Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 1, 1931 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, October 1, 1931
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ALGONA, IOWA, OCTOBER 1, 1931 8 Pages Number 3 AMAGE SUIT SETTLED FOR $2500 If- II1? %T II I U 1"* ' ~~— — '• —-—— I ««•••»•••%• ••4*jkBK«fe •• mm mm* _ mm * * ^''mfm JfcJfckl • • ••««••••• UR KOSSUTH ASTORS MOVED CONFERENCE A CHALLENGE FOR UNITED ACTION evs. Lease and Hulse Are Returned to Algona. geven changes in pastors in the jona district were made by Bishop tue Lowe at the Northwest Iowa inference at Esthervllle last week. iur O f these change .are made In ss'uth county: the Rev.' Wm. Bade, replaces the Rev. .H. A. Reyman I Lu Verne; the Rev. Carl Hammer Laces the Rev. ' L. G. Gartner at tonka-Doan; the Rev. I. C. Me- replaces the Rev. C. H. lore In the Wesley-Sexton; and > Rev, F. W. Whltford replaces eRev. H. I. Pharo at West Bend. •Other changes , are J. S. Hutch- Ho Crystal Lake to replace I. C. ' who. .goes;; to. Wesley; the ev. Mr, Reyman ; replaces C. J. Fekkelsori at Plover; the Rev. Mr. rtner replaces G." M. Squires at and the Rev. Mr. Squires »s to Hornlck. The Rev. Mr. >re goes to Melvin. Hulso Returns to Algona. iThe'Rev. C. V. Hulse is returned j the:Algona charge, and the Rev. , H. Lease is returned as super- ndent.' Financial difficulties are Ifleoted in the church, • and dis- let superintendents received a eut I salary of $500 a year. This cut made last year also. A com- Ittee- was appointed to consider |ts in the salaries of all ministers, to equalize the salary list, ft Auction of $20,000 in the 'distlpf hll be mode. / |A proposition to merge .the Upper Conference with 'the North- was suggested in a telegram Upper Iowa. No action was ikan. The assembly went on record ilnst a sales tax, -and suggested . the income tax be returned to level of 1920. |J. J. Bushnell, former superlnten- pnt'ot the Algona 'district was re- to his post aa dean of Morn- extension. Among "appoint- •nts in other districts were R. T. flipper-field to Sac'l City; R. H. iter to Hawarden; H. R. hklss to Royal-Moneta; A. H. 'yan to Arthur; C. H. VanMetre Mapleton; J. J. Share to Hum•at. ' - ...... ;•;; - |0nly one change was made in dis- superlntendents — O. M. Bond, i8tor at Storm Lake for seven replaces T.' S. Bassell in the loux City district. The Rev. Mr. iett goes to the Rolfe ; church. Legion Delegates Criticised. a conference criticized the atti- of delegates to -the national Sion convention in voting against rohlbitlon, and went on record in belief that the action did not «nt the attitude of ex-service Unclean movies also came In condemnation, ' Appointments in the Algona dls- pct follow: ALGONA DISTRICT. W. H. Lease,; Sunt. . I Alexander, c. R. Buokwalter. ' [Algona, C. V. Hulse. . lArmstrong, C. B. Mitchell [Ayrshire, E E. Bonn. IBelmond, J. C. Buthman. I wilt, G. W. Bggelston. IBufalo Center, A. A. Howe, B urt, J. E). Clifton. on, F. w. ortmeyer, Lake, j, B, Tumbleson. ICorwith, o. E. Schall,. Sf W Lak «' J- •«• Hutohlngs. Uolllver-Huntington, M, L. Carver. lammetsburg, Edw. Pruitt. lEsthervllle, w, A, Winterstein. , j .T, Snyder. ' City, M. D. Bush, SUPERVISORS DEFEND WORK TO COMMITTEE Poof Fund Expense Under Fire From Investigators. North Iowa Doctors to Hold Convention Here Next Week The Kossuth committee on tax reduction' and presidents of all school districts in the county were scheduled to meet last night in the courtroom to discuss taxation as far as the school districts were concerned. The committee met last week Wednesday evening with the board of supervisors, and a number of visitors were present. Discussion centered around,the poor fund and the county levies for road purposes. The supervisors recently eliminated all optional road work from