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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Tuesday, September 1, 1931
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WEATHER ALGONA, IOWA, SEPTEMBER 3, 1931 12 Pages Number 51 OUNTYSUED FOR $2500 DAM ONA ES IN CLEAR CLONE Wreckage of Rist Cottage 8ie Rist Is Killed \Vhen Cottage Collapese. terrific windstorm, with cyclonic demolished the Dr. A. L. Rist ' "at Clear I^ake last Thursday KHV, arid caused the death of ist, 56, an invalid who mad e Ihomo with her brother. Mis, Twos in a bedroom In the cottag< time the full ;force of the struck, arid'whether she wa er wheel chair or in ,the bed a Itime'is not known. • te suffered a broken neck, he It was crushed and, one leg brok fit is believed that a flying tim struck her when the house wa "to pieces by the wind. She a few seconds after she was and probably never knew t struck her. She. was picked up he wind, and was found lying on it'of the'siding of the house i 50 feet from where the bed- i had 'been. [ Takes Font to Hold Door. Rist cottage was completely pushed, as shown by a picture where on this page. The Rists the storm approaching, and the sheds protecting the h Myrle Griggs, of Minneapo- fwho was visiting'the Rists, was •the porch watching the storm the wind struck the cottage, he first Wow' a couple of the s blew down from the porch JMr..Griggs went into the house ook Dr. and Mrs. Rist, and their Lhter Emily, and Mr. Griggs to • the door .after vhe entered. The opened inward, and the •-»<-<" TWO PROGRAMS TO BE GIVEN AT KOSSUTH FAIR Free Act Schedule Will Change on Thursday. Something new in fairs is being tried here this year with a mid-week that will give change of program those who attend more than one day of the fair a chance to see two bills of free attractions and receive their NEW COUNTER SAFE TO PROTECTJ1ANK CASH The Iowa State bank is installing a new counter-fund time-locked safe for protection of the bank against robbery. These safes were developed, it Is reported, on the suggestion of Frank Warner, secretary of the state bankers association, and former Algonian, to. curb bank robberies in the state. All money taken out of the res ular bank safe for the daily business is kept during the day in this time-locked safe, with the exception of change for use at the windows in raahing small checks. The time lock is set so that the safe can be opened at a set number of minutes after the time attachment is started. LIGHT RATES ARE DROPPED TENDER CENT Electric Users Get "Dividend" from City Council. New Pastor Here —Photo finished by Peterson. O NLY LOOSE BOARDS and wreckage remain of the former A. L. Rist cottage on Algona Beach at Clear Ijiike following the .storm Inat Thursday afternoon that caused thousands of dollars of damage to Clear Lake property. Tills picture Is taken toward the east, and the camera was on the site of the cottage. The branches of the large onk. ti'ee that crashed into the cottage site are seen at the left of the picture. The butt of the tree lies where the front porch of the cottage was before the storm. The wind.carried the wreckage from the foundation 40 to 50 feet toward the road, .sweeping the .site of the cottage •bare with the exception of the tree, and dumping the boards, siding, furniture bedding, utensils and dishe.s helter-skelter in a jumble on the back part of the lot. Eggs in the icebox ufthe lower right hand corner of the picture were not broken.. CORWITH AND GRAYS TO MEET HERE SUNDAY wind i i almost too strong to allow the : to be closed. [few seconds after the door was there was a noticeable move- lit of the roof, which shifted as [Rists watched. An Instant later - saw the roof 'fly-.to pieces, and e anyone could- realize ' what happening the' entire' ' cottage it to pieces on all sides. The cot- jwas apparently picked up bod- iBttakentoi pieces, and carried the heads of the party. Then ,-jnly the Rlst's found thmselves •he back' yard.'jomortg. the 'debris, the floor of ,the cottage had dis- ared. , , Others In Cottage BruUed. jtone of the Rists knew what hap- in that instant. Bruises on Corwlth will meet > Algona on the local • diamond next'Sunday. The Corwlth 1 team has a reputation as being exceptionally strong, though a hitting streak on the part of the Grays administered a crushing defeat to the Corwlth team recently. Corwlth would like to even the score, and will' endeavor .to do.ao_Sunday. .