The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 22, 1954 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 22, 1954
Page 10
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BL ITH£ V JLL1 (AMf.) OOVWEH TUESDAY, Sen. Smith Wins By Huge Margin In Maine Voting PORTLAND. Maine (AP) — Maine Republicans over- wfeeimingly renominated Sen. Margaret Chase Smith in yesterday's primary and cut down in crushing defeat the challenger she said Sen. McCarthy (R-Wis) apparently put up against her. Throughout a lackluster campaign and on through the balloting iteclf the only question was how big the landslide would be. And in the end it was a crunching victory, by a margin of more Commodity And Stock Markets- N«w York Cotton (12:3* «uotaUoni) July ... ..... 3400 3400 3385 Oct ........ 3389 3389 3382 Dec ..... ... 3393 3393 3383 3407 3409 3403 Ntw Orleans Cotton July ........ 3397 3397 3381 Oct .... ____ 3386 3386 3380 Dec ........ 3389 3390 3384 Mch ... ..... 3407 3409 3404 3404 than 5-1. over political novice Robert L. Jones, McCarthy's 34-year- old apostle. GOP nomination normally assures victory in Maine. A early complete count, from 613 of Maine's 626 precincts, showed 96,159 votes for Mrs. Smith, 19,203 for Jones. Perhaps an even more accurate gauge of the magnitude of Jones' defeat was the fact that he carried only four of those precincts, one of them his home city of Biddeford. In 19 others he failed to gather in a single vote and was almost shut out in many more. While the balloting bestowed a heavy vote of confidence on the s i 1 v e r-haired, 56-year-old Mrs. 33861 smith and the record on which she 3382 j ran> t he Jones defeat scarcely 33 $4 j could be translated into one for 3404 j McCarthy too. ! The Wisconsin senator never was la solid issue during the campaign 3381; and neither contestant contended 33'80! he was. 3384; Only Statewide Kange Chicago Soybeans July Sept Nov Dec 380V 8 385 269 3 4 274% 250 & 2533.4 377 385 269^ 27334 250 ty 254 256% 253 Viz 253 256 Jury Sept Wheat 192% 193, 195% 196*4 Furthermore, it wasn't until the eve of the primary that Sen. Smith came out and said that it appeared McCarthy deliberately planted Jones in the race against her. That Chicafo Corn July .... 157V 4 157% Sept .... 153 153 194% 156% 1521/4 157 was at a time when she herself said the people already had made up their minds how to vote and "last-minute appeals and charges" could have little effect on them. The Smith-Jones battle was the " 2 1 only statewide 'contest in the primary. In the September general election, it will be Sen. Smith vs. TRANSCONTINENTAL ROUTE CLOSED — Flash flood waters on Four Mile Creek race across the northeast, corner of Des, Iowa, as they began their swift rise following a 5-inch cloudburst upstream. Transcontinental route U. S. 6 (see signpost), which is traveled annually by thousands of tourists, was closed for hours. Police boats evacuated more than 50 Des Moines families living along the creek. (AP Wirephoto) Mundt Urges Inquiry Group to Base Its Verdict in Dispute only on 'Salient Issues' 152% New York Stocks (12:45 flotation*} A T and T 165 1-2 Amer Tobacco 56 7-8 Anaconda Copper 37 3-8 Beth Steel • 69 1-4 i Chrysler 61 1-2 Coca-Cola . 117 1-2 Gen Electric 44 1-2 Gen Motors 72 Montgomery Ward 63 1-8 N Y Central 22 5-8 Int. Han-ester 32 Republic Steel 58 3-4 Democrat Paul Fullam, Colby College history professor, who had no competition in the primary. The only other major races Were both in the 1st Congressional District. Rep. Robert Hale snowed under two opponents and won re- nomination for a seventh term. A former Republican, James C. Ol- IRRIGATION (Continued from Page 1) ingr 45,000 acres. According to USDA, Mr. Meyer points out, the project meant an increase in cotton production of 2.08 times thea mount produced on the land prior to irrigation. It is Mr. Meyer's contention that, what with dust bowls and all, plus a diminishing nation-wide water supply, the Mississippi Valley is going to play a more and more important role as the nation's breadbasket. * * * IN VIEW OF THIS, government aid in such river-fed irrigation projects is not too unreasonable to contemplate for the future. Perhaps, he and Mr. Cobb point out, such a valley-wide project would be coordinated with a river flood control program which would see the government erecting new dams at the headwaters of the Mississippi and its tributaries. Thus, they reason, water level in the river would be under some ' tions subcommittee today to base its verdict in the McCarthy-Army dispute on "salient issues" only He made the comment in an interview in advance of a closed-door meeting of the subcommittee to consider narrowing the areas of controversy as to what the evidence shows. Mundt presided at 36 days of televised public hearings which sifted the welter of charges, countercharges and denials which Sen. McCarthy (R-Wis) and Secretary of the Army Stevens and their aides exchanged. Both Claim Victory The hearings wound up Thursday with Sen. Potter (R-Mich) declaring that each side had proved its main misconduct charges against the other. These were: 1. By Stevens and Army Counselor John G. Adams — that McCarthy and two subcommittee aides used improper pressures in seeking special favors in the Army for Pvt. G. David Schine, a former subcommittee consultant. 