Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on October 15, 1916 · Page 18
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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 18

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 15, 1916
Page 18
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THIRD SECTION PAGE TWO. THE PITTSBURGH GAZETTE TIMES, SUNDAY, OCTOBER 15, 1916. PHTir fflAS CLOD NAVY TAKES ADVANTAGE OF FUMBLES AND TURNS PLAYS INTO BRILLIANT TOUCHDOWNS Warner's Athletes Look Nothing Like Champions in Annual Struggle With 3Iidshipmen Pittsburghers FIKST SELECTIONS FOK THE PITT BACKFIELD; ALL FAST AM) STRONG TECH SWEEPS GROVE CITY OFF FEET UNDER AVALANCHE OF TOUCHDOWNS, FINAL 68 0 Game Is Replete With Long End Buns ami (Jains (MY Tackle Kesner ami Finlay Make Spectacular Kuns. 3Iake C ostly Foozles While On the Defensive. Welchel Stages Great Play. 2W By RICHARD GUY. Spr-i.l Tlrrram to The tuMtp rin AX.NAPOniS, MD, Oct. 14. Pitt defeated the Navy this afternoon, 20 to' 19, in a football game that was characterized by errors of omission and commission on the part of the Pittsburghers. That the midshipmen did not win was not the fault of Coach Warner's pupils, for they seemed to be bent upon handing the annual affair to Uncle Sam's future admirals. The Navy scored three touchdowns, and two of them were the result of loose handling of the ball, so loose in faet that players on the average high school team if guilty would be ashamed of themselves. The thrrd touchdown was the result of a 60-yard run by Welchel, who carried a punt through the Pitt team to the one-vard line, from which point it was rushed over. The touchdowns Pitt made were the result of a well developed running attack, which swept the midshipmen before them when Hastings and DeHart were carrying the ball. The story of the touchdowns is told briefly. Early in the first quarter, Meadows fumbled on the Pitt 10-yard line and Manin, the Navy right hah", picked up the ball and scooted across the goal line. No goal resulted. . Then Pitt got its offense started and rushed its way across the midshipmen's goal line for touchdown, Hastings carrying it. He kicked goal. That put Pitt one point ahead, and the game appeared safe especially after McLaren had rushed through the Navy forwards for the second touchdown in the second period, after which Hastings kicked goal. This touchdown- came after Meadows had fumbled a punt in midfield, but j Quarter. His work against the Xavy . T wl11 make the coaches consider him for which Pitt got when a Navy mansome pace in the Une as a reffUlar tackled DeHart who was trying jIIe repeatedly broke through the line and tackled the runner for a loss. The for it OUt Ot bounds. line seemed absolutely unable to get . n : in liter jene iu v he fleld then becan. culminating in McLaren going over for touchdown. Kao in the second period the Navy getting possession ofthe ball on th j yara line. n-. 11 ' ' i for the third period Miller, wno was Leing saved for the Syracuse game. the 'avv not being feared, was at cuarterback in place of Meadows. Shnrtlv after the kickoff, Welchel took the ball near the 40-yard line. swerved to the left a few feet and men suiritu MmiBv went through the enftre Pitt team. It j eeemed that every man was depending , upon the other fellow to bring him to earth. By going straight he was soon through all the forwards and was out in the open running for touchdown, with DeHart to the left of him and Hastings to the right, neither within five yards. Finally Hastings grabbed him around the neck and pulled him down on the one-yard line, after a hot chase. The touchdown, which should have been Welchel's because of his alertness and eool-headedness. and the stupidity of Pitt, was denieti him, as