^ . NINE WOMEN ARE DRAWN FOR DUTY ON.PETIT JURY [attested to the fact that mixed with the boards they and The Algona Grays continued their batting spree Sunday by defeating Hampton 8-4 with a. Barrage of 14 hits. The Algonians broke . in the ninth inning, and five errors enabled Hampton to get three out of the four scores the visitors made in that frame. Two-base hits were garnered by Twogood and Stephenson, of Algona, and Hastier, of Hampton, and Gro- tenhaus, visiting pitcher,.knocked out a triple. He gave three walks. Al- 1 ... .,__.. age. Watches carried by Mrs. . and Emily both stopped at (en minutes after one o'clock, png the time, the sljorm hit. the ise. '."'•" '•,;'•'• •. ' • " hen the four' recovered they shed for and found Bessie Rist the the on part of the siding of ge. She was carried into cottage to the south, occupied |a Doctor Kunz, of Mason City. M soon as the fury of'the storm 1 been spent Doctor VRist walked {town, a distance'of'it 'mile, to phone Algonians of the accident I storm, and ask for help. He was |ong the first to advise people In f the 'havoc on Algona ich. Dr. F. L, Trlbpn, who owns of the Algona Beach cottages, I C. W. Nicoulin left-immediately [Clear Lake, and the lUsts were ught back to Algona. he body of Bessie Rist was ught back the same night by the lrd & McCullough funeral car. lerjr Cottage Marked by Storm. (very cottage along the beach gona" scored one in the first, two in the second, one in the fifth, and four in the seventh. With the score 8-0 at the first half of ,the ninth, the Algonians became overconfident, and muffed; the ball. Next Monday the Grays Will meet Graettinger at the latter'a Labor day celebration. This is one of the biggest celebrations of the day. in the state, and the Grays feel complimented on being chosen to play. A number f torn Algona: are planning to^attenfl the game. •• The box score of Sunday's game The following list of jurors for the September term ot court were drawn Monday by Court 'Clerk Clark Orton and the county auditor and county recorder: Elmer Gibson Wesley Wm. Duffy Whittemore August Christ .Lakota Fred Blumer Lu Verne Albin C. Menke Bancroft A. R. Willrett — Fenton Mrs. Willis Cotton Lone Rock Earl Richardson Ledyard John E. McEnroe Algona Harold Angus __• Bancrof Louis Dudding Bancrof Marie Green Algona Faye Lichty - LU Verne Martin Berhow _.Swea Cit> Herman Roimer Algona Oscar Movick ...Ottoser Le Roy Farrell ..Whittemor Matilda Ingersoll - Algonr Peter Bormann -Algon; Chas. Eggerth - -, r.Lakota Henry Hellman .Bancrof August German Wesley Joe Loeback Whittemore M. J. Selzer — Algona M. J. Pfeffer Algona Simon P. Weber ; --Whittemore Andrew Gollner '.': Wesley Mike Thull Whittemore Albert Krosh —'- -—Elmore Laura Backus —; Algona Peter Weydert — Whittemore Anna money's worth. The Kossuth fail- is recognized as one of the leaders in county fairs in Iowa, and attractions showing here one year, are sought by secretaries of larger fairs. The outline of the county fair program is given in an advertisement on the second section of this week's Advance, but many of the features of the. fair could not be included because the space was small. A prepared story of the fair follows. Prepare now to take the whole family to the Kossuth county fair which will be held in Algona September 7-11. No effort is being pared to make it the best county air ever held in Algona. One out- .tanding difference in the program his year will be a change in the 'ree acts the middle of the week, .vhlch will enable the association to iut on the biggest free-act program ever offered to any county fair audience. New Grandstand to Be Used. From the new grandstand which will be used for the fair the first time this fall, the people of Kossuth When a large amount of cash is required, the bank requests customers to call a half hour or so before the money is wanted. Then the time lock is tripped, and when the period for which the lock is set expires, the safe can be opened by the combination. The safe is constructed of sledge- proof steel, and is about the size of a small office safe. , Money is not kept over-night, but'is