Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 1, 1931 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 1, 1931
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT The Million'Dollar Tramp and his 13 Roving Vagabonds in a special dance at Coliseum, Titonka Tuesday, September 8 This week Friday night Paramount orchestra, Ft. Dodge B. W. .SHE^ARD, Manager. KOSSUTH SENDS THIRTY EXHIBITS TO STATE FAIR Ky Mrs. ,1. H. \VarlHirton. Ties Molnca. Sept. ll—We arrived fit the state fairgrounds last Tln.ir.s- CONG-REGATIOXAIi, Fred .1. Clnrk, 1'nstor—Services will 'begin Sunday after a. month's vacation. A choir will be formed with Mrs. Prudence 13. Clark, as director, and Mrs. Sylvia Gunri as organist. Sermon tlieme for Sunday, "Arousing the ALGONA WOMAN DIES IN CLEAR LAKE STORM (Continued from Page 1.) far this year and has won six first positions. Floyd O'Neale, Ashevlile, North Carolina speed demon, has entered his speedy Glover Special. Entries have been received from Phil Gllne and Graydon Cllne, of Khox- villo, Tennessee, better known as the Dixie Favorites. The races this year will be real competition races and many more entries are expect pd In before race day. sters. Almost frantic she got help Sleepers." I day at 11 o'clock, and proceeded to pet our Kossuth wo net™, lnnrh r °>' tho church for the year Include ! the formation of a Junior church In Activities planned i f| . om tennn ts in the W. C. Dewel connection witli the morning ser- MIMEOGRAPHING ADVANCE .Algona, Iowa man's project exhibit In place. There v | cei a vested junior choir, a men's j are 30 exhibits in our department j| forum, monthly meetings of the next door north. The two ". women in this cottage Joined in the for the youngsters and found wandering around panlc- church council, a. proposal of a new ritual and constitution Members and friends of the church are urged be present at church and Sunday school this opening Sunday, at 10; church at 11. PRES31YTKIUAN, J. i ';irtor — Hosuming the < overing home management, furnish. ings, nutrition, child care, clothing:, etc.. and every exhibit i.s an improve- i mcnl on previous years. .Hilia Newton, of the departm >ni of Minnesota, is again j'-'-rtge of exhibits. ICxhiblts of stock, grains, foods, flowers, fruits, ots., are aboui normal but exhibits of machinery land automobiles are smaller in mim- • bi>r than usual. j Tho agricultural disp'ay.-: by j c'Oimtles and farms are good. -Aytrt- I cultural hall lias a bounteous Ms- --- 'play of fruit, apples, plums', grapes, ship. In the evening, \. P. S. C. L,. !<-tr.-., and the gladioli are beautiful, at (1:30 and regular services at 7:30. Last vear there- was a formal gar- • den. but the present display is a rur-l FIRST U'T1IKHA>, C. E. Ols- al garden with main- of the native: son, 1'aslor—Sunday school at 10; wild flowers, and the old oaken j evening service at 8. The Dorcas them stricken among the debris. Boards were still fly.lng, and tree limbs breaking and falling. The children were taken. Into the. School -W. C. Dewel cottage, where they ' were given a hot drink as soon as It could be made, and put to bed. The Coleninn, service of worship and study both morning and evening; friends and members •ire. asteM to get Into these services that you may come in touch with the themes of study and wor- PENCIL with the DBAND bucket. ! society will meet tomorrow at 2:30 . The exhibit of -I-H calves is very j at Luther hall, with Mrs. D. D. good and oKssuth has some of the. 1 Monlux and Mrs. Frank Ostrum as prizes in this line. It is too early • hostesses. The Home Circle will also yet to give any figures on success j meet tomorrow at S p. m. at Luther of the work of our county. The ; Hall. crowds attending the fair to date ; - : , are as large as usual In spite of! KV. LUTHERAN, P. J. Broiler, hard times. j 1'aslor — Sunday school at- 9:30; Miss Xeale S. Knowles, head of | English service at 10 ... The Aid the woman's project work at Ames, | will meet next week Thursday with The Y. P. S. Our parish school will begin Monday,. September 14. . ' CORNER GROCERY AND MARKET FAIR PRICKS FOR FAIR WEEK —and— FRIDAY A>'I> SATURDAY No. 1! can Peas 1(lv Oats, quick or regular, large full weight boxes 15c Strongheart Sandwich Spread —21o