2. By McCarthy and his aides — that Stevens and Adams used Schine as a "hostage" in efforts to "blackmail" McCarthy into halting" an investigation of alleged Communists in the Army. Mundt has notified all subcom- ships arrived from Communist | mittee members that Ray H. Jen- j China today, bringing out eight kins, special counsel for the in- j British citizens and 36 other non- quiry, has agreed to assemble ' Chinese. There were no Americans j material to aid the senators in aboard. ' writing their report if the subcom- WASHINGTON (^h-fien. Mundt mittee asks him to do so. Indica-* (R-SD) urged the Senate Investiga-, tions so far are that there will be 44 Leave Red China HONG KONG (&) — Two British iver. captured the Democratic control and the danger of extensive nomination from a single rival. It | of the river for lrr j ga tj on need was Rale, in the 1942 primary, who no « t affect river transportation. By way cf illustrating the feasa- bility of such a large project. Mr. Meyer recalls the early days of drainage and levee construction in ended Oliver's tenure as a GOP House member. The gubernatorial scrap looks Radio 28 1-4 Socony Vacuum 43 1-2 Studebaker Standard of N J Texas Corp Sears . U S Steel -483-4 Sou Pac 43 like the outstanding one in September, between two more men who sot by the primary unopposed: Republican Gov. Burton M. Cross 88 5_8 j and Democratic National Commit- 71 1-8 teeman Edmund S. Muskie. 64 3-4 Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, H. (ft— ( USDA>—Hogs 7,000: barrows ar.3 gilts 75, a few sold a little higher; sows irregular but mostly 5CT-7J higher: extremes 1.00 higher"; hulk of 180-220 Ib 25.00; sprinkling No. 1 and 2 also including No, 3 at 25.10-25, top 25.25 for at least 300-400 head: 230-260 Ib 24.25-75; 270-280 Ib 22.75-23.50; few 290-350 Ib 20.25-22.00; 150-170 Ib 23.50-24.50; sows 400 Ib down to 18.0-19.75; few under 350 Ib 20.00-25; over 400 Ib 15.25-17.50; extreme heavys occasionally down to 15.00; boars steady 10.00-16.00. Cattle 5,000; calves 1.500; opening moderately active fully steady on steers, heifers and cows; few loads good and choice steers 20.0023.50; good and choice heifers and mixed yearlings 19.50-22.50; utility and commercial cows 11.00-14.00; canners and cutters 9.00-11.00; shelly canners 7.00-8.50; bulls and vealers steady; utility and commercial bulls 13.00-14.50: cutter bulls 11.00-12.00; good and choice vealers 14.00-19.00; few prime 20.00; commercial and low good vealers 10.00-13.00. B47 Jet- Bombers Make 6,7e0-Mi!e DW7 Fine Is Appealed John Bolin appealed a fine and sentence received in Municipal Court this morning on a charge of driving while intoxicated while Roy Davis forfeited $121 bond on a similar charge. Bolin was fined $250 and sentenced to 10 days in jail and his driver's license was revoked. He is in jail with bond set at $500. TOKYO i/Pt—Three American B47 jets, built to carry the H-bomb touched down today at the huge Yokota Air Base after a 6,700-mile nonstop flight from California- more than the distance from Minneapolis to Moscow. it was the first flight to the Par Ensfc for the six-jet, swept-wirig Boeings. The stratojets were slightly more than 1 6hours in the air from March Field. Calif. They wore refueled in the air twice, over Hickam Field. Hawaii and over Midway in the Pacific. this county. He was active in the construction of many drainage canals and levees, "which we thought we'd never get, in those days," In summation, he said. ''What was good enough for Grandpa, isn't nearly good enough today." Gen. Van Fleet Confers with Rhee SEOUL GP*—Gen. James A- Van Fleet, special Far East military onvoy for President Eisenh'ower. flew to China today to confer with President Syngman Rhee at his summer home. There was speculation that Van Fleet's meeting with Rhee might be connected with the.reported delivery to Rhee yesterday of a letter from President Eisenhower. The letter reportedly dealt with possible action resulting from failure of