Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 17, 1931 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, September 17, 1931
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^mup^jlijiMBBv «P tatter \ <3$ ALGONA, IOWA, SEPTEMBER 17, 1931 10 Pages Number 1 NEW GASES IEAKS LOCAL COURT RECORD Case is Listed for Trial at This Term. opens next Monday with George A. Heald, of Speiv [on the bench. This Is Judge j'g first term in Kossuth county (taking oMce in January. have been 185 new cases I since the last term, setting a ' in filings In Kossuth. ditlon there are 140 bases held r from the preceding term, mak- l a total of 325 cases tot some a t this term of court, 'in there are a few criminal to be taken up. • ... cases noticed^ for- trial :at fterm is the damage suit brought 6, iCMayer & Son, of .Humboldt, the school board, claiming By reason of cancelation . itract last winter. The Mayer jcern started work oh the' school but ran into difficulties I December, and 1 the board can- the contract, which was re- to the Spencer Construc- i Co., now completing the build- It ig understood that this .suit I be tried. • -•'-.. fttles of other cases noticed tot 1 are; . LAW. Jacob Tencher vs Sam Zentner. F, Walsh, et al vs William Mel. teLaval Separator Company vs |B McDonald. 3. Norton & Son vs John E. folds et al. •• '.-•. . H. Cretzmeyer vs James Wey- 0 KILLED WHEN CAR IS DITCHED WHY NOT A LITTLE PLANNING OF OUR OWN? GOODS MODE IH VOUR OVrfN SIHXE flTRONIZE HOME INDUSTRIES-IT THE JOB OF SOME NEIGHBOR- FRIEND OR LEAR HIGHWAYS OF "*: FOOLHARDY flND OflNGEROUS "DRIVING-- SMALL CROWDS THREE DAYS TO CAUSE DEFICIT Depression and Low Prices Blamed for Drop. High School Enrollment Goes Up as Classes Start Monday The Algor^a high school opened Monday In the new school building, and cooperation by students and teachers enabled the opening day to pass smoothly and the teachers were able to hold classes Tuesday with little confusion. There was some confusion on Monday, but on the second day the students became accustomed to the routine and be- , R/Hayes'-vs Douglas• Riley. > A. Andrew,'Receiver, vs, L. A. iei et al. .''...'• i A, Andrew, Receiver vs Lavina tel et al. . A. Andrew, Receiver vs Julius kel et al. Muckey. vs : Henry Klocke (••Jfc; Evans vs Eleanor^ j Rahm er Helmers vs.'Harm Hel- f A. Andrew,'Receiver vs Eliza- lYanser. r (•A. Andrew, Receiver vs H. R. • et al. ' '-•:-: & Poirot vs- John Origer. EQUITY. |nthony Schmitt vs P. J. Balg<5- i el al. inrad Blome vs F. J. Balge- letaJ. . H. Kahl vs F. J. Balgeman hn Taylor vs F. j, Balgeman et t i Joint Stock Land bank vs rC Beroen et al. Wessel vs Robert,-8tevens. Ko Stock Land bank'vs C. E. "" 'er et al. •Johnson vs. Ernest Johnson. Holtzbauer vs Cfeorge rapier et al. Ask (or Damage Balm, ; cases are several'suits for -and divorce*.,- A^tat o iaat week f9»lo W s: H. Riddle asks fgOOO dam' m John Frankl as, the re«i an accident near the high 30 in which a Riddle LONE ROCK PLAYS GRAYS ON LOCAL DIAMOND SUNDAY [was knocked 'tear. Algona will -play Lone Rock 'Sunday••'afternoon on"~"'the'-local diamond in what may be the last game of the season. It is believed Hancock and -Sims _will form the battery for Lone Rock, and the Algonians are trying to come out of the Sunday's slump In which two games were 'dropped. Previous to last Sunday the Grays had-won eight straight games. Algona lost twice Sunday. In the afternoon Bancroft drubbed the Grays 9-3, holding, the, Algonians to five scattered hits. Algona scored in the fifth and sixth innings, and Bancroft In the second, third, seventh and eighth. Corwlth evened Its score with Algona under the lights the same evening, taking revenge by blanking the Grays 8-0. Algona got eight -hits, tout couldn't connect for .a run Corwlth scored in the first, third seventh and eighth. Algona aided with five errors. The' box scores of the two games follow: Algona— AB R H PO A E down by the . Hand asks damage--) pf »500 Gladys south for a collision at ' July fl. > Olson askg .Olson, and a divorce from charge*/ deser- asks for custody of two ,' ^" th Darfcn*. 7, and Betty '..