Ingram went through the line for the counter. The resultant goal was kicked. Still it looked safe for Pitt, but Warner's pupils were not through yet. The offense was powerful enough to carry DeHart right up to the shadow of the Xavy goal line, wheie DeHart, on a delayed pass, went around the N'avy right flank for a touchdown. Hastings missed goal. This lead seemed too big for the Pittsburghers and they began to develop butter fingers again. Touchdown from Forward Pa: Gougler fumbled a punt in midfleld and the N'avy recovered, but Pitt made the future seamen let loose of it. There was another punt to be handled, and this time Miller fumbled on the Pitt 20-yard line and Davis fell upon it for the Navy. Then a fast offense was unleashed. Davis finally hurled a forward pass to the left of the Pitt line. McN'ulty made a flying leap for it, barely batting the ball to earth. Instead it nestled in the arms of Von Heimburg who scooted across the goal line for touchdown. Tne midshipmen held their breath as Holtman tried for goaL He missed and Pitt was saved the defeat by the slender margin ot One point. The Navy players went oft the field in good spirits, but not Pitt. "Maybe this won l help us beat the Army, shouted one young midshipman from liidgway. Pa., to the writer as he ran oft the field, and that expressed the sentiment of all concerned. Bad Day for Pitt. Every football team has its off day just the same as a baseball team, but Pitt was so far off color today as to bear no resemblance to a championship team. It's big line played as if it was a fixture. The interference was almost absent. A fair criticism of the team would be to say every man played far below his standard, from Peck down ; with the exception of Jimmy DeHart's j offensive play whic - was good. One j redeeming feature was the playing of j Seis, who replaced Soppitf in the third QjQtaHiBfi . 44t2 O lit? brMvmmar tne drive that is necessary in games. Wrangling Over Signals. With all the p-oor playing on Pitt's sid. Navy was willing to acknowledge tha(. tfae breaka a came When Pitt fumbled Navy got the ball ana when Xavy fumbled the ball 1 j seemed always to land in front of or in I tne arms of one of the Navy men. (The soeedv huok-fi-M of Ti i - - " i jaoie to make gains consistently, main- J ... attvum ox xne Guards or tackles I X lines. Une of the biar faults that- Kfnnrf ; f.vuuut:uL.y m tnu game witn ine ; Navy was the wrangling between Capt. Peck and the quarterback in regard to , signals. Time and again, especially in i tne last quarter. Capt. Peck was seen in argument with Miller. This practice wiU slow up any team in the country, j but since it is the first game in which this was noticeable it should be easily corrected. The detail of play: FIRST QUARTER. Benfelt started the fame bv kicking off to Pitt, who defended the east goal. The ball went to Hastines on the i:- yard line and he ran back to the 25- yard line. UeHart immediately ran !..'" anH rn i- i . , ! II . . . . . I end to the 50-yard line. McLaren was repulsed on left guard, when he film-1 bled, and the Navy got the ball. Ingram went into th left Bide of the line. Dtit rumnied. von Heimburg recovered on the Pitt 64-yard line. Thornhill stopped two assaults by Ingram. Then Von Heimburg kicked to Meadows, who fumbled on the 10-yard line. Martin picked up the bail and ran over the goal line for a touchdown. ' Orr failed at goal. Score, Xavy 6. 