the 1931 county levy, thus effecting a marked decrease. Some of the visitors present suggested abandonment of all road work. Abandonment of maintenance The October meeting of the Austin Flint Cedar Valley Medical society will be held here next week Tuesday at the high school auditorium. The day's program will commence at 9:30 and morning program lecturers on internal medicine follow: Poliomyelitis, Roland Stahr, M. D., Fort Dodge; Digitalis, Its Therapeutics, Geo. H. Miller, M. D., Dept. of Medicine, University of Iowa; A Simplified Management of Diabetes, R. N. Larimer, M. D., Sioux City; Diet in Health and Disease, Dr. Borborka, Dept. of Internal Medicine, Mayo Clinic, Rochester. The afternoon's program opens at 1, and lectures on surgery will be given: Treatment of Head Injuries, Alfred W. Adson, M. D., Dept. of Neurological Surgery, Mayo Clinic Rochester; The TCnd Results of Fractures, D. W. AVard, M. D., Oelwein; Traumatic Appendicitis, Edward J. Harnagel, M. D., of De? Moines; Calculous Disease of the Urinary Tract, F. Harold Bntz, M. D., Waterloo; A Consideration of Gall Bladder Disease, L. A. Powell, M. D., Des Moines. At 6 o'clock a banquet will be served at the Country club club- Algona Markets W . S. Handy, A. H. [Graettlnger-WaHingford, Fremont WOMEN'S CLUBS TO CAN FRUIT TO AID POOR THIS WINTER The county federation of r Women's clubs will meet at the Algona.Coun- try club clubhouse next Tuesday. A board meeting will; be held , at 11 o'clock, after which there will be a covered dish luncheon. Members are not to bring sandwiches. The principal number of the afternoon's program will be a ; talk by Dr. T. B. Davidson, of Mason City, and.other numbers include a play and vocal and Instrumental. selections. Mrs. J. H. Warburtbn, of Lakota, is president of the county organization. The rural clubs of the county will toe .hostesses. A note from Mrs. Donald Weir, county secretary, tells of a new project contemplated for this winter. Her letter follows: "It- has been suggested that the Woman's clubs of the county preserve all extra available vegetables and fruit in their local communities to be stored locally for use by families In need during the coming winter. Any surplus not needed locally could be used where most needed in the county. The chairman of the county board of supervisors has agreed that the county will buy tin cans for this purpose if the women Will undertake to fill them themselves. In nearly every community there is now a home 'can sealer which permits the use of tin cans as containers. With such an outfit you should have no difficulty filling at least a hundred quart cans. "The time to think about relief work is before the need for assistance actually arises and while there is'still abundance of those products that will be limited or destroyed by freezing. Immediate action is necessary if you would cooperate in this very worthwhile program. You can get the cans locally perhaps, if not they are available at AJgona, or may be ordered from the Canners Supply 111 East State, Mason Fenton Man's / Legs Broken John Taylor,, of Fenton, suffered two broken legs Tuesday afternoon when the flywheel of a grinding machine he was operating flew to piec-- es, and a segment of it struck him agross the legs. The breaks are between the knee and ankle, and there Is a question whether one leg can be saved. The force of the blow nearly severed one leg, and badly lacerated breaking He was the other, in addition to both bones in both legs. brought to the Kossuth hospital, and if infection does not set in it Is believed that both legs can be saved. Mr. Taylor, who is middle-aged, has no family. He was grinding alfalfa when the accident happened. REGISTERED AS MERCURYJROPS TO 39 The first frost this fall was registered last Thursday night