placed in A new rate for electric current in Algona was adopted by the city council at its regular August meeting last Thursday evening that makes the Algona light rates among the lowest, if not the lowest in the state. The former gross light rate was done away with and the net rate substituted, and in addition a 10 per cent discount ^vill be given If the bill is paid before the 20th of the month. Thus a 'home user formerly paying 8% cents for his electricity, who has been allowed a cent per hkw. HI-LINE ASKS DAMAGES FOR INJUNCTION County Is Protected? By Bonding Company. discount, now pays only and if the large, fire and safe In the vault. burglar proof It is believed that bandits will not a.ttempt to rob a bank where they ha,ve to wait for so while the time a half hour or lock licks. charge at Seymour, have two boys and follows: Hampton— R. Luke ss 5 Parks, If — 5 Harden, lb 4 Manchester, c 4 Beebe, 2b 4 Marschall, cf 4 Mastler, 3b J. Luke, rf Grotenhuis, P —— 4 • 0 a -5 ABR H PO A E 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 12 0 5 2 2 0 2 2 1 0 0 _ Larson —- Swea City Lillian Jones —L Lone Rook Fred Jacobs - Whittemore Cora A. Stow —— Burt Semis. Isebrand Titonka A. B. Lapp ••— --— —' Bancroft Rosa Borchardt —Algona Arnold W. Roupe -'.-Algona Joe Kollasch -•-:_- Bancroft COLD DAYS BLAMED FOR POOL ATTENDANCE DROP county and vicinity will be able to see one of the most diversified programs ever offered. There will 'be speedy auto races on Tuesday and horse races on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Five ball games have been scheduled, two each afternoon for Wednesday and Thursday, and one on Friday. For particulars about races .anjL Dal1 .Sames see the adv. which appears in the weekly papers. The Algona Military Rand will give a, concert each afternoon and evening. There will be so much to see this year that nobody will be able to see it all in one day, particularly the free acts. For one of the outstand; ing performances there is Miss Bee Kyle in a 100-ft. dive from a ladder into a small tank of water. Miss Kyle will perform each day of the fair, in the afternoon and evening. Tuesday and Wednesday she will be on the program with Will Morris, Pickard's Trained Seals, the Van de Velde troupe and the Six Pashas. Morris' act is a bicycle performance that creats a lot of laughs. He is a clever trickster. The pickard seal net embraces many difficult juggling and balancing tv.'cks. The accuracy of the ani'tmls is remarkable. In'the Van de Velde troupe is Miss Elly Van de Volde, who has been proc!aimed the successor to the late Lillian Lietzel, who showed in Al- with the Ringling Bros, circus a few years ago. The style of pre- on this act is gypsy fash- SERVICES HELD MONDAY FOR STORM VICTIM Funeral services were held Monday at the Baptist church for Bessie Rist, Algonian killed In . the windstorm at Clear Lake when the Dr. A. L. Rist cottage wus blown to pieces., The services were in charge of the Rev. F. H. Webster. She was instantly killed when her neck was he pays before the 20th he gets a flat 10 per cent discount. This means that he pays less than seven cents in the first bracket, and similar reduction is made throughout the entire schedule, including farm power, heat, sign, and residence ^ or nere Sunday, rates. In this way the old method of giving a cent discount is done away with. In fact it means that the rates were dropped a cent for thosi who do not pay on time, and thosi who.formerly paid before the 20th now get 10 per cent reduction . in their old bill. The new lighting rates are: Firs kwh. at 7%; next 60 at 6%; nex 300 at 5%; "balance at 4. Discoun 10 per cent if ipald by 20th of month Minimum charge $1. The optional residence rate is: First 50 kwh. at 7 cents; balance at 3 cents. Discount 10 per cent if paid: by 20th. Minimum charge $3. The apartment house rate is the same per apartment. Commercial heat and refrigeration \ RTHUR H. HUESER, new pastor of the Baptist church, tak- ng the pulpit vacated by the Rev. F. H. Webster. The Rev. Mr. Hueser came yesterday from his former The Huesers •two girls of school age, and will settle in their new home in the Baptist parsonage this.week. The Rev. Mr. Hueser will preach his first sermon as pas- Suit for $2500 damages was file* in district court Monday by the Ceim_ tral States Electric company against KoKsuth county, the state highwsij' commission, and the U. S. FMtelitir ind Guaranty company. The petition alleges that the damages were cauHf- ed by an injunction obtained rej~ .strainins' the company from erec^- ing high-line poles on No. 18 eonr- trary to the instructions of County Engineer H. M. Smith, as authorize* by law. !