Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 10, 1931 · Page 3
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 10, 1931
Page 3
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10, 1931. THREATENED KOSStJTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA. IOWA PAGE TH1UBB —with a fate blacker than death! Lrf of the Jungle horrors hnn this beaiitifitl woman, Actually l^ed to tell her mtrue story in words so fak they terrify. 1 thoie de(|ener«te K«*r« hid only i J me " tWi women wrltei, "I S no tod.y be tortured, with tall. Fyou ol th«t horrible jungle night. ° U "'I to do tor' But I tell you thit I mNjfapeak. I muit contest. For In confession, so psychologists say, there is « magic balm that helps us to forget —forget —OA, If I only coulJI" * * * It you, dear spectator, think Life Ins dealt you hellish blows—seared your toul with suffering—pick up this •mazing real-life story, THE SAVAGE TRAIL, here in this thunderous climax. Even as you read* you may doubt that any woman of woman born could bear the nameless horrors heaped upon these defenseless feminine shoulders. But read this astounding true-life story for yourself. You will find it complete in October TRUH 8TORY. Get your copy—read it todnyl Tnu Star? Hour li niw treadcait ictrt Matidaj nliU nir WRAP and N B C Rid Nttwort. 10 • 'click Nim Ytrt Hmi. WHITTEMORE FAMILY HOLDS REUNJON HERE Whittemore, Sept. 18—Fifty-five attended the Jacob family reunion ill the Ambro.se A. Call state park In AlRonn Sunday. A picnic dinner was served at one o'clock cafeteria style. Kveryonc had an enjoyable time. This was the second annual reunion, and next year's meeting is planned to lie held <U Austin, Minn. Those who attended were Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jacob Sr., the Ernst Jacoh.s, the Arthur Meyers, and the Curl IJanz families, of Austin, Minn.; Mrs. Hugo Anderson, Omaha; the Henry Preyer family. Blue Earth; the Fred Jacobs, AVhittemoro; the i John Jacobs, Algona; the Carl Drey, er family, Lone Rock; Adolph Pel| cher and son Albert, and Mrs. Rosa I Bush, Almena, AVis.; the Albert Wlltkopfs, AVhlttemore; the Jacob AVlnkels, Algona; the Frank Schuldt family, Lakcfleld, Minn. To High Dive at the Fair T i . . ,c ruiii n £*\ rue Story i i iMi>^, \\ ui'.Ki -\ i it M v; V/IM s AUK' sot n Save that feed with RED TOPS •pvERY ton of forage, and every bushel of grain that •^ your stock salvages from the fields this fall means one more ton or bushel in your haymow, silo or feed bin this winter—one less you might have to buy. Get ready now to turn in the cattle, sheep and hogs. First, repair those fence lines so that stock will not break through onto the highway or other fields or injure themselves on run-down fence. Use a few stretches of temporary fence to hog down part of your corn, to hold stock off the corn while pasturing the stubble, to fence stock off stacks, to make temporary lanes and to turn in on the corn fields. You can get free use of Red Tops this fall, for after using them for temporary fences you can then drive them into your boundary and cross fences to replace rotting wood posts and , you will have stronger, better fence than ever. • The Red Top One-Man Driver and the Red Top One-Man Puller have made building and removing temporary fence a quicker, easier, one-man odd time job. There is a type and length to meet every farm need in our stock of Red Tops—the greatest fence post value your money can buy. Kansas Oltynns In A'lsll— Mr. and Mrs. Harry Crawford, of Kansas City, came a week ago Monday for a visit with AVhlttemore relatives and friends. The Crawfords had expected to come with Mr. and Mrs. Otto AVesser tho week previous, but Mr. Crawford was ill and could not come. They came as far as DCS Moines by bus and were met there. En route from Des Moines to AVhit- temore they ran into a heavy rainstorm