«• The Olsons were married and separated .in '" " Collihso'n asks' a, divorce yae CoUinson on a-chance ki t«- D, i. S "f '"'y ^tfl *r- <-o-support,*and-,cruel and J tr «atment. They have one -Thomas C. She _ alimony, asks Duncan, cf ....... 31 Bonham, Ib ------ 41 O'Brien, c ----- — 40 Barnes, rf _; ------- 30 Stephenson, If ---- 31 Scanlan, 3b ------- 40 Fish, ss __________ 40 Butler, 2b ----- »— 30 B-brd, p - ---------- 3 0 •Watts, for Butler. 1 0 Totals - -32 3 6 24 12 Bancroft— AB R H PO A L. Menke, 3b 5 R. Menke, If 4 Cage, cf 4 Duddlng, rf 6 Vaske, Ib 1 Munch, c 4 W Menke, 2b... — 4 A, Menke, ss 4 Llchllter, p 2 9 8 V 27 10 hits — Cage, Munch; 3 base hits— Duddlng, Munch; struck earnec of grain pn July 37- aser asUs 5 Fleml "8 as a result of out by Ford 5, car ot t the road north runs _Aigona 1, Bancroft 6. April 30. •• Clapsaddle Duncan, cf ....... 4 Bonham, Ib O'Brien, c rf Scanlan, 3b VMb, puller, Baypu, Totals r—84 0 8 ?•» ABRHPOAH Huntbatch, ss S* Slme, p .., 4 It 4 J"H * y«» xmm feH ^rinT^S**' flWLWmwr SffliS^--^ %^g»,& EW WITHDRAWALS AT NEW IOWA STATE BANK The closing of the Kossuth County tate bank Monday caused only ild flurray the first thing Monday morning when the Iowa State bank pened. for business. a!~i;.usual. There been some withdrawals, but nostly of small accounts.. To re- lace them business houses which :ave done business with the Kosuth bank have more than made up he losses to the new bank. In anticipation .of a possible run money was shipped in from other owns, and $100,000 in $20 bills in ilaln sight on one of the tables in he bank helped lay the fears of ome nervous depositors. For protection against robbery, he marshals and Sheriff L. E. Hovey and his deputies were stationed at upstairs windows as uards, and guards from the First National bank of 'Mason City were also stationed unobtrusively in ront of the bank. The officers and. directors of the new bank have been surprised at the calm attitude Algonians are taking. The anticipated run failed to develop, The bank employes, however, have )een rushed to care for . the hundreds of new accounts that, are be- n{? opened, ' . ALBONIAN'S MOTHER DIES IN MINNESOTA; ILL 6 WEEKS Mrs. Regula Banwart, mother of George W. Banwart, of Algona, died last Thursday at her home at Ram sey, Minn., after an illness of six weeks. Mrs. Banwart was born in Switzerland In 1866, and was 75 years old. She came to America in L879, and was married to John J Banwart in J882. Seven children, 27 grandchildren, and pne great-grand- chlld'-aurvlve. .Mr. Banwart's brothers .Und sisters who > attended the funeral Sunday at'thfi home at A«- oka, Minn., were Mrs. Barbara Hentges, Anoka; Harry" H. Banwart, Runnlngvllle, S. D.; John M Banwart, ' West Bend; Matt W. Charles P., and Louie B., Anoka. FOUR APPLICATIONS ARE MADE FOR WEDDING PERMITS Four applications for marriage licenses have been filed at the district court clerk's office so far this month bijt only two have been issued. Las week Wednesday Mel Peterson an< Anna Margaret Murtagh applied and the llcfeiise was Issued Tuesday morning. September 1 Hugo H Melx and Bertha- Miller, bath of La JwtaJ Applied, ajid'the ]JejMt,-«CM to sued laptweek. Tuesday." Lawrence T. Schumacher <M»d Clara M. Beach both of Wbtttemore, applied for license last Thursday. Clinics Planned. Dr. F. S. Sawyer, of Algona, ha been appointed chairman of the suth county society of optometrists Appointment was made by Dr. Y V. Kirtw, of Des Molnes. resi •of tne-IoiK Optometrists. the state? nuwber"of 'eye ctotcs faU and winter and Roctor vUl be in chir*? <* «» ments in thl* county. INGHAM AND SMITH STARTED KOSSUTH BANK 61 YEARS AGO Doot Tbe old Kossuth County State jank, which, .closed its existance as Kossuth institution Monday vas started in• 1870 by Capt. W. H iig-ham and Lewis H. Smith, each nan . investing $1500 as the capita stock of the bank. In 1873 the ~>ank was organized under Its pres ent name, and has continued in bus ness during the more than 60 years lay in and day out. The firm name was Ingham & Smith, and the partnership bank yas started January 1, 1870, in a little frame building on the corner vhere the Goeders store is now located. There -was no railroad into Algona at that time, though