when the temperature fell .to 30 degrees, after eight-tenths of an inch of rain had fallen that day. The maximum temperature for the day, 56, was also the lowest this fall. As the season advances the fall in temperature is noticed, for only one temperature of more than 80 degrees was recorded last. week. During the month 4.25 inches of rain fell, according to Weather Observer L. M. Merritt. Last week's, total rainfall was 1.83, Temperatures last week follow: BRITT COLLEGIANS TOO HEAVY; BEAT ALGONIANS 33-7 A heavy, experienced Britt junior college football team tromped on Algona high school gridsters Saturday afternoon 33-7. The Algonlans pulled a surprise on the Britt team in the first play after the Algonians got the ball. Algona kicked off and after a'few plays failed Britt punted to Algona on the 20-yd. line. Taking the ball Cretzmeyer broke through behind good interference, shook off and dodged tacklers, and made an 80-yard run for a touchdown. This was the only time during the game that the Algona team functioned on blocking out oppon- ball High .89 L, O. R, McDowell. C. L, Day, IvT"""" 1 *' ** **• Scheerer, I^ mm e-Hberty, H, EJ. Whyte. •k"" Mills, w. c. Stauffer. ledyard, BY O, Johnson. C. H; Seward, Verne-Liyennore, Wm, Bade[Mallard-curlew, J. H. Bounds. I *^OV6l* TT ^ • IRown.Lai Jmei .fLv^ n Q a , tner . ™, City-Grant, B, L. Weaver. Beldon ' Vsrnbn, R., V- Hotcb- Center, y. L. Hot company City. •*y i *~* —••-—•• — - . The price of the quart cans is T » a — _J nv<£irl f PflTtl Sept 20 -----------Sept. 21 _— ......... ----- 77 Sept. 22 --------------- —73 Sept. 23 ........... - ----- 66 Sept. 24 ......... — ...... 56 Sept. ,25 ............. ---- B9 Sept. 26 -------- - -------- 60 Sept. 27 Sept. 88 72 Low 66 64 54 52 39 48 47 45 48 VlfcJ • *»•»**"-•-•-•-- - _ $425 plus express if ordered the latter place. Quart cans from that are UlVVt" j"*"'— -- . . . lacquered or enameled on the inside cost $4.60 plus express at Mason City firm. 'Mrs. Sutton, county has stated that the welfare the relief Vn theTounty is becoming and she te me ,POWS ARE STOLEN FARH NEAR LU VERNE l^v« ne , increasingly difficult, urging this action. know What you can do and do not hesitate to telephone op write me if you haye any questions.^ •WB8W- r>r E. O. Dunn, who Has been assUtlng in cattle testing In Jfos S^'caHedtothe-war^ at Tipton last week, and Dr. U W. Fox took his place in the nortft P»" wtb. Few reactors are being Wn4 health program. EDDIE SEIFERT IN ANNUAL VISIT HEBE WITH MOTHER Eddie Seifert is spending two weeks with his mother resting between engagements of the Sallardo Trio attraction, of which he been a member for eight years. has The Trio played at the plalnview, Minri., fair a week ago, and recent appear. ances have been at Kasson, Minn., Chilton and Westfield, Wis. In November the Trio will go>,<Los Angeles, and wi» Play in California durjng the winter. The Trio has an out-door and indoor act, the. latter being given as a vaudeville attraC' tion in theaters. Eddie has always sent money home to Algona to be. used in behalf of his mother. Each fall, when they come west to play fairs. Eddie manages to get in a visit. His part in the act is a contortionist" -no vejty -. attraction, at which he used to amuse Algona visitors for years -on Algona streets. SWEA CITYAN CHAR6ED WITH UNLAWFUL SALE OF DRU6S Vilas Erickson, of Swea City, was arrested by W. H. demons, state agent, Tuesday on a charge of unlawful' vending of drugs or medicines. since July first without .a ' ents and opening holes for the carrier. Britt scored twice in the first half, and three times in the second half. Algona kicked off to open the game. A Britt pass failed, and a fumble was recovered for a yard gain, and Britt punted to the Algona 20-yd. line. Cretzmeyer got away for