the Geneva peace talks on Korea or with plans for a U. N. buildup of ROK mill tan- forces. Checks on Credit, Money Relaxed WASHINGTON I/B — The Federal Reserve Board has relaxed a little further its checkrein on the money market, promising in effect to keep business credit cheap and plentiful lor the foreseeable future. The reserve board, whose basic function is to regulate the supply of money and credit, announced yesterday it, will drop reserve requirements enough to unleash a new How of credit amounting to a potential nine billion dollars. The change is to be made gradually over a six-week period for the 6,700 banks which are members of the Federal Reserve system. They do a majority of the nation's bank ing business. Local TV Set Picks Up Two New Channels Living Costs Edge Upward WASHINGTON (.fl — The govern ment reported today that livmj, costs edged up three-tenths of onr per cent in May due to higher food prices. The increase brought the index compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics to 115.0 per cent of the 1947-49 averse, or the same level as was recorded for last August. November and February. In May of last year it was 114.0. The living cost increase between April and May was due chiefly to hikes in prices the housewife paid at the corner grocery store. PROUD-Chcster Cole, of El Dorado Springs, Mo« is mighty happy about tha sturdy corn crop bt planted in April Cole li off to ID early start in the """ Missouri Fanners' Assoot- Mrs. W. 0. Butler of South High-j 5 and 13. yesterday she picked up way 61 found her television set do-' Channels 2 and 4. ing better than advertised. j She said 4 is Little Rock but In addition to getting Channels thinks 2 to be Denver, Colo. Illinois, for example, normally is not considered a bad haii state. In 1953, however. Insurance Companies paid out more for hail damage on farm crops in Illinois than in any K4TT ?!?<?' Thi ' S ^ Car ' protect your * rowin K cr °PS with UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY A. F. "DEE" DIETRICH, Mgr. 11 W. Main Phone 3-6812 Blytheville You Con Bt Wiptd Out in a Ftw Minutts at least two divergent sets of findings. To List Evidence "We're not asking Jenkins to add up the totals and say 'guilty' or 'not guilty' for us," Mundt said. "He would list the evidence for us and we would sit around the table like members of a supreme court and reach our own conclusions." ! Mundt said he is pretty thoroughly convinced there are "some areas where unanimous agreement would not be possible." Sen. Potter, who has urged -the firing of some "employes" on both sides of the controversy without naming any, called on President Eisenhower late yesterday. He would not say what they talked about, but on his return to Capitol Hill he told newsmen he still believes McCarthy's subcommittee should undertake no new hearings before staging a "clean- Truman Said Doing as Well As Expected KANSAS CITY Harry S. Potter himself heads a McCarthy subcommittee inquiry into reports that many tJ. S. citizens were listed as dead or missing are captives behind the Iron Curtain. McCarthy has said this is one of the next hearings his group will hold, but Potter said he would not care to start hearings befo're "the staff situation is straightened around." Truman's physician said last night the former President is getting along as well as expected after his emergency operation but added "It's a pretty rough situation." Dr. Wallace Graham said he had not allowed his patient to walk yet and he was not yet out of danger. The 70-year-old Truman, however, was talking about getting out of the hospital. He underwent the operation for removal of his gall bladder and appendix Sunday. He is expected to remain in Research Hospital for at least 10 days. The International Code is used by telegraphers outside the United tates and Canada, in which countries the Morse Code is used. SEOUL (PC) — Members of Presi dent Syngman Rhee's Liberal party today postponed until Monday & scheduled National Assembly vote of confidence in the Cabinet. Opposition lawmakers charged that the delay was voted illegally- Political observers said the delay was agreed upon because of indecision among leaders of the Liberal j party, which controls the Assembly. SUGAR — Jhariene Beck t* showered with candy at a <x»~ fectioners convention io Chi- "jno 'i 1 Shapely Charlene was earned 'Miss Sweet?'" ay tbe attending members. I at WADE FURNITURE Piece Dinette 5-Piece Chrome AKFAST SUITE 4 f^ 2 50 5-Piece Chrome AKFAST SUITE Regular Price $52.50 NO MONEY DOWN! Regular Price $64.50 WADE FURN Trade with Wade & Save 112 W. 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