Strongheart Thousand Island Dressing, (12 ox. jar) 21e Wesson Oil, pint can 29c Catsup, large bottles, 2 for 25c Rjnso, large plcg. 19c Rainwater Crystals, Irg. pkg. —19c Chipso, Granules, Irg. pkg. l!)c Ivory Flakes, Irg. pkg. l!)e Climalene, Irg. pkg. 19c Good Oranges 15c and 20c tlois. Grape Fruit <> >'<>r 25«! Seasonable Fruits anil Vegetables. MEAT SPECIALS Bacon Squares, Ib. lie Lard, 2 Ibs. 2!ic Bologna, 2 Ibs. 25c Hamburger Special prices in large quantities. spoilt her vacation in England this I Mrs. Louis Hlntz . . summer and times there are at least meets September 15 three times worse than in America. Mrs. Richardson, late president of our work, in a talk on Why Have Fair?, oiled benefits as follows; We bring together what we have, babies, grain, stock, flowers, animals, handiwork, etc., for a comparison. When we view these things it brings a. thankfulness that we live in Iowa today. We find each group of folks in their own setting, Mrs. Richardson said, each learning how we can take a step in advance by comparing our work with that of some one else and learning their methods. There are many influences at work in our state today to teach us music, hea'.th, better t,yPes of agriculture, educational advantages, etc., all tending to make better ant} happier folks. The, grandstand entertainment is better this year than in the past. There is one real thriller, in which a man is shot from a cannon and lands in a net some distance from the cannon. Eight trained horses dance, separately and in groups, and keep perfect time to the music. Of course, Mine, the baby elephant, makes her j appearance and there are a number of other entertainers. The pageant, The World on Parade, is splendid. "Gay Paree," an English hunting Chickens : Ueof : Pork Cold Meats. Veul BANCROFT COUPLE GIVEN SURPRISE ON WEDDING DATE Bancroft, Sept. n — A surprise party was given for Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Mousel at their home Sunday evening in honor of the Mousels' 10th wedding anniversary. Five hundred was played at six tables. Mrs. William Dudding got the high prize for the women and James Gibson got the men's high prize, Mrs. Albert Schiltz drew the cut prize. Arendt Honkeu 78 Years Old— Arendt Honken celebrated his 78th birthday Friday. Those present Friday evening were the Arendt Honken Jr. family,- of Lakota, the H. W. Maylands, of Titonka, the Jerry Neelanfls, of Burt, John Scheer and Katie Berman, of Titonka. Mr. Honken makes his home scene, and pageants of China and wlth hls daughter, Mrs. Otto Bar- Arabia appear in costume and give a national dance. At the close of the pageant the cast appears in 50 bodies were marked by hall and sand through their thin night clothes, and red welts, like smallpox,rash, formed all over their bodies. A 4x4 holding up a grape vine arbor In front of the W. C. Dewel cot;age was blown into the. front porch, breaking it in. The roof was ruined by the pounding It received from hall and debris. Otherwise the cot:age, which stood within 20 feet of the Rist cottage, was undamaged. I-iiisby Cottage little-Damaged. Cottages all along the Beach for a mile were damaged. The E. W. Lusby cottage, some distance south from Algona Beach, escaped with only minor damage, but nearby cottages were turned over and wrecked. The front of the Outing club, a group of connected cottages near the outlet of the lake, was badly damaged, and the White Pier dance hall was wrecked. The roof of the hall was picked up, carried more than a block, and smashed into the side of a theater, breaklfig"'through the theater building wall. The Princess, largest boat on the lake, went to the bottom 300 feet from shore, and only the upper deck remained above water. Other boats . suffered, OUIWNAL NOTICE In the District Court of Iowa, In and for Kossuth county, September term, 1031. MERVIN CRONAN, Plaintiff, , vs. ... RUTH CRONAN, Defendant. ' To Ruth Cronan: You are hereby notified that'there Is now on file in the office o£ the Clerk of the District -Court'.'of the above named County and State, a petition of Mervln Cronan claiming of you an absolute divorce on the grounds that you have wilfully deserted and absented yourself from the plaintiff without reasonable or just cause for a period of over