an SO-yd. run for a touchdown. Britt made a first down, then a fumble was recovered by Algona on Britt's 29-yd. line, Algona fumbled but recovered, and a pass over the goal gave possession of the ball to Britt. , When the first' quarter ended Algona had intercepted a pass on the airyd. line. In the second quarter Britt marched down the field for a touchdown through Algona's line, and the score was 7-7. A 30-yd, run for Britt later in the quarter paved the way for another touchdown, and the score was 14-7 at the end of the half. Britt second too light for "the assaults of the heavier Britt players, and Algona players failed to tackle low enough to bring the ball carrier down. " Spectators were pleased with the first appearance of the, high school band, which played before the game started and between halves. The music was especially good. ACADEMY TEAM WINS 12-6 UNDER POCAHONTAS LIGHTS The Academy team won from Pocahontas Friday 12 to 6 under the lights in a night game at the Pocahontas field, The game was played wjth a white 'ball and in a misty rain. The first touchdown for the locals was' made in the first quarter when they blocked a punt, and Kanouff ran 30 yards for another touchdown in the third quarter. Pocahontas won Si* points in would allow roads now in excellent condition to deteriorate to such an extent that thousands of dollars would have to be spent on them later. This would be poor economy. The board has levied only enough to care for the roads. New construction is contemplated only on roads now. brought to grade, and these will be graveled. This involves some 70 miles of road, on which all grading has been done. ' County Levy Cut 1'ear Ago. The general county levy was cut one mill for 1930. A new cut for 1931 would have been made but th'e expense of the primary and general elections next year will be heavy and all money levied will be necessary. . . , The poor fund-levy was increased for 1931, and came in for the greatest opposition. Expenses for the first eight months of 1931 totaled $25,362, and the fund is more than $5,000 overdrawn now. Poor relief will be demanded this winter to an even greater extent than in previous years which had showed an increasing tendency. The levy for 1929 was $30,195, for 1930 totaled'$31,746, and the 1931 levy, with increase, wi\l bring in approximately $34,000, JHrs. Elinor T. Button, county welfare worker, started in the fall of 1927. The county had gone without a welfare worker since 1926, when Margaret Neville, then Red Cross secretary, resigned. The work during that year was done by the supervisors, and the amounts spent in 1926 and 1927 were $26,690 and $25,765 respectively., Demands Cause Poor Fund Raise. Olaf Funnemark, of Wesley, speaking for the board, said that the increase in the levy has been caused by an Increase In demands made by the county. He stated that Mrs. Sutton had saved some $4,000 which would have been expanded if she had not been watching the cases. Supervisor Balgeman, of Whitternore, chairman of the board, also ' spoke favorably of Mrs. Sutton's work. The insanity fund was also con- scored three times in the half. Algona's line proved house to the physicians and their guests. S. E. McMahon will serve as toastmaster of the after dinner banquet, which will consist of an address by T. U. McManus, M. D., of Waterloo; another address by W. A. Rohlf, M. D., Waverly, entitled "Kenefick"; and a response by Dr. M. J. Kenefick. Present officers of the society are: president, Bruce Bnsley, M. D., Shell Rock; vice president', A. B. Phillips, M. D., Clear Lake; secretary, C. C. Hall, M. D.,.Maynard; treasurer, W. E. Long, M. D., Mason City. ' The visiting women will be entertained at the Dr. Walter Fraser residence at 619 North Wooster, and at the shelter house at Ambrose