1 Pitt 0. Hastings kicked off over the goal line. The Xavy put the ball on the 20-yard line for scrimmage. Ingram made a yard at center on a fake kick. Von Heimburg kicked to midfield. Meadows fumbeld again. The bail rolled out of bounds. Oellart had hi3 -hand on it. but was unable to hold it- , and Orr recovered out of bounds. But Pitt was given the ball, as a Navy j man tackled DeHart before he touched the ball. leHart went off left tackle 12 yards, and Hastings made off tackle. DeHart fought his way through the ; forwards to the Navy 20-yard line. He I made three yards on the next play and j Mclaren tore into center to the 11 vard line. Haatintrs went off tackla t r, i the five-yard line and LeHart, on an- ' other tackle play, sained one yard. I McLaren went into left Kuard to tho 1 one-yard line; then Hastings tore Into the center of the line for a touchdown. Hastings kicked goal, tecore. Pitt 7. Navy 6. Denfelt kicked off to McLaren and went back from the Pitt 15-yard line to the Sivy 33-yard line, a run of 52 yards. beHart and Hastings between them made a first down on end runs. Orr was shaken up badly and bad to so to the bench. Hastings slid off tackle two yards; then another two-yard eain. JLeHart made three yards at end. Hastings failed to make a first down, and Navy held for downs on its 10-yard line. Hastings failed by a yard at a first down. Ingram made .two yards at t&ckie and then Von Heimburg kicked to Meadows in midfleld. Jackson was clipped off roughly and had to leave the field, Johnson taking his place. On a double pass, McLjiren to UeHart. DeHart ran 27 yards to the Navy 17-yard line. The N'avy defense stiffened within tho scoring zone, for in two trials Hastings and McLaren made but live yards. SECOMI QUARTER. neHart started left-end for a first down on a double pass from Mc- j Larcn, Hastings sKiaaea rigni iicme a yard, and Mcltren went through cen- j ter for touchdown. Haatings kicked ; Koal. score fitt it. avy t. i Hastings kicked off to Ingram who ran back ten yards to the 3u-yard line. Von Heimburg ran right end three yards from a kick formation, hut the ball was called back and the Xatry penalized 15 yards for holding. Von Heimburg punted to Meadows on the I'itt 30-yard line. He got back nine yards. Mclaren made six yards at right tackle on a fake kick. Hast ings was dropped by Ingram for four-yard loss, and then I'itt was pen- alized 1 yards for holding. m a aeiayea pass ueuan wj i ' dropped for a six-yard loss and then Hastings kicked to midfleld. The ball hit the ground and bounded with both teams scrambling for it. Kenfelt got it for the Navy on the I'itt 37-yard line, but the Navy was penalized and . was sent back to its 4!-yard line.'Mar- : tin made four yards at lft end. Von i Heimburg gained thre yards at right j nd. A forward pass gained lt yards, I Orr to .Martin. Ingram went into the line for five yards, but Martin did not gain at left guard. Ingram fumblod hack of the lin Kit r.n.vpr.il iin tliA !!ii.i-uril .;oi.attsin grabbed a forward pass on' ; 'attipb.li, c hairman of th cluh s t mirth Ovarii lm but 1'iit -.t th- h 1 1 . niirtiT conuui tte. ariuounre huw- on downs. I enart sKtrieq tiie .Navy i,.H.n li-H?trt skirtfrl I . V 1 l..it flynL a oil ru n fill r i.f h.inu A the Navy 4 -yard line. McLaren was rihiiUwl f,r nr. Ellin u t .-.-ntir I i. f Hnrt went around left end eiflrht yards, McLaren went into riht guard for at Iirst down. I Hastings punted to AVelclicl on the ly-ard liny and Hsrrun and Carlson - - . ; x , r:x - - 7 -.vf I -. rr- Vr.- vVl - 'Vh ' Mrv-! L . ii r - sf ft 4 I - Miller Ha: taokl"d him on the 14 -yard line. Mead ows fumbled Ingram's punt on the r Pitt 43-yard line and Johnson recov ered tor .the .Navy. Combs failed at center but Martin made three at left tacKie. Jngram mined a pass to Von Heimburg. who ran to the Pitt 10-vard 1 line. Hastings intercepted another t pass on the one-yard line and ran it ' back to the nine-yard line. Quarter over. TH1R11 OI'IRTRR The kickoff went to Henafee on the Navy , 4u-'?,rtt von Heimbure P"ted and Hastings allowed it to roll across ine nne xor a louenback. Pitt put