the Milwaukee, reached Algona in the same year. The following year a brick luildlng was. erected on the site of the present building, " which replaced it. : May 12, 1873, the bank was incorporated as a state bank under its present name. E: .C. Buffham was "he first president; D. H. Hutchtns, :he first vice president; Lewis H. Smith, the first cashier; and J. .W. Wadsworth, the first teller. ' Other directors,were W.cH. Inaham, -Theo. Chrischilles Sr., Fred Hawes, and J. B. Jones. Of these only Mr. Wadsworth remained to see the bank fall. Ten years later H, E. Rist began working for the bank. Jos. W- Wadsworth, present chairman of -the board of directors, has been connected with the bank for 58 yearn, and W- E. Rlst, president of the Mnk, has been with It for 48 years, nearly a half century. Jos. Auner came to Algona seven years ago, and G. A. Buchanan came in July, Hi925, Henry Wadsworth was vice-president with Mr. Buchanan as active vice-president, and Mr. Auner was cashier. These made • up the board of director); with E, J. Van Ness ana Harry" Bode. From a standpoint of exhibits and attractions this year's county fair was one of the greatest in the history o£ the county. Attendance, though, was low, and Secretary P. Kerfass reports that receipts will not meet expenses. The depression and low prices on farm produce Is blamed for the drop •in crowds. Tuesday, which was free to children, nearly doubled attendance of last year, and apparently people with children made a point to attend the fair on the day the. children were admitted free, for the other three days fell below last year's totals. The free attraction bill was exceptionally strong, and the divided program, in which the Tuesday and Wednesday platform • acts were changed for - the last two days, met vith favorable comment. There was not a weak act on any of the days. Weather Is Favorable. .'The weather was all that could be desired so far as the crowds were concerned. The fair association hoped for rain one of the days so that ;-aln insurance could be collected to lielp pay expenses, but except for a drizzle early one morning, the sun shone brightly, and one or two of the days were too hot. The grandstand met with favor, though the effects of the depression caused many, who would -ordinarily sit in the stand to remain outside. The view from the new stand is much better than from the old. The race horses can be watched clear around the _ track, and the ball game's" and platform attractions are gan to know classrooms and hours. Attendance in senior high school totals 321, divided as follows: ,fresh- 83, juniors, Junior high school enrollment totaled 147. At Bryant school there are 3M children in the six lower grades and at Third Ward there are 92. There is one men, 104, sophomores, 81, and the seniors, 49. class of primary children in the new high school building, making the total attendance in the public schools of Algona more than 900. .Senior and junior high students spend their study hours in the libraries provided for that purpose and at 45 minute Intervals . they pasH from' one class to another or return to the libraries. Five, minutes are allowed -between classes for passing and getting things in and out of the lockers. At first, some of the students had trouble with the combination locks on.'the new lockers, but with experience they can open them in only a few seponds with only, little, noise. W, Attendance is taken in each^class room at "the opening of school eich clay, and is reported at the gn..d: ; of Old Kossuth Bank Closed By Directors The Kossuth County State bank failed to open its doors Monday morning, and by vote of the board of directors the bank was turned over to the state banking department for liquidation. .R. H. Miller Is to be examiner in charge of liquidation. Shareholders of the bank are as follows: J. S. Auner, 10; H. J. Bode, 10; G. S. Buchanan, 9; J. T. Chris- chilles, 14; C. H. Cretzmeyer, 22; E. J. McEvoy, 10; S. D. Quarton, 73; H. E. Rist, 10; Roscoe Sayers, 20; Lewis H. Smith Est., 147; E. J. Van Ness, 5; J. W. Wadsworth, 84; T. H. Wadsworth, 10; 'Frank Warner, 73; Varner & Quarton, 1; Frank Cape- ius,'2. The