth period Westminster took the ball on downs within a few inches of its goal 1 line and shortly afterwards intercepted , back. White then kicked off to De-hart on the 'rT-vari !? .who ran back to the 1 4 -yard mark. Hastings wt-nt around right end for eitrht yards. At v La r n went out of bou n ds f o r no gain McLaren triad e it tirt down on the 3' -yard line. Hastings got away for 40 yards and fell on the Syracuse 40-yard 'inc. Dehart made threw yards t h rough tackle. Hastings added another yard around right end then made thret yards more. Thvre was a conference of Pitt players and McLaren made the flr.st down on the Orange 21-yard line. Dehart lost a yard at 1 left end. Hastings made two yards around richt end. A forward pass, i Hastings to Herron. netted 11 yards. McLaren made two yards through line. Morrow advanced two yards throug-h the line. Dehart made two yards around left end. Hustings, through left guard, mafic four yards. McLaren mad two yards more eight -vird line; no gain. Dehart plowed through left guard for a touendown. 1 Eastings kicked goal. Score IMtt 23, Syra cuse o. ur-ii if ii i'iiiiii, i.vnn nir JMimonila. Tnuch-Mowns M'-rreiisiu Z. Fai.l to kl.-k goal from touehdowna Uurloy 2. Heiereer Fred J t'roliuB. I 'Hrtmuu'.h. l'm.ire it frt K "n.h K-4ri Svnicu-e. Lineman A. M. Landlord. Trinity' "lime of iwrtia UVa minute ea.cn. 15-yard line. He fumbled and recovered nnd ran back to the 37-ynrd line Morrow lost one yard. Hastings, on a run from kick formation, lost four yards more. Hustings made three yards on a double pass. Pitt was penalized 1: yards for holding. Sies punted out of bounds to the Syracuse 35-yard line Pitt was penalized five yards'. Kafter was tackled for a loss of five yards Meehan. on a fake kick, was tackled for a two-yard loss. A forward pass failed. Dumoe punted to Hastings on Pitt's 35-yard line. Hastings ran back to the Oranee 47-yard line. Hllty went in for Seidel. It was Pitt's first substitution. Both teams were otTside on the next play. Hastings, on a forward pass, threw to Kafter, who fumbled Hastings, from kick formation, ran ihrough the Orange line, evading several tackier, for 2S yards. Md uirougu rjgnt guar U U riKht for V1!1 lama, Schwart7t-r fi,- Wriehr ' Will turns for Schwartz-r. K, Hrmvn for Wil- ' Itams. Planck for M. ) frown. Alalnne f-- Haf- ter. Spartteld for Witter. Witter for SparfrM S Kuttstein for Witter. Senge! fur ('ilmore. ! more for SeaRet. Koutine for Oiltnore, Alex- amier for Trips. Seapel for Alexander. Touch- t ririwnM Mel rn 1' ioUnrt Mrr,.,.. . . - . ' from field Hastlinpa. Coal'from tourhdown . Period. The Aggies scored In the sec Hastings 3. Tufts, Bronn. referee; Maxwell oncI Period. Nebraska won on a field Swarttunore. umpire; Wriht. Columbia, head i goal and a touchdown in the last ouar-Uneaman. Time of periods 15 minutea. j ter Nebraska Downs Oregon, 17-7. PORTLAND, ORE., Oct. 21. The Pniversity of Nebraska football team defeated the" Oregon Agricultural College, 17 to 7, here today. Nebraska's first touchdown came in the first Hichloy L.E.. Lean L.T HoKtr L.G ""' l' son jn nert ... .... C . .... Iavjs Noiirs-i- H-'I . . ... .. '. '.1.'' -. Johna McCraw H.T.."."."!""U ...J. Woodring- , Wilson K.E - Keliv ; Ed-iy ...Q Roberts , Hrown L.H.I. ..II"" Smith Tihbott K U.. ...... " ,...C. Wowirin? Driggs f Heaiey Si ore by periods: Kimea j Prim eton 7 9 Mantal 1 Lafayette ft .1 Touchdowns Kd-iy 3. Ames. . touchdowns Tlbborr 2. Eberssuidt. tieid. liboott z. Subsiuutiona: l iceton Funk for Wilson. Win for Hiehiev, Eber-tadt for Hrnwr, Auies lor Hd.ly. Itahiil f.ir Winn, Schmalz for iennert. Faster for Mdiraw. tlforpi for Brlpg-a. Haaren for Tibbott. itrjan for Nourste. iiliespie for Kahili. Warden for Lafayette. Lowden .... Bell . Gulick Ga.lady Krnat Iehman Wood raft .. Tavlur . Weldon r'DoTineil Diamond 0 from la from Hogg. C.omey for Ueorgi. Wilson for Funk, Keating for Wilson. Kirkland for McLean t Lafayette I'ardee for Iowuen. Lowden for 1 Pardee. Baxton for Woodruff. Brandis for Low- ' 1 den. Bitter for Ernst. Referee LanKford. Trinity. I mpire Williams, Pennsylvania. Head linesman Ooeprove, Cornell. There Is no Just as good Pittsburgh "FAMOUS" stogies are the goods 1 . for 5c Zeugschmidt Cigar Co.. Distr. tor lirst down on the , yards. IMtt was nfnallzeil 15 ynrN . . . . . .. .. .. .... 411.1.. i t'r w I'll I in 1 nr 'I I- ,r r M..1...1 on a fakf kick, advanced throe yartla around riKht pnd. Morrow made three I yni-ilM throuKh the line. Oehart. KoinK t .iiuumi n-u t-iiu, iii,li'i nix yartm. llnst- White kicked off to McLaren on the STARS IN PITT VICTORY goal which Andy (lied) Hustings. Jim Morrow. lues attempted a fluid failed. Rafter failed to pain at riirht end Meehan, around left end. made seven yards. Williams was stopped for no tain '.)y Sutherland. Pumoe punted to Hastinera on Pitt's .15-yard line, who ran hark out of bounds on Syracuse's 42-yard line, when the third quarter ended. Score IMtt 23, Syracuse 0. Seafjel substituted for Alexander. McLaren plowed throUKh the urnn.. i line for nine yards. Morrow, at left I tackle, made two yards for first rinurr, HastinKs. around the end with splendid interference, netted 10 yards. Ie-hart. through riht tackle. wras stopped .McLaren Kalned a yard at riKht tackle n a double pass, McLaren to TeharL the latter (rained eisht yards and made lirst down following his interference cleverly. IManck went In for Brown HastinKs made six yards at left Kuard! Morrow went over for a touchdown" but was Injured In the ntt.-mpt. Hastings kicked Koal. Score IMtt 30, Svracuse it. FOIRTH IKKIOI. Meadows wint in for TV-Hart and Plahl f.ir Sies. . White kicked off to Omiuler. who was substituted Imme-diati-ly before the kick for Morrow. Hastings made six yards around l.-ft end. IMtt was held fur no Kain. McNultV, win) had been put In for Hastings, pained four yards around riKht end. A forward pass. McN'uity to Herron. Rained a yard. Hastings punted to itui'tei-. who wus tackled ou his own We Put the Bit fVen's Tailoring It takes quality tailoring to get repeat orders. That's the reason we are anxious to receive your trial order. The moment we begin measuring you we begin thinking of your next suit or overcoat, and we believe if you are thoroughly pleased, youH come back for your "next" and "next," and so on until it becomes a fixed habit you become one of our regulars. 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