the ball in play on its 28- hut. cuan mnearea Bars v..,- v t- rio-ist t sv m, . luuiiaiiuri nasunps n : ! B2.in- Tf,or Martin would not be clipped XavVw V.r3Uln?3 WrtcheT r 60 yards to the Pitt one-yard line. Masl1"" 5 vJ . arouna '"e neck f"" L"V i"f "".', V"" maae into the right side ot the line for touchdown. Holtman kicked goal. Pitt 14. Navy 1.1. Oilman kicked oft to Hastings, who ran back 22 yards from the 10-yard line. Dehart. in two runs, made eiKht yards, and for roughness the Navy was penalized 15 yards. Depart sained 12 yards on a delayed pas. McLaren went into center iour yards and time 'had to be taken out ror Peck, who 1 1 T t OH the 1 1 ! 1 V McT.aren rrtailo ir nrst down on anoi.er tine play. The ! ri onense was lurneq up and con- liiiucu i'j iiftijvr; niiui i aim consisient gains. Hastings soon had the ball 011 the 11-yard line, following a nine-yard play off tackle. McLaren went into center for six yards. McLaren double passed to Dehart. who went around the Navy right Hank for touch- flown HnTiTitr mjuM.il fnal Pitt 20 Navy 13. Henafee ran back th kickolT to the ' Navy 42-yard line from the 12-yard1 line. Davis could not gain on a wide end run. Dehart getting him and in addition the Navy was put buck 15 yards for holding. Von Tleimburg kicked to Hastings on the Pitt 23-vard : line, uenart maue seven yards on an end run but Itastir-.eTs lost it tackled back oZ the line on a when wlde run. POI'RTH Dl tHTKR. Hastings kicked over tlte Roal line and the Navy put the ball in srim-maj?e on its 20-yard line. Jlutl-r ran into the line 12 yards on a fake kirk and he repeated with a Feven-yard grain off tackle. There was a fumble on the next play and Thornhill covered for flu on tne savys .lo-yard hnT- . McJ",t3r ran ereht yards oft end,- bul 1 ll? w?3 penalized for offside. McLaren grained elpht yards at center but Pitt was again penalized for off- side. Oougler skirted end five yards ' and McNuity tore into left guard for seven yards. McLaren fumbled, and Von Heimburg recovered on the Navy's 31-yard line. Sies threw liutler for a 12-yard loss on an attempted forward pass. Von Heimburg kicked and Mc-Nutly came back to the Navy 35-yard line, a 20-yard run. After two gains of fovr yards each by Gougler, i'itt was penalized 15 yards for holding. iough'r kicked to Welchel. who ran back 12 yards to the Navy 35-yard line, fties threw Welchel for a 14-yard loss. Gougler fumbled on the Pitt 50-yard line and a Navy man fell upon the ball. A forward pass was grounded. Miller fumbled a punt on the i'itt 20-yard line and Davis fell upon it. Four minutes remained to be played. A forward pass, liavis to Von Heimburg, resulted in a touchdown, von Hfim burg running 10 yards. Hf.ltmiin failed at goal, score. Fitt 20. ?avy 1. rioitman Kicneu to aihi.t. wno ran I haoW l, ih. Navv 4S-vftrd l!n from tho I 10-yard line. McN'ulty made a firBt ever, holding the visitors to two first ! down at left end and then Morrow downs. Higgins. Parrish and C?ir-l went tlirnueh center for another first . - , '-o.i down. Game over. -. . . j Navy is. j Von Heunbum j Pitt M. Herron Thornhill .. ...L..E... ...L.T..., Relrel Cooiint-in . Henfe.t Clark ? .toumenanu ...b.G C. ......... ...r i; ...R T ...RE Peck Sfippitt Heldel . f'arlaon Mea'lowa O. T. ir Iifhun K H Martin ; Ssr ren I" Butler j re by periods i P. 7 7 0-21) "avy - " l'.0 7 6T19 inuciinimiiM i.nin. muiinm, jicLiHren. in- ram. inr . .on i.eunnurg. wan irom touchdowna-Hastings 1. Hoitman. Time-l- ; uj b,... ,; ' ! Substitute: Navy Clark for Oilman. Welchel for Orr, Cmmhn for Butler, Johnson for Jatkaon. Hanafe for Martin. Oilman for Clark. Hoitman for Denfelt, David for Ingram, Westphnl for CoomhH. Pttt Miller for Meadows, Slea for Soppttt. MrNulty for DeHart. Uougler for Hastings, Morrow