A. Call state park/ DRIVER'S LICENSE BLANKS ARE HERE Automobile drivers license application blanks were received at the sheriff's office Tuesday morning and applicants can make applications at any time. The owner of an automobile is entitled to' one license free of charge. Other drivers of the cai may apply for one upon payment ol a fee of 25c. The licenses are gooc for two years, and must be carriec with the driver of the. car at, al times, even when driving another car. Special blanks may be applie< for by minors for driving to anc from school, and special blanks are required for chauffeurs. There is no examination, but a number of ques tions must be answered. The licensi is divided into four parts, one 'o which is kept at Des Moines and the others sent to the applicant from Des Moines, The application is madi out here and the license is mallei from Des Moines. In case of minor offenses a part of the license is torn off by the judge and sent to the state department if a driver is convicted. Three violations are sufficient to revoke the.license. In case of manslaughter, drunken driving, and other serious crimes the motor By Wilbcr J. anil Alice Payne. At Close of Business Sept. 29. LIVESTOCK Hogs. B. std. lights, 200-260 Ibs $4.60 B. med. wt. butch., 260-300 ...$4.40 B. pme. hvy. butch., 300-350 ..$3.75 B. pckg. sows, 350-500 .. .§3.00-3.50 Big hvy. sows, 350-400 $3.40 Big hvy. sows, 450-500 ...$3.00-3.25 Cattle. Canners and cutters $1.00-2.00 Fat cows $2.50-3.50 Veal calves $5.00-7.00 Bull $2.00-3LOO Yearlings $3.'50-4.50 Fat Steers $6.00-7.50 GRAINS No. 2 yellow corn 29c No. 3 corn 28c No. .3 white oats Ufic Barley, No. 2 special 46c PRODUCE Eggs, • straight run 14c Graded, No. 1 19c Graded, No. 2 lOc Cash cream 26c ' POULTRY Hens, over 4 Ibs ' 17c lens under 4 Ibs. and leghorns, .lie iprlngs, over 4 Ibs 16c Springs, 3 and 4 Ibs 14c Springs under 3 Ibs. .; 12c Leghorn Springs 12c HIDES Calf and cow, Ib 3c Horse $1.75-1.00 lolt Hides, each 50c ALGONA WOMAN GIVEN AWARD FOR INJURIES New Damage Suit tot Come for Trial * Today. During the noon recess' day attorneys reached a settle-I ment whereby Mrs. Muckey will [ receive $2500 to drop the suit. A damage suit brought by. Augusta Muckey against Henry Klocke, of Wesley, was scheduled tn» go to the jury late yesterday, 'llrat, ' Muckey Is asking $22,000 for Injurieat received a year ago when the Klockat car tipped over on 169 south of town- \ij and was ditched. Mrs. Muckey'n right leg was so badly crushed that It had 4.0 be amputated between Urn " ankle and knee. The car had been borrowed from Mr. Klocke and six women were em 1 route to Fort Dodge to spend that day. The car struck loose gravel andf all six were Injured. In the party;, u besides Mrs. Muckey, were MrsJ George Willey, Mrs. Nettie Glint*;, Mrs. Charles Runchey, Mrs: Lotti» Smith and Mrs. James sidered and a recommendation made that relatives of persons committed to Cherokee be asked to pay for their keep. The law provides county expense only where the patient or his relatives are unable to bear the expense. In discussing use of the gasoline tax* which will amount to $60,000, Representative A. H. Bonnstetter, of West Bend, called the board's attend tipn to the law, which allows use of this money for maintenance projects if the budget director, at Molnes, approves. The board the third quarter. The for WinkeL M* the was continued tiU. Wpvewbfi Erickaon'a territory Include* and vicinity. the locals was: ends, Strelt and Kelly; tackles, Gennett and Baker; guards, Kohlhaaq and Hughes; center, Dunn; quarters, Llchllter and Kelly; halves, Hansen and Finnell; fullback, Capeclus . Substitutes were Kanouff, Bestenlehner and Ostwln- kle. DES MOINES DOCTORS TALK AT COUNTY MEDICAL MEET The county medlca) meeting 'held "at 'tiw Kossuth. hospital