}j The causes of the suit arose fill August. 1927, when the electric con*- pany was erecting .a high-tensioik. line in Plum Creek township. line met the paving near the B. three miles east then proceeded broken, broken. • chest crushed, and leg AB R H PO A i marked in.some way by the The ;'T~rlb.cin ,'cottage' was rly wrecked. The porch' , was away, and the roof was b,rok- Ito pieces in .the back yard. S ev " "1 trees around the cottage were down and the limb? and deb- Piled against the north side of | cottage, In the interior the fur»re was jumbled 'up and 'debris [tiered throughout. Windows and i were totywn.tn. The former T. arrington cottage on the north Ithe Tribon cottage received sim* ^treatment by the wind, and was '' wrecked. No trace of the big that formerly stood behind Harringtpn ,cpttage can be W. E, '&U'rd cottage, next |th of Trlbon's, was not much Bed. The door was blown in, sand, water, hail and debris, Bed minor damage. The roof was ' badly cut and pounded. r "t south of ,the fcaird cottage former J. <J, Dewel .cottage. Ich suffered severely in the T"' The roof was blpwn off and ntered. The back porch followed 1 r <x>f, leaving the ropms open to •1 and rain. Windows were blown unJ damage done to the inter- The siding on the ffont of the » k plainjy pock-marked with ; dents caused fry hail and flying Storm. lij l w w^VWw[ff ,f** y. ^he twrw fright' ijn charge Tota]s 37 4 7 24 16 2 loiaia . _ „ -TT -nr\ * m Algona— Duncan, cf. Fish, ss .O'Brien, Twogood, lb Scanlan, 3b Bonham, 2b~ StepTienson, Barnes, rf Cayou, p — If —- Receipts for the swimming this year totaled $2,688.95. pool This ion, 1 he personnel being decked out in gav, colored raiment. Besides Miss Elly there are two men and another woman in the act. The Six Pashas are a. whirling, gyrating troupe of Arabs bronzed with the sun of the desert, who will give a performance of tumbling, prymid building and balancing. Program to Change Thursday. Miss Rist, who was 56 years old, was an invalid, and during the storm was in a bedroom of the cottage. Her wheel chair was found more than a block away the day following the storm. It is not known whether she was in the chair or on the bed when the storm struck. Miss Rist was born April 17, 1875, on the present Otto Knudsen farm two miles south of Algona. Her parents, the Sylvester Rists, were pioneers in the neighborhood and lived here till 1910, when they moved to Irvington, were Mr. Rist died in 1913. Mrs. Rist died In 1899. Bessie Rist was baptized in the Baptist church when she was 14 years old, and sans in the choir for several years, and was numbered among the most ardent church members. When she was 26 years old, in 1901, she contracted meningitis, and for ten weeks was unconscious with the disease. Her sickness left her partly paralyzed, and since that time she has not been able to get around without a wheel chair. She was able to care for herself around the'house to some extent. Miss Rist attended the Algona schools. Since she was crippled she has made her home with the late Mrs. Marian Smith, of Irvington, better known in the community as "Aunt Mate." Mrs. Smith died in 1925. Following Mrs. Smith's death Bessie Rist came to Algona to make-her home with the Dr. Rists. rate: First 100 kwh. at 5 cents; balance at 3 cents. Discount 10 per cent lt_.paid_ t by , 20th. Minimum charge $2. The power rates are: First 20 kwh. per horsepower connected, 5 cents; next 40 per kwh. per h. p. connected 3% cents; next 40 kwh. per h. p., at 3 cents, and balance per kwh. per h. p. at 2% cents. Discount 10 per cent if paid by 20th. Minimum charge $1 for first 25 h. ; 75 cents each for next 25 h. p., and 50 cents per h. p. for the balr BUSINESS MEN TO PLAY BALL FORTUITY North and South Side baseball teams' will meet this afternoon at 2:30 at the baseball diamond south of the swimming pool in a game played to provide funds for charity work this winter. Agitation for the game followed the . recent Rotary- Kiwanis kittenball . game played some weeks 'ago for the same purpose. • - . ..