two years. Plaintiff asks the custody of the two minor children. For further particulars see the Petition on file. ' . Now, unless you appear thereto and defend on or before 'noon of the second day of the next term of said court to be held at the Courl House, Algona, Iowa, In ijald county" commencing on September 21st,,1031, default will be entered against you and judgment rendered thereon in accordance with the prayer of said petition. •. SHUMWAY & KELLY, 49-52 Attorneys for Plaintiff. France of the Returns in the New Hats .95 to NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE STATE OF KOSSUTH COUNTY, SS. Notice Is hereby given that by virtue of a General Execution directed to me from the Clerk of the District Court of Humboldt county, Iowa, on a judgment rendered in said Court on the 18th day of August, 1931, In favor of M. T>. Michael, Assignee, as and were sunk, wrecked, or carried I plaintiff, and against Pearl Brown, high onto the shore. No one was In as defendant, for the sum of Two the boatSjWhep the storm struck. The Rist car was in the garage different national ing flags. costumes carry at Stato Fair— Torine, Mesdames J. E. enthin. TOP PRICES FOR EGGS H.R.SORENSEN&GO. Phone 139. We Deliver 'naonnnnnonnn Telkamp and John Heetland andi Helen Hagge left for Des Moines, Sunday morning to attend the state fair. -Mr. Torine will help with the Kossuth booth in agriculture ball. Mesdames Telkamp and Heetland Will give the demonstration for the Kossuth women's project Tuesday afternoon, and Helen Hagge is the county style show girl and is staying at the 4-H girls' dormitory. Mrs. Gish, of Burt township, (is chaperon for the 4-H girls this week. liukotans in Car Accident— Two weeks ago this week Wednesday, when Julius Henning, three of his daughters and two of the boys, were en route to Arnold's Park to spend the day, a car from a side road near Estherville crashed into their car and both were badly damaged. One of the Henning boys had :i number of teeth broken and the girls were bruised, one of them suffering several broken ribs. Mr Worley went over and brought them horn. The car was taken to Esther ville for repairs. Colored Boys Defeat Lukota— A colored boys' ball team from the iney woods school in Mississipp on from Lukota 3-1 on the loca anymd last week Tuesday after oon. The. boys gave a concert on le street in the evening, and a ilk on the school. Lakota and the Piney Woods earn played another game Wednes- ay afternoon and the Lakota team •on 15-10. Student Nurse Visits Parents— Callista Elsbecker came last week Saturday to spend two weeks with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Louie Elsbecker. She is a student nurse at St. Anthony's hospital in Carroll and has one year left. Her sister 31ga came Wednesday and will visit :iere a week. She is a graduate nurse and is practicing in Carroll. After the storm the car was almost in the same Iocati9n, but the garage could not be found. The car radiator was damaged, and a light broken, but the car was otherwise undamaged. Trees in the Algona Beach neighborhood were stripped of leaves, and the general appearance of the beach resembled late fall or early spring as far as trees were concerned. Many were bVoken off some distance from the ground, and others were pulled out by the roots. A large oak that stood In front of the Rist cottage now rests on the site of the former cottage without a stick of the cottage under It. Every leaf was stripped off the tree by the hall and wind. Merrills Visit Daughter— The N. J- Merrill family visited at the Le Klocke home at Hollandale Friday. Mrs. Klocke was Leon Merrill before her marriage. Bobbie Klocke returned home with them and will visit here several weeks. Mr. Merrill eery here. owns the Merrill gro- Hundred Seven and no/100 ($207.00) Dollars and costs, I have levied up- Society Enjoys Card Party— The Missionary society met at the St. John's hall last Thursday afternoon and card were played at eleven tables. Mrs. M. J. Dyer won high in 500, Mrs. Tom Garry won the high score in bridge, and the door prize was drawn by Monica Baker. Lucille Dyer ,16; Has Party— Lucille Dyer celebrated her 16th birthday rYiday, and several of her classmates heli-ed her observe the occasion that