for McLaren. Pool Tournament Delayed. Th Seven-up pool tournament of the X'nlon t'lub is heinsr he'd up by scarcity of men employed by the manu facturer t repair tab lei. "VY. S. ' i . i'iri i" iii-in i-f i nit- itn. win enter tb rontM. The drawing: of t h -nducte ti during participants will b Hie COlllinff Week. u-' . r- Clairton riigh Wants Uame. r'l.tirton Tliuh School wants a ame for next Friday or Saturday to he played at t'iairton. Call Cluirton 46-W. Gfe iipw'.f -"vorl 4r; -m-, -te STINGS WESLEYAN TEAM PROVES EASY FOR STATE, 390 Robb Is Sensation of Game With 93-Yard Run from Kick-off. FORWARD PASS WORKS fSrr.ru i. Tki.ec.ram to Tri Gazftte Times. STATE COLLKGE, PA.. Oct. 14. Penn Stat closed its preparatory season this afternoon by defeating Weit Vil"g'nia Wesleyan by the score Df 39 to 0. In the early part of the : gamo the State tarn did not show the- perfect offensive power that it has in the previous games. In tho first half of the game State gained 191 yards, scoring three touchdowns for a total of 20 points. One touch- down was a Kift by Miller, the West Virginia Wesleyan quarterback, when he knocked a forward pass from Kw-inff into Kses arm, the lft end scor- The other two scores were the re- ' suits of straight football, Ewinc scor- I ing the first of the same when he Iran 12 yards through the visitors' team, after Beck, Hobb and Clark had taken the ball down the field on line plunses. Clark scored the other touchdown on line plunging:. In the first half West Virginia Wesleyan held Slate for downs twice. Ptate started the third quarter without Beck in tho backfleld and soon after this start thev lost ("lurk Thi. was the only period in whiqh the State team ,,, T ... team did not score. In the fourth quarter State scored 19 more points. Bortz got the first when he dove over the corner of the field after Thorpe. Beck and Robb had ploughed the visitors' line from midfield to the 11-yard line. Robb Ssnsation of Game. Robb pulled th? sensation of the game when on the kick-off he ran 93 yards for the next .score. The last touchdown came when Conover intercepted a forward pass in midfleld. State's 33 points rwnresent 16 first downs for a total gain of 307 yards. State's forward pass was worked four time hpintr Btirnaacfttl ft-n-n.. a total of i0 yards. The State rlo. .- , lense put up a stronger game, than ,.u,-K, D.nni flllT 1 imm 1 nan I,, I.. . r ......ti.nj in me State defense. Blake and Neal played good ball for the visitors. Lineup: !''"" State-29. ' '-, ; rujihank 1 """iKe : Swain West Virginia n. Morri.-on ; lark Tschat pt I..K. .I..T.. .L.U. N.-al ltd... '. T... R B... J..... I, It... R.H... K Penn 8tat "arn Taylor Hllko lllllor Heck Shumakpr Caiac Morris for irp. jf,hb Clark .'."...'.'.." s.ibMltutlonii Rmlth f zamH'kir. W. tA'llson for Swain, Kraft for Cul.haar. O Lionn-ll for Kniihank Tavenr for i-IirriBh. fonover for Hiain": ;"ri" i"r r.winK. iros mr iarK. Komi f. K')lh. Hortz for Hrk. TUrk for Cross, L, Wilson lr I'nnd. -t virftima W8leyan Hra'liey for Hiake. H.-nritta for Clark, AlU-n for Neal. Kishf r for Shumaker, Itoss for Miller. Nal for Alln. Touchdowns Ewtnic. Efff. Clark, Hnrtz, Robh. Conover. foals from touchdowns Cul.bage 3. Rpfer TajfRart. Koch.iter. Cmplre Merrirnan, W-neva. HBdlincnmn n Kutl-r. Wi cinfiirv. Timt-ke-eppr ( iatt-H. Cojiiy Assistant lint-f man l'alntr. IVnn iStnt an-l AIlrn, Wt-Ht Virginia Weslt-yan. Time of Vtrim1s 1 nilnut .i f;irh. CHICAGO IS EASY WINNER OVER INDIANA ELEVEN, 22-0 CHICAGO. Oct. 14. The T'niversily of Chicago triumphed ov. r mi mint I'ni versity In their annual foot haf I guiiu- hTe tdny. 22 to (t. Chiia;'s score was the rewuit of three touchdown and n field jroat from plaoertient. Krehnrf. Indiana's left hall, was in jured in the last period and i ar. iJ oft ! tiic held, McLaren FOOTBALL . . r . . .RESULTS LOCAL TEAMS. Dtt Tw h "' KiKfcl Ai'HeXhnv Hlrh N'vr 6 tirov f "Uy -11 tt FrwhmeTi 4 E.ltrewo'V. High... South U.Erti 37 latrnb Hieh r-t:-aw Hlii 5 Swii-kley H:ph.. KtLst t'aiest'.Tir H. . 