^ -.,*> •':. • '• ; All regular baseball, players are barred from the game, but .former baseball players have been practicing several days in preparation for the event. While errors will probably be made a good game is as- ; sured. . There will be,many familiar faces on the diamond. The North Side squad, under the management _of W. P. Hemphill, .follows: Jos. Sheppard, M. Pearson, Ernest Godfredson, McCorkle Algona, and County Engineer Smith designate* that the poles were to be set-witW» a few inches of the edge of the roadL Comjtany Caught hi Trick. Iowa law provides that the coirfr- rany should follow the instruction* of the county engineer In aettinic poles. Contrary to these instruc— :ions the hjgh-line company starts* work setting poles on another at midnight Saturday and working on Sunday morning in Mfc attempt to get the poles set • before: they could be stopped. The company- could not be served with an inJuiH?— tion on Sunday, so the crew woukt have all that day in which to Mfc. poles. ' The poles were set several feet fat from the fence line, and the worit was discovered a short time after tlMi big gang of laborers started •woifr.. Mr. Smith, E. J. Van Ness, then. county attorney, and members of th»: board of supervisors, filed in* tion against .the men on charges j working on Sunday r and., the crew', was arrested on the old law charges. This was the . on Totals ---—---y35 8 14 27 U 5 FLOODED CORNER TO BET " TWO NEW STORM INLETS Workmen "Tuesday began con- stlctton of several street drainage fnlets on the corner of Hall and Me- Gregor. Water properly in the street north of the Senator has not. drained inlet across 'the L. soon ner and across the street and Found »t Fool. ship. year's figure is below that of last year probably because the warm part of the summer was during August last year, while this year it came in June and July. ' A record was kept by Mayor C. F. Specht and employes at the pool of the number that swam in the pool each day and the total for the season was 23,997. This includes 7,309 free swims enjoyed by children under 15 years of age in' the mornings. Single pafd admissions totaled 7.152, and the remainder went Into the pool on season tickets. July was the most popular month when 10,039 went into the pool. June ranked second with 9418, and only 4,540 were in the pool during August. Season tickets sold totaled as follows: 56 childrens, 126 children from 15-21, 53 family tickets, and 66 adult tickets. WILLIAMS JUBILEE SINGERS ^ WILL COME HERE TOMORROW • The WHUams Jubilee Singers wjll sing at the Methodist church Friday evening. 'Many Algonians will remember this group of colored Ping- ers as a chief attraction of Chautauqua days in: Algona> They are ft, world famous troupe, having given 130 performances in London 8»d many others in France, Germany. Farm line rates are 4 cents, for pj. ank Williams, first 1,000 kwh. metered at city Urn- Gall Towne> its, and 3 cents for the balance. Transformer core loss is 2% cents. The 10 per cent discount also. applies to farm rates when paid before the 20th. The minimum charge is $2 per month per customer. The Algona electric rates proved a surprise for a natural gas pipe line agent' who visited here last week, and who said natural gas could not be piped into Algona to compete with electricity at these rates. PAETZ GIRL SUFFERS A RELAPSE, BUJHECOVERS Sexton, Sept. 1—Doris, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Emmet Paetz, who was taken to Rochester, •became suddenly worse last week Wednesday, and Mr. Paetz and Roy McMahori,- Dooley, Wayne 11AA44J if^fffffm, wr- - - ^ - Italy, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and all of the United States. The price of admission will be 35 and 50 cents, and the Epworth League JS sponsoring their appearance here. EDITOR NAME PRESIDENT 1FSWEACITYJIISIII5SSIIIII Swea City, Sept. 1-**st Thursday the Swea City Commercial club met in the town park for annual election, of officer*. Editor Ray «*•* chosen president and Thursday and Friday there will be a change of program. Bee Kyle and the Six Pachas will give their acts but the others