evining. Cootie was played, and Viola Merrill got the high score. Lucille will be a junior at St. John's high this year. Tom Garry's Uncle Dies- Tom Garry went to Carroll Sunday to attend the funeral of an uncle. He returned Monday. Mr. Garry is a mail carrier here and is also employed at Fuchs's. hardware. THE GREAT EXPERIENCE Whenever it comes to u our thought is wholl absorbed with memor ies. The only way th future seems tolerable is to do something in the name of or for the one who is no longer in our midst. The choice of Rock of Ages will forever reflect credit on your judgment. May we assist you in the selection of a' memorial? We offer you sincere, intelligent and trained service. Godden Monument Co. Eat. 1878. It. 15. Hamquists Back Again— The R. E. Hamquists came home ast Thursday. They spent the sum mer in Wisconsin, where Mr. Ham quist spent part of the summer in school. They also visited relatives n Wisconsin and Minnesota. Mr Hamquist has been principal of the Lakota high school for the pas eight years. Mrs. J. H. Warburton at State Via Mrs. J. H. Warburton went to A gona last week Wednesday, wher she joined Muriel Body, H. D. A., and they left the next morning for Des Moines to put up and superintend the Kossuth women's Farm Bureau exhibit at the state fair. This Is the county's sixth annual exhibit. 4-H CLUBS PLAN BIGGER EXHIBITS AT KOSSUTH FAIR By W. J. Payne. The girls' 4-H club building at the fairgrounds is being moved to a point east of Floral hall. Fifteen clubs will have booths at , the fair this year, and there are now over 300 girls in club work. There will be a larger showing of baby beef, anti baby beef clubs, with pig and lamb clubs, will have quarters In the pavilion and hog bar n near Wellendorf's. The dairy calf clubs at the live stock barns will have the largest exhibit of any strictly county fair in Iowa, and the clubs also show all through Floral hall — vegetables, fruit, sewing, baking, etc. Last year nearly $800 was paid to boy and girl exhibitors. The six boys and six gtrls representing Kossuth at the state fail- will be at the Kossuth fair to do their stunts and to add to the thrill and excitement of 4-H work. Lastj year 1170 club members were exhibitors. The actual amount paid for premiums was $709.95 and the training they received by. the hard, well directed work preliminary to the exhibition was worth much more to 11 of them. Kossuth has both men and worn- n's booths at the state fair this ear, and these', .will be brought back nd set UP here. The outloolt for a uccessful fair this year is favorable. More people.than ever are in- erested and plan tp exhibit and at- on the following described personal property as the property of the said Pearl Brown to satisfy said execution, to-wlt: one 1928 model Essex coach, motor No. 765596 bearing Iowa License No. 46-3057; and I will proceed to sell said-property, or so much thereof as may be necessary to satisfy said execution, with costs and accruing costs at public auction, to the highest bidder, for cash, in hand, on the 14th day of September, 1931, at the east door of the Court House in Algona, In Kossuth county, Iowa, at the hour of 10 o'clock a. m., of said day, when and where due attendance will be given by the undersigned. Dated this 21st day of August, 1931. L. E. HOVEY, Sheriff of Kossuth County, Iowa. By Everett L. Harris, Deputy. VENE A. KRAMER, Plaintiff's Attorney. 51-52 1860 Fashions With 1931 Chic - • ••' v •. The Empress Eugenie,..has been receiving a. Jot., of publicity these days, ' and her reputation for smart millinery has traveled- far. and wide. We are quite sure.she would be immensely pleased and flattered if she:could see our charming collection of Second Empire hats. Be among the first to enjoy'this picturesque new fashion. Scores of Styles^ Down Orer the B1(U| Up Over the Left Ear "Where Service and Quality Meet" Call Theatr ALGONA, IOWA FOOTBALL PROSPECTS ONLY FAIR THIS YEAR Football practice is being ducted every morning at E. J. Woodworth Loses Sister— E. J. Woodworth received a, mes sage Saturday morning saying his sister, who lives in Missouri, had died. He left Sunday' morning to attend the funeral. Other Lakota News. Mr. and Mrs. Bloom, parents of Mrs. J. E. Telkamp, came home last