7 Dunuenno Ititf'i - I ur Hih I )V liklnshur Hlh. K- I- A ! ParnaMu.q High... j IIH1UKMW H. pi!! Union Hljcn WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA. u- J 47-xrrtrta Jtinstown liiRh-... n. 'an.lrsrift fllgti.. 1'raiikitn UiRh 1" tUuvl Hih Br-a-.i-r Fni's Hljeh. T VdfhirirtTi H)h.. '"iairton Hih i Mminiituhfla High. (r.ittn Nonnal f2 -Sr. fJjna venture Aiicgaenv ti titna OHIO. Ohf Sfate.. a rvwi! -ft . . . Mi&nii ...... Hiram Ohio Wesjpj ..ir or;!n . 4 Kenyon . 1j int. of Cincinnati. .. Wlttenberr . M Akron . ltV-V Yxn-ttT . 10 M'..leirtrx . T Ohio Northern...... WEST VIRGINIA. U. Ya. t'nlv.mltr. lthA!lV Marvhn',1 l:uchaiiium Hialt... :a Va. Poly. Inst 1- ir.iR.l.kM l; Mtiskir.a-um ft-Uannlngton llili. EAST. . . r Tuftc . t.'-Ihlcii . "I'. Nonh Cirnllliii . m v. vs. vH... . 3 Wll!!an- . 17 Ht'i" I'rn . C2 Masrt AKBi' . 13-V. A- 1 . ti 1'rttin . 11- M . lft!;iirl,!'!: . fr l..if nv t te . r,y Katt rTi r.-.!l.tce .. t-.'M-iv H.. i'at . 4 OarkFon . yS Amherst . 1 St. Lawrence . f& Albright . '.vv-Knrt M-Klnley . 3 Villa Nova . 17 fhllllpa And. A'-'ad. Irln(i?ton . . Vaio . . Harvard ..... Ivnn Stale... 'II Arm. It: lini.U'.h .. KuU.t .varthtnor . Syn.tiM. -:.iso tipriAnna t'rHMiU! ' ;t.re!town . Itateti I;w hfster ... Tirnw n Hnsla.r .. I i'"ki nsoti ... nlln Irfbanon Vail. y.- Harvar.l Fresh R. 1.' State 13 Maine ... I'nlon 3 U"or-efer N. V. University... . Havertorri Columbia flettvut.urs M'diitehury fol Wt-sleyan Tni Muhlenberc Col Hoi. art prtnefleld S I:nt. of Vermont 6 ro Oo. Washington 0 15 Stev. Inat. Tern 7 IS Bowdnln College 14 I St 1'a. Military Col 0 13 Mallton 7 J-Trlnlty 0 WEST. Colira.fi t'htraieo Mirhfvan Atfg.rs.. Mi'hiKim Iowa Vi-nntri Karl ham Notre IUmo NTinnesota St. luln Ivnlup Lawrence Missouri Am-s Nebraska ("reiKhton irimnois '22 Imllttim 3,V-Alm Mt. Tnion 17 'rHnneil .. 28 South Dakota liutler , Haskell 47 North aknta 7 southern Normal 2S Wahafth 14 Mariuett 13 Washington Unl Iti Kansas H Kansas Atrtfiea H.yr,raska Wleyan.. L3 New Mcx. I'nlv Col. K h. of M North I:ik. ack lea 10 Sr. Thomas lfnvr 1 "nivprsltV. 1& Wyomlne SOUTH. Van.l-rbllt 4S Knturky Centre CoHoro 0 I'niv. of Loutavllle.. I'athollc University 4" Itanrtolph Maon 1. 4. U 13 lxaa A. & M ltavior 57 Trinity Johns Hopkins 34 Washington College.. rceornta '.'1 Fini l.fa OorKia Tech IV-li.ivldsor: TennpsspB 1 Clomson Auburn M-Mon-er Vlririnla "! Kirlurion.l ollego Mlsslsaippl A. M. 33 L'hattanooea WEST VIRGINIA SCORES EASY VICTORY OVER V. P. I., TEAM fllARLKSTOX, V. VA Oct. 14. (Special.) West Virclnia clearly outplayed V. I. I. at Kanawha Tark this attt-rnoon and won by a score of 30 to 0. The. first touchdown came in tho first quarter after four minutes of plav on a beautiful fake ktck by Hite. who went through V. P. I.'h first defense and then dodcred four men to srot the ball over. The other two touchdowns both enme in the third quarter. Lineup: West Virginia. V. I. I. , Hntchlnsfiti Tj.E YouPKir Currv (Capt.) L-T Hal: Henri Lti Unwell r.itiley A. P. More llraniian - A. R Moore t(f?r H T f'Hnee Hat-cr .11 K-. Wilson ; 'i-noweth ....- Fur(khoi-r Kliiic ia1ns ilite UK Strlni r H'.'lK' r -- 1'' Iti-uM T.nniiil"" n Hlt. "lH-iiowth. Hae-r. Coal from tem-h-lown crwr.owf t h -' Sin: i t ut u-n. t irKinia I". i!ro"K for Hsfit-r, l-'p f..r Weh.ter, AiMerwin for cnnovfth. Lniz f.tr King, Hhodes for Uranium. V. P. I.