Jast .Friday vehicle department may revoke the license immediately. Common sense driving is emphasized in the application. BROTHER-IN-LAW OF ALGONIANS IS DEAD Des and County Engineer H. M, Smith said the road appropriation had been cut so severely that work would be almost at a standstill next year, and only work that is absolutely necessary will be done. Farther Road Cut Bulnons. Further cuts would necessitate many times the same amount in the next few years in getting the roads •back into condition. The gas tax money is counted on to defray a large part of the expense in graved ing roads now graded and ready for gravel. The board counted on this money when optional road levies were done away with in the 1981 levy. The board in Its general tax meeting two w.eeks ago Monday dropped the state "and county* leyy In cities and towns ?.?! per cent and In townships 16.59 per cent Results of this decrease were given in last week's papers. In addition there were decreases in the va lyations. CHICKEN THIEVES 6ET UQ BIRDS AT M'CORKLE FARM Bay McCorkle. east of Algona, is th,e £tesf victim of chicken thieves Funeral services were held Saturday at Mason C|ty for Fred Randall, brother-in-law of Mrs. H. E. Rist and C. W, Nicoulin, who died last Thursday afternoon. ..Mr, Ran- dalj had suffered several broken ribs in' an •• accident -several., weeks ago, and was apparently on the road'to recovery when a blood clot caused his fleath. Mr. Randal] was married to Anna N, Nicoulin in 1893, and they had three children, two of whom died in infancy. He is survived by Mrs. Randall and son Benjamin B. and a small granddaughter, Lucy Ann. He was born in Mason City in 1866, and was 65 years old. He lived in Mason City all of his life, and founded the Randall funeral home, from which he retired njne years ago. Algonians who attended the funeral were Mr. aiU Mrs. H. E. Rist; qnd daughter T$W, t Thomas O'JJare, Washington,-D.-C.. -and'C. W. Nicoulin. • • BIG LEAGUE BALL PLAYERS TO MEET ALGONA FRIDAY The, American Association All Stars and the Algona Grays will play at the ball park south of the swimming pool tomorrow afternoon at 3:30. The late, starting date is to allow fans to * listen to the World Series game. ' The All-Star lineup includes pitchers Carl Mays, of Louisville, Rosy Ryan and Jim Cooney, of Toledo, and Rube Benton, of Minneapolis. Catchers are Bubbles Hargrave, of Minneapolis and Clyde Manion, of Milwaukee. Infielders are Ernie Wingard and Greg Mulleavey, of Toledo, Pip Koehler, of Milwaukee, and Eddie Pick, of Kansas City. Outfielders are Len Koenecke, of Indianapolis, John Mostil, of Toledo, and Brun9 Haas, of Milwaukee. D. Wade is manager of the team. A glance at the names tells a ball fan that the All Stars are men who have figured in many of the big league games in past years. In addition there are some youngsters at the game who are to toe heard from in the future. For instance Koenecke, of Indianapolis, was sold to John McOraw for $60,000, and he is to report next spring at the Giant's training camp. Carr Mays is . well known. He has a fast ball that has steam, and one of his pitched balls that went wild struck a battintr player and the force caused the batter's death. All these men" are well known to balldom, and their appearance on a local field tomorrow afternoon Is expected to draw a capacity crowd of fans able to get away. The admission charge has not been raised for the game, and will be 50 cents each. Four Women on Jury. ~*" Jurors chosen Tuesday momlngr when the case opened are Fay Ltch— ty, Lu Verne; Oscar Morvick, Otto—'' sen; LeRoy Farrell, Whittemore: \f Simon P. Weber, Whittemore; Jtfik*'"; Thull, Whittemore; Laura Backuat Algona; Lillian Jones, Lone Roqk- Fred Jacobs, Whittemore; Senux Isebrand, Titonka; A. . B. Lappet, '> Bancroft; Rosa