week Wednesday from a visit with another daughter. They make their home with the Telkamps. Mrs. Addle Seymour, of Algona, who has. been looking after business here and at Blue Earth, Minn., for the past two weeks returned home con nin o'clock for high school candidate by Coach Aubrey Bonham, and som of the boys are getting into gocc shape for the s";'fon this fall. Nil: hard games have been schedule and the first comes September JiG, whan Britt invites the local fiell A practice game with Livermore September 18 is scheduled. This practice same ccrnes on Friday of the first week o'i.' school, so practice has been started early enough to g'it the men into physical con dition. ....'• The backfleld this year will, probably avecage between .150 tq 160 pounds, judging from candidates so far. . The line, however, will be weak unless some of the newer men develop rapidly. K. Cowan at the end, Hargraves at center, and Nord end. Those who have cut amusement! and pleasure expense feel the need to cut loose for a day at least and get down to the fair to meet friends, see the big midway, have a picnic dinner, look over the best livestock and .vegetable exhibits, see the flowers, the grain and the canning and sewing, enjoy the ball game, | the free acts, the horse races, etc. It Is a big event. We like the fair I because it is a pleasure trip that has educational value. Many a farmer has taken ideas home, from the fair that he was able to cash in on. The machinery exhibit will be very large. A family can have a whale of a big day at the fair for less money than at any other place we know of. All that any big city can COMFORT — NEW RELEASES — PROGRESS — SOUND The only Theatre in Northwest Iowa offering a free service to Hard of H Thirty seats wired for those who appreciate this service. Western Electric System to make it possible for Hard of Hearing to enjoy every word. Treat friend to this service. Drive to Algona any time. Make them happy. Sii purpose gives Algona the best Theatre programs and sound in America. SPECIAL SHOWING OF NEW HIGH CUSS P For County Pair Weej SEPTEMBER 6 to 12 Wednesday afternoon. The Art Lelsvelds, of Chicago, came last week Wednesday and visited Art's father, John Letsveld, till Tuesday. They celebrated Sauerkraut day here. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Edwards I came borne last Thursday evening strum at tackle are the only line veterans back from last year. Post a. freshman this year, tips the scales at 190 pounds and Coach Bonham hopes to place him in the line at tackle. Guard positions will have to be filled with green material. The schedule of this season's games follows: September 26 (here) ---------- Britt October 2 or 3 (there)— Esthervllle October 10 (here) ------- Mason City Octpber 17 (there) ------ Clear Lake (here) .......... Clarion AUTO RAGES WILL BE HELD TUESDAY! Auto races will feature the Kossuth county fair on Tuesday, September 8, featuring some of the Mid- dlewest's most famous dirt track I dxivers. There will be feature races, qualifying trials, dash races with the Grand Final Sweepstaks, the) last event, In which all drivers entered will participate. . Dad Harrier, oldest active competitive driver on the track today, will be on hand to give the speed fans a. thrill and it is expected that he will win his share of the prize money offered. Harrier has entered ten races so I Beg Your Pardon | The 'Advance "published last we*fc October 31 (there) -------- Hunaboldt November 7 (here) ------ Hampton 13 (there) .. -Fort Podge Sunday and Monday, Sept. 6 and 7 JANET GAYNOR and CHARLES GARRELL in "MERELY MARY ANN" * First Showing in Iowa Tuesday and Wednesday, Sept. 8-9 CLARK GABLE, MADGE EVANS in "SPORTING BLOOD" One of the best this year. A red-blooded melodrama of love and luck. Thursday and Friday, Ultra Modern Youth in Ultra Love JOAN CRAWFORD America'* Dancing Da in "THIS MODERN AGE New, Just Repeated, a Show Saturday, September Hi. in "A HARD Showing on The 'Advance "published last an advertisement for Christensien Bros shoe department featuring their new fall shoes ut |7 . The adV. B&9VM have r«o4 "$6", as they art showing some suuvrt foil styles atj Management Call and Thorington Th<

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