mentioned above will be succeeded by'"Anderson's Animal Circus 'and Cherry & Malone. The circus is sure to thrill'the kids'and satisfy the grown-ups; It has been before the public for many years a"d Is considered ah act of highest cal- ibre. There are trained ponies and doys, a couple of ornery'mules, and a dare-devil high diving monkey. Cherry & Malone we a speedy pair of doling and comical horizontal bar experts. In addition tp a repetition of»the afternoon program, ' each • evening there will be the Happy, Ray Revue, a. group of seventeen people in a swift moving musical -comedy with a change of program each night including the Sunny Southern Quartette and Happy Ray in person. An hour show in addition to the regular free act program. Silken drapes, beautiful costumes and Plenty of speed and snap Hiakes this musical show an outstanding program. Fair exhibits will b e larger than ever this year In "J>rftp.tlcally all departments. Many njw ffaprpve- ments have been made • on the grounds Including the "new grandstand which is how located on the west side of the grpunds so that the audience can watch the' program in comfprt during the afternoon with- out''looking against the sun. The Wolfe Shows with five rides and seven shows will be on the Midway. Plenty of entertainment for everyone. A bowery dance will be another big feature, with Cliff Mandy's orchestra doing*.its stuff, There will be plenty of food stands so cpnie prepared to stay aU day and take in >he whole show. EditoiJ$e»QY«fJpf, Stephenson, R. H. Miller, Wade Sullivan, L. Larson, R. , S. ' Blossom, Wm. Seipman,, D.. P. Smith, Wm. O'Brien. P. J. . . Kohlhaas, Arthur Keicker, Tony Goede'rs, Percy Kuhn, Maurice McMahon, Dr. W. D. An r drews, H. Peterson, and some others. ,'••• The South Side squad 'is not. so numerous, but Manager H. M.-Vinson is looking forward to the game with no. anxiety. Hls.sauad is. composed of Clifford . Holmstrom, Vaughan Risng, Lloyd-Phillip's, Sam Caylor, Ralph Donovan, Sam Kuhn, Louis Link, Louis Reding, Ben Sorensen, H. W. Pletch, L. B. Linnan, Roy Lee, and Harold Lampright. The South Side" team played with the Junior Legion team last nlgW at the diamond, and the advertised score is 2-2. that.the work could be stopped sally.'' ,; f >| The .following Monday an injunction was served that forced the tiigb. line company to set poles on the <*f~ iginal line designated by Mr. Smith. The .Cedar Rapids concern - fought the Injunction when it was brougtit: up in'district court, but Judge P-iC.' Davidson held in favor of the counj- ty. The Central States compa.njr then appealed the case, together- with .similar cases from other coxj»- ties, to -the supreme court, whie^k- uled that the company could {nVfc. ples anywhere within four feetjot ...| he :fence Ittie. Case 1» Bitterly Fought. The' case was bltferly hroughout. The irfgh line The Rists had been spending the summer at the lake, and had spent five weeks there up to last Thursday. The Rists do not intend to rebuild. Miss Rist especially enjoyed the summers at the lake, and every spring lias looked forward to the opening of the cottage in the summer. Mlsa Rist Is survived by only one member of'the family, Doctor Rist. Other members of the family who •have died are -Henry, George, Irving and Sidney Rist.- Gladys, who had returned home the first of the week, were called back again. Elizabeth went with them. Doris rallied again, and Mr. Paetz and Gladys returned home, but El<zr abeth remained with her mother, Doris is, now recovering, but stil} has a great deal of pain. She was able to be wheeled around the hospital a little Sunday, and if nothing further develops will probably be home in the near future. - Girl's Arm Is Burned. Janet Zerfass suffered burns both hands Tuesday morning .when she tried to light a new gasoline stove at her home. Her right hand and arm, and her left wrist, took the full force of. the blaze that followed an attempt to light the stove afte it ha'd been turned qn for a minutes. ', : ,, • i • .