bank's assets are still in good hape, the Advance is informed, n other words there have been no notes rediscounted, and the bank las no borrowed money on notes hat must be paid as a preferred claim. ,'. The bank was closed now because t became necessary to borrow noriey to continue. It would have )feen possible to continue for several weeks or months, but the result was nevitable, and could not be'averted Rather than borrow money now to TRY TO MAKE TURN TOO FAST IN AUTO RACE Necks Broken When: Car Rolls Over Into Ditch. the first class hour to the -.princi pals and again at the end ofv the flay. For general announccmientu, an assembly is called in the' •auditorium, for neither library will-hold the assembled group. Three post-graduate students;-are attending high .school taking -corn mercial work,' William Ferguson, Mildred Aman, and Norma Gre,ljje£ Miss Coate reports that there'''ar.c three students seeking ..work, for room and board in order to attenc high school. in plain vte\v from all points. The Floral hall as usual was crowded with exhibits, and the stock exhibits were much larger than normal. A review of -the'4-H club and' stock exhibits is given on the farm page. , Here's Attendance Figures. Attendance records, as kept by Treasurer H. L. Gilmore follow: TUESDAY Kossuth county fair receipts at gate and grandstand for 1931: Afternoon gate— No. Adults 2111 Half fare — 555 East gate '. Evening gate __ 549 Afternoon G'stand— Adults 1073 Child's — 336 Box . Night Grandstand— Adults 249 Child's _ 62 Bleachers —. Season tickets Dance Amount $1,055.50 138,75 15.50 137.2^ • 536.50 84.00 -30.00 124.50 15.50 102.00 157.55 Total' for day WEDNESDAY Afternoon 'gate— No. Adults _.J 1328 Half fare „ 446 East gate -Evening gate 1019 Afternoon G'stand— Adults ..: 476 Child's Box — — -i—- 42 Night Grandstand— Adults 324 Child's 39 Bleachers 44 : Dance _-_ :— PHILLIPS K, 0,'S SCRAPPER AT FAIRJTHLETIC SHOW Clarence Phillips,' Algona's boxing representative, has been booked for a fight September 24 with "Pug" Williams at Rockwell City. Phillips outpoipted Williams at Fort Dodge in May, and Wjjllams plans to get even. Phillips fought twice at the athletic show at the farigrounds last week. Wednesday nlgjit he knocked out) a professional ' and' Thursday night fought a negro, 4&id to be a forgutr w^rfijig .p^rtiyr fat - Jack Depipaey,an<l 7 stayed'with him for six'rounds, the necessary limit to secyre his money. COUNTY W, C, T, D, MEETING AT SWEA CITY TOMORROW The W. C. T.'uT'.-wfu hold its annual county convention at Swea City •tomorrow. The meeting There wtil *>e an evening session con~anenclng at 8 o'clock, . the Swea City women. 1 4 f«o4 pro- Total for day THURSDAY Afternoon gate— No. .Adujts- _,———2352 Half fare 837 Bast gate — Evening gate ;_1582 Afternoon G'stand— Adults - — 836 Child's ,—— 99 Box •——-—— Night Grandstand— Adults _ -— 691 Child's 98 Bleachers ,- 102 Dance ,-, -- Total for the FRIDAY ?2,397.05 Amount $ 664.00 111.50 12.75 254.75 238.00 . 10.50 .00 162.00 9.75 11.00 214.30 $1,688.55 Amount JJSW.QO I 209.25 11.50 395.50 418.00 24.75 ,00 345.00 24.50 51.00 286.80 $2,943.80 STANDPIPE EMPTYj WATER FORCED BY ENGINEfRESSURE The city, standpipe was empHe< Sunday for cleaning : and . painting, and the crew doing the^'-wprk:- .is. equipped for riveting,, welding, and makin any repair found necessary. Their work will require a week's time, after which the standpipe..will be immediately filled. ... . At the present time water is being- supplied to the mains by direct pressure. The old reservoir later will also be cleaned and repaired and a complete new top added. This work is included in H. -R. Cowan's contract. After these two jobs are completed the city will be served continuously with filtered water. When all of the work is completed, which will be in the neighborhood of two weeks, the city will have a reserve supply of approximately 620,000 gallons of water available for fighting fire, which ,it is hoped will not be necessary. In case'of fire the new pumping, equipment Is'capable of furnishing '1200 gallons of water per minute to the city mains. In addition there can pay; "depositors who run in to get their.' money