near Fort Dodge. Aid A.?cnt Uctiirns Home— R. W. Schultz, of AA'aterloo, general state agent for the A. A. L., who was with Mr. Heldenwith for two weeks, left for AVaterloo Monday afternoon and for Davenport Tuesday on business. Mr. Helden- with, who is district agent in the northwest part of the state, introduced Mr. Schultz to the local .secretaries in this district of the aid association. Indiana Visitor Is Honored- Frances Butler entertained a large party of young people last week Tuesday evening in honor of her sister, Mrs. Elizabeth Boyle, of Pennville, Ind. The evening was spent pleasantly with vocal and Instrumental numbers and readings. Later in the evening a buffet luncheon was served. Mrs. Boyle left for her home last Thursday morning. Fluey Woods Team Defeated— Last Thursday the first colored team from Piney AA'oods school, ot Mississippi, lost to the AVhlttemore nine G-5. The game was closely B EE KYLE brings a sensational act to the Kossuth county fair when she dives from a 100-ft. ladder into a tiny tank ot water. She makes her daring and graceful plunge from a backward position, and is in a class by herself in high diving. The feat is performed twice QUILT TO BE SOLD TO AID TirONKA POOR Tltonka, Sept. S—Several friends and members of the Legion Auxiliary met with Mrs. Carrie Bon- uke> Friday and Saturday afternoons to complete a ciuilt which hud been donated to the organization by Julia and Nellie Nelson. Those assisting were Mrs. Emma Helfner, Mrs. Geslnga Hansen, Mrs. John Falk Sr., Mubol Tutton and Aletha Hchreck, Mrs. H. K. Rachut, Mrs. Fannie Kell, Mrs. Sophia Con- null, Mrs. L. G. Gartner, Mrs. Jim Brcon, Mrs. Charles Cooper, Mrs. Leo O. AVolfe, Mrs. Raymond Bon- nker, Julia Nelson, and Mrs Carrie Bomikor. Sorensen Doing Stencil \\'urh — The Antonc Sorensens, of Irvington, were here Saturday visiting friends, and sold a load of water melons and cantaloupes. Mr. Sor ensen says he has stencil cut-out work for a painter, and which he enjoys as ho. is able to sit In the sun to do his work. Since Mr. Sor ensen's government compensation I not sufficient to care for his fam lly he appreciates all the work h is able to handle. each of the four days of tho fair. PICNIC PARTY HONORS GIRL AT LONE ROCK Lone Rock, Sept. S—Friends of Vera Morris tendered her a surprise farewell party Saturday evening. They drove to Algona, had a picnic supper in the Ambrose A. Call state park, and attended the Call theater afterward. Those who attended were Berneyce Roderick, Gladys Stebrltz, Dorothy Maeupn- her, Naomi AVegener, Ruth Householder, Beuluh Gladstone, Vera Morris and Harlan Blanchard. Miss Morris left Sunday for Ames, where she is taking a course in domestic science. fought. The Piney Woods team went to Rodman the same evening and played Rodman, winning 6-4. At 8 o'clock Thursday evening the Piney Woods colored boys gave a concert in AA'hittemore. New Honiity Shop Planned— Mrs. Betty Langerman and daugh- Mrs. Whitfhill at Rochester— Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Blanchard and the latter's mother. Mrs. L. Whitehill, of Burt, and Claud AVhitehill, EX-BANCROFT MAN DIES AT OAKDALE; BURIED SATURDAY Bancroft, Sept. S—Win. Swanson, who died at Onkclale Thursday evening, was buried here Saturday afternoon. Services were held at the Baptist church and burial was made In Greenwood cemetery. Pall bearers were Alfred Pearson, O. S. Lund, Oscar Pearson, Bert Godderd, .Toe Sanclschulte and Viggo Christenson. Mr. Swanson lived In Bancroft for years, and was employed by Viggo Christenson. H. E. Tliols H«'tuniK Homo— Mrs. H. E. Theis and son Frank N. went to Bnone Sunday to meet H. E. Theis, who returned from California after a visit with his daughter, Mrs. Earl Woodworth, at Englewood for a month. Mrs. Woodworth is tho oldest daughter of tho Falls Asleep; Ribs Are Broken— Gearhenrt