Borchardt, Algona^ and Joe Kollasch, Bancroft ' According to the schedule _^_ damage case was to toe broVghl following the Muckey-Klocke case. H. R. Hays is asking $5,100 damagaat' from Douglas Riley aa the remit oC^'l an accident on 169 south of tow»a ' last January. Hays was driving a horse hitehaB to a two-wheeled cart toward bte home at' Irvington. Riley waa go •in the same direction' driving _ truck. The Riley truck crashed toto* ; the cart, injured wrecked the cart, jured, Mr. Hays asks $40 for the cart, for the horse, $20 for the harneaa. $1,000 for shock, $175 for doctor an* hospital bills, $250 for work Vtrtrj while recovering from the acciden and $1,000 personal damagea. •; An amendment to the Hays-Rllejr the horse Mr. Hays was to-." 6EOR6E L MINKLER, 71, DIES AT TACOMA NOME case was filed Saturday increasing; the amount asked for personal '-* J -~ ies to $10,000. School Case Motions Several motions were argued week in the cases brought by Humboldt Investment Co. and J. < Mayer & Son, of Humboldt. _ _^,_ the Algona school district and boa^d.: 1 !'! Every move by either side is bit fought,by the other side in cases, which arise from the lation of the Mayer contract to 1 the new high school building winter. It now appears doubtful;, that tb, cases will reach trial "*'-term. • , E. C. McMahon -has been' agpot attorney for the Fenton State ' Two divorces were graritei -tarJ Judge Heald. Mrs. Irene B. RflO**j| was granted a divorce from ^J.J'JJ^ Rooney and custody of five ,|-«-—•* children, and Jos. W. .Qroaa granted a divorce from Alice Gross. The present term of court te afrf^ tractlng a large number of 'oqurfc'J fans, and the damage COM* y r — 5 L t ' s day filled the courtroom wftk tajprs and witneaaea. "" ' -^ UKOTAO PENS NEW J44,( MODERN SCHOOl afternoon. ,ajten4e& , TWO . , , D*r Moiaee doctors gave lectures te the evening • following a heart -and lung oWaJte in the afternoon. reported loss of 144 Vwt week Wednesday,, A week ago, Sunday " A,- gtuder, twp'mjiiss, WOMEN STEAL TWO DRESSES FROM CLOAK SHOP FRIDAY Two dresses were stolen from the Weiss & Sorstedt store last Friday noon. Two women .came Into the store, and the young lady tried on a number of dresses in a dressing booth. Mrs. Soretedt, who was the only -clerk in the store at the W went Into the booth with her, WWle dents .of St. Benedict, lost 17$. Reports are and deputies are making Mrs. p. L. Driver received word Friday that her brother George L. Minkler, of Tacoma, Wash-, died Friday. The cause of death is not known. He and Mrs. Minkler visited here during the Diamond Jubilee. Mr. Minkler is a son of the late Mr, and Mrs. Orange Minkler, pioneers of the county. He was 71 years old, and was also well known in the county. He was buttermaker at the Lu Verne creamery 15'years. After leaving Lu Verne he edited a newspaper at Altoona, and thence the Minklers went west, where they have, lived-ever since. He is survive^ by his wife and a ten-year-old son. Abner Long and Mrs. Harold Hutchins are nephew and niece of Mr. Minkler. ONLY OKE APPLICATIOI IS MADE FORJfEDQINe PERMIT Only one marriage application was made during the Jast week it the district Clerk's o*8te$, J$ was maje Dakota's new $44,000 proof school opened Monday iritfe enrollment of'fU52, of wntc^ 'pi in high school. The buildjng (s 44 feet, and has a'45x70 gyrnw which can ajso be use^ * torium seating 400, foot stage. floor is to be laid in the basketball organised, school is equipped fojr manual ing, typjng, dpjne»U(5 *" has a fully %ccredlV|d course, Th« <' - -— By to T. C. .»?WM? S?* 0 * 8 ?* vpl Aft. n ft T* y *«. Friday by the two were occupied woman, hid the dresses vnder her the other had. Person/ $7, other, was county. A to Q. 3JJ,*

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