•'••. i •• •": NEW LAW IS BLAMED FOR WEODIN6 LICENSE SLUMP Kossuth county is feeling the slump caused' by the new marriage laws severely judging by the number of licenses taken out in the last two months. Only ten applications for licenses have been filed at the clerk's office since the law went In- 'tft'effect. Of these, five were op- Ruined;during July and five this month. Actual issuance of the licenses have only been six for July and six for this mpnth up; to' Satur^ gay, Jn. comparison, * in 193<) there were ten in July and 14 In August, Jn 192.9 the figure fpr July , wais 10, ind for : August was 2Q.. In other vords there was three times as many in 1929 and two and a hajf times as many last year. FORMER ALGONA WOMAN IS BROUGHT HERE FOR BURIAL .Mrs. Peter Juhl, of Clear Lake, better known in Algona as Mrs. J. L. Button, was burled in Riverview Tuesday afternoon. She died Sunday morning at Clear Lake, after a short Illness. Funeral services were held at the Ward funeral home at Clear Lake and later here at the cemetery. Mrs, Juhl moved to Clear Lake in, «20 V : Mrs, Sutton. J* survived toy two daughters•>,'Maude, nurse at the Park-hospital in Mason City, ana Pearl, now Mrs. Hugh Carr. in Minnesota, and two sons, Jake, in the Dakotas, and Harry, in Tacoma. Mr. Button, was killed 20 years ago when he was run over by a Northwestern train at the station here. A son Frank died 80 years ago. Algona Markets By WHber J. and Alice Payne. At Close of Business Sept. 1. ' LIVESTOCK Hogs. B. std, lights, 180-280 Ibs. ..,.$5.80 B. mod. w t. butch., 230-2«0 ..,*5.6J> B. hvy, butch., 260-800 . ...... $5.00 B. pme. hyy.' 1 butch., 3(Mh350 ..$4.30 B. pckng.'s,pws, 300-350 ...... *4,0,0 hvy, spvys, 850-400 ........ $3-70 ' 'anted to set its whole pole line j ide the road limits so that paynw f right-of-way over neighboring- r -> arm lands .would not be necessary. The county endeavored to have tlMk me set as near the. fence as possiMB o that expense of road maintenaao* vould be held down. The contention , vas.that the pole line caused extfk., work in grading and weed-cuttinfr ' jecause machines would have duck in and out among the P°V*k: , s *jj consuming time. v The action of the high line 'c cern in attempting to twist * aroiu^L :he county engineer's instruction^*" by working on Sunday when an : junction could not be served most of the feeling against the tral States. 'Judge Davidson, in •)»< holding on the injunction,, scored tHfe company for its action in attemp| ing to get around these inatmcUoip» without due process of 1 County Protected ty At the time the injunction w«« i cured a bond was posted , by county for 12,500, with the 0, 0.: delity .and Guaranty 'company 1 ? curety, and this company ,w(JJ £ tp pay the damages, W J «M»X awarded when the case is (tried district court. The items on which the States company ask relmburpe»««t are claimed; as follows: g <a "$1,000 as the reasonable value —' the services necessarily rendered.' Big ,hvy.. sows,- ' '. . . .$3.00-3.26 ttle. W. C. IJewel, wfcp has k£e_n, |U|fjr, ins wit^ intestinal flu since a week ago' Iftat Thi|r|d4y, ,%Aft taken th.e«9 W f ' - ' M«^~.^^^PP^PP 1ft is Gran'dad. Mr. and Mrs. Call Dickinson, Des M,olnes, are parents of their first child, a boy, born Jast Thursday. j|e has been, named Call Junior. This makee Senator ^and Mrs. L. J. Dickinson grandparents for the first time. The grandparents went to Des Moines Friday to make his acquaintance. Call is practicing law iP pes Motae.% ^P Canners and cutters ...... $1.00-2.08 Fat cows" . : ..... , ......... J2.60-3.60 Veal calves .............. J5.00-7.00 Bulls ...... , ............ »2.00-3.vO Yearlings . ,...', ..... .... H-"0-5.09 Fa'jt steers ............... $6.00-6.60 the attorneys enjoyedJ»y the tiff herein defending agains' injunction and procuring its i tion. "$250, as the r,ea l aonable the' time' and expenses incurred^) the agents, officers of the herein in consulting wjth, P attorneys *n rels,J4on to ; «ald lilCHAHOHAlfOFIlAIK BTABii FAILS DURIH6 BI6 STORM • More than two Inches of rain fell in thfc vicinity'last week. A. tqtaj of-1.45 Inphes Jejl Thursday in the 'same storm - that tu.rn»a, into, the Corn, No. J , ..... ,,;' Corn, NP. 8 ,.,.....' White oats, No. 3 Barley, No. 2 special .,...,,...880 88? .46c and Jn .aitendluf trjal for the dJsBolut>o»'p| Junction. 1 '' - - EBRS, i t PRODUCE straight ' No. \1\. ,17c •lOc -Wy ^ i-rt^;-^-— fy,-, £&•&• i->F restrained from,] mission " ;•way No.' 18 and 'wjt DEW MWtl Ml mm

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