Eden, who fell asleep and ran his car off the side of the road near the Crystal Lake cemetery last week Wednesday evening, has been staying at the Fred AVentz's, till Sunday, when he was wel enough to go home. Mrs. AVentz took care of him. Gearheart had several broken ribs. Wolfe Is Proud of Flsli— E. O. Slack, Sam Reynolds, Lee O. Wolfe, Ubbe Winter, Howard French and Stephen De Vrley drove to AVashington lake on a fishing trip last Thursday and returned home Saturday. Lee O. Wolfe caught an 8-lb. wall-eyed pike, of which he is quite proud. Druggist's Health Improves— According to word from AV. J. Denton, Herb AA'inter has gained five pounds, is resting well and feeling much better since he is recuperating in the northern pine woods of Minnesota. They have been located near Cass Lake, but will move farther north this week ter Geneva, of Sunday evening Humboldt, spent and Monday in Kid Top tin-man driver RtdTof one-man puller ,S,Norton&Son I 4 [Lumber and Coal Algona, Iowa mw ate ? " AVhittemqre looking for a location for a beauty shop. If Mrs. Longerman finds suitable location the Langerman twins will start high school here and 'Whittemore will again have a basketball team that will be hard to beat. ^ _ Woddlnff Anniversary Observed— Relatives and friends helped Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Heldenwith celebrate their 17th wedding annivers- avr lost Thursday. The date was also Mrs . Heldenwlth's birthday. R AA r . Schultz, of AVaterloo, state insurance agent for Lutheran A. A. L., was an out-of-town guest. Refreshments were served. Y P. S. Team Wins 18-10— The AVhlttemore Y. P. S. boys won 19-10 from the Fairville boys Sunday at the Robert AVegener pasture at Fairville. H. AV. gehnke and the Rev H D. Stahmer were umpires. After this game the Fairville men picked up a team to play the Vv hit- temore men and Fairville won 15-10. of Lu A r erne, drove to Rochester last week Wednesday and the Blanchards and Claud Whitehill returned Friday. Mrs. AVhitehill remained at the Mercy hospital for treatment. Illinois Guests lit Walsh's— Father -Farley and hi* father, John Farleyi of ' Texn,s, 111., -and Giles Holloran, the latter Mrs. Hugh AA r alsh's brother, of Campus, 111., visited last week at the Hugh AValsh home. Mrs. AValsh's brother-in-law, Mickey McGlnnis, and daughter, Rita, of Campus, were also' guests. Margaret. Roderick at Home- Mr, and Mrs. Burl AVlrth and son of Cedar Falls, visited at L. R. Roderick's Sunday. They brought Margaret Roderick home with them. She "has been visiting her grandmother in Sheffield. Lone Rock Defeats Fenton 11-8— . Lone Rock defeated Fenton at Fenton Sunday 11-8. Gordon Blanchard, AVander, and Hancock were the battery for Lone Rock, and Hendrixson and Alderson and Boettcher for Fenton. Seven to Act on Jury— Trial jurors have been Barn Burns in Farm Fire — The ' barn and granary on Theises. From Boone they drove over to Perry and visited the Lloyd Gossetts. Mrs. Gossett Is .their youngest daughter and her husband is the coach at the Perry high .school. Mr. Theis has been operator at the Bancroft Co-operative creamery for the last 12 years and this was his first vacation. Ex-Bancroft Couple in Visit— Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Ostwinkle, of Des Moines, spent the week-end here and at Algona. They visited her parents, the H. .T. Dleterings, here and his parents, the Charles Ostwlnkles, at Algona. Mary Mescher, who had been employed In the. Strauss Hat shop in 'Des Moines", came home with them and visited her parents, the F. H. Meschers, till Tuesday. Then she went to Du- buiiue, where she will work In a hat shop. i Doris Hullon Visits Parents- Doris Hutton, of Minneapolis, spent Saturday, Sunday, and Monday with her parents, the R. E. Buttons. Miss Hutton is employed by. the Northwestern Bell Telephone system as private