- Monr l.,r Mowli. Ra.lPr for Ptr!nrr, Mark for ti.iine-. Treitkte for RelI. tlrer;or' for Knp't-- hv ri.JU iH ins for Funk houser. McNeil (or I ' i Xnne of quaricia 1j ani I- ininulfs. De Hart SWARTHMORE VICTOR OVER PENN ELEVEN Roper's Hustlers Sur - Bill ; , r.i, n -itt i i -iT"i.v prise r OOtball Orld V lth tr n 5,,OCe O lO U SUCCeSS. "iWIN ON FORWARD PASS PHILADELPHIA. PA.. Oct. 14. The Swarthmore College football team, coached by Bill Koper, former Princeton star, defeated the University of Pennsylvania eleven on Franklin Field today, i to -J. Pwarthmore's victory over Pennsylvania was as unexpected 0 ; as her conquest'over Lafayette College o a week ago. and her performance indi-" j cates that the Garnet team may f ur-! nish further surprises as the season j progresses. ti ; Pennsylvania's defeat was primarily ! i due to a fumble of a punt by Quarter- 0 back Bert Bell in the second period. " Bell let a Swarthmore player get the in ball on Pennsylvania's 30-yard line and J after working it five yards toward 1 Pennsylvania's goal. Halfback Michael j tossed a pretty forward pass to Full- n ! back Bush and the latter dashed over , the line for a touchdown before a Penn-0 sylvania player could lay hands on him. J j The kickout was wide and the attempt hat lew Fall Suit Order it Tomorrow Set aside tomorrow to pick the cloth you think best and we will measure, cut, fit and finish your Suit or Overcoat for you when you want same. We have the best organization and equipment for the making of the best Suits in the city. Let us tailor you on a trial order. You'll never go elsewhere. All we ask is one trial order. ' CvT" 4 t .!' Others Open Evenings Until 9 O'Clock suit WmJfW& or fylF COAT jg to fWy II H II i" K a iff , ,..r V llWkll HZ3 el...;..f 412 SMITHFIELD 7" " Ullllll p 4- Carnegie Tech had an easy yesterday afternoon at Tech Field. The upstaters were literally swept off of their feet under an avalanche of touchdowns, Tech scoring at will. The final was G8 to 0. An overflow crowd num- bering 6,000 witnessed the game, and displayed great enthusiasm over the local lads' showing. i The game was replete with many long end runs and long gain? off tackle. Both teams tried several passes, but resorted mostly to the old style of play. Tech showed a driving attack that carried 'everything before it. Time and again the Plaid backs circled the pnds and blocked oft the tackles' ; r for long gains. The visitors were entirely on the defensive and failed to make any impression on I the Tech line. Ketner it Star of Day. Sunny Kesfier, the diminutive quarterback, was easily the star of the game. Behind a wall of interference l.e ran the ends for long gains. Several of his runs were for 30 and 40 jards. Finlay played a great game at kft half, and proved a tower of , ctrrasui im wiu 1.1 . ft nse. Altdoerfer, the star of the Tech , backfleld, was hurt in the third quar- ter and forced to retire. Brunwasser, !"ls successor, tore great holes in the 'isitors' line, and on one occasion ; broke through the Grove City forwards and ran 6-3 yards for a touchdown. j Tech scored within the first two mm- j tiles of play, when right recovered j a fumble on Grove City's six-yard line and on two plays Altdoerfer carried the ball over for a score. Kesner kicked goaL The second touchdown (came a few minutes later on several I long gains through the line by Finlay !.-nd Marshall. Altdoerfer going over ! from the four-yard line. Kesner kicked inn easy goal. - The Plaid scored another touchdown! suim.tuiio'nBoIt' ' tor"'"xiiy."'"crDm for during this period. Shortly after the ; M'.nedg-.