at the expense of de who stay by the old bank the-'jjirectors decided to save every th'ing.'possible for all depositors and close. >before the situation became serious. '.Tfyftls Turned .Back Into Bank. ', inuring the last two or three years t^jDarik has fought to clear up ol< oblig'ations, and during this time ha. cleared,.away much, of the poorly-se S.ured._-'p'apei\ '•'; Profits running Int five figures during several of thes years .was used to take poor pape out'.ot, the bank. Salaries have'bee held to a minimum, and the ban has done without sufficient help. . as_ old .as the Kossut also be raised from the wells 300 gallons per minute. Joseph Kelly, plant superintendent, finds only one other improvement that should be made. This would be to install a small gaa or oil engine and generator In the new pump house, so that in case any- thin ghappened to disable the lighl plant this outfit could be started al the water plant and give continuous Water and fire service. This may never happen, bi»t the .cost of • installation would be cheap insurance and, may save many times its cost al some'time in the future. bank naturally accumulated bad paper in the course- of the years of its exlstance. People and business who are as good as gold today, are on the ragged edge tomorrow. Businesses and farmers who borrowed. when corn and" oats "wor* worth 40 to- -60 cents . cannot pay with oata and: corn;. at --IB to 25 cents. The Kossuth had -the bulk of this business in Algona which came to it through long association with pioneers and sons of .pioneers. It is anticipated that a dividend can be expected before Christmas. The- financial statement of the. bank at the time it closed has not yet been released for publication, but it is rumored that during the last few weeks the. footing of the bank .depreciated nearly |200,000. Statement by Directors. Thos. Wagner, Algona barber, and am Hedrlck, filling station attend- nt, were instantly killed laat, 'hursday evening when the Wagner 'ord coupe in which they were rid- ng, ran into a ditch south, of.' the- itus filling station, and turned over cveral times. 1 Hedrlck -was thrown from the car, anding 20 feet away near th« Northwestern railroad embankment:, Us neck was broken and he died! istantly. Wagner was thrown front he car on its last turn, and . laiA ieside the car. He also suffered «i iroken neck and other injuries suf- icient to cause death. Wagner wa»? driving. The two were' racing with' D&Ie.- Javidsonlexpress truck driver,' wW has a nei£ Ford roadster. 'It Is reported tgat Wagoner and Hedrlck; lad madejai side bet of $25 witlE Davidsonfthat, they could beat him. :o Wesley*and back. Davidson, It f» •eported, had secured a head start-.. and-wfts ahead of the Wagoner caK; Tries to Make Corner Too Fast. Wagoner was driving fast to catcli up, and failed to make the curve toward the east just before the meets No. 18 at the Titus station. Davidson said he did' not: look back after reaching No. 18 andl knew nothing of the accident till h» returned to Algona after making the- trip to Wesley. The accident happened shortly at-' ter 6 o'clock, and by 6:30 the road was blocked with cars. Marshal*^ Green and Van Alstyne directed eastbound traffic over the graveled roadi that detours a block east, and south) bound traffic was kept to the pav- frig. Coroner_L. M, Merritt was caUed..,'., and afier he '"collected evidence" l£3e" car and the bodies were removed. An. inquest was held Tuesday and th«i verdict was accidental death white. driving at an excessive rate •£' speed. ^No blame was attached to. Davidsdn" by the coroner's verdict. Funeral services for Wagonwr- were held Sunday afternoon tropK the Merritt funeral home, and burial was made at Britt. Mr. WagoBMT was born at Hoopeston, 111., June *„ 1893. His parents moved to low*. when he was two years old, settlinc: near Brltt, where he was murrleii December ail, 1912 to Ellen Anderson, -who survives. Mr. Wagoner- Is also survived by a daughter, Marge- Janice, 9, his father, James Wagoner, three sisters, Mrs. J. ,F. Beh>- mer and Mrs. B. T. Benson, Algona., Mrs. A. R. Knoll, of Kanawha. iaitAt. f The causes of the closing are