secretary. Her lather is postmaster and editor of the Bancroft Register here Flying Bat Breaks Man's Nose— An accident occurred Sunday af ternoon at the ball game. AVhen Paul Tienan struck'at a ball, the bat slipped 1 out of his hand and hi' apjboy on his shoulder, and glancei hitting AVilliam Stewart, of Burt, on the nose, and breaking that member. John Bloich Home Again— John Bleich is home from the Mercy hospital at Mason City after treatment for several days for felon on his thumb. He is gettin along nicely, but returns to Mason City to have his thumb taken care' of nearly every day. John Wilsons Back from Trip— Mr. and Mrs. John Wilson returned home Saturday from their Canadian trip. Mr. Wilson's par Fall styles were never so appealing and price? never before so low New Fall COATS $24.75 It has been many a year since we have been able to offer such values in a September event—Furs, Fabrics, Workmanship—all compare with Coats priced $10 and more last year, but This year everyone wants to save on their Winter Coats So we offer these values Chic, flattering, richly furred, you never saw such coats at $14.75. We are mighty proud of this collection, and we 'urge you to make your selection now while stocks are complete. We have not stopped with value alone! The fashions speak for themselves, and their lovely lines, unusual trimming details and flattering silhouette tell you what smart models they really are! Make a small deposit now. We will store your coat until wanted. URRHH Department Stores the selected r for September. From Whittemore are William Duffy. Le Roy Farrell Joe Loebach, Simon P. Weber. Mike Thill Peter Wydert, and Fred Jacobs.' The jurors report September 29, Moines, Former Hotel Owner AA'inlfred Roberts, Des nr , came Sunday afternoon ,to visit AVhittemore friends. She accompanied friends on their way to Spencer. She returned Monday afternoon S he formerly owned the Iowa Whittemore. To Attend Bluffs School— Mr. and Mrs. Louis Braatz hotel in and r. an . Robert Braatz drove to Council Bluffs. last Thursday to take Laura Braatz to the deaf and dumb school, where she expectsjojake courses. Emmetsburg Defeated 10-! The Whittemore nine defeated last train. some 111*3 VV M*vvw...v.~ Emmetsburg 10-3 Sunday on the local diamond. Harold Kuecker .hit two home runs and Envln Kuecker one home run. Other Whittemore News. Gertrude Behnke and Wllbert Haberkamp. of Roselle, IlL.Jeft week Tuesday evening They had been visiting time at the home of Gertrude's parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Behnke Roy Bjustrom. of Hobarton, Ralph Walker, 'Whittemore, and Carl Walker, Alexandria, attended the state fair from AVednesday till Frl- da A H Lunsman and children spent several days the past week at the home of Mrs. H. B. Meyer They re- Amos Finnested place west of town burned Sunday night. The fire started at 3 a. m. Infection Follows Nail Wound- Kenneth Marlow is limping around after stepping .on a nail. The wound became Infected. Other Lone Itock News. The following visited the Shosers last week: an aunt, Mrs. William Park; Mr. Alb. Park, a brother, and a nephew and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Park Oak, all of Rock Island, 111. Mr. and Mrs.' Otis Fish, of Wesley, announce the birth of a son loot week Thursday. Otis Is a son of Mr. and Mrs. AV. T. Fish, of Whit temore, and formerly lived here. Mr. and Mrs. AVilliam Leeper and son Roy drove to Albert Lea Sunday to see Mr. keeper's father, who has been quite 111 but is now somewhat improved. Mr. and Mrs. Relnold Klelnhelm and daughter, of Des Moines, visited Sunday at William Fischer's. Mrs. Klelnhelm Is a niece of Mr. Fischer. The following spent Sunday at Barber Otis Sander's: the Doyal Sanders family, of Bancroft; and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Arndt, of Blue Earth. August Sprank went to