-. tranar for Aitooerffer. wn-kickoff Grove City again fumbled, Mc tM Featers recovering on the 13-yard line. Brunwasser Z. Marshall, tala fur touchdowa Altdoerfer again carried the ball o ver Ti5Zr?lT w.' s TaZ,.lt on two line plays. j tera ia minmea. Two More Are Added. The local eleven added two more tfVottl A: owns before the end of ,ier receivea a Kith, uu ma ou wjmu smith .... line. Aided by perfect interference ! Mo.n Ilesner ran around left end to the 10- j nVy " " yard line. Finlay then wiggled hisl"iark way through the line for a score. Kes- j'"" 1.;; The final score or tne nait came shortly before the end. Altdoerfer, tt.o fullhark was ii lured, and Brun- ' to score a coal from touchdown was a failure. The Swarthmore score stunned the Pennsylvanians. In their desperation lo win inr i.ai.v. trame. Nearly all those who carried the ball fumbled and more than half the attempts at forward passing resulted wild overthrows. When a ball did go directly at a Pennsylvania player, a Swarthmore man was usually there to spoil the play. Once a Pennsylvanian fumbled a forward pass 25 yards from Swarthmore's goal with a clear field ahead. Twice Pennsylvania had the ball on Swarthmore's 10-yard line, only to lose it ones hv a fumble and then on downs. On three other occasions with the pig- skin in within easv seorinsr distance it was fumbled by Pennsylvania backs. straight, naru, om-iasnioneu iootoau was indulged in by both teams except in the last period when Pennsylvania, pressed for time and desperate to win. $16, $18, $22.50 and $25 ELL TAILORS IMPORTERS time defeating- Grove City College vasser was injected' into the lineup. Drunwasser proceeded to tear the visitors' line to shreds. Brunny carried the ball on the first play 20 yards to Grove City's J-yard tine. On th next play lie broke through the line and, eluding the secondary defense, lan ihe remaining distance for a touchdown. Kesner again kicked goal. Tech added an eiual number of points in the second half. The i laid backfleld had little trouble gaining through the visitors during this portion of the game, and scored at will. irovo City fumbled on the kickoff and 1 Tech recovered. On the first play Fin- Ly clrcI(?, left end and ran varUa , for a touchdown. Tech piled up four j more touPhdownSi an(1 KesnPr adllp(, tho vln ,h ! ,,.. The visitors .prf, VlBhtu. olltweisrhPd ,(llt mi( (p a Ktul)hom ' tii;ht. Dilrt , nd Jould a - , delonsive j The lin"eup. j camesi. TechLss. " Grove Citv ; "lb't"n r-.E Nk-eiy K; y;;;;;;;;;- MeEiU "trom (Capt.) c Ke'uman o.S" ""Y.'.'.'.Y.'.'.k t i!a?!'h i fright HE ."..."Marie.!,;,, j PfXv Har1 '" -H I.'."""!"." MoJae resorted to Ion unsuccessful forward -- Pennsylvania I'rquhart Mathewa t'irkmao Wrar Kelil Uttl. Miller 1111 - IVrr R1! WlUlama L.F.... .L.T .L.G --C ... -R.O... .R.T .K.E.... - .L.H.... .li.H.... A rrno Bush f I Scor. by periods j 8wanhmre C . j Pennsylvania q q q q sarins. Tannmore Touchjown. Bush. ' Time Hovv.iojn. I'mpir. Aifrfrttt rin- .suf.itution.s: swart hm..Ve stmiton tor S"' Kjjpaich t..r Clark, j. Johnson tor ir tiryant. Lisht for Ross. Rom for Ligut . uuigiey tvr Kuss. Iu. k for Quigiey. MoDica Beaten. 13-0. The JtcKeesjKtrt Olympics defeated Monaca on the t;lym)l. a geld by a score of 13 to yeeterday. I.lneup: Olympics 13. Monar-a n. Hau-ser .. McUonaid Rohiiiiioii Sinclair ...... Smith Bear ... E'iwaros Zitman Cart-on Faust Hick Goal from Reel Wilson Iynch I "lav 1'av Wilk-e T. CralT... Me!l L..K I..T L.ci R.; R.T R.E W ...;....L.H R.H F -Barth. s. csrafr. tiraff.... Kline ''uehdown! tourhdown Mtbslitutes Olympica, WkS"- Si Kgan. Head linesman Mclnerney. Smoked uy millionaire and Millman Pittsburgh "FAMOUS" stogies. 2 for 6c. Zeueschmidt Cigar Co.. Uistr. HQ RAISE IN OUR PRICES We give you as many tryons as you desire. No extras if you're oversize or undersize. Every suit cut to your individual measure. All Garments Union Made Pittsburgh. in Pants to Order $3.75 Open Saturday Until 10 P. M. ST. OPPOSITK SOLOMON S MAIN KXTKAN'CE ask t IM Sti KlWaXf jrx - m, ifcui at Wi?4'&rfSr'' 'l!U

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