contained In the following statement: The officers and directors of the old Kossuth County Slate bank through the chairman. of Its board, J. W. Wadsworth, and its president, H. E. Rist, Inexpressibly regret to say that due to depleted cash reserves 'they ^ave, after the fullest consideration ''of '-the problem", deemed It best to close their bank and turn it over -to the state banking department for ratable diijtribu- tlon of Its assets among its depositors. The state department will , take charge effective at 9 aT m. Monday, September 14,. ~ 1931, and will have our fullest cooperation In the liquidation, Close to Keep Faith. To have continued operations any longer against the economic dlfflcul- Mrs. Robert Speer, of Long Beach- (Continued on Page 10.) Afternoon gate— No. Amount Adults ---------- r 528 Half fere -------- 206 $ 264.00 51.50 -,,— 618 Afternoon O'etand— Adults --,--- — W6 •Night Grandstand— Adults , --------Child's ---------- 483 Bleachers Dance ,, 41 Total for day 154.5ft 97.&0 8.75 106.00 10,25 147.35 859.60 gra^'i* being pr«p«Jned I<ev. ' with the Af(iprnoon gate— • Totals Adult* , 1 815f,50 'PW I«W *- jpsast gftte ---T _ Ky*nlng *ate ..— 9^.09 SOUTH CRESGO CHURCH TO HOLD HOMECOMING SUNDAY The South Cresco church, which is a part of the Good Pope charge will hold a homecoming service Sunday at 9;4B with the Rev. A. H W.ood. In charge. The Invitation sent pi)t last week to former members of the church, asks for letters or attendance, and states -that because "of various circumstances this y -be the last official service to be Jjeld in the So-^th Crepco church." The .comnjltte-s in charge is com* pjwed of. Mrs: W. L. v <Ma---tl-n., Mrs. Franlf MHUi*, Mrp. L. E. Potter, and Mrs. L. A. Potter. A picnic dinner is to be enjoye^ following the church Algona Markets Surviving brothers are Dale, nawha, Austin, Long Beach, Dan, Olive, Calif. ', , Hedrlck Funeral Satnrimy. < Funeral services for Mr. Hedrick: were held, Saturday afternoon frank- the Methodist church, with the ftQVl. in charge, and was mafletHn Rlverview, Mr. rick was born in 1891, at Naahvfll*.. Ill,, and- -came to a farm near wick with his parents In 1*11-' late years he has lived at Lu and Algona. He was. mairled- t» Helen Padgett March IS, If 15, wb<k~ survives with four children, yel~p-u~t» 14, Margaret and Esther, twin*,; 11», and Howard, 7. His parental, Mr. and Mrs, Wm. Hedrlck, Algona, brothers, Orville, Sexton, ' antl [ , liam, of Lu Verne, and a L 8l8t«r, Mite, , Arthur Snyder, of Lu survive- Mr.',He4Klck had been his brother-in-law, R. L. services, at which the celved. will be read. letters r«?- BAMCROFT TO BE 50 YEARS QlPrJUBILEt SU66ESTED Bancroft will be 50 years old week Wednesday. .The town, sit-? was surYW 6 * *>? tb « Western-Town Lot company, «-q4 A. A. Call gave the town it» nswe. The first feaa^ ilAg -waa e«cted'oft th.-?s>te of' the First Rational V-W* *>utt4ta» *>y Dr. O. B. LaKe, wJig •wndwted eery store, in IP 1, The . By WUber J, and Alice Payne. At Close of Business Sept. 15. LIVESTOCK Hogs. B. std. lights,. 200-aeo Ibs 15.30 B. hvy. butchers, 260-300 $5.00 B. prne. Uvy. butch., 900-350 , .*4-80 B. pokg. sows, 300-950 ...^3.85 B. heavy sows, 350-400 $3.50 Big hvy, sows, 400-450 ....$3.00-3.30 Cattle. Canners and cutters 4,... Fa£ cows ,.;'..,..'.'.' 7 ..'. Veal' calvee . . c >5.00-7.'50 BUIIS , i?.eo-?.oo Yearling* |4.W-5.0» Fat Steers , , $6.00-8.50 GRAINS. No. 3 yellow corn , 37c No.' 3 corn No. a white'oats ,..,17c Barley, No. 9 special ,, PRODUCE Algona, 'at Lu Verne Thursday, on 1 h"is''refu-jtn to Algona, he ed the 'rifle' with Wagoner, minutes from the time he lef Verne the accident happened. ', t \ Services for both wero largely p tended, yhe car was , tent twisted out of shape, and WT in rolling nvertn the dltcji, ] t SWEA CITY FARMERS STATE BANK IS OLPI Bwea Qijty, 8ep^ IT" closing of'the KoMutk bank Monday morning dty_ Farfofrs Savings tank;,! to prevent the: 1 day -In dJftrtel; court wW be liquidated by ing depa-rtment. Th,» an* Graded No. 1 No. 2- run Ha He > <• *•{-*» '?;**• of 4JWWn*i •^.Itl t \ i^»ji,j^.A^ ' j-^ia * *!• A 4ttt4vi'- ?r ft'

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