Bellevua last week Thursday with Georgu Button, and his mother, Mrs. A. M. Other Bancroft News. The AVilliam and Roy Sandt fam Hies, of Fairmont, visited at the Mrs. Mike Sandt home Sunday They also visited at the Art Ren ger home. Both the Mrs. Sandts are sisters of Art. Jane, Elizabeth, and Harold Smitl and Marjorie Austin returned to their homes in Minneapolis Monday after a week's visit with their grandparents, the R. N. Bruers. Mrs. W. J. Welp and) three children, of Humboldt, visited at the M. A, Saunders and Mrs. J. H. , AVelp homes Saturday and Sunday. John Merrill and "Slim" AVIHIams left Saturday for northern Minnesota to spend a week fishing. •» Illinois Attorney Inspects Farm Here C. J. Ahern, of Dwight, 111., spent Thursday here on business. Mr. Ahern is an attorney, and owns a half section farm near Lone Rock. J. L. Bonar is Mr. Ahern's attorney here, and he was Mr. Bonar's guest at Klwanls. ' ents, who have had charge of the cafe during their absence, returned to Algona Saturday evening. Sodbusters Defeated 20-10— A basebaill game was played Sun- lay afternoon at Tltonka between he German Valley Sodbusters and the Buffalo Township Prairie team. The score was 20-10 in favor of the Buffalo team. • Bancroft Is Defeated 9-1— The American Legion team defeated Bancroft 9-1 In a baseball game at Bancroft last week Tuesday. 'other Tltonka News. The Rev. and Mrs. L. G. Gartner and daughter Ruth drove'to Rochester, Minn., a week ago Monday and Mrs. Gartner and Ruth went through the Mayo clinic. They returned home Friday afternoon, but will return this week AA'ednesday for an operation. Mrs. R. L. Krantz entertained her bridge luncheon club last Thursday afternoon. Mrs. M. S. Craven won high score and Mrs. Pierre Sartor won low. The next bridge party will Fair Week Bargains 1931 Ford Tudor Demonstrator, save $100. 1930 Ford Tudor, $325 and up. 1929 Ford Sedan, $265. 1929 Ford roadster, $245. KENT MOTOR CO. — ¥ ,.<Ml*ti9n* are doublywelcome when the person who receive* them hear* your voice by LONG DISTANCE IQW w POST - w K* pl ° '. t • ' • YPM c«n talk three minute* during the tyfi**!'*.*'* *:3Q *. m. *nj 7 p. m.) over 9 distance Qf *0 airline milt, for w c»4i; 7O vrlin. mile* for ?<>**'** •nd IOQ pirlint mile* tor 69 W" 11 • «,' w "* ' fo,r toyoot fwfWMt a * *» .WWf£J turned to Mason City Ta . last week Cresco The a whlttemore Y. P. S. held Its first meeting last Thursday evening at the Lutheran school hall. The society discontinued summer meetings. ?«Vi.U^-.^; - " ! •'••"" ' 1 • 1 5 v ,, i iiiiin m r^ i i O H 'Roupe, who had 'been spend- ing'the last several weeks at the Delbert Walker home near Delavan, Minn., IB again at ho.me. The Jim Aliens and the Howard Calrys, of Alfrona, ' spent Sunday evenlnkat ^ Carl .Hansen home in ,„ 4».*' : WUMw» Louck spent Sunday evening at the Charles Gel- Ed Sr. home. Mrs. OeUenfeW Swraln, went to Floyd to visit rela tives. Mr. and Mrs, Art Davis, who are visiting the Pettits, will leave Tuesday for Oarroll, where they will be employed In a cafe. Howard, eldest son of the Walter Thompsons, had his tonsils removed by Dr. AV. T. Peters last week Thursday. The Calvin Householders and the Frank Householders, of Burt, spent Sunday with the Fred «Flalgs In Fenton. Ralph Hurlburt went to Minnesota last week, where -he has rented a farm for next year. Ruth Householder commenced her first term Q £ school near Buffalo' Center this week. Harriett Fish, third and fourth grade teacher, spent the at Whittemore, Mr. and Mrs. Gus Fischer, of Des Moines, spent the week-end at George Pettlt's. Delbert Sharp, who has been em ployed at Denlson, Is home for a [Held From Last Week.] Schools opened Monday teachers as follows; No. 1, Eunice Bowman; 2, Dorothy Baylor; 3, Florence Black; 4, Gertrude Nor man; 5, Mary Wlldln. Ralph Simmons, how of Rodman, visited friends and at the home of his sister, Mrs. David King, Sunday. . has fceen in bed for four Edward Baas, of Storden. came for a month or so with relatives and friends. who was on the to few days. Rose Krause left Saturday take up her school duties at City. The J. W. ScWMiaes. of Bancroft, visited the Art SPJwnfcs Sunday, Tbs TffOft aoetety w»i w«*t nwt Sadie Potter spent Monday night in Algona, the guest of Ella Lewis. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Paries reached home Friday evening after a 10-day trip to Minnesota and South Dakota- Howard Strayer went to Iowa City Friday night and Mrs. Stayer, who had received a 10-day treatment, returned with him Saturday evening and is recovering at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lou Ktarktey in Algona. Mrs. L. A. Potter and daughter Sadie motpred to Gowrle Frlclay afternoon to visit the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Tilton. Sadie went to Ames for her steter LuEHa, who attended a teachers' meeting at Otho Saturday and began teaching there Monday. The girls spent Saturday night and Sunday in OowrJe." Mrs. Potter and Sadie returned home Sunday evening, Mrs. 4. ». Lfhwan and son Charles reached home Monday night from Chicago where Uj,ey wers called Friday njght by »ews 0* ttln,e«9 of tW former's wother who eu«ered be with Mrs. Virgil Pendergast. Edith Budlong, who has been working in a bank in Hampton, drove home Saturday evening to spend Sunday with her mother, Mrs. J. J. Budlong, and with friends. The Dr. R. D. Temples, of Cyp ress, Calif., formerly of Burt, were callers on the Roy Budlongs Saturday afternoon. Doctor Temple said they had visited at Algona last week. The Antone Pannkuks drove to Mason City Sunday afternoon to visit their daughter Marguerite, who is taking nurses' training at the | Mercy hospital. Vilma, daughter,of Mr. and Mrs William Larson, who is In New Mex Ico, has secured a position as teacher, and starts in her duties Monday morning. Anna Bruns drove to Buffalo Cen-. ter last week Wednesday to visit with her parents, the Edward Bruns, formerly of Tltonka. Dayle Craven returned to Minneapolis last week Tuesday to attend the Dunwoodie school. This Is Dayle's second year there. Mrs. Albert Fritz and Mrs. Frank Rocks entertained the Lutheran Aid last week Wednesday afternoon In the Lutheran church basement. Mrs. S. B. French and Mrs. W. P. French, of Algona, visited at Howard French's last week Wednesday afternoon. Dr. and Mrs. L, B. Hansen, of Iowa City, were here Thursday evening to visit relatives and friends. They returned Friday morning. The funds will be used In welfare work. A lunch was served by Mrs. Bonaker and Julia Nelson, chairman of the division. Q. H. Falk returned Friday from Rochester, Minn., where a ..goitre was removed. Mr. Falk Is much 1m Phone AUTHORIZED Algons, Iowa Service— ^ESB^ —Salei Bring the Folks! You are entitled to a little fun It isn't far to the Clay Co. Fair World's Greatest County Fair Spencer, Iowa ' and gas is cheap. You can see more for your 50c than you ever saw before Sept. 22 to 26 1600 seats at 25c 2580 seats at 35c 2450 seats at 50c Box seats af 75c Reserve now in the new grand Hand a' "SM Mrs,. Howard French drove to Algona Tuesday to .attend a Country clubj>arty. Kenneth- Larson and Clifton Shultz were visitors at Burt and Bancroft Monday evening. Mr, and Mrs, Al Meyers were day guesis at Frank Hof f # at \o Center. Mrs. Elisabeth WUJton 4*ov« to %t th INCREASE YOUR DAIRY HERD WITH OUR cows assure a regular monthly Inpome. We will loaipi your present herd or furnish the funds to purchase COWS* ' AYE) IX>AN MONEY QN PERSONAL used, for any purpose, perhaps your cajr is the payments are too large. It is «9»r to payments through <>uir Plan?, , , ' Call at our offics op wr«,9 «W r LjQADiiii ^^^r^^^^B^W^gj*§ •

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